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had a dream that tlou had an alternate ending where you could surrender yourself to make the cure. theyd take some blood from ellie and then youd be able to walk around the hospital (as ellie) and chat w people and everyone was nice and abby was young and smiley and gave u a hug and a thanks. woke up and started writing a gushy post abt how cute she is in that ending before realizing it doesnt exist…… dlc when

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Gustavo Santaolalla & Mac Quayle - The Last Of Us Part II | Mondo | 2020 | Orange-In-Clear with White & Silver Splatter + Blue-In-Clear with White & Silver Splatter
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The way I tortured myself by watching this scene over and over again to get reference pictures :(

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Just thinking about how Joel is the last thing Sarah ever sees before Joel becomes a shell of himself, and how Ellie is the last thing Joel sees before she becomes a shell of herself and the symmetry of it all and lads I need to go lay down now

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“I Struggled For A Long Time With Surviving. And No Matter What, You Keep Finding Something To Fight For.” ~Joel

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something I've been thinking about a lot,, and correct me if I’m wrong, is that the infected in the Last Of Us game series are actually AWARE of their actions but can do nothing to stop it because the fungus completely takes control of their body’s functions and only leaves the mind. Like imagine the complete horror of realizing that you’re killing and eating your family and friends and then the agonizing pain of the fungal growth cracking your skull and blinding you as it takes over even more. The one video of an infected woman sobbing while she eats someone else just drove that point home for me. 

At some point your mind just gives up and you succumb to the infection but the terrifying realization of the futility of your struggle,, god that just hits so hard. I realize that it’s just a game franchise but small bits of lore like that really make it seem real. 

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Joel x Reader - Home (Chapter 6)

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 TBA 


Originally posted by jdmorganz

Warnings: for cussing and smut/sexual content 

Chapter 6 - A Different Pace to Life 

“Where did you get some of these records?” You call to Joel who is in the kitchen. After sneaking out of the dance unnoticed you offered to help him set up his record player, which actually ended up being pretty straightforward. 

“I went back to the music store during a patrol with Jesse. Managed to salvage a few more to add to what you gave me” Joel explains standing in the doorway of the living room.  You continue to flick through the different records, ‘aha’ you thought, sliding the vinyl out of its sleeve, you set in place and gently drop the needle hearing the slight crackle.

“Van Morrison, I like your choice” Joel comes and sits by you on the floor you’re backs propped against the sofa.

“Why thank you. If I had clocked it in the store I think I would have taken it for myself on our first patrol” you laugh but he just gives a short laugh “Hm, I liked that day. I think we made a good team and then you just avoided conversation on the few patrols we had after”. “Me?”You think, he had avoided you just as much. If not more, wasn’t he the one who ignored what happened between you and still hadn’t brought it up to this day.

“Well I think it’s pretty difficult to say who’s been avoiding who in the past few weeks” you sigh letting your head fall back onto the sofa, looking up at the ceiling. 

You both take a sip of whiskey in the silence, you were both defiantly beginning to feel the affects of the spirit.

“Won’t Ellie be back soon?” You ask trying to break the silence hanging between you both.

“Not tonight, she is staying at her friend, Dina”. That must have taken some convincing from Ellie you think. Joel was so protective of her, watching the way he was with her did make you feel warm in your chest even when you were mad with him.

“I am sure she will have-“ you begin but Joel cuts you off.

“I didn’t want to avoid you” he is finally looking at you for the first time since he sat down, you follow him and look right back at his hazel eyes.

“Joel, I find it completely impossible to know what you want”. It was true, he had always been so quick to end the conversation first even before the kiss and then after the kiss it felt as though he couldn’t get away quick enough.

“I ain’t doing it on purpose. I just spent the past twenty years on my own surviving day to day, literally! Then I met Ellie and it was even more difficult. Keeping us both safe, worrying about her every damn minute but then we made it here to Jackson.” He begins to rub his legs obviously uncomfortable at the prospect of opening up. 

“This pace of life, it’s so different. It’s been a long time since I was able to sit and watch a film, cook a proper meal or sit at a bar and meet a person that knocks the feet from under me. I haven’t been allowed to let myself care or think about the prospect in my life for a long time”.

You reach out and place your hand on top of his to stop it from moving in an attempt to comfort him.

“I can understand that. It’s a lot to let your guard down and enjoy life in Jackson. We spent so many years thinking living like this wouldn’t be possible” you sigh and feel his hand slightly tighten around yours. His hand gently pull you towards him, you move in closer to him, his hands guiding your legs over the top of his so that you are straddled on top of him. 

Looking down at him, he pushes the stray hair from your face, pulls your face towards his and you can’t help but let out a small sigh as his lips reach yours. There is more urgency in this kiss than the first, maybe that was the alcohol you could taste upon his tongue or maybe it was the result of dancing around each other for weeks. Joel trails a line of kisses from the corner from your mouth to your neck “I want you” you hear him murmur against your neck. Grabbing the hair at the back of his head you pull his face back to look at you, you wanted him too as you raise your arms in an attempt to ask him to remove the clothing between you both. Before he does he guides you upstairs to his bedroom. 

He pulls both your tops over yours heads, you notice a few of the scars on his chest and trace them with your fingers. Kissing him in between the crook of his neck and collarbone you hear a slight moan escape his lips. As if he can’t wait anymore he pulls at your pants and gets on his knees in front of you. Moving your legs slightly as you feel his lips and tongue against your folds. He has no issue finding your clit and knowing just what to do. “Christ” you call in between moans, you can feel his soft chuckle against your legs and you cum there and then. Joel rises from his knees and is visibly proud of himself, you wanted to make him feel as good, so your hands reach for his visible bulge and begin to rub him in your hands which makes him inch himself even closer to you and you feel the hardness of it against the insides of your legs. “Aw fuck Y/N I need you right now”. You pull him onto the bed on top of you, you separate your legs giving him permission. 

“Its been a while since I did this” he sighs

“Believe me you wouldn’t know it” you laugh before gasping as you feel him enter you. He gives you a look like hmm how do you like that and you do, a lot. Joel has the ability to both be rough and gentle, knowing just how much to give to make you moan against his lips. Your hips begin to meet his and match his pace as he kisses and nibbles at your breasts. It couldn’t get better than this you think as Joel presses his forehead against you and all you can hear is his breathy grunts and cussing in pleasure. Your walls begin to tighten as feel close to the edge once more, you call his name as you climax . Hearing you call his name like that sends him closer “Aw fuck I am gonna cum” he moans as he pulls out and you feel the warm sensation of come against your leg. Joel reaches out for a towel on the floor and cleans the remnants before lying next you. You crawl closer to him in the dark and lean on top of his chest looking up at him. 

“Well I don’t think we are going to be able to avoid each anymore” he mummers against your head as he kisses the top of it and you fall asleep with Joel drawing lines with his fingertips against the small of your back. 

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i feel like i’ve talked about this a million times and i’d LOVE to talk about it again. simply put: dina had a hard time accepting how into ellie she really was.

i think that for so long, dina and ellie had considered themselves best friends. like, i think that dina thought their relationship was strictly platonic, but over time, she realized she felt this little itty bit of possession over ellie and she felt that her closeness to her wasn’t to be shared. we see this with cat. in ellie’s journal, she writes about how (when cat and ellie were dating), dina would constantly distance herself, and would never go to hang out with both of them together.

truthfully, i really believe that once cat came into the picture, that’s truly when dina realized that feeling of possessiveness she had over her relationship with ellie was not at all platonic like she’d thought.

dina expresses fondness throughout the game for ellie’s interests – music, comic books, space. she finds this endearing and she vocalizes it multiple times. if she found it endearing throughout the course of the game, why the hell wouldn’t she find it endearing years ago when she and ellie were as close as they were? little by little i think this started to grow on dina, until she couldn’t help but feel a deeper connection and warmth for this dorky girl she called her best friend – a warmth i don’t think she even realized was growing at all, or one she refused to see as romantic. 

i think it took a long time for dina to figure out that her feelings for ellie were shadowed by her relationship with jesse. i always suspected that it was possible that dina had some guilt for liking women, but then again, she’s expressed confidence and boldness and shamelessness for who she is. i also thought, maybe the pressure of leaving jesse would be too much, or that she was afraid of change. after a lot of thought about it, i still don’t know WHY she was on and off with jesse for so many years – i don’t think we’ll ever know – but here’s what i can conclude.

plain and simple, jesse was dina’s bandaid. i’ve written about this so many times in fics, i’ve made this the center of plot points sometimes, even. she was on and off with jesse for years, and yet, even while with jesse – as implied with ellie’s conversation with joel in the hotel, where she states that they’re together when joel asks about them – dina still finds herself jealous and resentful toward cat for taking something (someone) she felt was hers. and all those years she spent with jesse, she was subconsciously jealous whenever ellie would do the same things as her – such as get into a relationship – because she didn’t want to accept that maybe the way she felt about ellie was one-sided (it never was).

while i believe she definitely loved jesse, i think that there was a lot of romantic tension between dina and ellie that dina chose to ignore and hide away, only to put in the back of her mind until she saw ellie again. but she never realized how deeply her feelings ran until a different girl came into the picture, and it took until both girls were single and there that night of the dance for dina to decide to stop running from the feelings that had been eating at her for years, and finally take what she rightfully thought was hers.

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