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natandwandaseries · 2 days ago
Hi everyone,
I just want to apologize for not posting a lot lately. I’m under some serious stress, like grind through two medical grade mouth-guards in a month stress. Even my therapist, who thinks I don’t need to see her, is concerned.
I’m sleeping a handful of hours a night, working ten hour days, taking on a huge workload, and seeing friends/family four or five nights a week. And touring apartments the nights I’m not seeing family.
Sorry for the long winded explanation and vent. I just want you all to know that every spare chance I get, I work on the series, I love our girls and have not lost a lick of motivation. Deliverance will still come. I hope you all are enjoying the beginnings of summer and taking care of yourselves. Have a cup of chamomile, put on fresh pillowcases, and be kind to yourself. We are only remarkably, wonderfully, human. It is a reminder I could use myself most days.
CarlyWrites 📝
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natandwandaseries · 8 days ago
Let The Eat Cake: A Nat and Wanda Series Mini Fic
This was born from a request of a long time reader and commenter who informed me today is Russian Language Day! Hope you all enjoy!
Natasha knocks on the door to Yelena’s apartment. There is still blood cakes under her fingernails, not hers, and her hair has begun to fall out of its careful braid.
Wanda is with Peter tonight and Steve is visiting Sam’s family in DC, leaving the sisters with a rare night alone.
Yelena pulls open the door, shirt buttoned incorrectly and pants inside out.
“Am I interrupting?” Natasha smirks.
“No, thank God,” Yelena grabs Natasha’s empty hand, the other holding a pastry bag and tugs her inside.
“If this is a body, I told you that you have to call the police.”
“Sorry,” Yelena hurries into the bedroom, putting on an American accent, “My sister just got home, you have to leave,”
“She can join?” A voice calls. Natasha sighs, sitting down at the island, beginning to pick at the red that has settled into her cuticles.
A man exits Yelena’s room, carrying his clothes. His eyes widen when he sees Nat, and then his head whips back to Yelena, then to her again. He is finally connecting the dots on who she is, where he knew her face from.
“I’m sorry, Black Widow, I didn’t mean to insinuate,” She flicks away the blood. He runs.
“Thank you, started talking about next weekend,” Yelena wrinkles her nose. “What you bring me back from mission, you traitor?”
“You didn’t invite me!”
“It was a solo mission, Lena,”
“At least you didn’t hide this one in bra,” Yelena grins, looking into the paper bag. Two boxes are inside; rather than the one she was expecting.
“Red velvet for me, devil’s food cake for you,”
“Russian language day,”
“And yet you still speak English,” Yelena teases.
“Just eat your cake,” Natasha throws a plastic fork at her sister. They sit in silence for a while, eating their dessert. “You know what this needs?” Nat looks up.
Yelena reaches inter the nearest cabinet, pulling out a bottle of vodka.
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natandwandaseries · 14 days ago
Hi! I have a quick question: does Wanda go on the same field trip to DC that's seen in Spider-Man: Homecoming? Also, are you excited for the Black Widow press tour to be starting :))
Wanda went on a field trip to DC with Peter in Silenced :) Though it was not nearly as eventful! It was also while Nat was in surgery and we only had her POV in that section. In Deliverance we will have some more Peter and Wanda adventures!
I’m both excited and sad for the press tour because it means the movie is really coming!! But it also means the last time we will see Natasha Romanoff :(
Thank you for the questions!
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natandwandaseries · 19 days ago
What Wanda and Yelena see when Natasha goes undercover by putting on a wig:
Tumblr media
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natandwandaseries · 21 days ago
I was reading a chapter of Welcome Home and saw one of my notes saying that I couldn’t believe I had reached 2,000 hits on the series... I’m now over 85,000, and still in complete awe that so many people are interested in my writing.
You are all the best, thank you for following along (and putting up with my sporadic posting schedule)
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natandwandaseries · a month ago
Great news!! I finished the new chapter of Kindred!! I just have to wait to post it until tomorrow so I can proofread it since I am beyond exhausted and want to make sure the ending makes sense
Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!!
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natandwandaseries · a month ago
Firstly, I understand you have stuff going on and that’s completely valid and your life comes before a fanfic so there, that being said the following is for your consideration once you do have time to write.
Petition (not really but it WOULD be hilarious) to have Wanda, Yelena and Peter surprise Natasha with a rendition (wether Wanda and Peter sound good is up for debate, but we know Yelena doesn’t care that she sucks at singing) of Rasputin by Boney M. because she’s Russian (and Yelena also) and that’s funny stuff. Maybe they do it for a livestream (in which case it’d be funnier if Peter is in the Spider-Man suit) and Natasha is just sitting on the couch, with a very horrified but very fond look on her face.
Thank you! Yes, I am trying to finish up my semester and summer session starts in two weeks. There are also a lot of other things going on in my life beyond school and work. But I love my series and try my best to write as frequently as possible. Please see the mini fic below based on your request ☺️ I hope you enjoy!
A Nat and Wanda Series Mini Fic
Natasha is sitting on the couch with Steve watching a World War II documentary when her phone buzzes. Wanda’s name is in a banner across the screen.
“What is it?”
“She wants us to come see something in the game room,” She stretches, getting up from the couch and untangling her limbs from Steve. They had decided to come up to the compound for the day, and Peter happened to be visiting as well. Since their arrival, the two had disappeared. Yelena had been on the couch with Natasha and Steve for a while, but announced she was going to train to get away from the weird competitiveness coming from who can point out more historical inaccuracies in the reenactments.
“I’ll be right back, this shouldn’t take long,” She squeezes his shoulder as she walks away, heading down the hall. There is cheering coming from the room, and Natasha opens the door.
Yelena is kicking out her feet while Wanda and Peter clap along, encouraging her. She is standing in front of the TV and a motion bar, where a glowing man is dancing, she mirrors his movements perfectly, determination lining her features.
The song tells the tale of Russia’s greatest love machine, and Nat sits down on a nearby couch, bewildered. She is so focused on the TV, she doesn’t even notice her sister. The song comes to an end and she is nearly panting, as though we just finished a training session.
“Again!” She demands, looking to Peter.
“Again?” Natasha echoes.
“Tasha, you try!”
“Peter was showing me the history of video games, and we go stuck on this one old.”
“I hear song and I join,” Yelena explains.
“This was her eighth time,” Wanda laughs.
“You go, see if you can beat my score,”
“I don’t know,” Natasha begins.
“Chicken,” Her sister retorts. Natasha narrows her eyes.
“Peter, queue it up,”
The assassin steps in front of the motion bar and gives Wanda a sly grin. The little witch begins to wonder what her mother is up to, when the song starts. Peter whips out his phone just in time to catch Natasha doing the entire dance perfectly, kicking out her legs in unison with the animated man.
The song ends and Natasha turns to Yelena, trying to hold back a smug smile.
“How?” Yelena demands, trying to be heard over the kids’ laughter.
“It came out right before we moved into the tower. This game was great for team bonding.” Natasha snorts, “Steve used to kill California Girls,”
“We have to do one,” Wanda jumps up from the stool she has been perched on.
Steve sits on the couch, movie paused, waiting for Natasha to come back. It is nearing ten minutes. Curiosity piqued, he begins to make his way to the game room. When he opens the door, his jaw nearly hits the floor.
“Keep up Peter, you young!” Yelena yells.
Peter, Wanda, Yelena, and Natasha are moving in sync, dancing to Britney Spears’ Baby One More Time blares from the surround sound.
“You’re next, Soldier!” Natasha calls over her shoulder, “and I expect a sing-a-long,”
Steve sits down, watching the four of them strike a final pose, grinning ear to ear.
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natandwandaseries · a month ago
Heart and Soul: A Mini Fic
Tony and Natasha are sitting on the couch in the compound, watching as Peter and Wanda get even more competitive over a game of air hockey- goes for best 17 out of 32 right now.
Natasha looks over at Tony, thinking.
“What is it Red? Do I have something on my face?”
“No, it’s not that,” She sighs.
“What is it?”
“Feeling nostalgic, thinking about the early days,” She shrugs.
“Yeah, fighting aliens and the like. Definitely miss that.”
“No, I mean, it’s been eleven years since I’ve had the chance to stab you in the neck.”
“Since you’ve had the chance?” Tony sputters.
“I haven’t had the pleasure since,” She shakes her head in mock grief.
“Unbelievable,” he rolls his eyes, then more quietly adds, “Can’t believe it’s been that long.”
“I know,”
“Eleven years of friendship with you isn’t so bad,”
“The heart and soul of the team,” Nat nudges him. They descend into silence, watching their kids cheer and play, amazed by how much and how little things can change in eleven years.
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natandwandaseries · a month ago
How do Steve and Nat show affection to each other?
So many different ways! Natasha nudges people as her show of affection or gives them gifts. We see Steve is really attentive with Nat, he remembers her favorite foods and loves to be with her. Also, whenever they are sitting or standing together, they are usually touching in some way, recently they have been kissing a lot as well :)
Thank you for your question!
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natandwandaseries · a month ago
New chapter of Volition has been posted!!
Tumblr media
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natandwandaseries · a month ago
Hi all,
Sorry I really wanted to post this weekend, but I’m slammed with schoolwork for the end of the semester. Hopefully I will get a chance to post this week, maybe Wednesday, we’ll have to see how much overtime I put in at work 😅
(I’m not taking summer classes, so hopefully this is over soon!)
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natandwandaseries · a month ago
Marvel Characters as Disney Princesses:
Steve Rogers: Mulan
Wanda Maximoff: Elsa
Yelena Belova: is an actual Disney Princess (but it would be Rapunzel)
Clint Barton: Merida ;)
Natasha Romanoff: Belle
Anyone I left out that should be added?
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natandwandaseries · a month ago
Hi everyone,
I know I put “comments and feedback are welcome and appreciated” at the end of every chapter, but unless I ask specifically for what everyone thinks about something, (like my poll about songs yesterday) please keep the negative feedback to a minimum. As my series has become more popular, the negative comments have increased. It is extremely discouraging and slows my writing down significantly. I’m not trying to limit your free speech, nor do I think I am producing something that doesn’t warrant critique, every story has its flaws. However, I put a lot of time and effort into each chapter, and truthfully I’ve never done well with criticism and that is definitely something I need to work on. I’m very sensitive, especially when it comes to something I have put my heart into. Thank you all for your many kind words over the past year, and know that I will continue to appreciate and respond to each and every comment I get.
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natandwandaseries · 2 months ago
I've had a huge stupid grin on my face the whole time I have been writing the first half of this chapter, I am so excited for you all to read it
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natandwandaseries · 2 months ago
I wish I could work in the sitcom universe that Wanda creates in WandaVision
A Bewitched chapter and a Modern Family chapter would be so much fun, but I can’t see my version of the Avengers abandoning her long enough to pull it off
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