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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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#The Making of Frozen
i will love to see a version of frozen 2 of that video of making of frozen song but with idina this time

I was so disappointed that she didn’t pop at the end of the video like with coffee while the others sing in her absence like ‘wtf are you all doing’ which would have been hilarious SO YES give us a 'The Making Of Frozen 2’ fake dvd bonus video with Idina WDAS please!!

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The Elsa guide pic is from the ABC Special about the Making of Frozen and was created by Elsa's Supervising Animator Wayne Unten to keep Elsa's look consistent with all of the animators working on her scenes.

Thank you!!! =)

For anyone else curious, I’m presuming it’s this video (, although I have yet to check for myself.

UPDATE:  Found it! It’s at 4:14. Thank you all for your help! <3

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Yesterday did u see the making if frozen? It also had big hero six previews! Omg so funny! Plus, the guy who voiced oaken in frozen is a director in big hero six! So much hype! And new short OMG!

We knew about the new short but I was actually binge watching Young Justice and forgot. 


I was actually binge watching Bleach and I totally forgot that it was on, but I saw the Big Hero 6 clip, which was what I was really waiting for. 

~ Juliette

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Peeved beyond reason for Disney flat out ignoring Hans in the special, nor giving his voice actor credit.
When the film first came out, Hans was the character everyone talked about with his twist.

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For anyone who was unable to watch The Making if Frozen,Lasseter announced at the very end that a new Frozen short will be produced,including a new song and featuring all the main characters!!

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