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#The Last Of Us

So I wanted to do a thing, now this isn’t a challenge because I’m a big baby. But below are 25 prompts related to Christmas/the Winter season.

I’m also gonna post a list of characters I will write for these prompts { though if the character you like isn’t below I am willing to write for them if it fits the prompt.}


  1. getting out/putting up decorations.
  2. making christmas cards.
  3. sitting/snuggling in front of the fireplace with hot cocoa/tea.
  4. shopping for and/or wrapping gifts.
  5. buying the christmas tree
  6. decorating the christmas tree.
  7. mistletoe.
  8. making snowmen.
  9. wearing ugly Christmas sweaters
  10. baking holiday treats.
  11. Kissing in front of the fireplace.)
  12. watching a classic holiday film
  13. listening to/playing festive music or caroling.
  14. ice skating.
  15. snowball fight!
  16. catching cold from being outside so much.
  17. spending time with friends/family.
  18. one lending the other their coat/scarf/hat to keep them warm.
  19. throwing/attending a holiday party.
  20. one surprising the other with an early gift.
  21. spending the evening in a cafe.
  22. making s’mores.
  23. having drinks together on Christmas eve.
  24. sneaking around after the other has fallen asleep to put up their gift.
  25. spending Christmas morning together.

The characters:

  • Nathan Drake. { Uncharted }
  • Sam Drake.{ Uncharted }
  • Chloe Frazer. { Uncharted  }
  • John Wick.
  • Joel MIller. { The Last Of Us }
  • Abraham / Little Hope / { must specif if you want him to be in the future or if it’s the past }
  • Anthony Clark { Little Hope- 70′s era }
  • Andrew. { 2020 boy }
  • Decker { Love, Death and Robots }
  • Sobieski { Love, Death and Robots }
  • Jacob Frye. { Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. }
  • Peter B. Parker. { into The Spiderverse. }
  • Peter Parker. { PS4 game }
  • Bigby Wolf. { The Wolf Among Us }
  • Arthur Morgan. { Red Dead Redemption 2 }
  • Luke Crain. { Haunting Of Hill House. }
  • Peter Quint. { Haunting of Bly Manor. }
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Originally posted by voldsby

part 2 of done

The song thrummed in your ears as you hummed to yourself. People swayed with each other all around you, and the sight of everyone with a partner made your heart clench. I miss Ellie, you thought to yourself.

As the words flashed across your mind, you scolded yourself instantly for letting you think those three words. She left you, you remind yourself, she doesn’t love you anymore, y/n.

Every time you had to recall those facts, it only made you long for her touch more. You missed her. Desperately at that, but you knew the hard truth.

Ellie walked into the crowded living room, a blank expression on her face as she moved. You straightened almost simultaneously. It had been a little more than a month since the two of you had broken off, and it was the hardest month you’ve ever had to go through.

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