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#There Is Much Beauty In Darkness

oh thats power… i know thats always my answer to 8th house energy but its so much power to have placements in the 8th house you can literally rule the world if you choose to. you have the power to tap into your inner self and constantly transform into a better version of you. i find that 8th housers have this alluring beauty to them as if theyre tose mystical vampires that make you want to die for them. something about that 8th house trance. you of course have intensity but it differs from that blunt intensity, its hidden and it lurks. its quiet but its there drawing others in.

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Oh my gosh. This is a hard, but fun question. LOL. Though I’m worried the answer will end up more boring than you’re hoping for, but let’s hope not.

I’ll also probably only limit this to my top top ships, because I have way too many. Though there will still be a lot here!

Also, let’s just assume that everyone will get along for some reason, even though some of them would have reason not to.

So, SoKai’s there (from Kingdom Hearts). Because of course they are. And while Sora and Kairi really are there to watch the movie–and cuddle, because they’ve earned it–Sora can’t help talking to everyone throughout and trying to get to know them, because he’s just a sociable person like that. And Kairi mostly joins in with that. But because of this, they probably have people telling them to shut up during it. Though RokuShi, Namiku, and probably NeShiki come to their defense.

Roxas and Xion (KH) are super into the movie, because they’re still kind of amazed at the existence of films in general. Since they were essentially babies in the Organization, who knew nothing about life. And while they know more now–like when Roxas had those false memories in the Virtual Twilight Town–they’re still amazed by the simple things.

Riku and Naminé (KH)… Naminé is drawing, of course. Probably things from the film. And Riku is by her side, just happy that she’s happy. But he (aside from Buffy) is probably the one person on edge, judging everyone because he doesn’t think some things are right about some of these people Lawlight.

Yes, Light and L (Death Note) are there… And they’re probably bored of the movie. It’s not clever enough for them. They’d much rather watch some murder investigation and try and figure it out–also, can I say what a miracle it is that L ventured out in the first place?–and this is when Riku begins to get uncomfortable and Buffy probably says something like, “Okay, if I hear one more thing about murder, some serious slayage is about to occur.”

So… Bangel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer). So, this is some happy-isa ending after Angel takes on Wolfram & Hart and doesn’t die. The curse is still a thing. But Buffy and Angel have decided to try and be together without it, since Buffy almost lost Angel. They’re happy to be together enjoying the movie, of course. And a lot of cuddling is happening. But not too much, because they can’t get too worked up. Because again: curse. Also, if they’re watching some crappy movie–which they probably are–Buffy pipes in every now and then to give the characters wittier lines than they actually had, and everyone actually appreciates her for that. Angel may also notice Naminé’s artwork, praise her for it, and begin drawing during the movie himself… He draws Buffy watching it, of course.

Jace and Clary from The Mortal Instruments. They’re doing more PDA than anyone… but still nothing too bad, that would anger most people. And Clary might have joined in on giving the characters better lines with Buffy. Buffy and Clary probably strike up a friendship. Jace is really the person annoying everyone during the film, because he can’t keep pointing out everyone’s stupid choices and the lack of logic… which is true, but come on my man.

Max and Logan from Dark Angel. So, bored with the movie–as I said above–L and Light begin trying to solve a case while everyone else is engrossed. Logan notices this and joins in as Eyes Only. He and L also become friends, when they realize how much they have in common… I want this to be a happy AU where Light isn’t Kira, or has been redeemed, but it’s probably not. And he’s now worrying that Logan could be a threat to him too, and probably plotting to kill him. Max somehow senses this and throws food at him, though she plays it subtle. Like, “Hey, stop making me waste good food to get you to stop glaring at my hubby.” Oh, and Max is making herself at home with all the food. Because our girl loves to eat, and to relax. She and L might get into a fight over the sweets, though. And our transgenic super-soldier girl would of course win.

Madoka and Homura from Madoka Magica. It’s probably at this point, that Homura also notices something is wrong with Light. And she wants to get Madoka away from this scene to protect her. Because of course she does. But Madoka turns her down. And for the most part, Homura will never do anything that Madoka doesn’t want her to do. Madoka probably is somewhere between bonding over drawing with Naminé and Angel, and asking if she can be friends with Buffy and Clary and try and say funny things, too. They agree, of course. So Homura is sandwiched between Madoka and all her new friends, and she really can’t complain about that at all.

Noctis and Luna from Final Fantasy XV are also snuggled together, and they write secret notes to each other during the whole thing. Because even though they’re now finally together in person, they’ve just sort of gotten used to communicating that way.

Zack and Aerith from Crisis Core are probably being disasters, who are trying to build a flower wagon while everyone else is watching a film. But, hey. That’s just them. Aerith also probably joins in on the ad-libbing the movie thing.

Meanwhile, Cloud and Tifa from Final Fantasy VII are really close to the screen–Cloud is in love with this movie–and Tifa is trying to help explain things to him. Why? Because On the Way to a Smile talks about how Cloud doesn’t even know some vegetables and fruits’ names, because he decided to try out for SOLDIER at a young age and then had his mind shattered because of Mako poisoning, trauma, etc. So… if they’re watching a movie about cooking or something, Cloud could seriously make a mistake like, “Oh, so they’re using sour cream for this baked good. I didn’t know you could do that. But I guess it makes sense.” Tifa - “No, Cloud. They’re using cream cheese.”

Neku and Shiki (The World Ends With You) are enjoying watching the movie close together. And Neku is quietly humming during a lot of the singing parts, which makes Shiki blush and her crush on Neku grow even stronger (he may even be singing to her). And no one cares, because Neku actually has a nice singing voice. During the film, Shiki might attempt to make clothes based on the main characters’ outfits, that everyone is then amazed by.

And maybe I’ll add Tidus and Yuna in from Final Fantasy X. Tidus is trying to convince Yuna to just have a good time with him and have fun watching the movie–and she wants to–but she also senses something is wrong. And is prepared to pull her pistols out to stop someone from doing someone heinous, or to perform a Sending if someone dies here… whichever comes first.

And what the heck, did I just write? LOL.

Some other pairings I love that weren’t featured here, because I didn’t know how to fit them in and this probably already has too many people: Zidane and Garnet from Final Fantasy IX, Percy and Annabeth from Percy Jackson, Will and Elizabeth from Pirates of the Caribbean, Raoul and Christine from Phantom of the Opera, Eren and Mikasa from Attack on Titan, Snow and Serah from Final Fantasy XIII, perhaps Clark and Lana from Smallville. And maybe even Yozora and Nameless Star from Verum Rex, even though them and Noctluna are cut from the same cloth, etc.:)

Thanks for such a fun ask!

#and I didn't proofread any of this crack because otherwise I might not have had the courage to post it, #so sorry if there are any weird typos here or anything. or that I probably used the same words a million times, #I maybe should have included terqua from kh...but tbh. I prefer sokai rokushi and namiku over them a lot. and I didn't want TOO much kh, #also my feisty kairi probably warms up and snarks with the girls too, #part of me wishes I had included joshyme. because I'm still stupidly attached to themfor some reason, #but in a platonic way. but meh, #in some au where death note and dark angel take place in the same universe l and eyes only would probably respect each other, #though l might have a problem with eyes only being okay with criminals dying. though they try to avoid that at all costs, #it's just that. like. if max is trying to be a subject in and they're being violent and would kill max if she didn't kill them first, #both Logan and max would be okay with her killing the thug of course, #and l probably would in self-defense too. but still, #and max probably becomes close with her 'sisters' here too, #buffy and max also bond over food, #and sometimes I forget how much I love livi and nike from the world is still beautiful, #if they were here nike would be eating all the food too, #in another world Jon and Daenerys would have been on this list. if the show hadn't made me hate them, #do better books, #and with so many super-powered people here now I wonder who would win if they all decided to try and kill each other, #Tenchi and ryoko and syaoran and sakura. and maybe even Edward and Bella should've been here too but oh well, #oh. usagi and mamoru too
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Some thoughts on Lan Xichen + color

hmm not sure if hot take or not but in live action Lan Xichen’s best look for me hands down is definitely in that one outfit where he’s basically in Nie colors

Like, with the two-toned zigzags that create a diamond pattern in the gray outer robes and the dark blue second layer with the cloud patterning? Don’t get me wrong, I know Lan colors are basically lighter blues and whites, and that basically Lan Wangji is like ultimate Lan aesthetic with the “mourning” robes, but Xichen in grays and dark blues? And that one other look with the dark blue outer two layers with the patterns/embroidery in silver?? The one from the photos of the actors (For Meng Yao and Lan Xichen) taking selfies together?? That is peak best for him imo

Idk I just feel like his dignity as an elder brother and as the First Jade comes across a little more starkly when he’s in darker colors. I’m sure they chose what colors he wears when carefully but sky blue just. Visually makes him seem more approachable but also more out of reach at the same time and it’s very confusing?

I haven’t finished watching all the episodes yet but it seems to me that for a while in the plot there’s this parallel of older brothers wearing darker colors than their younger brothers (I think this is true for Mingjue and Huaisang, even in Fatal Journey stills) and for the Twin Jades a lot of the time where Wangji is in white Xichen will be in blues and white! Also true for Twin Prides in almost every Google image result for The Untamed I’m getting except for when they’re guest disciples in Gusu Lan but I have a lot of feelings on Jiang Cheng and his outfits that won’t fit here so

AnywaY tl;dr I have seen too little of Lan Xichen in silvers, grays and darker shades of blue and I think that’s a pity honestly because it looked good and I may or may not kill to see an outfit swap of the sworn bro trio, purely for a friend, you must understand

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Different day different cat!


CAT CAT CAT CAT!! THEY LOOK UNAMUSED IN THE SECOND PHOTO HAHA (but their eyes are so gorgeous. THAT BLUE… I’M IN LOVE!) This isn’t Zenon though right? Zenon’s got some darker black/brown colorings? This cutie has a very warm ashy brown coat instead! 

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i stand by the fact that jason is beautiful–––-          but it’s much more of a haunting kind beauty that tends to come and go.      at first glance?      he’s your typical wayne,      a handsome boy with pretty eyes and good hair yet the longer you stare the more unsettling it becomes.       stare long enough and you soon realize that those   ‘ pretty ’   eyes hold a soft green glowing tint around their edges,      something clearly unnatural and eerie.       something that somehow seems to lure you in and make you want to run all at once.       and there’s a lot of scarring     :     an almost horizontal line from above his eyebrow    [   of which leaves a missing patch of hair   ]    to the top of his cheek,       a small dash above his lip,  a faint line around his throat.        his nose is crooked and bumpy,       the result of one too many broken noses that never quite set right.        he has got a gentle baby face,      the look of a man who perhaps never really got the chance to properly grow up…         and it makes him look soft at first,      kind even.       but then you soon realize that beyond the round chub of that seemingly gentle baby face,         is a hardened edge.       an edge that can only be worn by someone who has seen far too much in his time and no matter what he does,        he can’t seem to shake it.        the longer you stare at him the less you find yourself wanting to approach him,      and the more you begin to fear what may happen if you did.

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