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#The Mandalorian
charnelhouse2 days ago
Watching season 2 ep 1. After mando has fought them all off, saved the kid and strung that guy up. Just imagining getting him back to the ship鈥 馃サ
Tumblr media
A/N: Din Djarin x F!Reader. cockpit sex. rough smut. squirting. vibes.
It goes like this. Din is agitated. He鈥檚 revved all the way up - a ship engine humming to go as he swiftly storms back to the Crest. You can barely see him - just the sweep of his cape as sand swirls at his heels. The moon bouncing coin-silver off the top of his Beskar helmet.
You try to keep up - eyes locked on the cradle that zooms through the darkness behind Din. You鈥檙e breathing hard - coated in a thin film of sweat. You can fight, but that had been a lot.
Din had it handled though. He always does.
By the time you step into the hull - Din has already put Grogu to bed in his hammock. You can feel his tension - his unwavering adrenaline that is oozing out of every crevice. You wonder what he did before. You wonder how he handled all that energy after a hunt when it was only him.
The shadowed image of him stroking his cock snaps through your head: his brow pressed to his wall - muscles bunching at his back and shoulders and the deep, reverberating spill of his groans. Fuck.
He moves toward you - gloveless fingers on your cheeks before you even realize he鈥檚 there. 鈥淎re you alright?鈥 he asks. 鈥淒id you get hurt?鈥
鈥淣o,鈥 you reply - touching his wrist - squeezing it enough - i鈥檓 here - i鈥檓 okay
鈥淕ood,鈥 His voice drops to something rough - heavy and hungry all at once. 鈥淕o to the cockpit.鈥
It鈥檚 not a sweet fuck. Far from it.
But when has your Din ever been sweet? It鈥檚 not that he鈥檚 mean or cruel or forceful. He鈥檚 just all sharp edges. He dines on your pleasure - wants to make you come until you can鈥檛 breathe or see full colors. His fingers inside you are swift and diligent. He pushes them as deep as he can - three at a time before he spreads them apart - curls them up so he can rub against that intimate patch in your cunt that makes you spurt like a fountain. He鈥檒l stretch you open like that - shoving to the knuckles with those three thick fingers and then he鈥檒l angle his thumb so he can work your clit. It鈥檚 all very strategized and messy because you鈥檙e babbling and broken and he鈥檚 hushing you, but praising you and it ends with you soaking the floor of his cockpit -
which he loves because he is sort of disgusting when it comes to your body and your fluids and whatever he can get into.
鈥淒in,鈥 you pant as he spears his fingers inside you. 鈥淥h - oh - fuck it鈥檚 so much - it鈥檚 a lot -鈥
鈥淵ou can take it,鈥 he soothes - slowing only enough for you to sit up so you can glance down at what he鈥檚 doing to you. 鈥淵ou鈥檝e taken everything I鈥檝e given to you, sweet girl.鈥
Fuck. You know that if you said stop - he鈥檇 do it in a heartbeat. He鈥檇 remove his fingers and collect you to him and press his mouth to yours in the dark. He鈥檇 lie you down and comfort you and then probably lick your pussy all slow until you quivered with your climax.
But you can handle it. You can handle him. His roughness and his prickly nature and his need to sometimes just fuck the shit out of you. Tomorrow you鈥檒l wake up bruised and sore and unable to walk on two feet and Din will be unreadable beneath his helmet but you know that he鈥檒l be smug as a lothcat - totally playing dumb.
Oh no - I wonder if you pulled a muscle - maybe that fight took it out of you.
You鈥檙e such an idiot. You did this!
Don鈥檛 know what you鈥檙e talking about.
He鈥檚 just really good at sex.
You lean back on your elbows as Din works you over - tears you open in his way. Your orgasm hovers near - makes your lower muscles bunch and flex as your toes curl. The stars and the gleaming buttons on the console are the only sources of light - revealing bits of Din鈥檚 face - the specter of his white grin - his dark curls and strong nose and fan of girlish lashes.
His fingers punch up against something soft inside you and with it comes a push of liquid and Din鈥檚 husky groan. You squeak - body curving in on itself as your grip flies to his shoulders and you vibrate with your climax. It hits you out of nowhere - slams into you and makes your cunt grip him by the knuckles - clenching and unyielding and desperate.
鈥淵ou cum so easy,鈥 he drawls before he lifts his hand to show you his wrinkled fingertips - glimmering beneath the faint trace of starlight - drenched from being thrust inside you again and again.
鈥淐an鈥檛 help it,鈥 you slur before you punch him in the arm because he looks too satisfied with himself.
He reaches for your mouth.
鈥淪uck them,鈥 he grunts and you do as he asks - letting him push those pruney fingertips against your tongue so that you can savor the salt-sweet burst of your own cunt. 鈥淕ood girl.鈥
Your skin burns - swelling with exertion and overstimulation and pleasure.
鈥淵ou gonna fuck me?鈥 you ask - breath still snagging through your lungs - sweat dripping down your hairline. He shuffles backward and you poking him in the gut with your toe. He chuckles - grabbing your ankle and brushing a kiss over the skin.
He鈥檚 in the space between. His feral blood has fled him - he鈥檚 gotten your pleasure, which is what he had wanted. You don鈥檛 really understand him sometimes. His favorite thing is to make you come. It鈥檚 not about him and yet it is. You wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that he had once led such a singular life. Just him and his ship and the quiet sea of galaxy in front of him. Finally having someone to touch and taste for himself perhaps is new for him - sweet and exhilarating in its way.
Still - you want him inside you. You want him to find his own.
鈥淐鈥檓on - please,鈥 you repeat. 鈥淚 want you fuck me, Din.鈥
鈥淚 kind of just did.鈥
鈥淣o - with your cock.鈥
鈥淚鈥檇 say making you squirt all over me with just my fingers is fucking.鈥
鈥淣ow you鈥檙e being mean.鈥
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know,鈥 He starts to crawl forward - bearing his weight above you - shifting between your splayed open thighs. He drops his head and nips your throat - humming with something. You can see his cock swinging between his legs - wet and warm against your folds as he nudges it against you. 鈥淵ou seem pretty tired.鈥
鈥淣ot even close,鈥 you snap back - even though you are. You鈥檙e exhausted from the fight and running across the desert and then having Din wreck you, but you still wanted it.
He laughs again - rumbling from the middle of his chest. He noses at your cheek as he squeezes your hips. 鈥淗ow could I refuse you?鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 think you can,鈥 you sigh as he guides his cock into you. You swell around the head - split apart - suck him deep because he鈥檇 gotten you ready. He makes you fit him.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e right,鈥 he murmurs as he begins to saw his hips - dragging the thick of him through the tight channel of your sex - slow and inexorable and pressed with intimacy. 鈥淚 couldn鈥檛...鈥 He kisses your mouth - tongue sweeping over yours. 鈥...not even if I tried,鈥 he finishes.
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djarinsgf2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
DIN DJARIN in THE MANDALORIAN聽聽 Chapter 1: The Mandalorian 鉁 鈥淚 was once a foundling.鈥
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thefact0rygirla day ago
september fic recs
Tumblr media
A big shout-out and forehead smooch to everyone who submitted recs! May you always have the cold side of the pillow and have endless green lights聽馃挅
Be sure to show your love and appreciation with reblogs, nice comments, and likes/kudos! I guarantee it will put a big, goofy smile on the author鈥檚 face.
These are in no particular order
Be sure to check the tags and warnings on fics before reading
If you鈥檙e under 18, do NOT interact with any fics rated Explicit 18+
Fics marked with a 鉁 were sent in as recommendations. All recs are anonymous
Ratings with an asterisk (*) indicate the OP didn鈥檛 provide a rating and this is my best guess
happy reading!
Tumblr media
ahsoka tano & riyo chuchi
鉁 Friends in Cold Places by @notreallybeccab | Rating: G
鉁 Gar Cabur by @wanderinginksplot | Rating: G*
arc trooper echo
鉁 Marked by @saradika | Rating: Explicit 18+
the bad batch
Childhood by @moonstrider9904 | Rating: G*
boba fett
鉁 The Hand that Feeds by @interstellarwraith | Rating: T
鉁 When Light Meets Matter by @msfett | Rating: Explicit 18+
If You鈥檙e Leaving by @forever-rogue | Rating: G*
Reuniting with Boba聽by @fandom-blackhole | Rating:G*
Veman鈥檃lor by @galacticgraffiti | Rating: Explicit 18+
boba fett x din djarin
鉁 Don鈥檛 You Ever Do That Again! by @spaceydragons鈥 | Rating: T*
captain howzer
howzie and his love for tits by @babyhowzer | Rating: Explicit 18+
captain rex
鉁 By Any Other Name &聽What Blooms In Thunder by @rowansparrow | Rating: Explicit 18+*
鉁 Bolts and Blasters by theboldsnake (ao3) | Rating: M
鉁 Calm After the Storm by @notreallybeccab鈥 | Rating: T
鉁 Illicit Affairs by @book-of-baba-fett | Rating: Explicit 18+*
鉁 No Thought by @mintywriteswritings | Rating: G*
The Necklace by @triptuckers | Rating: T*
captain gregor
鉁⊿potless Mind by @eyecandyeoz | Rating: Explicit 18+
commander cody聽
鉁 At What Cost by @notreallybeccab | Rating: T
Untitled by @zinzinina | Rating: Explicit 18+
commander fox
鉁 blank by @purgetrooperfox | Rating: T
鉁 guess it just wants to die by @purgetrooperfox | Rating: T
鉁 Stress Relief by @fett-djarin | Rating: Explicit 18+
the lamp prompt by @loth-wolffe鈥 | Rating: G*
Untitled by @ashotofspotchka | Rating: Explicit 18+
commander wolffe
鉁 Death鈥檚 Bitter Knock by allisgalaxy (ao3) | Rating: M
鉁爏econd chances by @beehacked | Rating: Explicit 18+
Biting by @rebelpitstop | Rating: Explicit 18+
Intimacy by @stargazingthenightaway | Rating: Explicit 18+
Pumpkin Spiced Bullshit by @starlightrows | Rating: G*
multiple clones
鉁 Well Deserved Break by @notreallybeccab | Rating: T
On The Flip Side by Wamers (ao3) | Rating: M*
The Commanders and the Captain by @rebelpitstop | Rating: Explicit 18+
鉁 In Perfect Light by @interstellarwraith聽| Rating: T
鉁 I Won鈥檛 Leave and Rain by @14mcmd1122 | Rating: Explicit 18+
Sun-Kissed by @ct-crosshair | Rating: T*
din djarin聽
鉁 Good Little Girl by @star-whores-a-new-hoe | Rating: Explicit 18+*
鉁 nighthawks by @pedros-mustache | Rating: Explicit 18+
Wreckage by @the-scandalorian | Rating: M
din djarin x fennec shand
鉁 The Children of Mandalore聽by @novemberrain221 | Rating: Explicit 18+
eli vanto
鉁 Blueberries and Cowboys by @masterjedilenawrites鈥 | Rating: T
grand admiral thrawn
鉁 Blueberries and Cowboys by @masterjedilenawrites | Rating: T
Untitled ficlet by @milf-thrawn-nuruodo | Rating: Explicit 18+
鉁 Long Awaited Reunion by @notreallybeccab | Rating: G*
wishful thinking by @mysteryhacked | Rating: T
鉁 Dust in the Wind by @crab-instruments | Rating: T
鉁 Hunter x GN!Reader by @kirinpl鈥 | Rating: G*
鉁 Inky Black by @bacarasbabe | Rating: Explicit 18+*
maul x reader x savage
鉁 She Breathes Fire by @grinningnexu | Rating: Explicit 18+
obi-wan kenobi
鉁燚istracted by @stardust-kenobi | Rating: Explicit 18+*
paz vizsla聽
鉁 Helping Hands by @galacticgraffiti | Rating: Explicit 18+
鉁 Finding a Home by BunnyFair (ao3) | Rating: M
poe dameron
鉁 The Weightlessness of Safety by @lightsinthedistancee | Rating: T*
savage opress
鉁 The Fanged God Walks by @darthsomethingsomething | Rating: Explicit 18+
shaak ti
Untitled聽by @lesbobiwan | Rating: Explicit 18+
鉁 Welding by @colorfulloverbatturkey | Rating: G*
鉁 Mission鈥檚 End by @twistedstitcher27 | Rating: Explicit 18+
Tumblr media
鉁⊿ubmit Your Recs!鉁
Have a fic you really enjoyed? Did you see some fan art that spoke to your soul? Or did you create something that you鈥檙e proud of? Send it in! Shoot me an ask, dm, or tag me in the post and I鈥檒l be sure to include it in next months recommendations 馃グ In the meantime, consider liking and reblogging their work! Interaction is key.
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chalroea day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
din makes some new friends :)
[ID: a digital 3-panel comic of din djarin taking out the darksaber for the first time post season 2. he is a tall, muscular man who is wearing a pure beskar mandalorian armor. underneath he wears simple clothes and a cape. the darksaber is shaped like a traditional sword and emitting a strange energy.
in the first panel din is holding it in one hand saying 鈥瀏uess i鈥榣l have to start using this now that i鈥榤 Mand鈥榓lor鈥︹
in the second panel the blue force ghost of jaster mereel appears out of thin air, holding out a hand and saying 鈥淛aster Mereel, big fan.鈥 he is also wearing mandalorian armor, though his is a lot more worn and coupled with a torn cape and jetpack. din is leaning away from him gripping the darksaber with both hands, obviously being jump-scared and letting out a cut off scream.
in the third panel the blue force ghost of tarre vizsla in very distinct mandalorian armor appears behind din, leaning on a crate, saying 鈥淭arre Vizsla, nice to meet you!鈥 their long cape floats in the wind. din is not shocked any less, sweating profusely. end ID.]
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kasielartista day ago
Part II of this AU
I had to make some doodles about them馃ぃ
Tumblr media
Part I of the au here:
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silksaddle2 days ago
Forest Green
Tumblr media
Pairing: Din Djarin x f!reader (Pottery AU)
Warnings: 18+ only! language, brief fingering, piv
Summary: Coming to bed to find you in his sweater, Din can鈥檛 keep his hands away.
A/N: Thank you Dani @javierpcna for encouraging me to write this today when I couldn鈥檛 decide what to go with <3 And have a look at this art by @nobodys-baby-now!
Potter!Din Masterlist
鈥淚 was looking for that, you know.鈥 Din stands in the doorway to your bedroom, the soft lamp light shining on his hands as he wipes them free of clay.
Your lips thin in a coy smile as you hug your legs to your chest on the fluffy duvet. The sleeves pass to the tips of your fingers, but the green, thick knitted wool keeps you warm, and had kept you warm all day as he worked away in the shed. There鈥檚 a tiny flick of clay across his nose, evidently caused by the way he pinches it in thought, and you laugh to yourself as he scratches over it but doesn鈥檛 remove the mark.
He tosses the cloth on top of the laundry basket in the corner, stalking over to the foot of the bed with a grin on his face. You scramble up the sheets in giggles, your hands slipping over the soft cotton and the extra crocheted throw, but he closes a fist around your ankle and yanks you back to him.
鈥淒on鈥檛 run from me,鈥 he says huskily, planting his hands at either side of your head and leaning down. 鈥淚 wanna talk to the thief.鈥
鈥淭his is mine,鈥 you retort, grabbing the collar and pulling it up to cover your nose.聽
鈥淵ou think so?鈥 he asks, slipping two fingers into the collar and tugging it down to press his mouth to yours. He tastes like the fruit you left with him hours ago, but his scent is more reminiscent of the pine outside, just beyond the shed. He parts from you, a dazed expression painting across his deep eyes. 鈥淲here did you find it, huh?鈥
You don鈥檛 say anything now, instead licking your thumb and swiping it over the tiny swathe of clay on his nose. He scrunches his eyes and shakes his head, dropping a knee to the mattress and smoothing his hands up to your armpits before guiding your body back up the bed.
鈥淚 like when you wear what鈥檚 mine,鈥 he says, pulling off his own sweater, the yellow one he seldom wears compared to the green. His plush little belly flexes as he moves, your eyes glued to his torso until he speaks again. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e mine, baby. Yeah?鈥
鈥淵eah鈥︹ you sigh as his hands creep up inside the sweater, his large hands closing around your bare breasts, warm and dry. He groans at the softness that meets him, the slight hardness to your nipples passing under his palms, the squish when he pinches.
鈥淚 thought about this before,鈥 he breathes, lowering his mouth to your neck, leaving an open kiss to the sensitive skin, suckling just barely. He does it again moving upward, beneath your jaw, against your throat, all as he tugs himself free from his trousers.
鈥淎bout what?鈥 you sigh, reaching to tug the sweater off like he had done to himself, but as his cock rests heavy between his thighs, he catches your hands and lowers them back down.
鈥淟eave it on, I wanna fuck you in it.鈥
Widening your eyes, you feel his hands working at your jeans as you watch his face, his cheeks rosier than they were when he came in, his hair messier, too. You lift your hips to aid him in their removal, and he tosses them somewhere behind the bed with a light thud before caressing the backs of his fingers up your inner thigh.聽
鈥淵ou鈥檙e so fucking pretty, baby,鈥 Din groans, his fingers reaching the wetness at your core. He circles them slowly around your clit, and your back arches off the bed, your lungs emptying in a heavy sigh. He locks his eyes onto you as he positions them at your entrance, then pushes them forward, stretching you around their thickness.
鈥淔uck,鈥 you whisper, pulling up the extra wool pooled at your hips so you can watch them disappear inside of you. He strokes you with curled fingers, but it only lasts so long; he withdraws them and swipes your wetness all over the head of his cock, his head falling back as his eyes shut.
鈥淵ou ready?鈥 Din strokes himself as he watches you, and he looks so handsome like this, with his mussed hair and bare skin, the tip of his cock coming in and out of view in his fist.
鈥淵eah, baby, fuck me.鈥
Guiding himself down, he notches himself up with you and pushes forward, giving a few shallow thrusts to work you open more. Your arms snake around his shoulders and pull up tight, just as your legs do the same to his waist鈥 wrapping around his body in all ways that you can as he starts to fuck you properly.
He slides all the way until his hips meet the backs of your thighs, nestling his nose into your neck where he can smell the mixed scents of yours and his.
鈥淵ou like this?鈥 come his slurred words against your skin, and he adds more weight to his movement, and you cry out for him in a weak moan, the force of it caught in your throat. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 good.鈥
Din lazily kisses you, a rumble vibrating against your mouth when you clench around his cock, and his face presses harder against your neck.
鈥淚鈥 fuck, you feel so good, baby,鈥 you cry, and he finally brings his head up to rest your foreheads together, listening to the sound of him entering you.
He smiles, sneaking his hands under your back, lifting you just a smidge from the mattress. 鈥淚 want you to wear it more鈥 ngh鈥斺 Din cuts himself off when you raise your hips to meet his in a forceful motion, unable to help the way he moans brokenly at the soft graze of your thighs against his sides. 鈥淎ll mine.鈥
You hold onto his shoulders, and while your foreheads are still touching, he looks down to watch his cock slide into you another time. Din pauses a moment, letting himself feel the tight squeeze of your cunt. Then he looks at you, sparkling eyes and an open mouth, a heavy dose of affection pouring throughout his body, from his heart. You look up at him with wide eyes, smiling at him, relaxing into the blanket before he kisses your hair.
鈥淜eep looking at me,鈥 Din demands, then unfolding your arms from around his neck, lacing his fingers with yours as he presses them behind your head, into the blanket.聽
Squeezing his hands with your fingers, you buck your hips up into his, prompting him to resume his movements from before. He starts languidly, his eyes threatening to shut in pleasure, but stronger than that is his desire to keep your focus on him as he stares you down, his cock stretching you down to the hilt.聽
Faster, faster, he nestles himself in, his pants growing heavier by the second.聽
鈥淪鈥攕o pretty.鈥 Din murmurs, loosening one of his hands from yours to dip his fingers into the collar, 鈥淕onna make you come, wearing my sweater, yeah?鈥 His thumb strokes the neckline, before he swings his hips forward again, eliciting a breathy sigh from you.
Your thighs guide him partly, using your muscles to bring him in faster鈥 they start to tremble, but there鈥檚 something more that you need if you鈥檙e going to let go.
鈥淚 came wearing your sweater,鈥 you blurt out in your dazy bliss, but Din doesn鈥檛 stop; he only fucks you harder. 鈥淥nce鈥 you were busy and鈥︹
鈥淐ome on,鈥 he encourages you, slipping that free hand between your bodies for it to land at your clit, and he rubs those same circles that he鈥檇 done before fucking you, making you jolt in response. He continues, 鈥渃ome, right here,鈥 as he gives a deep roll of his hips, and before you feel it start, it鈥檚 happening, taking your body in an overwhelming but relaxing haze.
鈥淕ood, sweetheart,鈥 Din gasps as he feels you tighten up around him, and you鈥檙e still coming when he kisses you again, softly taking your bottom lip between his teeth. He tugs then lets go, watching the way you tremble and whine, even louder when he draws himself out.
鈥淣o, no,鈥 you beg, but then his hot hand rucks the sweater up over your stomach, the flat of his palm pressing into your body. With his other hand, he strokes himself, a furrow of effort to his brow, and he doesn鈥檛 come until you speak, 鈥淕o ahead, sweet boy.鈥
He spills onto your stomach and moans loudly, curls falling in haywire patterns onto his forehead. More quiet curses, and then he looks down at you, the disheveled state of his sweater, the pleased smile on your face.
His muscles shake, and he wants to collapse over you. For a minute, he hovers, catching his breath between kisses to your cheek and whispers of 鈥渢hank you,鈥 but then he makes to grab a towel for you. He returns with a warm one, swiping it over your stomach in gentle circles, and as he works, you reach up to fix his wild hair.
鈥淚鈥檓 going to be a thief more often,鈥 you laugh, and he tosses the towel across the room, landing perfectly on top of the basket. Din turns to you, chuckling, kissing each of your breasts over the wool.
鈥淛ust don鈥檛 steal my clay.鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檇 have to chase me for that.鈥
He retorts, 鈥淚 don鈥檛 chase.鈥
鈥淵ou would have to.鈥
With a sound between a sigh and another chuckle, he settles onto the bed and pulls you on top of him, hiking your thigh up over his hip. You soon feel the blanket over your shoulder, before the lamp goes out on the bedside table. Din is bare beneath you, and you鈥檙e still wearing the green cable-knit.
pottery pals: @highsviolets @heartsofbeskar @dindja @literallydontlook @mindidjarin @magpie-to-the-morning @honestly-shite @mando-abs @radiowallet
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charnelhouse2 days ago
I was the season 2 watcher anon. And yes 馃サ馃サ please make me Din鈥檚 stress ball.
Can we make this a thing because I also watched episode 2. And now you鈥檙e all desperate for each other but the egg lady is there and you鈥檙e all tucked into the tiny bunk for nap time. Fully clothed. Mando just has his helmet up a bit so he can kiss you in the dark. And you鈥檙e being completely quiet so you don鈥檛 wake Grogu.
You鈥檙e a genius. 猸愶笍
Tumblr media
A/N: Din Djarin x F!Reader. Fluff. Mention of sex.
"It's cold," you whisper.
"I know." Din reaches around you - gripping your hips and pulling you flush against him. He rearranges his cape - making sure you're fully covered. "I'm sorry."
"For what?"
"Getting us in this mess."
There's frost in the air - the hull frigid as icy wind slips through the jagged tears in the Crest. "It's not like you meant for this to happen," you mumble as you burrow deeper into his chest.
The Beskar does nothing for you - in fact, it seems to absorb the aching cold and burn your cheek. "I wish you were naked," you sigh as he tightens his arms around your waist.
He chuckles and it reverberates through his torso. "I could do many things right now to warm you up."
"I don't want to get into details."
"I could suc-"
He pinches your ass and you yelp. "Careful," he warns. "Don't get me excited."
A tiny gurgle sounds from between the both of you. You glance down to see the child snuffling in the blankets - claws clinging to your vest as he nuzzles against your belly.
Fuck. That's cute.
"I forgot," You tilt your chin up. "Can I have a kiss then?"
"If I kiss you, I'm going to want to fuck you."
"Din," you gasp. "Not in front of the baby."
"He's asleep."
"We're not alone," you remind him. There's still the frantic mother and her eggs.
He trails a finger over your hip - your arm and then your cheek. He sweeps it over the hinge of your jaw. "Lift my helmet."
You inhale sharply. You've seen his face, of course. Still - his trust in you - his desire to bare himself - thrills you. It also makes your heart clench, but you won't dig into that...not right now.
You gently push the edge of his helmet up - revealing the shadow of his facial hair - the plush mouth. He's still unbearably gorgeous even when you just get the lower-half of his face.
You shift upward and seal your mouth to his. It's a warm kiss - dry and sweet before Din's fingers dig into your cheek forcing your lips to part and accept his tongue. The kiss turns as it tends to - hungry and wetter - urgent.
"We could do it quickly," he says between kisses. "The bathroom - anywhere."
"No way - too risky."
"Let me have you."
"You were the one who said we should sleep first."
"I've changed my mind," he shrugs as he nibbles your earlobe - the sensitive patch of flesh beneath your chin. "You got me too excited."
"What if I went down on you?"
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queen-breha-organa2 days ago
Anyway, today I am thinking of Omera 鉁
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The kindest, sweetest, most hospitable, most understanding, baddest bitch in the galaxy.
I miss you so much,,,,please come back
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correct-mando11 hours ago
din: boba, we need to talk about the example you鈥檙e setting for grogu
boba, standing on the counter: bold words coming from someone standing lava
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headcanonthingsa day ago
Rey: Master, I need relationship advice.
Luke: Just cause I married Din doesn鈥檛 mean I know how I did it.
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autisticdindjarin2 days ago
Tumblr media
a what if scenario where grogu isnt the only force sensitive foundling din adopts
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novemberrain221a day ago
Tumblr media
鈥淚t鈥檚 what a real Mand鈥檃lore would do,鈥 Din said in a seething voice before turning back to Fennec. He could hear the sounds of AT-ATs in the distance and knew he would fight to his last breath for this planet and his people.
鈥淚鈥檓 right beside you, Din,鈥 Fennec reassured beside him.
鈥淚 know.鈥 Without warning he leaned in and kissed her deeply, not caring that Bo-Katan and Stours were there. He was tired of pretending. He was tired of keeping it a secret. 鈥淯ntil my dying breath and beyond, I was always yours, Ge鈥檛al,鈥 he murmured to her. She closed her eyes for a moment as the tears welled up and nodded before pulling from his embrace and putting her helmet on. He put his on and ignited the dark saber. (From The Space Between Us, Ch. 6)
Words cannot describe how utterly blown away I am with this! Stunning. Gorgeous. Dramatic. @thepoisonofgod you have absolutely blown me away!!!
@mando-abs @lellowberry @blackdogdesignuk @kotemorons @moodsare @oohnomando @mandogab
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