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#The Devil All The Time

There were times while watching this film that I had to stop and remind myself I wasn’t watching a Tarantino flick. It’s got some of his usual ingredients, and while not as good, it has enough differences to stand out on its own merits.

We follow Arvin Russell (Tom Holland) growing up in Ohio as he deals with deaths, predatory pastors, serial killers, crooked cops and more that all connect to each other Tarantino-style.

Performances from Holland and Robert Pattinson are standouts, and the characters connecting made the plot more interesting than it is cause there were a few times things felt slow and dull until the third act when the characters intertwine. While there was some Tarantino inspiration character-wise, the dialogue and filmmaking leave a lot to be desired. It’s interesting at times, but dull in others, while the directing and cinematography are barely above average.

I did love how characters are introduced and details that make them connect get revealed a little bit at a time and the score enhanced things as well. If nothing else, The Devil All the Time serves as an amazing character study showing how the darkest parts of being human can affect anyone, anywhere, anytime. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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The Devil All the Time (2020)


They really captured this time period perfectly. They never do play religious songs in the radio anymore.

One song in particular comes to mind when Sandy and Carl are driving back after killing that poor private going to enlist. The song that is playing on the radio is Wings of a Dove.

I think I would give this two points, but my god his singing along to it ruined it.


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old songs for arvin russell and empty dirt roads


take me home, country roads - john denver / gentle on my mind - glen campbell / dreamboat annie - heart / walkin’ after midnight - patsy cline / put your head on my shoulder - paul anka / it’s now or never - elvis presley / everybody’s somebody’s fool - connie francis / country sunshine - dottie west / crazy - patsy cline / hurt - johnny cash / the devil wears a suit and tie - colter wall / in hell i’ll be good company - the dead south / stand by your man - tammy wynette / hello darlin’ - conway twitty / yield not to temptation - bobby “blue” bland / be thankful you’re you - fern jones / how deep it goes - heart / california dreamin’ - the mamas and the papas / coat of many colors - dolly parton / i’ll fly away - johnny cash

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Your destiny is written from the day your born. Part 3


Rated M

Warning: non-con sex, oral, violence, abuse.

This is based off The Devil All the Time. Specifically Lee Bodecker. Ideas be taken from the original story of course. 

Note: First time writing. Please give feedback. I don’t mind constructive criticism. Hope you enjoy. 

P.S. Im really bad at using this website. I find it hard lmao. So please give me time as I grown accustom to it. Thank you! (I have another fic in mind- though it will be darkSteve, but I’m not sure if I should do it or not. If y'all would like it please let me know.) :)))))))))

It’s my wedding day and I still don’t feet like ‘myself’. I feel like a withering leaf in fall on it’s last leg before it completely disappears. Not knowing where I truly stand I felt like I’m trapped, my heart palpating so much it hurts. All the days prior to this day I was unable to sleep, the consistent worrying in my head never faded away. As if my heart and brain knew something that I couldn’t fully comprehend yet. I’m left to fully rely on him not having any income of my own any longer since I was expected to quit work, due to the fact that the sheriffs wide would not be able to work or else people will start talking. Also taking in mind that people started talking, which got me to worry more. Rumors. As my mom put it. But don’t rumors have to stem off of some truth first?Though what I was able to comprehend from everything up until now was how much I hated myself. How big of an idiot I am. How I’m so weak to the point that I can even allow myself to be in every situation that I’ve ever been in. Staring straight at my reflection with the wedding gown he chose for me. Simple, just like me. I can care less about what I’m wearing and instead just truly want this horrendous day over. I can care less about what I’m wearing and instead just want the day over. My room door opens, my youngest brother Sam (who is still older than myself) walks in.

“Psst. Mrs. Bodecker.” With a grin smothered on his face. Seeing my reflection on the mirror he asks “you okay?”

“What am I doing?” Holding my tears back, though its hard my shell breaking.

“Well if you were to ask me I would say throwing yourself in fire. But it’s too late for that now, aint it?” He stops to grab both my hands in his own. “don’t worry y/n everything outta be alright. Before you even know it you’ll be much happier there than here with us. I should be getting down, and you should come soon too. You know how Pa and the others get when it comes to waiting.”

He leaves and I begin crying staring at my reflection. Have I truly thrown myself in flames? I wish I had a loving Pa who would save me from everything and everyone. Who would put me first before anyone else. Saying something along the lines of “Your happiness is what’s most important”. Maybe then I would’ve never been in this situation.

I make my way down. I see Lee standing looking up at me as I walk down. This ain’t the traditional way. But I guess that goes with everything. If I wasn’t the one getting married to him I would think he looks handsome today. They all get ready to head out.

I can’t do this. “I can’t do this.”  

My faces back to look at me, her eyes wide open. “Y/n?”

“Mom. I can’t do this. I can’t follow through this marriage.”

“Y/n.” She repeats herself more sternly this time.

Lee scoffs. Frowning but at the same time he seems like he is holding in his laughter. Laughter?

“Y/n, what do you mean I can’t get married?” He asks calmly. His head slightly moving side to side.

“I’m so sorry Lee. I just can’t.” I hold onto my dress running up the stairs, footsteps following behind me. My brothers voice speaking from a distance. He must be speaking to Lee. Before I can make it back to my room my Ma catches up to me yanking my arm, to stop me and get my attention.

“I had dreams for myself too. A dream where we both could’ve been happy. Where we both could’ve been. Not living with Pa and getting beat just because he felt like it - jjust because he was too drunk and he couldn’t think straight! Not a dream where I would marry I man I didn’t even know. Ma, please don’t make me do this. Ma, I beg of you.” I’m at her feet at this point my legs not being able to hold me straight up any longer. Swaying back and forth. Have I lost it?

She kneels down to look me in the face “It’s too late for that now y/n. Give me a chance, just this once? Lee’s a good man. He’ll take care of ya and your future kids. He got voted Sheriff honey now that ain’t so easy. You wont have to worry about nothing, he’ll be the man you deserve.  Holding my hands. Compassion. I don’t have much of a choice do I. If I don’t get married Dad’ll beat me to death. Collecting myself I soon head down.

Lee, sitting down on the beat up sofa. I make my way to him. Mom and Sam leaving us alone. He doesn’t look up at me, his head still in his hands. I don’t blame him. I can’t. To be in his shoes, I can’t even imagine. “Lee.”

“Are you alright?” He asks with what seems like genuine concern in his voice.

I nod. “Cold feet as ladies say it. I’m sorry.”

He nods. Putting his hand out forth for me to hold.


The ceremony at the Church happens so fast and before I even notice we are having our celebration in the backyard that all the folks have it during summer, accept for us it’s in fall.

We sit at the table where the couples tend to sit and people coming forth to congratulate us. I drink for the first time to help ease myself, as I have heard it helps. Luckily Lee was answering all their warm wishes and questions if any. All I’m focusing on is keeping all the warmth I have with this little cropped fur coat. Paying attention to people chattering and drinking away. Harold? What is he doing here? I look to find mom in the crowd. Her eyes already looking at me sternly. What am I supposed to do? The weather gets colder and somehow, I start sweating.

“Congratulations on your marriage.” He says staring only at me, causing me to instinctively look at Lee whom is staring at me and him. “I really didn’t expect ya to get married y/n, especially to someone so old compared to ya self. But I guess it’s expected I mean ya Pa ain’t the nicest.” Harold says all the while grinning. I can feel Lee gripping onto my wrist. Tightly.

“Who the fuck do you think you are coming to my wedding and spewing all this shit to me. Boy.” Lee standing up so quickly from his seat the chair topples away. I grab onto Lee, holding him back so he doesn’t fight with Harold. Harold laughs which causes Lee to punch him square to his jaw. And before I even can do anything else a full fight breaks between the two and I just stand there watching as I cry inside.


Harold was left bloody. And Lee and I head home. My new ‘home’. Lee slams the door after himself. Fisting my hands so tightly I think my nails are breaking the skin on my palms. Defensive. I feel the need to be defensive.

“Who are you Lee? Are you someone who just thinks out of anger and isn’t able to talk to resolve conflict? Or are you the person that the town loves so much.” The alcohol is truly hitting me hard.

“Forget about be. Who the fuck are you?” He says moderately loud “Start fucking talking or I bet ya it ain’t gonna be good for ya Hon.” I can’t reply it’s like my tongue is cut off. “Who the fuck was that kid?”

Swallowing. “I don’t have to answer you. I – I ain’t your property.” I turn heading to any room with a door at this point.

BANG. He slams his hand against the wall. “DO NOT! Do not walk away from me  when I ask you a question.”

I bawling at this point, not turning around to look him. “Mmaybe we aren’t mean’t to be L-lee. Why didn’t you just marry some other girl from this town.”

And before he says anything else I open the first door my eyes hold onto and shut it after myself. Sitting down on the bed I cry. Noticing soon enough that it must be his room. The door opens, Lee walking in to sit beside me.

I get up facing what would be the window, but is covered due to the blinds “Ccould you just give me sometime alone? Ple” his right hand grabs me from my jaw to make me look straight at him.

“I’ll do whatever the fuck I please.” He spits out. Grabbing my fur coat and rips is off my body, turning me around so he can unlace my dress. He pushes me face forward to the mattress, I begin crying to scared to move. I here rustling behind me. Him behind me soon, smelling me. “We could’ve had it so nice but you really wanted to be a bitch. I really did want to take it nice and slow but you really lost that chance and instead I think it’s time for a lesson.”

And it all happens in a blink of an eye. Him putting his manhood in me. I grunt due to the foreign feeling in me. Is it suppose to hurt? “Oh hon, is it your first time he says while staring in between my legs.” I nod, my hands go up covering my face. “Honey, why didn’t you tell me? Is that why you were acting up? Cause you were scared?” He laughs, and stops his rhythm to move my hands away from my face. Kissing me. His hand exploring around my body, kneeding my breats slowly and softly. My hands instinctively go to his own, he grabs onto mine. Putting it on either side of my head, slowly moving his body again. In between my legs begin to feel hotter, wetter. Pain and pleasure mixing together. Clenching an unknown feeling washing over me, he soon whines? Breathing gets harder and sharper and soon stills. I stay still as he gets up to turn the lights off. Pulling the covers over the both of us, his left arm thrown over my body. Eventually drifting to sleep through silent crys.

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Originally posted by ransomflanagan

━━━   SYNOPSIS: the reader and arvin are forced to go to a pre-marriage counsuling session with reverend teagardin. 

━━━  WARNINGS: teenage marriage, allusion to sexual harassments.

━━━  NOTES: This one was little short, sorry! I’m gonna try and make part four longer. I don’t condone any of Arvin’s action he clearly has severe anger issues at least and mentally ill as a result of his traumatic childhood at worst. Hope you enjoy!

━━━  WORD COUNT: 1,253


            The room was filled with tension. You sat in your nicest clothes, shifting around in your seat. Arvin places his hand on your knee, and you can feel it’s warmth through your tights; you stop turning and look over at him. Arvin had his shoulders pulled back and back straight. He looks uptight and uncomfortable. He never sat like that. His jaw was clenched, too, as his gaze went back to the man you were both waiting to speak. 

Reverend Teagardin. He grabbed his cup of coffee and brought it to his lips before clearing his throat. “So,” he began, “You two would like to get married? That would help things, I’m sure.”

Arvin scoffs but bites his tongue. He doesn’t want to be here, but your parents required it until they’d let him marry you. Arvin nods. “Yes, sir.”

Reverend Teagardin looks over to you. “I suppose that would be nice. Of course, your families asked me to talk to you two before. Marriage is a big deal, you know, that’s a lot of commitment for people so young.”

“People are age get married all the time,” you say, “and Arvin and I have been together for a while. We love each other too." 

Teagardin nods. "Well, that is important. It’s just sometimes you’ll want to explore other people,” his gaze was on you as he said it. You look away from him, and Arvin gives a glance to you. He didn’t like how he said that. 

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invisible things // t.h. x gn!reader

it’s the invisible things that i love the most…and the way that i feel when i hold you close.

  • a/n: not proofread. gn = gender neutral.
  • warning(s): mistakes, error, fluff overload…
  • word count: 1.39k
  • request(ed): no.
  • summary: tom and y/n’s morning consists of cuddling, banter, and tessa.


You and Tom have been up for at least fifteen minutes. Just laying there breathing in and enjoying each other’s presence. It wasn’t until three minutes ago that you decided to turn and face Tom so that you could look into his eyes. He still looked sleepy and dazed, but just as cute as ever. His hair was tousled and his face was tinted red. 

With your eyes boring and focused into his, you didn’t notice that his lips had been puckered and he was slowly moving towards your face.

“I don’t know what that means Tommy.” You teased and sat up getting ready to leave the bed. “Guess you gotta use your words or something.”

Before you could leave, he pulled your arm back and wrapped his around your waist pulling you on top of him so you were straddling him.

“M’ pretty sure that y’know what the fuck I mean.” 

He was pretty vulgar in the mornings. At night too. Well…and in the afternoons so pretty much always.

You buried your face into his neck and kissed him there. Then again on his collar bone and his hands went to your ass and squeezed there letting you know to lift your head up. You did and he puckered his lips once again. You kissed him there and he smiled contently. 

His hands were still on your ass though.

“What are your plans for the day darling?”

You hummed and buried your face into his neck once again. It was warm there. While you thought his hands rubbed your body all the way up to your shoulders and then down to your ass and then back up again. His hands were pretty warm too.

“I’ll probably go get some coffee and food in like an hour.” You mumbled as you brought your hands up to his hair and started playing with it.There were a few tangles but you gently got them out. Tom loved when you played in his hair so you made sure to softly scratch his head a few times too. “After that I’ll go to the mall to pick out an outfit for skating this afternoon and then another for the party tonight.”

“Hm.” He hummed.

“What are you doing today babe?”

“Well…” He slipped his hands under your shirt so now he was rubbing your bare back. That felt even better - made you feel sleepy even. “I’ll probably get some coffee and food with the beautiful person on top of me.” You giggled and he squeezed your waist a bit. “Then I’ll go to the mall and buy us outfits for roller skating in the afternoon and then another for the party tonight.”

“Oh really?” You smiled.

“Yeah of course. My day has been planned for weeks.” He replies sarcastically.

You were silent for a moment but still playing in his hair. You cherished these moments just for the simple reason that they didn’t come often. He was gone most of the time touring, filming, or busy with interviews so whenever you could spend time together alone, you always felt so happy.

His hands traveled to your sides and squeezed. He loved touching you. He loved the feel of you. Every single part of you. Every line, every curve, every crevice…he wanted to alway feel you. Next to him, beside him, on top of him, under him…he wanted to touch you. The only time his hands weren’t on you was practically never.

“I should shower.” you mumble.

“I’ll join you.” His hands were on your ass again, and you laugh. You knew where this would lead to but you were kind of on a time limit and if you didn’t leave the house soon, you’d be late for everything.

Thankfully, before you could answer Tessa jumped onto the bed and waited to be pet. You immediately jumped off of Tom and cuddled Tess.

“What! Y/N that’s no fucking fair!”

“Watch your language around my baby Tom.” You said kissing the dog’s face. You loved her so much and she wouldn’t stop licking your face. The day you met her you were inseparable. At times Tom got jealous - either you were spending too much time with Tessa instead of him - or Tessa was spending too much time with you instead of him. Either way it was his loss but he was really happy the two of you got along. 

Too well at times.

“Oh fuck off.” he mumbled unraveling himmself from the blankets and getting out of bed. “Your baby? A second ago I was your baby and here comes Tessa and now I don’t exist. That’s okay though I’ll remember that.”

You rolled your eyes at his whispering. You weren’t sure if it was intentional that you could hear him but it was still funny.

“Tom you’re being a bit dramatic don’t you think?“

“Sure. Whatever you say.” He really couldn’t pretend to be irritated with you any longer - he loved seeing you with Tessa. He walked over to the other side of the bed to love on her too. 

He cooed at her and your heart swelled. You loved seeing how good he was with her. It made you think about what he’d be like with kids one day…but neither of you were ready for that just yet.

He thought the same of you though. He thought the world of you and knows that you’ll be a great parent.

After a moment or two you left and went to the kitchen to fill Tessa’s water and food bowls. A second later, Tessa came running in ready to eat. Tom followed shortly after and began making himself a cup of tea.

He looked over to Tessa eating and you getting ready for the day, and he liked what he saw. He wouldn’t want to change anything about his life. You were his favorite person and nothing could change that. You were the one he wanted to say goodmorning and goodnight to everyday. He thought about the things he took for granted sometimes like privacy and security but he just knew that you were never ever something he’d take for granted. You’d be something he’d cherish and love…forever.


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Description: Willard, struggling to cope with the loss of his wife and his shattered faith, finds a small light in the darkness.

Warnings: angst, depression, alcohol abuse, mention of war violence, religious doubt, some blood, strong language

Notes: I’ve never posted something like this before. I wanted to give Willard a chance to change his ending. Sorry if there are any typos.


In the months after he buried his wife, Willard sometimes thought he was going feral. He’d sent the boy off to live with his aunt and uncle and now wasted away in that old house in the woods with no one to keep him company save his demons. Nights he spent drowning himself in beer, or Jim Beam when he could afford it, and screaming at air in the woods behind his house. He was certain there was either no one listening to his prayers or he’d been praying to a spiteful God all this time, willing to rob a man of everything good in his life just to prove a point.

Tonight was a Jim Beam night and Willard hoped to drink himself stupid. He sat in his threadbare green armchair and tipped another swig of whiskey down his throat, grimacing at the familiar burn. He thought of the war, and how by the end of it each of the men had learned to smother that last bit of humanity in them and become nothing more than an animal. They were like dogs trained to fight, acting on raw instinct, trained to kill and desperate to survive. He wanted to smother that part of him again—to stop thinking and feeling and become a man of pure action and instinct. He was willing to do anything to win the war raging in his mind against a cruel God and numb the searing pain he felt every time he woke up in this house without her.

Willard swallowed the last mouthful of whiskey and hurled the bottle at the unlit wood stove in the center of the room. It shattered, sending shards of glass skittering across the hardwood floor to join the remains of dozens of beer bottles that had met the same fate. He rose to his feet and ran his fingers through his overgrown hair, pushing it off his sweaty forehead. He wanted to know why. He knew he wasn’t always a good man, but he wasn’t a bad one neither. What had he done to deserve this? And what about her? She’d never hurt anything if she could help it. She wouldn’t even kill a spider. She deserved better than this. If there was a God anywhere in the universe worth praying to, the bastard would’ve let her live.

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