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#The Untamed JP

Box 3 of CQL Japanese ver. Blu-ray~ 

Finally the collection is complete! You can see Box 1 and 2 here.

Also I was in the middle of admiring the merchandise until I saw these rabbits fucking at the corner of the fan


Hat’s off to the Japanese version

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Hi! You can search for it in CD Japan. They accept credit card and can ship overseas. I’ve frequently purchased from them. I also heard that you can try Amazon Japan, as well.

It is separated into 3 boxes (Box 1: Episode 1-16, Box 2: Episode 17-32, Box 3: the rest).

There is the regular and limited edition of each box (with more bonuses; you can check the product description).

There’s also the Animate Limited version, which is the one I bought. It has the most bonuses compared to all other stores (and also the most expensive *sobs*)

Hope you can get them :)

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Box 1 and 2 of CQL Japanese ver. Blu-ray are here~

If I have 4 hands I would’ve recorded an unboxing video, but since I’m only given two, we’ll make do with photos instead. xD

Okay, so… First of all, each box consists of 3 Blu-ray discs (16 episodes) and a Special DVD containing behind the scenes, commentary, and of course, the long awaited Japanese-dubbed bonus scenes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

You can check this and this posts for some clips of the Japanese-dubbed bonus scenes. I also included there a link to my Twitter thread where I post more of the Japanese-dubbed scenes (since I can’t post that many videos here due to upload limit).

I purchased the Animate First Run Limited Edition, which got the most complete bonus among all of its Japanese releases (and the most expensive too so fuck my life but whatever yeah)

The bonuses from each box are listed below.

BOX 1:

  • 2 Postcards
  • 1 Clip (the square one)
  • 6 Button Pins
  • 1 Photo Card
  • 1 Smartphone Ring
  • 1 Photobook (episode summaries, character chart, WangXian character details, stills, Xiao Zhan and Yibo’s profiles)


BOX 2:

  • 2 Postcards
  • 1 Clip (the square one)
  • 2 Mini Clear Files
  • 1 Acrylic Standee
  • 1 Photobook (content is more or less same as above with Yi Nan Ping Japanese lyrics)

Notice all the details they put in the standee. :’)

The boat and lotus pods, the waterborne abyss, Emperor’s Smile, the chicken, Mo Xuanyu’s mask, Chenqing, Wangji, Suibian, Bichen, little A-Yuan burried in bunnies.

And of course, Wei Wuxian’s legendary porn book ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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