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#The winter soldier
devinwolfi · 3 minutes ago
can someone please explain to me why all the upcoming films and the shows are all still in phase 4?? like its a complete shift of the franchise with new goals and new characters and current characters getting new roles and the huge expansion of lore and the known universe ???
i think ffh shouldve been the end of phase 4 and the shows and upcoming films should be phase 5
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superkamigurudende · 10 minutes ago
Bucky Banres x Fem!Reader
18+, minors do not read
Warning: smut, oral (female recieving), spanking, squirting, alcohol ingestion, unprotected sex, drunk sex, dub!con, wear a condom, couch sex.
Summary: the a/c is out in the apartment complex and Bucky asks if you have an extra fan available.
Tumblr media
I awoke with a shortness of breath. I was groggy and sweating. It's hot, when did it get hot? I laid in bed for a few more seconds, waking up. 'Ugh, I'm all sweaty and gross'
Making my way out of my room and into the hallway, I see the soft glow the electronic thermostat is casting. Now facing it, it unsurprisingly reads "Error? How the fuck? I'll have to call the landlord in the morning, fucking apartments- I swear.". I suddenly jump and scream as there's an unexpected knock on my door. Looking down at my naked body I rush back to my room to grab a shirt and some shorts.
I opened the door, the light from the hallway burning my corneas. Retinas? My eyes. Burning my eyes. Blinking a few times, I was able to focus on a chest, perspiring and a heavily breathing chest. Well cut and damn, mouth watering. I could my laundry on those abs. Looking up I was met with a face. A grumpy face. "Its sweltering, do you have an extra fan?" "Well hello to you too lovely neighbor, James. Wanna come in?" He smiled and awkwardly "right, sorry. And yeah sure, also its Bucky" I walked backwards pulling the door with me letting him in. "I don't have any fans Buckmeister, but I could take you to the store and we buy some.". "At 2 in the morning? And with your shirt on backwards?" "Hey! At least I have a shirt on and Wal-Mart is 24 hours.". I pulled my arms into my shirt and twisted it around while Bucky tried not to stare as the shirt rode up over my stomach. I smiled to myself. "You go get a shirt and some shoes on and I'll get some shoes on. Are my shorts on backwards too?". I pulled my shirt up over my ass and turned to show him. He cleared his throat and smiled his usual dopey cute smile "nope, all good". I walked away to my room to put shoes on. "Please tell me your car has A/C!" He shouted after me.
Tumblr media
"Oh fuck yeah" i moaned "feels so good" Bucky replied in a groan. We were ecstatic to feel the cool A/C hit us in the car. Pulling out of the multistory carpark, we started our journey to find some fans.
"I can't believe this has been happening literally every other week, what a shitty landlord." "I know, he's being such a douche. When I moved in, he glared at me- I think he hates "disabled people". He has made so many weird comments". "Are you kidding me? What a dick!" We chatted as we made our way to the fan aisle. Turns out the landlord is much shittier than we both thought. "So what brings you to New York?" "College, I'm a teacher, ASL". "ASL? What's that?" "American Sign Language." "Oh yeah, where do you teach? Like Kindergarten or something?" " College students.".
We picked out two big kitchen fans and two small desk fans. After checking out, Buck's stomach growled. Loudly. I laughed and looked at his stomach "Hey I'm hungry too but you don't gotta scream about it."
Tumblr media
Finally home after stuffing our faces with McDonald's and due to Bucky's super soldier metabolism, we got Taco Bell too. And stopped for ice cream at Walmart again. "Fuck my guy, how much can you put away? Hell yeah!" "What? I'm a pig, you arent grossed out?" "No, I like people who can eat.". "Well, wanna go to the liquor store?" He posed the question. "Oh hell yeah, you read my mind.".
Now home I unlocked my apartment when- "oh shit." "What?" "I think I locked my keys in my apartment." "You're shitting me", I deadpanned. "I'm so sorry." "Ah don't apologize, I'll put you up on the couch. Yay! Sleep over" I poked at his ribs. "Yay, cause being an 107 year old adult and locking your keys accidentally in your apartment is something to celebrate" he rolled his eyes. "Well jeez party pooper, if you'd rather sleep in the hallway then.." "shit, no I'm sorry. Thank you. But we can drink together" I faked a gasp "that is very true. And hopefully it'll distract us from the heat of a thousand suns in here. A warning, I do tend to get shirtless when drunk." "Well then I guess I'll just have to get pantsless" he wriggled his brows. 'Oh dear Gods, yes'.
3 liquid marijuanas
5 shots of caramel Smirnoff
And 3 games of mini shots pong later, we were floored. Well I was. Buckmiester was off his ass too. We were sitting on the floor eating our melted ice cream. Bucky missed his mouth with spoon and spilled the ice cream on his shirt. "Shit, I like this shirt" he whined before pulling it off. I bit my lip, my inebriation not caring about hiding my attraction to my neighbor. "You like what you see, Doll?" His voice dropped. I blushed and nodded. He leaned forward and crawled on his knees to me. Being drunk, and an absolute genius, apparently, I dropped ice cream on my shirt too. "Oops." I whispered and looked up at him, trying my best to look innocent. Bucky longed forward and ripped my shirt off, well over me. And pulled me in for a kiss. Hit teeth it mine, I could taste the alcohol and mint chocolate chip ice cream on his tongue. It was messy and perfect at the same time. I groaned as he sucked my bottom lip into his mouth. I pulled back, "bedroom.". He nodded "bedroom.". He stood up a little too quickly and had to sit on the couch. I made my way up the couch. "You know, the couch is a perfectly suitable place" he said as he grabbed me forced me onto his lap. "We're both too drunk to go to the bed". His metal hand was warm too, no doubt because of the apartment, even will all four fans set on high. His lips kissed from the shell of my ear to my collarbone, "ssshhhh. No need for logic right now". Metal hand on my breast, and flesh one on my ass, he reared his hand back and slapped my ass hard. "Oh fuck, do it again". He rolled us over onto my back and him on top. He literally ripped my shorts off, pushing my knees to my stomach, he spanked me again. "Dirty girl" he whispered as his stubble graced my breast as he sucked and nibbled on my breasts. His flesh hand made it's way down, caressing my sides and my stomach and the top of my thigh, he forced my legs apart and thrusted his clothes bulge against my unclothed sex. I grabbed his neck and pulled his face to mine and kissed him, I felt him grow harder against me. "You're not naked enough". "Yes ma'am" he smiled and got up, this time a little slower. "Just curious, why no panties?" The smile on his face was wide, "I sleep naked". His smile grew wicked, "oh, really?". He suddenly went to his knees. He grabbed my ankle and pulled my sideways. "That's hot" was all he replied as I corrected my self and rested my legs on his shoulders. "Fuck that feels good" My voice shifted, wavering, as his mouth marked my thighs. Kissing, biting, nibbling, hickied, light teeth marks.
"Just a quick taste" he whispered, then licked my pussy, his tongue swiveling around my slit then up to my clit. He kissed my mound, then dove back in. My moans turned into screams as he worked his tongue on my clit as he slipped a metal finger inside of me. His flesh hand groped my breast, and trailed up to my throat and squeezed and he added a second finger and curled. I think my body took a screenshot as a I came on his fingers. His fingers pounded into me faster as I rode out my high and he stared at my face. I calmed down after coming down, I looked at him confused. "What?" "You're fucking beautiful when you cum for me, when you cum on my fingers. Wonder how beautiful you look when you come on my cock, darlin". Before I could reply, he thrusted his thick member into me. Stretching me open. "Oooh fuuck Bucky!" I screamed and hung onto his back. He didn't stop, didn't let me adjust. "That's it doll, say my fuckin name, scream it!". He pulled my hair, as he exposed my neck he bit it. I was a whimper mess, the punishing pace he was pounding into me, the feeling of the bite and the pain of my hair being pulled. "Want the whole apartment complex to hear you screaming my name. Want them to know who you belong to." I wailed as he hit the special spot in me, it made me see stars. "That's it bunny, let it all out, cum for me". He pulled out and flipped me over. "You doin okay?" He paused, all I could do to answer him was nodding. He laughed. "Are cock drunk already? I barely fuck you and you already can't speak". He slipped himself in again, "aaaaaah" "that's right" he thrusted, pulled my hips up. "Who owns you baby?" "You do". He moved again, spanking me, he shouted "I said, who owns you?!". I mustered all my strength, I took too long, he spanked me again and again, as the blows landed on my behind- he didn't stop his pace. This time he spanked me with his metal hand, "you do!" I cried out. He spanked me again and I came, hard. I wailed as my legs shook, I felt him pull out and something warm hitting my back.
For some reason I felt more tired than usual, and more sober. "Hold on honey, let me get you a wash cloth". I hummed in response. That was intense, amazing even. He came back shortly and gently cleaned me up. I felt the rag between my legs, he started wiping me knees and lower thighs first which was weird. Moving up I felt it gently rub my sensitive pussy, then my back. He kissed my head and helped me sit up. "Have you ever squirted before?" "No, why?" "Because you just did." "I'm sorry, what?" I looked at his lap as he was wiping at his legs, it was wet. And then I turned to look at my couch, also wet. "Woah." I whispered softly.
"Not to sound too arrogant but do you think you can walk?" I huffed a laugh "I don't think so.". With that, he picked me up and we stumbled our way to my room. It had finally cooled off and laid me down on the outside of my bed and he crawled on the other side. "Good night miss (Y/n)" he cuddled me and pulled my head to his chest. "Nighty night Buckmeister". He chuckled and kissed my head again and we snuggled in a soothing slumber.
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thingsmk1120sayz · 16 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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steverogersnotebook · 40 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Pleasantly surprised by the most recent Marvel coloring page.
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endorspeaches · 42 minutes ago
warnings: none just some fluff
pairing: bucky x reader
summary: You realize you have fallen in love with your best friend.
A/N: I’m a music addict. Every time I write a fic I’m usually listening to a song on a loop that helps feed the aesthetic. I will be adding each song to my fics <3
Listen with: Like the Movies -Laufey
Tumblr media
I almost didn’t realize I was falling in love with Bucky. I had run every mission with him. After the missions we were inseparable. Every moment we could we spent it in each other’s company. It wasn’t until one day that Sam asked what was going on with Bucky and me. Sam joked with me always, but something in his voice made me really stop and look. I was in love with my best friend.
“I love him Sam,” you uttered.
“I know, my question wasn't that but have you guys talked about it?” Sam asked.
“I don’t think either of us has stopped to realize it I guess.” You reply.
Your mind began to wander. Does he love me back? Does he even know I love him?
“What if he…” you begin to say.
“No don’t do that. Matter of fact go ask him. Don’t ask that question you know neither of us knows the answer to.” He interrupts you.
You sigh, “You make it sound so easy.”
There is a knock at your door.
“Door’s open!” You shout across your room.
Bucky lets himself in. You’re laying across your bed doodling in an old notebook.
“Hey doll, what are you up to?” He asks as he sits on the edge of your bed.
“I was waiting for you so I started doodling.” You sit up and place the notebook on his lap
“I love when you doodle,” Bucky says as he looks at your notebook
“Bucky. Um, I wanna ask you something but please don’t make it weird.” You stumble over your words.
“What is it?” He is now looking straight at you.
“Umm, damn uh, this is harder than I thought. I’m in love with you.” You get up from the bed.
Silence fills the room. You look over at Bucky. You can see him have this look on his face. His eyes meet with yours. He sees the look of worry on your face. He gets up off the bed and meets you where you stand.
He takes a hold of your hands. “ Oh Y/N, I love you. I'm sorry I kept you waiting for a response. I thought I would've been the first to say it out loud.”
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clarkesyd · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
fia's fic recs: and god laughs by @cypanache
‘Dammit. I don’t have time for this.’ is not exactly, how ten year old Sharon Carter imagined she’d react to finding out she has a soulmate.
Then again, ten-year-old Sharon Carter never imagined that when it happened she’d be thirty-five, an enemy of the state, and trying to single-handedly keep a multi-billion dollar criminal enterprise from being brought down by a teenager with delusions of revolution.
It isn’t until Zemo is changing out of the prison guard’s uniform that he even realizes the blasted thing has shown up.
In his defense, he was a little preoccupied at the time.
In which our schemers scheme. And the universe laughs. And nothing much changes. Until everything does.
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comfortbucky · an hour ago
true north: chapter 2
summary: the reader was a pararescue along with sam and riley and was engaged to riley. what happens when she gets roped into the world of captain america? or when she meets bucky barnes? this chapter takes place during ca:ws and will closely follow the canon mcu timeline.
pairing: bucky x fem!reader
warnings: canon level violence, mentions of torture, being held captive, mentions of blood, an old scar, trauma, ptsd, things of that nature
A/N: THE BRIDGE FIGHT SCENE. guys i really hope i did it justice y’all LMAO 🤣 i deadass had to stop watching ca:ws every 10 seconds to make sure i was getting every detail but also i'm not good at writing action scenes so pls bear with me
bucky does make an appearance as the winter soldier hehe
also just a disclaimer: i know little to nothing about the air force and tried my best to do some research but mistakes are bound to be made so don’t pay too much attention to those 😅
and as always i would love to hear any feedback, comments, or suggestions u guys have!!!!!!!!🥰
word count: 4100
series masterlist!
Taking a sip from his sweet tea, Sam locked his eyes on Agent Sitwell walking out of the building in front of him.
“We got eyes on Sitwell,” Y/N spoke into her earpiece as Sam kept his sight on the target.
“Copy that, the car is around the corner to the right, 2 spaces down,” Steve replied.
“I got a clear view of him too,” Nat said, lining her sniper up. “Nice tie.” Y/N and Sam watched as the man, who Sitwell was talking to, started to walk away. Sam pulled out his phone to engage in the next step of the plan. Y/N watched as Agent Sitwell dismissed his bodyguards and answered his phone.
“Yes, sir?”
“Agent Sitwell, how was lunch? I hear the crab cakes here are delicious.” Sam saw Y/N smile from the corner of his eye as he spoke.
“Who is this?”
“The good-looking guy in the sunglasses, your 10 o’clock,” Y/N chuckled as Agent Sitwell looked up in the opposite direction of where she and Sam were seated. Sam rolled his eyes as he provided further instruction. “Your other 10 o’clock.” Agent Sitwell turned, finally making eye contact with the pair. “There you go.” Sam and Y/N held up their drinks to greet Sitwell’s gaze.
“What do you want?”
“You’re gonna go around the corner to your right. There's a gray car 2 spaces down. We're gonna take a ride.”
"And why would I do that?"
"Because that tie looks really expensive," As Sam spoke, Sitwell's eyes looked down at his chest to see a bright red sniper dot on his tie. Sam continued, "and I'd hate to mess it up." Sitwell's eyes darted around, trying to find the source of the sniper scope to no avail. Realizing he had no choice, he started down the street as Sam and Y/N followed closely behind.
Tumblr media
"Feels weird being suited up again," Y/N said, adjusting the straps on her harness. The pair were perched on the ledge of a building opposite to the one Steve and Natasha had brought Sitwell to. Sam flashed her a grin.
"Feels right to me," he turned his attention to the roof of the building in front of him. "Still fits like a glove."
The two saw their cue to engage as Sitwell was kicked off the rooftop and falling towards the street. Sam jumped off the ledge, his wings unfolding, as he darted towards the falling body. Y/N followed suit, her stomach doing a flip as her feet left the edge, identical to the feeling she used to get on roller coasters. A huge smile grew on her face. She didn't realize how badly she had missed being airborne. Since she had come back from serving overseas, she hadn't experienced anything that felt quite as right as this. Suddenly, Y/N had a feeling that it wasn't chance that brought Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff to Sam's door.
Sam grabbed the collar of Sitwell's jacket and flew straight up, dropping the agent onto the roof. Y/N followed close behind Sam as they made their landing. Their wings folded back into place as they turned around to face Steve and Natasha.
Y/N glanced over to Sam and grinned. "Like riding a bike."
The four surrounded Sitwell as he remained on the ground, holding one of his hands up in defense.
Sitwell quickly blurted out, "Zola's algorithm is a program," he paused. "For choosing Insight's targets."
"What targets?" Steve questioned.
"You!" Sitwell threw his hand in Steve's direction. "A TV anchor in Cairo, the other Secretary of Defense, a high school valedictorian in Iowa City," he paused before continuing. "Bruce Banner, Stephen Strange, anyone who's a threat to HYDRA." Natasha quickly looked to Steve before looking back at Sitwell. "Now, or in the future." Y/N and Sam shared a confused look with each other.
Steve paused. "In the future? How could it know?" Sitwell began to laugh as he went on.
"How could it not?" He began to stand up. "The 21st century is a digital book. Zola taught HYDRA how to read it. Your bank records, medical histories, voting patterns, emails, phone calls, your damn SAT scores!" Sitwell kept his eyes on Steve. "Zola's algorithm evaluates people's past to predict their future."
"And what then?" Steve remained his eye contact as Sitwell's face dropped. He looked down as a sudden wave of regret washed over him, realizing what he'd revealed.
"Oh my god. Pierce is gonna kill me." Sitwell took a step back, causing Sam to grab his jacket collar. Y/N took a defensive step forward, blocking off an exit pathway for Sitwell.
"What then?" Steve demanded.
Sitwell paused, realizing since he had already given up most of the information, he might as well offer the rest. "Then the Insight helicarriers scratch people off the list. A few million at a time." Steve stared at Sitwell, absorbing the information he had just been told before speaking.
"We need to start moving," he glared at Sitwell. "And you're coming with us."
Tumblr media
Sam and Steve sat in the driver and passenger seats of the car, respectively, as Natasha, Y/N, and Agent Sitwell were seated in the back.
Sitwell spoke up, "HYDRA doesn't like leaks."
"Then why don't you try sticking a cork in it?" Sam shot back.
Natasha leaned forward towards Steve. "Insight's launching in 16 hours. We're cutting it a little bit close here."
"I know," Steve replied as Natasha sat back in her seat. "We'll use him to bypass the DNA scans and access the helicarriers directly." Sitwell shot forward in his seat.
"What? Are you crazy? That is a terrible, terrible idea." Before Steve could reply to Sitwell, a loud thud from the roof of the car interrupted him. Y/N flinched as the window next to Sitwell was punched by a metal arm. Her eyes widened as the arm grabbed Sitwell from his seat next to her and threw him off the overpass. Both she and Natasha caught a glimpse of a gun out the window before gunshots went off coming from the roof of the car.
Natasha quickly moved to the front of the car onto Steve's lap as Y/N shifted to the right side of the car, where Natasha had been sitting, attempting to shield herself by crouching down and putting her arms over her head. More gunshots went off, this time coming from the front of the car, almost hitting Steve and Sam in the head. They both managed to duck as Steve pulled the emergency brake lever, throwing the unknown figure from the roof of the car and onto the road in front of them.
The figure, in all black except for his metal arm, managed a 3-point landing and slid down the road, the fingers from his metal arm creating sparks as he dug his hand in the road to stabilize himself. He slowly stood up, facing Sam's car, his eyes covered by black goggles and the lower half of his face hidden behind a black mask. His long hair also worked to hide his face. Before Natasha could attempt to shoot him, a large jeep slammed into the back of the car, causing her to drop her gun and pushing them forward.
Sam, both hands on the wheel, attempted to steer out of the way as the masked figure jumped up onto the roof of the car. The back window shattered and Y/N put her arms up to shield herself from the broken glass. Sam slammed his foot on the brake while Natasha scrambled to grab her gun.
Suddenly, the front window was punched through and the steering wheel was ripped out of Sam's hands.
Natasha managed to grab her gun and shot at the roof as the figure jumped from the roof of their car to the hood of the jeep behind them. Y/N turned around to look behind her and could see the jeep getting ready to hit their car again. She leaned forward between the front seats of the car.
“They’re gonna hit us from behind again!” She yelled as she tried to figure out their next steps. Steve was already one step ahead of her.
“Grab onto Sam!” Y/N looked at Steve and nodded. She climbed to the front of the car and wrapped an arm around Sam, sitting on his lap. Before she could make a witty remark about what Riley's reaction to their positioning would be, the jeep slammed into the back of their car again, sending it swerving out of control.
"Hang on!" Steve secured his shield on his forearm before grabbing hold of Natasha and Sam. Sam wrapped one arm around Steve and the other around Y/N. Steve used the momentum of the car starting to flip over, to bust down the passenger side door. The four of them landed on the road, the car door breaking their fall. As the door slid down the road from the force of impact, Sam and Y/N rolled off and onto the road, standing up quickly to analyze the situation. Steve and Natasha got up quickly from the car door to defend themselves.
The jeep had come to a stop and the masked figure jumped off the roof to grab a grenade launcher from his associate. He fired it in the direction of Steve and Natasha, Steve pushing her out of the way as he covered himself with his shield. The force of it was so great it sent him, and his shield, flying over the bridge and into a bus.
Meanwhile, Y/N, Natasha, and Sam were taking cover from the masked figure and the rest of the attackers open-fired on them. Natasha was able to fire back with her gun, drawing the attention of the attackers and the masked figure. Y/N and Sam kept hidden behind cars trying to formulate a plan.
"They're distracted right now," Sam said pulling a knife from his pocket. He looked at Y/N. "We can sneak up on them when their backs are turned." She nodded. A loud blast went off, and Y/N stole a quick glance, peering over the car she was hiding behind. The masked figure shot another grenade at Natasha. She managed to dodge it and run behind a car. Another grenade was shot at her and Y/N watched as Natasha jumped off the bridge to avoid getting hit.
"It looks like they're after Steve and Natasha," Y/N began as she continued to watch the situation unfold. "I think metal arm dude is going after her and the rest of them are looking for Steve." She turned to Sam. "Guess there are perks to not being an Avenger after all."
The two saw the masked figure jump over the bridge as a couple others used cable cords to rappel down. Sam and Y/N quietly made their way over to two men who hadn't secured their ropes yet. Sam landed a kick to one of the men's knees, causing the man to turn and face him, before punching him across the face and swiping his knife up the man's body. He grabbed the man's gun before kicking him off the bridge.
The second man turned to face Y/N, upon seeing his partner fall off the bridge. She smirked before kicking him across his face and snatching the machine gun from his hands. The man attempted to punch her, but she quickly dodged it and used the butt of the gun to push him over the edge.
She looked over at Sam and smiled, "God I missed this."
They looked over the bridge to see several men shooting at Steve, using his shield to protect himself. Sam and Y/N began shooting at the men attacking Steve, allowing him to take cover behind a car.
As Steve looked up at them, Sam shouted out to him. "Go! We got this!"
The two of them managed to finish off the rest of the attackers before going to retrieve their flight suits. Flying in the direction that Steve and Natasha ran off towards, Y/N and Sam were able to see from above the now, maskless figure, standing a couple feet in front of Steve.
Steve stared at the man in front of him. He stood frozen in place as he realized he was looking at his childhood friend, who he thought was dead, standing before him. "Bucky?"
"Who the hell is Bucky?" The man brought his gun to aim at Steve.
Sam swooped down and kicked the man, knocking him down. Y/N flew down to grab the man's metal arm and started to fly up, taking him with her. He was able to stand his ground and yank her arm, slamming Y/N to the ground. She groaned before lifting her head to look at the man Steve called "Bucky." Although they made eye contact for a split second, Y/N managed to see a lost, confused look in his eyes.
The man quickly turned around, ready to try and shoot Steve again when a grenade missile was sent flying towards him. Steve turned to see Natasha holding a grenade launcher and turned back around to see that Bucky had vanished.
The sound of sirens grew louder as black vans and police cars surrounded the four of them. Men in tactical gear with guns pointed at them ran towards them. As Natasha, Sam, and Y/N were handcuffed and stuffed in the back of a van, Rumlow barked orders at Steve.
"Drop the shield, Cap! Get on your knees!" Steve did as he was told, staring at the ground in front of him, attempting to process what had just happened.
Tumblr media
"It was him." Steve kept his stare on the floor. "He looked right at me like he didn't even know me." Y/N sat quietly next to Steve, listening.
"How's that even possible? It was, like, 70 years ago." Sam replied.
"Zola." Steve paused to think. "Bucky's whole unit was captured in '43. Zola experimented on him." Steve finally looked up to meet Natasha's eyes. "Whatever he did helped Bucky survive the fall. They must have found him and..."
Natasha cut him off. "None of that's your fault, Steve." Her voice trailed off at the end and Y/N could tell that Natasha was losing a lot of blood from the bullet wound in her shoulder. Steve shifted his view towards the floor again before speaking softly.
"Even when I had nothing, I had Bucky."
Y/N moved her handcuffed hands to rest on top of Steve's and gave them a squeeze. He turned to look at her to see her offering a soft smile.
"We're gonna figure this out. Whatever it is."
Steve gave a small smile back to Y/N before she removed her hands from his. Natasha tilted her head back, eyes squinting in pain. Sam observed her wound and spoke up.
"We need to get a doctor here. If we don't put pressure on that wound, she's gonna bleed out here in the truck." Sam jumped back in his seat as one of the guards took out a stun baton, pointing it in his direction. The guard then turned to hit the guard sitting beside them with the baton and kicked them across the face, effectively knocking them out. Everyone stared in shock as the guard removed their helmet, only to reveal Maria Hill sitting before them.
"Ah. That thing was squeezing my brain." She paused to move her hair out of her face before looking at Sam and Y/N. "Who are they?"
Steve was about to speak up before Maria cut him off, grabbing her Mouse Hole to start cutting into the floor of the van. "Actually we don't have time for introductions, we gotta get moving. Don't want to keep him waiting."
Tumblr media
The four of them emerged from the car and followed Maria into a secure facility. A man jogged down the dimly lit hallway toward them as Maria reported off to him.
"GSW. She's lost at least a pint."
"Maybe two." Sam added. The man motioned them to follow him.
"Let me take her."
"She'll want to see him first." Maria's statement causing Steve and Natasha to share confused looks with each other. They continued to follow Maria down a series of hallways. Upon approaching a clear, plastic curtain, Maria slowly pulled it back. Steve and Natasha's eyes widened in shock to see Nick Fury, who had they had previously seen die from a heart attack, alive and well in a hospital bed.
"About damn time." Fury paused, looking at Y/N and Sam. "Who the hell are they?"
"They're with me," Steve turned to smile at the pair before turning his attention back to Fury. "We can trust them. This is Sam Wilson and Y/N L/N." Y/N gave a slight wave and Sam folded his arms. Fury sighed.
"Fine, but give me a reason not to trust either of you, and you'll both be dead before you know it."
Tumblr media
Y/N and Sam stood and watched as Steve, Natasha, Maria, and Fury discussed the issue at hand.
"We have to stop the launch," Natasha stated, before turning to look at Steve.
"I don't think the Council's accepting my calls anymore," Fury spun the briefcase in front of him, opening it to reveal 3 targeting blades.
Sam leaned over to get a better look before asking, "What's that?"
Maria turned her computer to show graphics of the helicarriers on the screen. "Once the helicarriers reach 3,000 feet, they'll triangulate with Insight satellites, becoming fully weaponized."
Fury continued, "We need to breach those carriers and replace their targeting blades with our own."
"One or two won't cut it," Maria clarified. "We need to link all three carriers for this to work because if even one of those ships remains operational, a whole lot of people are gonna die."
Fury ended their explanation by stating, "We have to assume everyone aboard those carriers is HYDRA. We have to get past them, insert these server blades. And maybe, just maybe we can salvage what's left-"
Steve cut him off. "We're not salvaging anything." Fury looked up to meet Steve's eyes. "We're not just taking down the carriers, Nick. We're taking down S.H.I.E.L.D."
Fury defended himself. "S.H.I.E.L.D. had nothing to do with this."
"You gave me this mission. This is how it ends." Steve argued back. "S.H.I.E.L.D.'s been compromised. You said so yourself. HYDRA grew right under your nose and nobody noticed."
"Why do you think we're meeting in this cave? I noticed."
"How many paid the price before you did?" Y/N felt her admiration for Steve grow in that moment. She had always admired Captain America, but this was a side to him that the public didn't see. He was staying true to his beliefs, always looking out to do what was right. Even if that meant going against someone he admired and respected, against everything he knew. Fury broke away from Steve's stare and looked down.
"Look, I didn't know about Barnes."
"Even if you had, would you have told me?" Fury looked up as Steve continued. "Or would you have compartmentalized that, too? S.H.I.E.L.D., HYDRA, it all goes."
"He's right." Fury turned to face Maria at the sound of her voice. She gave him a soft nod. Fury looked at Natasha who stared at him silently. He then looked up at Sam and Y/N.
"Don't look at me. I do what he does, just slower." Y/N chuckled at Sam's statement.
"And I do what he does," Y/N pointing to Sam. "Just faster." She teased. Fury looked to Steve again.
"Well..." Fury took one last glance at Maria as she gave him a comforting look. He sat back in his seat and sighed. "It looks like you're giving the orders now, Captain."
Tumblr media
After the meeting, Maria took Fury to get some rest, doctor's orders, and Natasha went to get a blood transfusion. Steve had excused himself after reviewing the plan to get some air. Y/N and Sam were left sitting at the table.
"I can't imagine how Steve must be feeling." Y/N fiddled with her hands as Sam looked at her. "I mean, imagine seeing Riley again but he's not really Riley, just a completely different person." A wave of silence washed over the two before Sam spoke up.
“If the part that made Riley, Riley, was gone,” Sam paused to collect his thoughts. “Then he’s gone for good.” Y/N didn’t know how to respond, so she didn’t.
The pair sat in silence for a little bit until they went to find Steve, realizing it had been a while since he had left. They found him standing outside, staring off into the distance, deep in thought. Sam walked ahead of Y/N to speak to Steve.
"He's gonna be there, you know."
"I know." Steve kept his gaze focused on the view.
"Look, whoever he used to be and the guy he is now,” Sam took a breath. “I don't think he's the kind you save. He's the kind you stop." Y/N suddenly remembered the look she had seen in Bucky’s eyes. She knew that look, she’d experienced something similar herself.
“I don’t know if I can do that.”
“Well, he might not give you a choice. He doesn’t know you.”
“You’re wrong Sam.” The men turned their heads towards Y/N as she continued to speak. “Everyone deserves to be saved. You’re the one who taught me that.” Sam sighed as Steve looked at them both with a curious look on his face. Y/N turned to Steve to explain.
“During one of our first rescue ops with the EXO-7 Falcon suits, I was flying over a forest when a sharpshooter managed to hit my pack in a vulnerable spot. I managed to land in a random forest, but unfortunately, it was near an uncover HYDRA base, one that wasn't known to S.H.I.E.L.D." Y/N crossed her arms, looked down at the ground and sighed before continuing. "The technology they used to make our suits was something HYDRA couldn't quite crack, so they took me captive to see if I would reveal anything useful to them."
Sam reached out to place a comforting hand on her shoulder. Y/N looked up at him and gave a soft smile, before returning her attention to the ground. "Of course I kept my mouth shut, but even if I wanted to tell them anything, I couldn't. The Air Force just told us how to fly them, nothing else. So HYDRA did what HYDRA does best." Steve had a feeling he already knew what to expect but continued to watch and listen to her. "They roughed me up pretty good," Y/N said as she lifted up her shirt, just enough, to reveal a long scar on the side of her abdomen. "Something to remember them by." She pulled down her shirt and let out a soft chuckle. Her eyes shifted up to meet Steve’s, him silently encouraging her to continue. "I was there for about a month before Sam and Riley managed to find me. We ended up losing a couple of teammates along the way. For months, I felt so much guilt, like it was my fault that I ended up in that situation and that I didn't deserve to have made it out."
Y/N smiled at Sam. "But Sam and Riley were the ones who helped me get through it all. Reminded me that I was a victim and deserved to be saved. That what happened to me wasn't my fault." She turned to face the two men. "Bucky, in some way that we don't know yet, is being held captive right now. He's doing things he clearly wouldn't normally do." Her eyes focused on Sam's. "He deserves a chance to be saved, Sam." Sam let out a sigh before nodding. Steve gave Y/N a hug, whispering a thank you in her ear, before pulling away to face the two of them.
"Let's gear up. It's time."
"You gonna wear that?" Sam asked, looking at Steve’s civilian clothes.
"No. If you're gonna fight a war, you gotta wear a uniform."
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Tumblr media
That stance though.
Winter Soldier (Zone 73) - 6/13/21
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bonky-n-steeb · an hour ago
𝗦𝗨𝗠𝗠𝗔𝗥𝗬: Your daily routine involves waking up in the morning, going to work and sulking at night. But then you meet the man you’ve fantasized about for your entire life, Bucky Barnes. At the same time, you've caught someone else’s eye and his first step in winning you over is to cook you breakfast. But will you be welcoming of that person’s affections?
𝗪𝗔𝗥𝗡𝗜𝗡𝗚𝗦: yandere, obsession, stalking, violence, cursing. If you find any of this triggering, please DNI. Also inform me if I left something out.   
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Bucky Barnes x Female!Addict!Reader: Tastes a Little like Freedom, a Little like Fear [Ch. 13]
Tumblr media
Summary: [Name] has finally got her life on track. She’s been clean a year, has a full time job, and recently moved into an apartment that is actually fit to live in. To prove something to herself, she visits the Smithsonian exhibit on Captain America…only to run into someone a little familiar. Adopting a fellow addict is one thing. Accidentally adopting a recovering brainwashed Nazi super soldier is another. [Name]’s life is about to run off track worse than ever before, but there could be a reward at the end if she can just hang on for the bumpy ride.
Challenge:  “100 Drabbles Adventure” challenge by SubtleQuirk on Lunaescence Archives.
Ratings/Warnings: M (foul language, sexual references, references to previous drug addiction and continued struggles with drug addiction, torture, mind control, dehumanization, threatening behavior of a man towards a woman)
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Female!Reader
Tag List: @chipilerendi, @noiralei, @mycosmicparadise, @aya-fay​
Tastes a Little like Freedom, a Little like Fear Master List
Chapter 13: Pride
“Shit!” he swore, just as he tried to rise from his seat.
This was a bad idea. His damn legs nearly gave out on him. Before he fell, he managed to scrabble at the nearest hard surface, catching himself right before hitting the floor. He tasted blood; his lips had split open from the violence of his swearing, and he could see his breath crystallizing in the air in front of him. Shivers wracked his body, and he was cold, so cold.
A hard blink dispelled this vision. The tear in his lip disappeared, though his mouth now felt like cotton, like the frost had got stuck in there, unwilling to enter the warm, stuffy kitchen. But the trembling had not stopped. He shivered and shuddered, fingers slipping against the slick wood of the table as he attempted to keep himself upright.
So they could pull him back that easily.
He let out a long, uneven breath. Shit. No. No. He was a person. Bled just like the rest of them. Froze just like the rest of them. God, why was he so cold? His breath was stuck in his chest. They couldn’t have him back. He would not go back.
Thin arms snaked around his torso. He felt his chest seize underneath them. Unthinkingly, he released his slipshod grip on the table. For one glorious moment, the results were exactly as he’d planned: The arms did not have the strength to hold him up on their own. Heave as they might, they simply couldn’t keep him there. Then he went crashing onto the tile floor, right on top of his flesh arm.
“Are you okay?”
He looked up, slightly startled to hear a familiar voice. Of course. Of course he wasn't on the side of some mountain. He was still stuck in the crappy apartment. Where else was he supposed to go? They were everywhere looking for him, waiting for him. But when she knelt next to him, worry plain in her eyes, he wondered if it might have been worth it to be on his own if he just didn’t have to see that expression on that face ever again.
Not quite.
Her fingers fluttered so close as to nearly brush his shoulder. If this was on purpose, she realized the folly of such action just in time, stopping herself a mere millimetre short. 
“I’m so–I’m so sorry. Are you alright?” she asked.
“Do I look alright to you?” he snarled.
God, she’d almost touched him, or rather the hunk of metal grafted to his shoulder. Surely it felt as cold to the touch as the rest of him ought to have been. She’d feel it; she’d know. He’d already screwed up enough to make her suspicious. Maybe she was stupid, but no one was that stupid. Then again, if she did manage to piece everything together, he could just snap her neck before she had the chance to call anyone. It would probably take a few days for her little friends to come hunting for her. He could be out of the country and hidden by then.
“Hey…” she began.
“Leave me alone!" he snapped. "Can’t you see I want to be alone?”
This was not strictly true. It wasn’t like he’d had to follow her home. No memories and no company made for lonely living, it had found. He had found.
The chill was in his very bones. He curled ludicrously in on himself, as though that would somehow crack the ice in his veins. A high whine filled his ears. Now that he was conscious, it was becoming more painfully obvious by the second what effect the past three days had had on him. His chest and side felt a little better, somehow, but the rest of him felt fit to explode. No sleeping, no moving, no bathroom breaks. Really? She didn’t have enough brain cells to rub together to suggest he take a piss? Not that he wanted to spend the short remainder of his life following “suggestions,” but in this case…
“What are you doing?” Her panicked voice cracked above the whine. “Is this a seizure? Should I call Kat? Stop! Please stop. Oh–just–where’s my phone?”
Her frantic step didn’t get her very far. His metal hand clamped around her ankle.
“Don’t. Call. Anyone,” he growled, and as he did, the droning stopped. Oh. That had been coming out of him? No time to consider that. He tightened his grip and yanked, causing her to stumble in his direction. “Don’t call.”
She tried to get her foot back. When that failed, she shot him her fiercest look, the kind she seemed to normally save for insults to her scrambled eggs. “You’re sick!” she said.
“I’m not!” he insisted. He kept his voice down, though. No reason to get the neighbors riled up. She'd said it herself.
“You’re shaking on my floor and whimpering like a kicked dog,” she shot back, still trying to squirm out of his grasp. “I saw your injuries. It’s a miracle you’re even alive.”
Maybe not so much a miracle. Not when compared to everything else he’d been through. When your insides and outsides were twisted as badly as his were, an aircraft carrier crashing on top of you was nothing. He’d take that over going back in the damn chair any day. No, he would not be distracted. She was still twisting around. 
Kick. Kick. Kick. She was free. Panting, but free. “I’m calling an ambulance.”
He was too out of breath to protest. Every inch of him trembled with the effort of keeping himself together. The pain in his bladder and head was tremendous, and his sudden terror wasn’t helping. No. Dammit, no. He had not come this far only to be retrieved by whichever one of them was playing EMT today. If he set one foot inside a hospital, he knew that would be the end of it. No more playing hooky. And as nice as this woman was–sometimes, maybe, if unintentionally–he was not going to give up his freedom in exchange for hers. It had come down to it: She would have to die.
But he did not want to kill her. Every second took her further away from him and closer to the phone, wherever she had put that. He could barely hear his own thoughts above his speeding breath. It did not seem possible that he could have both. How could she live and he not die? How could he survive and let her continue existing?
“N-No. Stop. P-please. Please.”
God, he hated to hear the words coming out of his mouth, almost as much as that mortifying cry from earlier. He didn’t beg. He had begged enough. How many years of his existence had been spent on his knees by now? There was nothing that he owed this lady that should have required him to beg. If they got him back, though, he’d be doing a lot worse than begging. That was for sure.
“What was that?” Her head popped back into his sight.
Relief flooded through him so swiftly than he tried to scramble to his feet. This, unfortunately, did not work particularly well, and at her frown, he thought he had lost everything just then. She hadn’t moved yet, though. There was still time.
“P-please,” he said again. Still on his knees. This was enough for them, sometimes, so surely it would enough for her. She wasn’t like them. She’d fed him and let him sleep on her couch. She’d even worried about him after he had threatened to hurt her. He knew more about her than she expected, too. The journal underneath the stack of book underneath the coffee table. He knew what she wanted. He could be that something. “I need help.”
“I know you need help. That’s why I’m calling the hospital.” Her back turned to him again. 
He tried to follow after her, but his body just wouldn’t cooperate. Even crawling was too difficult. He got maybe three paces before collapsing once more.
“I–can’t–please.” Tears rolled down his face, again. He couldn’t let this happen, though. Whatever it took. “I can’t leave yet. Not right now. Please.”
Her fear had become replaced with suspicion. He hated that, hated even more that her fear had been for him, not of him. 
“What do you mean you can’t leave right now?” Some of the color left her face, leaving her paler than before. “Are you in trouble?”
“Yes!” She understood, thank god. “Yes, but–but I don’t want to be. I promise. They’re after me. I just want to leave. I–” This clearly wasn’t convincing her. Her eyes were only getting bigger and bigger as he went on. She thought, he recalled, that he was on drugs. “I’ll go,” he said, trying to sound less crazy, knowing all the while that he wasn't going to manage. “I’ll go myself. Just give me time.”
There was a very, very long pause. He could feel each excruciating beat of his heart. Could she see right through him? She wasn’t going to say yes, was she? She was going to wipe her hands clean of him. Maybe they’d even come by, give her a nice reward for the return of their favorite plaything. Only one thing left, then.
“Look in my bag,” he whispered urgently. She hesitated. The next please on his lips didn’t have to come out. Seeing it, she sighed and walked over to where said bag still sat on the carpet next to the couch. She threw him a look, which he answered only with, “the big pocket on the right. Unzip it.”
Another pause, but then she did as she was told. He held his breath until he saw her eyes nearly bug out of her face. Safe, then. He had to be. If that didn’t convince her, nothing probably would.
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Fuck it Comic book bucky
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Holy Shit Bucky Barns killed King Kong
Tumblr media
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