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#The Dead Thoughts
iantojpg · 7 hours ago
If torchwood “I could never forget you ianto jones” then why doctor who “if something can be remembered it can come back” HMMM?
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malice-bradbury · 7 hours ago
where did it all go wrong? i recall the night where the two of us walked side by side, under a moonlit sky, your shadow beside mine. in comfortable silence, or where we share silly rants about politics, about poetry or wildly passionate authors. or just about the predilections of life. it was a lovely night. we were tiny figures beneath neon light signs, against the rush of traffic, partially unknown. laughing about our existential crisises. you liked me, i began to realize. friendship was all that i can offer that night, you never waited. no reply, no presence. as if the person i admired, only a fragment of my deluded mind.
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malice-bradbury · 7 hours ago
you know what's more intimate than a kiss? giving someone a personal copy of your favorite book. in all its tattered glory or near-perfect condition. ink highlights a memorable line— of a sentence that made your cry. or where countless post-its decorate the pages. in pinks, blues or yellows. others leave questions, or answers within hardbound copies, soft ones most of the time. it'd be even more surprising if someone left lipstick stains
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totally-not-into-drama · 8 hours ago
Current mood: mortified. I just accidentally gave an anti-capitalism speech. TO ONE OF MY BUSINESS MANAGEMENT TEACHERS. The topic of the discussion was "what can we do to fix our electronic waste problem?" TvT someone please send me back in time to stop myself from sending this to him.
Tumblr media
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scottarius · 18 hours ago
Yooooo The Wraith spoils me SO much, every time I play a killer that isn't him I'm like wow how are y'all this SLOW??? what is this, It Follows?? 😂😂😂
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freunwol · 22 hours ago
do you happen to have any more phanlumi food i'm so sorry but i'm starving dfgkjdfkjdfg
YELLS UH its been a hot minute but i will provide uwu
- i stand by them not telling the other heroes abt them dating for like way too long, i think eventually phantom would just wanna keep it quiet to fuck with them when they finally did reveal it however much later (”ive had so many conversations with you two how the fuck did you keep it secret” “honestly i dont know either”)
- i also stand by lumi writing shitty poetry with his whole heart, like super stilted but he means it so much...idk that hed be bad at poetry in general but when it comes to his own feelings he doesnt know how to express them aside from Very Literally or not that much at all
- which on the topic of that, makes properly opening up abt his own stuff hard, both out of embarrassment for being too honest AND potentially initially feeling like he should be able to shoulder phantoms weird bull and not burden him...that falls apart as they like talk n shit but i think when theyve just done that Single Genuine Convo i mentioned he’d still have that feeling.
- phan prolly feels like utter trash when lumi explains how much finding out he’s part bm fucked w he thought it would just get on his nerves but no he was having an existential crisis Oops
- lumi doesnt rlly blame him tho...not really. like he knows holding it against him would be silly considering tensions were high at that point and phan didnt know, but... :thinking: (ik thats not happy but even for a while lumi likely still shoves any resentment down, force of habit yknow? and hopefully eventually he’ll feel comfortable enough knowing phantom wouldnt hate him for bringing up past stuff that he could properly communicate stuff that hurt) curious how much of this will change once they rewrite stuff LMAO that whole hc was based on the hom encounter and how much i dislike it kfjdghskfjdshgfdjsk
- tho BASED on the hom encounter, taking it at face value, phan would prolly understand more why lumi snapped back since phan happened to swing a bat at a hornets nest. and given how phan is he may just forgive it on that since lumi would honestly never say something like that unless he was really at the edge of his rope (THESE ARE ALL SO SERIOUS BUT INSECURITIES AND COMMUNICATION ARE IMPORTANT PARTS OF A RELATIONSHIP YKNOW UR GONNA KNOW SOMEONE MORE THAN LIKE ANYTHING ELSE OK THEY HAVE HURDLES!!!)
- i think if they have an argument every sentence is preceded by like “you know i love you but that chair does not fucking go there”
- phan goes between growing his hair out and having it short, and when its long lania braids it and stuff. lumi never comments on it but he thinks it cute
- phan tries to convince lumi to grow his out but lumis afraid it’ll make him look like wm so he tells him to dye then grow it which prompts an eye roll followed by a slightly too serious deliberation on what color would be fitting (brunette lumi? :eyes:)
- phan tries and completely fails to teach lumi how to dance
- oh my god there was a fluff text abt lumi and lania making a cream cheese spread and i cant entirely remember it but its dear to me and wait ho0ly shit
- they prolly cant cook like ~20 star michelin chefs~ on the lumiere but having just a plain ol homecooked meal would prolly send phan into tears when he first tries it
- and he cherishes all the little snacks and bits and stuff lumi and lania makes and tries to help out but aside from like chopping vegetables he doesnt rlly know what hes doing
- fuck super domestic phanlumi melts my heart im just picturing him and lumi gathering apples from nearby trees and theyre chatting and the light through the trees catches on lumi perfectly and phans heart melts hOUGH good shit
- and on the flipside i mentioned him and phantom looking at the moon on the lumiere and one particular night even tho lumi never rlly paid any attention to his looks it hits him perfectly and he just understands what ppl see all at once
- and he cherishes the nights they can do that even more now
- these have been kind of phantom centric oops but i think, again, lumi really cherishes being able to talk honestly with him and understand him- and being able to express that even in a minor way. hes a very caring person T~T
i wrote so much more than i thought i would and i can prolly write more but like. soft idiots
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You know what the funniest thing about having depression and being self-harmer is? You want to self-harm but you are too tired to do this... And everyone thinks that you are healed and now you will be happy... But you are just tired...
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alingcocothemuse · a day ago
don’t brown eyes make you feel like you’re swimming in a sweet puddle of honey, and you just wanna drown in there? no? just me? okay.
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Thou, sun, art half as happy as we,
In that the world's contracted thus.
Thine age asks ease, and since thy duties be
To warm the world, that's done in warming us.
-John Donne, The Sun Rising
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