#Their cuteness is just everything
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Oh, his heart! Oh, my heart! Oh, all our hearts!
based on a true story!
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these photos of anne hathaway are so cute
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date night ❤️ [C2E126]
after 3 weeks, i finally finish my beauyasha date art! amidst all the other crazy shit that’s happened since then, i still got this episode on my mind.
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#finally i can relax holy shiiiiit 🎶#commentary on each drawing if u care:#1. floating up the tower! all the vibrant colors are supposed to be the stained glass since that’s in the entrance yk#(my coloring’s very abstract and just blobs of color — ofc ur not gonna see my fully render those windows 😌)#2. tavern talks! tried to add more hues in the bg since liam said the colors of the nook were more vibrant in this recreation#3. nothing much to say. smooches u in a field of simulated flowers.#4. anime blush and sparkles were on my mind when beau said those words...#5. comic book-esque?? this one’s my least fave of them all. the colors are wonky but i’m so done i don’t wanna do anymore lol!#6. one of my faves! i think it’s cute. lotsa glitter and i like the shading i did on the wings!#7. i went in like ‘the lighting might be difficult on this one bc of all the fireworks.’ but it honestly wasn’t that bad.#8. NOW THIS ONE. the one u see here is the second drawing i had. the first one was something different and it was outlined and everything#but the lighting was SO DIFFICULT for me to nail — and i didn’t like the drawing anymore — so i drew up and colored a new one during#yesterday’s stream#yk when ur beauregard lionett staring up at urself in ur damn kink mirror embraced by a woman u love so dearly? yeah. cries.#and scene.#(a stock image was used as a ref for that last piece btw!)#critical role#critical role fanart#crit role#c2e126#the mighty nein#mighty nein#beauyasha#beauregard lionett#yasha nydoorin#fanart#digital art#casu art#my shtuff#casu art c2 spoilers
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Hey, what’s the matter? You poor things. I happen to be kind-hearted, so I can’t look the other way. That girl is probably going to die any minute now. I’ll give you some blood! Both of you! If he chooses you, you can become demons. Life is a sacred thing. You should treasure it. Now then... Can you become demons... A Twelve Kizuki like me... And rise up to the Upper Ranks, I wonder.
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i’m a baby colin robinson advocate. oh you think he’s ugly? you think he’s a venomous little freak creature? you’re vaguely right but that’s my guy. that’s my little buddy. you don’t want to see his horrendous little face on screen? i want TEN scenes in ONE episode of just what he’s up to. he’s like an angel mixed with a gargoyle statue that came to life. he’s going to be a master at checkers. he loves his dad. he wears cool pajamas. he’s going to scare the shit out of sean. he can do absolutely nothing wrong and the only way i’d even be slightly mean to him is if he sings dear evan hansen
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cabinet duo but they’re witches and they run a little magic supply shop send tweet
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i’m sorry for going off like that. i’m sorry for being impulsive. i actually just wanted people to know that i’m taken. social media is for bragging anyways. keeping it between us can be nice too. don’t you feel uncomfortable hiding it? just because i’m not telling people doesn’t mean i don’t like you. you have a point. i will stop posting anything. it’s fine. just do it. aren’t you afraid people would find out? i am... but i care about you more.
OHM PAWAT as PAT & NANON KORAPAT as PRAN BAD BUDDY 1.08 (2021) – dir. Backaof Noppharnach
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miggiisdumb · 3 months ago
Partner/Co-worker Bakugou that gives you overly cute petnames in the form of condescension. In that dismissive way of naming people after their their most prominent features/annoying traits when he doesn’t bother to learn more about them.
Calls you Sweetheart/Sweet Cheeks cuz you go around the entire agency being all friendly with everyone, chubby cheeks pinching when you smile that stupid smile of yours.
Calls you Princess cuz you’re spoiled and bratty; puffing up a storm when he doesn’t listen to your plans or leaves for patrol without you, giving him headaches every time you bitch about the load of paperwork dumped on both of you since you’re the rookies/youngest ones.
Calls you Sunshine when you’re specifically in a bad mood so he can get under your skin easily, or Buttercup when you act all tough and hardheaded like that one green super girl from a cartoon he used to watch as a kid (his favorite powerpuff girl).
Calls you Puddin because… well, he doesn’t have a clear reason for that one, and will not acknowledge the fact that he wants to eat you up like one.
And anything along the lines of Beautiful, Gorgeous or Pretty Girl is his way of brushing off that your charm doesn’t work on him like it does on others, so you’ll have to bring more than just your looks to impress Bakugou in any way (as if he doesn’t already melt at the way you get flustered by his array of nicknames for you).
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cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute
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sometimes dc will just reuse the same trope and hope nobody noticed, i noticed though.
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henswilsons · 5 months ago
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EVAN BUCKLEY in EVERY EPISODE OF 9-1-1            → 1.06: Heartbreaker
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dirt-grub · a year ago
Have you ever wanted to take the ENTIRE uncut personality quiz from Pokémon mystery dungeon explorers of time/darkness/sky, without having to restart the game/have the game in general? Well, you’re in luck! I transferred the entire 64 question quiz to my uquiz, word for word!!! Have fun!!!
#connor talks#uquiz#i literally have a google doc of every question and answer#i used to write them on paper and tally scores for my friends by hand...#i walked to yall could run<3#for those who aren't familiar pmd is a pokemon game where YOU play as the pokemon not a trainer. there are NO humans#its a adventure exploration dungeon crawler with pokemon and a story that moves me to tears every time#at the beginning though you take a little personality quiz and based on those answers they assign you a pokemon!!!#it was legendary me and my friends would pile around my ds taking it one by one#originally the gender you choose effects what pokemon you get but i just listed the male and female possibilities together#so you can go with preference rather than gender arbitration#even if youre not familiar with the game i recommend this quiz! its cute and fun and pokemon official so like woah. nintendo assigned kin#also if youre not familiar with the game but interested oh my god its so good i will give you the rom i have fr#i unflinchingly say its my favorite game of all time even over main series pokemon games#like if you dont know anything about pokemon? thats fine! it doesnt play like a normal pokemon game#and honestly? id recommend it for the story alone if you dont want to play it yourself#im not sure if theres any good yt playthroughs but if there are i recommend!!!!#the music is also fantastic. just. everything about it rules its dear to my heart#pmd#pokemon mystery dungeon#pmd eos#pmd2#pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky#pokemon#connor creates#uqiuz
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hunny-coves · 6 months ago
So thing I realized while giving random ideas to Knox is that the Glamrock animatronics and the Funtime animatronics look similar in build and design, obviously not identical but they have inspiration from them. Same with the criminal/security database the Glamrocks have, most likely from the Toys.
But the real kicker? If they were built using the same blueprints, it makes so much more sense why Freddy has a hatch big enough to fit children. The Glamrock animatronics were built for protection and fun, but the Funtime animatronics were made for capture and killing. On blueprints we can see that Funtime Freddy has spot in his stomach large enough to fit a curled up child, but you can't just list "Child holder" on blueprints, so most likely when being built they were intended for cakes and pinatas and such.
That's why Gregory fits in his stomach, it's big enough to hold a child because the original design feature was made TO hold childrens bodies. They just simply didn't realize the true intention of a seemingly harmless feature.
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I will never shut up about them 😘
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Age Of Consent [part ten]
Summary: Dustin’s older sister thinks Eddie Munson could be a bad influence on her younger brother due to their history. Can he change her mind?
Pairing: Eddie Munson x Fem!Henderson!Reader
Word Count: 845
What you’ll find in this series: big angst, wholesome fluff, sexual content, drug use, tobacco use, alcohol use, and a lot of profanity. This is a slow burn- buckle up, buttercup.
A/N: First of all, thank you so much for loving this series and enjoying it about as much as I enjoyed writing it. Eddie makes it so easy. I can't believe it's officially over. Second, I am working on some other one-shots and currently drafting another series- but, I won't be posting that series until after July 1. That is because I don't want to start something and then not finish it because of events that may or may not happen in the finale.
Read Part Nine
Tumblr media
"Are you nervous?" Dustin asked as you sprinkled a little extra spice into your mother's otherwise bland macaroni and cheese. You shrugged your shoulders and tasted the cheesy mixture, perfect.
It was Thanksgiving Day, and you had invited both Eddie and his uncle Wayne to your house for dinner. Dustin took it upon himself to also invite someone, Steve, after finding out that his parents went out of town and left him to watch the house.
"No," your little brother actually looked surprised at your response.
"No?" He asked, needing a little more clarification.
"She's going to love him," you returned with a smile. "Just like you and I do." You pulled the macaroni off of the stove and carried it over to the table to place it amongst the spread that you and your mother had worked so hard on. "And if he were here, I know Dad would have loved him, too."
"Yeah," Dustin looked down at the ground. "He would have."
"Hey," you placed a hand on his shoulder right as the doorbell rang. "He'll always be here with us, okay? You want to get the door or should I?"
"I'll get it!" You heard your mother say from the living room.
You and Dustin shared a wide-eyed look and you watched your mother waddle over to the front door. She opened it to reveal Eddie and Wayne standing on the front porch; Wayne was holding a store-bought cake in his hands and Eddie had a bouquet of flowers.
"Well, hello!" She beamed taking them both in, holding our her hand to Eddie. "You must be Eddie, Y/N has told me so much about you."
"Yes ma'am, hopefully, she told you the good things." He stepped into your foyer and took her hand in his, placing a small kiss on her knuckles. You could see your mother blushing from the other room. "Mrs. Henderson, this is my uncle Wayne."
"A pleasure to meet you, ma'am." Wayne also said, stepping in through the door. "Thank you for having us."
"Oh, it's a pleasure to have you both! Thank you for joining us! Please come on inside and make yourselves home!" She said merrily. "Is that Strawberry Shortcake?" Your mom asked glancing down at the cake in Wayne's hands. "How'd you know that was my favorite?"
Your mother and Wayne became engrossed in conversation, and you heard her mention something about how she was relieved to have another adult around and you rolled your eyes. You smiled at Eddie as he made his way through the living room over to you. He was beaming from ear to ear, unable to contain the absolute happiness that he was feeling at this very moment.
"These are for you, my girl." He held out the bouquet of flowers to you and you bit down on your lips to try and contain your own smile.
Out of the corner of your eye, you could see Dustin sticking his finger in his mouth and faking a gag. "Oh, don't even you twerp. You did this."
"Starting to regret it," he said as he plopped down on the couch.
You made your way into the kitchen with Eddie following close behind you. "I love you, thank you for coming," you said softly as you grabbed a vase for the flowers. "These are beautiful."
He wrapped his arms around you from behind and placed his chin on the top of your head. "You're beautiful," he said quietly into your hair. "Thank you for making me the happiest guy alive. You don't know how much I love you."
"I think I have an idea," you replied as you turned around to face him with a sly smile.
"Do you think she likes me?" He asked, eyes trailing over to your mother who was in deep conversation with Wayne.
"Did you not see her face turn as red as a tomato when you kissed her hand?" You asked laughing.
"Like mother like daughter," Eddie chimed, taking your hand and placing a kiss on your knuckles as well. You rolled your eyes and placed your hands on his face, pulling him down for an actual kiss.
The doorbell rang and Eddie's brows came together in confusion. "It's Steve," you mentioned.
You nodded.
"Thank God you're here," You heard Dustin say from the living room. "Y/N and Eddie have been making out for the last twenty minutes and I hate suffering alone."
"That's gross," Steve's voice replied. "I brought Robin because I, too, hate suffering alone."
"We can eat now, everyone," Dustin announced as he stepped into the kitchen.
Steve and Robin were close behind him. While Steve looked as anxious as ever, Robin, as always, looked excited and ready to talk the ear off of anyone who was willing to listen. They both gave a small wave over to you and Eddie as they too stepped into the kitchen.
"This is going to be fun!" You said excitedly before dragging Eddie over to the table and taking your seats.
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