#The strength this would take
rremirambles · 14 days ago
Why is no one talking about the strength in Pepa's arms. This man is not touching the floor in this shot. She's grabbed him by the lapels of his shirt and picked him up off the ground. Like, by a good foot and a half too.
Tumblr media
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justpastryvideos · a month ago
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the-queen-of-the-light · a month ago
Sometimes Lena doesn’t know when to relax. She knows this, is more than aware that she’s the definition of a workaholic. So sometimes she enlists the help of Kara to remind her that it’s time to put the research and documents down.
Kara, of course, takes the job very seriously, and has developed a number of methods for seducing Lena away from her CEO duties. Though she’s found the most effective one is what she lovingly calls the Nap Maneuver.
Though, when Lena’s feeling particularly grumpy, she refers to it as the Sleeper Hold.
Kara just waits for her moment, and when Lena sets her device to the side for just a second, she strikes. Lena finds herself wrapped tight in Kara’s arms and moved to the nearest comfortable surface for nap time.
Direct Action.
And really, Lena can’t stay upset for long. Not when she’s comfy and warm, with a sleepy Kryptonian nuzzling the back of her neck.
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moiraineswife · 18 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Lan + Physical Gentleness
Bonus Mandarb:
Tumblr media
#wotedit #wot on prime #lan mandragoran #daniel henney #wheel of time #lanaeve #molan #really absolutely obsessed with this consistent acting choice from daniel henney so HERE WE ARE #for real tho. it's so Deliberate in places?? like in some - like lifting Mo down from the horse - ofc he'd be gentle #but there's other places where it feels very deeply like A Choice - moments where more urgency/haste/strength would have been justified #like the kiss with Nynaeve. that's been building for a WHILE. but he's careful. and cautious. #no furious almost aggressive make-out sessions from lan mandragoran. oh no. this man takes his SWEET TIME and makes sure you are COMFORTABLE #but the one that still Really Gets Me is how he greets Moiraine at the Eye. i've yelled abt this before but i'll DO IT AGAIN!!!! #but like. their bond has been masked for over 24 hours at this point. the first thing he says is 'you're alive' (!!!!!!!) #he's just spent the better part of a day trekking through the Blight knowing that she left him behind because she expects to die #he finally makes it down into the Eye of the world and he sees her. and she's alive. she's in one piece. she's /alright/ #every awful fear that he's had as he hurried to find her has been proven false - she's OKAY #and there's definite haste when he goes to her; like he's not casual about this; man was STRESSED #but when he finally FINALLY reaches her he is so GENTLE with her that it BREAKS me #one hand resting on her back. the other softly cradling her cheek. it's about HER. about comforting HER. about being a stable gentle support #idk I just think this is just a lovely way to build in the layers of Lan's character in a very visual and tangible way for the viewer #we see him train. we see him fight. we see him KILL. and keep up with the woman shooting fireballs out of her hands while he's doing it #but we see this; too; this other side to him - the hands that hold the sword and deal death can also hold a pen and craft poetry #he has Layers. there's a big depth of emotion in Lan and daniel henney plays that in some really beautiful subtle ways throughout season 1 #hats off to him honestly. this man knows what he's doing and i'm all about every second of it #tag ramble #gifset #my gifs #lan gifs
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Why do radfems see femininity as some kind of abberation
They're constantly on about how all traits and trappings of femininity are about weakness and subservience and submissiveness and destruction of one's being and being used and possessed by others
Literally nobody hates women like feminists do and it's fucking crazy
They really do just hate themselves bc they aren't men huh
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marisatomay · 7 months ago
do you think it hurt spencer when he found out that derek and hotch had an intervention with strauss for her addiction and worked hard to make sure she both got the help she needed and kept her job but didn’t do the same for him when they knew he was floundering after an extreme trauma and becoming an addict through circumstances out of his control?
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that-cheer-up-anon · a month ago
Hey so if you don't know, I was kicked out of my parent's house and made homeless in March 2021.
My government support payment was cut 3rd December 2021 and I am still homeless and unemployed. Along w my government support payments being cut, my concession status has been removed making my meds and public transport more expensive.
If you have some spare money, I would appreciate it immensely if you could donate to my Paypal
I'm also turning 24 on 13 December and having some financial help would be the BEST birthday gift I could ask for this year.
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thecookiemonster77 · 25 days ago
Engineering’s flaws are also our favorite strengths in them
Pat is a people pleaser. He’s so caring and considerate to the people he loves and we love to see how he shows this love through his acts of service. However, this same tendency to please those he cares about can also lead to him to sacrificing things he wants and/or acting badly for others, such as his attitude during his initial introduction where he’s trying to be this alpha tough guy leader with a strong reputation (aka him trying to be the ‘alpha’ son his father wants him to be), or how he doesn’t stop his friends from picking on Wai at his job in ep2 because they’re having fun and he doesn’t want his bad mood to keep bringing them down.
Korn is aggressively supportive. He’s the ride-or-die friend, the one that will always be there for his friends through thick and thin. Even when he struggles under outside pressure, he will always choose to standby his friends in the end. He’s even a little defiant about it, which is really something Pat and Pran needed in ep9. But on the flip side, sometimes he’s so aggressively supportive, he gets caught up in it and he forgets to listen. We see this in ep1 when he decides Wai’s apology to Pat isn’t enough to settle the slight against Pat, or in ep2 where he tries to help Pat ask out his ‘girl from across the hall’ and he insists he’s helping Pat (despite Pat’s protests) as he catcalls and harasses Pran through his door.
Chang is an advocate. We love to see when he brings up a side to things his friends hadn’t previously considered, such as in ep2 where he calls out the casual sexism in Korn’s jokes and in ep9 where he points out how Mo cannot be neutral under the pressure of their seniors without hurting Pat. However, he’ll often compromise on his own stances to try to avoid conflict with his friends, as we see again in ep2 where he shows visible hesitation over harassing Wai at work, but then caves and overcompensates by filming the harassment; or in ep9 where he hesitates too long to bring up his support for Pat and then tries to insist he did because he’s still assessing the situation.
Mo is a backer. As he says in ep1, true friendship is always staying by your friends’ sides. His quiet and steady support of his friends is really sweet and very reliable, but he’ll also take it too literally. You can’t just always go along with or mindlessly enable your friends because sometimes they do stupid stuff that hurts others (see: ep2 where he’s the one that really eggs on Korn and escalates the harassment against Wai). It also makes him freeze when there’s a conflict between his friends and he’ll try to play to both friends in a situation where he can’t be neutral (ep9), versus bringing his own thoughts and opinions to the table.
#bad buddy #was thinking about this in the shower #accidentally shampooed twice i was thinking about it so much #idk how u meta gods do this so often. i standby my takes on chang and mo bc thats how ive always seen them but like #i was trying to think of the specific descriptors for chang and mo for over an HOUR and im not sure i nailed the right words still #ANYWAYS #i have a lot of similar thoughts about the architecture gang but its not that their faults are their strengths (quite the opposite actually) #but instead their faults bring them closer/stronger in good food times but bring out the worst in bad weather times #*WOULD bring out the worst in them had pran not broken the cycle #something something pran is the cold to wai's hot; safe is the passive to louis's active #usually pran tempers wai's aggressiveness and impulsiveness while wai encourages pran to be more open and try new things #safes passivity encourages more introspection and louis's active keeps them from stagnation #but those things are *not* a good combination when facing a problem #pran avoids things hes uncomfortable over until either he breaks or the thing goes away (and he is *incredibly* stubborn) #pran usually avoids confrontation PERIOD #usually he turns to lies or misdirection or literally anything other than confronting a problem head on with the truth #wai's response to anything he doesnt like is FIGHT ME and is so aggressively in its face about it nothing moves forward #safe has mastered being passive aggressive and louis is like oil on flame #but pran breaks that narrative cycle #he acknowledges wai's anger over being lied to without conceding anything. he reaches out but stands his ground #he doesnt apologize for loving pat nor for hiding it. he doesnt compromise himself to make wai more comfortable. #instead his previous tendency to ice something out is now how he can confront wai so calmly and not give him the fight hes itching for #and it forces wai into a cold stop and forces him to sit and think on those things #prans refusal to reciprocate tempers safe and louis as well and thats why theyre all able to come together in the end #still needing to talk about and address the hurt caused between them but able to stand together and support each other regardless #its so good #theyre less brittle now than where they were when it started and its PRAN that started that #we love to see it #im so proud of him #.........so anyways i just realized i made an engineering squad post and then cried exclusively about architecture in the tags whoops
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princesuna · 10 months ago
after catching suna cheating, you slowly move your things out of your shared apartment. everyday, you move just enough stuff out so that he doesn’t notice. telling little lies when you think he’s catching on like “oh I rarely wear these clothes, so I’m thinking about donating it” or “I want to try a new decorating scheme for the wall”. lying to him like he was lying to you.
you don’t confront him about his unfaithfulness. communication is important, but he doesn’t get that after what he’s done. you can’t deal with the confrontation anyways. you don’t want to hear him beg you to stay because you probably will. you don’t want to hear what lies he makes up because you just might believe it. you loved suna that much.
living with him is so hard. you hate kissing him, hugging him, sleeping next to him, it’s absolutely disgusting. you put up a front when he’s there, and cry when he’s not. you are tortured in a place you used to call home. this whole situation is exhausting. “hold out just a little more...” you think to yourself every night before going to sleep.
finally, you leave the apartment with the last of your things and never return, completely cutting him out of your life. gone with the wind as they say. you block his number as well as all his social media and ignore anyone trying to contact you for him. he can search all he wants, but he’ll never find you. suna knows what he’s done, and now has to deal with the consequences.
suna’s POV
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moltensunlight · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
the first in an old series of unfinished fan art pieces - waterbender!Lance mid-fight in the pro-bending tournament!!
I really liked such a dynamic pose but I think I started nitpicking the finer details of it too much before getting into the color & background which killed my motivation to finish it -u-
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demonslayedher · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
There are several reasons why it wouldn't work out, but for a day or two, they'd be very happy.
#see later tags for reasons #Kanroji Mitsuri #agatsuma zenitsu #chuntaro #my art #my nice art #this DID take a long time to color but if I bought the extra markers for the Kabuki piece I WAS DETERMINED TO USE THEM #kimetsu no yaiba #demon slayer #SO they are both stoked to have this happy meeting and find each other adorable even if Zenitsu isn't the type Mitsuri would had looked for #she's a little miffed that he's younger than her and a newb in the Corp but no big deal because he is indeed very strong #Zenitsu isn't creeped out by her strength but a little scared of being smothered when she hugs him #and even though he wants to treat her to fancy food on dates he wasn't prepared for how much she eats #and although she makes a higher salary and doesn't mind paying the bill it bothers him that he'll need to slay more demons #to hurry and climb the ranks so that he can be a proper provider to satiate that appetite #he finds her hair color cute (because he very easily finds everything about her cute) but Mitsuri is a touch disappointed to learn #he's not a natural blonde so her delusions about their future children's possible looks is shattered #plus he's not as... manly as she'd hope #especially on the job #but the biggest reason this isn't going to work out #is named Iguro Obanai #and Zenitsu feels his murderous intent #which is what leads to him politely suggesting they call it off and Mitsuri is relieved to agree #no hard feelings and they wish the best for each other but things sure are awkward after that #and Zenitsu probably has some hatred for Iguro wondering why the hell he hasn't made a move since clearly that would make her happy #and yes this all could take place before Zenitsu meets Nezuko because it WOULD be that brief #the end
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eyebulb · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Backseat-Gamer Spinner and Jumping-Into-danger-head-first-with-no-plan-and-hoping-for-the-best Shigaraki
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worstloki · 5 months ago
If the mind stone really did have some partial control or influence over Loki's actions in the first Avengers movie, it's because the mind stone was trying to get close to Loki, that's all :/
mind stone's love language is getting in your head
and if it had more than partial malicious control then i'm accusing the chitauri sceptre for trapping and twisting it to the whims of its users
#mind stone is a telepath with no sense of privacy #space stone has no sense of personal space and will get touchy #soul stone can read your desires/love and sees nothing wrong about sharing that info #time has seen you die over and over in possible scenarios that did not and will not occur (and sometimes forgets that part) #power uncannily knows potential strength you're capable of at any moment and has no regard for consequences associated with #reality knows small details which isn't too odd until you're left wondering if they're like that because they felt inclined #spending too much time with any one of them takes something from everyone #im just saying if i didn't consider loki an exception and prefer him being safe from this bc they care for him................yeah #i can see them turning their abilities on him on purpose if it's for his own wellbeing #which would of course be a betrayal #and if that's with loki why not go the entire way #treat the stones as a poison that go too far in what they see as protection and love and care #consent doesn't mean much if you're transparent #quite literally so #what starts off as a sweet relationship can always get worse #there's no out when a power imbalance that hard goes sideways #who would trust loki's word over... anyone? let alone the kind entities that are large fundamental parts of the universe #if they say he's fine he's fine #assuming he's a chaos entity and as strong as one or even two of them... that's six against one #even if he can shield himself from the ambient abilities of half of them what happens when they put effort into it #:) #infinoki #i've been thinking about dark!infinitystones recently and there is a LOT of potential okay especially with loki #whether they're fueled by selfish wants or out of care i just. really like the idea of the stones at the end of the day being dangerous #whether it's in an addictive way or based entirely off loki's own damaged state bc you really can read Ragnarok loki as SO messed up #he's really just thrown from one abusive dynamic to another and then at the end of the day he's back even after trying to break away #it's good he tries though that's the important part #still leaves room for inevitable failure of course but what's paprikash without a pinch of paprika #right? #y'all need to be more grateful i am benevolent and lean into light hearted crack because my humour really does border on dark ya know :/
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unnaturaldecay · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Honey (and bunny)
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lit-beyond-measure · 6 months ago
not me thinking about how percival was probably the one who had to carry elyan’s body back on the return journey from the dark tower and how he’d never imagined that the last time he would hold elyan would be like this.
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novelconcepts · 7 months ago
Why Jamie didn't stay at Bly after Dani's death? She could have seen her... Maybe Dani wouldn't appear to her like Viola or Peter. I don't understand
Jamie is, at heart, the pragmatic center of the show--and, along with Owen, the least directly touched by ghosts. If Jamie had been the one to carry the Lady back to the lake, if Dani had swum down to find her body, maybe it would go differently. Maybe Dani would have posted up at that house for the rest of her life, getting up each night to wait on the stairs for her wife to come home. But that isn't Jamie's world. Jamie doesn't see ghosts. Jamie lives the day-to-day of a mortal woman who understands the importance of life is in its eventual ending.
So, Jamie goes back to Bly. And she knows what she'll see in that lake--it's obvious in how she squares her shoulders, bunches her fists, prepares herself for the dive. It's obvious that she knows what she'll find; all that's left is to look down. To make it real. And she tries to believe in the curse of the Lady more than she believes in her wife having broken it. She tries to scream for the Lady to take her, to drag her down, too. But Jamie is pragmatic. Jamie is grounded in the day-to-day physicality of the world, in the organic nature of plant-grow-die. Jamie breaks the surface. Jamie swims to shore. Jamie keeps going, because that's who Jamie is. She has never (knowingly) seen a ghost. She has only seen the bodies of her loved ones. She knows the tactile nature of seeing a person you've laughed with, hugged, lived alongside laying cold at the bottom of something you're too small to reach.
Dani might have stayed at Bly, if the positions were reversed, because Dani was haunted from the start. But haunting, for Jamie, is new. Jamie has built a solid life for herself, a home, a marriage, in America. Bly is a memory by the time she gets back to it and finds Dani there. The reality, the solidness of the world, is in their apartment. Their shop. Moving around a world littered with bits and pieces of Dani Clayton. If Jamie--solid, pragmatic, one-day-at-a-time Jamie--is ever going to find her wife again, it won't be waiting around in that big empty house. It'll be in the world they built together. It'll be continuing to honor Dani's love and her wish for Jamie to be free and safe by living. And it'll be by asking. Not standing staunchly in that manor, making demands. That's not Jamie. That's never been Jamie. Jamie respected Dani's agency in life; in death, she's doing the same as best she can. She's going back to the home they shared. She's allowing Dani's sacrifice to push her forward. And she's hoping--wishing--asking with everything she has--that Dani will find her again. Not in the lake. Not where the Lady held dominion. But in the world they lived in together. Jamie's understanding of a haunting is different from everyone else's, because it's never forced upon her. She welcomes it. She aches for it. She leaves that door open. She understands that the cycle of Bly--meeting the love of her life there, watching the Lady take hold there, finding her wife under those waves there--is complete. This? Looking into mirrors, running baths, waiting every night for Dani to appear? This is the hope that their cycle will continue. Not the closed circuit of that house, but the open promise of marriage going beyond the grave.
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favoniuscodex · 7 months ago
i luv how i’m like “i am a strong feminist” then immediately crumble at the idea of writing possessive/protective diluc, childe, and kaeya
edit: ok but also consider the cliche and childish trope of 2 guys fighting over u, but the less common rivalries. kaeya and zhongli. dainsleif and diluc. childe and diluc. albedo and zhongli. albedo and childe. xiao and diluc. xiao and kaeya. zhongli and dainsleif, AAAAA theres so many i could do,
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an-austere-weeb · 2 months ago
What I really loved about Heroes Rising is that every student (except Hagakure like I'm sorry girl but you deserve better) was able to show their growth, techniques, fighting skills, and their resolves of being a hero.
It was amazing to see Aoyama and even Mineta shine and go Plus! Ultra. I really like Aoyama and it was sad to see this as his only 'big moment'.
The final fight is one of my favorite scenes in MHA despite coming from a movie because it was the first I actually saw the whole of Class A in action, and their teamwork was amazing to watch.
I also enjoyed the callbacks, 1. Uraraka floating debris which she first used against her fight with Bakugou, 2. Kamino moment between Kiri and Todoroki, and 3. (This one's actually a spoiler rather than a callback) Bakugou uses Kaminari as a lightning rod during Nine's attack, and this is also Kaminari's biggest moment in the War arc because unlike in the movie, Kaminari did not go into 'Whey' mode
Last but not least, the BakuDeku team-up.
Even with the current manga events, this is still Bakudeku's best duo fight yet. It is super duper satisfying to see them fight together and their combo moves are absolutely beautiful *sobs* Gosh, I wanna see it again, them kicking ass and stuff. There's just one thing I desperately need before MHA ends and that is to see 'Wonder Duo' get officially recognized.
Although tbh, I'm getting a lil' worried especially with the current power scaling in the manga. Shiggy's multiple quirks and not to say if he's successful in stealing Star's quirk, he'd be too OP. I'm not too worried about Deku cos he's the MC but Kacchan !!
Him and Deku would absolutely team-up but to see them actually fight with equal strengths like in Heroes: Rising ?? I don't have high hopes for it 😭😭
Kacchan's hella strong, but against ShigarAFO and even Deku himself (especially when Hori decides to give him a power-up to balance the scales), he would definitely lag behind.
I swear I don't have any idea as to how Hori plans to do the final Bakudeku combo fight
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glaciesdraco · 3 months ago
How do you think Izaya would react to Shizuo suddenly becoming weak? Like only as strong as a normal dude. Bonus points if they only realize this by Izaya somehow hurting him
Depends on which version of Izaya you mean. Established relationship Izaya would be freaking the fuck out, but concealing it because he’s trying to keep Shizuo from freaking out. In the present, canon Izaya would be freaking out but in a completely different way, because it would turn his worldview upside down.
I also have to focus on how Shizuo would react for a second because good lord how could I not? His strength is something he’s always hated about himself, but it also plays such a big part in who he is and how he expresses himself. He’d either completely lose himself or fall into a weird sort of fugue. He’d probably let his hair turn brown again, and try to find a job doing something away from people since he’s still an angry person who can’t handle much. It would suck, and honestly is so sad to think about.
If Izaya were the one who caused Shizuo to discover it, like say he throws a knife at him or something or gets Shizuo hit by a car and Shizuo doesn’t immediately bounce back, he’d be happy in the moment, but realize the implication that Shizuo had “suddenly” turned into a human and Izaya could possibly have killed him. He abandons the scene immediately but he makes damn sure that Shizuo gets medical attention and will live. He’d probably spend a lot of time deliberating about what this means and eventually lands on this false narrative that Shizuo is human and harmless to him now and so he should just leave him alone. For some reason though he can’t stop himself from checking on him, seeing what he’s up to, seeing him struggle to find a way to fit in with people regularly and being disgusted. He even considers giving Shizuo a job, but knows Shizuo would never accept it. He also reasons with himself that he shouldn’t want to have Shizuo near him at all since he still doesn’t like him, even if he can’t fully determine why.
It would be really sad to see Shizuo fall apart all of a sudden like that, to realize all the things he relied on his strength to do and accomplish. I mean, he maintained his ideals and beliefs through his strength and it was how he expressed himself. It just makes me think Shizuo would become so lost. He’d probably be okay eventually, but he’d still never fully fit in with regular people and doesn’t want anything to do with the underworld. All the while Izaya is watching him with disgust and rage and resentment because Shizuo still lingers in his mind and he can’t place why.
This made me really sad to think about lol. I’m gonna be a loser who loves happy endings and say Izaya figures out why his strength disappeared and indirectly helps Shizuo get back to how he was so they can go back to chasing each other around the city like a couple of grade schoolers. 🤷‍♀️
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plugnuts · a month ago
Okay you've heard of poet Wirt, but let's hear it for writer Wirt. He starts writing about what he experienced in the Unknown due to not being able to contain it all in his head leading to him writing stories about his experiences. He later publishes it as a series and has people asking about how he came up with it all, to which he replies, "I didn't."
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