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#The last of us part II

I was just watching cascina’s new tlou video and I noticed the guy standing next to Owen


Could be completely wrong on this but is it just me or does that look like a younger Manny?? 


Could just be a coincidence and they just have similar hairstyles but their faces do look kind of similar - although it’s hard to tell since we don’t get a proper closeup of his model so who knows

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hi. i haven’t written anything on tumblr in a long ass time (4 years, give or take). very out of the loop i am indeed, however, i love the last of us. i’m not over the second game. and i love ellie williams with my entire fuckin’ heart.

for the time being, i’m hoping to limit requests to ellie x reader fics since there’s a mild shortage of those. i am willing to write smut (boundaries: cnc, incestuous content, anything feet related, watersports) and fluff/angst! 

send in some requests of your ellie fantasies and i will try and make them come true. we’re just gonna see what happens.

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