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#Their name is J btw
fishjukebox · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
There are many cons to being an intern for the deep state.
(Edited cuz my handwriting sucks)
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sleepy-spots · 7 months ago
joining an smp and immediately wanting to start either
a government
a drug ring
a cult
is what i like to call the "soot instinct"
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demonboyhalo · 25 days ago
breaking news: lyka demonboyhalo decides technoblade merch is an arg (/lh)
oh god that is exactly what i've done...alright wrap it up boys hacking the Techno merch password is canceled. if Wilbur streams tomorrow to say he "told Techno to put a code on the site for funsies" and was just "in a silly goofy mood" i will not survive
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sefusneezed · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Found this cursed thing on my phone and realized I never posted it 😭
Actually I never even fINISHED IT
Oh well HERE'S a SKETCH of S-126/Xenobiologist Rick having way too many of the same grandkid.
J-164 Morty (the one frewing up) belongs to @eunxii
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lylahammar · 4 months ago
The token cichet you were gonna make just to kill off is a cat hater
LMAO sure we can just throw all the undesirable labels onto Kyle 😂
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an-austere-weeb · a month ago
Just read MHA 331 after avoiding the leaks. Honestly, what the heck happened?? I even had the biggest Hunter x Hunter flashbacks as I reach these panels
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pls, I thought I was reading an extensive explanation about Nen rules lmao. Speaking of HxH, the freaking missiles at the end of the chapter shouts CA arc smh
Talking about this tho, I am surprised to see that this is Shiragaki thinking. He's analyzing like Deku, although now I think this might be AFO projecting onto Shiragaki.
Anyway, I honestly don't know what to expect next chapter. Wait, I do know that Shiggy would survive although that's what worries me. I mean if being exposed to giant laser beams and a ton of missiles (considering it gets fired) still doesn't seal the deal, then idk what to expect for his and Deku's fight. Ngl, the power balance kind of worries me. I mean, Star and Shigaraki's fight feels like I'm watching two gods battle each other. Yes, Deku is also powerful on his own, and he also has Kacchan and the rest of the class with him. STILL, looking at Shigaraki with the ability to regenerate and idk, maybe a ton of quirks in his arsenal, that'd be pretty hard, like a lot (not unless this fight would be used to nerf him a little).
Thus, I'm really feeling 2nd's quirk would make or break Deku's chance of evening the power scaling (?) or somehow create an opening (?) in their final fight.
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little-miss-buffy · a month ago
Tumblr media
When your child's first sentence has a bad word in it and you want to be horrified, but you're trying really hard not to laugh....
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i saw one of my mutuals saying they were rlly into mean girls rn and that inspired me to draw this
Tumblr media
i may or may not remember which mutual they were but i hope they see this 💖
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