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leadershiphacker · 7 days ago
Life Lessons for Leadership with Crystal Robinson
Life Lessons for Leadership with Crystal Robinson
Crystal Robinson is a retired professional Basketball player and coach who’s played the highest level in the Women’s NBA. Today, she’s a thought leader in the space of conscious leadership, mental health, and diversity. In sharing her life and professional lessons Chrystal talks about: Join our Tribe at Music: ” Upbeat Party ” by Scott Holmes courtesy of the Free…
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michaelespoins · a year ago
“No one is perfect - that’s why pencils have erasers.” Wolfgang Riebe What's this mean to you? Let me know in the comments... When striving for perfection, there are people, friends and mentors who can help you along the way... When I need help networking or finding a new page, I turn to @newpaltzchamber or @visitgardiner Or @hvgoldrewards , they help me meet new people to climb to new heights! When I need help prioritizeing, setting goals and realizing my potential, I turn to @masterofonecoaching to help me sharpen my pencil! And when I need help reconnecting, grounding, and seeing things clearly, I turn to @mattalfonso1 to help me erase the mistakes of the past and start over! Who do you turn to for help? Have a great day everyone! #LIVE #IGTV #lead #leadership #entrepreneurs #entrepreneur #shoplocal #smallbusiness #localbusiness #retail #service #insurance #siaa #toastmasters #youtube #instagram #podcast #videopodcast #firsthome #cars #homeowners #quarantine #gratitude #helpingothers #community #kindness #quicktiptuesday #shininglight #michaelespositoinc (at Highland, New York)
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brainsqueezehector · a month ago
New to BrainSqueeze 🤏🧠
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culturedsociety · 8 months ago
Culture Talks with Arlette Lenae Willis
Arlette Lanae Willis aka “Beautiful Promise” across her social media platforms. Is a wife of almost 40 years and a mom of three adults & 2 grandchildren. She currently resides in Tucson, AZ where she is fortunate enough to be doing what she loves for a living. Singing, Writing, and Coaching have meshed together into one beautiful tapestry of life purpose.
Arlette is passionate about Body, Soul, and Spirit transformation and helps people get unstuck & see their reason for occupying space on this earth. Arlette is also a published Author of a book called, #Chapter55​. In this book, she takes excerpts from her journals and combines them into riveting and thought provoking inspirations, prayers, quotes, and conversations with God.
Connect with Arlette: Instagram Facebook Grow the CS Channel & Circulate the energy of LOVE by donating: Paypal Cash app Venmo
With Love,
Rebecca Muñoz
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ciotalknetwork · 11 months ago
The rules, expectations and recipe of impact-filled leadership - what worked before may not fit now. Here's why and how to rethink leadership.
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leadershiphacker · a month ago
The Hot Sauce Principle with Brandon Smith
The Hot Sauce Principle with Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith is,“The Workplace Therapist.” He’s the Founder and President of The Worksmiths, an Executive Coach, Speaker and Author of the book, The Hot Sauce Principle. In this fascinating conversation you can learn about: The reason there is so much dysfunction in the workplace.The best survival tactics for eliminating dysfunction.How to stimulate urgency and avoid panic when driving…
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wdarrowfiedler · a year ago
W Darrow Fiedler discusses some of the best podcasts for leaders, by leaders.
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themagicians-girl · 9 months ago
Sun Through The Houses
Sun in the 1st house: 
People notice these individuals because they are leaders and exude confidence. They are unapologetically themselves at all times regardless of where they are or who they are around. It is easy for these individuals to gain respect for this reason. On the other hand, others can envy this and display jealousy or hatred for them. You can often find people with their sun in the first house on the stage whether that be in a leadership position in the workplace, at a theater, or in front of a camera. These people shine and they do so, usually, gracefully. These individuals hold themselves in a proud and dignified way, and expect those around them to do the same. They put much emphasis on their appearance. This does not necessarily mean their looks but mostly how the carry themselves. They will never show up in a wrinkled shirt or with smelly breath. They must appear presentable at all times, because they are opportunists and they want to be ready for anything.   On the dark side, they must watch out for their egotistical and domineering tendencies. 
Sun in the 2nd house:
These individuals strive for pleasure and comfort. They like to own nice things - whatever that means for them individually. Because of the need for possession these people can become workaholics. They may work long hours or strive to be very financially set. Actually, when these people are struggling financially expect them to become severely depressed. They cannot fathom living paycheck to paycheck, its their biggest fear. When these people aren’t at work you can often find them at a restaurant or hanging out at home, which, by the way, their home will be their safe space and very comfortable. They may struggle to leave the home, or with moving in general. These people grow very attached to their home base. They may move out of their parents home older than most, or, if the childhood was chaotic, leave as quickly as possible to find the security they are craving. Sun in the 2nd house people enjoy food A LOT. Cooking them a nice meal is the way to their heart. They are usually good cooks themselves. On the dark side, be mindful of your materialistic nature. It’s okay to believe in things that aren’t only tangible. You don’t need to work 24/7. Money comes and goes. Embrace change, and remember that nothing in the universe is solely ours. Father may have put a lot of emphasis on career growing up, also may have been overbearing and put a lot of pressure on the child.
Sun in the 3rd house:
These people love to learn and travel. They live for it. They are the types to buy a rundown bus, throw a mattress in it, and travel the country. They don’t care for materialistic possessions, they just wish to seek endless knowledge. Actually, they need to be mentally stimulated at all times. Which may cause mental anxiety at times because they do not know how to slow down, rest, and recharge. These people may be good at trivia, because they know a little about everything. If aspects are positive, will have a solid relationship with siblings. You can find these people listening to podcasts, at the library, reading, or watching documentaries. Most likely the podcasts though, because they like to be on the move. Expect these people to travel often. If they don’t have the means to travel, they will immerse themselves in travel any other way they can via; movies, events, stories, friends, etc. Could be excellent teachers if they can develop patience, something they struggle with. Skills to develop: dig deeper into your passions, not just surface level. Stick with hobbies and projects longer, see them through. How many unfinished projects do you have right now? 
Sun in the 4th:
These people have an attachment to their family whether it be good or bad, its there and prevalent in their life. They are always pulled to the family, away or towards. If aspects were negative, they may have had an abusive father who stifled their growth or did not allow them to be who they truly wanted to be. If aspects were good, they probably have a very good relationship with the father. May really want children or at least, a solid family structure (family can mean anything). These people are nurturing, kind, and empathetic souls. They enjoy feeling embraced and cared for, and will make you feel the same. They are very proud of those they consider family and are protective of them. These individuals may work in settings where they serve others in one way or another. People trust them. Be mindful not to become possessive of those you hold closest to you, and if you’re struggling with the family, it’s okay to get help for that. 
Sun in the 5th: 
Some of the most creative people you will ever meet. They love the arts and creative adventures. They are most likely involved in art in some form, whether that be singing, modeling, painting, or photography. These individuals have what it takes to entice an audience, and they do all of the time. Many admirers. May struggle to chose a long term partner due to enjoying attention from many. Sun in the 5th house people have many friends and people will admire them. They are gregarious and full of life. They love to party and have a good time. They aren’t the type to spent much time alone. They’d prefer to be out adventuring or creating with others. Probably love children and children probably love them too. These people are very vocal, it’s hard to miss them. They may love makeup, and put a lot of effort into their looks. They can charm others. On the dark side, be weary of leading people on or being too full of yourself. Ask yourself, do you really like that person, or do you like the attention they are giving you? It’s okay to share the spotlight with others. You will find support when you give support.
Sun in the 6th:
These people throw themselves into work and serving others. They spent a majority of their time at work, and find it hard to take vacations or relax. May have an emphasis on nutrition or working out, may take those aspects of life too far and struggle with self-esteem. These individuals are often selfless and caring. They are excellent friends. They are practical rather than emotional in their approach to life. May have had a parent that was overbearing and expected them to be perfectionists which developed into anxiety and indecision in adulthood. Lack of trust for oneself. These people are good at tending to things. They are the type to find a stray animal and take it home and nurture it. They are fixers in all aspects of life. Should their chart have positive aspects to the sun, they will take good care of their physical and mental health and will inspire others to do the same. On the dark side, your career is not a personality trait. Develop skills and passions outside of work, or you will bore others crazy. It’s okay to relax and experience pleasure.
Sun in the 7th: 
Expect these people to have a close circle of people very dear to them. They strive for interpersonal relationships. It makes them feel whole. Other people, make them feel whole. Which can teeter on negative or positive, depending how much independence the person has acquired. Regardless, these individuals know how to make connections. They may have many acquaintances. They strive for balance and harmony in life. They may work in fields where they act as a mediator of some sorts, such as counseling. When the Sun is in the 7th house of one on one relationships, these people will struggle to distinguish themselves between their own self and others. They must work hard to maintain boundaries for themselves or they will run themselves too thin. These people are empathetic, caring, and selfless. They will be the most support friend and lover. They are excellent communicators and can make two of the worst enemies find an understanding. They are respected for their diplomacy. 
Sun in the 8th:
Regardless if the Sun is in an extroverted sign such as Leo or Gemini, people with 8th house Suns will appear quieter and more private. Much of their personality is hidden and they only show it to those they trust. These people may appear distant, without trying. They just feel hard to reach. These people enjoy what is hidden. They may have secret hobbies or passions. May have obsessive tendencies and struggle with depression. May live a double lifestyle. Dark humor. If aspects to the sun are negative, may have lost the father during childhood in someway. These people are excellent detectives. They love uncovering the mysteries around them, especially other peoples mysteries. You can’t hide anything from Sun in the 8th people, and if you do, they will feel betrayed and never trust you again. Trust is big for these people. May have few friends, but the friends they do have will last a lifetime. May dabble with the occult or darker aspects of life such as taboo, kink, witchcraft, etc. Dark sense of humor.
Sun in the 9th house:
These individuals put much emphasis on personal development. They want to endlessly search for knowledge and to become the best person they can be. They would prefer to be intelligent above anything else. These people make excellent teachers. They want to travel or live in foreign countries. Father may be of a  vastly different nationality to mother or was born elsewhere. These individuals are interested in history, law, philosophy, and language. May speak multiple languages. May have friends that live all over the world. These people are expansive and want to adventure the world. They feel they must in order to fulfill their life purpose. They need independence and freedom from others. They enjoy mentally stimulating conversations. If they can learn something new from you, they will respect you.
Sun in the 10th house:
Individuals with their sun in the 10th house are easy to spot. They will be in a position of power or will be in the spotlight somehow. They strive to be in the public eye. They are leaders and want to live a life of fame. They want to be known and respected. They usually deserve the roles they achieve because they are hard workers. They have much to teach others regarding chasing success and dreams. Very rarely will you meet a Sun in the 10th person that isn’t chasing a dream of some sort. These individuals need to have goals to work towards. Complacency is not their friend. When they aren’t being productive they may become depressed. A struggle for people with their Suns in the 10th is that, although they want admiration, they struggle to have meaningful relationships with others. Relationships may rely on business partnerships rather than a true bond. Don’t abuse your power or sell your soul in search of it. Fame is nothing compared to genuine care and love. Balance.
Sun in the 11th:
People with their Sun in the 11th house have booked schedules for months in advance. They are always attending events, workshops, or traveling. They are involved in many organizations whether that be community outreach, clubs, committees, or social circles. They want to be surrounded by people and community. These individuals bring friends together and can introduce many people to one another. They feel most whole when they belong to a group. You can expect them to have many acquaintances and friends. On the downside, their romantic relationships may struggle because they want to spend all of their free time with friends. Must achieve independence from their groups. May be great planners and organizers. Eccentric and unique people. May struggle to understand who they are apart from others. 
Sun in the 12th: 
These individuals are sensitive idealists. They love animals and taking care of vulnerable people, because they feel vulnerable them self. These people often get stuck in a daydream or fantasy world. They can struggle to ground themselves in the present moment because of this. Psychic intuition. Escapist tendencies due to feeling like the world is too harsh. Must work to develop thicker skin. Usually extremely creative and artistic because they hide away so often into their own world. May be quieter individuals or introverted. They enjoy one on one interactions or smaller groups to a big crowd. May have very vivid dreams. Can easily read others emotions. May be prone to wearing rose colored glasses. Father may have been aloof or not in the childs life. Be mindful of substance abuse or manipulating others when you feel threatened. 
As always, look at your chart as a whole.
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cavehags · 4 months ago
excellent conversation with rob, charlotte and jessie from mythic quest on the learning lots podcast today. i really liked the following exchange:
charlotte: mythic quest as a show is about leadership. like if you look at every single character, you do get to see these different archetypes. like jo... jo is the personification of how power and leadership are two different things. like she doesn't want to be a leader, she wants to have power.
jessie: yeah, definitely. my character, we've established in the first season, has this addiction to power. and in season two we get to kind of explore what happens when she ditches the baby aspirin that is david brittlesbee and she gets turned onto the hard stuff, which she finds in brad bakshi. and we get to watch what happens to her when she taps into that main vein of power. and it's really fun getting to follow her through this addiction cycle. and it really has nothing to do with leadership. i think she's drawn to really great leaders, but i don't think she herself is a leader, i don't think she understands that power instills leadership into people. all she wants is the opportunity to be in charge. but i don't think she would know what to do if she were in charge.
charlotte: and then ashly burch plays rachel, and she's been fighting for some form of leadership, and then when she gets given that opportunity she doesn't know what to do with it. and then on the other side of the spectrum you have imani hakim's character dana, who isn't necessarily seeking leadership but does know what she wants to do. and rob's character ian is a good leader. he inspires people. he can't make a video game on his own though; he doesn't have those skills. whereas poppy in a way is the opposite. she has all the skills she needs to do the technical side of her job but then when she's given the power to actually lead a group, it brings out the worst qualities in her. and i don't know how much i've seen that in film and television--like the bad girlboss?
jessie: yeah, i love that. i find it really refreshing.
charlotte: i honestly hadn't thought of poppy as a girlboss before. because we do attribute such specific things to that trope. often when we're talking about women in leadership, we expect certain things of them, and one of them is that they're always likable and they're always competent. we have much higher expectations for women in leadership roles than we do for men.
jessie: mhm.
charlotte: the role models that a lot of women have are male leaders. and for poppy, in our story, her role model for a leader was ian, who had very masculine ways that he led, and so she's trying to mimic a lot of it. and it's not authentic to the way that she would work if she didn't feel like she had to exist in particular structures. she expects that everyone should just respect her because she's the boss.
jessie: right.
charlotte: which is what we do with men, right? i mean not to get up on a soapbox about it, but it is! we see a man in charge and we go, "oh yeah, you belong there, i'll listen to whatever you have to say." whereas when you see a woman in charge, you're often like, "alright, prove yourself."
jessie: which is where we get terms like girlboss!
charlotte: yes!
jessie: which like immediately cuts down - if you are the boss of a company and you're being called a girlboss...
charlotte: and i think that's part of what makes the second season of mythic quest, the story of poppy so interesting, is because she is uncertain, she does fail, she is imperfect, and a lot of the time she's very unlikable. so much of her frustration stems from "well why aren't people just doing what i say?" and there's like a line in one of the earlier episodes of the season where she's like, "i just want a group of people that, like, look up to me with fear and awe and don't question anything that i have to say."
jessie: right.
charlotte: that's ridiculous! that's not what being a boss is, that's not what leadership is. but up until this point, that's how she sees what being a boss is, 'cause she sees everyone revert to whatever ian has to say and ignore her, and she's assumed that it's because he's the boss and she's not. but now she's the boss and she's like "why [are] people still not listening to me?" and it turns her into a bit of an arsehole. and so it makes you ask those questions of "well how much opportunity do you give a person to figure out how to lead?"
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nightingaelic · 7 months ago
I'm getting to know all kinds of people through this post today. So tell me your three fav Fallout characters and a couple headcanons for each!
Oh boy, that's tough to narrow down.
Sarah Lyons: She deserved so much more than being killed offscreen. One criticism I've heard of Fallout 3 is that you aren't really the protagonist, and that role goes first to your dad, then to Sarah, and it's not inaccurate. Imagine your dad leading kid you and your people across a post-apocalyptic continent, settling in the blasted heart of a dead nation, deciding to prioritize the needs of the wasteland over the needs of your insular fraternity and forsaking the leadership's support, causing a schism, and knowing that you are destined to inherit your dad's mess and become the new chapter leader. Sarah's up for it, but when she's alone, she must be tired. She must drop the confident affect and let her fears and doubts and lost dreams creep in for a few minutes, just so they don't crack her open when she needs to be strong. She doesn't journal or record holotapes, out of fear they'd show her as anything less than the savior she thinks her people need. She probably trusts her brothers and sisters in battle, but not enough to ever let them see this. Also? Probably into women, which adds a whole new dimension of squashed desires.
Ulysses: This motherfucker lives in my head rent-free. The fact that you can track his tortured poetic stream of consciousness across Fallout New Vegas and three DLCs that he's not even in blew me away when I first played, and endlessly entertained me on subsequent playthroughs. The idea of Christine stuck in a cave listening to him spout American Civil War trivia in the form of dramatic monologues is enough to sustain me on cold winter nights. If he and the Courier turned out their pockets, he'd probably have just as many random discarded holotapes from their adventures as they do from his. If this man had a podcast, it'd be about the ennui of living in the bones of a dead world power and debating the possibility of various alternate historical timelines. He and the Courier are one of the only pairs I can picture as, once they've met, having no alternatives beyond fucking or fighting to the death.
Nick Valentine: Hands down, the best companion that Bethesda has written so far. I keep meaning to do a Fallout 4 playthrough with Nick as my only companion, just because he's so real throughout the game. Intuitive king, caring friend, Sassmaster General. We know Nick feels conflicted about the implanted memories he's carrying around, but I like to think he's comforted by them sometimes and keeps that fact a secret. I think he wears the fedora and trench coat because it makes him feel at ease with himself and the man that his memories used to belong to. I think he likes Piper not just as a friend and comrade-in-arms, but because the old Nick Valentine was used to dealing with the press and the curiosity of pre-war journalists and Piper is a reminder of this. I think he sometimes passes a ramshackle Slocum's Joe in the Boston ruins, pauses, then goes and sits at a counter stool he recognizes for a few minutes, briefly losing himself in the memory of days he never saw.
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leadershiphacker · 14 hours ago
Finding Neutral with Kevin McCarney
Finding Neutral with Kevin McCarney
Kevin McCarney is a successful entrepreneur, owner of the restaurant chain, Poquito Mas, public speaker, and mentor. He’s also the author of Big Brain Little Brain. Kevin has managed to flip neuroscience into easy to digest language. You can learn about: Neurological responses in our big brain and little brain.What the Little Brain Activators and Big Brain Boosters are and how we could use…
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