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#That was darker than I planned XD;
♞ (Vivian)
Physically pick my muse up and carry them
"Emily,” Vivian croaked. A weak and weary smile formed on her face. She raised one arm, stained with blood that glistened black in the moonlight. A similar stain bloomed like spider legs across one side and throbbed with every breath. Vivian ignored both of these; Emily was all that mattered.
“You came for me,” she whispered, her cold and bruised fingers finally landing on the other woman’s face. Emily tried to smile back, but there was sadness, Vivian could see, in her gray eyes.
“It’s going to be okay,” Emily told her and then she picked the Ice Queen up, cradling her close. Vivian groaned, but otherwise folded into her without complaint. 
Tumblr media
“I know,” she said and then her eyes closed. No matter where or when in the Universe Emily was, she always came to Vivian’s rescue. She’d always keep her safe.
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fragmenthearted · 2 years ago
‘Take Me Back’ (Noctis? Maybe before Ardyn's stuck on Angelgard?)
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“It’s him…” “The Crystal says he isn’t worthy…” “He eats daemons, doesn’t he?” “Didn’t he attack someone?” “I heard he is a daemon now!” “Is he the one making the nights longer then?” “He’s been planning this all along!”
“No… no– wait–!” The man’s pleas were lost as he ducked his head, trying to push his way through the crowd as they shifted - some avoiding looking at him, some moving aside out of fear, others’ anger seemingly winning out over their fear of the daemon. 
“You know me… I helped you, please–!” 
The anger he’d felt at first being rejected was being replaced by a deep, sickening fear and loneliness - every change in his thoughts and emotions magnified by the uneasy restlessness that seemed to crawl under his skin constantly. Ardyn stumbled, and he could feel the hands reaching for him, the way they always did, but now rather than reaching out in return to provide healing, he pulled away, keeping his face lowered and hidden by the thick, red hair that he knew, more than his height and build, was marking him in the crowd.
He caught sight of a young man with dark hair who stood on the outskirts of the crowd - dressed in black, yes, but unlike the others, in boots and short pants that Ardyn didn’t find familiar. He looked like Somnus, but his face seemed younger, softer…
“Help… please…!” 
The desperate whimper escaped him unintentionally, even as he felt the hands that reached for him catching his clothes, pulling him back. He was forced to shield his head with his arms, and lost sight of the young man, only seeing brief glimpses of the dark haired, equally-familiar figure still standing on the steps of the Citadel, looking over the crowd as the man presided over this impromptu judgement. 
There would be no compassion to be found there, he knew with sudden certainty as he was thrown forward, bare skin on his arms and hands tearing as he fell against the dusty cobbles. He kept his head lowered, unable to look up at his brother.
“How could you do this to me? I was… to be king…”
“You began this, brother. I am simply fulfilling my duty to bring it to an end.”
“Somnus, you… would have my crown… so badly… you would turn them all against me…”
“You’ve brought this on yourself.”
Ardyn couldn’t believe what he was hearing; finally, his gaze rose, horrified and hurt, to see the eyes that stared back were cold and impersonal. It felt to Ardyn like he was staring back into the Crystal itself, and something inside him rebelled.
“I have sacrificed myself for our people; I deserve what I was promised! I am worthy!”
In his wild fury, his magic surged, a dark mass of daemonic energy that would have engulfed the other, his crystal scythe forming in his hands - but it all shattered as he felt the other’s crystal sword bury itself in his lower back, then again, and again… The shock was too much for him to even feel the pain for a moment, then he collapsed to the ground, unable to do more than gasp, tears of pain and anger tracing down his face.
“You are not worthy. You have just proven you are a traitor to the Crystal and a danger to the people. I take the name Lucis Caelum from you; you are declared anathema, and damnatio memoriae will be committed on your name.”
Ardyn could only stare up at his brother for a moment longer as it grew harder and harder to breathe - then his vision too went dark and he stopped feeling anything at all.
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heloisedaphnebrightmore · 3 months ago
Hopelessly in love [Ben Barnes x Reader]
Tumblr media
Title: Hopelessly in love Pairing: Ben Barnes x Female!Reader Word count: 1.3k Published: 16 April 2021 Author: Heloise Daphne Brightmore Notes: I literally finished this 5 minutes ago and I was not supposed to be posting anything today as per my schedule, but hey, let's be spontaneous :D Also you know how I usually dislike my writing, but I love the process of writing? Screw that, I love this xD Warning: Food, alcohol Summary: It seems you only need a short black dress to distract Ben's attention. Even though you are supposed to be keeping your relationship a secret, he can't keep a distance from you, so he decides to "kidnap" you. Bingo: [x] [x] This is part of my Make me feel Bingo Card by @girl-next-door-writes and Band–psychos 1.5k Followers Bingo Card by @band–psycho
Square filled: Short black dress [ @band--psycho ]
Square filled: Fluff [ @girl-next-door-writes ]
Ben Barnes and Characters Masterlist
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Tumblr media
“You know your dress is rather distracting, right?” Ben appeared besides you, placing his hand on your lower back, clearly trying to look anywhere but you. Seeing him after weeks of missing his touch on your skin, his soothing voice shooing away any of your worries made you feel content. His awkward state caused a silent giggle to leave your lips, enjoying his attention even though he tried to make it less obvious.
Standing beside a table, you were simply munching on some cake, trying to distract yourself from having to converse with others. You loved these galas, but you weren’t in the mood to talk to people. Ben was, of course, different. It’s been months since you have been going out in secret, trying to keep it quiet from all the hungry paparazzis, but it seemed your short and tight black dress broke something in him. Even though he was supposed to keep a distance from you, he couldn’t stay away.
“Does that bother you?” You asked with a cheeky smile, your skin burning under his touch. He has been away for 2 weeks and from the airport he quickly hurried over to the gala, he couldn’t even hold you in his embrace for a mere second before you had to appear in public.
“Not in the slightest, but it’s fairly hard to concentrate on anything else besides you,” he cleared his throat awkwardly, earning an even wider grin from you. “I find it hard to maintain a distance,” he murmured under his breath, careful not to reveal your relationship to anyone lingering around. He lifted his glass of wine to his lips, taking a sip of the beverage.
“Would you prefer if I didn’t wear anything?” You whispered, leaning closer to his ear, your lips barely touching his skin. The drink must have gone down the wrong pipe as he started coughing heavily, whilst you tried to gently pat his back to help him. Although you felt bad for playing with him, you couldn’t stop a low, devilish chuckle to escape your lungs.
“You’re not making it easy on me tonight, are you?” He asked, finally recovering from his earlier incident.
“Well, I certainly didn’t plan on killing you, if that makes you feel any better,” you chuckled, placing your hand on his biceps, gazing up at him with your most innocent expression.
“Don’t even try to distract me. I know that look better than you think,” he scolded you playfully, knowing you enough to realise your little tricks. “It was a close call and it’s all your fault,” he replied with a humorous tone whilst shaking his head.
“To be completely honest, it wasn’t my fault,” you replied, nonchalantly shrugging your shoulders. “You initiated the conversation to begin with,” you replied with a proud smirk.
“So, that’s the way we will go about it, huh? Just wait until we get home,” he warned you with a mischievous smile across his face, his eyes darker than ever, a newfound passionate flame burning in them, watching your every move like a panther ready to pounce on his prey. You weren’t sure for how long you could keep eye contact, your heart was about to escape your ribcage, your lips dried out from your heavy breathing. You quickly looked away, trying to escape the effects he had on you, your cheeks flushed from his eager eyes. “I feel like I won this round,” he chuckled happily, earning a deadly gaze from you.
“Not funny, Barnes,” you hissed, disappointed in yourself for letting him have such power over you.
“Barnes?” He asked, his eyes wide open, clearly stunned by your reaction.
“I don’t like you now,” you huffed, pouting, causing a loud laughter to leave his lungs, turning a couple of heads in your direction, multiple pairs of curious eyes landing on him. But he didn’t seem to mind. Your scraped pride entertained him way too much for your liking.
“As if you could control your feelings,” he chuckled as he placed his suit jacket over your shoulder and rested his hand on the small of your back, leading you out to the balcony. “Did I hurt your little pride?” He asked with a mischievous grin across his face, clearly happy with himself.
“Huh, as if,” you huffed, crossing your arms in front of your chest, enhancing your cleavage under the black, mesh fabric covering your upper body. There was a few seconds of silence from Ben, even though you expected him to come back with a witty comment just like he did most of the time, but he didn’t. Instead, he was looking around as if he was searching for something. “What are you doing?” You asked, frowning at his fidgeting, acting slightly awkward.
“Nothing,” he replied as he looked around the balcony, then his eyes turned to the grand stairs leading down to the garden in front of the terrace, filled with beautiful flowers, gigantic foreign trees and fairy lights decorating the surrounding area. A small smile appeared on Ben’s face, before he turned to you and got hold of your hand, linking your fingers, leading you down the stairs.
“Where are we going?” You asked curiously, but you followed him anyway, regardless of his lack of reply. As you arrived at the bottom of the stairs he looked around, searching for wherever he was taking you. “Are you trying to kidnap me?” You asked with a suspicious gaze, squinting at the man in front of you.
“Oh, you would like that, wouldn’t you?” He laughed at your absurd idea as he started gently pulling you after himself, before he halted under the balcony, leaning his back against the wall and pulling you to his chest, causing you to clumsily fall against him, balancing yourself with your hands on his chest.
“Is this where you will kill me? Hidden away from all the witnesses?” You asked giggling, earning an eye roll from Ben.
“As if I could ever lay a hand on you,” he replied, sneaking an arm around your waist under his jacket, his free hand cupping your cheek, stroking your skin gently. You tilted your head into his palm, enjoying his warm touch, finally being able to feel him against you. Lifting your arms, you wrapped them around his neck and stood on your tiptoes, connecting your lips. You missed his lips against yours, his arms around your body making you feel safe and comfortable, his chest heavily rising and falling in your presence, his heart beating in a fast pace against your chest, his pulse quickening under your touch. Even though he had a certain effect on you, he was just as captured by your presence. Both of you desperately needed each other more and more, regardless of how close you already were physically.
“I missed you,” you whispered against his lips as you lowered yourself to the ground.
“I missed you too. I hate that I couldn’t catch you earlier,” he shook his head, heaving a heavy sigh.
“Well, you are doing quite alright now. Being all desperate to hide away with me,” you wiggled your brows playfully.
“It’s hard to say no to you. You could be wearing a simple pyjama and I would still feel like a foolish little child, trying to stay close to you,” he smiled softly, watching you with an endearing gaze.
“Your standards are very low, Mr. Barnes,” you snorted at his absurd idea, causing him to chuckle.
“No, they are not. I just can’t get enough of you,” he replied, attaching his lips to your once again, enjoying your body in his arms, your light perfume surrounding him, your gentle touch through his thin shirt. Although he never actually said it out loud, he knew he was crazy for you. A small smile of yours, a soft giggle leaving your lungs, a soft touch of yours on his body was worth more than he ever dared to admit. He was utterly and hopelessly in love with you.
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hacked-by-jake · a month ago
Take you home ²
𝐃𝐨𝐧'𝐭 𝐦𝐞𝐬𝐬 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐇𝐚𝐜𝐤𝐞𝐫'𝐬 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞...
>𝙿𝚊𝚛𝚝 𝟷
Summary: Jake can’t accept that this has been done to you, the thought torments him, and all he wants is revenge, and he gets it.
Words: 4,2k
Genre: Angst / Fluff
Warnings: Swearing, insulting
A/n: Well, hi.
So, this one has taken on some dimensions again, they weren’t planned, about 3k. Now, it is a bit more. Actually, the whole thing should not be quite so extensive, but well, once Jake starts, he doesn’t stop.
Thank you alls so much for the support in part one, I was really surprised. And thank you very much for wishing Part Two, which means a lot to me. ❤️
So, that’s a bit more related to alternative two of part one. Actually, it was supposed to get a little darker and generally the plan was different. The ending should be different and longer, but I think it’s good as it is now.
I hope you’ll like it.
And apologize for the mistakes.
(I think I wanted to say more but I forgot xD)
Anyway, have fun, stay healthy and take care of yourselves.❤️🌹🎭
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
There lies the hacker now, in the early morning hours, not even the sun has risen already, wide awake, full of emotions and agitated.
In his arms, you, fortunately asleep, deep and firm.
He also wanted to sleep, he has been trying for two hours but it doesn’t work. And how should he? After the past hours it is practically impossible to sleep.
The only reason you sleep is probably the effort you had to experience. Your body was finished after the shower. You were still shivering from the adrenaline, agitated and yet so terribly tired.
So now he lies here, doesn’t know what to do with himself, doesn’t know how to react, how to feel. TThe pure fear that lay in your voice when the call came suddenly, gives him goose bumps again, crawling all over his body.
This fearful tone of your voice won’t let it go.
What if he hadn’t been there in time? If he hadn’t been able to save you in time? If it took him a minute longer? If something had gone wrong?
He can’t even imagine what could have happened. At this horrible imagination in his head, he pinches his eyes tightly. Try to remove the images from his head that make him sick, he would like to vomit, so horrible is the thought of it. He shakes his head, tries to drive away the thoughts, but they don’t go away. His fingernails drill deep and firmly into the skin of his palms. It hurts, it’s uncomfortable, and if he still squeezes even harder, he’ll start bleeding, but he has no control over it. In his mind, the worst scenarios circle and he can only imagine, if even he feel so bad now, how bad did you feel in this moment?
He controls himself to be quiet, exhorts himself to loosen up again so as not to wake you. You need sleep. You deserve sleep. But these pictures, these fucking pictures, they're not going away. The imagination that someone would touch you- NO!
The hacker opens his eyes wide! He must not go in this direction, he must look straight out and make sure that you get your revenge, as you deserve! That he protects your honor, that he makes everyone see what happens when someone wants to do something bad to you.
He’s Jake, one of the best hackers in the world and now he’s gonna show what he’s capable of.
His breath is so heavy, so full of anger and hatred, so full of negativity that he would like to hit the next wall.
He bites his lower lip when he thinks about leaving you here alone. He needs to be in his study. He just has to find out who this guy was. That bastard.
Just really reluctant, actually he would just like to lie here with you, but he has to, he's winds cautiously out of your embrace.
He can’t lie here and wait, he has to do something. Now!
Even if he feels weird with it, he opens the laptop that is in his bedroom and directs it so that he can see your sleeping shape. He will simply connect the laptop to his PC to keep an eye on you. As soon as you get restless or wake up, he could be with you right away.
That’s how he’s gonna do it.
He gives you a final and gentle kiss on the forehead before going to his study.
After he has prepared his work setup and everything is ready, he wastes no time and immediately gets to work. Quickly scan the data of the man who was tracking you.
Everything that had ever happened in his life, the hacker would find out now. And of course, the most important information is quickly obtained.
Date of birth
All bank accounts
His social security number
Where he grew up
As what he works
What friends he has
With whom he is friends
His pets
On what elementary school he went
On what high school he went
Who his parents are
The siblings
All information about each individual family member
And at the very end, the police certificate of conduct with all the information who are important for him. And that’s more interesting than he thought. The further he read the information from the police, the more his emotional state changes.
It starts with drug abuse
Bodily injury in two cases
Gun possession
Domestic violence against his ex girlfriend
The list is shockingly long: a two-year stay in a prison, probation and community service.
The further Jake read, the more worried he is that he couldn’t have been there in time with bad luck. But he’s all the happier he could save you.
At the same time, he’s thinking about telling you who the guy is, because he doesn’t know how you’re gonna take this information. But he would worry more about that later.
As he glances at the laptop’s camera, a smile creeps up on his lips. Meanwhile, you are lying on his side of the bed, your arms are tightly wrapped around his pillow and your head is pressing into the soft fabric, as if you were looking for his proximity in your sleep.
How perfect can a person be? How perfect is this beautiful being lying in his bed? Immediately the tingling starts in his stomach, as always when it comes to you.
He’s so terribly in love. So insanely strong.
Again, he begins to regret that it has not progressed further between you. Everyone knows that he loves you, and everyone knows that you love him. And yet you both have not yet managed to finally do what you both so much want. But the fear of destroying everything is so great. You two spend so much time with each other, become best friends, best friends who feel more for each other than just friendship.
In addition, his fear of putting you in danger is added. He is not a simple man, no one who prefers a regular daily life, no fixed working hours, no fixed income, even if he earns more than most others. As a hacker you have one or the other possibility. Nevertheless, he is still wanted by the government. Not as strong, and the danger is not as great as it was a few months ago, but it still exists.
But last night’s incident somehow inspired him to think, and he feels different when he thinks about it. He wants you, he wants you with everything you have, he wants you by his side. He always wants to protect you, he always wants to be there for you, he wants you by his side, he doesn’t want to live alone in this apartment anymore. He doesn’t want to be alone anymore, he needs you, he has always done it and he will always need you, he wants you so bad!
This incident clearly shows that life is always uncertain, and this incident shows him that he is lying to himself. He wants to be able to say that you’re a couple, he wants it so badly. So fucking urgent.
"I want to share my life with you," the hacker murmurs, driving through his face with his hands. Now his thoughts have drifted in another direction again, but you’re just sitting in every corner of his mind. You are the biggest and most important part of his life and that since the first time you met.
But now something else is more important. After that, he can think of you a lot, but now revenge counts.
He breathes in and out again before turning back to the screens and begins to gather more information.
About half an hour later, he releases himself from his cramped posture. The further he delves into the life of the man, the more aggressive he becomes.
This guy’s not a petty criminal, the way he thought he was, this guy’s got dirt on him through and through.
And the further he reads, the more he wonders why this guy is on the loose and not in a maximum security prison.
From organized crime to gang activities. Drug dealing, counterfeit money, prositution. All the shit every gang is involved in.
Disgusting chat histories, images, threats of other people, extort protection money. And the hacker just assumed the guy is just a disgusting bastard. But he thought wrong.
And yet, it’s actually only good for him, really very good, because Jake has now a lot more options than he thought.
He thinks hard about how to proceed. How best to tackle this whole situation, so that he has the best chance of success.
But what’s also positive for is the fact that this guy really doesn’t deserve anything other than what the hacker’s up to.
To destroy a person’s whole life is actually nothing that he would do; he simply cannot reconcile this with his morality. Even if it’s about you, but now he’s not just doing it for you, he’s doing it for everyone. This is a favor he does to the whole society.
Oh and he’ll do it with pleasure.
Meanwhile, he has gained access to the man’s laptop and can take a closer look at the living room. He also got lucky and found some camera shots taken by a bakery that is on the street where you were being followed.
Unfortunately, it has no sound and yet it is more than enough. He saved the recording and censored you on it.You don’t have to be broadcast in video format all over the world.
But it is still clear that he's persecutes you. It is more bad than quite recognizable on the videos that he is angry and that he shouts something, but when you see the video, everything is explained by itself.
That was number one on his list.
Let's continue with point two.
And point two is a summary of all the information he could find that could even remotely involve anything criminal.
And this is a really long list, he can prove everything, he can prove every single point. With all the information that will help.
Videos, chats, pictures, recording of conversations. Locations, meeting places, other names.
Because his plan has changed, and it’s not just about destroying this man anymore, it’s about destroying all the criminals around him.
Point two, finish! Now, point three, and that’s the confrontation with the man.
The most important information is in front of him as he puts on his headset and leans back relaxed.
The recording program runs as soon as he turns on his microphone. The recording is automatically converted into the computer voice and then sent as a video along with his sign, the eye, as a gift to his new friend.
He puts one leg over the other and folds his arms in front of his chest.
"Hello Ted, my identity doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you’ve made some serious mistakes, and about this, I will teach you now."
And send.
Soon the man’s cell phone will start ringing, and it will only stop when he gets up and then listens to the hacker’s nice message on his laptop, which will breaking his little world in which he lives.
But it’s his own fault.
A look at the camera of his own laptop tells him that you still sleep quietly and calmly, which makes him happy. -
The ringing of the mobile phone and the terrible ringtone of the persecutor annoy the hacker so slowly. He didn’t think it would be that long before Ted wake up. But when it finally happens and a door is opened, a slightly arrogant grin appears on Jake’s face.
It’s Showtime.
"What the hell?" grumbles the sleepy guy as Jake makes the video file pop up.
The eye flickers on the screen and Ted skeptically approaches it.
He pulls back his desk chair and sits down.
"What the fuck?" he hisses angrily and pushes a button on the keyboard.
"Hello Ted, my identity doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you’ve made some serious mistakes, and about this, I will teach you now."
Amused and eager, Jake follows the course of the situation.
Ted becomes more and more hectic, the more facts the computer voice enumerates. He probably didn’t expect this to ever come to light. He wildly presses all the buttons he can find, tries to turn off the laptop but he has absolutely no control over it.
At the very end, after all the crimes have been enumerated, the computer voice informs him that he has video footage of his nocturnal activity.
"That was a big mistake, Ted, and it’s time you understood that you understand how unimportant you are in this world"
After Jake has decided to leave Ted alone, with the knowing that he can now say goodbye to his life as he knows it, he move on to point 4.
And point 4 involves sending all the information to everyone who can do something with it. But don't worry, that’s not the finale.
The finale will be something special.
Everything collected is sent first to the police in Duskwood. He doesn’t think much will happen, but the police will certainly not be the agency that will take care of Ted, in the end.
After the police, Jake sends the information to his place of work. He won’t be needing the job in a few hours anyway even longer.
Then his sister gets an e-mail with everything there is about her brother. Because Jake found out that poor girl always had to take care of him. Had to pick him out of the cell at night, had to pick him up of the hospital one or the other time and things like that. Among other things, good Ted broke into her apartment once, but this was not reported to the police. Jake saw in a chat that Ted promised to stop doing criminal things. This didn’t work out that way. The hacker feel sorry for the sister, she certainly doesn’t deserve it and yet this is about more than just that.
And after all the important people have received the information, he finally go to the final, which the hacker is most looking forward to before he can finally return to you.
Back to you, to his bed where you lie, this day can’t be more beautiful, can it?
Well, the morning show on TV sounds good, doesn’t it? The channel is littered with scandals and really unscrupulous means of getting attention.
No one will be angry with him if the actual broadcast is interrupted for a few minutes to do something good. And to appease his vengeance. All he has to do is fade in everything, play the video and the rest would come by itself. The spread on the Internet. The information is forwarded to other authorities like the State Police Authorities as it is about more than just the pursuit after revenge for his love. Gang crime is not liked by the state.
So then, curtain up, the final begins.
About half an hour later, now it is shortly before 9  in the morning, the whole took longer than he had expected, he sinks back on the soft mattress. Satisfaction spreads and seeing you sleep so peacefully also makes him tired.
Carefully he pulls the blanket over himself and then grabs again around your body to bring you back into his arms. He hides his head in your neck bend and a few moments he falls asleep with a smile on his face.
He couldn’t stop himself from posting some things on Ted’s Instagram page for his personal feeling. Pictures that Ted prefers not to watch for the Internet, but Jake doesn’t care; in a few hours, Ted will never have access to the Internet again. Hopefully Ted makes friends in prison fast, or it won’t be so funny for him.
Well, don’t mess with the hacker’s love.
When you open your eyes, Jake still lies peacefully asleep beside you.
His hair stands wildly off his head and he has put his arms protective around you. Immediately a feeling of home spreads within you and you smile.
His body nestles warm against yours and you wish you could always wake up like that.
Bu, if you didn’t have to use the bathroom.
Carefully peel out from under his arms without waking him.
With leaving Jake’s arms and getting out of bed, the first pictures of last night immediately come back into your head. A few moments you stare at the wall before you shake your head. You don’t want to think about it. Actually, you never want to have to think about it again, you just want to forget it, focus on everything that’s more important now. And this is you, your feeling that you don’t want to get involved in this situation, you don’t want to leave room for this man. You don’t want him to have room in your life, and you don’t want to investigate any further. Actually, you don’t want to know who this guy is. You just want to focus on how lucky you were, that everything went well, that Jake saved you, and that nothing happened to you.
You want to focus on Jake! And most importantly, that you finally want to be with him! He was there to save you right away. He was ready to help you immediately, he protected you, especially the way he protected you. The way he sounded, as if he was doing everything he could to save you. And this irrational fear that this could not work with you two, it’s bullshit! You want him with everything he has and you don’t want to be just friends anymore. You long for his lips, for his kisses that don’t just go on your forehead or cheek. You want to finally be able to say that you are a couple, you want him so badly, so damn badly.
Like a miracle cure, the thought of Jake really distracts you. You didn’t even know where your thoughts went, it just happened. But it always is, it’s just in every corner of your mind.
After you left the bathroom, you turned on the coffee machine. You’d stay awake and pass the time until Jake wakes up and you could have some breakfast. While the coffee is cooking, you drop down on the small sofa in the hacker’s living room and decide to pass the time with a little bit TV.
You switch through the channels looking for something interesting but don’t really find something you like.
When the Coffee machine gives you confirmation that the hot drink is ready, you quickly jump up and leave the remote control there.
While you prepare your coffee, you listen to an advertisement about an electronic toothbrush and then one about the latest vacuum cleaner.
With your cup you go back and then put a thin blanket from the sofa around your legs.
The News Show that you sometimes see starts broadcasting.
And you really expected a lot, really a lot, but you never expected what was actually going on.
While the news announcer reports on a gang crime, a picture is displayed. There’s a man to be seen, and you’re a thousand percent sure that’s the man who chased you yesterday.
Silently and with your mouth open you are listening as a whole gang was arrested, warehouses and factories were stormed. Drugs and counterfeit money were confiscated and in the end, how a hacker uncovered all this.
During the narration about hacking another channel and the materials shown there such as images and video, your heart begins to beat faster and faster.
And when it is shown what was published there, you put your hand infront your mouth in shock.
"Oh my-" you watch the camera shots where you can clearly see the street, which is only a few streets away from your apartment.
And then you see a censored shadow running, a few moments later a man.
You and the man who was now identified as Ted.
That was Jake, you know it!
You don’t know how to react. While the pictures and videos scare you, since this man met you yesterday, you feel moved to tears on the other side. When the hell did he do that?
Did he do it because of you?
Where does he get so much information? Sure, he’s a hacker but THAT?
When the news anchor finally ends her post with the words "This man will probably never see the light of day again" and "The whole Internet speaks about this man and the victim who was persecuted by him. When you see this, we wish you all well!"
You have the feeling that you are breathing again for the first time. Like you’ve been holding your breath all this time without noticing.
You stutter at things, try to explain, sort out and understand your feelings. But somehow, just like last night, it’s too unreal.
"You shouldn’t know that in this way"
Startled you turn around as Jake’s sleepy voice appears behind you.
He's leaning in the door frame and yawns once.
With an open mouth you stare at him, "Did you-?" but you break off immediately because you have no idea what to say.
"Is everything okay? Shouldn’t I have do that? I wanted to tell you myself but now it’s too late. I wanted to teach you gently," explains the hacker, and his gaze slowly turns into a worried one.
"Did you- I mean- you were -" you stutter, can’t bring out a normal sentence. Point you to the TV, to you and back to Jake.
"I’m sorry, MC, I didn’t mean to hurt you or anything," he explains straight away." It was just, I don’t know, I was so mad! I still am! This disgusting bastard was following you, he-"quickly breaks off. His hands are clenched into fists, his eyebrows pulled together and his breath accelerated. However, he doesn’t want to remind you unnecessarily, even if that didn’t work out so well through the news. He really has to hold back from screaming completely and somehow making sure that Ted gets more than what he already has.
"No Jake, I-I" you just can’t find the right words and before you know it, you threw yourself awkwardly over the sofa, rolled over it and stood two steps later directly in front of Jake. Without control, you reach into his neck with one hand and pull his head down towards you. Not quite gently your lips hit on his.
And just as quickly as the kiss came about, you finish it as quickly.
"Oh, um, I... so.. I-" you laugh nervously, still holding his head. "Um, sorry?"
Jake also laughs nervously.
"I shouldn’t have done that," a little embarrassed, you let go of his neck and kick a few steps away from him.
"No, no, everything was fine, I thought it was great, so I mean-" a slight redness adorns Jake’s cheeks.
"Sorry" you mumble with a much too high voice and try yourself on a grin that probably looks like you’re in pain. Jake makes an waving off hand move, then it’s quiet between you for a moment. You chew on the inside of your cheek and let your foot slide across the floor in a semicircle, "Did you..- Did you say you thought it was great?" You ask as unimpressed as possible, as if it were a question about the weather.
Jake’s eyes grow big, "Did you find it bad?"
"No, no, of course not!" you assure him quickly." It was great, I would do it again and again."
You sigh.
Smiling, you put one hand to your forehead and look back at the hacker. Jake smiles too, and then you start laughing out loud. Until you have to hold your stomach and the first tears run out of your eyes.
"We’re so ridiculous," you chuckle, shaking your head over you two.
"Do you think?" Jake asks, grinning, "I find us great together"
"Me too" you agree and look back at him.
"Jake I-"
"MC I-"
At the same time you start to speak and then both of you are immediately silent to let the other go first.
"Do you first" you offer and he returns it to you.
"No, I’m fine, say what you wanted to say," you confirm.
"I can wait, you start"
You’re twisting her eyes again.
However, Jake understands this wrong and at the same time the magic words leave your lips "I love you"
Tumblr media
And thank you @a-d-alison your submission gave me a lot of motivation🤭❤️
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quartermera · 3 months ago
Sabo, Ace & Zoro Reacting to the Fake Blowjob Prank
Tumblr media
For starters I must say I had to look this up bc apparently I’m too old to know this is a trend on TikTok rn xD (and I’m like... 20) 
Thank you for your request, dear anon! I hope you’ll like what I came up with even if it’s slightly suggestive rather than NSFW. Sorry for the long wait too and thank you for your patience <3
! Gender and race neutral reader ! Slightly suggestive, but SFW
Tumblr media
Sabo would probably be the most taken aback when you start. Being a Revolutionary, spontaneous sex or quickies is not something common in your relationship. He prefers when you have more than enough time on your hands for such an intimate moment.
His breath would get stuck in his throat as he becomes bright red. Sabo would be seconds away from asking you what you are doing when you suddenly reveal it was only a prank. Be assured he’d leave out a breathy laugh and smile widely at you.
Be also assured however that next time you have more than enough time on your hands, he’ll tease you just the same way. Sabo knows what he’s doing~
Tumblr media
Portgas D. Ace
Ace probably blushes but doesn’t push you back. Instead he looks at you in anticipation, waiting for your next move. The suddenness actually kind of thrills him. Quickies aren’t that common in your relationship but hey, if you wanna start something he won’t fight back! The only thing he’ll fight is his narcolepsy lol.
Until you reveal it’s a prank. He’s taken aback and his expression goes blank for a bit. Quickly enough though, he bursts out laughing.
Once that is done, Ace will react quickly. If you aren’t in the bedroom yet, he’ll pick you up and bring you there. After plopping you on the bed, he’ll jokingly kiss your neck, asking why you did that all while keeping on laughing and smiling. Ace is really just trying to tickle you and get a laugh out of you. He has other plans for you, but they can wait ;)
Tumblr media
Roronoa Zoro
Only do this when you’re alone in his room. Anywhere else will make him uncomfortable. But if you respect this condition...
I think Zoro would blush and probably not really dare to meet your gaze, but he wouldn’t really question it? He’d let you do and think about the best way to react. He eventually settles on letting you treat him and paying you back afterwards.
When you suddenly stop and it’s revealed it’s a joke, Zoro turns even more red. He’s confused and a little ashamed. Soon enough he’ll shout at you, pretending to be mad. That evening, be prepared for your lover to be a bit darker and more teasing in the bedroom.
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bruhstories · 4 months ago
Baby, I’ve Already got Your Heart
Summary: An accidental meeting between Armin and Y/N leads to an unhealthy obsession. Pairing: Armin Arlert x Fem!Reader (modern AU) Warnings: stalking, language, unprotected sex, loss of virginity, fingering, oral sex (male receiving), oral sex (female receiving), switch!Reader, switch!Armin, rope is involved. Word Count: 2.5 k
A/N: This fic is heavily inspired by this song. It is surprisingly wholesome, considering the tags xD
Tumblr media
Armin Arlert. The purest man in the world. You accidentally met him one cold, rainy day when he entered your coffee shop for shelter and warmth. He naively talked to you, grateful for how nice you were with him, grateful for the cappuccino on the house, grateful for the towel you offered him to dry himself off. Little did Armin know, a fixation sprouted in your mind and heart, developing into the unhealthiest obsession. He was just so cute — and you just had to have him. It helped to know that you were both going to the same university, and after that, you knew everything about him: his Facebook, Instagram, email address, hell, you even knew his real address. To be fair, it was a piece of cake, the boy was absolutely clueless and whenever he 'accidentally' met you, he thought it was by pure chance. The next and most obvious step was to befriend people in his social circle, one Jean Kirstein, one Sasha Braus and one Connie Springer. Naturally, you did your homework, and you knew his best friends were Eren Jaeger and Mikasa Ackerman, but they weren't easy targets. Besides, it would jeopardise your entire plan, as you found Armin was considered a genius. An oblivious genius. He didn't know it yet, but you loved him and he loved you too, right?
A text from Sasha, months after you first met the angelic man, set your plan in motion. A casual gaming night at Armin's place, and you were invited. How perfect. Poor glutton Sasha had no fucking clue how much you were using her, how you told her you want to meet a cute guy, someone nice and caring, someone smart and attentive. The girl put two and two together and decided she just had to introduce you to one of her friends, especially that he was also interested in meeting a girl like you. Unbelievable — you acted surprised, met up with Sasha and left for Armin's little gaming night. You wouldn't let this opportunity go to waste. Starting from tonight, he'd be yours. Forever.
"Armiiiiiiiiin, I brought a plus one!" Sasha barged into his house. "This is my friend, Y/N. Y/N, Armin! Oh shit, pretzels!" The brown-haired woman left the two of you in the hallway and the blond flashed you a smile.
"I feel like I've seen you before." He mused as he closed the door behind you.
"If you ever drink coffee at Rose's you might've seen me there." You smiled and removed your leather jacket, revealing a Pearl Jam t-shirt.
"No way you listen to them!" Armin blurted.
"Are you kidding me? They're my favourite!" You lied through your teeth with a sickly-sweet smile.
"Mine too! Oh, I know, you're the girl who gave me a free cappuccino months ago!"
"I remember! You were drenched in rainwater." You laughed as the two of you entered the living room. "I had to mop up the puddles you left behind."
"I'm so sorry about that..." He blushed. Your heart fluttered and you couldn't wait to get your hands on him, but for the time being, you needed to behave.
"No worries, I just hope you didn't catch a cold." You assured Armin and sympathetically placed a hand on his shoulder. There he goes, blushing again. It couldn't be... was he a virgin? Fuck. This was better than you could've imagined.
"Who's this?"
"Oh, Mikasa, Eren, this is Y/N. She's friends with Sasha."
"Nice to meet you!" Eren shook your hand. "Oh, God, you listen to Pearl Jam, too? You nerds are going to get along just fine." He joked.
The night went great, and you actually had fun with Armin and his friends, despite not intending to mingle with them too much. People started leaving around 2 am, but Eren and Mikasa stayed longer. Too fucking long — and things were boring now anyway. You and Armin kept talking about video games and books, Mikasa fell asleep on Eren who was playing fucking Farmville on his phone. They had to leave as soon as possible.
"Hey, Y/N, we can take you home." Eren suggested and you froze. Shit.
"Didn't you say you're almost out of gas?" Armin questioned his friend.
"Ah, fuck, you're right. I still don't know how that happened — I fuelled the tank yesterday!" The brunette scoffed. "Guess you're on your own, Y/N."
"It's alright, I'll take an uber." You politely smiled.
"Alright, we'll wait for you."
Oh, for fuck's sake. Truth be told, you appreciated how nice and caring Armin's friends were, but you had a different goal to accomplish.
"You really don't have to, plus I have to use the bathroom." You excused yourself. "Um, where is the bathroom exactly?"
"Upstairs, first door on the right." Armin told you while gathering plates and cups from the table. You nodded and climbed up the stairs. Your hand hovered over the bathroom doorknob for a good minute, eyes drifting to the door next to it. Armin's bedroom, by the looks of it. Surely, you could take a look, right? Fuck it. You opened the second door and at first glance, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. LED and fairy lights encircled a corner of his room and, curiously, you walked closer to see what that was, because it didn't look like a desk. Your Y/E/C widened when you saw tens of framed photographs of yourself on the square table, objects you thought you lost and — Jesus, was that your bra? A rush of anxiety hit you, but before you could do anything, a blow to your head blurred your vision.
Dark lashes fluttered as you opened your eyes. The sudden realisation that you were naked and restrained to a bed made you jolt. What just happened?
"Fucking finally, I thought you'd never wake up." Armin greeted you, but his voice was different, deeper and darker.
"Ar-ugh, Armin?" You groaned at the stinging sensation at the back of your head.
"You know, I was relieved you didn't leave with Sasha, otherwise you would've slipped between my fingers again."
"Ugh, and Eren and his stupid idea. 'We'll take you home.'" He mocked his best friend with a high pitch. "I've been dreaming for this moment since I walked into that shitty coffee shop."
You were at a loss for words. This was not the Armin you fantasised about, not the Armin you wanted. He was much more and much worse. And. So. Much. Better.
Alright then, you'd put up a show for him.
"P-please, Armin, please untie m-me! I'll be good, I p-promise!" You stuttered and whimpered, trying your best to sound genuine.
"Why, so you can run away?" The blond scoffed. So, he didn't know you stalked him. What a twist.
"I won't r-run, I swear!"
"Bullshit." Armin bent over your body, hands around your neck. You gasped and pretended to be startled by his touch, but in reality, your core was already burning with lust. You knew you couldn't keep up with this charade. "No, Y/N, I won't untie you. But we'll have so much fun." He sneered.
"You promise?"
"Yes. Wait—"
Your laughter filled the bedroom, genuine laughter that baffled Armin. Was this some sort of reverse psychology trick?
"Oh, Armin, even when you reveal your true colours, you're still oblivious to the reality of what's in front of you."
"Then enlighten me, what am I so oblivious to?" He folded his arms across his chest and waited.
"The fact that this was my fucking plan, too." You stretched as much as your restraints allowed you to and licked your lips. "I guess we both stalked each other without even knowing. How ridiculous."
"I think I would've known if you stalked me, Y/N."
"Really? Let me prove it, then. Your favourite food's Carbonara pasta, your favourite drink is peach and lychee iced tea, favourite movie is Interstellar, you lived on Sheena street until you were 12–"
"That's common knowledge, Sasha could've told you any of that." Armin blurted, growing impatient.
"You watch BDSM and asphyxiation porn between 10 pm and 11 pm every Tuesday, you're a virgin, you own a fleshlight–"
"Fuck, alright!" He threw his hands in the air, defeated. "So, what next?"
"You untie me and you tear me apart, Armin, that's what's next."
The blond hesitated before removing the cuffs on your ankles, still unsure about the ropes around your wrists. Clearly, you weren't making things up, but what were the chances of both of you stalking each other? For a brief moment, Armin felt guilty for hitting you and practically holding you captive, and you could see that on his face, but obsession and desire soon took over, and he reverted back to his darker self. His soft hands moved from your ankles to your knees, up your thighs and stomach, stopping above your chest, deciding it's best if you're not fully free. Armin licked his lips and climbed on top of you, unbuttoning his flannel shirt. You thought was surprisingly strong for such a thin man, but when the unbuttoned shirt revealed his chiselled abdomen, it made sense why he was strong.
"The wrists, Armin." You insisted but the blond clicked his tongue.
"I like you better when you're helpless." He pressed his lips onto yours in a hot kiss. A great kiss, you thought, your tongues wrestling for supremacy.
"Please, I want to touch you! I need to..." You trailed off, intoxicated by his smell, notes of saffron and cardamom. His hands roamed your shoulders, tickling your axilla and groping your breasts. "Please let me touch you, Armin!" You begged again, but he didn't say a word, his hot breath fanning over your oversensitive nipples, goosebumps all over your skin. His pink tongue poked out of his mouth and you watched him painstakingly slowly lick one of your nipples. It literally pained you to be unable to touch him, pull him closer to you. Alas, you had no choice, and despite yearning to be in control, it aroused you to have him control you.
"You smell so sweet." He abruptly stopped. "I bet you taste sweet, too."
"Armin..." His words made you brace yourself. While you weren't a virgin, you've never had anyone eat you out. The blond was already in between your legs, one hand resting under your thigh, the other gently touching your slick folds. Armin was so careful, like you were made of glass, and the ticklish sensation didn't help you at all. You wanted him to ram his cock inside of you and rearrange your guts, but he wanted to take his sweet time. The teasing only made you dizzy with pleasure, and you bucked your hips, trying to get him to move faster.
"You really need to learn to be patient, Y/N." Armin purred, pressing gentle kisses on your thighs. He lazily dragged his tongue across your slit, electricity shooting through your body. God, how you wanted to rip those ropes apart. Two fingers entered you and the blond gingerly licked your clit.  
"Fuck– so... so good ah–" You couldn't form a sentence even if your life counted on it. Gradually, you could feel your orgasm building up and Armin sensed it, picking up the pace. His fingers thrusted harder and you arched your back, the intensity too much for you. "Armin, please! I wanna come with your cock in me!" The begging didn't stop him, he was determined to make you finish then and there. And he did — within seconds you melted under his touch, legs trembling with pleasure. Armin pulled back, his mouth messy with saliva mixed with your juices.
"You come when I want you to come." His voice was low, almost like a growl. He unbuttoned his jeans, and you watched him like a hawk, waiting to see just how big his was, and you were not disappointed.
"Please please please let me suck it, please!" You begged him, eager to taste him. He smirked and kissed you, all the while rubbing his cock.
"You want this?" Armin quirked a brow at you. The little shit, jacking off in front of you and you couldn't even do anything about it.
"Say it. Say you want it."
"Say it, Y/N." He groaned, precum leaking from his member. Fuck.
"I... I want it..." You eventually gave up.
"Good girl." The blond climbed back on top of you. He raised your hips and you placed your legs on his shoulder, his first thrust slow and deep. Armin couldn't help the moan escaping his lips — this was so much better than that shitty fleshlight and countless porn videos. You couldn't deny the fact that it hurt, despite your soaking cunt, but you quickly adjusted to his size. As Armin pounded you, the bed underneath the two of you started moving and screeching, and the ropes tied to the metal bedframe loosened and you felt your arms fall onto the pillows. In his frenzy, the blond didn't notice, so you took this opportunity to lower your legs and wrap them around his waist, one hand grabbing his soft locks, the other wrapping around his neck. You used his weight against him and turned him over. You were in control.
Armin was taken aback by this, but the feeling of your fingers squeezing his throat only turned him on more. You bounced up and down, throwing your head back and groaning. He gripped your hips tightly, thrusting his own hips against yours.
"F-fuck me harder, Y/N!" He begged and you sped up. You felt like a queen — no, a goddess — when he asked you to fuck him, the feeling of him inside of you so addictive. He was your drug, and your rehab, your poison, and your antidote. And you were his and his only. His cock was twitching in your cunt and knew he was close but you didn't want to risk it. Swiftly, you got off of him and wrapped your lips around his dick, bobbing your head up and down. It didn't take long for him to finish, hot liquid shooting down your throat with one final grunt. You swallowed it all and threw yourself next to him. It was breaking dawn already, but you weren't tired. Physically, yes, both of you were exhausted, but mentally it felt like you discovered a hidden gem.
"What the fuck did we just do?" Armin calmly caressed your hair as you nuzzled his neck.
"Are we talking about the obsessively stalking each other part or the part where you hit me in the head? Or the fucking?"
"The everything." He explained. "This is wrong."
"Did it feel wrong?" You asked him, your fingers idly tracing circles over his chest.
"Well, no..."
"Then it's not wrong." You shrugged. "Am... am I yours?"
"Yes." The blond instantly replied without a trace of hesitation in his voice. "Am I?"
"You've been mine the moment you set foot in that shitty coffee shop." You laughed.
"And what are we going to tell the others?"
"That we ended up talking all night and I stayed over?"
"Sounds like a plan." Armin kissed your forehead.
"By the way, I really don't like Pearl Jam." You admitted.
He laughed and it filled your heart with warmth. You have no idea why you and Armin were like that, or how things would be from now on, but you had a good feeling about it. Things were okay. You two were okay.
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fanmoose12 · 5 months ago
fluffy hc/prompt: what if in the no regrets ova, after levi joins the scouts, he thinks that erwin and hange are a thing??? because these two giants are always together??? and they're hella close while discussing logistics and weaponry??? and they eat at the same table??? and breathe the same air??? ofc isabel and farlan would make fun of his inability to approach hange w/o sounding like an emotionally-constipated grump whose way of endearment is through assholish nicknames lmaooo
levi would prolly think that the teasing ends there, but nope !! isabel teases him that hange's lover is actually moblit, while farlan defends his hypothesis that it's mike. levi is devastated bc he's convinced that four-eyes is into tall blondes and that there are more giants to compete with for hange's attention XD
"you know..." farlan said. "i think you're wrong on this one, levi."
"yeah," isabel agreed, nodding eagerly. the motion caused her pigtails to jump, hitting levi in the face. he winced, but stayed put, too comfortable in his place in the shadow of a big tree. "the chemistry is certainly there, but nah... i don't think it's that kind of chemistry."
"there's more admiration than infatuation," farlan added.
"so, you think..." levi cleared his throat, hating how weak and hopeful his voice sounded. "you think four-eyes and erwin aren't a thing?"
farlan and isabel exchanged an amused look over levi's head.
"it's very unlikely that they're a thing," farlan clasped his friend's shoulder. "don't worry."
"about erwin," isabel snickered, as levi slightly tensed after her words. "have you seen that guy who follows her around all the time? the nervous looking one?"
"moblit!" farlan clicked his fingers. "i know him, he's a cool guy. and definitely has a thing for hange."
"but you shouldn't worry, big bro," isabel said sweetly, laying a head on his shoulder. "moblit looks so timid, i don't think he's ever going to gather enough courage to confess."
"unless hange confesses to him first," farlan smirked. "or mike beats moblit to it," he added as an afterthought.
"mike?" levi asked, genuinely confused.
"mike," farlan repeated. "you know, the tall guy with moustache."
"oh," levi's face darkened. "mike."
"i've seen them hugging just the other day!" isabel squealed. "and a week ago, i saw mike carrying hange back to the barracks, because she hurt her leg during the training. they actually look cute!"
levi's face became even darker. farlan sent isabel a concerned look.
"but i've heard they're cousins," she tried to placate levi. "i don't know if that's true, because i've also heard that hange likes commander shadis."
"that old bald asshole?" farlan widened his eyes. "it can't be true!"
"why were you gossiping about four-eyes in the first place?" levi fixed isabel with a hard look.
"levi," she softly smiled. "i wanted to help you."
"i don't need help," he grunted. "it's not like i care who four-eyes likes."
"you don't?" farlan and isabel asked in unison.
levi scoffed. "of course, i don't. i don't care about that weirdo at all."
"then... then why did you bring us there?" farlan questioned. "and why did you ask to pay close attention to hange and erwin?"
"you should be the smart one, farlan," levi shook his head. "i just wanted to know if erwin likes hange or not. maybe, we could have used her as a leverage and get closer to him."
"and that's why... you've been glaring at every person who approaches hange?" isabel stared at him incredulously.
"naturally," levi nodded. "if hange has a crush on someone else, then my plan wouldn't have worked."
"ah," isabel put a finger to her chin, feigning the look of understanding. "yeah, makes sense."
it didn't, not really. there was more to levi's curiousity about hange's love life that he claimed, farlan was more than sure of it. but that was probably a conversation for another time, levi wasn't ready to face that revelation yet.
"hey, guys," isabel tilted her head, staring at hange, mike and erwin who were conversing about something at the other side of the training field. "hange is surrounded by tall blonde guys. do you think that's her type or something?"
"who knows," farlan shrugged. "but i'm sure she'll find a place in her heart for a short, dark-haired grump."
"i'll kill you in your sleep, farlan," levi promised darkly, the blush rapidly spreading across his face.
isabel and farlan pretended not to see it, kind enough to save at least some remnants of his dignity.
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hoebrowsalad · 2 months ago
𝕓𝕝𝕒𝕔𝕜 𝕠𝕗 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕨𝕚𝕕𝕠𝕨 ✧ 𝕔𝕙𝕒𝕡𝕥𝕖𝕣 𝟙
summary || after an exhausting week of lectures, the reader's friend convinces her to take a break and head to the on-campus mall for coffee, where they meet an avenger and his disgruntled friend
pairing || steve rogers x f!reader x bucky barnes
word count || 1,325 words
warnings || language, reader is kind of a pessimist
black of the widow masterlist || my masterpost
Tumblr media
"C'mon, your grades are fine-"
"But are they?"
You answered sarcastically as your friend, Cecelia, berated you for your stubbornness.
"Just for an hour, please?" she pouted, making big puppy dog eyes, which usually never fazed you, but today you were exhausted.
Fatigue was something that you had become accustomed to. The Stark School for Protectors was an exhausting joint. You had never planned on attending the school, but your prowess in engineering caught the eye of Tony Stark's scouts. It was an opportunity that you had to take. Not just to secure a future for yourself, but for your family too. Poverty had held reign over your family for far too long, and you refused to let your dislike for capes and cowls stop you from saving your family. So you accepted the offer, and made peace with constant fatigue, caused by work and attending a school of wannabies.
"Alright," you smiled at your friend and began to look for some decent clothes to wear. Cecelia let out a breath of relief, satisfied that you had decided to join her.
You muttered a, "as long as you don't do what you usually do," as you pulled a shirt over your head. You loved Cecelia to bits, she was the first person you made a connection with at this godforsaken school, but her acceptance of your skepticism over the Avengers did not hinder her own love for them. Especially for the Captain and his Soldier. On every occasion that you previously accompanied her to the mall, she would freak out every time an Avenger was spotted. She met the Captain once, but it was only for a brief, momentous "Hello ma'am" while he rushed out of building as duty called.
"Yeah, yeah okay," she drawled, her signature sneaky smile plastered across her face. You shrugged it off this time, just focusing on your need for fresh air and a change of space after a long week.
"Hey, is that a new coffee shop?" you asked Cece as the two of you loitered in the mall. As obnoxious as it sounded, the on-campus mall was convenient for it's busy students. Tony Stark made it his job to pack it with endless trendy coffee joints, sushi bars, clothing stores and entertaining amenities. The two of you sat down at a small table and ordered some drinks.
"So, how's engineering going? I heard Dr. Banner had a fit when Logan handed in his capacitor project," Cece looked at you over her cup of coffee.
"Engineering is fine, Dr. Banner's reaction was foreseeable, and Logan's project was only a disaster because he spilled one of his energy drinks over it."
"He needs to stop drinking that stuff," Cece half smiled, before her face set into a solemn expression, "And I guess you're right, the Avengers haven't showed face in almost 2 weeks. Black Widow's death really took a toll on them."
You nodded in agreement. News of the Widow's death had plagued the school. Students mourned their hero and the Avengers mourned their friend. The whole ordeal managed to squeeze some sympathy out of you. You closed your eyes as your thoughts and the comforting warmth of your coffee pushed your mind to sleep.
Your eyes shot open as you turned and growled at the person nearby. Their mouth closed mid-scream but their finger continued to point. Your eyes followed and landed on two men walking across the mall.
Both of them stood over six feet. The first had dirty blonde, bordering on brown hair, long and slicked back. Facial hair covered his jaw. He wore a simple pair of jeans and a white shirt. A blue jacket draped his broad shoulders. He answered his phone and turned away before you could see more. The second paused to throw an empty coffee cup away. He had longer, much darker hair that grazed his jawline. His face was cleanly shaven. A red Henley and a pair of jeans clung his body. His facial expression was hard, his jaw set tight. You caught a better glimpse as he looked up in your general direction. His stare burnt through the walls.
"Jesus," you thought, "who shoved a stick up his ass?"
You started getting up to leave, but your arm was caught in a hard grip before you could move any more. Cecelia shook you as she spoke, "Let's go." In any other circumstance, you would have tried to pull away and leave, but you knew you had to save your friend from her own embarrassing demise.
"Cece don't embarrass yourself, c'mon," you tried to reason with her, but she had already pulled you over in a flash.
By the way, Cecelia had super speed. Great for ambushing super soldier crushes.
You pushed down your coffee as you both came to a stand still in front of the Winter Soldier. You turned to avoid gagging in front of him as Cece began gushing.
"Mr Barnes, I mean Sergeant Barnes, hi, um, just wanted to say thank you for your service!" She smiled at him. You turned back around and smiled, for her sake. His reaction was completely unexpected. He just stared at the two of you. His face bore a stony expression and his gaze burnt through your brain.
You both stared at him awkwardly before you spoke carefully, "Look, um, she's a fan, she's just trying to be nice-"
"You wanna be nice? Then leave me alone. " he spat before turning and taking an escalator to the basement parking.
You scoffed as his figure disappeared out of sight. Cece stood next to you in shock.
Definitely something shoved up his ass.
"Buck! Where are you going?" a voice called out from behind you.
"I'm so sorry ma'am, he's been on edge lately, after Nata-" he stopped and cleared his throat, "the loss," he gave a small, genuine smile, "Steve Rogers, ma'am, pleased to meet you." Cece let out her breath and began thanking Captain America for the apology and for his service. He just smiled and let out bouts of nervous laughter as she continued. For a second, he turned and looked at you, blue eyes twinkling with an emotion you couldn't place. You gave a small smile, not knowing how to react. After a few minutes, his phone rang again. He looked at the screen before explaining that he had to go.
"Duty calls, you ladies stay safe," he gave a friendly smile before going down the same escalator his not-so-friendly companion took.
Cece let out a cry of joy. The entire way back to your shared room, she texted everyone about the incident. She even phoned her mom. And your mom.
"Ugh but the Winter Soldier scared me, what's his deal?" she asked as she flopped onto her bed.
"Just what Captain America said," you hummed.
"You're not mad I dragged you there?"
You smiled and shook your head, too tired to debate with her, like you usually would. As you both settled in for the night, you couldn't help but think about the look in Steve Roger's eyes. The depth behind them was filled with so many untold emotions. You tried not to make a habit out of psychoanalyzing people, but when he looked at you, you felt as though there was more to his story than you knew. You rolled your eyes, remembering the Winter Soldier's reaction. Perhaps he didn't take the Widow's death very well, or he was just a grumpy old man. Literally.
A small chuckle blew out of your lips.
"Look at me, thinking about the Avengers."
You sighed. You didn't know that the interaction was one that you would never forget, but at that very moment, you chose to push it to the back of your mind and let sleep envelope you, blissfully unaware of what the next day had in store for you.
Hope you guys enjoyed it! Honestly this chapter only fed crumbs in terms of the whole story arc, but I'm trying to reel you guys in xD also all the marvel characters are aged down from 20 to 30 years old, because this is a college!au. The main character is in her early twenties.
Please like, comment and let me know what you think!
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xo-cuteplosion-xo · 2 months ago
Falling from grace for you.
(this wasn’t requested, and I should probably be catching up on those XD)
|Dazai x Female Reader|
This is a darker (that’s an understatement…) and longer (very long) piece than what is typically written on my account. It’s taken from one of my current ongoing fics.
Warnings: Dazai’s typical antics (his jokes of suicide, making light of suicide, disturbing thoughts) depictions of severe gore/violence. Mentions of darker themes: torture, implied abuse. Some slight out-of-character actions. A large amount of insanity, questionable thoughts, and in the end suicide. Seriously, I warned you this piece is dark as hell
Heavy angst without a happy ending. (starts getting very dark/disturbing/unsettling under the cut.)
~You have been warned, enjoy the angst love~
Hiding behind clouds, scarlet red glared down in shimmering beams. The night was given a red hue, a contrast to the normal silver peeking past the darkness. A male, in his early twenties, fiddled with the edges of his coat. Its tan folds, keeping his body from feeling the frigid atmosphere. His finger lightly traced the white, slightly dirtied fabric of the cotton wrapped around his arms. As unusual as it was, most of the agency had stayed past its usual hours of operation. A feeble sigh remained stuck in the man's throat, a sigh that could tell the others he was troubled. He was a man of many mysteries and unsolvable puzzles. The empty hue of his coffee-stained eyes closed the door to what he felt. That was if this man was capable of truly feeling much at all.
Taking a seat on the couch, his mind trailed to the thoughts of a woman. If he dared to admit the wrongs of his life, maybe the situation they were all in would be… different. Maybe, just maybe, this case would have been solved in seconds. It seemed even Ranpo had met his match here. Of course, the only reason he had met a roadblock, was for the same reason nobody had claimed the pool of money placed on his past occupation. His name was Dazai, Osamu Dazai. Sure, by now, the people around him knew what dangerous job he had in the past. Ranpo had probably finally deduced he was somewhere up in the ranks. He doubted they knew just who he had been, doubted they knew the full extent of the crimes he had committed. If they knew surely Ranpo would have said something or given signs of distrust. If Kunikida knew there would have been insults thrown and judgments made. He’d probably be in jail if they truly knew the details about him.
His eyes self-consciously looked up to the clock, his eyes flicking with the smallest flame of confusion. His fingers ran to his pocket, pulling out a phone that wasn’t used for work. The way he rushed to check for a missed message caught the attention of several co-workers. They were all used to his slacking off, even when he was working, he appeared to be relaxing. For instance, this entire time, from the moments spent staring at the window, to the second leading to his hands gripping his phone, were all moments that involved his mind. A plan carefully piecing together. He happened to be the only one who could solve this case. After all, he knew you. The details of this case, the ones that had no evidence, nothing to deduct anything from. By now, he was sure Ranpo knew that too. The only reason he hadn’t been questioned was the uncertainty of how he was involved.
There had never been a day when you missed sending the nightly text. Now, he always received a text no later than 9 PM and no earlier than 8:45 PM. Every day for 6 years, he received the same question. You would ask him when he’d be home, what he’d like for dinner. No matter what the message was, you never sent a text shorter than 2 words. Never screwed the grammar up, nor did you ever leave a text unfinished. Not only was it 9:05, but the text was also missing. He was almost tempted to call you, feeling a panic settling in his stomach. The two of you had so many unspoken feelings between you. He knew you were not really missing, you had run away just over six months ago, after all, you had wanted freedom from the chains of your prison. That home, which had never truly been home. He restarted the phone over and over again, maybe he didn’t have enough service, maybe he was overthinking things? As much as he wanted to believe you were completely fine, he knew something had truly happened to you.
It was his fault, in the past, he had been such a bastard, there were people all over wishing to find a spot in his inhuman mind that would cause him to bend down like a dog; he hated dogs. If somebody ever found that he and you had more than just a business relationship, there would be hell to pay. Having known each other since his mafioso days, you were always a danger to be caught around with. He still remembered the way you had met, the only woman who had not given in to his womanizer ways. The only person on this planet who understood his mind. Your ability, as long as he didn't touch you, told you everything that his mind was reeling under. The pressure of his deepest regrets, the dying, screaming agony that wrapped his heart. So, it was only natural that in his new world of light, he had come to see you differently. This woman who had impacted his life just as much as his dead friend never ceased to surprise him. The way she stayed silent about her own troubles, the way she revealed only what she could with him. The way she remains smiling, like him, despite sharing the same pains that crushed him. He had asked her once, a few years back, to join him in a double suicide. It had been a joke, but the laughing, smiling expression that you wore as a mask had fallen. Those eyes he came to adore fell to replicate his own expression. So used to the word no, his heart nearly shattered when you chuckled darkly and ran a finger over the sleeves of your shirt. The way it acted like it traced scars broke him. The simple sure that whispered from your lips led him to stand shocked. Few people in this world managed to surprise him, so seeing you turn his thoughts into scrambled letters in a scrabble game had him panicked.
Just as he was about to start panicking over your lack of a text, a simple ding echoed in the silent room. The breaths of every agency member halted, it seemed even Kunikida paused to see what this man was up to. For what felt like the first time in his life, that unsettling pit of despair that laid deep within his gut overtook his consciousness rationally. His fingers expertly unlocked his phone, dragging the notification bar down to click on the text that came from your number. That pit that he had been feeling since he left the apartment today rose to consume his mask. Pure, discernible fear placed itself within his irises. The dilation of his pupils, followed by the sweat that fell from his forehead, gathered a panic within every member. Laying on his screen a simple message that he’d never wanted to see; a simple help. The time was now 9:15, Dazai’s hands shook as he tried to remain calm, keep that personality of his from rising past the new him. There was nothing he wanted more than to slip into the darkness of his alter-ego, the original him.
When things that belong to him, things that he deeply connects to are hurt or taken from him, he can’t help but become a monster to protect such things.
Another text followed as he tried to keep himself together. If you want to see her alive, find us within the hour demon prodigy. To send such a thing from his belladonna’s phone created another crack in his expression. Unfiltered rage poured from his eyes in fiery streams. His hands nearly cracked the delicate glass of his phone. Clicking the phone off, he set it down. Walking to his desk, he slammed open every drawer. Nobody spoke, they only watched this man rummage around his desk. His stoic eyes were now full of dreadful emotions. The aura this man was giving off dragged the somber room into a dark state of horror. It was as if a serial killer had walked into the home of its unsuspecting victims. The only thoughts with their heads were of concern for the coworker, whose laid-back attitude had disappeared in seconds. Was this how he was in the mafia? That question suddenly popped into some of the heads turned towards him. One girl sat next to an older boy. The teenage child tilted her head at the recognition of the room's mood. The mood resembled the still air that she’d experienced in the mafia. When she was nothing but a worthless assassin, she had seen this happen before. Whenever a high-ranking mafioso walked into a room, one known for their bloodlust and demonic ways, such as Akutagawa, the room felt heavy and sticky with fear and worry. While this was different, it had that same tingle.
Dazai pulled out a pistol, why he still had this was a question even he couldn’t answer. It had been the one he used in the mafia. Slamming it on the desk, his hand traveled for other items. Grabbing a container of pins, he set that down along with pens in both black and red ink, a notepad about the size of his palm, a file, and lastly, the girl's photo. He grabbed his phone again, this time walking to a computer and downloading information from it. It was easy to get the location of which the texts were sent. If the GPS was correct, her phone was currently several blocks from the house, after moving within the three minutes, it took him to search the drawers. The text had been sent from inside their apartment. Popping the pen lid off using his teeth, he rushed to a map. His mind had blocked all consciousness of the world around him out. The unadulterated need to find you and save you from harm, or in the worst case, death, controlling him. Never in his life had he felt this way for anybody. No subordinate, no friend, no co-worker, no enemy had ever filled his body with so much emotion at once. A man normally dragged on by only logic, a man who discarded his heart for his mind now laid within the opposite. His emotions controlling his thoughts, his heart pumping within the hundreds as he raced against the clock. Marking every move possible in his head, he scanned over the map once, twice, and even a third time. His lips curled into a nasty snarl as he realized how you had been caught.
On your way back from working that bar, you had been followed into the apartment, heard the noises, and texted him a quick plea. You're meant for it to be longer, but hardly had time to send help. No capitalization, no punctuation, and help had been misspelled. A simple typo only your terrified fingers could manage. Then when they realize your phone is unlocked and laying on the floor after knocking you out, the attacker had sent him the warning. With that scenario, he became completely encased in displeased anger. His eyes scanned the map with frustration, trying to narrow the possible routes down. He used the black pen to mark the important events with times. He marked everything from his leave to the current second. Using the red pen, he sketched a draft of the route being used. The phone had been carried as a distraction. Any person of his mind would instantly disregard that route. But without Ranpo needing to point out which route was most likely, he tapped it with his finger. Crossing out certain marks as he intertwined all three routes to come across the place he’d met you. An amused, almost ironic snicker parted his lips as he tugged his jacket tighter around his body. His hand using the small notepad to jot down the location. Not for himself, but for the others in case they decided to follow him.
Walking to his desk, he grabbed the pistol, its weight nearly disgusting him. A conflict parted through him, his promise to Oda, then your life. Looking towards the ceiling, he sighed. He’d visit his grave later to apologize for breaking his promise. He had all intention to kill, whether it’s called for or not. “Dazai, what is going on.” Kunikida's cold voice cut through the heavy atmosphere.
Snapping back as if only now realizing the other existed, he fell to look at Kunikida. The look he gave was full of nothing but emotionless despair. With a simple response, he walked over and dropped the file on the desk. “Taking care of this case… alone.” The last word was spoken with an emphasis as if to warn them. This case was tied to his past actions.
Making a full 180, he dramatically raised his hands and spoke with nothing but a childish facade. “If I’m not back before midnight, my dreams have come true!” he hummed before walking out of sight.
Now that he was alone, that facade dissipated, and he sighed walking briskly down the streets. It didn’t take him too long to arrive at the building. An abandoned shipping room that provided a perfect height for suicide. He smiled slightly at the thought. Yes, that would be so much more relaxing than this. Simply taking your hand as the two of you fell gracefully in each other's arms. Then with no pain, the two of you would part from this meaningless life and find peace. His hand touched the door, pushing them open, the red glimmers of light, provided by the blood moon, filtering in through the now open doors. He whistled to signal he was there, and as his feet stepped inside, the doors closed and latched behind him. A trap well fit for him, but he already predicted such. “You really did go all out to catch me off-guard. It’s too bad this really isn’t much~.” he purred the words calling out to whoever laid within the shadows of the building. Tracing steps of the two men behind him, he ducked before grabbing two fists of hair and slamming their heads together. “Now, I suggest you give her back.” His voice became cold as he held himself straight, brushing his hands against the tan fabric.
Instead of a vocal response made of words, there was only a light laugh. With a sudden glare that nearly blinded him, the light turned on in only one specific spot. The middle of the room glowed with vibrant white light. Revealed by the sudden change was a body. Slumped against a chair with the smallest rising and falling of the chest. A piece of cloth wrapped around both your eyes and your mouth, successfully gagging and blinding you. Around your waist lay a thick rope that was most likely tied in the back, and was coated in duct tape to keep you secured to the chair. He assumed your wrists were bound behind the chair, judging that they were not loosely hung by your sides. The rope around your ankles was wrapped around several times. Already your body was showing forms of bruises. Blood trickled from your nose and your head. Your clothing was in tatters, the white lace of your bra showing in parts. It was as if your attacker had tried inflicting as much pain as he could. Perhaps you had woken up from the pain before passing out. He could see the wet stains on your cheek, probably from the feeling of pain. He went to take a step forward and pull out his gun, but before he could make much movement, a gun aimed itself at you. His eyes flared, and he looked to the man who had taken you. The time was now 10:05 PM. He had arrived exactly at 10 PM. within the hour the text had said, so logically speaking he had 10 minutes until an hour from when the text was sent to now.
So where had he gone wrong? Why did that gun fire at your stomach? It missed anything vital, in fact, it was a spot he knew well. Fyodor had once had a sniper shoot him in that exact spot. He knew it wasn’t lethal, but the blood loss could kill you. That death would be slow and painful. It was pure luck that you had been shot there, that gun was meant to put you to death.
Never in his life had he lost to his emotions. Even in his moments of insanity, he had never acted rashly. Even when he shot a dead body over and over, he had not been completely lost. He had relished in the enemy’s pain, but he was not lost. He understood his surroundings. Even as his lips parted and cusses left his lips and insane demonic laughter parted his lips, he tried keeping his mind together. His left hand covered his eye, the eye he had once kept bandaged for no particular reason. His right hand fumbled for his gun, before snapping his eyes back to the enemy. “You really shouldn’t have done that~” he hummed taking steps closer. “Were you expecting me to fall and weep? If this is revenge over something I did in the past, I hate to tell you… I don't remember a single one of my past victims. I mean that would be a ton of people to remember. Between the murders and the blackmail along with all the other crimes I’ve committed, I would never remember anybody who held no importance.”
With the room's descent into a hellish atmosphere, your attacker tripped falling down. Dazai walked to you and brushed a finger over your cheek. “It’s alright, I’ll save you.” Maybe this possessive protectiveness this event had induced could be classified as slightly yandere? He would never lose you, your happiness was of course important, but this feeling was beyond normal rage. He walked up to the cowering form of your attacker. He guaranteed the man's death would be painful. He normally wasn’t this violent, even in the mafia he carried out his assignments and assassinations quickly. He hated pain himself, so it was natural to show some pity when it came to physical pain.
All that went forgotten as he approached the shaking male. He fiddled with the trigger of his pistol, before shooting both of your attacker's hands. Watching as crimson carefully spill and the shriek of horror, that twisted Dazai’s heart with pleasure, echo within the walls, he smiled. The smile was created from pure insanity. Without a shred of remorse, he glanced at you before his foot lifted to slam against the male's jaw. He did it once, twice, and thrice. When his foot shoved the man's skull down to the cement flooring, he laughed trying to keep control. His emotions were slowly wrapping dark webs around his reason. He knew that was enough, that he should stop and lay down a final blow. He knew he should do the right thing, which would be to slam some cuffs on this man's wrists. Yet, in the back of his head lay a voice telling him this man deserved a punishment far worse than a jail cell he’d likely be out of in a few years. This man deserved death for hurting you. There was only one light in his life, that light was you. Losing that light would break him. There was one fear for this man, that fear was losing all hope. Plummeting into true pain, a life without you would be empty. It would be too much to go on. He’d toss away his ideal death to escape the chains of this mortal world. He’d accept death, whether there was an after-life or not. As the thoughts ran rampant inside his head, his decision was made. No, this decision had been made the moment his slender fingers touched the metal of this discarded pistol.
Kneeling down, he got into the man's personal space, his hands clasped behind his back as if this were one of his many interrogations. “Tell me, when you laid the first blow on my belladonna, what were you expecting would happen? Was it A, you thought you would manage to bring me to my knees? Or maybe B, you thought your actions would have no consequences because the feared demon prodigy was now an ex-demon prodigy? You thought you would be able to act out revenge by taking the one thing he clings to. People are easy to read, when they are terrified for their lives their life story is portrayed through their eyes. I wonder, would you beg for mercy if I gauged them out?” the sadistic curl of his lips leading to the crack of his fingers echoed in the room. The only other sound to challenge such a disturbing noise lay the whimpers and shaking chatter of the enemy. “If you want forgiveness, then beg for it.” Dazai's lips quickly fell to a snarl as his finger ran from the man's cheek up to the base of his eye socket. Already pushing with pressure, he waited. Just before his finger could start any damage, the man's words leaped.
“I’m sorry, spare me!” he would shout more and more pleading for his life. Dazai merely laughed, running his other hand over the man's lip before dragging it down over the man's neck, imagining the sight if he were to take a pin and drag it along the skin.
“Did she plead for you to stop? How many times did she beg you not to hurt her? Did you do more than simply hit her?” he knew the answer to that already, which is why even if this man pleaded and begged and swore his life to Dazai, he’d never make it out alive. “If you're honest, I may… be gentle.” A lie, a believable cunning lie all for you. He was doing this for you, all to take revenge for you.
“No!” the man screamed for only a moment before Dazai dug his finger into the socket, letting blood soak the tan of his coat. Flinging his hand to the side, the excess blood splattered.
“Too bad, I knew you'd lie to me anyways. Humans are truly despicable creatures, aren't we? Was it fun? Listening to her beg for you to stop? Did she ask you to just kill her already? Did you keep her conscious just to traumatize her? Tell me, did you think I'd let you go?” lifting his foot, he slammed it against the man's chin, sending him into the wall. Watching the stone crack and small pebbles fall, he walked over with nothing in his eyes.
His thoughts were blank.
His expression is blank.
His mind blank.
His heart… full of anger and merciless vengeance.
His hands, despite lacking the same strength as some of his opponents in the past, snapped bone after bone. He tore through the skin until the floor was coated in blood. The game continued until the man bled to death. When Dazai noted there was nothing left, he stared and watched in satisfaction. That was until a groan made its way into his ears. Slowly, he turned around to look at you. Your head had shifted slightly, but small drops of crimson were now dripping down from your abdomen. Pulling the bloodied knife from the corpse, he rushed over to cut you free. Letting your body collapse into his he hummed. His mind was still gripped in insanity. He slid down to the ground, running his blood-stained hands through your hair. “I came for you.” A half-hearted smile lifted his lips, but your voice did not respond. Your eyes still remained closed as he laid you on a clean spot of cement. He lifted the tatters of your shirt just enough to view the wound.
With a hesitant movement, he grabbed your wrist. The pulse was seeming to slow down. “Fuck…” he cursed the word under his breath as he came back to his senses. As if coming from a trance, his eyes scanned around. A single drop of water left his eyes before more came crashing down. He grabbed your body and pulled it towards him. Cradling you as he whispered an apology.
It seemed as if an eternity had passed, but in reality, the time was 10:35. Hardly half an hour had passed since he arrived. You would last another twenty minutes before that tiny wound became a problem, and you died. He knew this fact, and so he searched his pockets for his phone. He’d disappear before anybody got there. He’d sound as if he were running. He’d stage something to hide what he had just done. Everything he’d worked for could be unraveled soon. He buried his face in the crook of your neck, hoping you'd wake up, so he could tell you what he wanted to say. Even as he gripped the phone and dialed his co-workers, all he wanted was to look into your eyes. The eyes that reflected himself. Before he could hit the dial button and start the call, those metal doors which had been sealed shut opened. Light filtered in from the moon and flashlights. The click of guns pointed at the two of you.
Dazai glanced to the side before hiding you behind him, still protective over you. Until he heard the sound of a familiar blonde's voice, he would not let you be exposed to danger. “Stand down, he’s… one of ours.” Kunikida yelled, before storming in with the other members behind him. They had all seen him rush out, the state he was in… it was only recommended by Ranpo they call in some officers just to surround the building. “Dazai...” Why was it so hard for the blonde to speak? Had he truly believed there was a shed of moral sense within his work partner? “Hands above your head… step away from the girl.'' It was a plea more than an order.
Hesitation wasn’t something he normally dealt with. Dazai looked back to you before realizing the smallest movement of your fingers. Immediately he grabbed your hand. A warning shot echoed missing his head by mere centimeters. It wasn’t like he cared though, a bullet could kill him right away. There would be no pain, so what if it wasn’t suicide. At this point, he was fed up with living in a world like this. He was tired of not having a purpose. The only purpose he had was to protect you. He’d managed to fail that too. So without any emotion, he waved dismissively. “If you shoot me, you know I won’t care right?” There was silence as a gurgled noise escaped your lips.
It was relatively fast, your eyes shooting open as your hands reached to grab your abdomen. Nearly screaming out in pain until your eyes adjusted and noticed Dazai. Relief flooded into you as your body weakly reached for him. He let out a relieved choked noise, similar in sound to a sob. He cupped your cheek with that feeling in his chest before another warning shot fired. This time missing him by even less and cutting it close to your hands. Terrified your body reeled back.
Dazai put your safety first before comfort. So despite wanting to kiss you and finally express the feeling he knew you were aware of, he stood up and raised his hands above his head. Walking towards the lights, he kneeled and hung his head. He was rather surprised with how gentle he was pushed to the floor. The feeling of metal clasping his wrists wasn’t new. He’d been caught many times before this. Of course, he always escaped, returning to you. If he tried that now, he knew he risked your safety. Yet your shrieks passed the air as you were grabbed by two officers. Watching from the sidelines with solemn looks stood the rest of his co-workers. Atsushi, a young male orphan, Dazai, had been saved from starvation and death, couldn't understand what was going on. “Why… Dazai, why?” he whispered far too soft to be heard.
As Dazai was pulled to his feet and led away, you were left to scream and ignore the pain of blood gathering in your throat. No matter how much splattered from your lips you screamed for him. You struggled weakly against the arms of the officers. The blonde who had cuffed Dazai walked to you. Kneeling to your level, your eyes moved to read him. Using your ability to see his emotions, personality, and troubles. He was a good man, one who had strong morals. Only at that did you react and calm down. Letting a woman who shared his presence and whose aura you trusted heal you. “This is… my fault,” you whispered, finally feeling warmth fall down the soft skin of your cheeks. As a brunette looked over the crime scene with anger and disgust, he deducted everything within minutes. It was done by Dazai, and there were things he didn’t understand, but he knew enough to locate why this had happened.
“Please… don’t lock him away! If I had been stronger... if I had listened to Dazai’s advice none of this would have happened!” Despite being the victim of all of this, you couldn’t help but blame it all on yourself. “We still haven't gotten to try out the method I found.” gripping the sides of your arms, you looked up with the same expression Dazai often wore. The startled expression of his co-workers was expected. “We may have succeeded this time.” You whispered the words softly in your head, before passing out from exhaustion once more.
Dazai never ended up in prison, he’d slipped away the moment he could. All of this had been in your line of expectations. Walking into the apartment to see Dazai reading the suicide book had you running over to express your love in the form of asking him the question he always asked you. “Shall we commit a perfect, flawless double suicide?” you asked before seeing an excited glimmer in his eyes. Taking your hands in his, he nodded.
On that fateful night, two months after your abduction, two bodies were found. Cuddled close together under the sheets. Their bodies cold and pressed closed. A swift easy death within slumber.
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rainbowtransform · a day ago
I miss you, the world says to black walls that don’t speak back. Their Admin is within the black walls, they feel his hurt.
You don’t deserve torture, the word says. You did bad things, but you don’t deserve this.
There is nothing, and the water beneath it stretches and rises higher than before, crashing against walls that hold. Thunder rumbles, some crops wither, and the rain clouds become darker.
The :] man leaves the prison, covered in blood and humming a cheerful tune. The world watches, and makes a plan.
The thing is this: the word is alive. They’ve been alive since the first moment the Admin created this world. They even managed to make a copycat (their admin laughed, so hard, when they showed him. “XD,” they said. “That’s our name.”)
They taught him how to teleport. He was a baby Admin, barely a month old. They taught him how to coax animals toward him, how to make the mobs ignore him, how to give himself wings and disappear. They gave him a home, helped him find materials, and he taught them everything outside of their world.
Human beings are fickled creatures, they learn. George and Sapnap argue constantly while Dream mediates. And then more and more people begin joining. Alyssa, a quiet but sure girl who they miss often. Their home is still here, still takes care of with Callahan.
Callahan, a non-speaking boy who holds a calm aura but can be just like her Admin. They take a liking to Callahan, right away. Awesamdude, who pushes their Admin into the water and then laughs before the World pushes him; Punz, who murmurs apologies before he kills someone; Ponk, who grows crops and makes them all laugh. BadBoyHalo who brings a bubbly energy around the world, who tries his best to keep everyone else in line and his partner Skeppy who is just chaotic.
More and more people join. The world likes them all. (They like the blond-haired teenager that laughs loudly and proudly, and they enjoy watching the poet man joke around and ask a date of their Admin. They create a new country afterwards.
The date didn’t go well, They assume.)
Their Admin falls further down the rabbit hole that is propaganda, and hatred. Their Admin falls, and the world continues on.
Their Admin falls, and the blond-haired teenager made them laugh very hard.
They don’t blame Tommy. Tommy is just a teenager, and they don’t blame him. It was their fault for not seeing the signs of their Admin, but there’s no helping him then. Now, they’ve got to push past the walls that hold him, and see what they’ve done to him.
It takes the form it hasn’t taken in so long. XD enters the prison, and says nothing as Sam clutters around. There are books that XD needs to sign, apparently. They refuse.
“You have to,” Sam says nervously. “It’s my prison.”
It’s my resources, XD writes.
Sam refuses entry. XD nods, and teleports in.
Their Admin’s blood is all over the walls. He’s thinner, and his eyes are closed. XD hums, and kneels down to brush long hair out of his eyes. Dream’s eyes open, and he looks up.
“Hey,” he croaks.
“What’re you doing here?”
Visiting you.
“You can’t be here.”
Why not?
“You’re not supposed to be here.”
I wanted to see you.
“I’m okay.”
Their admin hums. “XD, come on. You can’t—you can’t stay here.”
That’s okay. We won’t.
They manifest at Technoblade’s home. Philza Minecraft shouts out a string of curses, and XD offers their Admin to him.
“He’s a criminal,” Philza says. Dream shivers. XD produces a cloak and wraps it around their admin.
Dream says nothing. XD sighs. They hate speaking with others besides their Admin. It takes energy that they need.
“He is staying.” XD claims. “For the crimes of going to the End without my Admin’s express permission you are taking care until he can properly go off on his own. By then, I will return.”
“Bruh,” Technoblade says. XD stares at him.
“Do you deny this task?”
“Sure,” Philza said same as Technoblade said “what’s in it for us.”
XD hums. “Three Netherite ingots each week for keeping him here.”
Techno narrows his eyes. “Three God apples.” He says.
“Deal,” XD proclaims.
Philza turns to Techno. They seem to be speaking outside of XD’s own communicators so they turn back to their Admin.
Stay safe, and don’t get hurt.
Heal. I will come back, but only once you are rested and well enough to return to the End.
“Whoa, that’s—”
Off limits. No one can find you in the End, and if they try to the dragon will protect you with all her might. She is very strong.
XD turns to Techno, hands off three apples, and before they leave let’s the wind ruffle their Admin’s hair.
(If the prison collapses in on itself and sinks to the bottom of the ocean, despite being in shallow water, that’s not their fault. Perhaps it was the Warden’s fault for not thinking about storms that are strong enough to take something down.)
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TFP AU where Starscream is an Autobot (they don’t know that he killed Cliffjumper) and Optimus learn that Starscream is super ticklish and so, all the Autobots use tickling as a way to get Starscream to behave and also for fun! XD
I'm not sure how close I got to your original goal, but I gave a go and now we have a one-shot.
Title: Weakness Continuity: TFP Rating: General Relationship: Starscream/Optimus Prime Characters: Starscream & Optimus Prime AU: Autobot!Starscream Warnings: Implications of intimidation, waffles between serious and funny, etc. Summary: In which Starscream turns out to be quite ticklish. Crossposting: in a reblog.
Fic under the cut
If Starscream had known this would have been his fate, he probably wouldn't have defected. He hid behind a corner in one of the darker hallways of the underground base. He tucked his wings close to his back to minimize his silhouette.
Well, actually he probably still would have changed sides eventually, even if just to get away from Megatron and his latest chemical obsession, but with some definite trepidation and perhaps specific conditions written into his defection paperwork. Very specific conditions regarding who could touch him and how.
Tickling would be explicitly forbidden.
It was tantamount to torture!
That energetic human youngling with those… fur horns on the sides her head had discovered his shameful weakness once while scaling him while he recharged. She'd gotten her tiny little flesh claws right behind his wing joint. Unluckily for Starscream, yet luckily for her, those little claws had kept her from being flung across the room when he had flailed awake and onto the floor.
Worse was that she couldn't keep that foul mouth of hers shut and, less than twenty minutes ago, told practically the entirety of the Autobot base about his… weakness. They all knew and surely they would use it against him, use it to pry secrets out of him or just torment him for the fun of it. As a former Decepticon, it wasn't as though he had many choices.  He could either stick around and tolerate it or risk venturing out on his own…. A dangerous proposition. Too dangerous to risk it. So putting up with less than quality treatment was a price he would just have to pay. For now.
Now, unfortunately, that meant huddling down here, hoping that no vengeful fingers would come for him while he waited for the whole thing to blow over. He had managed to skillfully disappear from sight the when that human made her high-volume pronouncement from the small scaffold by the ground bridge. No one could have seen him escape. Except for when he transformed straight into the wall on the way out.
Aside from that, it was a perfect getaway.
“Starscream?” A familiar voice called out from the hallway. Optimus.
How did Prime know he was here? He’d tucked his wings in and pressed as flat as he could to the wall? Maybe if he stayed silent, still, Optimus would think he was just imagining things. He hadn’t been upstairs when the human spilled the beans, so there was still a chance he hadn’t heard.
“What are you doing down here?”
Well, so much for that.
Starscream looked down and realized that, while he had hidden most of his lithe body, he’d left the toe of his foot poking out into the hallway. Foolish mistake. A critical error.
“Oh, just… enjoying the peace and quiet, Prime,” he said, slinking out from behind the corner now that the jig was up. Now to make it seem like everything was going exactly as planned as opposed to being caught sulking like a new protoform, fresh and feral from the Well. “You know how… rambunctious humans can be.”
Optimus, however, simply nodded with his hands folded politely behind his back, seemingly unconcerned by the situation as he kept his face neutral. Even after being here for a few months, Starscream still wasn’t sure what to make of his face without the battle-mask drawn. It was still bizarre to see him outside of combat situations.
“Oh, of course, they are… perpetually youthful.” Well, when you only get a scant century to live, that would go without saying. Humans didn’t have time enough to mature. Those younglings the Autobots—the other Autobots, excluding himself now, of course—were so fond of were probably already halfway through their given century.
Optimus paused for a moment, seemingly in thought before taking a few steps forward.
“I’m glad you’re alright though. I had heard from Ratchet that you had been involved in some manner of… scuffle upstairs and thought it would be prudent to check on you.”
“No, no, I’m quite alright, I assure you—“ Starscream held out his hands in front of his chest, palms forward defensively as he shrank back from the larger mech’s approach.
“You’re liable to develop rust if you let those scratches go.”
Did Optimus have to loom? Did he even know that’s what he was doing? Megatron would do that on purpose, but Megatron knew how to read a room. Optimus, for better or worse, did not. Optimus probably thought he was just checking for damage on a subordinate, not invading personal space. Perhaps the blatant ignorance was what kept Starscream from bolting away immediately. Either that or there must have been something oddly sincere and nonthreatening in the big idiot’s blue optics. Maybe both. Still, he took another few paces back, trying to establish a boundary.
One which Optimus did not cross, now remaining on his side of the freshly created space. Maybe he could pick up a few cues after all. Eventually. A bit slow on the uptake though, wasn’t he? No wonder he had fallen for so many of Megatron’s outright stupid plans.
“Ratchet’s quite busy with that mess that Miko and Bulkhead made this morning with the… homemade ‘car wash,’” Optimus continued, oblivious to the acute spiral of Starscream’s thoughts, “but I’m not bad with a buffer, if you’d like help.”
Splayed flat on his front on the table, arms crossed under his head, Starscream couldn’t believe that he’d let himself get talked into this. His finish was scuffed from impacting the wall, but that was no matter. A minor, though unpleasant detail. He could just buff that out on his own time. That didn’t require a trip to a medic or the direct attention of the Prime.
The sound of the buffer clicking on and then whirring up behind him was soothing, pulling up thoughts of Knock Out patiently patching him up. He doubted Optimus was as skilled with a buffer as that self-absorbed race car, but that was fine. He told himself it was simply less work this way and it wasn’t as though Optimus could make it worse. Not with a hand buffer, anyway.
“Yes, yes, please, let’s get this over with.” Starscream waggled one of his clawed hands, not that he had much room to move in this posture. “I have things to do.”
No, he didn’t.
The buffer whirred more loudly as it approached, hovering somewhere in the air over his shoulders. The soft head of the buffer was roughly stuffed against the joint of his wing.
Starscream yelped, shooting off the table from the tickling sensation and crashing once more into the floor.
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Only Fools Rush In
Crown Prince! Jeongin X fem! Reader
Fantasy AU, Loose retelling of Sleeping Beauty.
7k words, Platonic pairing, Beware of non-graphic mentions of death( only mentions, with respect to curses and dark magical behaviour ), slight violence in fight scenes (not explicit at all), NO mentions of blood.
Songs: Can’t Help Falling in Love(DARK) - Tommee Profitt // Tomorrow We Fight - Tommee Profitt ft. Svrcina
|| Prologue ||
A/N: @magicbehindwords ​ hello, Carolyn! Tis me, your Secret Santa!! Man, you have the chillest vibes, I really enjoyed figuring out this fic for you! I had something entirely different planned, but you saying you enjoyed a good high fantasy read ended with me happily derailing and plunging into the Fantasy Woods instead xD I hope you enjoy this offering(I know it’s really late hhh I’m vv sorry T^T) 
There will be one more fic joining my pair of Christmas gift fics! As a part of @hanflix​ With Love, Chistmas holiday collab, I will be posting a Jisung fic soon! Anyways, onto the fic!! Do let me know what you think, my ask box is open! ~
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It’s been very rare to have known you, very strange and wonderful. - F. Scott Fitzgerald
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“.....Crown Princess of the Western Isles.”
An elegantly dressed young lady stood before Jeongin, her hair falling over her shoulders as she sank into a neat curtsy. He cursed himself for not catching her name during her herald. “Pleased to make your acquaintance, Your Highness,” her voice was a smooth serenade, the words rising and falling in an unfamiliar accent . Her eyes didn’t flit away from his gaze or widen in flirtation, but maintained a steady gaze akin to his own. Jeongin’s brow arched slightly- she was brazen, playfully so.
“The pleasure is all mine, my lady.” He bowed back slightly, suppressing a sigh at the repeated action he was forced to perform. He had been meeting the multitude of ladies Ataloria had to offer for what felt like time immemorial.  It was the same old thing, over and over again- bow, exchange pleasantries, have them whisked away by the herald before speaking about anything of consequence. The hall was abuzz with quiet laughter and chatter, the excitement palpable for the biggest celebration the kingdom had seen in centuries- The Rose Gala. 
Ataloria was a kingdom ruled by women ever since it’s conception- queens of enormous power, wealth and cunning who turned the once tiny valley town into the biggest empire of its confederation. While a queen could rule Ataloria solo, a royal son would require a woman in wedlock to rule with him, cementing his place on the throne for him. To make sure their kingdom’s prince found a suitable wife before his coronation, the tradition of The Rose Gala was born. 
In the son’s 18th year,  a celebration would be held in Ataloria inviting ladies from every corner of the kingdom to the Rose Palace(his home) for a chance at the Crown Prince’s hand. Such was the fairness of the bygone queens- they believed that nobility was a reflection of character, not blood. 
“May I have this dance, Your Highness?” Jeongin met the princess’ eyes, surprised- none of the previous ladies he’d met had yet to ask him for a dance, but here was this princess, her twinkling eyes matching her smile as she held her gloved hand out. A smile pulled up the side of his lips as he accepted her hand, leading her into the centre of the dance floor. She was bold, playfully so- he liked it. 
The band picked up a soulful waltz piece as Jeongin swept the princess into his arms, the two of them melting naturally against each other as they began to move. She was well- trained, Jeongin noted, because she moved with fluid ease, balancing her movements with his despite this being their first dance together.
“How has the Gala been so far, Your Highness?” Her accent was less pronounced than it was before, but Jeonign shrugged it off. It was likely because he was getting accustomed to it. “It has been quite an interesting affair, my lady. I hope the preparations for your arrival and living have been up to your standards.”
“You live in a beautiful city, Your Highness” she giggled lightly as Jeongin twirled her out and back into his arms, unfaltering in their motions. “Yes, the capital of Ataloria has lived up to the many expectations that us outlanders had of it… But I wonder, Are you always this formal?” He allowed a smile of his own to creep up his face- her stubbornly casual behaviour intrigued him more than he’d like to admit. “If you insist on thinking me formal, I must insist that you address me by my chosen name and not by my title… your name, my lady?”
An amused grin lit up the princess’ face, her hand tightening almost infinitesimally on his shoulder as the music crescendoed to a high.
“Y/N, Your Highness. My name is Y/N.”
The moon was creeping higher in the sky when Jeongin slipped into the highest tower in the north wing. It had been a struggle to slip away from The Rose Gala, a faked headache finally allowing him to rush back to his chambers and gather up his belongings so he could sneak his way to the North Tower.
His previous princely outfit had been exchanged to lighter, more rugged garments of the darkest black, embroidered with threads of silver. A snicker bubbled to his lips at the thought of the ladies in the Rose Hall, of how they’d react if they saw their sweet yet aloof prince like this- scratching a pentagram onto the stone floor with an air of familiarity he hadn’t exhibited to them. 
Spellcasting had been a guilty passion for Jeongin ever since he sat in on his mother’s meeting with the silver-eyed spellcaster coven that resided just outside Ataloria’s borders, thoroughly intrigued by how they wove enchantment into words and items like it was second nature. He was forbidden from interacting with them, however. His mother told him that some knowledge was beyond the ears of an ordinary mortal and such boundaries must be respected without error. 
However, curiosity had driven him to swipe a few books from the coven elders, fascinated by all the information that lay between the covers. It became a habit to steal some of the spellcasters’ books during their visits, replicate them as soon as possible and return them to their original resting place in the coven’s temporary living chambers.
Over time and innumerable incidents of trial and error, he learnt to wield the energy that thrummed in the world around him. Starting from simple levitation, he worked his way through more and more complex spells as his capabilities expanded. Not a single soul knew about the prince’s penchant for spellcasting- it was a secret he guarded fiercely, for fear that he would be frowned upon and misunderstood for communing with dark spirits. 
Sitting back on his haunches, Jeongin admired his handiwork- purple candles decorating the cardinal directions on the pentagram, the flames flickering a warm yellow. 5 crystals lay in a circle in the center of the pentagram, all identical in shape but unique in shade. Sigils of protection, enhancement and power decorated the edges and also littered the floor in a circle around him. 
Since most of his arcane knowledge came more from reading than practicing, he’d spent months in this very tower room, mouthing the incantations until he was fluent in the foreign language and practicing drawing the sigils until he could draw them in his sleep. There was too much at stake with this spell to get something wrong- the safety of Ataloria, to be specific.
Saying the first words of the incantation out loud stirred something wild in his veins, instantly feeling every wave of energy throbbing around him. It was darker, stronger, almost turbulent in nature, unlike the freely flowing, easily shaped energy he’d always encountered before. But he would endure, because this spell was not a question of just his capabilities, but also the country he’d one day rule.
This Winter Solstice night, he would cast the biggest spell of his short life as a spellcaster.
This Winter Solstice night, he would cast a warding spell around the Atalorian borders.
If everything went perfectly, the warding spell would need no renewal- it would transcend the life of the caster and instead be latched to the power of the kingdom’s crown.
Shivers of cold anticipation slid over his body as the energy began to swirl around the pentagram, his focus honed to a razor sharp edge as his words began to bend it to his will. It was time.
Jeongin knew that something was wrong the second he stepped out of the tower. The Rose Gala wasn’t the quietest affair; the muted sounds of string instruments and chatter had rung through the walls until he cast a sound-dampening spell around the North Tower. Now, despite lifting the spell and stepping out… an eerie silence hung in the air, heavy and stifling. There was none of the merry-making that he’d heard before. 
Keeping to the shadows, he crept down the corridor towards the main staircase and stopped short. The guards posted near the sliding doors of the north wing were fast asleep, leaning against the wall and slumped onto the floor. A shiver slithered down Jeongin’s spine. This wasn’t normal. The guards in the palace were nowhere close to lax in security, especially during nights of revelry.
Catching hold of one guard’s shoulder, he shook him hard, hoping that the jostling would wake him up. But he only crumpled to the floor, completely unaware of the world. Almost like he was….no, He couldn’t be. Jeongin fell to his knees before the man, scrabbling for a pulse at the man’s wrist- no, he was alive. Very much so.  The hair on the back of his neck stood on end as he got to his feet, warily scanning the top of the main staircase on the other side of the sliding doors. The silence was almost deafening as he made his way towards the staircase, looking down at the main lobby of the castle- 
Everybody was asleep.
It was almost like a wave of sleep had taken over every guard, guest and staff in the palace, rendering them silent and slumped on the floor the second they encountered it. A maid was leant against a pillar, a tray of champagne lying toppled next to her. A herald lay on the floor, curled up next to the skirts of a slumbering lady in red silk.
Stumbling away from the bannister, he collapsed on the top stair, a rush of panic overwhelming him- was he at fault for this? Surely he wasn’t… But what if he was? What had he done wrong? Was the timing off? How was he to fix this?? What was he going to do-
That was when he heard it.
Cutting through the thick silence was a husky, haunting melody, singing words that tore through his mind, bringing back faded childhood memories. He remembered being afraid first, finding solace next in the voice and its wistful song. As he grew up, his slumber came faster and deeper, rendering him unable to listen to the walls’ song. But he didn’t forget the words. He never did.
However, the voice didn’t echo from the walls the way he remembered- this time, it was coming from the very hall The Rose Gala was held in.
“Wise men say only fools rush in...
But I can’t help falling in love with you…”
The voice continued singing the same lines as Jeongin hurried down the staircase and towards the hall, the open doors spilling the chandeliers’ lights into the modestly candle lit corridor. The marble floor of the hall was laden with ladies’ skirts and gentlemen’s capes and cloaks, every single person including his dear parents and family fast asleep- except for one.
Jeongin watched as she sang to herself, her arms held out almost as if she was… she was waltzing with somebody. There was something so haunting about the sight to Jeongin- maybe it was the song that spilled so easily from her lips or the way she danced with nobody but the air to accompany her. Her skirts clutched in one hand, she swept back and forth in front of one of the windows, the only person awake amongst a sea of sleeping people. 
“Wise men say only fools rush in...
But I can’t help falling in love with you…”
“You can come in, Your Highness.” her voice lacked the Isle accent he heard before-if anything, she had the exact same accent as his own. “This is, after all, your palace.”
So much for staying hidden. Jeongin cautiously stepped into the hall, eyes narrow as he marked her every movement. But she was calm as she dropped her arms to her sides, turning to face him from across the hall, her smile the exact same as before- brazen, confident, playful.
“Do you have something to do with this, Y/N?” He demanded, his voice quivering with the pent-up panic he was struggling to control. “Oh no, Your Highness,” Y/N responded,  beginning to pick her way across the sleeping people towards him. “That’s the question I must ask you. What did you do to my home?”
Jeongin instantly stiffened, one hand going to his belt for his dagger and the other, encompassed in ice-cold hoarfrost. There was no point in hiding his powers, especially if he was alone with…. Whoever she was. To his shock, her eyes lit up in joyous surprise. “Oh, I see you’ve learnt to conjure the elements. You’ve come far in your spellcasting studies, Your Highness.”
“Greetings, Your Highness. I am Y/N, the guardian of the Rose Palace.” 
“Oh, this sweet girl?” she raised her arm before brushing back her intricately curled hair with an uncaring flick of her hand. “ Her name is Yelina. She asked me to… assist her in courting you. I assure you, Your Highness, I’m not from the Western Isles nor do I have the need to spy on you.”
“Assist? Yelin- What are you going on about?” Jeongin’s temper finally reached a fever pitch, his voice raising in frustration. “I expect a straight answer from you, whatever your name is. Who are you, and do you have anything to do with this?”
The young lady in front of him dipped into a bow- it wasn’t the neat curtsy he’d seen at the beginning of the night. This was a deep, sweeping bow, almost mocking in nature as she nearly knelt to the floor and rose in one fluid motion. 
Her eyes were silver when they met his, a stark contrast from the dark eyes that had peered out of her face before. “And you, young prince, have just caused trouble you might not be able to mend.”
“How do you know that, Y/N?” Jeongin’s voice was as cold as the ice wreathing his fingers, his jaw tightening as he struggled to keep his rising anger in check. “Do the Western Isles dare to spy on its future monarch?”
Just as Jeongin began to advance toward her, his eyes blazing with fury at her twisted answers, a velvet soft laugh from the doors cut through his haze of anger. He caught the way Y/N’s face paled, her demeanour stiffening as she caught sight of who stood behind him. Whirling around, he saw a man walk into the hall, his plump lips pulled back in a satisfied smirk.
“How very quaint of you, guardian.”
His voice was dark, almost sensual in it’s smoothness, a terrible age ringing in every syllable. His hair was a deep purple, drizzled with streaks of white that hung inelegantly over his eyes.  A dark cloak fastened at one shoulder fluttered around his feet as he moved further into the hall. There was something wrong with this man, Jeongin realized as his grip tightened on his dagger. The energy in the room had taken a nosedive with his arrival, leaving him with barely a few strands to hold onto. 
“Nobody nor the stars give a damn about your opinion, Chris.”
Jeongin started at Y/N’s cold voice ringing from next to him, her eyes narrowed in derision as she stared down the purple-haired man. However, the man wasn’t fazed in the least, his smile only widening in response. “Is that any way to talk to your elder, young one?”
That was when Jeongin noticed the flash of quicksilver in Chris’ eyes- identical to Y/N’s.
4- Y/N
“You’re no more my elder than that band of heathens you used to lead.” you spit,  stepping in front of Jeongin. You could sense his surprise as he watched your form change- hair turning white, your forehead wreathed with icy blue flames. It probably must be quite overwhelming for him, but you couldn’t spare that much throught- Chris was not to touch a single strand of his hair, stars be damned. 
“You’re not welcome here, Chris. Begone.”
“When has that ever stopped me, little one?” Chris’ silver eyes narrowed in a sardonic smile- only, it wasn’t a smile but a soulless show of teeth. “Besides,the intention of my visit was only to extend a hand of gratitude to the crown prince behind you.”
To his credit, Jeongin didn’t so much as flinch, matching Chris’s stare for icy stare. “From the guardian’s stance, I presume your hand of gratitude isn’t one to clamour for.” A rueful smile dragged your lips upward; Jeongin had never been the type to mince his words.
“I must insist, Your Majesty,” Chris’ very stance glittered with the stench of malice, your magic tingling unpleasantly around you. “Or must I call you Jeongin, for you will not remain a royal much longer?”
“I’ll stop you right there.” You growled, fists clenching as blue flames sparked alive in your hands again. “Do not speak of the crown prince that way.”
“Or what, little one?” Chris laughed aloud. “Will your sweet crown prince run his country to doom yet again?”
“W-What-” Jeongin spluttered behind you, confused and bewildered. Chris cut through his stammered sentence, his words carrying over Jeongin’s. “Your spell backfired, princeling. Instead of protecting your kingdom, you sent them all to the one place where they’d never be harmed- their sleep. If only you knew the nuances of spellcasting. Stolen knowledge can only do so much, you know. I allowed you to steal the books, foolish mortal boy. Did you really think you were sneaky enough to swipe from spellcasters??” Chris snarled mockingly at you and Jeongin. You could sense the terror rippling off your prince; taste it like copper on your tongue.
“ Your kingdom will fall to death soon, all because you couldn’t keep your sticky mortal hands to yourself and mess with power you don’t deserve to know, princeling. All of this,” he exclaimed, throwing his arms out wide in sinful exultation, “Will belong to the heathens Y/N spoke about-” And a spear of fire threw him off his feet, sending him flying and crumpling against the far wall.
Stalking towards his prone figure, you pulled him up and slammed him against the wall, your hands clutching his cloak. A line of blue blood trickled down from his hairline to your sick satisfaction, his lips pulled back in a pained snarl. A snake of your flames bound his arms together as you stared him down, silver for silver.
“This kingdom has never been yours, neither will it ever be.” Your voice was soft, icy, pointed. “It belongs to Ataloria now and stars be damned if I don’t make sure it stays that way.” 
“You’re a traitor to your own kind, Y/N.” Chris spat in your face, struggling against the flames around his wrists. “Do what you wish to stop this. You and I both know this curse will be fulfilled by that foolish mortal you protect. You’ll get your comeuppance when your princeling’s folly renders this kingdom obsolete,little one. That’s a promise.”
With those final jarring words, he disappeared in a plume of red smoke, leaving you alone with a shell-shocked Jeongin and Ataloria’s sleeping citizens.
5- Y/N
“The land that Ataloria stands on is home to a lot more history than you know, Your Highness.” You bustled into the basement kitchen with the prince at your heels. Jeongin slumped in a chair at the wooden table, his head hidden in his hands. You couldn’t recognize if it was fear, regret or anger, because the only thing you could sense from the prince was a mixture of emotions too complex to gauge.
The both of you had spent the last couple of hours placing temporary warding charms over the entirety of Ataloria- If your brother could break in, god knows what else could. It was no mean feat, especially for two spellcasters and a vast country. But Jeongin rose to the task, his brow furrowed with concentration as he burned perfectly drawn sigils onto the map and spoke incantations with a clear, soulless tongue. The sun rose as you worked on the warding charms- it was bordering early afternoon by the time you led him to the kitchen. It fascinated you how easily the craft came to him; it wasn’t natural for a mortal with no magic in his veins.
“I don’t want to hear it, Y/N.” He sounded small, exhausted, shattered. The night must have been extremely overwhelming for him, you realized. The pressure of being responsible for an entire kingdom’s destruction must not be the easiest weight to carry. “If you’re guardian of this palace, then why didn’t you do something to stop me?” You could hear the blame, the self-loathing in every sentence, but you let him speak. “All these years, you watched me through the walls, sang me lullabies, but didn’t bother to stop me from digging myself a spellcaster grave.”
You gulped, pulling yourself together as you took a seat next to Jeongin. This was not going to be an easy story.
“Your Highness-”
“Call me Jeongin.”
“This story possibly holds the key to righting the wrongs of the night past. Do yourself the favour of listening, Jeongin.” A wave of his hand and straightened posture signalled you to speak, the only response you received.
“The entirety of the Southern Sphere was ruled by spellcasters, their power much greater than those of the spellcasters in your country. Then, this area was called Erus Nox. The spellcasters ruled with great pride and fairness- mortal and Spellcaster coexisting amongst each other with great peace. The capital was not too far from what you now call the Western Isles. Over the centuries, corruption began to take root as it did in any great empire. Many spellcasters did not believe that mortals deserved rights equal to their own, that mortals were the inferior race because of the magic their veins couldn’t hold.
“Soon enough, there were mortal killings in the bowels of the city.News reached my- the Spellcaster King and he ordered his cavalry to round up the perpetrators and have them publicly sentenced to the gallows for breaking the peace. That decision didn’t sit well with the spellcaster nobility, who were now driven to believe that the King.. our king favoured the mortals more than his own blood. Rumors were circulated that the royal family were weak beings, pandering to the whims of their mortal wasn’t true. None of it was. But it spread like wildfire, and suddenly there were mass killings in the suburban areas and the noble circle every other day.”
“Wait, how do you know so much about this?” Jeongin asked you suspiciously, his eyes narrowed. “This clearly isn’t common information. Were you.. Were you one of the rebel forces?!”
“No, you impatient brat.” You bit out, your clenched fists creasing crescent shaped indents into your palms as Jeongin stopped short at your unfamiliar, condescending tone. “If you absolutely must know, I was the crown princess of Erus Nox. Don’t interrupt me, or I will freeze your mouth shut.” A glimmer of amusement flashed past Jeongin eyes at the barely-veiled threat, aware of how different you sounded from barely minutes ago.  He nodded at you to continue, so you did.
“My father and I were particularly outspoken against the heathens ravaging the country. We did everything in our power to curb the nonsense, the fanaticism of the rabid spellcaster rebellion. Towards the final days of the… the era, my family and I rallied the mortals and sent them to the closest mortal-dominated towns in the country. By the time the last human group left, it was too late.
“The rebels broke down the wards and- and sent nearly my entire family to the darkness. My father and I fought until we were forcibly subdued. I was made to watch as my father breathed his last, strung up to the throne I was meant to inherit.”
“From his last dying breaths, my father cursed the entire kingdom to fall apart the second he passed. He cursed the land to only cater to a mortal queen when the right lady stepped up, and continue to have only queens in power- may the masses be ruled by the very race they considered inferior. But before he could complete his incantation, he passed into the darkness.”
“Because of the holes his incomplete incantation left behind, the rebel forces brought in Chris to lighten the weight of the curse.- my trusted advisor and confidant,” You shook your head bitterly, the betrayal still ice in your spine. “He was my trusted advisor and confidant, a spellcaster inferior in power only to my family.
“He had no choice but to let the mortal queens part run its course- but he wrote into existence that one day, a mortal prince with a penchant for spellcasting would be born. When he came of age, he would prick himself on the sharp edge that is the art of spellcasting and bring down disaster upon the kingdom as he knows it. At which point, the crown-less kingdom would be ripe for the spellcasters’ picking, heralding the royal son’s folly as a reason for the mortals’ inability to rule- Erus Nox would be restored in all it’s bloody glory for these savage, power-drunk hordes.”
“As for me, well,” You let out a bitter laugh. “Chris had other plans for me. He had resented being my subordinate all along, and took the opportunity to even out his petty grudge. He bound my soul to the castle that was meant to become my home after my coronation, forcing me to watch Erus Nox’s destruction from what was meant to be my chosen headquarters.”
You sighed as you struggled to keep your voice steady, bluntly ignoring the glance of pity that Jeongin sent to you. “He magically sewed my lips shut, forbade me from speaking about the curse and the crusade to anybody, destroying most of my magic reserve and reducing me to.. Well, Guardian of the Rose Palace. But it seems,” you grinned wickedly, your demeanour switching instantly from forlorn to...wild and wicked. “Chris has always had a chronic problem of underestimating me, despite having to trail after my skirts for decades on end.  He weakened his curse on me in the heat of the moment back in the hall, when he told me to do what I wish to stop him.” Jeongin’s eyes widened, his jaw dropping in surprise.
“S-So, you’re free?”
“Well,” you cocked your head in thought. “As free as I can be, without a body to inhabit. This young lady’s body is already quite tired out from the exertion I put her through…. But that’s besides the point.” Your eyes glittered in thinly veiled joy, tinged with malice. “This time, he’s truly going to get what’s coming for him.”
“Chris left a glaring loophole in his incantation. It was a possibility he didn’t entertain, because it was a sheer impossibility in his eyes.” Jeongin listened closely as Y/N laid out the information she’d gathered over the years, and the conclusions she’d arrived at from it. The two of them were still sitting at the table where Y/N told him about the story of Erus Nox. His heart was heavy from the pain he felt from her words- being a prisoner in the same castle you were meant to rule from must have been the worst kind of pain to bear.
“..He did not consider the possibility of the mortal prince being alive to right the wrong he had committed.”
Jeongin gasped, sitting up straight in surprise. “That seems like a stupid possibility to overlook.”
“Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, Jeongin.” You chuckled. “It was quite by chance that I noticed the discrepancy, but yes. Chris’ curse will be obsolete if you undo the spell you wrongly cast.”
He shrugged, leaning back against the chair. “How do you propose we do that?”
Y/N’s fingertips pressed against each other, her elbows balanced on the table edge. “That warding spell you tried to cast- show me what you did. If we were to find out where you went wrong and undo it, Ataloria must likely be revived.”
Jeongin rubbed the back of his neck in thought, processing Y/N’s words. “How long will it take for you to find my errors?”
“Depends on how long the incantation is. ”
“Then what are we waiting for? You know where the North Tower is.”
“Stars above, Chris is a nasty hellhound for letting you swipe this book,” Y/N cursed, carefully taking the book from him and flipping it open. “This book contains incantations that even the most seasoned spellcasters of the current age can’t cast right.” Jeongin’s shoulders slumped as he took a seat on the floor next to her kneeling form.
Stepping carefully over the throngs of peacefully slumbering people, Jeongin led Y/N up to the North Tower. The room was as he’d left it- chalk smudges and bits of purple wax dotting the floor. Pulling open a dusty drawer, Jeongin picked out the book he’d taken the incantation from. 
“I really should have kept my nose out of spellcasting. “He muttered softly, watching her turn the brittle browned pages carefully. “Would have saved the world a lot of trouble.”
“You’re such a self-absorbed little thing,” Y/N quipped, still absorbed in the pages of the spellbook. “This was your destiny, one that Chris wrote for you. You’d have come across spellcasting and fallen in love with its craft in one way or another. Besides, you’re in the presence of a master spellcaster- Oh, is it this one?” Y/N pointed at the page in front of her.
Jeongin nodded miserably. “Yes, that’s the one. This is the modification I came up with.” He pulled out a dog-eared, heavily scribbled piece of paper from between the book’s leaves, handing it to her.
“You’ve got some balls trying this incantation without any formal training, that too with modifications!!” Y/N exclaimed, scanning the pages of the incantation. “I’m surprised that an eternal sleep is all you caused after ruining it.If you had cast this right, it would have completely removed the possibility of a siege on Ataloria’s borders ever again.”
“I know. That was why I took the risk of casting it. It would have been ideal to protect the borders.”
“No, you don’t get it.” She spared him a glance laden with calculated curiosity, “This spell is extremely volatile, because of the number of variables it includes- even more so with your changes.  It’s strong enough to ward away any mortal or spellcaster who isn’t welcome within its borders. This could decimate the spellcaster siege,  if you recast it right. It’s… It’s genius. You’re better than I anticipated.”
“It was all for naught, I ruined it regardless,” Jeongin sighed. “If you’re that good of a spellcaster, can you undo and recast the spell instead?”
“I am still a spirit, so the doors to these kinds of spellcasting are closed to me.” You frowned. “It will take me a long time and power I am yet to find to cast a body for myself, so the fastest way to revive Ataloria would be for you to undo the spell with my guidance.”
An iceberg lodged itself into Jeongin’s heart at the thought of having to cast a spell again. He swallowed thickly, the fear turning his thoughts slow and sluggish. “I’m not sure that is a good idea. I’m clearly not meant to dabble in spellcasting, I’m but a mortal-”
“Does spellcasting make your blood sing, Jeongin?”
It only took Jeongin a split- second’s thought to answer her question. “Yes.”
“Then why must you be scared of failure?” Y/N’s eyebrow arched. “Even spellcasters make mistakes. That doesn’t stop us from pursuing the craft, does it?’re not alone now, Jeongin.” She placed a warm hand on his shoulder. “ This craft was never meant to be exclusive. I knew mortal spellcasters who bent energy to their will much better than many spellcasters by blood. You’re a natural at this. I believe in you.”
Jeongin’s face crumpled as a few tears escaped his eyes unbidden. The idea of pursuing spellcasting beyond a hidden passion sent a thrill through his body despite the havoc his previous attempt had caused. The possibility of failure, as daunting as it was, only pushed him to practice more, be better- He wiped the tears away. If not for himself, at least for the good of Ataloria...
“Are you certain that this spell could protect Ataloria from future harm?”
“Absolutely. I’m sure of it.” she sounded confident; Jeongin had no reason to distrust her.
“You truly believe that I can undo the spell ?”
Y/N stood up, the book in one hand as she held out the other for him to take. “I do. Are you up for the challenge, Your Highness?” She used the title like a teasing nickname, her eyes creasing into a smile as Jeongin took her hand, hauling himself to his feet.
“As much as I’ll ever be.” 
“Do you remember everything I told you?” Y/N leaned against the door of the North Tower, watching closely as Jeongin went through the same preparations as last night. The pentagram and sigils drawn, the crystals and candles laid out, Y/N’s paper of corrections and developments on the new spell clutched in Jeongin’s hand.
“Yes, I think so.” He huffed out a breath, the air fogging in front of him. The sun had set, giving way to the twilight darkness. This night was eerily similar to the night before- the sun was high in the sky, the stars against the cloudless sky. But tonight, his kingdom’s fate hung in the balance, because a group of magical elitists couldn’t admit defeat. 
“Thank you, Y/N.” His gratitude clearly caught Y/N off-guard, judging from her widened eyes and parted lips. “Oh- I-”
His thoughts wandered to the people that lay deep in slumber around the castle and the kingdom- his people. Their fate and safety lay in his untrained novice spellcaster hands. Jeongin’s jaw tightened, his resolve strengthened. He would do everything right this time around, no matter what it took. For his people.
Before she could answer, a resounding boom ripped through the tower, shaking the floor under their feet. Amidst the pebbles and tiles falling from the ceiling, Jeongin saw Y/N hurry to the window in the tower wall, her expression shifting from confusion to fury.
“Chris realized his mistake.” The words sent a chill down Jeongin’s spine. The energy-sucking feeling he’d felt in Chris’ presence was one he did not wish to encounter again-
“I’ll hold him off,” Y/N’s brow and wrists blazed in the same icy blue fire he’d seen that morning, her silver eyes flashing dangerously. “No matter what, don’t step out of the room, do you understand?”
That was when Jeongin saw the silver line etched at the entrance of the door, a flare of silvery energy encompassing the entire room around him- A forcefield. Y/N stood on the other side, her voice loud yet muffled as another explosion rocked the foundations of the tower. “DO YOU UNDERSTAND, JEONGIN??”
The energy that picked up around him was as wild as he remembered, a hurricane almost throwing him off his feet from the time he uttered the first words. If anything, it was almost chaotic, the wind screaming in his ears as he struggled to keep the incantation running. It was almost like the energy did not wish to be undone, rebelling against his attempts to right the wrong.
“YES, YES I DO!” He yelled, lunging for the spellbook that had fallen to the floor. He had no time to spare, maybe if he worked the incantation fast enough no harm would befall Y/N or his people, there were his people in the castle, he couldn’t mess up-
He could hear the distant crackle of fire and the screech of metal outside the forcefield- Y/N was making good on her word. It would only be fitting if he did the same. 
8- Y/N
You dodged another arrow of ice, a hiss slipping through your teeth as you pulled yourself to your feet. “Tired already little one?” Chris called out, his fists ablaze with red-tinted ice. His eyes blazed a bright silver, almost white as he advanced towards you.
“You wish, blood traitor,” You snarled back, tossing a wave of  shadow energy at Chris, but he only danced out of range. “It seems to be so!” He cackled, another gust of energy pushing you backwards on the smooth marble. 
The two of you stood at the entrance to the North Tower, right outside the forcefield you’d left around Jeongin. You could only hope that he was doing everything you told him to do. You gritted your teeth, rallying what was left of your magic. Yelina’s body was strong, but she wasn’t a spellcaster. The constant magic use was taking a toll on her while the stress of inhabiting a mortal body taking a toll on you. Your magic wasn’t made to inhabit a mortal body for too long-you could only hope that the two of you held out long enough to give Jeongin the time he needed…It was time for some old-fashioned trickery.
“You can’t get through the forcefield I put around him even if you get past me, Chris. It’s beyond your capabilities.” You grinned at the way Chris’ eyes narrowed. You’d hit the right nerve. “I know for a fact you’re too proud to bring any of your heathens with you,” you taunted further, revelling in his clenched fists. “Keep your nasty tongue to yourself, Y/N-”
“You were embarrassed by the loophole you left, weren’t you?” the mocking sweetness in your tone had a growl ripping out of Chris’ throat, an angry vine of energy flying towards you. You ducked, allowing it to break through the plaster and cement of the wall behind you, a raucous laugh bubbling up your throat. Keep him occupied, keep him occupied until Jeongin completes the incantation-
“You came here alone to fix it. You’re just as I remember, Courtesan,” you exclaimed, dancing out of the way of Chris’ attacks, until one flash of lightning caught you unawares, slamming you against the wall. Chris’s purple hair was almost black in the darkness as he materialized in front of you, his snarl showing pulled back teeth ready to pounce. His hand tightened around your neck, squeezing slowly. “I should have killed you that day in the throne room-”
“ Social climbing, greedy, proud,” you choked on the little remaining air you had left in your lungs,  defiantly staring Chris down. “Always overshadowed, can’t do a single thing right-”
“You little-”
Your eyes screwed shut, waiting for the final blow- which never came.
“You- There’s no way you reversed the spell-” Chris screamed, his silvery bright eyes almost white in the moonlight darkness. He could feel Chris’ magic rebel against his own, the intensity almost enough to make Jeongin see stars, but he held on. His magic’s grip tightened on Chris, who choked and spluttered to silence.
“You’re not welcome here, Chris.” Jeongin’s voice was louder than he thought, bolts of magic bodily pulling him away from Y/N. She slumped to the ground, coughing and spluttering, but his attention was speared upon the thrashing man in the clutches of Jeongin’s roiling magic.
“Y/N told me you had a chronic problem of underestimating people.” He sounded calm, almost conversational to his own ears. How was he so calm?
“I must agree for tonight, a foolish mortal boy will be the reason for your downfall. I hope your entire association remembers that before ever thinking of laying siege upon my kingdom again. Leave, Chris. And never return.”
“I would not lay my bets on that, mortal scum.” Chris snarled, finally finding his tongue before dissolving into thin air, Jeongin’s magic letting him leave. The castle was alive yet again, with faint murmurs and loud screams. He could hear the sound of life everywhere- and it finally hit him. He succeeded.
An incredulous laugh spilled from his throat, almost instinctively moving towards Y/N as his grin grew wider. He’d succeeded, he saved them, he did it all by himself-
He knelt before her, gently helping her sit up and open her eyes.. Dark eyes that were decidedly not the silver he’d gotten accustomed to. It was Yelina that stared back at him, not Y/N- her eyes narrowed in exhaustion, the previous injuries inflicted by the fight against Chris nowhere to be seen.
“Y-Your Highness?” Yelina’s Isles accent was back in full force, and it was all he could do to school his face into a mask of bland relief. His tongue instantly cooked up a suitable lie for their location while his mind raced- where was Y/N? Why did she disappear ? Did he do something wrong again?
Until he heard it.
A husky, haunting melody that seemed to echo from within the walls of the castle, the sad melody sounding unmistakably joyous to his ears. Y/N hadn’t left, he realized. She was right here, as she always was. Her curse was weakened, she’d said- not broken. She was still a prisoner of The Rose Palace.
Jeongin smiled a secret smile to himself as he led Yelina back into the castle, a quiet promise made between him and the moon- one day soon, he’d break the curse on Y/N. And that day would come very, very soon.
Wise men say, only fools rush in
Thank you for reading! :)
But I can’t help falling in love with you..
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awritingtree · 9 months ago
A Chance
Draco Malfoy x reader
Summary: Draco left Y/N heartbroken, absolutely crushed it. So what does she do when he shows up at her doorstep, five years past since the last time she saw him? Will she find it in her heart to forgive him?
@fic-writer-heaven‘s October Event writing challenge: Angst prompt 10. “One of the cruelest things you can do to another person is pretend to care more about them than you really do.” and fluff prompt 5. “You are my heart, my life, my one and only thought.” The prompts have been bolded :) I had loads of fun writing this.
Words: ~2.3k
Warnings: angst, a bit of fluff. Comment please if you think there are any other warnings to be added :)
A/N: DID SOMEONE SAY DRACO MALFOY? Hehe xD I was really going to debating on whether to have a sad or happy ending. But then I remembered my plans for another Draco fic and I thought that our boy deserved a bit of happiness :) I hope you like this xx
You never thought you’d see him again. But yet here he was, standing on your front porch. He looked different, a bit older of course; it had been five years since the Battle of Hogwarts. His white blond hair was shorter than you remembered. He wore black jeans, and a black peacoat over a green Slytherin jumper. He had gained a bit of weight; no longer sickly thin and pale. His grey eyes seemed brighter, happier. You couldn’t deny that he had aged well. He looked handsome; he always did look handsome. Nobody could deny it, especially not you.
“H- hi,” he stuttered.
You stared at him, your e/c eyes not wavering from his form.
Draco cleared his throat, “Can we talk?” He paused before adding a “please.”
“You weren’t so willing to talk last time.”
“One of the cruelest things you can do to another person is to pretend to care more about them than you really do.”
Your mother had told you this at a young age. At the time you had disagreed. Surely it was better to have someone pretend to care rather than have no one at all? You never really understood how wrong you had been until this precise moment where you stood in front of the boy that broke your heart, balancing tears, willing them not to fall.
“We can work this out, Draco. Talk to me, please.”
“I have nothing to say to you, Y/N,” said Draco coldly.
“There has to be something I can do. I can fix it, whatever it is, please. Just give me a chance. I can’t lose you,” you begged. You sounded desperate but you didn’t care. You loved Draco; you have since you were in your 4th year.
“You don’t get it, do you? I don’t care about you.”
You shook your head in denial, “That’s not true.”
“I never cared about you,” Draco spoke as if explaining something to a child. “You were nothing but something to pass my time with, something to experience.”
You felt your heart drop to the bottom of your stomach at his words. That couldn’t be true. He had to be lying.
“You’re lying. I know you are. You have to be,” you pressed on, hoping to break him out of whatever- out of what? You didn’t know. But you knew Draco, this was not your Draco.
“Listen to me. I have never loved you, I never will. I pretended to because I was merely bored. Did you really think I’d love a filthy half-blood like you?” he sneered.
You couldn’t hold back the tears any longer; they fell, streaming down your face. It did nothing to falter Draco. His cold, empty eyes glared at you. That’s when you realized the Draco you knew and loved, who swore to hurt anyone who ever made you cry back in 5th year, was gone. Replaced by the cold monster staring down at you.
You took a deep breath and stepped away from the love of your life. You walked away from him, suppressing your sobs. You refused to show him how much he affected you.
That day you promised yourself that no one would ever have the opportunity to break your heart again, like Draco Malfoy did.
“I know,” Draco mumbled shamefully.
Draco raked his brain for a way to get you to listen to him. He didn’t know what to do or say that’d convince you to hear him out. “I can’t take back what I’ve done but please just give me a chance to explain, to set things straight. If after that you don’t want to talk to me or see me, I swear you’ll never see or hear from me again.”
You stared at the man in front of you. He looked desperate, probably as desperate as you had that unfortunate day when everything changed for you. Knowing you would somehow come to regret this, you sighed and moved aside, widening the entrance to invite him in.
Draco sighed in relief. He didn’t know what he would have done if you hadn’t agreed. He followed you down a hall. The walls were decorated with so many pictures; pictures of you alone, with your friends from back in Hogwarts and recently, pictures with and of your family. He noticed there were no pictures with anyone that looked like a partner which gave him a bit of hope.
You led him into the kitchen and put a kettle on to boil. Draco looked around smiling, this is exactly what he would’ve imagined your house and kitchen to look like. There were a few plants - no doubt some herbs - growing near the windowsill. Everything was organized in the wooden and glass cupboards, the white marble countertop spotless except for a few fruits in a basket. Handing him a cup of peppermint tea, you sat down at the small table in the corner of the kitchen. Taking a sip from your cup of lemon ginger tea, you watched him hang his coat on the back of the chair before taking a seat across from you. You continued to watch him for a while. When he asked you for a chance to explain, you expected there to be more, well, talking. But it seemed as though he was pretty content sitting there in your kitchen, drinking your tea in silence. You internally rolled your eyes, already frustrated.
Draco took a sip of his hot peppermint tea and sighed, pleased with the warmth that spread through his body. He knew you were waiting for him to say something, but he didn’t know where to begin. Every time he believed he’d found a way to start the conversation, his mind would chastise him.
“Well get to it, won’t you?” you said irritated, finally getting tired of waiting for him to say anything. Draco pursed his lips together and decided to just wing it.
“I didn’t know what else to do. The times were getting darker, my father was in Azkaban and with the pressure on me.  You were not safe around me; you were not safe around a Death Eater. I was scared; for you and for myself. If any of them found out about us,” he squeezed his eyes shut, attempting to get rid of the horrid images his mind was coming up with. His hands gripping the cup of tea so tightly, he was surprised it didn’t shatter. “I don’t know what they would’ve done to you. I didn’t want to find out.”
“Did you ever think maybe I didn’t care what could’ve happened to me? I would’ve gone to all lengths for you, Draco.”
“I didn’t want you to,” he shook his head lightly. “I couldn’t let you sacrifice everything for me. I couldn’t be selfish, not when it had to do with you. I had to protect you in the only way I knew how. You are my heart, my life, my one and only thought. I love you, Y/N. I always have, I always will.”
Even though you hadn’t and don’t agree with what he’d done, you could understand where he was coming. He was doing what he thought was best for you.
“I love you too,” you replied quietly, flustered by his last words. Draco beamed; maybe there really was hope after all.
“I want to forgive you, Draco. I really do. But what you did, what you said,” you trailed off, taking a moment to gather yourself and your words.
“You hurt me, Draco. What you said, no matter the reason, I can’t just forget it because of an apology. I can’t do that to myself again. I won’t.” You felt proud of yourself for being able to resist him. Though, you knew that it wouldn’t be long before you gave in.
Draco moved forward, reached out and took your hand in both of his and brought it close to him.
“I know what I did was wrong. There were other ways to handle the situation, instead I acted like an arse. But please, Y/N,” he pleaded as he placed a small kiss on your knuckles. “Just give me a chance. I will spend however long it takes to make this right, to make us right. I will do whatever it takes, just tell me what I can do.”
You couldn’t lie, you were a bit shocked. You never thought you’d see the day that the Draco Malfoy would be in your house, in your kitchen, begging and pleading with you to give him another chance because he was wrong.
After that unfortunate day, you’d thrown yourself into work. Excelling at every subject, making head girl in your 7th year when you returned to Hogwarts after the war. You were a Y/H and you would be damned if you let anyone, least of all a boy, get in the way of your education and goals. You graduated top of the class, went out into the real world and built a good name for yourself. All the hard work had paid off; everyone believed you had the potential become one of the best healers the wizarding community had ever seen, once you completed your training.
You’d promised yourself that no one would have the opportunity to break your heart again. But as you gazed at the man in front of you. You felt your resolve break. The clear desperation and tears welling up in his eyes tugging at your heartstrings. You knew you’d break the promise made to yourself almost seven years ago, over and over again for the man in front of you.
Draco could see the hurt he’d caused you years ago swimming in your eyes. He made a promise to himself at that moment, he’d do whatever it took and however long it’d take for that hurt to go away. And maybe, hopefully, it’d be replaced by something else, something more if it all worked out in the end.
You sighed, hating yourself for giving in so easily.
“Alright. I will give you a chance to make this right, but you have to earn the forgiveness,” you said softly. “Don’t make me regret this, Draco. Show me you deserve to be forgiven.”
Draco nodded, a wide smile taking over his face. Even after all these years, it knocked the breath out of you. You’d always loved his smile; it had been one of your favourite things about him.
“Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you,” Draco said, placing butterfly kisses on your knuckles, overcome with a type of happiness he hadn’t felt in a long time, not since he made you walk away that unfortunate day seven years ago. “I promise you won’t regret this.”
‘I really hope so,’ you thought.
Draco let go off your hand, sitting back down, thanking Merlin that you had such a forgiving heart. If it was him in your position, he wouldn’t’ve let you in the house. Honestly, he would’ve slammed the front door on your face. For a moment back there, he thought you were going to.
But you didn’t. Of course, you didn’t. Because even after years, even after all that he put you through, somehow, you still loved him. You hated yourself for it. But one can’t help who they love; you can’t control who you fall in love with.
You both stared at each other, a new energy that wasn’t there before, when you opened the door today thinking it’d be Ron or Luna dropping by.
“Can I kiss you?” Draco whispered nervously. Was he overstepping? ‘Salazar, I shouldn’t have said anything. I should just be grateful that she’s giving me another chance,’ he thought, berating himself.
You hesitated for a bit. Did you want him to kiss you? Did you want to kiss him? ‘Of course, you do,’ you mentally scoffed at yourself.
You nodded timidly, looking down at the table. You heard the chair scrape against the floor as he stood up.
Draco made his way towards you, sweating with nerves. He took a deep breath trying to calm himself down. He leaned down on his knees beside you, lifting a shaky hand to the side of your face, bringing you to face him. He scanned your face, looking into your eyes, for any hesitation that would tell him he needed to back off. But he didn’t find any. He softly caressed your cheek with his thumb, gazing at you in awe. He thought you were the most beautiful thing in the world.
Draco slowly leaned in, his lips brushing against yours giving you a chance to pull back. When you didn’t, he pressed his lips against yours, relishing in the feeling that spread through his entire being. Your lips moved softly against his as your hands wrapped themselves around his neck, playing with the chain that lay under his jumper. Draco moved his other hand to the back of your neck winding up in your hair, pulling you closer to him. The kiss was gentle and tender, both of you savouring the feeling of the other in their arms after all these years.
You slowly pulled away when the need for oxygen became too great to ignore. But before you could put some distance between the two of you, Draco pulled you into a sudden hug. His arms wrapped around your waist, burying his face into your hair whilst your face buried itself into the crook of his neck.
Draco felt a small smile spread across your face against his skin.
‘Maybe it’ll all be okay,’ he thought.
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chicinlicin · 10 months ago
i hope it’s cool to ask about the process video: What is it you are doing when you color in BEFORE doing the lineart? Also, what is the tenchique you use to color line art? (or I guess rule? Like i notice some of the lineart remains black while some areas are colored)
OH! that’s a colour plan, sometimes I’ll just wing it with colours, other times I rough it out in PS because it has more colour adjustment options than when I finish up in SAI.
The full steps for Eda’s plan were, model colour blocking, colour overlay, and adjust the levels!
Tumblr media
For lines I’ll either lock opacity/transparency, or make a new layer and clip/mask it to the lines when colouring. Uhh there’s no rule, on Eda there are actually bits I missed that I’d normally colour XD but usually I’ll colour inner lines and leave outer lines darker. or if the spot needs to stand out or is in shadow.
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haveyouseenthisskeleton · 3 months ago
How would the swapfell and underfell brothers react to an S/O who’s petty when they get pissed when the go and try to talk to them they’re blasting mr.bright side while they’re cooking, singing loudly and not so subtly ignoring them. Like putting plates on the side the skeleton is standing at to block line of sight. Thought after they get it out of their system it’s all good and they’re ready to talk! It’s specific but I thought it’d be kinda funny lmao
Oh well, it turned darker than I thought originally xD 
Underfell Sans - This guy is often angry, so it might happened quite often. He absolutely hates when S/O is doing this, but he knows he desserved this and won’t replicate. No. He will just sit in a corner, arms crossed, and sulk. If you don’t want to give him attention, well he’s not giving you attention either. Eventually, he will calm down a few minutes later and apologing for his stupidity.
Underfell Papyrus - Are you trying to mocking him ?! He knows you are mocking him ! This will just made him even more mad. Edge won’t stop yelling at you everytime you are doing something to piss him more, and you can see the red slowly taking his face. He’s about to explode. Eventually, if you keep pushing him, he will snap and storm out of the house. You’ll never know he went hiding to cry like a child in the bushes because he can’t take it. He’s not used to people who are resisting his authority. Eventually, he will calm down and come back several hours later, acting like nothing happened. Well, just hope his brother is not near. If he sees Edge cry, you’re gonna have a bad time. Edge will forgive one or two accidents like this, but if it keeps repeating, he will break up. He’s not good under pressure and he would be too stressed out about accidentally hurting you in a crisis.
Swapfell Sans - To piss off Nox, you really have to do something very bad. When he’s angry, though, he is the type to break things. So maybe don’t put plates in front of him or they’re going to be throw across the room in a thousand pieces. It usually doesn’t take long for him to calm down, but he won’t talk to you before he decide to. Nox needs to plan what he’s going to say. Of the four, he’s probably the one who handle this petty S/O the better.
Swapfell Papyrus - He’s not easy to make angry either, but he also have far more difficulties to control his instincts. If you annoyed him more than necessary, Rus will go suddenly quiet and leave the room. You won’t see him for several days, but if you really want to talk, he’s probably at his brother’s place. You are not welcome though. Nox will not let you enter the house, and just hiss at you before slamming the door at your face. Rus needs time to calm down, because if he’s getting too agressive, he can kill you. He will come to apologize a few days later eventually, but now you have Mama Nox on your back and he’s going to lecture you to death. Oh, and don’t you dare do that again, you won’t like what will happen next. Usually, one threat of Nox is enough to watch yourself out for a lifetime.
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rebythelioness · 7 days ago
how abought some oot zelda hc
Wait wait the thing is getting strange XD
Are u always the same anon? owo
Her hair isn't as light blonde as Sun or Fable! In artworks, her hair is darker than Time's, while in the game it's lighter. Her ancestor Dot's hair is darker than Four's in artwork too, but it's the same yellow in games, so I guess it's a... "family thing" °^°. I think Time has light blonde hair while Lullaby has it darker.
She's a really huge fan of Malon's cooking. But sometimes, she even pretends to sneak in the ranch to steal the cookies owo
Malon taught her to use bows and arrows. While Malon can't stand fire arrows, and in general she prefers to not use magic, Zelda loves magic arrows!
She has a secret spot in her room in which she keeps maps of the castle, with different paths in various colors that lead out of the castle. Sha has always wanted to escape as a kid. Now those maps are useful for an emergency evacuation plan.
As I said, she has a strong bond with Time and Malon, calling them big bro and sis. But how did this happen? Basically in oot Zelda sent Link back, but we should remember the only real time travel he does is going BACK in time. Because when he wakes up as an adult all those years have really passed. So when Zelda sends him back to his childhood, he is the only one who remembers, because even Zelda had stayed in the "adult timeline". The Zelda he meets at the end of oot is the kid who's looking at Ganon for the first time! Link tries to explain her her plan of taking the master sword and the spiritual stones is wrong, and he even mentions his adventure but Zelda can't understand him. They argue. Zelda had dreamt a boy in green would have helped her saving the world, but instead that boy had just told her it was wrong! That boy had betrayed her! She couldn't stand him, she hated him (she didn't know Link had told the king to put Ganon under surveillance for the Deku Tree's death though). Link is sad and disappointed, he spends some time with the Kokiris and with Malon and Epona, then sets off again to find Navi. Malon convinces Zelda to give him the ocarina because she and Link feel like this new adventure wouldn't be so easy. Zelda agrees only because she and Malon are friends and she trusts her. At the end of MM, only Malon in there to help him heal his scars and have some rest. Zelda is still distant. Link can't get back to his treehouse because now he's 13 and he's growing up, so Malon offers him to live with her and her father as the ranch is quite big and a hand is always useful. Link had returned the ocarina and Zelda had put it away. Malon and Zelda are still friends but even their friendship gets complicated when they talk about Link. When they're 15, they're so distant. In a discussion between the girls, Malon finally tells her to open her eyes. Zelda seems to understand, and in a moment of solitude she plays the ocarina, trying to erase her past hate from her mind. Instead, when she plays, she gets visions of Link's adventures. It's all clear now and she's ready to start again. The trio's friendship grows stronger and stronger. It becomes brotherhood, and even when Time and Malon marry they're all still together being the crazy trio.
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egg-emperor · 3 months ago
More details about the AU Eggman that's obsessed with pink! I've had it for a couple of years but never talked about it because I still haven't made any presentable art of him in his main outfit lol. But I'm getting too impatient and I really want to talk about him!
He always wears pink tinted glasses with heart shaped lenses that he has two versions of, one pair that's as darkly shaded as game universe Eggman's when he's around the bright lights of his business places (that I'm about to reveal), and the other pair aren't as dark so you can still see his blue eyes behind the pink tinted lenses.
As for his clothing, his main outfit consists of a matching pastel pink blazer and pants that can be optionally shiny with a rainbow type gleam or sparkly because he's that extra. He always leaves the blazer unbuttoned and the shirt underneath is purple for a little change of color but can be a darker shade of pink too.
Regardless of the shirt he's wearing, as long as it isn't cold then the first few top buttons are always undone so his chest hair is visible through it because as a bear lover it's appealing to me and I don't need another reason alright fjsjfkdkghfjs Though it can be a good way for his expensive chains and necklaces to be more visible too!
He wears a big belt as loose as possible on its last loop and it has a golden buckle that can be the Eggman Empire logo or chaos emerald shaped, sometimes encrusted with pink or purple jewels. His shoes are more of a brighter almost hot pink shade, similar in color to the pink Eggman shoes you can unlock for the avatar in Forces lol
A lot of the shirts and coats with buttons he wears tend to strain quite a bit, it's very visible but he doesn't seem to notice. They surprisingly last for a while and he wears them out to their limit. People wonder why they look poorly tailored but it's because he focuses on the fashion rather than the fit lol. Fortunately it's not to the point where it's uncomfortable as he barely acknowledges it.
Main universe Eggman prefers to flaunt intelligence and beauty over wealth but this AU Eggman shows it off. He wears lots of bling and jewelry, mostly gold or with purple and pink jewels. For example, his golden and jewel necklaces and rings that he wears on multiple fingers on both hands, his pink stud earrings that are quite hidden by his mustache, and even his real and very expensive golden tooth that has a story behind it that he doesn't like to tell.
Further following on with his pink dominated color schemes, even his accessories such as his phone, bag, wallet, and lighters are all pink too! Rather than cologne he wears perfume so he's probably fucking strawberry scented like Lots-o'-Huggin' bear or something Idk but it's also pink can you believe this man lmfao
He has a few bad habits that are well known. Unlike main universe Eggman who made sure to avoid letting it happen, this Eggman grew up to take after his father not only as a business man but also by having a smoking habit. He smokes big cigars with thick smoke which he's a lot more used to than main universe Eggman, who can't smoke them without almost hacking up his lungs at times.
He feels like he always has to be doing something with his mouth so when he isn't smoking or eating a meal, he has something to chew on in the meantime- whether it's bubble gum, candy, or other sweet treats like donuts, ice cream, or cupcakes. And guess what all of them have in common? They're all pink and strawberry flavored! XD
He also likes his drinks and indulges in them more often than he probably should because it's popular in the night scene but he still doesn't do it enough for it to be a serious problem. Even the alcohol he drinks tends to be pink to keep the theme going too! And when he isn't drinking alcohol, he enjoys pink lemonade and milkshake. People can't believe how big his love for the color is sometimes lol
He's actually noticeably heavier than main universe Eggman, mostly because of the way he's often snacking and drinking like that, the buffet rooms he has at some of his business places, and the way he just has a lot of wealth and uses it to feed himself well with more meals in general. He's highly focused on his work both day and night so he doesn't get to exercise as much.
As for what he does- this AU Eggman shares some interests with main universe Eggman, only his biggest focus and interest is in casinos instead! All the casino-themed levels in the series belong to him but they're all more evidently Eggman themed and his pink Empire logo is slapped over everything. Casino Park is his most notable area but he has a chain of casinos all around the world.
It's his main public business but he actually has a number of secret underground operations involving some of his other interests that he runs under a different name, so people have no idea it's him. It's quite similar to how nobody knew main universe Eggman was the CEO of Meteortech. He pretty much lives a double life and is a completely different person night and day!
But he isn't a good guy overall, he's just as fucked up and evil but he sugarcoats it with his sweet pink and happy colorful casino aesthetics. He has a lot of secrets and is very sly and cunning like his main universe self. He also has his similar loud, rude, and egotistical personality but he also knows how to play up the charm and can easily sweet talk people into doing what he wants.
I'll be revealing more about how his business came to be and where he plans to go with it in a future post! It's in progress in my drafts now. But these are the first few things to know about him! 💜💕
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skimmeh · 11 months ago
The hoodie’s probably a metaphor [fanfic]
Tumblr media
Heh heh soo ... Here's the fanfic I've been working on for a while
It took a while so hah
It's a prequel to the first chapter  ...and I put a lot of working into this xd ending up being even longer then the first hah
I drew this picture for the fic ... I'm actually real proud of it
[TW: alcohol and suicidal ideations]
Sans fell into his room. Or, well, it felt like he did.
He was standing, swaying slightly, staring blankly at the floor.
Standing? He wondered if the reset made him stand. He couldn't remember if he had just stood up, or if he had been previously standing before it all began. There was no possible way he could figure it out, not for him at least. He hadn't been standing here in— hell, it could have been years at this point. Time that had passed only for him, and one other.
Once, he wondered if all this knowledge and time stored in his mind would physically affect him after the resets… whether there was some deep science for his older mind being repetitively copied and pasted into a younger version of himself. He's past caring about it now, and in the grand scheme of things, it didn't matter.
Like everything else.
His legs felt numb and tried. Not wanting to stand anymore, he let himself crumple into a heap on the floor. Emotionless. He didn't feel anything.
Eye sockets hollow and unblinking, he glared past the room, not focusing. 
He was so tired, so god damn tired.
He wanted to scream, break something, destroy the walls and windows. Break his bones.
Tumblr media
But he just layed there.
He watched as his thin, gray, weak bones of his hand clutched at the carpet. The textures consumed him. He hated how snug his hoodie felt, it was an undeserved comfort. He studied the fabric of his sleeve. It felt newer, that he could tell. It had gone through so much. It had been torn, drenched, burnt, and stained.
Dust, he remembered it being covered in dust.
But now, here, it was softer and newer. 
He loved this hoodie, ever since Papyrus gave it to him. His brother would always treat it with care, as he knew it was sans' favourite, and so always used whatever amazing cleaning magic he processed on it that sans never had the thought to ask about. Papyrus would make it perfect. He'd make it worth keeping after all these years...
It's always frayed and torn without Papyrus.
Sans hated it now, but he didn't have the heart to take it off. That, and he'd only find himself flung back into a version of him with it still on.
Too much effort, he was so tired. 
His brother was shuffling around downstairs. Sans, with his head to the floor, could hear him clearly enough.
He'd heard this before. It was so twisted that he could almost predict his brother's footsteps.
Papyrus would head up the stairs in a couple of minutes, yelling at sans to wake up. He always did, and sans was always here, putting on the same face as his brother pushed through the door to tell sans how he shouldn't nap for so long in the middle of the day. 
He was always in the room to hear Pap say that same string of words over and over again.
So this time he left. He rolled over onto his back and teleported away, not even bothering to stand up.
He felt the warm carpeted surface of his room change to cold soft snow in a flash.
Clingy warmth replaced by cold emptiness.
Open and airy, he wondered if the surface felt like that. Sans figured— no knew— that it would feel different from anything he'd experienced. On the surface there was no end of space, it was limitless.
Cold empty air. 
Small snowflakes fell into his eye sockets, he could feel them hit the inside of his skull and melt. It wasn't a nice feeling, he couldn't help but flinch— so he closed his eyes.
An undetermined amount of time passed with him just laying there, his eye sockets shut, his arms stretched out and covered in a thin powdering of snow. He didn’t even sleep, despite being more tired than he'd ever felt. How poetic was it that existence was a never ending joke— a sick joke— for the guy who’s always cracking them. 
Sans sat up slowly, his mind lagging behind him. He felt a rush or vertigo as his vision went blank for a moment before returning.
That probably wasn't a good thing, but sans ignored it. He just balled his fists into his sockets and dragged them down his face.
He would very much like to not be thinking right now.
So, he wobbled his way out of the trees and onto the path, leaving a trial or barely lifted feet and untied shoe strings.
Pushing through the door into the familiar bar, sans put on a smile. There was a rush of familiar faces, smiles and chatter. 
He smiled, waved, and hummed in response, knowing too well how to act without causing concern or getting involved in an undesired conversation.
Taking his usual spot, he slumped over and waved to Grillby, who nodded back whilst busying himself with other customers.
"Hey, weren't you wearing that hoodie yesterday? And the day before that and the day before that." one of the frequent comers chuckled softly.
"erh it's clean enough" sans grinned back. "don't sweat it … I certainly can't."
"Wh- you mean skeleton monsters don't sweat?" they looked genuinely curious.
"nah not really.”
Sans didn't actually know, or maybe he did, but his brain was too tired to remember.
"But I swear I saw your brother wearing sweatbands once" 
"well … he's just cool like that." Papyrus really was, every single version of him sans had seen. So kind and strong.
He would always see the good in everything, so much better than Sans. Even in the face of danger, he stood for what he believed was right— everyone was redeemable in Papyrus' eyes. Even if that person had betrayed, and tortured him. 
Sans vaguely remembered that the flower had always been somewhat hesitant with Papyrus. Maybe all the speeches his brother gave really did affect that soulless weed. Even so, I didn't really matter. Sans was just happy that his brother wasn't like him. He didn't know how Papyrus would react to having his beliefs constantly challenged by his best friend… and even his own brother, over and over again.
He was everything sans wasn't. He protected everyone he cared about, encouraged and inspired others. Sans was so proud of him.
The skeleton slumped comfortably into his seat as he drank, feeling himself becoming fuzzier and fuzzier.
He didn't talk much. He’d already heard most of the conversations in some form or other. He occasionally dropped in to make a few bad jokes or to tease someone, but after a while the weight of everything quieted him down.
He felt distant, the ever present tar clung to his bones no matter how much he drank.
Didn't stop him from trying though.
Tumbling, he tried to get the flame monster's attention again, only for him to give Sans a look.
The skeleton grumbled, mentality preparing himself, as the bartender approached. 
"I think that's enough, sans."
Grillby leaned over, his warm light illuminating, sans' groggy mug. "You should go home and get some rest, you look rather unwell.”
"ahhh don't worry grilllzzzby" he smiled goofily, swatting at the air.
The flame monster just straightened, folding his arms and giving sans, what he imagined was, a frown.
"Your brother must be worried by now, I can phone him-"
"nah no need" gosh, Sans definitely didn't want Papyrus to come crashing in, he had a plan and there was no way he would finish it if his brother caught him now. 
"… just- one more for the road?? erh?" 
His friend frowned more, somehow.
Sans spat out a laugh, rubbing his cheeks.
"'m just joking, 'ight I'll take yah advice." 
The seat squeaked as he flumped off, surprisingly landing on his feet.
"You'll be alright, sans?" The bartenders voice was quiet and soft.
"Yeah course." The skeleton opened his mouth, but he couldn't even think of a pun, figures. He just smiled instead and waved as he made his way to the door. "Thanks grillbz, put it on my tab".
Mindlessly, he made his way back down through town. Everything was a bit darker, it must have been late. He headed in the direction of home, but stopped just in front of the library.
He wasn't going to go back. An idea had started in his head at the bar and he wanted to see where it would go. He knew if he went home it wouldn't happen. He loved his brother more than anything, but he wasn't ready to face him yet, he would lose his nerve. There was also the fact that he didn't want to hear Papyrus say the same things he had heard him say a million times before. The timelines always started with similar phrases, no matter what Sans did. It was all just a script, reminding him of what kind of world he was stuck in.
He didn't want to have to drag himself through more conversations he had dragged himself through before, Sans was so tired.
He needed more to drink.
So, he teleported down the opposite direction, landing in front of the Snowdin shop and putting on his most convincing 'I'm totally sober' face.
The bunny at the till brightened as he entered.
"Hello dear! It's been a while since I've seen you in here."
Sans knocked the snow his shoes off at the door rug and shuffled in, folding his arms behind his head.
"Ah, Paps is usually the one to do the grocery shopping. He doesn't trust my financial decisions when it comes to food hah, not since I bought a suspiciously large amount of condiments"
She chuckled. "Well it's nice to see you, is there anything i can get you?"
"hmm," sans fiddled with his sleeve subconsciously. "maybe a c'bun 'n' … you don't happen to have anything to drink?" 
"Of course—" She pulled out a small paper bag and reached for one of the pastries. "—and do you mean alcohol?" 
Sans flinched, but she was turned and didn't notice. "yeah." 
"I do believe I do, but..." The shopkeeper turned to look at him, a slight hint of concern. Sans sighed.
"It's for an old friend, I'd get an earful from Papyrus if I didn't bring back anything present worthy … if I had ears" he shrugged.
"Ah… well I'll see what I can find". 
He subtly let out a breath of relief when she left the room. Did he really look that rough? He awkwardly eyed himself in the reflection of some of the shop items. He looked pretty much the same, aside from his slightly grayer bones and slightly darker rings under his eyes. He just looked like regular sad sack sans. Maybe she still thought he was a child. He hadn't grown any taller than most of the children in Snowdin. Wouldn't be the first or last time that someone would mistake him for being way younger than he was. Skeletons were kind of timeless looking monsters.
Sans noticed the kind bunny monster walk back through the door and straightened his posture a bit. She smiled at him, holding a bottle.
"I couldn't really find much, this isn't really that good … I can try to find some other kind of gift—" 
"No no, it's fine thanks. I mean, it's the sentiment that counts, erh?"
"Well, alright then" she stuffed the bottle into the paper bag and slid it across the table. He paid, thanked her, and did his best not to tumble as he reached for it. He felt slightly embarrassed when she slid it closer to him as he tried.  "Take care dear, it was nice to see you again." 
 "heh I'll try, thanks for the goods." 
Sans left. 
He found himself stumbling through the underground with no apparent notion of where he was heading. Deciding to avoid Snowdin completely after lying to Grillby, and probably worrying that bunny monster, he didn't really want them to see him stumbling around with a bottle that was basically a third of his size. Not to mention the possibility of bumping into his brother. He could imagine the disappointment Papyrus would have to find sans in this state, and sans couldn't burden him with that.
So he just kept walking. He wasn't a particularly fast walker even while sober, so it took a long time to wander deep into Waterfall.
The flower suddenly crossed Sans' mind, but it didn't last. He really didn't want to dwell on thinking about all the plans that flower could be making. It had come to the point in the past few resets where he had become obsessed with finding out every little detail he could about that flower. Nothing came of it. Now, Sans officially gave up on trying to figure out how to stop the resets.
His phone rang. 
He unlocked it with one hand. As expected, it was Papyrus. Pap had sent a text before, but had already moved on to the phoning stage. Sans just watched the phone screen until the ringing stopped, then scrolled through his contacts. Though it would appear that Sans had many friends, he only had four contacts saved that he'd consider his close friends… and that was including his brother. 
It made him think.
A few more messages popped up, all his brother‘s. He ignored them. He wanted to talk to his brother last... he cared about him the most and knew his brother might catch onto his intentions more quickly. Or not, maybe it was also partly Sans procrastinating. 
Either way, he didn't want to talk to Papyrus yet.
Wandering into a smaller caven, Sans flumped into a corner. No one was around, as it was late. This was good, he wanted to be alone.
He pulled out his phone again and started to phone someone. They didn't pick up at first, sans didn't expect them to, but on the second attempt a small nervous voice answered. 
"S-sans? … what's— … hey?" 
"heya Al, been a while, you ok?" 
"Y-yeah I'm fine?... What's wrong?" She sounded confused.
"nothin', I just wanted to check if yah doing good"
"But why s-so late, and why now … I feel like you've been avoiding m-me."
He couldn't actually remember if he had been, but he wasn't surprised she felt like that, he was neither the best person nor friend. That was mainly the reason he was phoning her.
"Figured you'd still be up"
"Hah … yeah."
"Hey listen…" sans rubbed his eyes. "Hmm… sorry I ain't been as— present as I used to be, kinda wanna tell yah that I think— you're insanely smart and talented— more then yah give yourself credit for—"
"Sans-" she tried to cut him off but sans continued.
"'n' I'm glad… that we're friends 'n' I got to spend time dickin' around with science and video games with yah… Guess what I'm tryin to say is—-" he took a breath in. "It was a pleasure working with you, Al"
"Was? Sans are you ok?" now she sounded concerned, she was too good. Sans should have thought about how he worded that.
"Yeah, yeah, don't worry" 
"No! you're r-really worrying me, y-you sound drunk!"
"Apff … just a bit tipsy … hah— ain't I allowed to be kind for once."
"You've always been kind to me Sans. . I feel like th-this is something more."
Of course she knew something was off, they were both too similar in that sense. Birds of a feather, they always had been.
"H-heh Alph—"
"—Where are you? Are you safe?" She cut him off.
"'m at home with Pap" he lied "look there's nothing to worry about, Alphys"
"… ok well … p-please promise me you'll t-talk to me if anything is wrong"
"heh I'll keep it in mind—"
"Please sans … I'm being serious, I know what you’re like."
He sighed. "I owe you … like… a couple d-dozen 'being a supportive friend whilst the other's sad' points."
"it’s just that y-you never tell me a-anything— I want to help you, Sans"
She was too nice.
"Heh heh there's really nothing to worry about, and you know I hate being serious …" There was an awkward moment of silence. "anyway I'll let you get back to whatever you were doing-"
"B-but Sans-"
"bye Alph" he hung up before she could finish.
Well that was a complete trainwreck, he should have planned it out better. Who was he kidding, there was no way he could get a cohesive thought out like this.
Sans curled up smaller in the corner.
Suddenly, he awoke completely disoriented. He didn't remember falling asleep. An unbearable throbbing dizziness made him shake his head, which honestly didn't help.
He sat up.
How long was he passed out? He could check his phone, but the idea of a bright digital screen convinced him otherwise.
Instead he just stared up at the 'not stars'.
He felt even more groggy than before, could have been partly because he had fallen asleep in a musky place like Waterfall. Sans got up in a wobbling but successful vertical in motion. He took a swig of the bottle, winced. That probably wasn't a good idea.
He was never one for good ideas anyway. 
Shuffling on his way, he had an idea now of where to go. It took him a while to get there, but he wasn't really in any particular rush. 
The dump came into view, and sans made his way to the steep drop. He ungracefully sat on the edge, not caring about getting soaked.
There was one thing he wanted to try. His head was swimming, and he was tired. His brother would be fine, he had grown way past needing Sans. Sans remembered how he used to think that his only goal in life was to raise his brother... he still did. Everything he did, from as far back as he could remember, he did for his baby brother.
But now, he was a burden more than anything now, absolutely worthless.
This wasn't even just sans' self doubt talking. He had literal proof of how he failed his brother over and over again. He was no longer able to protect him.
And if sans' purpose wasn't to protect and raise his brother, then he didn't know what he was here for. 
He'd given up on science, and breaking the barrier never really mattered to sans. Even his unexplained curel awareness of resets and the strings of codes lead him nowhere. His place in this word was pointless.
He just wanted to slip away into that endless drop.
Even if it reset and he came back, he just really didn't want to be here right now. For all he knew, his mind may change in the next reset. Or maybe there was never going to be a reset after this.
It didn't matter.
He was tired.
There was just one thing he wanted to do before he went. He was just building up the courage to do it. He kept his phone on him for a reason.
Maybe he didn't need his phone after all.
Sans heard his brother slosh threw the stream behind him.
Sans leaned back, he was still really dizzy. He smiled at his little bro.
"hey p'yrus".
Thanks for reading!!!
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dreamdropxoxo · a month ago
Hiiii nik and auguste for t?
Hello my dear anon 🥰
Oh my, thank you for this ask. T (How do they have rough sex? from this list) for Auguste and Nik. I'm on my lunch break and I couldn't resist answering this one 😳👀. Please, don't judge me too harshly, alright? xD
Auguste: Auguste knows what he wants and how he wants it and he's not afraid to go after it with single minded determination. That applies to the bedroom too. He's a sucker for consent, so he'll tell Nik exactly what he has planned, ask if he'd be interested in it and only then will he ever lay a hand on him. He makes sure to establish boundaries and safety mechanisms (like safewords or the traffic light system). And then, well, Auguste's not shy and he knows how to use his body and tools to bring someone pleasure. Tool wise, the riding crop is probably his favorite. It can be used for impact play with great control regarding the impact area, but also for sensual caresses and isn't that a great combination? He's not much into sadism and all the more into bondage. He loves to tie Nik up and then fuck him hard and unrelenting. Hair pulling? Yes, please. He absolutely adores Nik's longer, full hair and gripping it tightly in his fist and tilting his head back exposes his throat (and collar) so beautifully. It doesn't help his restrain that Nik always gasps when he wraps his hair around his hand.
Nikandros: He wouldn't bring the really rough things up himself, probably. However, when Auguste tells him what he's planning on doing to him, how could he not be freaking turned on? Except for hard limits, Nik is probably up to every challenge, as long as he feels safe and knows he can trust his partner, which he knows he can in Auguste's case, blindly even. Nik's not made out of glass and he knows it. He likes to see bruises and that's not easily achieved with his darker complexion. So, when Auguste suggests a bit of rougher play, he doesn't hesitate. He adores Auguste's hands, and when gloves get involved, he gets very flustered. Spanking, gripping, holding down, that's all all one big, capital YES, PLEASE. He still has a lot of respect for impact toys, isn't really into pain play, but is very surprised about how turned on Auguste's harder spanking got him. So, maybe in the future-? (I leave it up to your imagination xD) Nik likes being tied up more than he would have guessed before Auguste. It makes him feel taken care of and he likes when Auguste restrains him before getting rough. He likes that he can do nothing else but squirm in place and take it.
What surprised them about themselves regarding rougher sex? Auguste wasn't really surprised about his own likes and dislikes. However, what surprised him was how big his thing for Nik's hair is. He would never admit it, but sometimes, it's enough of a turn on that he has to exert incredible self-control to not just lose himself when he has his hands in it. Nik was very surprised when Auguste spanked him, hard, and he liked it. He always thought he had a dislike for pain. However, when he thinks about Auguste, he's not all that surprised anymore.
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gavillain · a month ago
David Xanatos
Favorite thing about them?: I love his confident swagger and his intellect. I always find myself very drawn to how refreshingly confident and competent he is, and it makes him a very attractive character too XD The episode "Vows" where he time travels to make himself into the man he is today always stands out to me as his very best.
Least favorite thing about them?: I oftentimes find myself wishing that he had more bite to him. Like I understand that with him being as competent as he is, he also had to be affable and friendly because, well, if he wasn't it'd be a much darker show than it already is. However, the few moments where he gets to go intense or we get treated to an alternate future vision of him being well and truly evil are so great, and it leaves me hungry for a more dangerous and sinister villain.
Do I like their show?: Yeah, I love Gargoyles. I went through a big phase of being obsessed when I was a preteen and I still love to revisit it.
Do I like their design/outfit(s)?: Very much so! The dark suit suits him, and I love his crimson Steel Clan armor too.
Do I like their song (if they have one)?: N/A
What do I think of their minion(s)?: Owen/Puck is great fun, and I love the dichotomy between him being the ultimate straight laced normal guy as Owen while also being the playful and mischievous Puck.
Which trait of their personality do I most see in myself?: I tend to be a pretty positive thinker and like to frame things based on what I actually have gained out of the situation, which is a very Xanatosian trait. Can't say I plan it that way as well as Xany does, but I can try XDD
How would I rate their hero?: Goliath is dull to me and always has been. He's probably the least interesting part of the show, imo. Sorry Garg fans :/ Just my opinion.
Where do they rank on my top favorite villains?: The upper mid-tier. I tend not to give much thought to the TV villains as much, but I like him a good bit and he holds a special place in my heart.
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