#There's only 1 person I'd ever simp for and if it isn't them then I should get some sort of reciprocation
deliriousdemoness · 7 days ago
I don't care how cute someone looks, if they say they want to date and in the first week you've talked they have yet to ask you anything about yourself (ie. they reply quickly to talk about themselves and their interests but never even bother adding a "what about you?" to the end of sentence) they aren't cute. They aren't worth it. They aren't interested in YOU, they're interested in getting attention.
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sakinotfound · 2 months ago
Obey Me! Headcanons
a.k.a. my headcanons on what i would be like in Devildom and my relationship with the brothers if it was all real which absolutely no one asked for or cares for that matter.
a/n 1: lemme know your own if you wanna because i would love to read your versions of it. you can obviously read this as a x reader and put yourselves and throw me out✌️
a/n 2: this is part 1. i intend to make one with the other characters as well. lemme know if you all are even interested in reading them lol
genre: can be read as platonic/romantic
warnings: pronouns of the reader aren't mentioned. nonthing else i guess, if i am wrong please let me know.
Tumblr media
• Right off the bat I wouldn't like the brothers very much from the start. I'd be pretty annoyed and constantly on the i-hate-y'all-lemme-go-home mode. So I won't be cooperative at all. And maybe, just a teeny weeny bit petty.
• I would try to runaway somehow at first. Idk how, but like you'd find me in library or some shit. Trying to find some way to escape from here. Being all sneaky so nobody finds out my grand masterplan for sneaking back up.
• But eventually I'd realize, life in Devildom is much better than on Earth. I am always up for adventures and trying something new so a stay at Devildom, among all the demons and being an exchange student and experiencing a whole new experience would always be exciting and fun to me.
• Now my first impressions and then the understanding of the characters. (I am only up till Lesson 15 ehehe👉👈👀)
Lucifer: I would absolutely love Lucifer. He would be exactly what I need to keep me motivated and focused. Lucifer just has that sort of authority, high reputation and strictness with that soft side that makes you want to make him proud and you put your everything to just get him to pat your head and praise you or just acknowledge it and give you that reassuring nod. I would die for his praises and that smile he gives when you know you did something right. At the start of the game I was scared to disappoint him so that would show and be painfully obvious.
• I would definitely, 110% consider him and look at him as a father figure and would call him "dad" atleast once by mistake. Let's not talk about how I'd be mortified and would not talk to him or show my face to him for atleast a week unless he hunts me down or something.
• As the game went on, I felt kinda annoyed about how strict he was and how much rigid he would get to the point that he took jokes very seriously. So it was very hard to satisfy him. But then I understood, he was tired and exhausted. He is used to how his brothers are and that is how he treats us too. He is the eldest child, he isn't supposed to take care of them, that's not his duty but he has too. He has a lot of responsibilities and I doubt he has any time for himself. That's why he is a to the point, straightforward person who doesn't wanna deal with anymore bullshit. I completely understand and relate with him.
• But that doesn't mean I would not take the golden opportunities to annoy him. Satan, Mammon and I would be total menaces ✨ just for him✨. Mammon and I would have a bet if I would succeed in my goal of making him laugh at least once. The other brothers would put their bets too.
• oh and i would soooooo tease him about Diavolo and what a simp the demon king is for him. i would live for his reactions. let me tell you, if DiaLuci actually happens, I (we/mc) was/were behind it. Yes I'll be the wingman they need.
Mammon: Oh I would brutally roast Mammon in the start. I see through people's bullshit most of the time, just don't point out sometimes. But Mammon can be read like a book by the most oblivious person ever alive. So I would call him out and tell him that these things won't work on me and fail all his plans of carrying out his tsundere ways of living. I know it would irk me a little and I would enjoy making him all flustered, considering how high and mighty he was acting in the start. (still does it to this day)
• But oh well, Mammon is Mammon. He would work his charm on me in no time. As time goes on and I study him more, I'd realize behind that tsundere mask is an insecure and scared boy who puts on a façade so no one finds out how vulnerable and needy he is. How insecure and scared he gets. How he needs validation, support and love a lot but fills that void by his own boasting and self-praises. I didn't say I wouldn't get tired of these last two things but I would understand him.
• In the end, I know I would fall for this cutie. And he would take advantage of my weakness for all-things-cute. I would always and I mean always, make sure to let him know, no, I'll tattoo it in his brain how worthy he is and how important he is to me. I would shower him with words of affirmation, constant and never wavering support and tonnes of love. And not once would you find me slacking in this, mind you. I just know I would love spending time with him. And I know he has good fashion sense (which I wish I could have) so we'll go shopping a lot. I have a good control over my spending expenses so don't you worry Lucifer.
Levi: I would prolly smack him and put him in his place. I don't like his overly obsessed, and very concern-causing personality. I mean his whole personality is him being an otaku. That's it. He seriously needs to touch some grass. So I'd prolly throw him out of the window into the outside lawn or something.
• Levi and my relationship would take some time and effort from both the sides to grow. I mean sure I love anime and I like video games too so yeah we can enjoy that together but this bitch was ready to kill me when he got into his demon form just because of a quiz. So yeah he needs to chill out.
• I guess in the end, Levi and I will be good friends. He isn't a bad person. Also I think he can introduce me to a lot of new stuff when it comes to the online and gaming world and I think that's cool. We'll prolly host movie nights with everyone every once in a while. It's a bonding time for everybody. It sometimes ends up in a cuddle pile much to Lucifer's relief or a pillow/popcorn fight much to Lucifer's dismay.
Satan: Oh My God, Satan is my soulmate. (Never thought I'd say that.... *contemplates everything for two minutes while staring at the floor*). Partners in crime because making Lucifer's hair grey faster is our shared life goal. At first it would be just His and Hellos and some random conversations in corridors or dinner table. But you remember how he asked us to go for a walk and look around Devildom? Yeah that would be the start of our friendship.
• We would get to know each other and we'd discover we have a lot in common. Like anger issues, toning it down and keeping it in because we have too much in stock, our love for reading and books and cats or just animals in general. I think every Sunday or something we'll go to a cat cafe. I guess playing with animals helps Satan calm down and distract himself for all the Wrath he has bubbling inside. It's pretty effective for me.
• I'd spend most of my time in his room if Mammon is not hogging me all for himself. We would sit around and read books, with him recommending me some all the time. I would love to discuss and theorize things with him. We'll share our opinions and ideas about future and other things sometimes at night too, just walking around after dinner or sitting at the rooftop.
Asmodeus: Asmo and I wouldn't be close at first, like at all. I don't like his self-obsessed, narcissistic personality. Also I hate being touched and hugged and kissed and all those things. Also Asmo can be very hurtful sometimes to Mammon and my protective mode would make me furious. I know sibilings do that (I have seen it lol) but I love Mammon way too much. I think asking someone to kill themselves is just too much.
• But eventually when I'll spend more time with the him and I'd observe, study and understand everyone more and more, I'd understand why Asmo is like how he is. I guess he tries to hide his insecurities or any hate/mean comments he gets behind that narcissistic personality of his. He is confident in himself but that doesn't mean it never hurts. He isn't actually a bad person and after spending some time we'd actually get along very well. I know I will like spending time with him. I would eventually learn how to ignore his continuous self-obsessed comments and just learn to live with it. As long as he isn't being judgmental to others, it's nothing inherently bad. I mean it's good to praise oneself (though he takes it to a whole new level).
• I think he would help me a lot with my self-esteem and self-confidence. And he would teach me a thing or two about self-care and beauty tips too which are much needed. We would have a fun time just relaxing and take care of each other and ourselves. I think he has a lot to talk and tell about and I speak very less so it's perfect. I'll just be a listening ear for him to rant about anything. I think he and I would go shopping a lot and he'll know all the best places to hang out and take good pictures at. I am not a social media person but people do say (not to flatter myself ehehe) that I take great pictures.
• Also I think I would eventually like his endearing words and light affectionate touches. I mean I am homesick and alone so it would be very refreshing. But you'd find me backing off a lot of times and giving him a look that says not-right-now-asmo a lot too because I get annoyed lol.
Beelzebub: Bros. Yes, we'd be bros. We'd randomly meet at the kitchen one night. He'd be doing his thing and I mine. But as a shitty cook and person with fire and explosion affinity as I am, Beel would offer to help me I guess (because he is a good boy).
• Bet he has lots of good recipes and I loveeeeeee LOVE, did i say love? FOOD. that's my one true love, the love of my life, my lifeline, my oxygen, my everything. High five Beel🖐️. So I would love to try everything new he makes or all the Devildom recipes he has. And you'd find me snacking and hanging out with him in the kitchen at 2 a.m. or something a lot.
• I am not gonna lie, I would ask him, atleast once, if I can dive in between his tits uh-i mean pecs, yeah pecs and suffocate myself for a few minutes or so. Spoiler: Would last more than few minutes. Spoiler 2: I would fall asleep on top of him and that would start an afternoon nap ritual where I fall asleep on him, lying on him like the fat seal I am and we'd sleep for an hour or two. Leave it to Asmo to bring everyone to look at us and click pictures. Lucifer probably has one too from a Polaroid camera and he has hidden it well for his eyes only.
Tumblr media
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yakumokun · 2 months ago
Chapter 8 Spoilers: Part 1 ft. My Weird Commentary
You heard me, this will be spilt into several parts (probably 2 or 3) because I screenshot so much dialogue and so much to talk about.
Again, this is a spoiler and I don't know how to make those borders/"Read More" thingy so suffer.
(Warning: On the beginning of this post, there will be mentions of blood, Eiden suffering from a broken bone and mentions of death. If you are uncomfortable, skip the first picture and moved on the the next!)
Part 2 (In progress)
Tumblr media
So before this scene, the group is still in the Dead Zone, fighting the monsters around and fun fact: they all don't know who the mysterious man is.
Surprising right? Not even Quincy or Kyuya seem to know who the man is. After the man left, the group had to defend themselves against the onslaught of enemies around them.
Whilst everyone was busy, Eiden got attacked and suffered a broken bone. He lost his bearings because of the smell of animal blood and the overbearing essences was enough to make him nauseous, causing him to be open to attack.
He thought he was about to die when he got saved by Blade (hence the title, Innocent Protector. I find it cute)
He fell unconscious when escaping from the battle.
Tumblr media
Here's where all the fluff appears lol. I had to place this picture here because the rest of my screenshots were all pictures of Blade.
Call me a simp thanks. (I never use that word wtf)
He said something about healing Eiden's wounds with exchanging essences (an excuse to kiss but whatever lol) so yeah this scene happened.
Fun fact: Did you know that Blade could heal quicker than Olivine? It's only mentioned in the story but not really the SSR.
Hang on to this info for later context.
Blade keeps addressing Eiden as Huey even if Eiden kept saying otherwise.
"It's like talking to a brick wall" - Eiden (2022)
So apparently he lived in the Dead Zone for 20 years, specifically the same length of time since Huey disappeared. I wonder if Blade knows something about where Huey went because they don't mentioned that at all in the story.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
He ended up calling Eiden "Darling" so cue Yakumo jealous scene lol.
Anyways few days later, Eiden's broken arm was healed (also that scene where Blade placed a block of ice ontop of Eiden's head and he's freezing lol that humored me a lot).
We learned that Blade made his house all by himself. Even if it looks unsturdy but it does gives this vibe Blade has lol. Strange but in a good way.
Tumblr media
(Eiden almost bust a nut there lmao. Praying for his long lost sanity if he fails lmao)
Here's where things goes surreal. So we later find out that Huey gave Blade a "core" and he had a mission to stay and oversee things in the Dead Zone (remember, it used to not be affected)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Cue that bastard insulting my boy. "Colourless" my ass, it's BEAUTIFUL. Ever since I laid eyes on this man, I saw how beautiful his gem was. Colourless or not, it still shines beautifully.
I found out that his gem literally is called as Rock Crystal-
I'd love to punch Huey tbh.
Oh yeah and here's the real kicker, Blade used to be an assassin. He was supposed to kill Huey but he lost and now, he became a clan member.
Tumblr media
So I knew that there's other places other than the Klein Kingdom. So that theory matches. Which means, they either expanded the whole world fully or it only stays in the Klein Kingdom.
Tumblr media
Also fun fact: Blade isn't a human. He's what they called an E-droid or the Japanese word is 魔法人形 which means Magical Doll. I thought I heard Magical person but I was wrong lol. I made a post clearing the confusion up.
That core he talks about is how robots are funtion. It's their main lifeline. I guess Huey gave him sorta of like a freedom from his usual thoughts about his mission and stuff?
His essences can make him heal in an instant. I think it only affects himself rather than using it on others.
He said that he can't feel pain when they got attacked by a huge bear (reminds me of that million health bear lol).
It made Eiden worried but he seems to be pretty fine.
Here's where I will leave Part 1. Feel free to ask me questions about Chapter 8. I'd love to see you all ask questions!
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wondereads · 9 months ago
Personal Review (09/19/21)
Tumblr media
Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo
Why am I reviewing this book?
I first read this book in freshman year when it was the only book my entire book club liked. Now, it's really grown in popularity and a TV show has come out, so it seemed like a great time to reread it (because I didn't remember a thing) and finally finish the duology.
Plot 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Six criminal teenagers pull off a heist to break someone out of the most secure prison in the world for a prize that could solve all their problems. They are lead by Kaz Brekker, a thief so ruthless he verges on urban legend, and consist of Inej, an acrobat-turned-spy paying off her indenture, Jesper, a sharpshooter with a gambling addiction, Nina, a heartrender who'll flirt with anything with a pulse, Matthias, a disgraced witch hunter in it for a pardon, and Wylan, a demolitions expert with no field experience.
The plot is so incredibly fast-paced. Even at the beginning, when the scene is being set and they're just preparing for the trip, gang stand-offs and long-standing grudges keep the story moving. The heist itself is one of the most ingenious, chaotic things I've ever read, and then it ends with a horrible cliffhanger that will make you instantly pick up the next book. In case you can't wrap your mind around it, the Ice Court Heist is so clever it takes me a moment to understand how the characters get from Point A to Point B, and yet I never once stopped in confusion because things were explained as they went.
My only complaint is that it relies a little heavily on the worldbuilding established in Shadow and Bone. For example, Nina's powers, while exemplified throughout the book, are never really explained. I remember when I read it for the first time that I had no idea what a Grisha was, and I kind of just had to pick up context clues because there is no definition given.
Characters 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
The character development in this book is impeccable. Each of the six gets their own arc (complete with a tragic backstory), and their development is worked into the plot, which forces them to face their troubles straight on. Buckle in, this is a long section.
Kaz, everyone's favorite, heartless, teenage mob boss, who starts off so unemotional at the beginning, gradually begins to allow himself to feel again. It's only for Inej, not everyone, but it's a start. His backstory is absolutely horrific, and, even though he is the self-titled Bastard of the Barrel, you find yourself rooting for him.
Inej's revelation in the incinerator shaft (yes, that is an actual part of the book) made me want to cheer. After so many aimless years, I was so proud of her to have established a clear goal for herself, and such a badass one too. I also appreciated that she set some clear boundaries with Kaz since a lot of YA romances tend to just throw away those sorts of reasonable concerns in favor of ~true love~.
Jesper makes me hurt. I really feel for him; he's the prime example of a kid in too deep, and I think if any of them got their money I would want it to be him so he can fix his past mistakes and start again. Besides that, he's a funny character that isn't reduced to comic relief, and I like action best from his perspective.
Nina is a walking easter egg for fans of Shadow and Bone. I didn't realize it my first go because I hadn't read the original trilogy, but the number of times she name-drops a character or event from there...I loved it. She's a levelheaded, badass woman who's comfortable in sexuality but not oversexualized. I do wish she'd gotten some more attention here, but I do know that the bulk of her arc is in Crooked Kingdom.
Matthias grew on me. I didn't like him much, but he presented an interesting dilemma–loyalty to love or loyalty to home. I liked watching the struggle between his beliefs and what he's been taught and the new friends he's made and their contrasting lifestyles. I also appreciate that he is the #1 simp for the girls in the group.
Finally, Wylan is a bit tough. There are no chapters from his perspective in the first book, which makes sense because he's got some information that would spoil everything. Still, he was absolutely hilarious in my opinion and his gradual corruption through his time spent with the crows was great. I mean, this fifteen-year-old kid wanted to wake up guards so Jesper could kill them guilt-free.
Writing Style 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
The writing is really good. It shifts nicely between the more serious and humorous scenes. I think the romance is written very well. There's quite a bit of it and yet it never overpowers the plot. I never had a moment of "please dear god we get it you're in love let's move on now", which is something that plagues YA.
As for the humor, it was really good in this book. There were points I had to hold back a snort because I was in class, and each of the characters, even Kaz and Matthias, got a chance for a fun one-liner or sarcastic quip. "My ghost won't associate with your ghost."
Meaning 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 N/A
Be gay do crime. I'd say I'm just kidding but this book pretty much says breaking into a prison for a bounty is okay if you and your friends really need the money.
Overall 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
This book was great the first time and amazing the second time. It was well written, it was fast-paced, it was funny, it made me feel, it was all the things a good book should be. It's probably one of the best YA adventure books out there, and any adult would probably be able to read this and enjoy it. There's a reason it's so popular! I would recommend this book to people who enjoy heists, three-dimensional characters, and morbid humor.
The Author
Leigh Bardugo: 46, Israeli-American, Jewish, also wrote Shadow and Bone and Ninth House
The Reviewer
My name is Wonderose; I try to post a review every two weeks, and I take recommendations. Check out my about me post for more!
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ificouldhelpyouforget · 4 months ago
This or that, all odd numbers ;)
xD Thanks!
1 - thunderstorms or rainbows? Thunderstorms. Easy.
3 - hoodies or denim jackets? I'm a hoodie gal through and through. I have so many that I wish I could wear them all the time. xD
5 - achieve world peace or end world hunger? So, I don't believe we're ever going to find world peace in this world/universe thanks to sin. I also don't think we'll end world hunger, but it sure would be nice to see starving kids fed or homeless people not fearful of when their next meal will be.
7 - many acquaintances or a few close friends? Definitely a few close friends. I don't like feeling lonely, so you'd think I'd want a lot of people in my life, but often the loneliness stems from being around way too many people. A few friends is much nicer and less lonely. :)
9 - antiheroes or sympathetic villains? Anti-heroes. Have you seen Deadpool? I love him. The "I guess since I'm here, I can help" attitude is a mood. The chaotic mentality is something I oddly love even though I'm not that kind of person myself. Maybe that's why I like it.
11 - bright colors or pastels? Bright colors for sure. Pastels are too... girly for me. The brighter the better! Or black. xD
13 - coffee or tea? Tea only if it's sweet tea. And cold. I'm not a fan of hot tea. Makes me feel kinda icky.
15 - reading or writing? Writing for sure. I read a lot of fanfiction, but I prefer writing even if I'm always in need of improving. It's more satisfying when I put out something meaningful or well-liked.
17 - autumn or spring? Autumn no question. Spring isn't horrible because the thunderstorms are the best part, but colors of fall and the cooling weather is so nice.
19 - friendship or romance? I don't know if this means personally or in the content I ingest, but I often prefer romance in films, tv, and writing. IRL, I'm not very romantic, so friendship.
21 - rom-coms or horror? You can't make me choose! I love both of them so much! I watch more rom-coms because I have to watch my horror intake, but I love them both so equally.
23 - dark or brightly colored clothes? It depends. I prefer certain articles to be dark and then others to be bright and obnoxious. I wear a lot of neutral colors like grays and blacks, but I do have bright shoes and some hoodies that are pretty bright. I like both.
25 - metal or rap? Okay, so... I would lean more toward metal even though I prefer rock, but now that I simp for eight talented Korean rappers... I lean more toward rap... only if it's from Stray Kids. xD Although, I prefer their more rocky sounding songs. Haha
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sketcheydyslexic · 10 months ago
ey honeybee it's me the 💛🍯anon (i love this nickname so much, ya have no idea💘💘) and also to @/superstarryr, i've only been mx. simp's guardian angel but thank ya hun fo' ya kind words my sweets <3 i've been trying to do what i've been telling yall but if there's one thing i suffer on obtaining is a healthy sleeping schedule </3. i'm actually took melatonin for the first time last two days and i keep forgetting that it's side effect are weird dreams and i usually keep a dream journal in my phone with vague descriptions about the dreams since i rarely remember my dreams at all but my recent ones were so weird that i decided not to include it, by weird i mean i just dreamed of a bloby slime slowly consuming the city and i had to survive and it had a post apocalyptic feel to it??? i was so weirded out when i woke up cuz i normally dont dream of super detailed scenarios if that makes sense?
anyways, the feelings mutual on ya bein the highlight of my day. honestly it's so surprising how easy it is to ramble to yah and not feel super anxious bout it especially with misspellings and such with my undiagnosed anxiety and paranoia (for personal reasons) chatting, calling or just generally online messaging invokes a specific anxiety in me which ain't the best feeling but i'm getting by and that's more than enough :')) also with the fanfics, do ya have any specifics cuz i prefer reader inserts and love sum reverse and anti harems but i'd definitely recommend "Dire Wolf by YinYanChan" on AO3 if ya haven't read it yet, it's super good and it focuses on swapfell horror bros [;)] and mc, the author's on hiatus tho so take note of that. and about the course problem, i ain't saying i'm gonna beat someone up,,,,,,,, but if ya need anything i have a bat, a sturdy tennis rachet, multiple pots and pans, and just in case kn*fes :)) (seriously though, i wholeheartedly hope that the problem gets solved and you get to enjoys your semester without someone wearing you out, you deserve so so so much more my hunnybee)
i'm currently in asia in rn atm it's 2am (i lost track of time :(() cuz i just finished a small project and the melatonin isn't kicking in yet. nothing really note worthy today or yesterday. i was planning on going to the beach (which is in walking distance from my house) to pick some morning glories to press (experimenting with that too) this morning but there were more people than i anticipated so i bailed out on that but tomorrow i'm planning on going for a walk and look for some mushrooms to take pics and maybe draw. and if it there isn't too many people i might go back to the beach with my siblings.
i've been drawing myself with fresh tho and i'm at the point where i wanna draw other skeletons but my minds just been daydreaming about fresh and i'm like 'u need to show the other skeletons sone love thooo!!!' so i settled on drawing the main 6 (undertale, fell and swaps) reaction to my mc sitting on fresh's lap and putting clown makeup on him and he's already wearing a colorful afro... no comment or context provided. another drawing i finished was about bitty fresh with different outfits featuring my mc, my eyes still bleed when i look at the final drawing. one of the abominations i drew is a picture i saw of a sweater with a very saturated darker toned blue with (again) very saturated swigly red lines and an almost highlighter yellow color for the collar and on the sleeves. it looks way worse in drawing (kinda wanna share it with ya but my anxiety is telling me "no <3")
i'm also sharing this but i have a fellswap in the making with sans as valor and papyrus as vendetta. i was also planning on making a swapfell one but i prefer designing them with traditional rather that digital. and i need to update my design of the horrortale bros especially with their new names (i hc them preferring the new names, the good ones and not the bad ones like crooks, cuz it would be one of the first steps on cementing that they're not in their au anymore) sans is marsh and paps is mallow but mostly tells people it's mal since it's his main nickname. and with the classics!!!! i adore them <3 i actually just finished an old drawing (i mentioned it on a previous ask, the drawing collecting dust) and its my mc interacting with sans, papyrus and gaster who i recently started to draw. all this talk about art and me being proud of it makes me really wanna post my art/make an art blog but my anxiety prevents me from doing it :'((
and the idea of fell papyrus running away from a goose is hilarious but i would 100% avoid any interactions with them winged menaces (geese, swans and sometimes ducks) i've been attacked by a chicken and a duck at the same time and i've been traumatized ever since then. the only other thing ive been doing is contemplating on getting a pixie cut. my current haircut is just a simple bob cut i made myself and an undercut and basically my hair's poofy, the lower part just poofs up to the point of annoyance so having an undercut lessens that but i miss having a pixie cut. its would be my 2ng time getting a pixie if i did and i was thinking on having the front part longer but have the sides fade up (?) or just completely shaved off but we'll see :))
i'm actually considerably sleepy now so i don't have the energy to edit it so enjoy this real ramble by me :)) in case yall need to hear it, i live you my honeybees, my honeycombs and my honeysuckles 💛💛🍯🍯💛💛
[i think my tumblr has a problem in sending ask?? so if ya see another one like this that's from a glitch i think? since my ask got suddenly sent suddenly without sending it?? i also think some asks don't deliver completely or get delayed sending so this might arrive late or not at all 🤷]
[[honeybee my dear, i always copy all my asks just in case it doesn't send so it's trouble when ya accidentally deleted my ask. it's all good hun :))]]
My dearest 💛🍯 anon! I was so worried, you have no idea. I'm glad you like it! you can call me Rin, friend! I'm honored to call you my personal guardian angel anon then, makes me feel special! <3 what are your pronouns, by the way?
That dream sound so cool, weird but cool? I don't really dream but I've had a few odd dreams when they aren't night terrors. I would like to have a dream journal if I dreamed enough to make one! That's an awesome hobby. I can't keep a good sleep schedule either, but I've been sleeping proper this last week, so that's good.
I a diagnosed with a couple things that limit me, anxiety is one of them. My psychologist told me I had multiple different viariats of it and would need therapy and medications to overcome it... But I am doing pretty good without meds! I'm still a nervous wreck but hey, we're all human. I'm out here raw doing this mental illness B).
Same! I prefer reader inserts and anti-harems! I really read anything that isn't a reader insert. I am vibrating with joy rn because I didn't even think about a horror swapfell fanific, I've only seen art. Which is kinda weird because I absolutely love both the au’s and their combination. That's the most anyone has cared about my course problem, thank you so much <3 none of my irl friends or family cared when I brought it up. You make me feel very cared for <3
Why are all the good people so far away, man :( I also flower press! I'm not very good at it but I save the flowers in my old unfinished sketchbooks. Speaking of trips, my train trip was yesterday and our train was derailed!! Me and my family were in the only cart that didn't go off the tracks and we were stuck there for hours, longer than the 4 hours that we were suppose to be on the trip for! We got a refund but it was scary when it happened. I had my first legal drink on that trip, and got a bunch of pictures tho, so... Yay! I love collectung a shell from the beach every year I go and writing the year on the inside of it to keep track. Habit from when I was little I guess. But it's fun to find the perfect one.
I would love to see your art, dearest! Especially fresh with clown make up, I actually laughed out loud when I read that. Listen hun, everything fresh wears before getting a few fashion tips from Mc will be an eye sore to look at 🖐😭 I mean he is fine asf but he really needs to desaturate a little. Man looks like a walking neon sign. You tell your anxiety I'm coming for its knees, how dare it keep me from making you my best friend 🔫 I want a friend who like skeletons and fanfic, I'm not good at social interaction but talking to you just come naturally so kudos to you for making me feel safe when talking to you <3 feel free to dm me or reblog this so I can dm you if you ever want to come off anon <3
Ohhhh! I'm so excited to hear more about your swapfell au if you want to share! I like traditional a lot more for designing and figuring things out but digital give me such crispy juicy tender finished works and I just ugggh 😫. My horror bros are named axe and butch for very specific reason, and I want to tell why but then the whole ark in home for lost souls useless but it such a cool idea I think :’) suffers in fanfic author with a bunch of ideas. Make an art blog, do it, I made one despite my soul crushing anxiety and now I that I've stuck to it for so long I have a group of lovely people who like that I post! (given they are all here for my writing, not my art lmao, but I post my art anyway. Even if it only gets 10 likes, compared to the 150ish most of my writing gets.) I just post what makes me happy, hoping it will make someone else out there happy. If you ever do, let me know and ill be your number 1 fan. I think a lot of people will like your ideas, since they are so cool and unique!
Yay, I'm glad someone likes it! I was hoping it wouldn't be one of those ‘why the fuck did the writer put that there’ scenes, I want it to be more of a bonding moment for y/n and Fell papyrus. Saving him from the deadly grasps of the death he would face by the hands of a goose. Oooooo, I love short hair cuts but they don't look good with my face shape :’( I'm getting my hair dyed purple and a layered cut here soon, a little switch from the horror sans inspired hair dye I got last year. I am so down bad LOL, I got my hair platinum silver in one section (as seen on many of the art featuring my character.) I hope you are happy withwatever hair style you go for! I bet you will look stunning, my dear.
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smutty-ki113r · 9 months ago
ok show u an emoji? hm ...( •̀ .̫ •́ )✧ that one maybe? he has a really goofy grin <3 omg u think he was serious?? 0w0 i am known for being oblivious when ppl like me... i didn't notice that a past classmate was trying to get with me for a whole year until another classmate pointed it out-
YEAH?! u don't feel that? i am a very big smell person. i connect alot of things with certain smells. i use at least 3 different smelling things on my body at all times cuz it makes me happy. but if i have a partner i love sorrounding myself with their smell so i smell like them :>
yeah if u two don't get together imma beat bens ass. i hope u r crying happy tears (︶^︶)
i did make him a sandwhich don't worry lol. i was making sandwhiches for toby cuz jeff and toby r trying to beat bens highscore at some game. they forget to eat and drink-
i am sorry what?? wife me up?0-0 uh not sure abt that...i would rather be his personal servant than his wife-
i usually shift everyday once or twice but sometimes only every second or third day. for me it's like five minutes here are like 20 or 30 minutes there but i know it's different for a lot of ppl. i shift pretty often cuz irl only my best friend knows abt my gender. i don't feel comfy with outing myself since some family members r really against lgbt+ and whenever i try to explain it to them they don't even wanna understand. i don't want ppl to fight because of me. and when i shift all of them accept and respect me for who i am and it feels so good.
dude i actually think i stopped simping for ben because i am like friends with him now and i realized we wouldn't make a good couple. we basically just don't have any chemistry in that sense. AND you'll be his number 1!! more confidence pls >:[ my otp!
yes i do read him the fics. yes i like doing it hehe. i mean he reads me the jeff and toby ones <3 just friends being friends. no but ben thinks it's interesting what ppl think he's like in bed-
smut fanfics abt urself? man that's dope :> if i had that i'd just think i am so hot!
also; my binder arrived yesterday :> i almost cried happy tears when i unpacked it! i and today my stick and poke set arrived which is also hella dope owo
this is a lil vent; if u don't care feel free to skip: i had a driving lesson today and my driving instructor was super mean today. basically she just told me i was doing everything to slow but she was personal abt it... she said stuff like "r u this codependend in every part of life? do i need to tell u everything u have to do?" i literally cried a tiny bit while driving. she didn't even notice. i hope she isn't this mean next time. this never happened before...maybe she just had a bad day?
anyways i love u <3
Thats such a cute emoji- I DO in fact think he was being serious.
Don’t beat ben’s ass please- happy tears YES but like 5 minutes after they’re sad.
YOURE SO NICE TO THEM!! Adorable- PERSONAL SERVANT??!!! OML-OUGYHVBJUIGYU it’s so nice that you get to be yourself in your shifting world. Well i support you <3 and I think you’re wonderful regardless. OMNG AND a stick and poke set??!!1 you need to let me know what you do! Also im so happy you got a binder!!
No, absolutely unacceptable. I don’t think you should be treated in that way ever, you are not stupid and you are not slow. Thats rude and she should be fired. Don’t invalidate yourself and then validate those who abuse you, i used to do that a lot.
(Sort of tw: my emotions ew. You dont need to read this next part but i just do wanna get it out because if i dont i might fall down and die) like literally, its not important at all. Just skip this.
Well yeah. Sad tears i guess. Like I absolutely adore the thought of me and ben being together but oh Jesus here we go again. I dont see any reason as to why anyone would like me. Im sort of the person you stay with a couple months of your life at the most, and then leave because im too much, or just disgusting i guess. I don’t really know. Its so hard for me to see anyone liking me. I mean i like me but i feel like nobody else does. Ive been put in second place so many times in my life, because of my body, or who i am, or what i am. I dont know.
I hate devaluating myself like this because I know in less than a day it’ll go back to me thinking im the best person in the world. But when im alone, or when i realize that im alone I can’t help but feel this way.
Like., why would anyone like me when im like this? When there’s so many other people out there who are probably better than me. Ill never be the best at anything.
And i hate the thought of falling deeper in love because what then? What if i do end up falling for him so hard that being alone would kill me. And when he abandons me, because everybody eventually does. What happens then.
Fuck i hate my life so bad. It’s like I can never be happy and I try to tell myself that I do deserve happiness, especially after what ive gone through but then every time i think im getting happy it stops.
I want to love him so bad. But why, why would anyone ever love me?
Anyway. I love you!!!1
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chocolatte-and-despair · a year ago
Hi! I'd love to get a matchup if thats not too much work ❤
I'm a bi female but I lean towards women. I'm a Certified Simp.
I guess I'm a mom friend to people who need it. I'm pretty good at reading people and i try to support those around me as best i can! I try to put others needs before my own to the point where I forget I'm not below other people. It takes me awhile to warm up to people, It isn't intentional, I'm just super shy and anxious and I'm not great with people. I like to sing, draw, play video games, read. I zone out and daydream a lot. I really appreciate any kind of affection I get from people. I have borderline personality disorder and relationships are really overwhelming for me at times so communication is really important to me when I feel insecure and think someone hates me/wants to leave me (dw nothing u say ab that can offend me it just is what it is) I have geckos and they are my world!! I hoard of pictures of them on my phone and I treat them as most people treat their dogs haha. I'd like to get a snake and/or a tarantula in the near future! I have a pretty morbid sense of humour but I'm very cautious about who I make jokes around since I'd hate to offend someone. When I'm totally comfortable with people I can be very rowdy and energetic. I ramble a lot and go on rants and then get embarrassed. I like to sing and dance and make people laugh. I'm very tense and quiet usually so it's nice to be with people I can be myself around. I've always been very interested in biology, I plan on going into nursing school when I'm ready and hopefully someday becoming a doctor! I hope that wasn't too much information jskhjhh you can delete this if it is!! thank you so much!!
After thinking for a little bit, I decided to give you ... Cinnamon (Underswap Chara)! Here are a few reasons why! First of all, Cinnamon is very similar to you. She is energetic and gets easily embarrassed whenever she goes off on a tangent about something that she is passionate about. She also loves reptiles, so she would probably love your pets quite a bit, and would support you getting a tarantula or snake in the future. Cinnamon loves video games, so you can bet that she will be your partner at playing them for quite some time. Cinnamon also loves to daydream, especially about the future and her dreams.
* Her age: Humage age: 19 years old, monster age: ??? * Her height: 5'4 feet * Her yandere Type: Manipulative Yandere
* Her dere type: Dorodere
* Her Sexuality: Transgender woman Polysexual Panromantic
A . How would she show her love and affection? How intense would it get? - Cinnamon would pamper you like there is no tomorrow. She would shower you in affection and expensive gifts. She would make you the most delicious food ever and would try her best to make you realize that she really is your best and only option.
B. What type of future is she planning with her lover? - Well, she would actually love to get married. She doesn’t want kids because they would clearly take too much of your attention, and she wouldn’t want that, but if you want, you could have as many pets as you want! She would love to have some too, she always wanted a tarantula.
C. What is the scariest moment with her? - Cinnamon is manipulative. The moment you would try to tell people about her tendencies, everyone would look at you like you are the crazy one, before telling you to stop saying things like that about Cinnamon. No matter what, you would never get help in your situation while being with cinnamon.
D. How does she usually act with her lover? - Cinnamon will make you feel like you are the most important and loved person ever. She will make sure that you never want to leave and well, even if you would want to leave, she would make sure that you wouldn’t be able. Honestly, the fact that you would even consider something like that would be insane. 
E. How would she court her lover before? - Of course, she would befriend you. she then would get her other friends to befriend you and start telling you about how great Cinnamon is. And eventually, when Cinnamon would notice that you fell into her trap, she would finally make her move to finally try and seduce you.
F. What's her favorite memory/thing in the relationship? - The shocked face you had when you finally realized how she actually is. The mix of shock and fear would send thrills down Cinnamon’s spine, and she would remember that day like it was yesterday.
G. What sort of kinks would she ask to try out with you? - Cinnamon is actually a heavy switch in the bedroom. If you aren’t dominant, then trust me, she will take the role of the domina with a happy grin on her face. And if you are dominant, then please, make her yours.  
1.   Flogging - Cinnamon loves the feeling of flogging you. The way you scream and yell is just like music to her ears. She could never get tired of that sound, that was for sure. 
2.   Graphoerotica - She loves the feeling of people writing on her body, and of course, she would want you to write over her body your name, over and over, so if anyone ever tried anything, they knew who she belonged to.
3.   Mummification - The feeling of not being able to move at all is attractive to her, just as it’s attractive to put you in a situation where you can’t move at all too.
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ornithia · a year ago
Tumblr media
lol thanks for the heads up, didn't know i'd been mentioned due to being blocked (and here i was convinced she wanted nothing to do with me ever again 🙃 guess that doesn't matter when you're in desperate need of a shield to hide behind, does it )
also no need for incognito mode, tumblr is incompetent enough that all i have to do is just visit her page directly on desktop so here we go:
(under a read more bc petty shit only tangentially related to hazbin at this point and frankly, the entire situation is stupid and EVERYONE involved is an idiot, no exception, INCLUDING me bc i shouldn't even be indulging but i'll do it for you, anon -)
lmao almost forgot how long-winded her responses are, right up there with starlatte27 (who also blocked me, in case anyone's keeping tally), jfc
Tumblr media
i ... are these statements meant to go together or are they separate? bc if 1) i don't appreciate it, and if 2) did you you just assume my gender and call me a skeevy adult turbo nerd? bc last i checked you're the skeevy one dragging people's sex lives, non-existent or otherwise, into fandom discussions while you quote and reference fucking cartoons like a "turbo" nerd. maybe take your own advice and stay the fuck out of fandom in general (also, that's not a pun, not even a bad one. seriously - a pun has to make sense, and it doesn't make sense for a virgin to have a "fuck life" if they've never had sex, what do you think a virgin is? do you need to go back to sex ed?)
but seriously - shaming people for their lack of sexual experience ... that's kind of inherently acephobic, isn't it? not to mention heteronormative and, in her own words, rather "vanilla" on the scale of petty insults (but don't quote me after all i'm just an asexual what would i know about anything i've only existed 3 whole years longer than her "experienced" authority has on this godforsaken planet ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).
oh look, more acephobic rhetoric - this is literally the shit that gets said to our faces the second we express disinterest in partners or popping out children, certainly not a sexual threat, not at all!
Tumblr media
also, dunking on people for inconsistent grammar/small typos when she incorrectly typed my username in the post itself ... even though she tagged it correctly and it's literally on her blog and in her blocklist (inb4 she threatens to run me over with her chair or w/e 🙄)
speaking of spelling (and in case she or any of the others are reading this) let me spell it out - this is about the HYPOCRISIES involved, which if any of you have any reading comprehension you'll realise as you continue skimming this post
if you have to CONSTANTLY bring up your race or disability or other people into the conversation just so that you can assert your "authority" on a subject, then i'm sorry but you literally don't know your subject. oppression olympics does not work, actively attempting to "other" yourself just to seem credible in a topic is a sign of desperation and shows a lack of empathy for understanding in others. what you should be doing is aiming to educate, NOT to win as many internet/diversity points as you can possibly cram into a fucking clown show debate about headcanons on fictional characters who are dead and aren't even human anymore
(switching to paragraph form bc this is a longer response):
when it comes to jumping to conclusions ...
- whether it be on someone's "vanilla" tastes (@heartshapedcreaturefromcriptoon don't think i forgot how you judged me for liking transformers when it is neither my sole interest nor did it have nothing to do with the conversation ... and which if you actually knew anything about you'd REALISE how progressive the continuity is, tackling all sorts of "vanilla" stories and characters including gay, bi, lesbian, pan, poly, trans, ace, aro, xeno, dysphoria, mental AND physical disability, depression, coping, aging, death, oppression, politics, colonialism, and revolution, amongst others. not to mention all of the kink, since THAT seems to be your fucking basis for judgement) -
- OR someone's medical history/ethnic background (@petitprincess1 no one deserves hate anons but you also brought this on yourself for doubling-down on LITERALLY sensitive topics that ANYONE would lash out for. and as i've already explained to you, i don't CARE if 6 is a poc or not, white-passing or not, italian or not - you do NOT get to pass judgement on them or ANYONE based on mere pictures. humans are a diverse spectrum - someone tells you they're sicilian, black, albino, have vitiligo, are a natural redhead, etc - what the fuck ever, you take it at face value and MOVE ON or agree to disagree)
just - it is NEVER a good idea to be presumptuous. you don't EVER know what's fully going on in someone's life, you are NEVER going to get the full picture, and even so, experiences can and ARE subject to other factors in an individual's life. contrary to what tumblr and twitter will have you believe, NO ONE owes you a biography
(another paragraph bc why not)
while i'm addressing petit, btw - since you seem conveniently knowledgeable on laws concerning regulations surrounding sex workers and pimps (and it is DEFINITELY illegal - except in nevada. which we should address on the basis of transparency), it seems surprising to me that you wouldn't care about laws surrounding the distribution of pictures:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
source: https://law.stackexchange.com/questions/30765/is-it-illegal-to-post-a-picture-of-someone-without-their-permission
basically, if someone asks you to take their picture down YOU TAKE IT DOWN who cares if they have it public on their own blog YOU TAKE IT DOWN BC THAT IS THEIR PICTURE it doesn't MATTER if it's edited or blurred out or whatever. this should be apparent, there's a REASON you have to sign consent forms in order to release photographs of private individuals, there's a REASON people have a problem with paparazzi. because it's an invasion of PRIVACY and AGENCY.
someone in public, doing public things, staged or otherwise, or posting to their OWN social media? whatever.
someone in private, whether it be incriminating nudes or something as innocent as spending time with their loved ones (children, spouses, friends, w/e) in an intimate setting? NOT OKAY
if you wanted so badly to use 6's pics as evidence in your debate and if they were so publicly available, why didn't you just link to them? it's so easy, tumblr even has an option to format text into a hyperlink without needing to know code, [look i used it to literally link to a fair use image of public figue, current US president joe biden with his wife, first lady jill biden], or look, [here's another link, this time with the picture in its original context], how easy was that!
(back to bullets and to the disaster that is hearts):
i think it's fucking hilarious that you claimed i was vagueblogging about you, bc no - i was literally responding to your post, addressing the situation directly to you AND petit. and regardless of who i was addressing in each response, the fact remains that so long as it was on YOUR post, YOU would receive notifications, and that as a result YOU would inherently be a part of the conversation. this isn't some new tumblr feature it's been around for a WHILE now. and if you feel i "vagued" about you after you BLOCKED ME, think again - i tagged you, both with a nonfunctioning @ AND by tagging your #username on my blog. i WANTED you to see and be aware of my post. YOU on the other hand have been vagueblogging about ME, calling me that "other" person and using me both to shield yourself AND as an offensive tool in your little "debate" with petit - which honestly fuck you, LITERALLY as bad as starlatte27 who did the same thing in addition to misquoting after she blocked me.
also, petit is right - you are a fucking simp. you do nothing but drool over trickster in your tags. and then you dare? to reblog his post where he quotes me, the person YOU vilified, and use it to suck up to him? you disgust me, ESPECIALLY in light of your stance on "virgins" - you do realise he's also (grey) asexual, right? regardless of whether he's virgin or not - which if he is, STILL wouldn't invalidate his identity, and that the post in question was me specifically calling out starlatte27 on her acephobia. also, lol - how convenient that you seem to shit on everyone for being "ableist" when they cite mental disorders that couldn't POSSIBLY compare to you being in a wheelchair, yet you have nothing against his NPD or OCD (per his carrd, fyi, which i am reading specifically bc it's there and because i do my research before jumping to conclusions unlike you)
speaking of trickster - idgaf about him and 6. at this point i've heard NOTHING from either of them in weeks. then again, i neither follow them nor do they seem to flood the tags with drama as often as petit (or starlatte27, before she blocked me, and i only know about hearts now bc of you, anon, so thanks for that 👍 - hell, let's throw me into the mix since that's what i'm about to do that/doing it now) and i KNOW i'm not blocked since i can still view both their blogs on mobile if i visit them directly. it was certainly stupid of them to bait the main tag with the initial post that started this whole mess, but if petit hadn't thrown her (black) race card down for an argument about sicilian italians and albinism, not black people, we wouldn't have gotten this far. (also it seems one of them or a friend has started a hateblog for "receipts" which lmao, not only was that a stupid endeavor, it looks dead)
SPEAKING of race, just because being "black" is an objective fact about someone (petit) it does not give you (hearts) the right to do ... [this, which honestly i just capped below for anyone else reading this bc you'll spend all day looking for it] (tw: literally racism in the form of caricature):
Tumblr media
(also lmao, demanding pictures from internet strangers? that's the same bullshit you've all been accusing petit of doing - she ABSOLUTELY distributed pictures without consent (reblogs count), which i already addressed, but it is NOT the same as soliciting pictures, that's on YOU and you alone)
there's so much more ... i could go on for DAYS but i'll cap it here bc why argue with idiots? you know who you are, you know what you did. this was entertaining at first but honestly i'm done, fuck this
ps: 😂 so much for hearts bitching about having to go through starlatte27's "sore Pastel Blog" (cap below), does she even realise what an eyesore her walls of "angry" and irrelevant text/tags are? it's like it it physically hurts them to just get to the fucking point:
Tumblr media
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