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#The Umbrella Academy

Reginald definitely pushes the kids too far in training

Luther was probably forced to hold heavier and heavier objects until his arms broke and then when he was healed he probably had to do it all over again until he could lift that amount and continue to go higher, constantly putting his body under stress.

Diego was probably forced to aim at Grace (probably to check his loyalty and aim in high tense situations) and if they know about breathing underwater he probably almost drowned til he couldn’t take it.

Allison was probably forced to rumor people into doing horrible things so Reginald could see if their was a limit to what Allison could get them to do.

Klaus was probably forced to summon dead people he knew vaguely or Reginald tried to get Klaus to resurrect them.

Five was probably told to teleport somewhere in the air and as he fell he was supposed to teleport to safety.

Ben was probably forced to summon monsters and try and control who they killed.

Vanya before her powers were suppressed was probably forced to pinpoint her powers which would cause herself stress

All of the siblings would probably be forced to go hungry if they failed or refused to do what Reginald wanted and I’m positive he probably fucked them up mentally if they failed. And chances are they all suffered mentally from the knowledge of what their “dad” forced them to go through

TLDR: Reginald was an ass and I hope if any of the siblings see him he is immediately punched

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(((While i have my theories and speculations for how Reginald knew about the children’s powers, especially after that trailer–i decided not to include all of my theories in this piece for the sake of not wanting to spoil anything. And for the sake of me being proved wrong when season 2 comes out, but that’s beside the point. Anyway, it’s just a little head canon of mine mixed with my theories, but i hope you all enjoy this none-the-less. 

I will also be posting this over on my Ao3 account–i won’t post a link considering the rising issue with people linking phishing links, but you can find me by my name “blackwolf066″ over there if you find it’ll be easier to read.

Enjoy guys!)))


Unlike the other children, that came into Reginald’s possession; Number Four’s primary power seemed to have been with him since his birth.

Documented security footage, continuously found the infant gurgling and squealing joyously at seemingly thin air, by his crib. While this was not unusual in some infants that couldn’t sleep through the night; what was unusual was the repeated occurrences at exactly twelve-twenty-one at night, as well as the incessant baby prattle that would start up from the infant, who had been silent up until that point. Add Number Four’s attention always centering on the same spot when these incidents arose; made it increasingly difficult to simply write it off as coincidental.

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Five, Klaus, and Diego are three of the strongest, most badass people, who have survived hell, but if you so much as LOOK AT THEM WRONG you will have a thousand angry fangirls and fanboys and fanpeople chasing you down with pitchforks and pink umbrellas. And I fully respect this and will join in.

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I made a Klaus playlist on Spotify if anyone’s lookin for new music!

Honestly, I just added whatever my brain deemed The Vibe ™️ from my library, so take from that what you will

Lmk if the link is broken, and send me your playlists too!! This is my favorite way way to find new music :)

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Ok so I think it’s gone around that the Umbrella Academy Season 2 launches at the end of July 2020, and I am SO HYPED but also I realized that they all jumped back to 1963.

So Klaus jumped in season 1 to the Vietnam war where he spent almost a year there. He fell in love and fought and nearly died.

Because I can’t remember history to save my life, I looked up when the Vietnam war ran, and it ran ALL through the 60s. In the trailer, Klaus has his tags.

I’m wondering now exactly WHERE Klaus’ initial jump was and, if possible, if we might see Dave in the flesh, because I think Klaus would have burned that time into his mind, no matter the drugs, and, if given the chance, would do everything and anything to save Dave. Heck, he’s crazy and creative enough to make the cult just to do that.

I really want Klaus to be happy, y'all, and Dave made him happy.

(And, at the very least, I want him to be recognized for the vet he is, and to get some respect for the horrors he saw)

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