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#The Walking Dead

Started reading Cormac Mccarthy’s The Road. Kept giving it the benefit of the doubt. Don’t like it. I love this kind of stories but weird descriptions, robotic repetitive dialogue, boring. So i stopped reading it.

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Originally posted by atlmovietours-blog

requested by @rexburn12

NO ONE moved. No one spoke. Instead they watched as Negan’s body dropped dead to the ground, his own fresh blood and brain matter splattering around the areas of his head.

First it was Negan, then it caused the reaction out every Saviour standing by to witness their leader’s death. Each were taken out one by one after they all drew their guns in every direction.

It was done. It was all over. Rick quickly pulled out the gun from his holster when he heard the sounds of the trees from the side roads move, then lowered it upon the relief when it was just you, holding the gun in your hand that was previously used.

“Did you do all of that?” Rick asked.

You looked at him, then the group, and nodded. “Yeah. You’re welcome.”

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My whole existence is flawed - Bethyl AU [Chapter 3]

The world population has died off. Now, years later, the Population  Regrowth Agenda - an initiative to help the world population expand once  again by forcing men and women between certain ages to be paired up  with one another and procreate - has taken over and Beth Greene has just  hit the available age limit.

Chapter two of my entry for @ultimatebethylficlist​ and their Bethyl Spring Event with the prompt “Regrowth”. Please read the Tags! There are heavy themes that will take place.

Updates are still every thursday! Thank you for your patience an hope you enjoy the chapter!

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