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#The Winter Soldier
beyondspaceandstars · 2 days ago
Alone For The Holidays
Relationship: Bucky Barnes x Reader Warnings: N/A Summary: Neighbors!AU - You and Bucky realize you both are alone on Thanksgiving A/N: this is just a little holiday fic i whipped up to go with the season!! i’m thinking of making a Christmas part 2 so keep your eye out for that next month <3 I hope you enjoy, i love writing holiday-themed stuff 
You looked down at the trash bag in your hands and chuckled. It was Thanksgiving morning and you were…taking out the trash. That was your big plan for the morning. Trash first, then the Thanksgiving parade on television. Maybe you’d make some coffee, maybe you’d eat a whole pumpkin pie by yourself. You didn’t really care. There were no rules when you were alone on Thanksgiving.
Everything felt quite comical as you threw the bag down the chute. You waited, listening as it hit the bottom with a bang. You tried to ignore how pathetic this all fell as you closed the chute door and turned back around. But just as you did, your neighbor’s door swung open. A tired, annoyed-looking Bucky joined you in the hall.
"Morning," you said, quietly. He jumped, looking at you quite stunned. You didn’t blame him. You were actually amazed to see him here.
Part of you had assumed the Avengers were having some big Thanksgiving feast. By how extravagant they could be, you thought they’d have breakfast and dinner, festivities all around. But judging by the fact Bucky was leaving his apartment in an old, stained t-shirt and sweatpants, you didn’t think he was actually going anywhere today. Your gaze dropped and that’s when you noticed he too was taking out his trash.
"Good morning," Bucky eventually said. He shifted awkwardly, clutching the bag tightly.
You tried shooting him a warm smile but it felt a bit faltered. You and Bucky had always had an odd relationship. When he first moved in, he seemed to almost…despise your presence, like he expected to have a whole apartment floor to himself. Eventually, though, he warmed up to you and actually joined in on the small talk you tried to engage him in.
Over time, you actually came around to enjoying having him as your neighbor. He was kind and thoughtful. In little to no time, you found yourself slowly developing a burning crush on him. But just when you felt you were getting somewhere further with him, he retracted, leaving you a bit heartbroken and confused. Still, you persisted with civility and he tended to make most conversations worthwhile.
You tried to put on your best smile. "Happy Thanksgiving."
"Oh, yeah," Bucky chuckled then glanced at the dusty hallway floor. "That’s today, isn’t it?"
You frowned. "You didn’t know today was Thanksgiving?"
"Guess not," Bucky shrugged. "Must’ve slipped my mind."
You didn’t really know what to say to that. You stood there in front of the garbage chute, staring awkwardly at your neighbor. He took a few steps down the hall towards you, no doubt wanting to just throw away his trash and head back inside. You didn’t know why you were preventing that from happening.
When you didn’t say anything in response, Bucky spoke again. "I’m guessing you’re probably getting ready to head out somewhere."
You raised your brows in surprise. Is that what he really thought? You stopped yourself from staring down at your own outfit: an old college sweater and a pair of faded leggings.
"Got nowhere to be beside my couch," you laughed. It probably came out a bit more sad than you had intended but at least you weren’t hiding anything. Bucky’s eyes finally landed back on you. His surprised expression was back.
"Really? No family dinner?" He asked.
"I don’t really have any family in town," you admitted.
As much as you didn’t want to confess that out loud, it almost felt good to tell someone. Your family members were few and far in between. Your mother was gone, your father M.I.A. You had some cousins who called occasionally but it wasn’t like any of you were close. So, that just left you to make your own Thanksgiving. Parade, pie, the whole nine yards. You had a couple of those frozen turkey dinners to complement it all.
"I-I’m sorry," Bucky said with the utmost sincerity. It warmed your heart. That fluttering crush was coming back in waves. You didn’t know how he always managed to do it.
"It’s fine," you shrugged, waving a hand in dismissal. "I’m going to go out on a limb and say you didn’t have anything planned."
He smirked but there was nothing behind it. "Not really. Sort of in the same boat as you, I guess."
As much as it should’ve pained you to hear, there was something comforting in knowing someone else was having just as much of a lonely holiday as you were — even if he hadn’t realized today was a holiday. Still, there was someone like you and… A little light bulb went off in your head.
This was going to be bold but where was the harm in asking?
"Would you like to come over and have Thanksgiving dinner with me?"
Bucky looked physically taken aback by that question as if he had never seen it coming. Which, granted, maybe he hadn’t. You worried for a minute that you had gone too far. Was he going to shrink back, take a million steps away, let your crush fizzle off just to spring it back on you? You spent too much time contemplating as you waited, watching him process the request.
Eventually, he broke the dreadful silence. "Sure." Bucky nodded. "I’d love that."
*** You had told Bucky to come by your apartment around one that afternoon. You figured that’d give you enough time to make your apartment, well, presentable. The Thanksgiving Day parade played in the background as you tidied up your rooms and began to worry about what you actually should feed your neighbor. Why had you done this?
While your pumpkin pie was going to be perfect, all that was left for dinner in your freezer were the frozen meals. The grocery store had a sale on the turkey ones. (Who knew why? You wondered with such ridiculous sarcasm.) Would that be okay with Bucky? Or was he expecting a five-course meal? Maybe you were just making this Thanksgiving more pathetic than it already was. You scrubbed at your bathroom sink trying to ease your nerves.
When you finally got done cleaning, there was no beating around the bush: frozen meals would have to do. You didn’t have time to run to the store given that you had cleaned and dusted from head to toe. And even if you did had time, who could whip up a turkey in mere minutes? Let alone all the sides? If you paired the frozen dinners with enough wine, maybe they’d taste better. Thankfully your wine cabinet was not running low. From whites to reds, you were set for whatever this Thanksgiving was going to turn out to be. All else fails, you knew someone else would be as annoyed with the day as you were.
You tried to remind yourself that Bucky probably was not expecting anything as you preheated the oven and began reading the back of the frozen meal box. Usually, you would just pop these suckers in the microwave, but you decided to pull out the big guns. It was a holiday after all.
Just when you popped the meals in the oven and set your timer, there was a knock at the door. You felt overwhelming giddy as you walked towards the door. Bucky had never really been in your apartment before and you never really knew how to go about inviting him over in a platonic way. You couldn’t believe the spurt of confidence you got this morning and almost, just for a second, you thought you were in over your head. But you didn’t have a chance to weigh on it any longer. Bucky knocked again.
You called out, "Coming!" You put a little pep in your step to get to the door. You were greeted by much more awake Bucky than this morning. He had swapped his t-shirt for a knit sweater and his sweatpants for slacks. He was also cradling a bottle of wine which almost made you laugh.
You greeted your neighbor with a smile and stepped aside, letting him enter. "Welcome to my humble apartment."
He stepped in a bit cautiously and looked around as if assessing the situation. You tried not to be offended, mentally reminding yourself of his background. You went over to your kitchen and grabbed two wine glasses, trying not to act like you were at all staring. Bucky eventually came to join you, apparently deeming your apartment safe.
"Thanks for inviting me," he said and then motioned towards the deep red bottle of wine. "I-I hope this wine is okay."
You nodded and pushed the glasses towards him. It took Bucky little effort to get uncork the bottle. That certainly made you feel something.
You tried covering your blushing by forcing yourself to talk. "I don’t think I’ve ever met a wine I didn’t like."
Bucky seemed to visibly relax at your comment. He poured you each some wine then passed you your glass.
"So," Bucky said after he sipped his wine, "what does Thanksgiving with you entail?"
You took a big gulp of your wine. "I have turkey dinners cooking in the oven," you admitted. "Along with pumpkin pie, fresh whipped cream, and plenty of wine."
Bucky chuckled. "Did you say turkey dinners? As in more than one?"
"Yeah," you sighed, turning your eyes to your wine. You watched it swish around in the glass. It was a fine beverage. Maybe a bit on the bold side but that was probably what you needed. "These turkey dinners may just be frozen meals I had on hand."
Bucky hmm’d, considering. You waited, defeatedly, for his reaction.
"I think that sounds nice."
He nodded. "Simple and on theme. I’m also certainly not above eating those frozen dinners."
You just about let out a sigh of relief but instead opted to shoot him a grateful smile. He really did always know what to say, whether he realized it or not. It was one of the many things that kept you falling for Bucky like a snowball picking up downhill speed.
"Still, I’m sorry it’s not glamorous," you said. "How do you usually celebrate Thanksgiving?"
There was an uncertainty in your voice when you asked the question but you were genuinely curious. Had he celebrated Thanksgiving since regaining his life? You weren’t about to ask that outright but you could tell he knew what you meant.
"A friend invited me to dinner last year with his family but it didn’t feel right being such a big holiday and all," Bucky said after an eerie moment of staring into his wine. You knew the feeling. "Back in the day, my mom would make a whole feast and invite the entire family around. She’d make us all go around and say what we’re thankful for. We all had to say something before we could eat. It was pretty hectic, from what I remember, but it was also…fun." He paused as if unsure and gave it a thought. "Yeah, it was fun. It was a good time."
You watched him recall the deep memory with wonder. "That sounds lovely."
Bucky leaned closer and tapped your wine glasses together. The sound of the glass ringing reverberated throughout the apartment. "This is lovely, too."
As if on some weird cue, the oven timer went off. You scoffed. "Maybe you should make that declaration after you taste this food."
Bucky didn’t say anything as you carefully pulled the two frozen dinners out of the oven but you certainly felt him watching you. You just about dropped the food when your eyes met again. You motioned for him to take a seat at your kitchen island while you began plating the food. You slid Bucky a meal and topped off his wine. Once you did the same for yourself, you sat next to him.
At first, Bucky wasn’t really touching the food. He was just moving some green beans around in the gravy flowing off the sliced turkey. Your heart just about sank. Your worst fears about today were coming true. He didn’t like the food or… or something…
But then he unexpectedly turned to you. You were very still in your seat, barely holding onto your fork.
"I don’t need to taste the food before deciding anything," Bucky said seriously. "Just being here with you has already made this an amazing holiday."
"Oh, Bucky…"
"You’re so wonderful," Bucky continued, "and I don’t just mean inviting me over and cooking dinner… I mean how you also talk to me. You see me. You make me feel like the person I once was is still there." He took a shaky breath then turned back to the food steaming away. "Sometimes I’m not sure how to handle all that. Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve your kindness or attention. I can’t hide that it worries me. But you never give up and I’m so thankful for that. I’m so thankful for you."
You seriously didn’t know what to say. You sat there, stunned and silent like an idiot, but your mind was going blank. Bucky was usually very kind to you but this…this was a whole new level. It felt like he was opening up a part of him to you, just for you.
If you were to be honest, you hadn’t thought you were doing anything spectacular. You two were neighbors and you felt neighbors should be friendly with one another even when the other didn’t always reciprocate. Even when you began developing a crush. A crush that had exploded like a firework within you. You didn’t think it could be suppressed ever again after this.
Bucky looked back over at you, his eyes pleading for you to say something. When your mouth couldn’t come up with something, he began taking back his words. "I-I’m sorry, I probably shouldn’t have said that. You… You were just being nice and inviting me for dinner and now here I’ve gone—,"
In an impulsive move, you grabbed Bucky’s hand. He jumped at the action, staring down at how your hand rested above his.
"I’m thankful for you, too," you said as you let a smile spread across your face. "I’m glad you let me talk to you, I’m glad you talk to me… and I’m especially glad you agreed to come over. I won’t pretend to understand any of the self-doubts you have but I will say that I’m here when you need me. I enjoy our moments."
It took a few seconds for even you to process the words that had come out of your mouth. You were being so bold today and somehow, it felt like it was actually paying off. Now you saw why your crush never went away fully. There was unfinished business.
Slowly, Bucky’s eyes flicked back to you and he matched your expression, looking relieved and relaxed.
"I think we should do this again."
You chuckled. "What? Thanksgiving?"
Bucky ate a few green beans finally while you tried the mashed potatoes. Not as fluffy as you would’ve liked but certainly edible. And you didn’t have to slave over it all day.
He shook his head. "No. Dinner."
You felt your face getting warm. "Dinner? Like a date?"
He squeezed your hand, smiling as he took a bite of the turkey. "Exactly like a date," he said in between bites.
Scratch that, your whole body was on fire. Burning up like this steaming dead bird drowning in brown gravy on your plate.
Your smile only kept growing, if that was even possible. "Now, that sounds lovely."
"I’m relieved," Bucky said with a smile a mile long. He disconnected your hands and grabbed his wine glass. He tapped his with yours for the second time that afternoon. Bucky spoke your name like it was his favorite prayer then said, "Happy Thanksgiving."
You blushed. "Happy Thanksgiving, Bucky."
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faetheforestfairy · 9 hours ago
Pairing : Steve Rogers x Wife!Reader
Summary : Baking cookies with Captain America in the middle of the night
Warnings : fluff. Mention of sex. A bit steamy at the end. Steve being the perfect husband you could ask for
A/N : This one is short. Gif not mine
Fae's Masterlist
Tumblr media
⋆·˚ ༘ * 🧚‍♀️
Steve reach his arm out to hug his wife's waist just to feel the cold mattress. He open his eyes and look at the clock on the nightstand.
12:30 A.M
He get up from the bed , grabbing the sweatpant on the floor (from their previous activity) and walk out of their shared bedroom. The cold air hitting his bare chest. "Darling?". Steve called out his wife. His voice echoing around the apartment.
"In the kitchen!". He walk towards the kitchen just to be greet with the most beautiful view of his wife.
There she was , h/c locks in a low ponytail , his white shirt hugging her form. The shirt was too big for her that it reach right above her knees. He kiss her neck and wrapped his arms around her.
"What are you doing?". He kiss the red mark on her neck , feeling proud of his artwork.
"Cookies? It's the middle of the night. Why can't you bake it tomorrow?" he ask in a whiny tone. He just want to cuddle his wife to sleep. Is it too much to ask?
"I can't sleep. That's why I decided to bake a cookies. Why don't you just go to bed?"
"Want a cuddle". Who knew that the great and strong Captain America can be this clingy with his wife?
"Well if you want a cuddle. You gotta wait untill i'm done with this cookies". Steve let out a defeat sigh. Y/N can be too stubborn sometime. He walk to the other side of the kitchen island and sit on the stool , while staring at his wife.
Looking up from the dough in the bowl , her eyes meet his blue one. "What?"
"Nothing , i'm just suprised you can walk after what we did"
"Steve!". Y/N look away from him. Her face heating up. Even they have know each other for 5 years and have been married for 2 years she till felt shy and flustered around him.
"Don't get all shy on me now pretty girl"
She roll her eyes with a smile on her lips and continued with the cookie dough.
"You know I could use some help here. Can you get me the tray?"
Steve got up from the stool , taking out the cookie tray from the shelf. He put the tray on the kitchen island and sit back on the stools , not before playfully slapping Y/N's bum.
"Steve! Oh my god"
"What? Your ass look fine"
She shook her head , and focusing on the dough. Humming a song while Steve just stare at her with a lovesick gaze. He's the luckiest guy to call Y/N his wife.
Y/N put the tray in the oven and when she turn around her chest bump with her husband's bare one. Steve's arms was quick to wrap around her. He look at her with a small smile.
"I love you" he said all of sudden. "I love you too , Steve"
He kiss her lips , his hand roaming around her back before it sneak into his shirt that she wear while her hands play with his messy blonde hair.
The kiss turn into a make out session. He lift her up and put her on the kitchen island without breaking the kiss. Him standing between her bare spread legs. His kiss trailed down her neck. Y/N crane her neck to give more acces to her husband.
Letting out a breathy moans of his name when he kiss and bite that one spots. Pecking her lips one last time he stare into her e/c eyes.
"So we got like 30 minutes before the cookies are done right?" Steve ask , voice low and deep. His left hand caressing her bare thighs while his right hand inch closer to her panties.
"Well let see how many times you can come for me in 30 minutes"
"I love that idea"
⋆·˚ ༘ * 🧚‍♀️
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super-marvel-dc · 15 hours ago
Y/N, to Bucky and Sam: And then I kicked h-
Hydra agent across the field: *Screaming* hey! I can see you!
Y/N: Shit. Hide!
*Y/N, Bucky and Sam hides*
Y/N: *Screams back* can you see me now?!
Hydra agent: *Signs* Yes!
Y/N: *Whispers* damn it.
Y/N: *Hides behind a tree* now?!
Hydra agent: *Sighs louder* oh my- YES!
Y/N: *Screams* do I at least look good?!
Sam, and Bucky: *Wheezing in the background*
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Kitty: [meow]
Thor: That's a great plan. I would have never thought of that.
Bucky: I-I-I'm sorry. C-Can he actually speak cat, or is he just messing with us?
Tony: Knowing him, it may very well be both.
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Hey❤️ i have a request can you write something like b becoming winter soldier again and becoming really protective of reader like he have to be always beside her and nobody can't even come into the room unless she tells him it's alright?
(you don't have to write if you don't want to ofc❤️)
Old Habits | Bucky Barnes x Reader
Thanks for this suggestion, Anon! 🤗
Please feel free to send me comments, requests, and/ or suggestions! 💕
Tag list: @beefybuckrrito @shadytalementality @everything-burns-down @rainbow-unicorn-pony @mandersshow @emetophilily @breakablebarnes 🥰💘
Strong arms wrapped around your waist and pulled you into a bear hug as a surprised yelp escaped your lips. Sam held on to you, shaking you slightly, and you giggled against his chest.
"She's baaaaaaack!" he sang as he welcomed you home from your long mission. The sweet moment with your friend was cut short by Bucky's metal arm gripping Sam's shoulder and ripping him from the hug, throwing him to the ground with all his strength.
"Woah, woah, HEY!" you called to Bucky, running after him to stop him from pursuing Sam further. He felt your hand grab his wrist and stopped in his tracks, turning to face you. "What the hell was that?" you asked, searching Bucky's face for any explanation you could find. When he didn't answer, you ran to Sam to make sure he was okay.
"Where did that come from?" he muttered as you helped him up. You shook your head and stared back at Bucky who seemed like he had shaken off whatever strange animosity had overtaken him.
"Sam, man, I am so sorry. I have no idea what came over me..."
Sam waved him off and walked slowly toward his room, getting away from Bucky as soon as he could.
"Buck, are you okay...?" you asked, concern coloring your voice.
He took a moment and then shrugged, not sure how to answer your question. "I'm fine, I was like a switch flipped in my brain, or something. I saw Sam grab you and I couldn't stop myself...old training, I guess?"
You nodded, not convinced that everything was okay in Bucky's brain, but it was late and you were exhausted. The two of you walked hand in hand to your shared room in the Avengers compound so you could take a shower and get some rest.
"Maybe you just need to sleep" you suggested, and Bucky nodded unconvincingly. The uneasiness was palpable as both of you knew that there was something very wrong in Bucky's subconscious.
Around 3am, you rolled over in bed and found Bucky's spot empty. His large figure sat upright at the end of the bed, facing the door. You crawled to his side and sat next to him, letting your hand rub light circles along his spine.
"Hey, Buck. Nightmare?"
"No, I'm fine". His tone was flat and direct, giving you absolutely no indication of his state of mind.
"Oh, okay. Can't sleep?"
"I'm on watch" he stated.
"On watch? For what?" you prodded.
"For you. In case someone comes for you."
You shook your head, completely lost in Bucky's strange utterances-and for a moment, you wondered if he was doing some form of sleepwalking.
"In case who comes for me?"
"Anyone. I have to protect you..."
You sat up with him all night in an attempt to get more information, but made no progress and ended up falling asleep in his lap. The sound of a struggle woke you up, and you opened your eyes to see Bucky's metal hand wound tightly around Nat's throat.
"Stop! Bucky, stop!" you called, and he released immediately. "What has gotten into you?"
Bucky stared at you, unable to answer your question. Quickly, he darted out of the room and shut the door behind him without a word.
"Sam told me what happened yesterday and I'd hoped he was exaggerating but...he clearly wasn't" Natasha mused. "Something's wrong with him".
"I know. He sat up all night, just watching the door," you told her, "he said he was 'on watch' in case someone came for me-he had to protect me".
"Shit..." Nat muttered, pinching the bridge of her nose. "I think- it sounds like part of him is reverting backward, back to the Winter Soldier. He had to protect Hydra's higher ups, no matter what-staying up all night while they slept, attacking whoever came near them...this could be bad".
Nat pulled out her phone and began making calls to Shuri, Bruce, and Tony while your mind raced. "Unfortunately, you're just gonna have to go with it for a while till we get this figured out, so let him protect you, whatever that means...just don't let him kill anyone."
She strode out of the room while on the phone with Banner, leaving you alone with your thoughts-but not for long. Bucky was back by your side in seconds, taking his rightful place as your protector.
"What are your plans for the day, Buck?" you asked, wondering if he'd let you go to training unaccompanied.
"Well I believe you have training in an hour, and I thought I'd join you, моя любовь".
Your heart stopped when you heard Bucky's words-he only ever spoke Russian when he was dreaming about his Winter Soldier days. An uneasy smile crept across your face and he kissed your cheek, looking as though he were waiting for instructions.
Training had gone worse than you'd expected, somehow. Within ten minutes, Bucky had gripped the throat of one of your fellow SHIELD agents and almost dislocated the man's shoulder.
"Buck, stop! What are you doing?"
"He was trying to hurt you, любимая"
"I know! He's my sparring partner! He's supposed to try to hurt me!"
Bucky released the man's throat and muttered a quick apology before Sam asked the two of you to leave.
That night, Bucky leaned in close to you, letting his head rest on your shoulder.
"I know I'm kind of driving you crazy..." he muttered, "I just- I can't help it. It's instinctual-involuntary, even. I see someone near you and an alarm sounds in my brain. I wish I could stop but I just...I can't."
You took his hand in yours and gave it a reassuring squeeze. "I know, Buck. I'm not mad," you promised, "and I have to admit that you looking out for me this intensely makes me feel like I'm really important to you-"
"You are, лапушечка. I'd die for you, you know that, right?" he asked, squeezing your hand so tight you feared he might give you a fracture.
"I know, babe. And I’d die for you-”
Bucky lifted his head from your shoulder and stared intensely into your eyes. “I’d never let that happen.”
At first, it was weirdly kind of nice to have Bucky so close all the time. Getting to spend so much time with him after being away felt good- and when he wasn't attacking Sam or Nat, things were okay. On the third night of his new condition, he'd listened to your "orders" and finally gotten some sleep- but only a few hours worth. You'd him to rest as long as he needed, but he'd refused:
"I can't leave you unprotected, Золотце," he'd argued. "I can't let anything happen to you."
He'd always been protective, especially of you, but this was a whole new level and his condition only worsened as the days progressed. By the fifth day, he wouldn't let anyone into the room without your permission, no matter where you were. He attacked anyone who came within your personal space, nearly strangling Clint and Agent Hill in the same day. Bucky acted as your shadow, not letting you go anywhere or do anything alone.
"You know, Buck, I can get a snack by myself. No one in the compound is going to hurt me," you'd said as Bucky accompanied you to the kitchen on the fifth day.
"Жизнь моя, I can't let you out of my sight."
If it hadn't been for the foreboding nature of Bucky's condition, his level of protection toward you would actually have been sort of endearing. When he wasn't refusing to let Wanda into the kitchen without your permission or trying to kill someone for shaking your hand, his protection made you feel loved- special, even.
But you knew that this was bad. Something had been knocked loose in his mind, causing some his Winter Soldier tendencies to come to the surface. It scared you a little that this had happened in the first place, and you wondered what other things from his past could possibly show themselves next.
It had been over a week since Bucky first attacked Sam and you were desperate to get your Bucky back. This level of protection and surveillance was starting to freak you out, making you feel a little trapped-claustrophobic, even. When your phone rang at 4am, you begrudgingly checked to see who was calling and bolted upright when you realized it was Bruce.
“Banner? Tell me you’ve got good news,” you pleaded anxiously.
“Shuri figured it out and sent me everything we’re going to need. Bring him down to the lab.”
Relief washed over you as you hung up and you noticed Bucky staring at you with concern. You took his face in your hands and stroked his cheeks gently before pressing a kiss to his lips. His deep blue eyes stared at you like you were the only person on the planet, never breaking focus from your face.
“Everything okay?” he asked, and you nodded.
“We’re gonna go downstairs to see Banner. They’ve got everything they need-they’re gonna fix you up, Buck.”
His head bowed and he let out a deep sigh of relief, tears forming in the corners of his eyes. “Thank god,” he muttered, “I’m so fucking tired.”
Your heart broke for your exhausted super soldier and the two of you quickly got dressed before walking hand in hand to the elevator. “I know I’m about to be my old self again, but it doesn’t change the fact…I still want you to know- I would die for you.” You nodded and leaned into his shoulder, letting him press a kiss to the top of your head.
As the two of you walked into the lab, Bruce whisked Bucky away and disappeared into another room, leaving you alone for the first time in over a week. You took a seat and felt your tense muscles finally starting relax as you waited to see your Bucky again.
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psychokidenteredchat · 2 days ago
The Rains of New York
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem! Reader
Warnings: Fluff, slight allusion to smut, nickname? (Reader is referred to as star)
Word Count: 183
A/N: This one is quite short but I really enjoyed writing it and I hope you guys like it 😁
Tumblr media
He could hear the gentle noises of New York at night and the soft plinks of the rain as it hits the fire escape next to the bedroom's open window. Her soft breaths show that she is in a restful sleep make the noises even more calming.
The moonlight that decorates the bare skin of her shoulder and back makes him want to hold her and never let go, afraid that the moon might steal the star that he was blessed with. The small breeze that sneaks its way in reaches her back makes her curl into his side and clutch his silver arm. He watched the moonlight that laid on her flow to his arm.
The soft glow of the moon and her loving hold made him feel rested despite not once letting himself fall into the hands of sleep. He shifted himself, pulled his lovely star to his bare chest wrapping his arms around her, and finally let the elegant veil of sleep fall over him. Letting all fears and anxieties drip away, just like the rains of New York.
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povlvr · 3 days ago
RIDE - Masterlist
Tumblr media
Having been stranded in a midwest town thanks to being transferred by your boss, your days stuck working in the office & evenings glued to Netflix you're not quite living life & hoping to leave as soon as possible but fate would have other plans, a night of boredom leads you to him. Slowly unpacking your life & heart to the only love you'd ever known, to a man who would face an army to keep you safe, the very man you call home. (Biker AU)
Pairing: Biker Bucky Barnes x Female Reader
Warnings: 18+ NSFW, Explicit Language, Smut, Violence, Alcohol Consumption. Angst
Inspiration: 'Can you make it feel like home if I tell you you're mine.' - Lana Del Rey Born To Die
A/N - this will be my first Tumblr series so any feedback is very welcome. Please don’t translate/copy my work but reblog to your hearts content.
Part One - Fuck it, What's the worst that could happen? (26/11)
Part Two - (03/12)
Part Three - (10/12)
Part Four - (17/12)
Part Five - (24/12)
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danversxwilson · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
sambucky x the sun ☀️and the moon 🌑.
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‘The Road Goes Ever On and On’ - part 3.
Tumblr media
summary: When you get thrown into a difficult situation, as always, Bucky’s there for you. You and Jasper finally meet Sam. Thank god for Bucky.
warnings: a few bad language words, angst/comfort, probably inaccurate contractual things, domestic!bucky? mentions of anxiety, mentions of finances/living situations. (chapter characters: singlemom!reader, jasper, bucky barnes, sam wilson, natasha romanoff, alpine!)
a/n: sorry to be a pain but i’m reposting this since it was taken down for some reason??? i literally hate it here, i’m super duper frustrated. also, as always, if you like this, please reblog it! please don’t let this flop! i love this story and want to continue it! but i don’t want to put time and energy into another fic if it’s not something that people will read/share :( 
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Weeks pass and staying in contact with Bucky has become part of your daily routine. Jasper begs to see him at least every other day, so it’s not something you can avoid. From frozen yogurt dates, to walks in the park after school, to the Sunday matinee of some animated kids movie, Bucky’s nearly become your son’s favorite human. Of course, after you, that is. No one will ever top Mama.
It’s unusual, but you feel safe with him. Green flags start popping up left and right whenever you’re around Bucky. It’s clear that Jasper feels comfortable with him, and after the time he scooped your son out of the parking lot, you don’t doubt his safety for a minute when he’s with Bucky. As for your own feelings for the man with the metal arm, you feel like you can open up and talk to him about anything and everything. Anything from your past that people had told you not to do or say or think, you feel like you can express freely around Bucky. You completely let down your walls around him, and it feels fantastic after having them up for so long.
The icing on the cake is when he texts you to let you know he’s got the job at Nat’s place. He hadn’t even told you that he was applying, so you figured it was because he didn’t want you to talk to Nat about him, like you’d teased about the first time you grabbed coffee together. He’s beyond excited to start working there and it makes you happy to see him so happy.
And whenever your car starts to act up again, Bucky is your go-to. Of course, it’s an understatement to say that Jasper is excited to see that black car sitting in the parking lot anytime Bucky would have to take you to pick him up after school, knowing full well the three of you would be going back to Nat’s coffee shop for an after school hot chocolate.
Eventually, your car gives out for good, and you wouldn’t be so upset about it if you hadn’t put so much money into repairs that were beyond Bucky’s garage knowledge. You have to convince Bucky out of giving you the tips he’s made at the coffee shop but it’s hard to do since he’s so persistent. You cough up what you can for a new (to you) car that’s more reliable, and it puts you in a rough financial position. However, thanks to the generosity of your boss and your dedication to your job, you earn a small bonus just in time, and it tides you over for a few weeks.
The frigid December air stings your cheeks and you feel as if you can’t get from the parking garage to inside the building fast enough. Your hands are occupied carrying long overdue groceries and your fingers feel as if they may freeze off. Once inside, you take in a breath of the warm air, inhaling the faint scent of lavender in the apartment lobby. You fumble around to make your keys accessible to you, check your mailbox, and shove the letters haphazardly into one of the grocery bags before walking over to the elevator, stepping in, and pressing your floor’s button.
Getting your door open is a hassle, too, and thanks to the sudden change in temperature, you feel your nose start to run. Sniffling as you manage to unlock your door, you huff out in frustration when you feel your phone start to buzz in your pocket. Scrambling through the door to set your bags down on the counter, you sigh as you pull out your phone, seeing it’s Nat who’s calling.
“Hey,” you answer.
“Hey,” Natasha echoes, and it feels so nice to hear her voice again.
“What’s up? How are you?”
“Doing well. Just thought I’d check in with you. How’s everything holding up with you guys?”
“It’s alright! How’s the West Coast?” you laugh, knowing that she’s in Los Angeles with the higher-ups, in hopes to start a franchise line of her own coffee shops country-wide.
“Warm,” she laughs, and the sound of her laughter, although distorted from the slightly unstable cell signal, brings you comfort.
“God, I’m jealous,” you laugh right back.
“I’ll bring some of the warm weather back with me,” she jokes.
“That would be much appreciated. When will you be back?”
“I’m thinking a week from tomorrow. Think you can make it that long without me?”
“It’ll be a stretch, but I think I’ll manage,” you chuckle. “Jasper, on the other hand, I’m not so sure about.”
“I miss my little guy already,” she says, and you can hear her smiling through the phone. “So how’s work been?”
“Mundane, but alright. Got that bonus I was telling you about, but not without working my ass into the ground,” you sigh, sifting through the junk mail until you see an envelope from your landlord. You put your phone on speaker and set it down on the counter to open it up, expecting it to be nothing more than your biannual contract.
“Well, then you really deserve a bonus,” she says.
“Mhm. So how’s work been for you? How are the meetings going?” you ask, but when you slip the envelope open and pull out the enclosed letter, Nat’s voice fades to nothing and your head begins to spin.
Dear (Y/n) (L/n),
We thank you for your valued tenancy at Maple Avenue Apartments. This Notice is to inform you that the $1,100 monthly rent for the unit you currently occupy, Unit 1424, will increase to $1,450 per month.
This Notice is given to you 30 days prior to your next rental payment. If you wish to continue your tenancy, the new monthly rental payment of $1,450 is required. Please be aware that all other terms of your current rental agreement remain in effect.
Please sign the Notice below, indicating your agreement and continued tenancy. If you do not agree, you have 7 days to indicate your disagreement and termination of tenancy and move out of your current unit.
The Notice can be returned to the rental office. If you have any questions regarding this issue, please use the number below to contact the rental office and ask for Robert Stanley.
Maple Avenue Apartments (716) 324-8246
Your heartbeat picks up and a hot, static rush floods in your ears. Three hundred and fifty dollars more each month? That’s outrageous. That’s insane. That’s… is that even legal?
You swallow thickly, rereading the second to last paragraph. Seven days. Seven days to pack up everything and leave? Seven days to find you and your toddler a new place to live?
“Shit,” you mumble to yourself, but it’s loud enough to be picked up by the phone, and Nat, on the other end, hears.
“What’s up?” she wonders.
“Uh…” you clear your throat. “Nothing.”
“That is the most obvious way of saying it’s something,” she lightly teases.
“No, it’s just…” you take a shaky inhale before making up an excuse. “Just, bills racking up. I want to get rid of the cable but the nature channel is the only thing Jasper watches.”
“Oh, okay. You’re sure that’s all?”
“Yeah. Yeah, don’t worry about it, Nat.”
“I’m always worried about you, (Y/nn),” she chuckles.
“I know. I love you,” you say gently, trying not to let your voice break.
“I love you, too,” she responds, and there’s a moment’s pause before you speak up again, debating whether or not to ask Nat for some help, but deciding against it, not wanting to be a burden to her while she’s so busy.
“Well, I’ve got groceries to put away and I gotta pick up Jasper from school pretty soon, so I’m gonna have to let you go,” you break the silence.
“No problem. Give him a big hug for me!”
“I absolutely will,” you say, trying to smile, but failing. And you’re glad it’s not a video call because she’d see you starting to cry. “We’ll talk later.”
She gives her sweet goodbye before you press the red button to end the call. Trembling, you fall forwards and bury your face in your hands, letting yourself sob for a moment. Then, you remember you have food to get into the fridge: the same fridge that has to be empty, once again, in less than seven days.
“Hi, Mama,” Jasper says less enthusiastically than he normally does when you pick him up from school.
“Hey, Jas,” you greet, scooping him up into your arms and pressing a kiss to his cheek. “How was school today?”
“Good,” he shrugs.
“Good? Then why’re you so down?” you ask, rubbing his belly.
“Cause… where’s Bucky?” he asks with a frown.
“He’s at work, Bubs. We have the new car now, so he doesn’t have to drive us everywhere anymore,” you remind him with a light chuckle.
“Oh, okay,” he sighs, resting his head on your shoulder until you reach your car.
“Hey, how about we stop by the coffee shop to see him at work?” you offer, and it’s not just because you know Jasper wants to see Bucky. You would also like to see him, even if it’s only for a brief moment. The toddler lifts his head to look at you and his demeanor is almost immediately lifted.
“Yeah!” he exclaims as you set him down in his car seat.
“Well, let’s get going, then,” you say as you start buckling him up.
When you walk into the shop, the aroma of hand-ground coffee and fresh baked goods flood your senses, and when you see Bucky working behind the counter you feel just the edge of your stress taken off your shoulders.
“Bucky!” Jasper exclaims once he sees him, too.
You’re thankful to look around the shop to see you and Jasper are the only people here at the moment, so the little boy’s excitement hasn’t disturbed anyone. You see some other employees, Ben, Eva, and Mikaela, and they all turn around and smile when they see you and Jasper walking in.
“Hey, sport,” Bucky laughs from the espresso machine, turning around to face you both.
Jasper knows he can’t go behind the counter so instead, he gets as close as he can to Bucky. He runs to the counter and is able to just peer over the top when he goes onto his tiptoes.
“What can I get you today, Sir?” Bucky asks with a smile. He wipes his hands on his apron as he leans down to look Jasper in the eye, and it’s only then that you realize just how good he looks.
He’s let his hair grow out a little longer and you’ve noticed it’s started to curl just a bit in some places. His shiny blue eyes are filled with joy and his peach-tone skin glows in the late afternoon sun that’s beginning to set through the front windows. And you didn’t think it could be possible for someone to look that adorable in a simple brown, canvas apron.
“Hot chocolate, please!” comes Jasper’s request. Bucky nods, standing up to look over at you to make sure it’s okay. You nod and smile, making your way over to where Jasper’s standing. Bucky types in the order into the tablet once you’ve given your non-verbal approval and you pick up Jasper, hoisting him onto your hip.
“And your usual?” Bucky asks you.
“You got it,” you giggle, managing to pull out your wallet. But before you can take some cash out, Bucky’s interrupting you.
“This one’s on me,” he waves his hand at you, starting the transaction before you can protest further.
“No, Bucky,” you hum, shaking your head.
“I insist,” he chuckles, looking deep into your eyes.
And for a moment, you had forgotten about your living situation. But when he brings up paying for your order, you’re reminded of the financial crisis you may be going into. And it’s as if he knows this.
“You alright?” he asks.
You nod and feign a smile, which seems to satisfy him for a moment, giving you the chance to sneak away for you and Jasper to find a table. You let him pick where he wants to sit and he chooses the booth by the fireplace. You help him climb into the seat and once he’s situated, you sit opposite of him, smiling at the way he’s watching Bucky behind the counter.
Then, Jasper quickly jumps into telling you a story from school and only a few minutes pass before you hear gentle footsteps coming over to you, pulling your attention from your son. Bucky stands before you with a mug in each hand and a smile on his lips.
“For you, Ma’am,” Bucky says, setting your drink down in front of you as you thank him. “And for you, Sir,” he says, sliding a kid-sized mug of hot chocolate - with whipped cream adorning the top - in front of Jasper. And actually, it’s not hot at all; his drink is barely warmer than room temperature, because Bucky knew the boy wouldn’t have the patience to wait for it to cool.
“What do you say, Jasper?” you ask.
“Thank you, Bucky!” he responds appropriately.
“Of course, sport,” he chuckles, then looks at you. “Mind if I join you?”
“Not at all,” you smile, and he slides onto the couch beside Jasper. “How has your day been so far?” you ask him, cupping your hands around the warm mug.
“Well, the morning rush was chaotic, but otherwise it’s actually been pretty slow today,” he answers. “How about you? How was your day?”
“Uh, you know… It’s been okay. Just work.”
“Mhm. But you’re good, though?” he asks, just to make sure you know he’s actually wondering how you are.
“I’m good,” you shrug.
Not convinced, Bucky slowly takes his eyes off of you to look down at Jasper beside him, who’s finished with the drink already and now has whipped cream decorating his upper lip and the tip of his nose. Bucky laughs, grabbing a napkin from the holder on the table and gently wipes the foam off his face.
“How about you, pal? How are you?” he asks once his face is clean.
“I’m good,” Jasper shrugs, imitating how you had responded.
“Wonder where he gets that from,” Bucky teases, looking back up at you and making you smile. “What did you do in school today?”
“Counting numbers. I ‘ready know ‘em, though,” Jasper states casually, lifting the little mug to see if there’s any more left and slurping out what little else he can.
Bucky laughs again as he watches your son, making your heart swell in your chest. It’s like when you’re together, everything feels right. Everything feels good. Everything with Bucky is just better.
After a few minutes of chattering away with Jasper, Bucky must realize you’re still somewhat spaced out. He gently taps his fingers against the table in front of you to grab your attention.
“You with us?” he wonders softly.
“Mhm. Just… savoring this,” you say as you take a sip from your mug. Bucky thinks you’re talking about your drink, but you’re also savoring this moment of togetherness.
“Okay. Be brutally honest. Do I make it as well as Nat?” he asks, and you have to take another sip to think before you answer.
“Almost,” you say with a small smile.
“Alright! I’m getting there,” he smiles back proudly, then looks down to Jasper. “And I guess there’s not much to mess up about a hot chocolate, right, pal?”
“Mmm. So yummy,” Jasper hums, sticking his finger into the mug and bringing it back out to lick the whipped cream off.
“Okay, that’s enough, Bubs. There’s no more left and you’re making a mess,” you laugh, reaching into your bag to pull out some wipes. You reach over the table to wipe his face off again, but you can’t quite reach him.
“Here, let me,” Bucky offers, taking the wipe from you and cleaning off the boy’s face again. He notices his hands are sticky, too, so he wipes them also. Everything he does is so gentle and caring and you’re so glad that he’s become such a great influence in Jasper’s life.
Thank god for Bucky.
“Thank you,” you giggle once your son is clean again.
“No worries,” he chuckles right back. “So, I get off in an hour. Dinner at mine?”
It became routine for the three of you to share a meal together at least twice a week, either at Bucky’s place or yours, so it’s not uncommon for him to invite you over for dinner now. However, the first time you went to his, you were extremely nervous. You didn’t know why, but you think it had to do with the fact that you hadn’t been to a man’s house in a long while. However, like everything else about him, Bucky’s home is warm and welcoming. It has a classic red brick exterior with a white door and white window panes. Then, when he invites you and Jasper inside, it’s clear he’s a bachelor, but in the best way possible.
It’s no surprise to you that, like a number of men, he lacks interior design skills. His furniture is nice and simple; it’s all shades of grey with dark leather accents. The main room has a small flatscreen tv, a small couch, and a rustic coffee table with a candle and some books on it. His walls are pretty barren, except for the one bookshelf that stands tall in the living room, which is completely packed with books, so much so that you cannot find an empty space.
When he shows you where the bathroom is down the hall, you think it’s adorable that he has photos hanging on the wall. Granted, there’s only a few, and most of them are of him with who you think must be Sam and Sarah and her sons, but it still warms your heart all the same. Similarly, when you find out he has a cat, and that her name is Alpine, you can’t help but smile.
“Alright,” you nod in agreement.
“You okay?” he asks, a hint of worry still weighing in his voice.
“Yeah. Just tired,” you lie.
“Okay,” he nods, although unconvinced.
“Thank you for the treat,” you say, starting to slide out of the booth after a few more minutes. He does the same, then helps Jasper down before grabbing both mugs from the table with his metal hand.
“Of course. See you in a bit,” he smiles.
“See you,” you nod, taking Jasper by the hand.
“Bye, Bucky!” your son says.
“See ya, sport,” Bucky chuckles, dropping his empty hand to give the kid a high five before the two of you head back home for a little bit.
Bucky shoots you a text after he gets home from work and starts dinner. When you and Jasper get back to your own place, your stomach starts to hurt almost immediately. You have to be out of here in less than seven days. You shake your head, dismissing the thoughts as you change Jasper out of his clothes, messy from school, and into some comfier ones, before heading out.
Jasper, as per usual when en route to Bucky’s, is chipper and energetic. You, on the other hand, can’t stop thinking about the worst possible things that could happen. All you want is to be with Bucky, to let him comfort you, and to let yourself be weak for a moment. But you have to stay strong, if not for your own sanity, then for Jasper’s wellbeing.
When you arrive, Jasper is more than happy to see both Bucky and Alpine. Bucky invites your son into the kitchen with him when he sees him watching intently. And it’s not long before you’re settled at the kitchen counter enjoying the meal that he’s made.
Not long after that, the three of you are lounging in the living room together. Jasper is cozied up in your lap under one of Bucky’s knitted throw blankets and Alpine is curled up in Bucky’s lap while you talk about god knows what. You have to admit, you’re not really that engaged in the topic, too preoccupied with the other things on your mind. So when you feel Jasper’s head fall heavy in your arms, you’re glad there’s a lull in the conversation.
“He’s asleep?” Bucky asks.
“Mhm,” you nod, standing up with the boy in your arms, still covered by the throw. You’re thankful that it’s a Thursday night and Jasper doesn’t have school tomorrow so you don’t have to worry about getting him home to bed.
“Sweet kid,” Bucky chuckles, stroking Alpine as she gets up from his lap and leaps off the couch.
“Can I lay him down somewhere? He’s super heavy when he’s asleep and I wanna keep talking without waking him up.”
“Oh, yeah,” Bucky says, standing up with you. “Follow me.”
He leads you down the hall to the spare bedroom and you gently lay Jasper down on the full sized bed. You softly tug the throw blanket out from where it’s tangled beneath him to drape it back over his tired, little body, watching for a moment as his chest rises and falls with each breath he takes. You lean over to kiss his forehead, then exit the room, leaving the door just cracked, to meet Bucky in the hall again.
“Out like a light, hm? Bucky asks, and you nod and smile in response then lead the way back down the hall. Without saying a word, you grab Jasper’s water bottle off the kitchen counter then make your way around to the sink to wash it out.
“Hey, what’s up?” Bucky asks in a whisper, letting his flesh fingers scratch lightly over your shoulder to let you know he’s there.
“Huh?” you ask, feigning ignorance to his question.
“What’s wrong?” he asks a little louder this time.
“Uh, nothing,” you shake your head and continue to rinse out the bottle. “Why?”
“All afternoon you’ve just seemed… off. Sad. Upset… I don’t know,” he shrugs as he blushes pink, worrying that maybe he’s overstepped.
“I’m fine, James,” you fake a smile. But when you call him ‘James’ instead of ‘Bucky’ he knows something’s not quite right.
“I know that’s a lie, but… I mean, you don’t have to tell me, but just know I’m here for you. I care about you, (Y/n),” he whispers. And the sincerity and care in his voice is something that, besides Nat, you haven’t heard in so long.
Dropping the water bottle in the sink with a quiet clatter, you sigh, then sniffle. You turn around to face Bucky and you see his eyebrows are furrowed in concern and his perfect lips are pulled into a small frown.
“It’s… god, I’m just so stressed,” your voice shakes. “Something happened today and I just… I don’t know what to do.”
“Darlin’, if you need to get a load off your shoulders, I’m here,” he reiterates.
Finally unable to contain your emotions any longer, you blink away a few tears and fall into Bucky’s arms out of pure instinct. And instead of pushing you away or finding it weird that you’ve collapsed into him, he simply wraps his arms around your body and holds you tight, letting you cry all that you need to.
Your breathing is staggered while inhaling the cooler air of the room around you when you pull your face from his chest, the smell of his cologne and natural musk no longer piercing your lungs. All you can do is shake your head and part your lips, but no words come out.
“It’s alright,” he reassures you, rubbing your shoulder.
“God, I’m sorry,” you say, pulling away from him while sniffling and harshly wiping your face, embarrassed to let him see you like this.
“Please don’t apologize, Darlin’. How about we sit down and you can tell me more?” he suggests, ushering you over to the living room to sit on the couch together. Once you’re situated, facing him, seated cross legged on the couch, you take a deep breath.
“So my yearly contract is up for the apartment but they’re increasing rent for the next year, I guess. And there’s no way I can pay the new amount they’re demanding, after the repairs I put into the car just to buy a whole new one, and paying for everything else because life is just so goddamn expensive and...” you ramble on. “And we have to be out in seven days if I can’t pay the new rent because I just can’t pay that much money per month… And I just don’t know what to do,” you whimper, trying to hold back more tears.
“Hey, it’s alright,” he coos, placing a gentle hand on your knee and not knowing quite what to say. “I’m sure you’ll figure it out.”
“That’s the thing, though, Bucky. I don’t think I can figure this one out,” you sniffle, shaking your head.
“Could you ask Nat for some help? I know you said she’s been there for you in the past,” he suggests sweetly.
“Nat’s out of town and dealing with some stuff for work right now, too, so I don’t want to bother her for help. Plus she helped me to get on my feet for a long while and she’s already done so much for us,” you explain shakily.
“Right…” he trails off, running his natural hand over his beard.
“I just feel like everything good that happened up until this point wasn’t real. Like, I knew it was all too good to be real. At least for it to be for me. But it’s not just me now. Jasper’s gonna go through this too and I wanted… I wanted better for him,” your voice trembles as you let your head drop down. You cover your face with your hands and begin to sob once more.
“Shh,” Bucky hums, bringing you back into his embrace. He places his hand protectively over your head and lets you cry into his chest again. A few more minutes pass and you finally pull back to take a few deep breaths. He holds you by the shoulders and breathes with you.
“I’m so sorry to put this all on you,” you stammer once you catch your breath.
“Please stop apologizing, (Y/n),” Bucky says with a sympathetic chuckle, wiping the tears off your face with his soft thumb.
“I just feel bad. You only invited us over for dinner. You didn’t ask for this,” you roll your eyes at yourself, using your sleeve to wipe your eyes.
“No, but I’m your friend,” he says, rubbing your shoulder. “And being a friend means to be here for you. Which, by the way, I have that extra room if you and Jasper need a place to stay,” comes Bucky’s offer, making you stop everything and stare directly into his eyes.
“No. I couldn’t,” you state after a moment of contemplation.
“Of course you could,” he reasons.
You pause. You think. There’s not many other options.
“I don’t want to be a burden,” you shake your head, almost trying to convince yourself not to take his offer.
“You’re never a burden, (Y/n). I swear.”
Another pause.
“It would only be for a little while. Until I find us another place to live,” you promise.
“I’m not worried about that,” he reassures you, shaking his head.
“And you can tell us to leave if you get sick of us,” you tell him.
“I cannot imagine ever getting sick of you or your incredible little boy, (Y/n),” he says with a kind smile.
“And I’ll pay rent like I would anywhere else,” you say, hoping he knows that if you take his offer, you won’t take advantage of him.
“That will not be necessary,” he chuckles. “All I ask is that you let me do this for you without feeling like you owe me something in return. You’ve already done so much for me. More than you know. Both you and Jasper have.”
There’s a final break of silence before you find yourself simply melting from the inside out.
“Oh Bucky, are you sure?” you ask with a trembling voice.
“I’m positive, (Y/n),” he assures you.
“Thank you so much,” you barely whisper, falling back into his chest.
“You don’t need to thank me,” he coos, cradling the back of your head and for the next few minutes, you feel completely safe in his embrace. Once you’re through crying, you pull away slowly, only to see that he’s sharing a comforting smile with you.
Thank god for Bucky.
“It’s gonna be okay,” he promises, still holding your head in his hands. “I’ll get Sam to help us move you out. A week, you said?”
“Yeah. I have to be out in seven days. It’s outrageous,” you shake your head, feeling your throat tightening again.
“Hey, we have it worked out now,” he reassures you, moving his hands from your face to your shoulders. “It’ll be great. Sam’s great.”
“I’ll finally get to meet him,” you giggle through sniffles, wiping any remaining tears off your face.
“He’s… a lot,” Bucky chuckles. “I love him like a brother. But he can be overwhelmingly supportive at times. But his aura is really uplifting. He’s really great.”
“I’m excited to see him,” you smile and sigh, feeling a sense of relief for the first time today. It’s as if your brain knows you can relax now, because a yawn escapes your mouth, showing just how exhausted - mentally and physically - you are.
“Well we’d better get going,” you stand up from the couch slowly. “I’ll grab Jasper.”
“Okay,” Bucky nods, standing up with you and following you to the spare room where you laid Jasper down.
When you push open the door, the sight before you makes you so happy. Alpine must’ve found Jasper sleeping on the spare bed, and she’s cuddled up beside him, resting her face against his cheek and curling her tail on his tummy. Both are fast asleep.
“Bucky, look,” you giggle silently, stepping aside so he can peer into the room. He laughs quietly at the sight, his own heart warmed at seeing his beloved companion cuddled up to Jasper.
“They’re already best buds,” he smiles, placing a gentle hand between your shoulder blades. “I’ll grab Alpine,” he offers, walking into the room quietly to lift the cat off the bed, then letting her jump down and run to her favorite hiding spot. You walk around to the other side to pick up your son and he stirs a little bit, but remains sleeping in your arms.
“Keep the blanket,” Bucky says when he sees you struggling to untangle your son from it. “You’ll be back anyways,” he smiles.
He walks you out to your car and starts it to get it warmed up while you situate Jasper in the backseat. Once he’s settled, you drape the blanket back over him in addition to his coat, making sure that he’s warm enough. You close the door quietly then turn to Bucky.
“I’ll shoot Sam a text,” he says. “What days work for you?”
“I took tomorrow off since Jasper doesn’t have school and then I have the whole rest of the weekend off, too,” you shrug.
“I do, too. I’ll let Sam know. It shouldn’t be a problem, though. He’s normally free on weekends, too.”
“You sure he’ll want to spend his weekend like this, though?” you ask.
“Absolutely. When you meet Sam, you’ll understand. He lives to help people. I swear, he’s the kindest soul out there.”
“Well, thank you,” you whisper, pulling him into a hug. “For everything.”
“Of course,” he says, and in his arms, you’ve never felt safer.
That feeling of security follows you all the way home, running warm in your veins and letting you rest easy that night.
Thank god for Bucky.
The next morning, while you’re making breakfast for Jasper, your phone begins to ring. Reaching over to grab your phone off the counter, you see that it’s Bucky.
“Good morning,” he greets you sweetly.
“Hey, good morning,” you reciprocate.
“Did you get some sleep last night?”
“Yeah. You?”
“Yeah, thanks.”
“What’s up?” you ask.
“So, Sam’s good to go,” he states. “What time works best for you?”
“Oh, awesome! Um, let me think,” you say with a sigh, setting your phone on the counter and pushing it to speaker to put some food on Jasper’s plate, and when he hears Bucky’s voice over the line, your son grows ecstatic.
“Hi, Bucky!” Jasper calls.
“Hiya, Sport. How are you?” Bucky chuckles through the phone.
“Good! Mama makin’ pancakes!”
“Oh, I bet they’re yummy, yeah?”
“So yummy,” Jasper says while stuffing another bite into his mouth.
“Slow down, bubba,” you laugh, going around to sit at the counter beside your son. “I mean, really any time works. I got up early this morning and started packing some boxes already,” you explain.
“How about we drop by in about an hour?” Bucky asks.
“That’s perfect.”
“Great. We’ll see you then!”
“Thank you so much,” you sigh.
“You’re so welcome. See you later,” Bucky says, and at the sound of his goodbye, Jasper has to get his goodbye in, too.
“Bye, Bucky!”
“See you in a little bit, pal,” Bucky laughs.
And he’s true to his word; in a little over an hour, the buzzer to your apartment is sounding, signaling someone is here for you. You answer over the intercom, hearing Bucky and Sam both telling you ‘hi’ and you laugh at their already chaotic, combined energy. When they make it up to your door, your heart starts to beat faster. You’re excited to meet Sam and you feel you have so much to be thankful for.
“Hi!” you greet them both, “come on in!”
“Sam, this is (Y/n). (Y/n), Sam,” Bucky introduces.
You and Sam exchange a handshake, but he pulls you into a hug at the last second, making you giggle a little after he pulls away.
“So nice to meet you, (Y/n),” Sam smiles.
“Same to you. Thank you so much for agreeing to help out today,” you say sincerely.
“Hey, of course. Anything for a friend,” Sam nods.
“Well, now the two most important people in my life know each other,” Bucky chuckles quietly as a blush creeps onto his cheeks.
“Bucky!” Jasper says, running over with his favourite shark stuffie.
“Oh! And this is Jasper,” Bucky says as he lifts the boy up into his arms. “Make that the three most important people in my life. Hiya, Sport!”
“You here to play with me?” the tot asks.
“Well, not really,” Bucky says, then looks at you, picking up on the fact that Jasper doesn't know what’s happening.
“I haven’t told him anything,” you admit. “I didn’t know how to. I figured he’d just be excited to hear that we’re gonna have an extended sleepover with you,” you say with a feeble shrug.
“Hey, that’s alright,” Bucky shakes his head, then steps over to bring you into a side hug. “Let’s get started!”
So for the rest of the morning, Bucky and Sam help you pack things into boxes, label them, and take trips down to load them into Sam’s van. With three of you and the cooperation of Jasper, the work moves fast. Just after noon, there’s only Jasper’s fishbowl and the stuff in the fridge you have to deal with. You break for lunch and use up most of whatever’s in the fridge, and what you don’t finish, you pack into a cooler. Then, it’s off to Bucky’s.
Box by box, the three of you unload the van into the house while Jasper plays inside with Alpine. You could’ve made him help out, maybe given him a simple task, but you figured it would be best for him to stay out of the way. Besides, he loves that darn cat and she’s so tolerant of his toddler antics, too.
“So, things are getting serious with Bucko?” Sam asks with a grunt as he sets down a box that’s labelled ‘Jasper fall/winter clothes’.
“What?” you ask with a nervous laugh, setting down the box of shoes.
“Well, you’re movin’ in together? I mean, he talks about you all the time, but he never even said you started dating!” Sam exclaims.
“Oh, no no no,” Bucky shouts at Sam while jogging into the room to hopefully stop the conversation that’s about to unfold.
“No?” Sam asks, looking over at you.
“No, uh…” you say with another nervous chuckle.
“Nope, we are not together. Just friends, y’know,” Bucky says, and you know that’s the truth, but for some reason it makes you… sad?
“Ah, mhm,” Sam murmurs, seeming a little unconvinced.
“Yeah, no, yeah. He’s been so helpful, uh, with everything lately. And Jasper just loves him, so that’s a bonus,” you explain.
“And she helped me get a job at the coffee shop,” Bucky adds on.
“Uh, do not let him fool you, Sam,” you say with a laugh, then clarify, “I didn’t help him at all. He got it all on his own.”
“Well,” Bucky starts as his cheeks flush pink from embarrassment.
“No,” you interrupt him. “I didn’t do a thing!”
“I believe you, (Y/n),” Sam laughs, then playfully claps Bucky on the back. “This punk just can’t ever give himself any credit.”
“I know,” you laugh, playfully nudging Bucky’s side. “Y’know, Bucky, you can brag about your achievements from time to time.” Bucky only blushes more, causing you and Sam to both laugh at his humility.
Eventually, everything is settled inside and it’s just up to you and Bucky to arrange everything how you’d like it. A few hours later, Sam says he needs to get home, explaining to you guys that he promised his nephews he’d be there for a Mario Kart tournament. He tells you he can help out tomorrow with moving your furniture into a storage unit for the time being. You give him your endless gratitude for his help before he heads out, leaving you and Bucky and Jasper. And Alpine. And Jasper’s fish.
“So, uh, make yourself at home. Well, I guess it is your home now,” he chuckles as he watches you tuck Jasper into bed. “Sorry it’s only one room.”
“Please, don’t be sorry, Bucky. I cannot thank you enough,” you say, bringing him into a tight hug. He gladly reciprocates, holding onto you securely.
“You need to stop thanking me,” he laughs. “It’s really not a problem.”
“I promise it won’t be long,” you assure him.
“Please, don’t worry about that. Take your time. It’ll be fun having you guys here.”
“I appreciate you, Bucky,” you smile.
“Sneaky way of saying thank you,” he teases. “I’ll let you get settled in. Goodnight.”
“Goodnight, Bucky,” you echo with a small yawn, watching as he turns out of the room.
Thank god for Bucky.​
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bensolosbluesaber · 23 hours ago
It's a proven fact that if your school's antibullying program used the "bullies are struggling with their own insecurities" curriculum you are now attracted to morally gray fictional characters
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Specimen FX-23: Project Snow Fox // Recovery.
This is a Bucky Barnes x Reader story. No use of Y/N, but nick names are now used for Reader! Word Count: 6.9k Read previous chapters here!
Chapter Six:
Bucky was tired.  He’d been able to doze for a little bit last night with Snow Fox, but then Natasha had come down in the early hours of the morning to wake him for dinner in the lab. While Bucky had been relieved that Nat had been able to walk off being thrown across the gym, he hadn’t enjoyed the argument they’d shared.  ‘Is she really a liability for the team? Or for you? Look, just consider the idea that she might do better in a place where she can actually fulfill her purpose.’ Natasha’s words swirled around in his mind for the rest of the day. Bucky shook his head and tried to direct his focus back on Steve and T’Challa who were going over plans for the Wakanda Outreach facility in LA.  Was he holding her back?
All Bucky had wanted, from the moment they’d found the girl, was to make sure that she could have a chance at life. The same chance Steve had given him years ago when they met in the streets of DC. Someone to see the good beneath the surface. Someone to believe in you. Bucky thought of how his time in Wakanda had saved his life. When the remembering got too hard and he felt like he would be crushed under the weight of everything he’d done, Shuri was there. She’d taken him in and the two of them struck up an unusual friendship. He didn’t realize how much he’d missed having a little sister until he got to the lab. Shuri, while obviously very different to Rebecca Barnes, had managed to fill a void created back in 1943. He’d been eternally grateful to be given his autonomy back and be able to start his life again, but he was especially grateful for the opportunity to be a big brother again. Even if all Shuri did was make fun of his terrible modern dancing and intolerance to spicy foods.  All he wanted was for you to have the same thing, freedom.  The bright eyed girl who on her first night fought so hard to keep her eyes open during ‘Sleeping Beauty’. The kind girl who’d taken weeks to keep eye contact during a full conversation. The brave girl, who agreed to go outside and spar with Natasha even though he could see the trepidation behind your eyes. His beautiful girl… Bucky’s mouth twisted into a frown for the fourth(?) time that morning.  Somewhere along the way he’d grown incredibly protective of you. He knew that you could handle yourself in a fight, but selfishly he liked knowing you were safe here in Shuri’s lab where he could come take care of you. He didn’t know when he’d grown to fear the idea of you joining the Avengers. All he knew for certain was that the idea of you joining them in going up against Hydra made his palm sweat. “Well I think that covers everything! Thank you again your highness for allowing us to stay another day.” Steve smiled as he shook hands with the king. “It is no problem. I know my sister enjoys having a full lab from time to time. I’m just grateful that the White Wolf has returned to bear the brunt of her teasing.” T’Challa grinned, causing everyone in the room to snicker.  Bucky just rolled his eyes and strolled out of the conference room and began walking the familiar halls toward the lab. As he walked down the spiral he felt Steve come up behind him, Bucky slowing his own pace for his friend to catch up. “So, anything you wanna talk about?” he asked gently, causing Bucky to huff. Steve let out a chuckle. “Ok then just listen. Last night, the team discussed it, and we think that Snow Fox would be a good addition to the team once Shuri green lights her rehabilitation. She’s in good physical condition, and aside from her, uh... episode yesterday she’s been recovering very well. Shuri has been sending me weekly updates on her,” that caused Bucky to raise a brow as he’d been unaware Steve was checking in. “And in every update she’s getting better and better. I know that you’re worried about her being overwhelmed, but I think that being around a team would be good for her. She needs some socialization.” Bucky grit his teeth.  “Did Nat put you up to this?” He ground out. Steve’s brow furrowed. “No, I’ve just been keeping an eye on her too.” Steve said and Bucky could tell he was being honest. Steve had always been such a shit liar. Steve ran a hand through his hair, taking a deep breath before settling both hands on his hips and Bucky knew he was in for a bit of a speech. “Look, you’ve been helping her and making sure she’s recovering okay now that she’s out and I’m really proud of you Buck. I know you both have a connection that I can’t understand being ex-Hydra, but I feel connected to her too. I can’t explain it, but she’s part of me in a way. We don’t know much about her other than she and I share a certain amount of genetic code. Not just the soldier serum but DNA. Tony and Shuri were able to find some matches between her and I. Hydra seems to have used what they had
from me as some sort of genetic jumping off point before adding in different.. uh “materials” form the Red Room. I know that doesn’t obligate her to have some kind of relationship with me, but Bucky I can’t just not care about someone who’s kind of like my kid.” Bucky just blinked, trying to process the new information as Steve ran a nervous hand through his hair. “She’s not and I know that, but c’mon Buck I can’t just walk away. I’ve tried to stay away because I thought that it was what was best for her but I’d really like to get to know her. They might not come out and say it but I know the rest of the team is curious about her too.” Steve admitted softly. Bucky exhaled deeply and looked at the floor.  Of course Steve was worried about you too.  Bucky had known that logically Steve was worried about you.  He’d asked about you often and the fact that he had Shuri sending him reports didn’t feel as surprising as Bucky thought it might. Steve had always had a borderline obnoxious sense of morality and hearing it phrased that way… No wonder Steve wanted you to come to America. He’d never be able to not see Snow Fox as some kind of surrogate kid. Estranged and barely related, sure, but Steve would never walk away from you if he considered you any kind of family. Bucky’s very presence was confirmation of that fact. “I just can’t see her get hurt, Stevie. She’s doing so well here, and I can’t stand the idea of moving her to a new country right now. She’s finally getting adjusted here and settling in. Is it lonely here? Maybe. But Shuri is here and I’ve been here. She’s safe here and that’s my priority right now. If we move her to the compound and word gets out about her, or worse she joins the team and is out there dealing with Hydra’s bullshit in person… I can’t guarantee her safety anymore.” Bucky admitted. The more Bucky thought about you in America, the more Bucky’s stomach churned. The idea of actively putting you in harm's way made him want to vomit.  Steve clapped a hand on Bucky’s shoulder. “I won’t ask her to move. Nat and I agreed we’d let you discuss it with her first to gauge how she’d feel about training with the team and then she can make the choice for herself. Getting to choose something like this might be good for her. More autonomy over her own life, right?” Steve smiled and Bucky returned it weakly. “Look, let's head to the lab. We’re shipping out first thing tomorrow morning so today is kind of your last chance to spend time with Snow Fox and Shuri before we head back to the compound tomorrow.” “I guess I’m expected to come back tomorrow aren’t I,” Bucky asked quietly. Steve just nodded in response. Bucky sighed deeply again as they entered the lab.  Nat and Clint had beaten them back, crowding around a table with Shuri to inspect some new gear. The last time they came, Shuri had begun developing some new tech for them. Fancier black widow bites for Nat and a vibranium bow with some fancier features for Clint. Sam’s wings were laying on the table but Bucky noticed the man himself wasn’t in the room. The five of them all hung out in the lab for maybe half an hour before Bucky heard footsteps making their way down into the lab.   Bucky looked up to see you enter the lab, arm in arm with Sam fucking Wilson.  The two of you had obviously been enjoying your conversation. You’d been laughing as you entered the lab, smiling wide and freely. Bucky didn’t want to think about why the sight of the two of you made his chest constrict.  As soon as his eyes met yours, you dropped your hand from Sam’s elbow as if you’d been caught somehow and Bucky couldn’t tell if that made him feel better or worse. Sam just waggled his eyebrows at Bucky, who felt the frown form on his face as Steve started speaking to you.  The rest of the afternoon passed in a bit of a blur.  Bucky ate the food put in front of him without really tasting it. He tried to listen to the jokes being made around the table and keep the frown off his face, completely oblivious to the concerned looks you and Shuri had been sharing as you
ate. He barely acknowledged Okoye and T’Challa when they came to bring the team to the range, wanting everyone to test out Shuri’s modifications before they shipped out tomorrow.  Your eyes had met briefly as Shuri grabbed your hand and pulled you into your room off the lab. Bucky watched as a sadness he’d never seen before flashed in your eyes before you looked away and Shuri closed your door behind you. After he watched Shuri drag you to your room, Bucky made his way to the gym and started punching the closest bag. All he could think about was you, what moving to America would mean for the both of you, and how everything would change. If you moved to America, Bucky might not be your favourite person anymore.  Bucky clenched his fists so hard his knuckles went white and the vibranium screeched as he remembered the smile on your face when you were joking around with Sam. If you were exposed to the rest of the world, would you leave Bucky behind? You were young and obviously very beautiful (Bucky was old, not blind). Your smile lit up the room and Bucky was terrified of you going off and finding someone better than him.  The second he had that thought, an immediate wave of disgust rolled over him. You weren’t ‘his’ . He didn’t know where this sudden jealous streak was coming from. You could go out and spend time with whoever you liked. Steve, Shuri, even Sam fucking Wilson if you wanted. There was an entire world out there full of people better than James Buchanan Barnes, and Bucky couldn’t help but worry when you finally realized that you wouldn’t want him anymore.  Clenching his jaw, he slammed his fist into the bag so hard it split a knuckle. Bucky’s chest heaved as he stared at the tiny drops of blood left behind on the bag. He ran a hand through his hair, fishing a hair tie out of his pocket before tying up the brown strands into a small bun at the back of his head. Then he picked up where he left off, punching all of his insecurities into the bag.  Eventually, Bucky’s fists slowed. He had no idea how long he’d been in the gym taking out his frustrations on the bag with split knuckles. He grimaced as he pictured your reaction to his bloodied fists. After trying to wipe the blood off with a towel, Bucky made his way out of the gym and tried to decide if he should go to your room or not. He wanted to see you, to even just be near you but you’d been so quiet at lunch... Maybe it would be good to give you your space for a bit and come say goodbye tomorrow. Bucky frowned as he realized you’d only really gotten to spend a day or two together this visit. He knew you’d miss him while he was back stateside and he couldn’t help the bitterness that washed over him.  As he made his way into his room for a shower Bucky tried to figure out how to discuss moving you to America. Even if he was ready to move you stateside, he had no idea how to broach the subject with you. Would you be excited? Scared? Would you even want to leave the lab? You and Shuri had a very sweet friendship that had really bloomed over the weeks that Bucky was away again. Maybe you’d be too attached to her to want to move continents. He tried not to think about how your friendship with Shuri was just another excuse to keep you here and safe. Groaning at the hot water cascading down his back, Bucky considered it a blessing that Steve and Nat were leaving it to him to ask you to move.  ‘ Next visit. Next visit I’ll ask for sure. ’ Bucky cowardly thought to himself, knowing there was no concrete date for him to return to Wakanda. You just needed a little more time here with Shuri, Bucky reasoned with himself. Maybe if he got to put it off this time, he’d find the courage to ask you to come train in America the next time he saw you.
Tumblr media
“I want to go to America for training.” you blurted.  Steve raised his eyebrows in surprise and opened the door a little wider to let you into his suite.  You and Shuri had decided that you were going to go to the Wakandan Outreach Center at the end of the week and spend some time in America together. Shuri did most of her work for the Center remotely, but as she wasn’t needed on any large projects for the next few weeks she’s offered to accompany you to America. She and T’Challa had hashed out the details of the trip over dinner and Ayo had volunteered to “chaperone” the two of you. Once you had transportation figured out and the support of T’Challa and Okoye, the next step was to ask Steve how he’d feel about letting you train with the team. You didn’t want to impose on their home, but you wanted to grow and learn as much as you possibly could. Shuri had promised you he would understand your desire to do the right thing so you’d made your way up to his room and knocked.  You looked around at the table with several files and a laptop set up. Steve himself was still in slacks and a button up and you suddenly felt a little juvenile in your black sweatpants and matching cropped sweater. “Shuri, T’Challa, and Okoye said that they would vouch for me to travel safely. Shuri thinks I’ve made a lot of progress... in the last four weeks especially. I do too! Or I did until... um...I had hoped to be able to show you during this visit but… uh… anyways Shuri is going to be going to the Outreach Center at the end of the week anyways and she said she could bring me if that’s ok…” you started wringing your hands a bit as you tried to stammer out the plan before Steve raised a hand to stop you.  “Can I ask you something first?” he crossed his arms as he asked, giving you a picturesque Captain America pose. You nodded nervously. “Why? I’ve never heard you express an interest in coming to the compound. So what changed?” you played with the hem of your sweater as you tried to find the right words.  “I don’t feel like I’ve changed necessarily, but Shuri and I have been so focused on making sure I wasn’t a threat to myself or others that in all the time I’ve been here I never stopped to think about what comes after. Natasha’s comment in the ring yesterday, about me being “Avenger quality”? I think that was the first time someone talked about my future outside of the lab. It’s never really been a consideration before now. It made me stop and consider what I was doing here and what I really wanted.” you answered. Steve just raised a brow.  “And what exactly are you doing here? What is it that you want?” he asked. “I was made to be bad. I was created by Hydra, to hurt people and make the world worse… but I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to fulfill that purpose. If I can use what they did to me to make the world better, I think that would serve them right. Natasha’s comment really opened my eyes. That if I want to do good things, all I have to do is ask and maybe I can start. Sam told me that I didn’t need a purpose to be alive, but I want to help people the way Bucky does and I can’t do that when I'm stuck underground. I know what I could bring to the team. I bring strength and dexterity and… and solid hand to hand skills. I want to keep people safe and if I can train with your team I can start working towards making that happen… if that makes sense.” you spoke softly, feeling Steve’s piercing gaze as he considered your answer. “Plus, Sam made the cinema sound very fun and I think I’d like to go see a movie on the big screen.” you tried to joke with a small smile. Steve let out a sudden burst of laughter. “I’m sure he did.” he chuckled with an amused smile that dissolved any previous tension. You cautiously smiled back at him. “I really do have a whole plan! Shuri and I spent the afternoon working out the details. If I’m allowed to come to the compound.” you added hastily but Steve just grinned. “I would be really happy if helping people is what you wanted to do with your life. But being an Avenger? It’s not easy.
It’s long hours and hard work and it’s dangerous. There are days where it feels like the evil in the world is never gonna stop. Not to mention the public scrutiny. We’d come up with an alias for you. Or figure out some kind of backstory since I’m assuming you don’t want the whole world to know about your… origins. The public can be just as ruthless as Hydra when it comes to their perception of who the Avengers really are in their day to day life. I just want to be honest with you and make sure you’re pursuing this for the right reasons. For yourself . If you change your mind about all this, if it gets to be too much or not what you want for yourself, I’m sure between Shuri and Tony we could come up with some sort of civilian life for you instead.” Steve said seriously, resting a gentle hand on your shoulder. You nodded as you bit your lip.  “I do think you’re right though. You, the supposed “Next Fist of Hydra”, becoming an Avenger? Talk about a comeuppance. We were already trying to think of a way to propose the idea to you so I’m really glad Bucky decided to talk to you about all this.” Steve smiled and you cocked your head. “What do you mean?” you asked. “I asked Bucky about this earlier today and didn’t see either of you. I assumed he talked to you about coming to train with the team. We talked about it earlier. I told him it might be good for you to get some different training and join the team if you wanted to.” Steve explained. You wiped your palms on your thighs before sliding them behind your back and balling your fists. So Bucky was supposed to invite you to the team and decided not to. You’d gone to your room after lunch yeah, but Bucky didn’t even try to come talk to you about this. He was hiding things from you now?  Well screw him.  “Actually, I’ve been thinking about this on my own. As much as I love being here with Shuri, I’m limited with what I can experience of the world. I want to travel and explore but I know there’s a concern that I’m a liability. I promise I’m not. Shuri can show you all the reports if you need it.” you sharply explained and Steve just looked at you for a moment with a look you couldn’t decipher.  You worried you’d said something wrong before he spoke. “That’s ok. I’ve already seen them.” he dismissed with a wave of his hand, moving back to lean against his desk with his arms crossed. That caused you to raise a brow. You weren’t aware Captain America had been checking in on you. You wondered briefly if he’d requested the updates himself or if Shuri had just been sending them automatically.  “I don’t think you’re a liability anymore than Bucky at this point. Especially if Shuri’s reports are anything to go by, which we both know they are. If coming to the compound and training to be an Avenger is really what you’d like to do, of course we’d be happy to have you. Have Shuri forward me the details for your trip and I’ll have a room ready for you.” Steve smiled. You smiled shyly back before a more negative thought crossed your mind.  “What about Stark? I was under the impression he did not like me very much… Not that I blame him,” you winced as you recalled the only two memories you had of the Iron Man. Steve just waved a hand. “I’ll worry about Tony. I don’t think he hates anything, not really. He’s just… cautious is a good word for it. In any case I’ll take care of him and come get you when you and Shuri are done playing tourist. Sound good?” Steve asked, hand extended. You smiled and shyly slipped your hand into his, giving it a solid shake. “Yes, that sounds very good Captain.” Steve just snorted at your response. “Don’t even start. You can still call me Steve.” You smiled brightly, glad that your relationship with Steve was improving before your very eyes.  You nodded and made your way to exit his room before he called out to you, stopping you with your hand on the door knob. “Wait a sec, you said Bucky didn’t talk to you about this. Have you seen him at all today?”  You bit your lip, frustrated because no you hadn't .  “No. After lunch I went to my room
with Shuri and then had dinner with her family... I have one more favour to ask of you, Captain.” you turned, picking at your thumb nail. “Please don’t tell him that I’m coming to America.”  Steve’s eyes widened comically, his mouth parting in surprise but you held a hand up to stop him. “I, uh… Well I haven’t talked about it with him yet. I decided this on my own, and I should be the one to tell him I think. I know he just wants what’s best for me… but I really am set on my decision and I should be the one to tell him.” you murmured. Steve blinked at you for a moment before nodding. “We ship out tomorrow at 0800 tomorrow. I won’t bring it up if that’s really what you want, but honestly I’m a shit liar and he’ll know just by looking at my face. So do me a solid and tell him before I’m stuck on a jet with him for 15 hours will ya?” he asked with a crooked smile. You let out a deep sigh of relief and nodded. “Of course. Thank you for understanding.” you smiled softly. The two of you wished the other a good night before you stepped out of his room.  You quickly glanced over at Bucky’s door before shaking your head and scurrying down to the lab. Bucky didn’t want to see you. Bucky didn’t want you on his team. Angrily blinking back tears you made your way to your room and got ready for bed. It was still a little early but you had a feeling you wouldn't be sleeping very well tonight.
Tumblr media
Bucky startled awake sucking in a harsh breath. Running his flesh hand down his face he glanced over at the clock on the nightstand across from him.  6:47am.  He’d slept for at least five hours then. Not too bad. With a shake of his head, Bucky stood and made his way to the bathroom. Hoping that the scalding water of a shower would help rinse away the remnants of last night’s bad dreams.  Bucky had run round the corner, trying to follow you through the city streets.  Unable to scream as he watched his old self, the Winter Soldier, blew you to pieces. Sinking to his knees cradling your broken body in his arms, blood seeping out of the plates of his old silver arm. “You said I was safe.” you’d whimpered before your eyes glazed over. You’d let out a shuddering breath leaving Bucky to wail over your corpse.  Bucky smacked his forehead against the tile of the shower. With an irritated groan he quickly got dressed and grabbed his duffel bag and tossed it in front of Steve’s door before making his way down to Shuri’s lab.  When Bucky rounded the corner, you were already awake and dressed quietly talking with Shuri. Your head snapped up, words dying on your lips as Bucky approached. “Good morning White Wolf! I-uh... parts! I just remembered I have some parts! Yeah I have stuff that I need to send home with your team so I’ll leave you to it.” Shuri said hurriedly with a look to you that Bucky couldn’t quite decipher. With a nod Shuri scurried out of the lab, leaving you to pick at your nails and scuff your toes against the lab floor. As Shuri’s footsteps faded around the corner Bucky suddenly found himself with nothing to say. “So…I have to leave with the rest of the team. I tried to stay, but they’ve pointedly reminded me that part of my reintegration with society means I need to be working out of the compound again.  I’m not sure exactly when I’ll be back.” Bucky explained bitterly. He found himself disappointed that you wouldn’t meet his eye. You instead were choosing to look around the lab, at the floor, or at your own hands as you picked away at more and more of your nail polish.  “The last few bases we wiped out, Nat and Steve have a good feeling that those are the last few bases outside of North America. We’d been wiping out labs for a year before we found you so we’re pretty confident there’s no more hidden bunkers to uncover. We’ll begin the manhunt for individual agents next. I’ll be able to video call as often as you’d like when I’m not on missions.” “Video calls?” you ask, your eyes finally snapping up to meet his own. Bucky nodded. “I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to call or what time zone I’ll be in, but I’ll message you as often as I can so you can call me when you’re not training.” Bucky feels a frown tug the corners of his mouth as you clench your jaw and look back at the floor. “You’re just going to leave me here?” you asked seemingly in disbelief. Bucky’s palm began to sweat as he watched the gears in your head start turning. “It’s not like that Doll. I would stay if I could, but Steve and Nat need me to come back to the compound as part of my pardon.” “I understand that…” you began slowly. Your tone raised the hairs on the back of Bucky’s neck.   “What I do not understand is why you don’t seem to consider bringing me to the compound with you. I could be useful on the team... I’ve been training every day and Shuri says that I’m doing well. I’ve been thinking a lot about it, and I think it’d be prudent for me to learn how to fight in a unit. I-I want to come train with the team… with you. In America.” your voice was soft and nervous. As you spoke, your eyes cautiously lifted to meet Bucky’s. He could see the hesitation in your gaze, your timid optimism, and he felt the floor fall out from under him.  ‘ Why is the entire fucking universe out to get me right now? First Nat, then Steve, now Snow Fox herself? Doesn’t anyone consider the danger we could be putting her in? There’s no way Hydra’s just done with her.’ he thought bitterly to himself, trying to choose his next words
carefully. “I would love for you to come live in the compound, you know that, but it’s not safe yet. We still don’t know if the rest of Hydra is searching for you but we can only assume. Plus you’re not ready yet.” Bucky said evenly, trying to be firm but gentle. “According to whom?” you snap, fists balled up in the fabric of your oversized sweater. Bucky inhaled deeply, trying to keep his cool. This was not how his goodbye was supposed to go. “According to me. The former Fist of Hydra. Look, I’ve been in your shoes and as someone who’s had to walk this specific road before, please just trust me when I say you’re not ready yet. Just… please Doll. Please be patient a little while longer.” Bucky pleads gently.  He reached out to hold one of your hands in his, but your sharp flinch back into the table behind you tears Bucky’s heart right out of his chest. You’d never cringed away from his touch before, and Bucky was caught off guard by how much more it would hurt than when civilians or the rest of the team shy away from him.  “Why am I not ready? Okoye and Ayo have praised my fighting skills. I’ve spent hours working on my English, studying and doing the school work you’ve given me. Shuri says that she was able to disarm my chip and that I’ve been making incredible progress since arriving here. You can ask her! She trusts her own tech and I trust her! Why am I being locked away like some… some damsel when I can take care of myself!” you snapped. Bucky watched as bitter tears began to pool in your eyes, but with your fists clenched together you refused to let any of them fall.  Bucky lowered his gaze, trying to find the words. “I’m not keeping you locked away! We’re trying to keep you safe. Look it’s incredibly overwhelming out there and you’re only just mastering wide spaces. I just don’t want something to be triggered that we don’t know about yet.” Bucky tried to reason. That only seemed to anger you more. “What else is there to be triggered by? I never even saw combat! I’m never going to be ready if you keep me buried under this mountain.” you ground out.  “Just because you never saw combat doesn’t mean that there aren’t things out there that could still trigger you. PTSD, especially with the electroshock treatments make it incredibly difficult to pinpoint what exactly will activate the soldier. I’ve been triggered by basically nothing before. A static shock. The sudden change in temperature? Hell one of my worst episodes when I was first freed came from Steve asking me what I wanted for dinner that night! You have no idea what could flip the switch for you at this point and if you go out there unprepared you could get hurt. Not to mention what if there are still Hydra agents out there from your lab? There could be any number of subliminal triggers tucked away in your head and you’d never even know until it was too late!” “That’s my point!” you argued back. “We probably will never know for certain about some hypothetical super secret subliminal code! But sitting here tucked away in this lab is going to drive me insane. At least if I’m at the compound I could be working towards actually being useful! Even if I’m triggered, an entire compound of agents and Avengers are available to put me down.” you snapped. Bucky’s heart seized at your words. How could you view yourself as so expendable? ‘Put her down’ , Bucky thought angrily to himself. As if you were some kind of animal.  “No one is going to put you down because you’re not going. You can wait a little longer until you’re officially ready and then we can discuss what coming to the compound would mean for you.” Bucky ground out, his concern for you slowly morphing into frustration.  ‘I’ve lost too much. I can’t risk losing you too. C’mon Doll you’ve gotta at least try to understand.’ “I’m done waiting. If you wanted me to waste away in a lab for my entire existence, why bother waking me in the first place? It seems you could’ve saved yourself a lot of headache by leaving me there. Since I’m such a liability .” you petulantly shout, even going so far as
to stamp your foot while you cross your arms over your chest. Something tugged at the back of Bucky’s mind at your word choice. ‘Liability .’ But Bucky had no time to dwell on your word choice when you were being such a brat. “Oh! Well excuse the fuck out of me for thinking that freeing you would be kinder than leaving you to rot in a lab! I was trying to help you.” Bucky snapped back, running his flesh hand angrily through his hair. “Oh yes! How kind and helpful of you to graciously dump me under a mountain in Africa with your friends while you get to galavant all over the world! Thank you Sergeant.” you sneered with an overexaggerated bow, the childish act causing Bucky to scoff and begin to angrily pace away from you.  “All I’ve done is trade one lab for another!” you shouted after him. “I don’t know what else you want me to say! It’s only been 5 months. It took me a year to recover enough to be out in the real world and I’d been an actual person before! Had a life before Hydra took it all away from me!” Bucky turned to yell across the lab at you. (He missed the pain in your eyes at his comment on being an actual person.)  Had Bucky been feeling more rational he might’ve remembered what a sore spot “being a real person” was for you. Tactless comment aside, you didn’t let that stop you from firing back at him.  “Exactly! You had a life! All I’ve known is testing and training! I want a life Bucky! A real one. This isn’t fair!” you screamed, tears finally cresting your cheeks and dripping onto the floor. Bucky’s heart clenched as he heard you cry and grumble in Russian under your breath. He began to move to comfort you. “Snow Fox...” “ -this is just like Hydra .” you muttered angrily as you swiped at your cheeks.  If not for Bucky’s enhanced hearing, he wouldn’t have heard that last barb.  If Bucky wasn’t a super soldier, maybe he could’ve missed that last insult. Maybe he wouldn’t have choked on his breath as he felt the red hot blade of betrayal slice through his back and into his own heart.  If Bucky hadn’t heard that last comment, he might’ve been able to control his temper. He would’ve held you and tried to reason with you. Maybe even begged the team to stay an extra day so that he could try and comfort you. He wanted to comfort you.  But since when has Bucky Barnes ever gotten what he wanted?  “ Enough . I’ve said you’re not ready so you’re not ready. You wanna sit here and throw yourself a fucking pity party because you’ve got to live in a castle with an actual princess? Be my fucking guest. This conversation alone shows how immature and unprepared you are for the real world! We can’t risk you being out there yet and if you go out there unprepared, you could get yourself killed . Or worse kill someone else on the team. You have no fucking clue how to live out there like a real human being. How could we even trust you out there?” Bucky heard himself snap. His eyes widened as you choked in a strangled gasp, hands flying up to cover your mouth. It felt like he was no longer in control of his own body, like when the soldier would take over. Bucky was helpless to watch his disgusting comment fall from his own lips. He immediately wishes he could take the words back. He himself is all too familiar with being unable to trust your own mind, and to throw that back in your face…  Suddenly your posture straightens. You suck in a sharp breath and raise your chin so your eyes can meet his eye. There’s a steeliness in your gaze that Bucky recognizes and wishes was gone.  The cold focus of a Soldat . “Then I suppose it’s lucky for me that it’s not your approval I need.” you spit coldy, wiping away any traces of tears from before.   “Doll I-” “I have already made the preparations with Shuri. I wanted to tell you first, I thought it could be good news, but I suppose I was mistaken. Okoye and his Highness T’Challa himself have signed off on my leaving Wakanda. At the end of the week Captain Rogers has approved me to come and start training at the compound. Consider this “heads up” a courtesy. Have a safe
flight Sergeant.” you grind out, fists clenched at your sides.  With that you spun on your heels and stormed off to your room, slamming the door behind yourself and leaving Bucky to gape in your absence. Bucky was at a loss for what to do in this situation. He barely realized he was gripping one of the tables so hard his vibranium hand shattered the glass top into a thousand pieces as the floor seemingly fell out from under him. The tight pain blooming in his chest, all the way down his arm and legs into his finger tips. The two of you had never had a fight before. Let alone one as ruthless as this had just been. There was a faint sound of muffled crying that even across the lab and behind your door, Bucky could hear because of some god damn serum he never fucking asked for.  Bucky can feel his throat closing and his vision begins to blur the longer he stands in the lab. He loses track of how long he stands there, hearing the painful sobs of the girl that had come to mean everything to him, but unable to move himself from his spot in the lab. Bucky doesn’t deserve to comfort you at this point. Eventually he hears Steve calling out his name, then his soft footsteps as he avoids the glass. He can feel Steve’s gentle hands on his shoulders, maneuvering him out of the lab and towards the Quinjet in a daze. Bucky’s fists clenched as the Quinjet took off, soaring through the force fields and across the grasslands.  There are no moments in Bucky’s life that he wishes he could forget.  To just leave behind and never consider again. After years of his mind being pillaged and his memories robbed, even painful ones are now precious to him. Bucky has spent hours upon hours pouring over journals, desperately trying to remember everything and anything about his life. Sketching out details of the apartment he and Steve lived in before he was drafted. The curve of his baby sister Becca’s nose. The way his mother would pin her hair up on Sunday’s for church.  Every memory, no matter how small or painful, is precious. The way his sister cried when he told her he was leaving for the army. The painful wheeze of Steve’s fluid-filled lungs the last Christmas he caught pneumonia before Bucky was drafted. Coming across the dead bodies of a woman clutching her children, the stench of burning flesh heavy in the air while he was in the war. Everything needed to be remembered and cataloged.  But that moment… ‘At the end of the week Captain Rogers has approved me to come and start training at the compound.’  This moment makes Bucky wish for the mind wiping chair. ____________________________________________ A/N: Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed the story and come back when I start posting the next part. I don't know if I'd be able to maintain a tag list, I know someone else asked me about being added to one BUT if you leave me a comment or a response to this chapter, I'll make a list so I can tag everyone when I post the first chapter of the next part of the story. Again, thank you so much for your time and I hope you all stay safe! ♥️
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a-fictional-mans-wife · 4 hours ago
„Stress relief“
Mob!James 'Bucky' Barnes x female reader
Words: 1.5k
Summary: There's something equally fitting and ironic in the fact your work can stress you out, but the only way to destress from it, is at work. With your boss —in his office, on his couch.
Warnings: explicit smut, p in v, praise kink, friends with benefits, oral (f receiving)
Notes: Where’s my mob!Bucky that is also my boss to help me with stress relief?? Life’s so unfair 🥴
🤍 read it on ao3 | my main masterlist 🤍
Tumblr media
Working in an organization like the mafia was as simple as it sounded - which is to say, it wasn't simple at all, and it was filled with countless concerns and hardships. Those who sided with the mafia always had a target on their back, had to always be wary of enemies wanting to shoot them down or kidnap them for information if they were important enough.
This being said, plenty of members were stressed, and they had their own ways of addressing that stress as well to continue on with their job. It's not as if their job was going to care or wait for them, they just needed a temporary fix to get through it for the time being.
Smoking, drinking as well as other drugs are a common choice, as these are easy enough to get ahold of. Some others try exercise, sleeping it off during their off time—
And there's sex.
Sex is a favorable option because it had a payout that left enjoyment for both parties involved, pleasure and the ability to relax from the bliss that came after. You could put all your frustration and tension into the thrust of your hips, bruising grips or how hard you bite at skin and where they're bound to leave bruises.
You can’t destress at home like this, not wanting any of your business partners or one night stands in the safety of your apartment…. or literally any random guy between your legs. So there's something equally fitting and ironic in the fact your work can stress you out, but the only way to destress from it is at work… With your boss —In his office, on his couch.
And really, you don’t think your worthy of a dangerous, powerful, handsome, and generously endowed man like the infamous James Buchanan Barnes, but you certainly didn't have it in you to complain either when you had impulsively slept together, weeks ago in a moment of exhausted and drunken frustration.
Now, there was a mutual agreement between you both, to meet every so often like this to 'destress'. It was incredibly stress relieving, and at the same time became more frequent when you both wanted to enjoy it more and more with each other.
“Still so sensitive, aren't you?” Bucky purrs, smirking down as he thrusts into you, hands gripping at your thighs to keep your legs open wide for him, "Always so tight, fuck- my precious girl, so good for me.“
“Bucky, god you’re—”, you’re far too breathless to finish that sentence. Your face is flushed a brilliant red, and your hands are pinned above your head with Bucky’s belt. Oh, how he loves to do that for his ego trip, a stroke to his pride and power - but you were in no place to defy or complain, not when you liked it so much. Your jacket and dress shirt were unbuttoned and pushed open, revealing your breasts that moved with every thrust or shift of your bodies.
Your gasps are breathless and moans are high in your throat as Bucky fucks into you, getting lost in the pleasure that makes you toss your head left and right just wishing, aching you could touch him yourself. Your so turned on and wet, electricity coursing through your body with every movement of the man's hips.
“Oh - fuck!” A particular thrust has you yelling in pleasure, followed by a whimper as Bucky slows his pace inside you to pick up his phone sitting on the couch cushion near one of his knees. This was the third time it started silently buzzing. Was he really going to answer that - when you both were like this!?
“Shit,” Bucky curses. No doubt the person on the other end wasn't someone he could ignore. He looks at you, then at your tie laying vacantly against the backrest of the couch. He grabs it quickly, wrapping it around your mouth in a makeshift gag and ensuring the knot is tight - but not to the point of painful. "Be a good girl and don’t make any noise, okay?“ You hum around the fabric, somehow even more aroused as Bucky answers his phone, all while continuing his languid pace.
“Hey, Steve. What is it?”
Your face burns hot and bright at the thought who’s on the other end, that Bucky is still fucking you while talking so casually with only the slightest proof he's turned on, given his own small, short breaths that are nearly impossible to notice - but you do. You see the trickle of sweat on his neck, and oh how you wished you could lap it up—
A sudden hard buck of his hips tears you out of your thoughts, back arching off the couch with a shout of pleasure that is muffled by the tie covering your mouth. Tears prick your eyes from the pleasure, then frustration when you see the way Bucky’s mouth is curled into a smirk.
“Huh? What noise?” The mobster says, slowing his movements completely. He moves his free hand down to your wet, dripping folds around his cock and rubs at your clit instead. “I'm just looking over some recordings of a former torture session with our last captive, don't worry.”
Torture is a very apt word for this…
You want nothing more than to lose yourself in the pleasure of your bosses dick moving inside you, but somehow being filled with it and driven crazy in a whole different way isn't something you can hate either. His touch makes your head spin, legs twitching and toes curling in pleasure. Your so close, and Bucky’s talking on the phone suddenly feels so far away. You’re panting hard through your nose, bucking your hips into that rough hand and those calculated touches until your first orgasm rips through you. You cry out behind the gag, squeezing around Bucky while your hips move, overcome in ecstasy.
It makes Bucky curse, and you won't deny you like the sound of it. He furrows his brows and looks down at you, as if warning you to be quiet.
“Yeah... Yeah, I'll get to it.” Still, with grace, he manages to keep his voice steady on the phone. “I’m kinda in a hurry right now so I’ll talk to you later, pal.”
Bucky ends the call without paying any more attention to whatever Steve says, before he tosses it aside. His hands move, one on your waist, the other next to your head, before he finally returns to the same pace as before, or maybe even more, even faster, harder.
You cry out from oversensitivity, legs moving to wrap around his waist as his cock rubs against your walls, fills you up, hits that perfect spot that seems to drive you crazy everything. Maybe it's part of his plan, or maybe it's mercy, but Bucky suddenly undoes the belt around your wrists with a flick of his skilled fingers.
You finally regain control of your arms, immediately using it to wrap them around the brunettes neck and hold him close. But before that, you pull the tie out of your mouth, just in time to moan sharply into his ear.
“Please, fuck- so good, Bucky! Feels so good, shit-”
Your words make the mobster chuckle. “It should be. You always feel so good and wet for me, you deserve to get it this good at least, hm doll? Such a good girl, deserves to get her pretty pussy fucked properly.”
You don’t get praise often outside of work and business- if at all. To hear it from the boss himself in moments like these had your heart soaring, nails digging into his shoulders with a wanton moan. Oh, you'd let him do anything and everything he wanted to do, if he'd continue to say such sweet words to join this sweet pleasure.
With the way his movements turn more erratic, you know he's close.
Your hands comb his hair and gently tug at the roots, just the way you know he likes it, before you whisper sweetly into his ear:
“Please, sir. Please cum inside me, fill me up like I deserve it.“
A very hard thrust of Bucky’s hips seem to punctuate your gentle request, sending the brunette over the edge as he comes, spilling inside you with a groan and curses inside your ear.
The sensation of his cum filling you makes you throw your head back with a reverent exhale. “Oh god—” is all you can gasp out, melting into that feeling as you relax against the couch.
Bucky pulls out of you slowly, seeming to give a satisfied smirk at the way some of his cum starts to ooze out of your wet entrance.
“Fuck, doll, that was amazing,” he hums before checking the time on the shiny rolex around his wrist, “I don't have anything else to do for another hour. Want to have another round of… what do you call it again? Stress relief?”
You blush, whether it can even be seen with how red your face is. You move a hand down between your legs, wetting your fingers with his cum dripping out your hole, before you spread yourself with them.
“I’d love to. I’ve been sooo stressed lately, you know. My boss is such a dick…“, you fake a pout.
"Oh, tell me about it doll“, Bucky chuckles dangerously before shifting on the couch to lay down on his belly and his face is quickly buried between your thighs.
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Tumblr media
Hello!! Prompt voting for Bucky Barnes Appreciation Week 2022 is now open until Nov 30, 2021! After consolidating the submitted prompts, there are now 27 prompts in total, and the top 12 most voted prompts will be featured in Bucky Barnes Week 2022.
How does the prompt voting work? Go to the voting form here and vote for 12 prompts you would like to see for Bucky Barnes Week 2022. If you vote for more than 12 prompts, only the first 12 will count. You could vote for fewer than 12. 
We do however ask that you only vote for prompts if you intend to participate as a creator. This gives creators a better chance to create for the prompts they voted for. Why 12 prompts? To recap, Bucky Barnes Week 2022 will feature 2 prompts a day for 7 days (March 7 to 13, 2022). Each day will have 2 prompts except for March 10, which will have ‘Happy Birthday’ as the prompt. Therefore, we need 12 prompts for the rest of the week (i.e. 6 days with 2 prompts per day).
We are so excited to see which prompts will emerge victorious!! Thank you for participating <3
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captainmarvall · 4 months ago
if you look closely you can see how she got less sexualized in every movie
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sad that it took nearly 10 years
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