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#The Air Is on Fire
hamonikakoshoten · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
David Lynch: The Air Is on Fire デヴィッド・リンチ
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libervult · 10 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Untitled, Christine Brache 2017 //  Portrait of a Woman (Detail), Nicolas de Largillière 1696 //  {Cero Umano}, Gorche 2013 //  Apollo et Daphne (Detail), Rene-Antoine Houasse1677
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allthefandomss · a month ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
LIVE ACTION “AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER” cast has been announced!!
Zuko: Dallas Liu, 20
Aang: Gordon Cormier, 11
Katara: Kiawentiio Tarbell, 14
Sokka: Ian Ousley, 19
(Courtesy of @ Avatarnews_ on Instagram)
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mostly-mundane-atla · 4 months ago
The Air Nomads domesticated an equivalent to the ailanthus or eri silkmoth, which forms its cocoon in such a way that it can be harvested and live to adulthood. The Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation were introduced to this non-violent silk making, and the farmers would invite the traveling Nomads, who especially loved seeing the moths emerge from their unique cocoons.
After Firelord Sozin's genocide of the Air Nomads, it became illegal to raise such silkmoths or produce the silk and anyone caught with either (after a ridiculously short grace period) would be taken away and never heard from again. Planting the evidence of the moths or cocoons was considered by many to be an effective form of nipping sedition in the bud or eliminating political enemies. This gave rise to the term "the wrong kind of silk", a catch-all euphemism for contraband, often with the suggestion that whoever was found with it was set up.
The ban against the raising of these silkmoths was lifted by Firelord Zuko, and some Fire Nation citizens went on to seek out masters of this sericulture in the Earth Kingdom. They hoped to win the Avatar's favor, to see at least one Air Nomad visit their farms on his travels to see the moths, as newly unbanned poems, plays, historical accounts, and philisophical writings from before the War described. One woman came foreward and admitted that her family had been illegally raising the moths and producing the silk since the ban. Her great-grandfather Kuzon, she explained, aided his parents in the upkeep of the silkmoths themselves, the production of the fiber and maintaining the secrecy of it all. Generations' worth of stories about hiding, smugglers, and close calls made her very sought after by historians, but one contact she didn't expect was a still quite young Avatar Aang. He stayed in touch with her family for the rest of his life
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yashashveeroy · 2 months ago
Asteroid Ubasti (4257).
“The smallest feline is a masterpiece.” – Leonardo da Vinci
Tumblr media
Disclaimer: The interpretation of this Asteroid is done intuitively by me, @yashashveeroy , through research conducted personally. I do not allow anyone to copy, repost or reword this original work. You may ask for my permission before you make use of this content.
Goddess Ubasti and her history:
According to Egyptian Mythology, Ubasti (also spelled Bast, Bastet, Ubaste) is the goddess of war, home, domesticity, secrets, cats, fertility (due to the high fertility of the domestic cat), childbirth, protection, sexual magick, lust and sexual heat. She was the daughter of the Sun God Ra and was one the most popular deities of ancient Egypt as she was the protector of everyone's home and family. To this day, there are worshippers of Goddess Ubasti who are very passionate about their beliefs and ideas of her. Bast's followers often honoured her through gold jewellery and different amulets. Initially, her duty was to protect her father from harm threatened by Apep, the snake God and his arch nemesis. Her appearance started out as a wild lioness which later changed to a milder domesticated cat but she was no less dangerous and ruthless. It is said that Bastet was the only goddess who could transform into a cat but not any other animal like the other gods. There is also this duality to her where she is depicted as the "Nurturing Mother" as well as being a "Terrifying Avenger". It is because of her today that cats are associated with royalty,riches and opulence.
Themes to associate with while looking for Ubasti's significance in your Natal blue print:
Ubasti reminds us of all that is feline and feminine. One can always find out which physical or personality characteristic they have is the most feline like in nature. Now obviously there's the famous feline characteristic of being completely "unbothered" or having "zero fucks to give" no matter how demonised cats may be. This is what cats are known for. This particularly leads to the aspect of "freedom of self expression" with clearly no strings attached. One can also look into the relationship with their father since cats don't do well with emotions and being stoic is often considered masculine in nature. Through cats one can learn how to just, relax. They never waste energy on unnecessary interactions and remind us that self care is important, so groom yourself!! Be it through makeup, jewellery(cats in ancient Egypt were adorned with jewellery by their owners to show respect to goddess Ubasti ), getting piercings (Ubasti is known for her pierced cat ears), grooming, putting on perfume or hell, even filling your human claws. You see, cats refuse to take anything seriously unless situations are out of hand and dangerous. Oh and please, we all know cats go around mating all day everyday. They got kitty orgies, I'm sure lol. So indirectly they show us that we should enjoy our sexuality.
Most importantly, Ubasti teaches us how to accept our truest nature of ourselves and other things. Lessons of "self" and being "unaffected by society's views" is what can be taken away. Being protective of things that are dear and near to you can be considered majorly. Indications of passion, honour and interest.
Tumblr media
I House:
When Ubasti resides here it gives a few feline physical traits. Cat like eyes, with eyebrows that are upturned. If not as prominent usually, it can be emphasised with the use of eye makeup, especially eyeliner. It can also seem like the person is doing a "cat walk" unintentionally while just walking normally. There's no place that can't be their unintentional ramp. Small lips. Could show what aspect of their physical look they'd want to keep prim and proper. In its truest form this placement can be very high maintenance and full of attitude if not looked after. Fierce personality.
II House:
Here, Ubasti can be quite unpredictable with routine but she likes it that way and it won't change. Keeping herself top priority always, she sees herself with a lot of value. Competitive and down to fight when it comes to protecting her business. Might make the person gluttonous about their material possessions. Can make the person a true homebody.
III House:
The gift of "smooth talk" is given here. Flirtatious yet seductive way of speaking. Poised while talking. Always curious with a sharp mind. Ubasti here has a deadly tongue when aggressive. There can be absolute moments of silence as well with no verbal communication whatsoever when she wants. After all, cats aren’t so noisy usually. Now this placement can actually beat around the bush pretty well, cats aren’t so confrontational in reality.
IV House:
In the house of feminine energy, I’d say Ubasti feels quite comfortable. She will be protective of her emotions but in a very logical way. Fertility maybe of big deal here since this house also talks of the nurturing aspect of accepting our feminine nature. She can be dark here as well but she knows that it’s okay to be dark natured and lustful. The hesitation to show her emotions will always be there when placed in a water house, it comes down to maintaining her nonchalant image. Cats don’t do water!
V House:
Ubasti is finally at home here! “Welcome to my Opulence and Grandeur!” is what she’ll say. Over here, she will open her heart with pride. She will show her erotic ways of movement and lure lovers in just for fun! Can either be the one to adore kids or not at all. But regardless, the protective aspect of looking over younger ones will always be there. Her appreciation for the masculine energy may also come out by participating in the stereotypical “masculine” activities. Admiration, adoration, gifts and social status is the way to her heart. Show her a good time, show her that time spent with you is better than her solitude. Cats are quite prideful of their solitude most of the time.
VI House:
Ubasti in the infamous house of cats will feel like she fits in. Her domestic nature will be highlighted here. She will be traditional in her ways and very giving. When she takes up a duty here, she gives it her all and there’s no looking back. Things are to be done her way, always. It can also show how one is with the cat kind. Easy going and guarded of her emotions.
Tumblr media
VII House:
Loyalty is key for Ubasti here. She may not always want to settle down through means of marriage but that doesn’t mean that she takes part in infidelity. Remember, she was lion headed before fully domesticating herself. So she is definitely protective and obsessive over her romantic and platonic relationships, she won’t forget herself so easily. If she does take interest in many romantic relationships, she will be open about it. No hard feelings. She won’t judge you either. Major themes here can be the relationship you hold with the females in your life.
VIII House:
Transformation is definitely one of Ubasti’s favourite things to do. Her sense of duality amplifies here. She can have a lion’s head as well as the domestic cat’s head but still have many versions to them both. She keeps them both running. Associated to her father Ra’s “eye that sees everything”, she seeks ultimate and raw truth. She is aware of how the true nature of the world works. Expect her to practice Wicca while she’s here. Occultism is so up her alley. Being afraid of the dark is silly to her. Kinky and extremely sexually aware. Think of orgies when you see her here. Primal sex.
IX House:
Ahhhh, here comes her life’s philosophy: No Fucks Given. With Ubasti’s wild spirit, she will take up life as it comes. A risk taker. She will either be very religious or will have no god’s control over her head. It’s unpredictable with this one. Spiritual endeavours maybe of her liking. Remember, religion and spirituality are two different things. At the end of the day, she will obviously follow the path of her passions. Unique and other worldly things are her lust. Piercings could be a thing here as Ubasti was always adorned in earrings and jewellery.
X House:
This house can be quite difficult for Ubasti. It shows her relationship with the male members of the society. Especially the dearest father figure. She may either have a beautiful relationship with her father or a cold but existent one where both just acknowledge each other and coexist or the last one, where there is no relationship at all. Depending on this relationship with her father, her other male relationships will be influenced. If she wants, she can be quite business oriented here. Won’t mess around with emotions or relationships as much.
XI House:
Be ready for Ubasti’s rebellious nature to come forth. She can bring you chaos if you hurt her or her friends. Interests in community and politics may be present. Remember, it is always a cat’s desire for it’s owner to do whatever it wants by any means. Even if it means manipulation through their godly little charms and allure. Creative genius. Very detail oriented. Will never miss on reading people’s behaviours. Alpha energy when necessary. Maybe blinded by seeing beauty and goodness in everyone. Depending on which sign falls here, one could be known for something they do in the public eye.
XII House:
This house is as much the house of the “Self” as the 1st house. The only difference? It’s deeply spiritual in nature. Think of Ubasti relaxing here. Relaxing through spiritual means. Extravagant rituals, some weed or even meditation. Her solitude becomes her greatest strength here. She uses this time to develop her intuition and connect to her suppressed emotions. Eventually, even a cat has to say goodbye to it’s prideful facade and make its true nature come forth. Letting out what’s hidden. This is where her deep passions manifest. Learning lessons may not be liked as much but it’s to be done regardless. Is sex used as an escape?
Tumblr media
Big Thanks to @academiaghosts for recommending this beautiful asteroid to me. Love you babe!🥺💖✨
I hope that you all enjoyed reading my research and interpretation of this beautiful Asteroid!! Do let me know if this resonated with you guys!!🥺🤍
Love, Roy.
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atlaculture · 6 months ago
ATLA Culture Index: Cultural Anatomy
This was time-consuming but worth it.
Water Tribe
Northern Water Tribe
Betrothal Necklaces
Yue’s Hair
Yue’s Gown
Arnook’s Jewelry
NWT Hats
NWT Accessories
Avatar Kuruk’s Design
Southern Water Tribe
Hair Loopies
Sokka’s Choker
Sokka’s Water Tribe Weapons
Southern Water Tribe Jackets
Katara & Sokka’s Shoes
Katara & Sokka’s Book 1 Robes
Sokka’s Book 2 Robe
Katara’s Book 2 Robe
Water Tribe Undergarments
Water Tribe Boats Pt. 1
Water Tribe Boats Pt. 2
Earth Kingdom
Kyoshi Island
Kyoshi Headbands
Kyoshi Makeup
Kyoshi’s Hair & Clothes
Kyoshi Warrior Uniforms
Kyoshi Warrior Weapons
Kyoshi Warrior Martial Arts
Kyoshi Islanders Fashion Pt. 1
Kyoshi Islanders Fashion Pt. 2
Ba Sing Se
Zuko’s Teashop Clothes
Dai Li Hair Ribbon
Toph’s EK Looks (cause she’s that special)
Toph’s Headband
Toph’s Hairstyle
Toph’s Fancy Dress
Toph’s Sleepwear
The Rest of the Earth Kingdom
EK Top Knots
The Nomads: Chong
The Nomads: Lily
Aunt Wu’s Headdress
Swampbender Architecture
EK Rice Paddy Village
Bumi’s Outfit
The Sandbenders
Cabbage Merchant’s Headwrap
Cabbage Merchant’s Vest
Earth Kingdom Nuns
Fire Nation
Zuko’s FN Looks (cause he’s that special)
Zuko’s Book 1 Hair
Blue Spirit Mask
Agni Kai Armbands
Zuko’s Cloak
Zuko’s Broadswords
The Gaang’s FN Looks
FN School Uniforms
Katara’s FN Top
Sokka’s FN Top
Sokka’s Sword
Toph’s FN Top
Fisherman Pants
Ember Island
Ember Island Fashion Pt. 1 (Azula)
Ember Island Fashion Pt. 2 (Zuko)
Kuai Ball
The Rest of the Fire Nation
FN Top Knots
FN Shoulder Pieces
FN Tiaras
FN Skirts
Mai’s Outfit
Mai’s Hair
Religious Hats
Wedding Dresses
Sun Warrior Pants
FN Visual Motif
FN Currency
Jang Hui Village
Ty Lee’s Fighting Style
Air Nomads
Avatar Relics
Religious Hats
AN Necklaces
AN Architecture Pt. 1
AN Architecture Pt. 2
AN Architecture Pt. 3
All Nations
Armbands and Bandages
Like what I’m doing? Tips always appreciated, never expected. ^_^
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jievan · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
【四方元素】 The Four Elements 南方-火元素 South - Fire 東方-土元素 East - Earth 北方-水元素 North - Water 西方-風元素 West - Air
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saturnrevolution · 6 months ago
random facts about your sun sign and moon sign combination
expansive personality, but more reserved when it comes to their feelings
the earth moon offers them stability and consistency emotional wise
has a deep need to feel safe
might act and then judge themselves
friendly, social and charismatic
might want to analyze their emotions
can be messy, either in their routine or thinking patterns or in general
highly motivated by their goals, might go for it even if they’re afraid
tough exterior, soft interior
feels emotions deeply, but doesn’t really show
might act impulsively on emotions
holds a lot of power and they know it
positive and courageous
might have a hard time processing negative feelings
lives for self expression and being admired for their work
travelers and adventure seekers
Making career a priority 
A strong connection to nature
Likes to plan things out
Over judgmental & straightforward 
attracted to intellectual conversations and debates
might feel like an outcast
might create their own systems and rules of living
giving practical advice
highly in tune with their emotions
knows how to be there for others
enjoys slowing down and living in the moment
might have a darker side that they keep to themselves 
very playful with the people they are comfortable around
likes attention, but won’t admit
quality time is one of their love language
can have outbursts of energy
highly rational and wise
feelings are filtered through their brain first
needs a routine to keep them grounded
lives inside their head
might have a hard time being present
very witty and knowledgeable
does great around groups of people
doesn’t like to be taken for granted
adaptable people, but moody
always there when in need
naturally artistic or has a taste for beautiful things
values freedom and doesn’t like feeling trapped
might not always keep their promises
independent and fun
might surprise people with their overnight decisions
can look fairy-like/aesthetic looking
might need time alone to recharge
has a great deal of empathy
might be colder than they seem 
rebel at heart
spending time with friends or people in general fuels their energy
can have a hard time deciding on things
might be an overthinker
a high capacity of empathizing with people
might have a hard time listening to their body’s needs (like skip meals)
ability to see the good in every situation
strong willpower
emotions might scare them
creative expression is quite important for them
child at heart
they do anything with passion and don’t settle for less
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kkachi95 · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Avatar fandom still seems to be hung up on “Fire Nation = Japan & Earth Kingdom = China” mantra, so I’m once again beating a dead horse to correct this misconception
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hillarysss · 4 months ago
Hey guys:) i’m super excited to introduce this new series I feel so happy especially since these last few days haven’t been the best this is definitely something I can see myself using as a distraction. Remember to not repost, plagiarize, reword. Also a little disclaimer that it is very hard in Astrology to pinpoint exact physical appearance so take what resonates. This is part 1 of my series.
- The angel that descended from heaven 🕊☁
- Pisces placements / 12th house influence / Neptune Prominence / Neptune - Ascendant
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ahh the rumors of Pisces placements being dreamy and ethereal is not a lie not one bit;)). These people possess such magnetic aura literally it's so hard to find people who look relatively close to these placements because one they have super unique looks that no one mentions and second their appearance changes all the time it's crazyy these people can look so different every time you see them. Not just their looks but these people possess a very likable aura, it's very hard not to like them and this is why they attract so many projectors and people who just wanna rip their wings apart so they won't be able to fly high so beautifully. Wanna know if someone has major Pisces placements? Simple look into their eyes you'll see heaven in their eyes and simply get lost in the clouds, these people no matter the color or shape fuck it they have beautiful eyes and don't you dare deny it because you do. A lot of people with Pisces placements also have grown up being told their eyes were big and beautiful some of these people literally have big "anime" eyes. They also have a very self sacrificing nature, they will literally help everyone in need and may loose themselves in the process this makes them even incredibly more attractive that they have such big hearts to the cruelty human kind can bring. They look so beautiful even if they're detached in the middle of a conversation or an exam looking at the literal ceiling they still look so ethereal and you better take a picture of them while they space out because they would literally look like a piece of art, not even kidding they have such photogenic features.
- The human golden retriever ✨🌤
Tumblr media
Ahh these people literally shine so bright:) While yes the rumors about their hair being beautiful or at least stand out somehow is usually true, these people also have such playful appearance. Their eyes sparkle bright they sparkle hope and a beautiful vision that makes you wanna try harder in life hence that's what these people love to do they love to motivate others to their fullest potential it's not talked enough how while yes they shine so bright even at their darkest times they still try to put a bright face in order to help and guide others because they are such warm soul and their personality and aura is literally a golden retriever haha. I also noticed these people have really bright smiles that are contagious like if any of these placements laugh or smile you'll probably want to laugh and smile too their sunny fever spreads everywhere. They rule the heart they're super forgiving and understanding that makes them 10x times more attractive as well, they know their worth tho so don't overstep their forgiveness;).
"Hate them or love them you'll find yourself giving in anyway" 🖤
Tumblr media
You see everywhere these people being put into being super magnetic and I'll join the club fuck it these people don't only have magnetism they have literal power too. They gather such intense reactions from people that will make people repeal or give in, in-fact those who repeal find themselves being obsessed with their every move, they always win so don't fuck with them. These people have such beautiful intense eyes that stare right into your soul making you re-think all your life choices. They bring change into your life for the better they'll make your world flip just for it to build up into something better. They're that one person you cross eyes with and never meet again they're that one that will make you wonder about them for so long making you have sleepless nights. It's hard to figure them out but that's the way they pull people in.. people question and they won't answer, make them trust you if you can.
- The leading fairies of the garden🌿
- Earth placements / Major 6th / 10th placements / 2nd house placements / Saturn - Ascendant - Mercury - Ascendant / Venus - Ascendant (Taurus Venus)
Tumblr media
These people are super underrated when it comes to the beauty and appeal apartment. These people have such grounded beauty and have this type of beauty you can only observe up close where you can see all the details of their face and the way their face is structured so perfectly as if they were designed. These people have such gentle ways of caring for others but they may seem like they don't care or seem distant at first because they guard their caring and homely nature to protect themselves from anyone who has had bad intentions, they're from earth they know all the tricks to survive in this cruel world. They have the natural beauty others would want to pay for. They are also healers they are gifted with the ability to heal especially Virgo placements. With their logical and rational nature they are actually very good at making people feel like they belong in this Earth they're more comforting than given credit for even if it's not the water type kind of comfort, they will always be there for you even if they need their alone time to retreat and heal from energy more than others they will always be there for you, they're the dependable friend.
"The smartest the most appealing out of em' all 💨
- Air Placements / 11th house placements / 7th house placements / 3rd house placements - Mercury - Ascendant - Venus - Ascendant (Libra Venus)
Tumblr media
Air rising and placements beauty is super underrated while yes haha they are intellectuals they also have such memorable appearances too. These people have faces that are worth envying for they have ageless beauty that they are blessed with. You guys are way more cute than given credit for especially Gemini risings you guys have a fairy type of look because of your youthful aura and appearance. You guys sure can be sociable but you guys keep a lot more inside than people tend to take notes on. You are an information feeder you feed off knowledge you feel uncomfortable with emotions not that you don't have any because you sure do but you feel uncomfortable with them you keep them hidden to try not to come off as a burden. Even if so many people like you, you wish someone could just want something deeper. This is your beauty, you are someone who is a deep individual who wants to learn the truth and meanings towards everything. And who wouldn't be lucky enough to indulge in the real truths with you.
"The boldest beauty and the most passionate lover" 🧡
Fire placements, 1st house placements, 5th house placements 9th house placements / Sun - Ascendant / Mars- Ascendant / Mars Dominance
Tumblr media
Fire placements really do ignite passion and firey reactions towards everyone:) They have so much love to give and these people are so passionate about their ways of love and the way they present themselves too. These people are super admirable. They have a very bold beauty it's hard not to notice these people because their beauty is right in your face you can't ignore it. Even if they aren't conventionally attractive it doesn't matter you'd be attracted to them anyways they have this charisma and intense enthusiasm about them. They are free-spirited people and this makes them so attractive:) They're ready for everything as long as you're willing to stay with them of course during all times when they aren't as bold. They're ready for the 3am impulsive risks with you and they're also ready to be a shoulder to cry on for you, they are simply so amazing. They also have immense amount of loyalty that is so immense that they have learned the harsh way to not give out so easily or better said to the wrong people, because when in love they do have the tendency to over-look the red flags because of their big ass heart but when detached they don't give a fuck. The real question is are you ready for them? Yes they are fun but they are a whole package you gotta be ready to ride on the rollercoaster with them because lives with them is never easy but never a dull moment. This is why you guys are so attractive your get-go nature.
"The magical beautiful but dangerous Sirene" 💙
Water placements, 4th house placements, 8th house placements, 12th house placements / Moon - Ascendant / Neptune - Ascendant /
Tumblr media
You guys have beauty like no other, you guys have a conforming pixie dust type of beauty, leaving sparkles everywhere you guys go. You are insanely attractive with the ways you can make people feel at home emotionally especially for the ones who have never received proper care or home. However, no one should try to ever try to take advantage of your love and kindness because you can become extremely vengeful and close off so for people who try to cross the individuals... don't say I didn't warn ya:). You guys have such delicate beauty we see your eyes we see the sea and that gives us a form of nostalgia because of the way you bring home. You guys radiate trusting aura from a mile away, with your incredible intuition even if you doubt it at times it's there and it's insanely amazing what it can do:) You really are powerful and people know this do too you have the sense of just knowing things. You guys are also beautiful because of the ways you guys will go to extra lengths to protect the things you love especially Cancer placements you guys are much more aggressive than given credit for and you won't hesitate to cut a bitch and you guys can sting with your words especially Scorpio & Scorpio mercuries. Whoever can get through your shell is sincerely so lucky to you have you in their life, you'll take care of them and yourselves forever.
® Hillarysss 2021 all rights reserved
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ayathescorpion · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I noticed heavy libra placements or 7h placements to be ISFJS/ESFJS most!!! They care about everyone around and are always caretakers they really suit the isfj/esfj stereorype
Cancer/pisces/moon/neptune dominants tend to be infps/isfps, the stereotypes are similar too tbh which makes sense even it doesnt apply!
While sagittarius stellium n dominants are founnd mostly to be enfps the optimistics <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Rarest earth moon= taurus
Rarest fire moon= sagittarius
Rarest air moon= aquarius
Rarest water moon= pisces
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
People tend to act like their chart ruler mostly!!!!! Check the house the degree n the sign they all respresent how you appear at first meeting
Midheaven placement is so underrated and should be looked at more! Its more than career its the higher self the version we try to become our best version actually and it can influence the first impression too!
Moon conjunct saturn placement is super hard, it brings lot of pain and isolation and it can affect the individual negatively!! It can even be indicator of depression if the individual's placements most fall at water or have negative aspects
Venus conjunct pluto tend to be weirdly attractive specially to women, they tend to attract younger girls i noticed females who have this to intimidate younger girls much!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Not only leo risings who have very prominent hair i noticed all fire risings to have their hair as one of their most attractive feature you get attracted to them by how prominent their hair be
Earth risings are the type of people to work hard and have fun finest!! Having good grades, good friends, good relation w their family and being pretty at same time <3
Also most earth risings are effortlessly pretty, the type to be chilling in their room with pyjamas on and looking like living dolls
Air risings have a thing for dying their hair???? Literally whenever they r bored they d dye their hair??? So random but the type of people to dye their hair thrice at one week or smth im praying for yall scalp guys 💀
Also most air risings have a non traditional beauty to them, the men tend to look feminine the women tend to look masculine and its ATTRACTIVE ASF (yes including libra risings)
Water risings are most likely to be prone to have depression or mental health problems because of they live inside their head and how overthinking they can do? Lil beans who need validation and soaking up the room's energy like no other so pls guys choose the right people to be with it affects you way more than you can imagine
More on water risings and i find them the most to be different irl vs online thats bc of their fire midheaven which shows online irl they r so quiet goddamn
And most water risings look like walking fairies!!! Most kids tend to trust them and see their mothers in them also animals love them, specially cancer risings<3 pisces risings feel like old friends you ve known forever and scorpio risings have the tea over everyone yet are most loyal people out there
Thats it thanks for reading <3
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