#The Viscount Who Loved Me
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The way she makes him smile 🥹
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“He might have been a rake and a rogue—he might still be a rake and a rogue—but clearly his behavior to those ends did not define the man. And the only objection Kate had to his marrying Edwina was... She swallowed painfully. There was a lump the size of a cannonball in her throat. Because deep in her heart, she wanted him for herself.”
Julia Quinn, The Viscount Who Loved Me (Bridgertons, #2)
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mskatesharma · 2 days ago
Simone's LA Times podcast left me so ambivalent...She was delightful per usual and I'm glad she has some TBA projects so I can support her work elsewhere. But I think I'm finally over the show....
TVWLM is the only Bridgerton book I like, so I was happy to peace out from the fandom after S2. But S2 left me so dissatisfied and Simone and JB have made it seem like they'll have a decent story in S3, so I was gonna stick around. But Simone's reveal that they had written a backstory and flashbacks for Kate—but ultimately scraped it—has just left such a sour taste (compounded by everything else) and IDK that I can't reconcile it anymore. Like do I still want to follow this show?
They've got no problem giving all the white women characters their due (Eloise, Daphne, Penelope, Violet), but Kate, her family, and Lady Danbury have been horrendously written. There's no reason to be optimistic they'll try to course correct next season. Obviously Simone & JB have some idea of what their storyline is (seems she's been permitted to hint about a baby), and it sounds promising when they sell it, but I doubt it'll actually be that substantive/thoughtful...They didn't care to do right by Kate & Kanthony their own season, and now they've got a new central romance plus a million subplots to contend with S3.
Just feeling very disillusioned about a show I once really enjoyed despite its many issues.
I LOVED the LA Times interview, the questions were really good, and they actually asked about stuff other than representation. I also feel like Simone felt comfortable, especially seeing as she offered to tattoo the interviewer lol. I’m so excited to hear about what she has coming up, and I hope there’s an announcement soon because news about Bridgerton is just depressing as shit.
Anon, I am so tired of the shit that we continue to find out after the release of season two. Like it’s no secret that I have my issues with how shit the writing was for season two, but this latest thing is just...yeah. Part of me wonders if the way Simone (and Jonny) continue to bring stuff up is their way of trying to get it included next season? Like trying to force the show’s hand? (Also, I did start answering this ask yesterday but got annoyingly angry and depressed while answering so I had to leave it lol, sorry)
I am so fucking annoyed. And you’re absolutely right, it does leave such a bad taste in the mouth.
And you know what I find quite insidious about the whole thing? Is that they had these flashbacks included in the sides that Simone auditioned with, giving the impression of a somewhat thorough exploration of Kate's background and cause of her trauma and grief, as well as making it seem that Kate's background (including being Indian) and life in India was going to be given consideration, only for them to scrap the scenes entirely once Simone was cast. I honestly find it somewhat disgusting, and to be honest, it makes me feel sick. It’s like they enticed her with those scenes, and the promise of that kind of thoughtful focus, only to get rid of them once she was cast. Those scenes were bait.
And look, I know just because these sides and scenes were used for audtion purposes, doesn’t mean they were always going to be included in the show, but that makes it even worse? I didn't necessarily want flashbacks of Kate's time in India because I didn't trust the show to handle such scenes sensitively enough, but the fact that these scenes were written in the first place and then scrapped, ENRAGES me. It makes me feel violent. They wrote and included this stuff because they knew it was important for Kate's character, to understand her as a character and her motivations, and I don’t understand why it wasn’t included. So we could watch Jack and Portia have the same conversation over and over again? So we could watch any of the other sideplots go nowhere for far too long? WHY DID THEY TREAT KATE’S GRIEF AND TRAUMA AS THOUGH IT WAS MEANINGLESS AND THAT IT DIDN’T MATTER???
The WOC on this show are so poorly served, and I fucking hate it. I think maybe they’re saving Lady Danbury’s backstory for the Queen Charlotte spinoff, but, that’s still shit because not everyone who watches Bridgerton is going to watch the spinoff. Plus, if they keep the main elements from RMB, then Lady Danbury is involved in Polin’s story as well? And it’s gross, because her sole purpose in life is not to be the Bridgertons’ romantic fairy godmother?? Like fuck off with this shit. It’s offensive. I really thought they would expand on Kate and Lady Danbury’s relationship, and have Lady Danbury confide in Kate about her life and why she gave Kate the advice she did after the non-wedding...but they didn’t. And then you have how they treated Kate in HER SEASON. It honestly felt like she was a side character in her own season at times and I just...FUCK.
Like, my expectations for season three regarding Kanthony were already rock bottom, and with everything new that comes out, my expectations just get lower. It’s depressing, and I just...it gets more and more obvious that this show doesn’t actually care about ‘diversity’; for them it doesn’t actually have to be substantive, it’s just icing that they can sprinkle on the top and then ask for the plaudits for their superficial diversity. And it pisses me off that their superficiality gets hardly any traction or criticism.
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mrsbridgerton · 2 days ago
guys I’m dead as soon as regé heard the rumours of him coming back to s3 he shut that shit down IMMEDIATELY😭
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katnissmellarkkk · a day ago
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Books Read In 2022 :
The Viscount Who Loved Me by Julia Quinn
rating : ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
“It means that love isn’t about being afraid that it will all be snatched away. Love’s about finding the one person who makes your heart complete, who makes you a better person than you ever dreamed you could be. It’s about looking in the eyes of your wife and knowing, all the way to your bones, that she’s simply the best person you’ve ever known.”
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Happy 3 months to this couple. This clip has over 4 million views, almost 750,000 likes and over 7,000 comments.
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He cleared his throat and took a deep breath, hoping it would clear his head. Instead, he simply got an intoxicating whiff of her scent, which was an odd combination of exotic lilies and sensible soap.
But there was that damned scent again. Lilies. He could swear it was lilies. And soap.
He found himself wondering how she’d feel if he pulled her into his arms, how she’d taste if he traced the outline of her lips with his tongue. Would she smell like the garden? Or would that maddening scent of lilies and soap still cling to her skin?
Even in her wedding gown she smelled of lilies and soap, that maddening scent that had haunted him for weeks.
Once the two sisters were gone, he settled into the comfortable chair so recently vacated by Kate. It was still warm from her body, and he rather fancied that he could smell her scent in the fabric. More soap than lilies this time, he thought with a careful sniff. Perhaps the lilies were a perfume, something she added at night.
(aka book Anthony being just as obsessed with Kate’s smell as show Anthony is)
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theincorrigiblemagpie · 2 months ago
The absolute clownery of Anthony Bridgerton judging the young women he considered courting on whether they read etc while later admitting that he only reads account ledgers...
I love a self-aware dumbass.
"SOMEBODY has to broaden my children's horizons and it won't be ME."
—Anthony, probably
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depressed-bi-nerd · 2 months ago
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I just found this. And honestly same.
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mishellejones · 3 months ago
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Were they always this obvious?
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federicocesaris · 2 months ago
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Pride & Prejudice (2005) || Bridgerton (2020-)
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maria-taiwin · 2 months ago
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dearabsolutelynoone · a month ago
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“Anthony was rather famously besotted with his wife, who was in turn rather inexplicably besotted with him.”
Julia Quinn, On the Way to the Wedding (Bridgertons, #8)
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newtonsheffield · 3 months ago
Things I have seen no one talking about:
Anthony never wears Bright colours.
His waiscoats are Black (even if they're patterned) or White
And the minute he's married to Kate:
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Look at these stupid happy sluts.
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mrsbridgerton · 3 months ago
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thegossipoftheton · 3 months ago
Man Of Honor (Part One)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Anthony Bridgerton x Reader
Summary: You are one of Daphne's oldest friends, which means you are close with the other Bridgerton's as well. Being in love with the Eldest Bridgerton, Anthony is practically torture. You always thought he didn't think of you as more than a friend - like a sister almost. Until.....
Rating: (M+, Slow Burn)
The sweltering heat was more than you could stand, and it was seeping through the windows of the illustrious tea room. Never in a million years would you find yourself here, sitting in the most sought out tea room in all of London. Clyvedon. Daphne Bridgerton, your oldest and dearest friend - had now been called duchess. You could hardly believe it, but on some level, you always knew she was designed for the title. Knowing her since the two of you were leading-strings, you had remembered the many talks in the pastry shop in governess square of dreaming of one day when the both of you would marry and find true happiness. Now, sitting in the tea room, you saw the very picture of a happy ending in Daphne's smile. It had been now three months time since she had married Simon, The Duke of Hastings - and you were still on own.
"What are you daydreaming over there?" Daphne's voice interrupted your thoughts.
"It is beautiful here, my dear friend." You could only give her your sweetest smile, your heart swelled with happiness for her.
"I want this for you as well," She leaned forward, gripping your hand, "You will find the perfect match, I know it."
"Do you think the prince would be interested?" You teased.
Daphne's laughter filled the room, "You are something"
"I shall return back tonight." You sighed, "I do appreciate your hospitality, but if I am to be in the situation you are I need to be home, dancing with the bachelors of the ton."
"I do not miss it." Daphne sighed, "But if your humor is just as wonderful as your beauty, you shall find a husband in no time, I know it."
You grinned, looking down at your tea and your gloved hands. You could only hope to find someone you cared for, but finding a husband was far more important than a feeling. You focused now on the expectation of society. It was only your Mother and yourself, your father had passed recently - leaving the two of you in this world blindly. It was your first year debuted in the Ton, and your mother had done the best she could to arrange things. But the pain of your father missing had put a weight on you that no one else could understand. No one except Daphne. She had held your hand through the endless balls and events of the Ton. But now that she had married, you knew that you felt more alone than ever. You didn't resent her by any means, nothing but happiness flowed in your veins for your friend.
"Well, I shall let you know when we arrive in London" Daphne's voice had interrupted your thoughts once again.
"That sounds lovely." You smiled, "I look forward to it."
"I will get your carriage straight away." Daphne grinned, "Please keep writing me, you keep me entertained with all of your talk of the Ton."
"My dear friend I assure you, nothing too exciting is happening in my life at the moment." You chuckled,n"And I plan to keep it that way."
"Do not close yourself off-"
"I only wish to avoid scandal, is all I mean Daph." You assured her.
"Please do, for my sake." Daphne nervously laughed, "And your mother's."
"Of course." You smirked, knowing that if you were involved in a scandal your Mother would nearly have a heart attack.
You said your goodbyes once more, embracing your friend as you walked out the doors and onto the gravel road. The visit had always been too short, but you were thankful for the time you had. You had looked out, a mere snicker slipping your lips as you saw the life Daphne now led, lustrous and fantastic. You stepped quickly into the carriage, making yourself comfortable for the long journey home. With one last wave from Daphne, you heard the sudden trotting of hooves, you were on your way home.
Being only but three hours into your journey, you felt yourself growing tired of the travel. Your head leaned against the window - seeing the beauty of the wood as you passed through a forest. Sighing, you began to close your eyes, wondering if maybe when you woke you would be greeted by your Mother. The lulling sound of the carriage had you nearing your sleep until a rather sudden jolt caused your body to shoot forward. You felt yourself being thrown in the carriage, hearing the sound of snapping wood and the horses enraged. The air filled with the footman's scream, and you felt terror strike in your heart.
"What's happened?" You called out.
"Carriage has broken down Miss," You heard the man in charge, "Best you get out."
Breathing heavily, you rose from the ground inside the carriage, straightening your bodice.
"What is going on?"
You heard a familiar voice now, and you felt a rush of relief. The voice that had spoken out, you knew well.
"Carriage has broken down sir," Your footman replied.
"May I be of service?"
"Oh, heavens forbid," The footman startled, and you could only smirk, "Viscount, I apologize I did not realize it was you, no we do not need your assistance. We need to only fix the wheel and be on our way."
"It is no deterrence for me-"
You felt it was time to announce your presence. You opened the door of the carriage, to see Anthony Bridgerton himself on horseback, top hat and all.
"Well," He grinned as soon as he laid eyes on you, "What on earth are you doing here?"
"I was visiting Daph," You smiled, "As you can see my journey home is not going well."
"I can see that quite clear." He laughed, and you could only felt your heart skip - that laugh was in many of your dreams. You had memorized it.
"Are you on your way to see her?" You questioned.
"I am, yes." Anthony paused, "I insist you come back with me, until they have resolved the issue."
"It would only take a moment sir," Your footman stepped in.
"Quite." You nodded, "I appreciate the offer, Viscount, but I assure you I can handle waiting."
Anthony looked to you, and then to the carriage, and then to the sky.
"It is already getting dark out." He coughed, "I must insist."
You hesitated, knowing that given his nature he would more than likely not take rejection to his offer.
"Alright." You half smiled, "I shall accompany Viscount back to Clyvedon. Would you care to bring me a horse, gentleman?"
"Miss-" Your footman started to protest.
"Nonsense, you shall ride with me." Anthony blurted out, "You have no saddleback, Don't be mad."
"I very well cannot ride behind you, Lord Bridgerton." You raised a brow, "It would be considered improper."
"We are only to see Daph and Hastings," Anthony motioned, "They will not say anything."
"Lord Bridgerton-"
"How many times have I asked you to call me by name." Anthony lowered his gaze, "I have known you since we were young, there is no need to be so formal."
"There is a need, Lord Bridgerton." You sighed, "Fine, I will ride with you. But if anyone back in London-"
"Not a word, I swear." Anthony smirked, "I am a gentleman. And you are like a sister to me."
His words stung, but you ignored your feelings once again. Placing your foot into the stirrup, you looked to Anthony's offered hand. The moment you touched his, you felt the feeling you try your very best to avoid. You felt the warmth of his palm even with your gloved hands, sending alarms through your entire body. It was a long battle in your mind when you hit the age of only 14 - you had fallen entirely in love with Anthony Bridgerton. His sharp wit, his love for his family, and not to forget he was entirely and utterly handsome. You shoved down the thoughts, for the third time within a short period. Swinging your leg over the horse, you heard Anthony chuckle.
"What is so funny?" You queried.
"It is nothing at all." He said with confidence.
He gave the horse a gentle kick, and the two of you had made your way down the path. You gripped the back of the saddle as tight as you could, so much that you just knew your knuckles had been white. The faint smell of the woods and soap filled your senses. As the horse had slowly made its way down the path, you watched ahead - trying not to focus on Anthony in front of you.
"You can use me for the support you know." He said quietly, and you knew it was in respect of your blatant uncomfortable demeanor.
"I am quite alright my Lord." You choked out.
"Do you truly wish to be in such discomfort?" Anthony slightly turned his head back to you in concern.
Before you could protest further, you felt his arm reach back - grabbing your hand and placing it on his torso. You swallowed hard, feeling a deep heat in your throat. You felt like you couldn't breathe, and it was all because you were merely touching him. The pace of your heart began to quicken, feeling every flex of his body as the two of you rode through the wood. You felt your tiredness creep in once again, and it blended with your thoughts - which meant you had little control of them anymore. Clearing your throat, your hand was painfully still as you fought the urge to feel moremof the man in front of you - it was killing you.
"You are quite silent." He spoke quietly, "Is something troubling you?"
"Not at all, My Lord." You sighed, "Merely tired."
"I know such actions are frowned against," He paused, "But if you would like to rest upon me, I shall keep it to myself."
"Such a thing would be very inappropriate, Viscount." You swallowed hard, "I shall do no such thing."
"As I have said before, we have known each other a long time" Anthony turned his head again, "You are a part of my family, I am a gentleman, I would do no such thing to make you uncomfortable-"
"I know that." You interrupted, "But I am out in society now, I can't be so careless. Propriety demands boundaries."
"As you wish," He nodded, "I will not ask again."
"Thank you." You coughed, feeling somewhat relieved the subject was over.
You were awakened by a hand, his hand. You felt the gentle squeeze of his hand on your own. You jolted quickly, you were buried into Anthony's shoulder prior, and you could hardly believe you had fallen asleep on him. Breathless and shamed, you woke up entirely - your eyes shooting open.
"We are here," Anthony spoke softly, his hand still on yours.
"Brother, it's so good to-" Daphne's voice called out.
You looked to the stairs entering her home, and she had stopped in her tracks - her gaze filled with confusion. She looked to you, and then to her brother.
"Ah, Daph." Anthony mused, "I have saved our dear friend from the wreckage of an unfaithful carriage wheel."
"O-oh." Daphne's brow raised.
"Well well, if it isn't the eldest Bridgerton." Simon had stepped out behind Daphne, and tilted his head,
"And another visitor...Back so soon?"
"H-her carriage broke down!" Daphne interjected as if she was concerned of what this may look like.
"Oh calm down, Daph." Anthony chuckled.
As Anthony dismounted the horse, you watched as he extended his hand. Hesitantly, you took it - keeping your gaze locked with your dear friend, as she watched in shock and confusion.
"Might we go inside?" Anthony quickly turned from you, "It's been quite the evening."
"Yes I am sure you are tired from the Journey," Simon quipped, "I will have rooms fixed for you."
"Yes, of course." Daphne smiled, "Might I walk her up alone?"
"As you wish." Simon smirked, "Bridgerton, care for a drink?"
"Nightcap before bed." Anthony grinned, "Sounds refreshing."
You felt Daphne's grip on you, leading you quickly from her husband and her brother. Rushing with her every step, the two of you managed to make haste up the stairs.
"What on earth is going on?" Daphne whispered, "If anyone would have seen the two of you alone-"
"I know, Daph." You sighed, "Believe me I did not want my evening to go in this way."
"All is well," Daphne nervously smiled, "I am sure no one saw anything. Simon nor I will say a word, it was only a mishap."
"Exactly," You forced a smile.
It wasn't long until you had fully readied yourself for bed, however, you had spent the last hour pacing. Thinking of it, the horse ride that had led you back here. For so long you had harbored feelings for Anthony, but there was no way you could act on them. For one, he was your dearest friend's eldest brother. Two, he was a Viscount - and far too worthy of even looking in your direction. Lastly, he only thought of you as a sister - that he made painfully clear. You paced more and more, frustrated by your endless thoughts.
You thought of the smell of his hair, the way he felt as you held him tight as the two of you rode together. Closing your eyes, you had begged your mind to cease - but your heart was winning the battle. Aggravated and tired, you decided that maybe it was time to search for milk in the kitchen.
The house was eerily quiet, and nearly pitch black. You tiptoed as quietly as you could from your room, hearing the creak you closed your eyes in near regret. Walking across the floor, skipping every so often to avoid the creaks anymore. It wasn't until you got to the stairs you heard a creak that was not from your doing.
"What are you doing?" Anthony's voice whispered, "It is very late you shouldn't-"
You turned to face him, and his words had come to a halt - his eyes falling to your gown. You must have imagined it, but you were almost sure his gaze was locked on you in a way no gentleman should look at a lady.
"My Lord," You swallowed, "I apologize if I have woken you."
"You-" Anthony visibly stammered, "You should go back to bed."
"I was in search of some warm milk." You motioned, "I assure you I'm alright."
His gaze was locked, and you knew for sure you weren't imagining it. He had been looking directly at your nightgown. You knew how revealing it was, white and the fabric thin.
"My Lord," You choked out, "I-I apologize I will go back to bed."
"Wait." Anthony stepped in front of you before you could make your way back to your room.
"My Lord?" You questioned.
"I-" Anthony's voice was unlike you had heard before.
"I must bid you goodnight." You barely got the words out.
"Yes-yes goodnight." Anthony moved, letting you pass.
As your palms now clamored with sweat, your heart raced - Anthony Bridgerton had just looked at you in a way he never had before, and you did not have the slightest idea of what that could mean.
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The topic of rakes has, of course, been previously discussed in this column, and This Author has come to the conclusion that there are rakes, and there are Rakes. Anthony Bridgerton is a Rake. A rake (lower-case) is youthful and immature. He flaunts his exploits, behaves with utmost idiocy, and thinks himself dangerous to women. A Rake (upper-case) knows he is dangerous to women. He doesn’t flaunt his exploits because he doesn’t need to. He knows he will be whispered about by men and women alike, and in fact, he’d rather they didn’t whisper about him at all. He knows who he is and what he has done; further recountings are, to him, redundant. He doesn’t behave like an idiot for the simple reason that he isn’t an idiot (any moreso than must be expected among all members of the male gender). He has little patience for the foibles of society, and quite frankly, most of the time This Author cannot say she blames him. And if that doesn’t describe Viscount Bridgerton—surely this season’s most eligible bachelor—to perfection, This Author shall retire Her quill immediately. The only question is: Will 1814 be the season he finally succumbs to the exquisite bliss of matrimony? This Author Thinks… Not.
Lady Whistledown’s Society Papers, 20 April 1814.
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