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#These were meant to be warm-ups and I accidentally spent a few hours on them whoops
dnlcsml02 · 7 months ago
your angst scenarios are so good omg, I can’t believe you’ve only been writing for a month, everything you write is amazing! all of the “when they don’t realize you’re sick scenarios” are :* chefs kiss. may I request a sauna version of that pls 😳😳
Tumblr media
Well, it’s took some time but here you go.
When he doesn’t realise you’re sick
Pairing: Suna x gn!reader Genre: angst to fluff Warnings: sleeping on couch(?)
a/n: i literally spent the whole day with cold hand and a warm face… what’s wrong with me lol
Tumblr media
Today is Suna’s day off
He’s been busy lately and hardly been home, so he’s really tired
He decided to waste the afternoon away and relax
You get home from work, soaked from the rain outside
It only serves to worsen the cold you caught a few days ago from another rainy day
You take a shower to get rid of the contrast of your soaked clothes that sticks against your blazing figure. You thought, maybe, the lukewarm water would bring your temperature to a comfortable level, but you were mistaken.
The burning feeling of your face still remains whilst the rest of your body is freezing and wouldn’t warm up no matter what.
After showering, you go into your shared room, you eyes falling upon Suna’s sleeping figure on the bed. Without a second thought, you creep into bed with him, snuggling up next to him trying to warm yourself up in the folds of the covers.
Feeling the sharpness of your cold touch, sent a chill down his spine, causing him to wake up abruptly. He turns his head your way, eyes barely open, “what the hell y/n?” You flinch at how he snaps at you with no warning, “don’t lay so close! You’re freezing!”
You squeeze your hands, wondering what he meant. Realising that the difference in temperature makes him uncomfortable, you get up, “sorry, I didn’t realise. Go back to sleep.”
Not long after, he was fast asleep again like nothing happened. You’re too tired to do to anything about his attitude, so you kiss his temple lightly, careful not to wake him and slip out of the room.
You pass by the kitchen, getting yourself a cup of warm milk with honey to warm you up, and sit on the couch, pulling your knees to your chest. As rest the mug on them, you use it to melt the icy blocks that should be your hands.
You feel like you‘re finally getting better, but as soon as you finish your drink, coolness begins slipping through your body once again. You curl up, wrapping yourself with a blanket, and try to fight the uncontrollable trembling of your body.
A few hours later, Suna wakes up, feeling refreshed and fully charged. He remembers talking to you briefly, although he can’t recall what it was about since he was so drowsy.
He begins wondering where you could’ve wondered off to and goes to look for you. Passing by the kitchen first, he finds himself, putting away the milk and honey you used before. ‘That’s weird… milk and honey? Doesn’t y/n hate both of those,’ he asks himself, shrugging away the thought shortly after.
He heads into the living room, the last place you could be, and ultimately finds you laying there on the couch in what seemed like a really uncomfortable position from where he was standing.
As you‘re facing away from him, he reaches towards you, moving some hair out of the way to see your face. He notices your eyebrows are slightly furrowed and your face feels hot.
However, even if he thought he was imagining things, he can’t miss how you’re shivering violently, teeth clenched to stop chattering, painfully cold even though you’re clearly burning up.
He picks you up, carrying you to the bedroom, where you’d be more comfortable. After noticing the unusual difference in texture you open your eyes and look up at him. He returns your glance and looks away, “why were you sleeping in a place like that?”
“I was cold, so I slept in there so I wouldn’t bother you.” he gives you a confused looked, clearly not remembering what happened before. “I got into bed with you, but because my hands were cold you got uncomfortable.”
Suna’s knows how he can be when he’s drowsy; it doesn’t surprise him that he would react like that, however it still pains him to think he did something like that to you.
You can guess what he’s thinking by the look on his face, so you do your best to reassure him that you’re alright and didn’t mind it.
“Well you should mind. You’re obviously sick, you’re the priority.” He sets you down on the bed and before you could say anything, he jumps under the covers next to you. As he lays down, he pulls down you with him, so you can get some proper sleep.
However, you’re still worried about what happened earlier. Even if he said not worry about it, you’re body was still pretty cold.
You really don’t want to bother him, so you curl up, placing your hands between your thighs and putting some distance between the two of you, so you wouldn’t accidentally touch him.
Suna notices straight away what you’re trying to do since he himself was thinking the same thing. He’s still quite upset at himself for pushing you away, regardless of the situation and now seeing you scoot away like that only saddens him more.
As you’re about to close your eye and go to sleep, you feel movement on the bed, and before you know, Suna wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you close to him. His hold is strong and firm, leaving you little room to move.
When you finally relax, you bury your face in his chest, taking in his warmth and smell, which was a hundred times better that cold rigidness of the couch.
“Promise me, next time you’ll just kick me out of the way and got into bed,” he says as he kisses your forehead in an apologetic manner.
Seeing him like this is such a rare sight that you struggle to hold your laughter, “are you sure about that? I’ve got some mean kicks.” Suna pauses for a second, gulping as he realises you had a point.
After considering his options, he suggested “maybe a few pushes would be better.”
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myherowritings · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SUMMARY. Todoroki Shouto was a wealthy, young CEO who inherited his father’s enterprise. You were a barista at a local cafe who wouldn’t mind some extra cash. One day, Shouto came in during an early morning shift and tipped you such a large sum of money, you were certain it had to have been an accident. To your surprise and complete pleasure: It was not.
PAIRING. ceo!todoroki shouto x barista!reader
GENRE. ceo/barista au, fluff, eventual smut
WARNINGS. none in this chapter
A/N. happy new year y’all! :3 i hope you have a good 2021 and here is some flirty ceo!shouto for u to enjoy as we enter the new year hehe ;) thank you for reading and i hope you enjoy! xx sof
© myherowritings — all rights reserved. reposting, modifying, copying, or translating of any kind is not allowed. do not read my writing as asmr. do not plagiarize.
Tumblr media
“I heard you dropped by this weekend,” you said as a greeting, a playful smile on your lips. “Looking for me?”
If the tips of his ears didn’t tinge pink, you would have guessed Shouto was completely unaffected by your words. 
“Mn.” He drew his attention away from your gaze and pointedly adjusted his cufflinks. “Good morning to you too.” 
You laughed, accepting you wouldn’t get anything out of your attempt at teasing. “Morning, Shouto. How was your weekend?” 
The cafe was quite busy this hour, but Miyazaki took over the other register to alleviate the stress (though, what she really said was so you and pretty boy—who happened to be rich rich—could talk). Whatever the reason, you were glad for a small break whenever you could get it.
“You could say it was busy,” he replied, sounding a bit tired. For the first time since you met him, you actually noticed how exhausted he looked. You wanted to put cucumbers on his eyes and lay his head down on your lap to coax him to sleep. Nonetheless, he smiled softly at you. “And yours? I hope you were able to have time to rest and relax.”
You nodded. “I just slept a lot and caught up on the shows I missed throughout the week.”
“The real way a weekend should be spent.” 
His voice was teasing but he didn’t sound mocking. Just...somewhat playful. There was something about his tone that made you want to hear it again.
“Something tells me you need a weekend away where you could just relax and do nothing,” you commented, tapping the back of your pen to your chin. “Do you not have any days off at work?” 
He considered this. “Depends what you mean by day off.” 
“If you have to ask that, that probably means you don’t have a day off, huh?” you said with a frown, holding your hand over your chest as you sighed dramatically. “You poor thing. Overworked and tired. Maybe I should steal you away one weekend and get you to just relax.” 
You were only half-serious.
“Maybe you should,” agreed Shouto, sounding full-serious.
“Maybe I will,” you blurted before you could stop yourself. Maybe you could if you actually had his number… Then, feeling shameful you said, “But, ah, anyway, what can I get for you today? We actually have cheese danishes again!”
His face brightened. “You do? I’ll take five dozen.”
With a laugh you took down his order. You really weren’t sure where all these pastries were going when he bought it, but judging from his expression, you figured it must be somewhere good. 
“And for your drink?”
“This time I’ll have a large green tea with almond milk, please.” 
You nodded but tilted your head to the side in question. “No coffee with extra shots of espresso today?” 
“I add too much sugar and creamer to my coffee,” he admitted sheepishly. “And with all the baked goods I’ve been eating I realized I may have had an excess amount of sweets lately.” 
With an understanding laugh you patted his hand that was resting on the counter woefully. “I can definitely relate to that. If too many sweets are bad for you they shouldn’t have made it taste so good.”
Shouto glanced down at where your hands touched, an expression you couldn’t quite discern on his face. Averting your gaze, you quickly pulled your hand back. Was that inappropriate of you? Did he find it too pushy?
“Oh— Sorry about that,” you said, rubbing your elbow with your opposite hand. “Got a bit ahead of myself there.”
“No, it’s fine.” He blinked once. “I didn’t mind.”
Unsure if he meant anything by that and unsure if you were reading too much into things, you simply brushed the topic off and moved on to getting his order in telling him the price. 
“Paying by card again, I’m assuming?” you asked before hitting the appropriate button on the screen.
By now the sight of the sleek and pretty credit card was one you grew rather fond of as he scanned over the payment terminal and signed his name. Was it weird you wanted to examine his signature more closely? Shouto seemed like the type of person who would have a fancy signature that somehow looked like art. 
As per routine, you told him his order would be ready for pick up at his right and, before he left the register, he thanked you and gave you another $100. 
Did it feel any less strange than the first time he tipped you? Not really, no. But you still weren’t going to complain about a generous tip from a willing customer.
Before he left with his cheese danishes and cup of tea in hand, he stopped by next to you with a small smile. 
“I’ll see you tomorrow, Y/N.”
You grinned back. “Can’t wait, Shouto!” 
— ✩ —
This went on for a whole other week. By this point, he had given you over $1,000 in tip and you were starting to feel like you should give him something in return despite him assuring you he didn’t expect anything. 
When you told your friends about the nice guy you met while you were working and they asked for the details, the first thing they said in response to your situation was, “Sugar daddy?” 
Before they planted that thought into your head, you just took it as a rich businessman who hated the rich and believed in redistribution of wealth—you couldn’t complain about that. That made him even more appealing, if you must say. But once Kaminari and Ashido whispered those two words, you couldn’t help but see the comparisons. 
You had no issues with sugar daddies or sugar babies; as long as they were two consenting adults, what did it matter to you? It just wasn’t something you were looking for at the time and you didn’t want Shouto to get the wrong impression or involve yourself in something you weren’t ready to. 
As you commuted to work for your next morning shift, you told yourself today was the day you’d thank him one final time for the tips, but tell him you couldn’t accept anymore. You were sure he’d be understanding but you also hoped it wouldn’t deter him from coming to see you. That was the last thing you’d want. 
“Mrs. Miyazaki,” you said between customers. “When Shouto comes in, do you think I can step away from the register to talk to him for a little? I promise it’ll be brief!”
She waved her hand dismissively. “That’s not a problem. Are you finally going to ask him out or something?”
You scratched the back of your neck. “Or something, yeah.” 
Thankfully, by the time Shouto arrived today, it was later than he normally came, meaning rush hour was almost dying down. 
“Good morning! Someone’s a little late today,” you teased. “Overslept?” 
“I wish,” he sighed wistfully. “I had a meeting early this morning and it just ended. Didn’t have a chance to pick up some coffee or pastries beforehand.” 
You frowned. “I’m sorry to hear that. I hope whoever was hosting the meeting at least provided you guys drinks and snacks!” 
He paused. “He did, but… I just thought yours were better.” 
Smiling at the compliment, you preened. “Well, I can’t say I’m not surprised. And I’m glad you were able to drop by still. Would’ve missed you too much otherwise.”
Again, you were only half-serious.
“Hm. I would’ve missed you too.”
And again, he seemed full-serious. Not that you minded. 
After taking his order and watching him pay, you pulled him to the side, looking over at your boss so she knew what was going on. She gave you a brief nod as you turned your attention to Shouto. 
A lapse of silence went by and he spoke up, “Did you have something you wanted to say?” 
“Yeah, actually.” You wrung your fingers nervously, hoping you wouldn’t say anything to offend him since you knew his actions were coming from a kind place. “I just wanted to say… I’m not really looking for a sugar daddy right now.”
He blinked once. Then twice. “Pardon?” 
You stared at him, unsure what to say. 
“I— Sorry. I wasn’t… It’s not my intention to be a...sugar daddy either.” Shouto’s face flushed a bright pink that made your own cheeks warm up in response. 
“But the—the money? I just… I guess I thought…” You winced.
So he wasn’t trying to pick up a sugar baby… Well, this was awkward. But regardless, you think you’ve gotten close enough to him to the point where it would feel weird accepting money from him. 
“I’m sorry if I was unclear. It really is just a tip to show appreciation for your service here.” 
You shook your head. “No! Sorry, that makes sense! My friends just said… And then I…” you trailed off, feeling a million times more flustered than when you started. “Sorry about that. The sugar daddy mishap aside, I still wanted to say that I really appreciate the tips you gave, but I don’t think I can accept them anymore.” 
Slowly, he nodded, adjusting the collar of his dress shirt. “I understand. Did something happen?”
“No, nothing happened!” you were quick to assure. “I really am thankful, but… I think we’ve gotten too close for me to be comfortable accepting that much money, you know?”
Shouto tilted his head to the side, listening intently. 
“Like,” you tried to explain, fiddling with your apron, “over the past few weeks I just think we’ve gotten to know each other more and I think of you as a friend of sorts now.” You peered at him through your lashes, hoping your words were making sense. “I think as a relationship develops—for me, at least—adding money into the mix can cause weird power imbalances if not communicated properly. And I just don’t want that for us.” 
He thought through your words for a while before agreeing. “I get what you mean. I wouldn’t want to unintentionally make you feel like you owe me anything, so if you’re not comfortable with it, I can stop.” 
“Thanks, Shouto,” you said with a beam, glad he was so receptive. Really though, what else did you expect? From your interactions with him you took him to be kindhearted and open. Of course he wouldn’t be upset over this. “But just to be clear, this doesn’t mean you should stop coming! Right? I don’t want to stop being your friend or anything!” 
With a small laugh, he nodded. “Sure. I wouldn’t want to part with my favorite cafe. And I’d like to keep being friends as well.”
Those words warmed your heart. You really were nervous about this confrontation earlier; you didn’t want voicing your opinion to mean ending your friendship. (Although, if you sharing what you were comfortable with was enough to end a relationship, then you supposed it was bound to be a toxic and stifling one in the long run and it was good to know in the beginning to end it before it could grow.) Turns out, however, that you didn’t even need to worry about that. He was understanding and sweet and you were glad to have gotten this out of the way.
“Well, as new friends,” you said, gently nudging his side, “maybe we should get to know each other more? Exchange numbers… Hang out outside of this cafe…” You ran through some suggestions, almost bouncing on your feet in excitement. “I mean, I know you’re always so busy and might not have much free time to hang out. But— If you’re ever free one weekend…” 
“I’d enjoy that,” he cut in, saving you from blabbering your mouth off and accidentally embarrassing yourself. “Didn’t you say you’d steal me away from work to relax? I’m still holding you to that.” 
The beginnings of a smirk formed on his face as he looked at your flustered expression. Was he teasing you?
You huffed, pretending to be insulted by his playful mocking. “Guess I’ll really have to do it then.” 
“Guess so.”
“Maybe you should give me your number first so we could plan it.” 
He handed you his phone and you handed him yours, both of your adding your numbers to the contact list. Smiling, you held the phone in front of the two of you to take a contact picture of yourself for Shouto’s phone. To your complete surprise, he laughed before promptly following suit and taking a selfie for his contact image. 
“Cute,” you said when he handed you back your phone. 
“You too.” 
Placing your device back in your pocket, you looked at him, hand on hip. “Since when did you become such a smooth-talker? Am I going to have to guard my heart now?” 
His only response was a shrug, but you could see hints of a smile playing on his face. The two of you seemed to be smiling a lot lately, you couldn’t help but notice. 
“I should probably let you go to work now—and I should go back to mine.” You gestured to the growing line at the front of the store. Your manager looked like she had things under control, but you didn’t want to take advantage of her kindness. “You should text me later though. If you want.”
“I’ll do that,” Shouto promised, picking up his drink and pastry boxes from the side counter. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Y/N. And… I’ll message you soon.” 
As you watched him leave the store, you were certain you had a silly look on your face as you stared in a trance. 
“I’ll turn my phone off silent just for you!” you said to his back, hoping he understood what a momentous occasion this was. Your phone was always on silent (unless you were playing a game, of course). But for Shouto, you could handle hearing the obnoxious ringtone and text tone. 
With an amused expression he nodded before waving goodbye.
Later on that day, at the end of your shift, you noticed a new message from a certain someone that made your stomach flutter.
Shouto: Hi there. It’s Shouto :)
You never knew those four simple words would be enough to keep the grin plastered on your face up until the moment your head hit your pillow to fall asleep. But, damn— Were you glad that happened to be the case. 
Tumblr media
a/n: whY WAS SHOUTO AND Y/N EXCHANGING NUMBERS SO CUTE idk that scene got me all blushy and :DDD HFJDKSF like taking a selfie with shouto and getting his number? only goal in life BFHFGF,, also y/n said no more tips how we feeling? ;o 
what to expect in the next part:
an unwanted visitor ಥ_ಥ
shouto has a...proposition for y/n 
y/n struggles with their fEeLiNGs~
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lokiskitten · 6 months ago
hey emma , love your page ! Could you please write one where the reader hurts themselves and tom is really worried and cares for them afterwards , leading to smut ?
Hello, I haven’t written anything in a wild but this was just the motivation I needed to get back to work!❤️ I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy it.
Tom Hiddleston | gentle touches
Tom Hiddleston x fem! reader
Tumblr media
plot : after accidentally walking onto you self harming, Tom offers his help and devotion before figuring out the best way to distract your troubled mind from all of those worries.
warnings : mention of razor blades, mention of self harm, description of self harm, mention of healed scars and fresh cuts, smut, oral sex ( fem! receiving ), fingering.
Another shitty day spent at work easily led you to catch up onto your former bad habits. Even after remaining clean for months, you couldn’t help but immediately think about razor blades as a solution face to your problems. Entering the bathroom, the door shut close behind your shaky silhouette even though you knew that your boyfriend Tom was still at work. It was simply a reflex you’ve gained over the years of practicing those self injuring mannerisms. Hiding.
It didn’t take long for you to lay your delicate yet lethal fingers onto the proper instrument, the razor blade glistening underneath the light of the bathroom. Your other digits pulled your left sleeve up, shaky hand pressing the razor blade against your delicate skin. The flesh drew blood pretty easily, bringing satisfaction to your troubled mind which had been dreaming of this moment for hours now. Soon enough, multiple scratches started to align with one another, blending in with the healed scars which already adorned your left forearm. Unfortunately, your little self harming session was soon put to an end by the unexpected presence of your boyfriend whom had gotten home earlier today.
The door of the bathroom opened, a smile on his face as his blue eyes first glanced up at your face. Tom’s lips parted, the man being ready to speak up and ask you how your day went until his orbs finally caught glimpse of the bad activity you were tiredly leading. His smile faded away, eyes filling with sadness which made you feel bad to force him through such a terrible sight. “What have you done?..” the british man questioned as if it wasn’t obvious enough; which unfortunately managed to make you feel even worst about yourself. Though there was no form of judgment in his voice but the desperate will to understand why.
“I’m sorry.. I didn’t think you would be coming home that early.” You explained shakily, your first reflex being to pull your sleeve back down before putting the razor blade away. Though, Tom took the initiative to walk into the bathroom and gently take ahold of your left wrist, lifting the piece of clothing up again and taking a closer look at your bleeding scratches. A tired sigh escaped his lips, his free hand reaching out for a clean piece of coton which he then passed onto your fresh cuts. His eyes were stern and he spoke no words- the ultimate combo which always managed to make you feel nervous. Though, Tom’s gentle gestures succeeded in making you feel slightly better.
The man knew about your former addiction and issues, and was mostly sad as he felt as if he had failed his main duty which was to keep you safe. Tom wasn’t mad at you; he simply felt mad at himself for not arriving here about ten minutes earlier than he did.
Keeping your eyes on him, you watched as he cleaned and took care of your cuts like any parent would’ve done with their child’s injury. It was a loving move meant to erase a painful action. “Here. All done.” Tom notified before allowing you to pull your now clean arm away, his body leaning over the sink as he started to wash his hands with the help of water and soap. Pulling your sleeve down, you allowed your tired body to lean against the closest wall whilst your hands shakily rubbed onto your cold upper arms in a calming and soothing manner. Your mind and body were visibly craving for physical attention, yet you simply felt too shy to ask nor even admit it through this painful moment which was to be caught by your boyfriend through such a shameful act that was self harm.
“Are you mad at me?..” you ended up asking him, Tom waiting until he was done washing his hands and drying them before he turned towards you. His hand placed onto his hip, sigh escaping his lips whilst his free digits anxiously rubbed at his chin. The lack of answer made you look away, and that mostly out of shame and embarrassment. But thankfully, your boyfriend was soon to answer your question. “I’m not mad at you. I’m just.. worried. Worried that one day...” the grown man didn’t finish his sentence, and this detail was enough to officially put you down. Your face dropped towards the floor, hands nervously fidgeting with one another as you were forced through this unbearable silence.
Noticing your struggles, Tom took the initiative to step before your motionless body as his hand moved up to your chin, delicately pushing your head back up so that your moist eyes would lock with his. You couldn’t help but allow a tear to escape your eye at the sight of your concerned boyfriend’s features, feeling ashamed for forcing him through such a horrid moment of sadness. “I love you. I don’t want to loose you.” He explained, pure sincerity reflecting in the low voice he adorned. His lips then pressed against your forehead, your eyelids closing in order to allow your brain to escape with the help of this loving gesture.
When Tom pulled away, your eyes opened yet again and immediately started to seek eye contact with the man you loved, which was of course returned as soon as possible. His arms wrapped around your fragile body, pulling you in for a hug before progressively starting to lay kisses onto your cheek, jawline, and eventually neck. The sensation of his warm breath against your flesh drove your senses wild, your hand moving up to the back of his head in attempt to grab ahold of his hair and eventually exit your frustration through a few occasional pulls and rubs.
The grown man didn’t take long to acknowledge and understand your physical gestures, lips now moving down your cleavage whilst his hand lifted up your shirt. Lowering his body in order to reach your sensitive spots, Tom’s lips now started to praise your stomach all the way down until the button of your pants. The more the intercourse moved forward, the more Tom seemed to grow more eager face to this unexpected moment. His breath was getting heavier, and his kisses were also growing sloppier.
His large hands now gripped onto the band of your jeans, his natural strength allowing him to pull both of your pants and underwear down in one go. Meanwhile, you took the initiative to sit down beside the sink, legs spreading whilst your boyfriend took care of tearing your lower clothes off your ankles. He then kneeled down between your parted thighs, hands locked around your flesh as his lips praised your knees and inner thighs. A gentle moan escaped your lips as your toes curled face to the sensation of his breath spraying against your sensitive core. Smirking, the british gentleman allowed his nose to collide with your throbbing clit whilst his warm lips took care of properly pleasing your entrance.
His lips eventually moved up to your clit, tongue popping out of his mouth before the warm and moist muscle collided with your hardening bud. You couldn’t help but bite down onto your bottom lip as you watched your boyfriend work, admiring the way his hands, which held your thighs tightly, were covered in beautiful pulsating veins which reflected his physical maturity. It didn’t take long until your body started to squirm gracefully, back arching out of pleasure whilst Tom continued to eat you out. It felt like pure heaven. Though, the sudden and unexpected sensation of Tom’s entire tongue giving your wet lips sloppy licks pushed you above your limits.
Moaning, your hands moved up to his hair, lovingly messing it up as you took a firm hold of it. “Your taste.. it’s exquisite.” Tom spoke between a few focused licks before starting to gently suckle onto your throbbing clit. Your stomach bulged and vacuumed as you breathed heavier than you ever had before, offering your boyfriend the visual confirmation that he was doing a good job. His lips suddenly pulled away from your core, allowing his fingers to take over in the battle face to your resisting clit. The tip of his index and middle digit started to rub circles against your hard bud, sending shockwaves of pleasure through your entire body.
Tom seemingly succeeded in finding your weak spot, giving in just the right amount of efforts that you needed in order to finally reach your peak. Whimpering out of pleasure, your body started to squirm uncontrollably as Tom’s hand made sure to keep your thigh still in order to offer you at least a tad of stabilisation. Your excited hands which still held his hair unintentionally pulled his face against your genitals- earning an amused groan from the man who received the honorable privilege to feel your entrance spasms against his lips. Once the wave of pleasure had finally washed your orgasm away, you were able to let go of Tom and set him free.
Licking his lips as he pulled away from your body, the both of you were now two to catch your breath, panting whilst lustfully looking at one another. This orgasm was just what you needed in order to recover from this painful day at work.
I hope you guys liked this! I feel like it’s kinda shitty but I wrote it whilst being absolutely exhausted. Feel free to leave a request. ❤️
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like-what-the-fuck-scoob · 4 months ago
Teddy Bear (Bucky x Reader)
Tumblr media
Summary - When Bucky goes away on a week long mission, Y/N gives him her favourite teddy bear. Bucky sends them text and photo updates every day until he gets home.
Content Warnings - Light kissing, cuddling, heavy use of pet names, just pure fluff to be honest.
Words - 2.8k
A/N - I am beyond overwhelmed by the support I got for my previous fic. Thank you so much 💖 Again, requests are open, and I hope you enjoy some Bucky fluff!
Y/N - Your name
F/D - Favourite drink
"I'm gonna miss you so much..." You mumbled, planting a soft kiss on your lovers lips.
You and Bucky had been together for a few months now, eyes set on each other the moment you first walked into the avengers tower. What started with movie nights, casual flirting and 'accidental' touching, quickly turned into a passionate and loving relationship. You were everyone's favourite couple. He was yours, and you were his. Despite Bucky having his own bedroom in the compound, he found himself spending most of his time in yours, his head resting on your chest as you combed your fingers through his hair, whispering sweet nothings and talking for hours on end.
Today was the first time Bucky would be going away for a mission since you got together. A week away from your sweetheart wasn't particularly long in theory, but to you it felt like an eternity. You lay on your bed, cozied up next to Bucky, cherishing your time together before he had to leave with Steve in a few hours.
"I know doll, I know." Bucky hushed you as he traced circles on your back. "I wish I could take you with me Y/N..."
You chuckled softly. "We both know Steve would kill us if you packed me in your suitcase baby."
Lowering his head to the crook of your neck, Bucky inhaled your sweet aroma. Your perfume smelled like peaches and plums, and he could almost feel himself unravelling as your bodies tangled together in a warm embrace.
"I'm gonna miss your smell doll," Bucky hummed as he cupped your face with his cool metal palm. "I don't wanna forget your sweet scent while I'm away..."
His words made your heart flutter, a love so strong you never thought it was possible until you met Bucky.
Reaching behind your pillow, you pulled out a small beige stuffed bear. You had named it Smudge, and you had owned him since you were just a small child. As a present from your parents, Smudge the bear had been a stress relief for as long as you could remember, providing cuddles and warmth during your hardest days growing up. Now, as an adult, he sits on your bed every night, your attachment to him far too strong to store him in your cupboard. If there was anything that smelled like you, it was this bear. You wanted your boyfriend to take Smudge for the week, carrying a little piece of you in his suitcase, your hearts connected through a small beloved bear. Though you thought your love for a non-sentient stuffie was a little embarrassing, Bucky thought it was adorable, and made sure to prop him up on your nightstand each night he spent in your bedroom, as he wrapped his arms around your waist assuming the role of your real life teddy bear.
Placing Smudge in Bucky's hands, Bucky gasped slightly. He knew how much this bear meant to you, were you really entrusting him to take it?
"Doll... Are you sure?"
"I couldn't be more sure. I trust you baby." You affirmed. "As long you don't think it's weird..."
You trailed off, realising that you had just given a trained super soldier a literal cuddly toy to take on a combat mission. Bucky's eyes beamed. In actuality he couldn't be happier to take care of your dear Smudge, your gesture pulling on his heart strings, only further reinforcing his love for you.
"I would love too Y/N, I promise I'll take care of him." Bucky insisted as you wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him close.
He giggled lowly, booping your nose with the bears soft fur. "We're gonna look after each other, aren't we Mr Smudge?" He joked, turning the bear to face him.
You let out a hearty laugh at the sergeants charm, placing your forehead against his own, taking a second to embrace this moment, until your darling was whisked away from you.
"You better. I don't want anything happening to my two favourite boys..."
The first night without Bucky was the hardest. It was almost a foreign feeling sleeping on your own, without the arms of your love to keep you warm. Pulling your sheets tight against your body like a caterpillar in an attempt to recreate the feeling of your boyfiends grasp, you heard a chime from your phone.
Clutching the device, you switched it on, the screen illuminating your dark room. "Who on earth is texting me at this time of night?" You wondered aloud, checking your texts only to break out in a wide grin, Bucky's contact name showing in your notifications. He'd sent you a photo message.
11:48pm - Bucky Bear                                      1 Attachment                                                     "Hi doll, I've arrived safe and settled in for the night. The bed here is okay, but nothing can compare to the feeling of falling asleep in your arms. Smudge and I are missing you so much, get some rest. Speak soon, Bucky."
Tumblr media
As you opened the picture attachment you almost had to cover your mouth with your hand to prevent you from squealing at the overwhelming cuteness on your screen. Bucky had sent you a photo of him laying curled up in bed, smiling softly at the camera whilst Smudge was positioned on his shoulder. If you didn't have the best boyfriend in the world, then you surely had no idea what could be sweeter than this. You responded with a series of kissing emojis, letting him know that he was missed, loved, and unequivocally adorable, before you set your phone down for the night and drifted off to sleep, your thoughts brimming with none other than your precious soldier.
Your second day without Bucky wasn't shaping up to be a particularly eventful one. Nat woke you up early for weapons training, and you closed your morning routine with a trip to the local cafe to grab a F/D and a snack. As you made your way home, you once again heard your phone ping in your pocket, the vibration of your text against your side. Slowing your walk in order to pay attention to your message, you see another photo message from your boyfriend.
9:25am - Bucky Bear                                      1 Attachment                                                     "Doll, look at our jet for this week's mission! Isn't it amazing? Me and Smudge can't wait to ride it, and he'll be giving me cuddles during take off. I hope you slept well, I'll be thinking of you. I love you so much, Bucky."
Tumblr media
Your heart nearly burst out of your chest at how much you truly do love this man. You thought last night was a one off, but once again as Bucky posed in front of the jet in his combat suit, your teddy bear was placed on his shoulder, it's button eyes facing the direction of the camera. You wondered what Steve thought about all of this - he must be chuckling to himself watching his best friend, one of the world's deadliest trained fighters, smitten over his girlfriend's stuffed toy.
Making a mental note to respond to Bucky when you arrived back home, you continued your walk back to the tower, unable to control the wide smile and flushed cheeks that made their way across your features.
"Y/N, Y/N!" A low voice hollered your name from outside your bedroom door as you woke from your deep slumber. "It's Sam. Come down for breakfast and then we can go for a run!"
"Okay, give me a sec!"
Gathering yourself together for the morning, you checked your phone. Damn. 10am. You never usually over sleep. On the bright side, the more you slept, the less time you'd have to spend awake, away from your perfect Bucky.
Heading down to your run with Sam, you mentally prepared the rest of your day - your third day without Bucky. First, you'd stop by the bakery for lunch, picking up a little something for Wanda and Nat. The weather was set to rain in the afternoon, so you decided a movie night for one seemed a reasonable choice.
As the hours ticked by, you began to anticipate a text from your lover, starting your movie night with Bucky on your mind. He wasn't obliged to text you of course, and you would never want him to think that you were expecting him to contact you - after all, he had a crucial mission to focus on! But you would be lying to yourself if you said you didn't miss him, if your heart didn't skip a beat at the thought of your phone buzzing with another message from your honey.
Almost like divine timing, as your film came to a close, you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket. Slightly hoping to see Buckys name on the screen, you checked your notification.
8:41pm - Bucky Bear                                      1 Attachment                                                     "Great news Y/N, the mission today went really well. We still have the rest of the week to go, but things seem to be right on track. Tonight, Steve and I have been allowed to visit the little bar attached to our safe house... I wish you were here with me. Smudge is enjoying himself, and asked me if he could have a drink. I said I would ask his mommy 😋. I miss you doll, so much, Bucky."
Tumblr media
Tears welled in your eyes as you gazed over the photo. "Gorgeous..." You whispered to yourself, studying Bucky's features, Smudge placed on the table next to him. You replied with a quick snap of yourself in your pajamas with your movie in the background, congratulating him on his mission, making sure he knew how proud his doll was of everything he had acompished. You couldn't believe he was really bringing your teddy bear everywhere he went - he wasn't lying when he said he'd take care of it. For the first time since Bucky had left three days ago, you slept soundly that night, knowing that even though the space next to you felt empty, your heart was truly, unequivocally, full.
Day 4 without Bucky was tough. He was in the middle of his mission week, and it felt like despite his return in a few days, he was so close yet so far away.
Seeking a distraction, you badgered Wanda into helping you bake a batch of cookies for everyone at the tower, hoping it would take your mind off of your working soldier.
As you placed your cookie tray in the oven, you heard Wanda call your name. "Y/N! Lover boy has just sent you a text..." She winked as she slid your phone across the table. 
"Anything saucy?" She bantered as you opened your photo message.
"Um. Well..." You tried to hide your crimson flush as you set your sights on Bucky at what appeared to be a fruit market, picking out plums from a large crate. Smudge in his metal hand, he examined the fruit with the other, making sure to never to leave the bear behind.
1:09pm - Bucky Bear                                      1 Attachment                                                     "Doll, look at this cute little market that opened today by our safe house. I bought some plums, and some fresh strawberries for Smudge 😘. Not long now until I'll be home, keep strong for me. I'll be thinking of you, Bucky."
Tumblr media
Reminding Bucky that he is meant to stay in his safe house, you sent back a photo of your cookies, thinking out loud whether Steve and Bucky were actually doing any work. Knowing their friendship, probably not. But that didn't matter to you; as long as Steve brought home your boyfriend in one piece, that's all you cared about. A part of you was grateful that they seemed to be having a decent time. It alleviated some stress and worry for you, as you tried to focus on bearing the next couple of days until your Bucky was back in your arms again.
Buzz buzz
Stirring as your eyes flickered open, you woke to the sound of yet another text notification from Bucky. You glanced at your clock - 6:30am. Jesus, why was he messaging you this early? Slightly concerned, you pulled your phone from under your pillow and disconnected the charger.
6:30am - Bucky Bear                                      1 Attachment                                                     "Mornin sleepy head. Smudge and I have a busy day ahead of us. The plan is to finally complete this mission today, so we can spend tomorrow writing up the mission reports. We've evaluated the scene and it seems best to strike early, so I'll keep you updated. Don't worry about me either, I know what you're like doll. I love you, Bucky."
Tumblr media
You buried you face in your pillow to stifle a laugh. You had never known such posers! Both Bucky and Steve stood in their uniforms, their eyes away from the camera as they faked combat. Your teddy bear was placed sitting on top of Steve's shield, it's body also facing away from the camera, mirroring the super soldiers.
"My God..." You giggled. "I can't believe he roped Steve into this."
You thought it would be best to reply to Bucky during the evening, giving him the time and space he needed to complete his mission successfully. Swinging your legs over the side of the bed, you opted to get ready, realising you probably weren't going to able to fall back asleep. After all, Bucky's message felt like a warm, heartfelt start to your day.
Day 6. Your last day without Bucky. He'd be home tomorrow, and you could already imagine the feeling of his chest against yours, holding each other tight and laying in each other's arms. And of course, your favourite teddy would be coming home with your soldier, assuming his position on your pillow - your childhood guardian.
Bucky would be completing mission reports today, so you decided to sleep in a little longer than usual, spending the majority of your day tidying your room, making sure everything was perfect for Bucky when he arrived back. He would surely be tired no doubt, so you wanted everything to be flawless - he shouldn't have to worry about anything other than his own rest and wellbeing. You would spoil him.
Hanging up laundry, your phone chimed. Of course you were over the moon that your boyfriend was returning home tomorrow, but you couldn't deny you were definitely going to miss his daily updates with Smudge.
11:20am - Bucky Bear                                      1 Attachment                                                     "One day left babydoll, we'll be home before you know it. Me and Smudge will be fighting to be the first one to hold you. Filling out mission reports today after a successful operation yesterday, I'm tired and ready for a pizza with my favourite girl. See you tomorrow, Bucky."
Tumblr media
Perfection. Opening the attached image opened a simple selfie of your boyfriend, looking into the camera with his kind blue eyes - your teddy bear stuffed down his t-shirt with his head sticking out under Bucky's stubbly chin - looking at you. And tomorrow, he would be yours again. Your man would come home.
The blare of your alarm woke you up with a start. Stretching your fatigued arms above your head, you felt a pressure against your side. Something soft. Blinking your eyes open fully, you moved your body only to uncover Smudge, your teddy bear, resting against you. Smiling half heartedly at your childhood friend, you came to your senses. Jolting upright, you scanned your bedroom with eager eyes.
"Bucky?" You called out.
"In the shower doll!"
And breathe. He was back home. Your Bucky was home. Releasing a weeks worth of stress you didn't even realise you'd built up, your body sank down into a gentle sleep, knowing that the love of your life was near and safe.
You heard a faint whisper of your name, fluttering your eyes open as a protective metal hand wrapped around your waist. You tried to roll over to face your partner, but Bucky only pressed his chest tighter to your back.
"Shhh... just rest doll. I'll still be here when you wake up. I'm not going anywhere this time."
Relaxing into his embrace, you shifted closer to Bucky, Smudge still cradled in your arms. Your heart really was full.
"I missed you so much Bucky..." You croaked as tears threatened to blur your vision.
"I know, I know babydoll. I missed you every second of everyday."
Kissing your hair, Bucky rubbed circles over your back and you purred sighs of pleasure.
"You know, you didn't have to send me updates with Smudge every day..." You chuckled.
"Anything for you Y/N."
With his strong arms, Bucky gently tugged Smudge from your grasp and placed him on the bedside table, rolling you over to face him, curled up into his protective form.
"Anyway, if you let me, I can be your teddy bear now..."
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If I Go, I'm Goin' Crazy Pt. 2
Tumblr media
Summary: When Waller and the US government will do anything to cover up their mistakes, Delphia Holman takes matters into her own hands. That information will get out - and the love of her life will live to tell about it.
Pairing: Rick Flag x OFC (Delphia Holman)
Word Count: 7,776
Warnings: spoilers for The Suicide Squad, major fluff, panic attack/stress symptoms, blood/injury mention, Rick Flag being a softy once again, language
Timeline: July 2021 (5 years after the first part posted)
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Tumblr media
Five more years, over 100 successful missions, and Task Force X was still going strong. Five more years, one night blissfully spent together turned into multiple in a row, one move in, and Delphia Holman and Rick Flag were still together. Of course, everyone in control had taken a bet on whether or not it would happen eventually, and Economos raked in the cash when Holman casually dropped that she couldn’t work late due to dinner plans with Flag.
And while everyone else poked fun and made Delphia seriously blush — Amanda Waller took note of this relationship development quietly. Stored the information in the back of her mind to use later. It didn’t need to be brought up unless truly necessary. Unless one of them truly stepped out of line. Leverage.
Waller had to guess that Flag knew about Delphia’s abilities. Just by the way they seemed attached at the hip these days. But also by the way he would graze far too close to death and somehow make it out alive. Like he knew something beforehand. She would let it slide for now. Keeping Flag alive was turning missions set to fail into major success. Besides, in spite of Amanda Waller’s uncompromising and cold exterior, she had a soft spot for her assistant. A small one, but at least a soft spot. One that she feared more than any gun pointed to her head.
It was early morning. So early the sun hadn’t even peeked its shining head over the horizon yet, the world still enclosed in darkness and sleep. But Delphia was blearily awake. Eyes only half open.
Her sleep had been unrestful, plagued with half visions of the future. The future of the mission Rick was about to depart for in only a few hours. It was a violent one. Full of death and destruction and things that no one had ever seen before. These visions made it impossible to rest, so instead she rested her chin on Rick’s belly and watched him slumber instead.
In the darkness, fast asleep, he looked so peaceful. Younger even. One arm thrown up onto his pillow and the other gently laid across her back. Her eyes trailed across the tattoos on his upper arms, up to the sharp line of his jaw, down across his collarbone. His hair was messy and he breathed deeply and she felt so entirely in love with him it was insane. Her mind wasn’t thinking about anything, and before Rick, this meant that she would accidentally slip into visions of the future. Seeing things she didn’t want to. Making it impossible for her to relax and just have a quiet moment to herself, always having to have her mind occupied just in case. But with him — with him she could think of nothing at all and stay right there in the present. Enjoying the moment for the first time in her life.
“You watchin’ me sleep?” Rick spoke groggily as his hand came up to smooth over her hair.
She focused back on his face and smiled softly. Hazel eyes barely focused, he was blinking down at her, a lopsided grin stretching his lips. His hand felt so warm as it settled on the back of her neck, massaging softly. Delphia curled up into him even more on instinct. Wanting to be as close to him as she could get.
“Yeah,” she admitted.
“Couldn’t sleep?” He tried to blink away the sleepiness from his eyes, free hand coming down to run over his face.
“Yeah.” Delphia pulled a hand out from under her chin and began tracing her fingers over his chest. “Couldn’t shut my Sight off.”
“Hm — I’m sorry, baby,” he whispered, giving her red hair a soft tug, “Come here.”
She grinned as she pulled herself up and rested her cheek against his chest, legs straddling his thick waist. Rick wrapped his arms around her shoulders. His lips grazed her scalp and she let out a soft sound, almost like a purr, that made Rick chuckle. Deep and reverberating right into Delphia’s chest and it somehow made her feel so warm and at home and good.
“Listen to my heart,” Rick whispered against her hair, placing one hand on her head and holding her to his chest, “Listen to the beat of it.”
Delphia practically melted into him, joined with him as one, as she focused on the steady beat of his heart. It rattled around inside her skull until there was nothing else to think about. Until her mind was so preoccupied with the sound that she couldn’t possibly get lost in visions of the future. She hummed again as the feeling washed over her. Of being completely present, completely held, and completely loved.
There it was. Sleep was finally beginning to wash over her. It was peaceful and beautiful and in the arms of the one she loved it was nearly like drowning in sunlight.
But before she could fall into it completely, a phone somewhere across the room began to ring.
Rick groaned at the sudden, loud noise. Holding onto Delphia a bit tighter so she wouldn’t try to get up and answer it. Though tried as she might to wiggle herself away from him. Most definitely fully awake now.
“Rick,” she grumbled against his chest as she tried to get up, “It’s my work phone! I gotta answer it!”
He sighed in defeat and released her.
Delphia practically leapt from the bed and across the room to the phone still ringing loudly atop their chest of drawers. She caught it just in time, pressing the button to answer and putting it to her ear.
“This is Holman,” she answered as professionally as she could with early morning grog still in her voice and breath heavy.
“I need you at Belle Reve in thirty.” Waller sounded wide awake at this hour.
“Any particular reason?” Delphia asked as she flicked on the lights to their closet and began searching for clothes.
“Change of plans — we’re adding Peacemaker to the team.” This made Delphia pause as she reached for a blouse. “I need you to run the mission again.”
“But — “ She glanced back to the bed, Rick was sitting up — paying attention to the conversation with a furrowed brow. “But they leave in a few hours.”
“Don’t care,” Waller deadpanned, “Just get your ass over here.”
And with that, she hung up. Delphia stared down at her phone for a moment, unsure what Waller’s plan was in adding Peacemaker to the team. But her expression dropped when she did, in fact, figure it out. Peacemaker followed orders to a fault. His moral compass was wavering. An action by the government could cross a line but if he wasn’t told to stop it or say anything about it, he wouldn’t. He would do anything you told him to as long as you told him it was for the betterment of the world and would bring peace and freedom for all. And he would kill anyone in order to see it done.
Unlike Rick Flag.
Who for so long had served his country dutifully, who’s moral compass only reached a certain point. Only in the face of the truly diabolical. For so long, he had gone around the world cleaning up the messes of men far more powerful than himself. And Waller could tell that he was getting tired of it. Tired of this life. Tired of fighting. Tired of following orders that made him feel hollow inside. So she was finding his replacement.
But surely she wouldn’t kick him off the team? He was a leader. Someone many members of Task Force X trusted and actually obeyed the orders of. No. She wouldn’t do that. But then Delphia thought back to the countless times Waller had made her look into the future of the mission. Operation Jotunheim. In the end, Rick would go with his conscience and steal a tape full of information about the American government’s involvement with Project Starfish. The mission would end in success by all accounts, but the US would be exposed for horrific crimes.
Which was not Waller’s endgame. She wanted all traces of Project Starfish wiped from the face of the Earth. Just thinking about it made Delphia’s stomach twist uncomfortably.
Peacemaker was Waller’s backup plan to make sure that tape was destroyed.
Oh, God.
“Dee, what’s going on?” Rick called from the bed.
“Er — uh — “ She quickly put the phone down on a shelf in the closet and pulled out a shirt. “Last minute adjustment to the team, I guess. Waller wants me to come in and take a look.”
“Anything I should worry about?” he asked as he watched her rush through the buttons on her blouse to get it on.
“P-Possibly.” She shoved on a pair of dress pants and some flats. “I’ll find you before you leave.”
Delphia threw on a blazer then hurried over to the bathroom to finish getting ready. While she brushed her teeth, Rick came in behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. He gave her neck a kiss and breathed deep the scent of her. He smiled against her pulse as her free hand wrapped around his forearm.
“I love you,” he whispered.
She struggled to reply around her toothpaste, “I love you, too.”
Tumblr media
Delphia pulled herself from her vision of the future, eyes refocusing on Waller’s office, with a gasp and tears streaming down her face.
No, no, no, no.
“Is the mission successful?” Waller asked calmly, eyes dully taking in her assistant.
“Y-Yes,” Delphia stuttered through her tears, “B-But — “
“No buts,” Waller said, “Is any trace of Project Starfish destroyed?”
Delphia barely choked out a whisper, “Yes.”
“Good. You’re dismissed.”
It took everything in Delphia’s power to not sprint from the room. She got up from her chair calmly, trying to get control over her breathing and her tears. But as soon as she was out in the hallway she was jogging in the direction of the prisoner prep rooms. Rick would be waiting there to escort the newest Task Force X member and she needed to get to him.
She couldn’t stop seeing it. Couldn’t stop the milky whiteness overtaking her vision as she ran through the hallways and bumped into people as she went. She tried to blink the white away, tried to stay in the moment, but her brain was going faster than her rational thoughts could process. It was making it hard to breathe, hard to swallow, hard to hear. All she could see was blood and bathroom tiles and dead hazel eyes staring up at her.
And there he was. Standing in the hallway at the end of prisoner prep, leaning back against the wall, waiting for the mission to start. He smiled when he spotted her, picking himself up from the wall. But then he saw her face. Buckled in fright and worry, tear stains on her red cheeks, and blue eyes constantly flickering between normal and white.
“Rick,” she muttered, fresh tears bubbling out of her as she leaned her hand against the wall.
As a man of action, he quickly pulled her into the supply closet across the hall and locked it from the inside. But once inside the dark space, Delphia burst. Seeing him only made it worse. The milky whiteness overtook her and she was right back in Jotunheim. Unable to do anything but watch as Peacemaker jammed that bathroom tile into Rick’s heart. She gasped for breath. Her lungs wouldn’t fill with enough air. She felt like a fish out of water as she reached out and grabbed Rick’s tactical vest to keep herself upright. Oh, God, there he was. Lying on his back, dead eyes staring up at the ceiling, tile sticking out of his chest. Peacemaker had left but she couldn’t stop looking at him.
This was his future.
“Dee! Delphia!” In the back of her mind, she could hear Rick calling her name as quietly as he could.
She felt hands grab her shoulders. Something hard against her cheek. Then a hand on the back of her neck, massaging gently.
“Dee — listen to my heart,” Rick spoke softly against the shell of her ear, “Listen to the beat of it.”
In the future, she tore her eyes away from his body on the floor. She could hear it. Softly, in the distance. Like a familiar beat of drums that called her home. White overtook her vision again and she was in a dark closet, vision blurred on the edges with tears. Her breathing was slowing, still rapid. But the only thing she could hear was Rick’s heart, still alive and beating in her ear. It moved around her skull until there was nothing left except his arms holding her tight and the fact that right here, right now, he was still alive.
And that there was something she could do about it.
“Rick,” she whimpered.
“You saw it again — didn’t you?” he guessed quietly, thumb moving gently against her waist.
Delphia nodded.
She had seen his death countless times — in dozens of different ways. Gunshot wounds. Falls. Beatings. Crushes. Stabbings. But no matter how many times she saw it she was never prepared the next time it came around. It never ceased to bring a panic from deep inside her, like a well overflowing until she could feel nothing else. To see the one that you love die in so many different ways, so many different times — it was torture. Unbareable and painful and otherwordly. How had her ancestors dealt with this? How had they lived entire lives seeing the deaths of everyone that they ever cared about and not said a word of complaint to the aliens above who did this to them? Delphia cursed them nearly every single day.
This time, however, this vision felt different. It felt final and inexorable. That no matter what she did this was going to occur. There was no stopping it. It was meant to be.
No. Nothing was meant to be. The future is not set in stone.
“Can you show me?” he asked gently into the top of her head.
It took everything inside her to pull herself away from him — to stop listening to the reassuring beat of his heart. She looked into his face, pinched in concern and cast in dark shadow that made his eyes look sunken in. Squeezing her eyes shut a few more tears fell that were quickly wiped away by hands much larger than her own. Then she reached up, pressing her thumbs into his temples and wrapping her hands around his head. He was sweating just a bit. Rick always hated this part, but it needed to be done in order to save his life.
Rick Flag was the only person in her entire life she was able to take with her into her visions of the future. They had been messing around one night — her looking into the future while Rick tried to guess what she was looking at. A game they played often. But one night Rick suggested, as a joke, that she needed to connect to his mind in order for him to guess right. Delphia obliged and grabbed ahold of his head, concentrating as hard as she could on Rick, to play along, as she looked into a random future. But when she unfocused, came out of the milkey whiteness, Rick was standing right there with her. Confused as hell and screaming. They had stayed up the entire night after that — going around the world together ten years from now.
Delphia took a calming breath and thought about the coming mission again. Corto Maltese. Jotunheim. Starro. She felt her eyes and mind unfocus — heard Rick take in a sharp breath. The dark supply closet became blurred and was suddenly gone. Replaced by a milky white that faded to reveal a different scene entirely.
She tried to show him what was only truly important for his survival. Rick felt that it was unfair when she showed him too much of the missions that he went on, saying that it gave him an advantage over his teammates. So she dropped them into a vision of just the very end of the assignment. Right when he’s pulling the tape out of Thinker’s computer.
Out of the corner of her eye, Delphia saw Rick looking around the room in disgust. So this was Project Starfish. The first time Delphia saw it, she had thrown up. But right now she couldn’t even care to look at it. All she could focus on was Rick, future Rick, all bloodied and bruised and pissed off that the government had used him once again. She grabbed hold of present Rick’s hand and forced him to pay attention when Peacemaker came with his gun pointed at his head.
Then as the building fell on top of them. Then as the two of them tried to kill one another over the tape. And finally, Delphia and Rick watched, as Peacemaker jammed a piece of bathroom tile right into Rick’s heart. Delphia felt him flinch as he watched, eyes observant, and he gripped her hand just a little bit tighter. That was enough.
She pulled them both back to the present and into that closet.
Rick took a shuddering breath and squeezed her waist. “Well, that was…Reassuring.”
“Please, just — “ Her hands slipped down his face to feel the rough stubble of his cheeks. “Please come back to me.”
“You know I always do, baby,” he whispered.
Nudging his nose with her’s, he drew her into a kiss. Soft, gentle, reassuring, saying so much more than either of them ever could. Delphia desperately clung to his shoulders and neck. His grip on her waist was a vice. Their lips crushed against one another. Fingers dug into flesh — sure to leave bruises. But it didn’t matter.
It didn’t matter, it didn’t matter, it didn’t matter. Because to be held like this, hard and truthful and loving, it was like escaping death. Over, and over, and over again.
Tumblr media
“You told Flag about his death?” Waller questioned.
Delphia sat across from her in her office, stone faced and hands clasped lightly in her lap. “No.”
“You’re a shit liar, Holman.” Waller stared across the desk at her with a dead expression. “I know you’ve been doing it for years now. It’s been to my favor thus far so there’s been no need to confront you. But this mission is far too important.”
“But he’s important to me.”
“I don’t care.” Waller got up from her desk and moved to the door. “You’ve compromised the mission so you’re off the case. Congratulations — you’re on desk duty.”
“Wait, what?” Delphia asked, getting up from her chair and looking back at Waller with a wounded expression.
She needed to be in the control room. Waller always wanted her in the control room. Especially for when things got dicey. She would give Delphia a signal and she would look into the future by only a few minutes, letting her know the outcome before it even happened. But Delphia also wanted to know what was going on as it was happening. Wanted to know if her visions came true or not. To know if Rick was okay or not.
“I want you at your desk for the next few days. If I see you anywhere near the control room, Holman, I swear to God — I will not hesitate to put a power dampening collar on you.”
Waller slammed the door shut behind her. And through tears, Delphia put a hand to her neck. She had one of those on before. Back when she had very little control of her powers and would get stuck in the future. It was the only way to get her back. But the collar was heavy, demoralizing, and made her feel wholly unlike herself. And she knew that if she didn’t do what Waller said pretty soon she would start making poorly veiled threats towards her elderly adoptive parents — or worse, Rick.
So Delphia retreated to her desk like a kicked dog. Tail between her legs and tears building in her eyes. And as she sat down, she could already feel her heartrate picking up. The slight shake of her hands. Her stomach twisting and turning on itself. Taking a calming breath, she thought it best to dive into her work. Catch up on reports and adjust Waller’s busy schedule. There was nothing she could do now. It was all out of her hands. And even if she couldn’t watch the monitors like a hawk or listen in on comms, she knew that Rick was going to be okay.
At least for now.
But about two hours later she was out of work to do and that anxious feeling was rising in her stomach again. Filling her mouth with bile and making it difficult not to turn her Sight off. And Delphia supposed that one little check in wouldn’t hurt.
She thought about who Rick Flag was. After all these years in the military he still wasn’t a morning person. Giving of himself, of his time, his money, his kindness. Very good at putting together IKEA furniture. Always had to have a hand on her — especially in public. Light, goodness, stubborn, kept the apartment clean, liked to be the little spoon sometimes.
Her eyes unfocused and she was in a jungle. A jungle of Corto Maltese only a few minutes from now. It was dark, the night sounds of the tropical forest buzzed loudly in her ears. She was at the edge of the freedom fighter’s camp, which was alight with lanterns and campfires. There was soft Latin music coming from a crackling radio and a small group of people were laughing. It was safe here. And it didn’t take her long to find Rick. Her Sight had dumped her right next to the tent Soria would put him in to patch him up and let him rest.
She moved inside the tent and there he was — or would be in a few minutes — laying down on a cot asleep. He would be cleaned up, his wounds tended to, and then the freedom fighters would leave him alone to sleep until they could figure out what to do with an American soldier. Delphia breathed deep as she took in the sight of him. White bandages covered his shoulder and side. But other than that he looked okay. She moved further inside the tent and knelt down at his side. More than anything, she wanted to be there with him. To heal his wounds and hold him and tell him that everything was going to be okay. But Rick would’ve rather died then allow her to come on a mission. So this would have to do.
With every near death experience, Delphia always was able to give some tip about what he could do to avoid it. Don’t stand right there. That guy has a knife. Get behind this cover. But this time was different. There was no advice or warning she could give that would just make his death not happen. He had already seen the atrocities that the American government had done and were making him cover up. The limit of his moral compass had been reached. And she could tell he was tired — so very tired of fighting for something he wasn’t entirely sure he believed in anymore. He was still going to try and take that tape. She just knew he was. That was who Rick Flag was. Which was why it seemed so inevitable. Which was why it felt like her heart was trying to jump out of her throat — either that or she was about to scream at the top of her lungs.
Never had she felt so helpless in the face of a future she had seen. Never before had she felt like this was the last time she would ever be with him.
“Dee,” Rick whispered and she jumped at the sound, looking down at him with raised brows, “I’m gonna be okay — I love you, baby.”
His eyes were open. It looked like he was looking right at her. He couldn’t see her, but he knew she would be watching. Tears fell down her cheeks as she reached out and touched his face. She couldn’t feel him, and he definitely wouldn’t be able to feel her. But that was okay.
This was enough.
Tumblr media
Three days.
Everyone around the office could tell that Delphia was miserable. She barely talked to anyone. She wasn’t in the control room with the rest of them like she usually was. She looked pale (sometimes green), with bags under her eyes and a permanent frown pulling on her lips. Economos wondered to the rest of the team if her and Flag had broken up. Crawley and Harcourt immediately rejected this idea, having been secretly rooting for the two of them for years. But Waller quickly shut down any more conversation about it. Which ultimately led the team to assume that whatever Delphia was upset about, it had to do with Waller and this mission.
But the mission was about to end. On it’s last hours, Delphia was still sitting behind her desk outside Waller’s office. She was working furiously. Anything to keep her mind distracted and focused on what her hands needed to get done. Anything to keep herself from slipping into a future she so desperately wanted to see, and at the same time wanted to avoid at all costs. She wanted to know if he was alive, if he made it. But she feared that if she looked in on him again she would break down completely. Or worse, be unable to pull herself back out — paralyzed by the fear that this could be the last she saw of him.
As she typed away, finishing a speech Waller didn’t have to give for another month, the boss herself came into the room holding an ice pack to the back of her head and a scowl etched into her face.
“What happened?” Delphia asked as she watched Waller stalk over to her office.
“Wouldn’t you know?” Waller questioned back before yanking her office door open and stepping inside.
Delphia grinned only slightly. Yeah. She did know. But had chosen not to share that information with Waller.
Through the open door, Delphia could see that Waller was taking a phone call. What call could be so important that she had to come all the way back to her office to take it? Delphia quickly picked up her own phone and listened in on the other line.
“And that’s only a taste of what’s on that drive. I’ve uploaded it all to a secure server.” That was Robert DuBois’ voice. Delphia furrowed her brow as she tried not to act suspicious. “Now, if you kill any one of us, or my daughter ever sees the inside of a prison, it goes public. If we all go free, plus Flag and his girl get to retire — it never has to see the light of day.”
“I told you I’d make you a leader, DuBois,” Waller replied, “You got a deal.”
Delphia quickly slammed the phone back down on the receiver and stared at it for a long time. Her mind racing. Flag and his girl? Retire? Rick was alive?
“I’m assuming you heard that, Holman,” Waller called from her office.
“Yeah,” Delphia said, only daring to glance towards her boss’s office.
“I’ll send the paperwork to your email tomorrow. But for now — get the fuck out. I genuinly never wanna see you again.”
Delphia didn’t have to be told twice. But she also heard, underneath the stone-cold and muted hostility, the care that was in Waller’s voice. I don’t wanna see you again — I don’t wanna see you locked up like your mother was. It made Delphia smile as she looked back at Waller’s office. Fourteen years of her life were spent working with Waller. Most of them were miserable and difficult, but professionally it had been all she had ever known. And Waller, despite her faults, had been a good boss.
It was as if, suddenly — as she grabbed her purse and strutted out the door never to return — the world was so much wider than it had ever been before. She was no longer at Waller’s every beck and call. She could follow any career path she wanted. Which was something she hadn’t thought about since she was a small child. She would never return to the place of death where she was born. She could move away from Louisiana if she wanted. If Rick wanted.
Oh, my God — Rick.
What were once potential screams of agony were turning to shouts of joy as she moved through the bowels of Belle Reve. Ashes to fresh water. Death to life.
Rick was alive. And they were free. Free to go wherever they wanted, no longer bound to ARGUS and its master plan. They could actually, physically go to all those places they only saw in her visions. Free to be whatever they wanted. Rick had always been a military man, just like his father. But he also dreamed about starting a family, owning a house with the nice fenced in yard. And Delphia, well — she could finally start dreaming about what her future could look like instead of knowing what it entailed.
Her own future was no longer set in stone.
It took several hours for Task Force X to arrive back at Belle Reve from Corto Maltese. They flew in by helicopter and then were driven from the airfield to the penitentiary where they all were immediately carted to the clinic to be treated for their various wounds.
Rick Flag was probably the worst for wear out of all of them. Major concussion. Deep stab wound on his right side. Bruises on about 30% of his body. A cut above his eye. Broken rib. A knocked out tooth. But other than that he was alive, and breathing, and there wasn’t a bathroom tile sticking out of his chest and that was enough for Delphia. That was enough for a lifetime.
“Hey Holman,” Dr. Fitzgibbon came up to her in the hallway outside the clinic with a sigh and a clipboard, “I know it’s against protocol because you’re not his spouse or anything — but I really don’t give a fuck. So here’s Flag’s personal effects. He should be out in a few minutes.”
He handed her a baggy full of an assortment of items, mainly two side arms, shoulder holster, a pocket knife, and a torn up yellow shirt. She asked as she set it in her lap, “How is he?”
“He’s fine,” Dr. Fitzgibbon sighed, “Should take it easy for a few days — I know he won’t. But apparently he’s not my problem anymore, so — “
Fitzgibbon tossed up his hands, turned, and walked back inside the clinic. Delphia breathed deeply as she watched him go. He really was the most aggravating man.
She could see through the window that Rick was sitting up on one of the observation tables, a nurse cleaning up the cut on his face. He was deep in conversation with Robert DuBois. Brow furrowed and left hand gesturing widely. All that remained of Task Force X was inside the clinic as well. Harley Quinn, Ratcatcher 2, Polka-Dot Man, and Nanaue. They all looked exhausted. Especially Ratcatcher.
But Delphia couldn’t focus on them for too long, her eyes kept drifting back to Rick. Who, once he noticed she was just on the other side of the glass, kept looking over at her with increasing frequency while still talking with DuBois. She smiled at him, a lopsided grin that made her cheeks hurt. DuBois seemed to notice his lost interest and looked out the window with an irritated expression. He then nodded his head at Delphia and Rick nodded with a smile.
Oh. They were talking about her now.
She looked away from them blushing, down to the plastic bag in her lap. For personal effects, they didn’t seem very personal. Two sidearms, ones that weren’t even his. His father’s pocket knife that he took with him on every mission. A disgusting and nearly ripped to shreds yellow shirt that she had no idea where he got it from. Delphia shifted the items around carefully, trying to see if there was anything else inside. And that was when she spotted a small, blue, velvet box — speckled by dirt and blood.
Her gut reaction was to snap her head up and look at Rick through the window. But he was distracted by Harley, who had bounced right back from the mission and seemed as jovial as ever. He, DuBois, and Harley were now chatting and laughing together. Delphia looked back at the little velvet box and swallowed hard. An overwhelming joy settled deep inside her bones as she felt the shape of it through the plastic.
How long had he been carrying it around? When was he planning on asking?
Delphia had been expecting this. Rick had not been so subtle — especially when he outright asked her if she had ever seen any rings she liked. They had talked about marriage before. Rick was a traditional man, when he loved somebody he was going to show it and he was going to show it in the way he felt was right. But with the mission and everything that had been going on, she had completely forgotten.
Tears blurred the edges of her vision as she continued to look at the box. Tears of a sudden and complete joy.
But then Rick’s gentle, tired voice called her away softly, “Dee?”
He was standing outside the clinic doors. A fresh t-shirt and Army issue sweats on. His smile was light and affectionate as he watched her get up from her seat quickly and cross the hall towards him. Delphia, without even thinking, put her hands on his waist and pressed her forehead into his chest. Right where that tile would have been. The tears welled up and stained his shirt. She could hear his heart beating as he wrapped her up in his arms.
“I — I…” She tried to find some words, any words to describe what she felt in that moment.
Thankful. Relieved. Terrified. Whole. Scared. Warm. In love. Loved.
But Rick seemed to understand. “I know.”
“Come on.” Delphia pulled herself away, with some effort, and grabbed ahold of his hand. “Let’s go home.”
“Please,” he sighed, shoulders visibly sagging as he allowed her to lead him down the hall.
They were quiet as they walked through Belle Reve one final time. Out to the parking lot where, so many nights after a mission, they nearly kissed. It was midafternoon. The Louisiana sun was blazing hot and the air was thick with moisture. It nearly made it hard to breathe. The marshlands surrounding the penitentiary were alive with animal sounds. Frogs croaking, cranes calling to one another, summer bugs buzzing as one. But once they were inside Delphia’s car, all the noise stopped. Rick had to lower himself down into his seat slowly, his tired body screaming at him to just stop. And once he was fully seated he huffed and leaned his head back against the seat, eyes closing only briefly.
Delphia started the car and began the thirty minute drive back to their apartment.
“How did you do it?” she asked.
Rick groaned as he reached over and put his hand on her thigh. Making it very hard for her to concentrate on driving. He squeezed her flesh gently as he began, “I made a plan with Cleo and DuBois. Told them about you and what you saw. Once I had the tape and Peacemaker came in — we took him down together.”
“What happened to showing it to the press?”
“DuBois had the better idea of usin’ it as a bargaining chip to get us all free.”
“And is that what you wanted?” She glanced over at his tired face and couldn’t help the smile tugging at her lips. “To be free?”
“I don’t think it’s settled in yet,” he sighed, “But if it means we get to be together and we get to be happy — then, yeah. It’s what I want.”
Delphia grinned now as she took up his hand from her thigh and pressed it to her lips. Kissing each knuckle, every cut and bruise, as her eyes remained focused on the road.
“I love you, Rick Flag,” she spoke into his flesh.
“I love you, too, Dee.” He was smiling when she looked over at him. “So much. Forever.”
Rick Flag’s apartment had changed so much in five years. For one thing, it was no longer just his apartment. Both of their names were on the lease now. It was no longer bare bones and necessities only. There were curtains, and party dishes, art on the walls, pictures on the mantle, vases and plants, throw pillows and quilts. Evidence that he lived there. That they had made a life there — together. Her parents Christmas card was still on the counter and a photo album of their trip to the beach last year was on the coffee table. There were mugs in the sink and socks on the floor. And it was messy and beautiful and personal and home.
Delphia came inside first. Unlocking the door and helping Rick back to the bedroom. He immediately kicked off the clinic slippers he’d been wearing and practically fell down onto the bed. Delphia chuckled as she watched him gather one of the throw pillows into his arms and tuck it into his chest. He really was tired.
“Do you wanna just sleep in that, babe?” she asked as she set the baggy full of personal effects down on the chest of drawers.
He only groaned in response.
“Okay,” she chuckled lightly, “Do you need anything before you go to sleep then?”
She took the guns out of the baggy carefully, made sure the safeties were on, and put them away in Rick’s gun safe. The shirt she threw in the dirty laundry, unsure what else to do with it. The pocketknife was left respectfully on the chest of drawers, by his father’s Purple Heart. Then all that was left was that little velvet box. What on earth was she supposed to do with that?
“Hm — you, baby,” Rick called from the bed, “Need you.”
Smiling from ear to ear, she turned to look at him for a moment. Curled up on the bed with comfy sweats, one arm stretched out across the comforter like he was reaching towards her. Hazel eyes barely open and hair messy. Oh, yes. Anytime. Anywhere. Any future. She was his, and he was hers.
But his eyes widened when he saw the box still in her hands.
Her brows furrowed in confusion, until she too realized that she still held it delicately in her fingers.
“Oh, God.” She quickly hid it behind her back, unsure how that was going to help. “I’m sorry — I didn’t mean to — I can put it back!”
Rick struggled to roll onto his back and sit up slightly in bed. Tossing the throw pillow onto the floor. Then he patted the spot next to him softly. “Come ‘ere.”
Taking a deep breath, Delphia climbed onto the bed and sat down in the spot beside him. Rick wrapped one arm around her hip, giving it a reassuring squeeze, while the other took hold of the hand not gripping the velvet box for dear life.
“Is this what you want?” he asked softly, looking up into her face like she was the very stars in the sky.
“Always,” was her reply, “You are the only thing in my life that I’ve ever gotten to choose. I choose you every time.”
Rick smiled. A beautiful thing that tried to hide the tears that had built in his hazel eyes. Then he gently pulled the blue box from her hand.
He took a nervous breath. “Oh, God — I’ve been carryin’ this thing around for six months, you know?”
“Oh.” Delphia’s heart melted just a little bit more. “That’s a long time.”
“I just — no time ever felt right or perfect — “
“Trust me, I know there’s no perfect time for anything.” She reached out and touched his cheek, his stumble was a bit longer than the last time she saw him, his skin a bit tanner. “But right now — right now seems pretty damn good.”
Rick smiled again and opened the box. Delphia didn’t even look inside it. Blue eyes, present and focused, remained on his face.
“Dee, baby girl — will you marry me?”
Delphia was certain what propelled her. What electricity coursed through her veins to make her crash into the man laying before her. She surged into him like the tide to the shore and embraced him with a searing kiss. She kissed him long and sweet and powerful. One of those kisses that felt like it was being hot ironed into her very soul. His strong arms circled around her waist and pulled her on top of him. Her fingers tangled into his hair. It was slow and warm and yearning and nothing else mattered because she was marrying Rick Flag.
When the kiss finally broke, Rick took the ring from the box and slipped it onto her finger. It was beautiful. And she smiled when she remembered that it was one of the rings she had sent him a link to some six months ago. It was a delicate ring with a champagne diamond center, haloed by smaller diamonds in an art deco design. It was perfect.
“You’re stuck with me now, Flag.” She smiled against his lips.
“Not stuck,” he muttered back with a shake of his head, “Not if it’s you. I’d choose you every time.”
Delphia smiled, girlish and blushing, as she borrowed her face into his neck. The world was wider and more beautiful and held in her arms. She could feel his heart beating against her ear, his blood pulsating against her temple as she snuggled deeper into him. What futures possibly awaited them? She couldn’t wait to meet them — not in a vision — but as they came.
There was a knock at the door.
Delphia mumbled into Rick’s neck, “Who the hell is that?”
“Er — yeah, I know who it is.” He squeezed her waist to signal her to get up.
She rolled off of him with a furrowed brow. “Who?”
“Well, I — uh — “ He got up from the bed with a moan and a hand to his side. “Was gonna tell ya in the car. But then I forgot.”
“Forgot what?”
Rick was going towards the door and Delphia followed curiously. Before they got to the door however, Rick turned and stopped them both with a guilty expression on his face.
“I — I kinda invited the rest of the team to stay at our place.” When her eyes widened he held up his hands in defense. “At least for one night. Come on, Dee, they saved my life.”
All Delphia really wanted to do was fuck her fiancé senseless and then sleep for the next forty-eight hours. But he was looking at her with such kindness and earnestness. He really just wanted to help out his friends. And who was she to deny him that privilege? Who was she to say no when she knew that if she opened her door to these criminals she genuinly would feel better for it?
So she relented with a sigh and a gesture towards the door for him to open it.
Rick smiled and gave her a quick kiss of gratitude.
On the other side of their door stood Robert DuBois with a dufflebag over his shoulder. And behind him was the rest of the team. Cleo Cazo with Sebastian on her shoulder looking sleepy. Abner Krill with a nervous expression etched into his long features. Harley Quinn waved with a wide smile when the door opened. And Nanaue stood at the back. Delphia wondered how they got the shark in there without anyone noticing.
“Come on in, guys.” Rick opened up the door fully and stepped aside.
“You have a lovely home,” Cleo commented as she came through the doorway.
Delphia quickly snapped out of the trance seeing all these superpowered criminals in her home put her in and got to work. This was her home. They were her guests. And if there was one thing that her adoptive mother taught her, it was how to be a good host.
“You guys must be exhausted,” she said as the door closed behind Nanaue. “I’ll go get some blankets and spare pillows. We do have a guest room if the girls wanna sleep in there. Rick, do you know where the air mattress is?”
An hour later and everyone was set up for the rest of the night and several extra-large pizzas were on their way. Harley and Cleo had the guest room. DuBois was on the couch. Abner had the air mattress. And Nanaue was apparently perfectly happy on the floor. It was a bit cramped, but their home had never felt so full before. Full of hope. This was these guys’ chance to do something better with their lives. Or, at least slightly better than a life of crime.
And Delphia and Rick, as they stood in the doorway to their bedroom and watched everyone settle in, seemed to have the same idea.
“What if we let them stay?” she asked quietly, arm slung around his waist.
“We are letting them stay,” Rick laughed.
“No. I mean, like — until they get back on their feet.” Delphia looked up at him with a smile. “All they need is a bit of guidance and love and care. We could give them that.”
Rick groaned as he leaned down and kissed the top of her head. “And I didn’t think I could love you any more.
“We may need a bigger house, though.”
Tumblr media
A/N: would you guys mind sending in some requests for these two (and the Squad Family)? I'm just so obsessed with them and want to write more lol I don't write smut so please don't request anything like that. But I would just love some domestic fluff, found family bull shit.
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ericspinkhair · 7 months ago
dirty thoughts from a distance
pairing: dom!changmin x virgin!reader, best friends to lovers, college au!
synopsis: you masturbate while thinking of your best friend and he catches you moan out his name
word count: 3.8k
warnings: maybe slight angst, (getting caught) masturbating, mutual masturbation, sex in general ig
a/n: y'all are crazyy! it has barely been 19 days and I have already hit 100 followers🤧 thank you guys so much for your support and sending in requests!!! everytime I see leave me nice messages I feel so encouraged to keep on writing even though there is still a lot of room to improve and I am not always completely satisfied with what I create. I wish all of you a great day and hope that you stay happy and healthy!!
this chapter is especially dedicated to @bangcrispychannie​ and anon who requested this kind of scenario ❤️
masterlist + requests
Tumblr media
for three years you wondered why you hadn't lost your virginity yet. it's not like you didn't have enough opportunities since you had been in two relationships so far, both lasted about five to seven months.
the feelings in your first relationship were been mostly one-sided however.
when a guy in your biology class named Minho confessed his crush for you, you thought that the only logical next step was to become a couple. you were quite flattered that he had taken such an interest in you and believed and hoped you would eventually develop feelings for him as well. the problem was you didn't. after not being able to be emotionally let alone physically intimate with him for a few months into your relationship, he finally confronted you and you confessed that you just couldn't bring yourself to see him that way. your relationship came to an end just before becoming a senior in high school.
in your last year, you got close with Seonghwa. you were seat neighbors in your english class and you'd chat all the time. he was perfectly sweet, smart and funny and you instantly got along just fine. you developed an interest in him and he seemed to feel the same way. he asked you out with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and some chocolate and you agreed to being his girlfriend without much thought. you caught yourself falling in love with this boy and didn't shy away from physical affection such as kissing and holding hands. you were convinced you were ready to give yourself to him during prom night but when it came to it you chickened out. a couple of hours before, you had found out that your best friend changmin had broken up with his girlfriend of six months.
for a long time you hadn't been able to decipher why you hadn't slept with Seonghwa then. as time passed, the unpleasant answer became clearer and clearer: you had brought up your hopes.
you had been best friends with changmin basically since you started elementary school. on the first day, he scared you with a stupid horror mask he had sneaked in from home and made you cry. he felt so guilty and was determined to make it up to you and to become friends. you had been inseparable ever since.
when he got his first girlfriend in junior year you were devastated. you convinced yourself that the reason for that was that you had been scared he was going to replace you as his best friend but in reality you had felt jealousy.
you were suppressing your feelings because if you confessed, things might become awkward. there was no way changmin could ever like you the same way.
all of this became more difficult as you moved in together for college. you were sharing an apartment now and every day, it became harder to avoid your growing and troublesome feelings. your heart would beat faster whenever he walked around shirtless (which was most of the time) and you decided to try to ignore him. this was especially difficult since you wanted to appreciate his physique. when had he become this handsome? changmin had been dancing all his life so he had always been fit but now that he was majoring in it and training most of the time, his body had developed and he had become super toned and his abs were more prominent.
he'd often make his way into your dreams and you'd let him do inappropriate things with you. you'd wake up wet and needy and even more confused. you were ashamed of seeing him this way. this was not how one normally thought about their best friend.
it was a wednesday morning and you were eating breakfast when changmin joined you in the kitchen. he flashed you a big smile, making his pretty dimples appear which you didn't see as you did not look at him.
'good morning, y/n!' he greeted you in a good mood. you just grunted in response, intensely staring at the cereal swimming in your bowl.
the fact that you couldn't even spare him a glance hurt changmin but he tried to not let it show. he wanted to get you to talk to him.
'do you want to watch a movie and play some board games today after class?' he proposed. you hadn't spent a lot of time together ever since you had become aware of your feelings.
'I have an essay due tomorrow,' you quickly made up as an excuse. the corners of changmin's mouth twitched but you didn't notice as you were too preoccupied with doing anything that didn't include looking at him.
'then maybe on the weekend. or next-' 'I'll be busy,' you interjected. 'I have lots to do.' you stressed the lots to emphasize there was absolutely no way you would be able to hang out with him any time soon.
'umm… okay. I'll be going to class.' he told you dejected. your heart sank but you didn't respond. he was wondering whether he had done anything to make you upset but he couldn't wrap his mind around it. this had been going on for a while and he was starting to become desperate.
when you first got the apartment you spent every free minute of the day together, happy that you finally moved out and could be with each other 24/7, but then you stopped talking to him completely out of nowhere. from one day to the other, you would avoid leaving your room when he was outside and barely talked to him anymore. at first, changmin thought you were just stressed and that you'd eventually warm up again when exam season came to an end but a few months had passed and, if anything, the situation was even worse than before.
you were watching the time and after ten minutes you decided to leave for classes as well. you had started doing this so you couldn't possibly catch up to him and risk having a conversation.
'hey, y/n, what's up!' your friend chanhee hugged you when you arrived on campus. you were both majoring in fashion design and were getting along on well since the beginning of the first semester.
you sighed exasperatedly. 'changmin's up.' you puffed your cheeks and pouted. chanhee nodded knowingly. he was the only person who was aware of your little secret and that was only because you had accidentally drunk confessed the whole story to him at your first college party.
'you know maybe you should tell him. this whole thing is clearly not making you happy and I saw changmin walk by a few minutes ago. if I had to guess I'd say he was in an even worse mood than you. someone accidentally ran into him and he pushed them hard and called them names. it's not like him to overreact like this. he's usually super collected. I think you finally managed to break his spirit,' chanhee reported to you.
this had never been what you intended. why did everything have to be so difficult? you didn't want to be the cause of your best friend's unhappiness.
'he must feel like I despise him. but I cannot confess to him, that would be the end of our friendship!' you were constantly torn apart by this dilemma.
'well, if you're not gonna act on your feelings, maybe try to move on? find something casual or serious with someone new? then you'd forget all about changmin and you'd be able to go back to acting normal around him' he suggested.
chanhee's advice didn't sound too bad. if you couldn't get with changmin then you had to de-crush yourself and find somebody different to focus your emotional energy on. but on who?
'is there anyone you could think of?' you ask chanhee. he had great taste in practically everything so you highly valued his opinion.
'hmm, you could potentially try younghoon hyung? I've seen him eyeing you for weeks now and he even told me thinks your gorgeous.' he wiggled his eyebrows teasingly.
younghoon was a pretty art student, whom chanhee knew from high school. you didn't talk to him often, mostly at parties and he wasn't exactly your type but you tried to remember shouldn't judge him by his first impression when you haven't even got to know him.
chanhee pulled out his phone and soon you felt yours vibrate in your back pocket. you looked at him questioningly.
'I sent you his number in case you're interested,' he explained proudly. he put his hand on your shoulder and you could see the concern in his eyes. 'you really need to get over changmin if don't want to confess,' he insisted firmly.
so you decided to text younghoon during class. he was very polite and you thought he was cute as he seemed excited to talk to you. you agreed to hang out sometime to get to know each other and decided to meet up friday for dinner.
after the end of your classes, you walked home to warm up yesterday's leftovers. to your dismay, changmin had also decided to come home for once. since you began acting all weird and refused to eat with him, he usually spent lunch time with his dance mates as they had practice after anyway. why had he decided to come here today? your question was answered when he ran up to you, smiling from ear to ear and you noticed he was hiding something behind his back.
'you know how there is a blackpink concert downtown on friday? guess what!' he held up two tickets. surely you would at least agree to spend time with him if it meant being able to see your favorite group, right?
he must have gone through so much trouble to get tickets for you and since blackpink were your favorite music artists you were actually contemplating on going but then you remembered you had made plans.
'I can't. I'm going out with younghoon friday night.'
'kim younghoon?' he raised an eyebrow skeptically.
'why would you to be spending time together? I didn't know he was even talking to you,' he questioned you. anger was boiling inside of you.
'maybe it's because you don't know everything about me,' you snapped at him. you were aware that you were being harsh but somehow his words hurt you. why did he doubt you? did he think you weren't able to get with someone as awesome and popular as younghoon? did he not consider you pretty enough?
the microwave beeped, indicating your food was ready, making you snap out of your thoughts.
'y/n, I swear, that's not what I meant.' he stepped directly in front of you so you were forced to look at him. you stared deep into his pleading eyes as you closed the microwave door, turned your back to him, stomped to your room and slammed the door shut, leaving changmin behind in the kitchen.
your whole body was tense as you listened closely to any sounds coming from outside and felt relieved when you heard the front door close. feeling sad and depressed always made you feel tired so you decided to take a nap to forget about all the negative feelings.
when you woke up you were horny af. you had a dream about changmin taking you on the kitchen counter and now your panties were completely soaked with your arousal.
desperate, you pulled them down and tossed them somewhere to the side. it didn't matter. you needed relief now.
you closed your eyes as you slowly started rubbing your clit, imagining it was changmin's slender fingers touching you instead. your imagination was running wild and you sped up the tempo.
eventually, you plunged your middle finger and then your index finger inside you, pretending that changmin was stretching your walls with his cock.
you moaned loudly and picked up the pace, chasing your high. oh, how much you wished he was the one making you come.
'yes?' you opened your eyes and gasped loudly as you saw changmin watching you from the doorway. you hecticly pulled up your blankets to your chest to cover your naked lower body. for how fucking long had he been standing there?
'oh fuck, changmin...' you cursed out loud.
to your surpise he laughed. 'oh, is this why you have been so distant? were you embarrassed about imagining doing dirty things with me?' your cheeks were burning red and you were unable to move a muscle.
'you know, if you had told me you were thinking of me while doing it then I could've helped you out already. that would have spared both of us a lot of frustration.' he stepped into the room and pulled the sheets away, his hungry eyes fixed on your desperately dripping pussy. you tried to hide it with your hands.
'n-no… what are you saying? aren't we best friends? ' you couldn't comprehend what was happening right now. the way he was acting was so unexpected that you didn't know how to react or what to say. he brushed his hand over your burning cheeks. his eyes were conveying disparity.
'but what if I told you I don't care? that I like you? that I see you as more than just my best friend?'
'wait, you like me?' you couldn't believe your ears. was he actually reciprocating your feelings?
he groaned in exasperation. 'y/n, why did you think I ended things with my ex out of the blue?' you shrugged your shoulders as you weren't sure. you had thought it was because she had lost interest in him, at least that's what changmin had told you back then.
'because I realized I was in love you, you dumbass. how could I be together with someone if I had feelings for someone else?'
'I actually ruined my chances of having sex with seonghwa for the first time for the same reason. it was just after I had found out about the breakup,' you confessed, relieved that you were finally beginning to make sense of everything.
he climbed onto the mattress and positioned his knees next to your closed legs, leaning his hands on the wall behind you so that he was hovering above you.
'I'm sorry that you lost that opportunity. let me make it up to you,' he whispered with his face mere inches from yours and then kissed you. losing all self-restraint, you immediately pulled his body closer so that he was straddling you. after all these months filled with sexual frustration and just frustration in general, you were desperate for his touch. your hands wandered under his dance shirt and you were finally able to touch those abs you had been secretly admiring for so long.
you broke the kiss to take off both of your shirts and changmin skillfully unclasped your bra.
while his tongue was exploring the insides of your mouth, his hands were kneading your breasts, occasionally rubbing and pinching your hardened nipples. you felt his hard dick press against your lower abdomen as he grinded himself into you to get friction.
after having dreamt about this moment for so long, you felt impatient. this was too good to be true and you were scared that if you didn't act quick, your bubble would bust.
without thinking twice about it, you pulled down the hem of his sweatpants and boxers just far enough so you could easily reach inside and whip out his dick. you stopped for a moment to admire his length. it looked even better than you had ever imagined in any of your wildest dreams.
he sat upright, leaning on the wall behind you, while you stroked his cock. he was sensitive to your touch and not shy to show you how well you were doing by responding with moans.
'fuck, y/n. you're doing amazing.' his praise made you eager to show him just how good you could make him feel. your lack of experience was barely noticeable as the adrenaline flowing through your veins was guiding you.
you tapped his thighs to signalize him to inch closer. that way your mouth had easier access to his dick. you hesitantly licked up his length and were fascinated by how he tasted. wanting to have more of it, you swirl your tongue around his pink tip. changmin eventually became impatient and forced more of his dick inside your mouth so you tried to take as much of him as you could but your gag reflex made it difficult for you. instead, you worked your hands where your mouth couldn't do its job.
not wanting you to feel neglected, changmin reached behind him to stimulate your clit. he skillfully started rubbing all the right places and you moaned around him, sending vibrations through his cock.
he couldn't take this stimulation for much longer before he had to force himself to pull out of your mouth.
'wow, you almost made me come there.' he panted heavily. 'but I want to be inside you first.' you got lost in his touch as he placed a long kiss on your lips but a sudden thought brought you back to reality.
'wait, I don't have a condom,' you informed him embarrassed. you hadn't planned to lose your virginity any time soon so you hadn't bought any. did that mean the end of this wonderful dream?
but changmin laughed light heartedly. 'no need to worry. hold up, let me get some from my room.' you relaxed again as he disappeared and came back shortly with a condom wrapper in his hand.
you were prepared for him to start right away and took a deep breath in preparation but he didn't do anything.
'I don't think it's a good idea to start yet since I haven't even prepared you. the last thing I would want to do is hurt you so just lay back.'
he positioned your legs over his shoulders so your hips were hovering in the air. you felt his warm breath against your vagina before he drove his tongue inside you, seeing for himself how wet he had made you and tasting your arousal. you clasped your hands over your mouth to stop yourself from releasing any sounds.
'don't do that. I want to hear how good I make you feel,' changmin complained.
when he slid two fingers inside you, you couldn't hold it in anymore and let out some kind of aroused squeal. you felt self-conscious but it seemed like changmin was only more eager to please you.
at the same time, his tongue was abusing your swollen clit and it was impossible for you to hold back the curses that were spilling out of your mouth. the pleasure he was making you feel was a whole different sensation from anything else you've experienced before.
'more please, changmin!' you begged. you wanted more. you needed more. you needed him.
he carefully lowered your hips back down. 'are you sure you want this?' he asked you, waiting for you to clearly consent to having sex with him.
'I want you. you, and only you,' you reassured him and brought his face closer to kiss him. changmin's typical bright smile formed and you felt the butterflies in your stomach go crazy.
he positioned himself at your entrance, swiping his dick between your folds like a credit card to coat it with your juices.
you gripped his arms tightly as he pushed in. he slowly continued until all of him was buried deep inside you before stopping. the feeling of a whole penis inside of you was very different from your or changmin's fingers. it filled you up to the brim and was rubbing all the good spots. while it initially caused you a bit of discomfort, it wasn't overwhelming and it also felt good in a weird way.
when your walls finished adjusting to his length, he began to steadily move his dick in and out.
changmin intensely studied your face. he couldn't believe that after all those years you were finally close to being his. he wanted to savor every single expression you made while he was inside you.
you wrapped your legs around his torso, trying to push him deeper. he slammed his cock back inside you.
'you are mine,' he declared and started going harder and faster.
'I am yours,' you confirmed and wrapped your arms around his neck to pull him in for a kiss.
because of the extensive foreplay and your own masturbation prior to this, it didn't take long until your walls were tightening around his dick and you felt an orgasm approaching.
driven wild by you clenching around his cock, he thrusted into you even faster. you rested your sweaty foreheads against each other as both of you almost came simultaneously.
changmin kissed the top of your head before he pulled out and threw away the used condom. you opened your arms and he let himself fall right into your embrace.
'I know this might be kind of weird to talk about right now but do you want to be my girlfriend?' Changmin asked you. he still wasn't too sure what all of this meant for your relationship and he desperately needed to know where your mind was at.
'after having liked you for all this time I'd be an idiot to say no.' 'you're an idiot anyway,' he teased. you slapped his arm.
'hey! I'm not the one who ignored you for a couple of months because my hormones are out of control.' you hid your face in the crook of his neck, too embarrassed face him.
'I'm really sorry for that. you just mean so much to me and I didn't want my feelings to get in the way of our friendship.' he stroked your hair.
'I do understand that. if I hadn't heard you moan my name today I wouldn't have acted on my feelings either. but all is good now, right?' 'right.' you smiled and placed a small kiss below his ear.
'there is still one thing you need to do,' changmin tried to remind you. you looked at him, puzzled.
'what do you mean?' 'younghoon,' he hinted. you immediately started looking for your phone. that date was definitely going to have to be cancelled. there was no need for you to find a distraction anymore since you had been granted your wish after all.
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F*cking up the friendship
Word count: 3501
Genre: Angst and fluff
Pairing: Wanda x Natasha x fem!reader
Warnings: Swearing, alcohol (let me know if I need to add any)
Summary: You sometimes forget Nat and Wanda are dating each other but when they go off on a date you feel sad and add alcohol to the mix, unable to fully control your words around them when they come back.
A/n: I’ve been in a huge wandanat x reader mood recently so you’re probably going to get spammed with a lot of these. Originally this was supposed to be a 1k words get together fluff fic that was suggested to me but then I added angst and other stuff so I decided to make the fluffy get together fic separately. Anyways I hope you all enjoy this, I spent hours yesterday writing so I could finish it in one day. 
Tumblr media
You sigh loudly as you flip through Netflix, finding nothing interesting to watch. Usually on a Friday night you would be doing something with Wanda and Nat but today they had told you they had a special date planned so you haven’t seen them at all. It was a completely horrible idea to fall in love with your two best friends who happened to be dating each other but your heart betrayed your brain and now you were stuck in this situation, finding it impossible to get over the two most amazing women you had ever met. Spending nearly all your time with them did not help and everyday you feel your heart break a little when they kiss each other in greeting but only give you a smile. You know you should be thankful for their friendship, and you are, but it also pains you to know that there can never be more. 
You imagine what it would be like to share kisses and wake up wrapped in their arms. One time when you had fallen asleep on the couch after staying up late watching movies with them Natasha had carried you to bed and tucked you in and Wanda had said goodnight with a kiss on your forehead. You never talked about that night because you had pretended to be asleep but you replay it over and over in your mine, wishing that it wasn’t a one time thing. They are so strong, so kind, so smart and just so amazing in every possible way. It’s fitting that they are together but it also sucks to have to watch the perfect people have a perfect relationship while you pine silently, always trying to be a supportive friend. 
You try to think positive thoughts but you can’t help but wonder what they could be doing now which ruins your mood. Nothing on Netflix looks good to watch by yourself with nobody to make fun of cringy rom-coms with or to hide your face in during horror movies. It’s almost scary how much time you’ve spent with them recently and how reliant you’ve come to be on it. Come to think of it you can’t remember the last time they went on a proper date and you start to wonder if by watching movies with them you were actually intruding upon their alone time. You hope they would have been honest and told you if you were but they have always been nothing but nice to you so it’s possible they just didn’t want to hurt your feelings. 
Giving up on watching altogether you throw the remote aside carelessly, wincing when it bounces off the couch and hits the floor with a bang, and stand up. Making your way out of the living room and over to the room where the mini bar is you push all the thoughts from your mind, focusing only on the fact that you really need a drink right now. You don’t bother to turn the lights on when you enter the room, heading straight for the bottles and pouring some whiskey into a glass, much more than a recommended size. 
Sitting down on the couch you take a gulp. It burns and tastes disgusting, you’ve never been one for drinking but tonight you enjoy the feeling, not drinking for pleasure but drinking to hopefully forget. It takes about an hour before your thoughts get all muddled and you feel more relaxed. You slowly start to close your eyes and drift off to sleep when you are woken suddenly by a thump and a stream of curse words. You startle and your hand jerks spilling the rest of your drink all over your lap. 
Natasha and Wanda are standing a few feet in front of you. Natasha is looking at you with an expression you can’t recognize in your inebriated state and Wanda is clutching her foot, looking darkly at the leg of the coffee table. 
“Shit.” You mumble loudly, both at spilling your drink and at seeing them while drunk. This wasn’t supposed to happen, they were supposed to still be gone and now you’ve just embarrassed yourself completely in front of them. 
“Hey, Y/n,” Natasha is at your side in an instant, cupping your face in her hands, “let’s get you cleaned up okay?”
Wanda is there a second later, hovering. “And then maybe you could tell us what’s wrong.”
“Nothhhing’s wrong.” You slur, standing up. “Goodnight.”
“No no no, you’re not going anywhere by yourself right now.” Natasha tells you firmly, grabbing your arm. You don’t protest, partly because you know they are both stubborn and will always win and partly because you secretly want to spend as much time with them as possible. 
“Listen to Nat,” Wanda advises, “can you walk?”
“I can walk.” You say, crossing your arms and trying to look serious
Natasha raises an eyebrow, doing a horrible job at stifling her laughter for a spy. “Show me then.”
You take a few steps forward, looking triumphantly at Natasha before you stumble, arms flailing out and grabbing Wanda to prevent yourself from falling. Wanda helps pull you back up straight and kisses you on the forehead.
“I think the correct answer to the question is no.” She tells you amused. “Let me help you.” 
She doesn’t wait for a response and hooks an arm underneath your shoulders to help support your weight. You lean into her and match her steps, frowning when Natasha hurries away in front instead of walking with you.
“She’s just going ahead to grab something.” Wanda whispers, noticing your expression. You feel your entire body shiver from the sound of her whisper in your ear. Luckily she doesn’t mention it and just tightens her grip around you and continues until you’ve reached their shared room.
You stare at the door in confusion. “What are we doing here?”
“Did you really think we would leave you alone when you’re drunk and obviously upset about something?” She asks rhetorically. “We want to take care of you.”
You’re glad she’s holding you up otherwise you’re afraid you would have melted to the floor from her words alone. She pushes the door open and leads you inside. Natasha is waiting and hands you a pile of clothes. You recognize the bottoms as Wanda’s favourites and the top as Natasha’s shirt. 
“For me?” You ask, confused. She had handed them to you but maybe she actually wanted to give them to Wanda seeing as it’s their stuff.
“Yes for you silly,” she says smiling, “are you able to change by yourself in the bathroom?” You nod, feeling slightly more sober now.
“Okay just be careful and call if you need us.” Wanda tells you before stepping away from your side. You already miss her warmth but you pretend to be unaffected and head into the bathroom to change. 
It takes longer than usual, in part because you accidentally tried to put both legs in the same hole at first, but you managed to undress and put the pajamas on. They’re soft and smell like a mixture of them and you will deny it if asked but you hold the shirt up to your nose and breathe it in before realizing how weird that is. Walking back out of the room you shift nervously, unsure of what to do with both Natasha and Wanda staring at you intently.
“Come here sweetheart.” Natasha says and you immediately comply, heart pounding at the endearment, sitting down beside her on the bed in between her and Wanda. “Do you want to tell us why you got drunk now?” You shake your head furiously, only stopping when it starts to make you nauseous. 
“No, I don’t really-” You get cut off by your own yawn, suddenly very tired. 
Wanda giggles. “Let’s get you to bed now.”
You start to pout, upset that you have to leave and go back to your room but before you can move she uses her powers to gently float up the bed to the pillows, pulling you with her. Natasha joins you and cuddles you from behind so you’re pinned between them. Your eyes feel so tired but you try to fight sleep, wanting to stay in the moment forever. 
“Goodnight Y/n.” Natasha says and you stop resisting and start to relax. 
“Night Tasha I love you.” You tell her sleepily. “I love you too Wanda.”
“Sleep well Y/n.” Wanda replies, giving you a short kiss on the top of your forehead. You feel so warm and safe between them and it only takes another minute before you’re fast asleep.
You try to move but something strong and warm is holding you down. Your eyes fly open and the first thing you see is Wanda’s face, inches from your own. Natasha must be behind you because you can feel her wrapped around you and her small breaths blowing the back of your head. It’s nice but you can’t remember how you got here so you wrack your brains, ignoring your headache. You were sad so instead of watching a movie you started drinking, then they found you and then they took you back here and after that-SHIT. Shit shit shit shit shit you had told them you loved them. 
You aren’t naive enough to believe they think you meant it in a platonic way, you never tell your friends you love them and Natasha and Wanda are both really smart and can easily tell what you’re thinking. You just hope that they don’t tease you about it because you don’t think you could handle anything but being let down gently. 
“What are you thinking about?” Natasha asks from behind you. You hadn’t realized she was awake already but somehow she noticed you are, she’s scary with how much she knows sometimes. As much as you know this conversation will be awkward and painful you know there’s no point in delaying it and it’s best if you have control over it. 
“That I’m sorry.” You tell her. 
“You have nothing to be sorry for.” She says gently, sitting up, understanding what you’re referencing. 
“No I do, I made things weird and I didn’t want to do that.” You say, hating yourself for the lump that forms in your throat. You start to untangle yourself from Wanda, trying hard not to wake her. This conversation is difficult enough with one person, if Wanda wakes up you’ll most definitely start to cry and the last thing you want is for them to feel bad or to pity you. 
“Y/n-” She starts but you interrupt her, not wanting to hear it. 
“I hope we can still be friends.” You say making your way to the door before pausing. “Please tell Wanda I’m sorry and that I need some time to myself for the day but after that I will pretend nothing happened.”
“Y/n, please-” 
This time you cut her off by closing the door. You run to your room. You don’t think she’ll try to follow and catch up with you but you don’t want to take any chances and you certainly don’t want the others to see where you’re coming from and your shame to get deeper. You are stupid, so stupid, you shouldn’t have gotten drunk and you should have kept your stupid mouth shut. Their friendship means everything to you and although Natasha didn’t seem like she would stop being friends with you over it things will definitely be awkward for a long time and you’ve seen friendships crumble because of it. 
Luckily you make it to your room without anybody noticing and you take a few breaths to calm yourself, closing your eyes. It helps for a second but when you open them again you’re looking straight into your mirror and you can see yourself wearing their clothes and immediately feel the tears start to come. You jump onto your bed and bury yourself fully under the covers, trying to stop crying because you don’t deserve to, it was your fault, and crying only makes everything worse, including your headache. 
Natasha shakes Wanda awake only to hear her groan and shift, attempting to fall back asleep. 
Rolling her eyes she tries again. “Wanda. Wanda. Wanda wake up.” Wanda moves slightly and lets out incoherent mumbles before waking up more and sitting straight up.
“Where’s Y/n?” She asks alarmed, remembering you were here when she fell asleep.
“That’s why I’m waking you up; she left.” Natasha tells her and Wanda frowns.
“Because we messed up and now she thinks we don’t love her.” Natasha explains. “She thinks that she ruined our friendship by telling us she loved us last night since we didn’t say it back and she left before I had time to correct her.”
“Oh crap.” Wanda says, thinking about how things seemed for you. From your point of view you had drunkenly confessed your feelings to people in a relationship before falling asleep with them not saying it back. 
“Yeah,” Natasha agrees, “I know we weren’t planning on doing the thing until this evening but I think we should do it now, we can’t let her be upset for any longer.” 
“You’re better at talking so you should get her while I set it up.” Wanda says and Natasha nods in agreement.
“Be as quick as possible, we will hopefully be there in ten minutes.” Natasha tells her before giving her a quick peck. Wanda sighs dreamily, imagining what it’s going to be like when she is dating both you and Natasha (provided you say yes of course but Natasha is certain you will and she trusts Natasha). 
Leaving her room Natasha quickly makes her way to yours and knocks on the door. 
“Go away.” You say and she can’t stand how sad and self loathing you sound just from those two small words.
“No,” she replies, “I need to talk to you.”
“Please.” You beg, your voice cracking in desperation. You can’t see her right now, not like this. She doesn’t listen, hating to ignore you but knowing that if she talks to you she can hopefully make it all better.
“Oh Y/n.” She sighs upon opening the door and seeing your lump under the covers. “Sweetheart it’s going to be okay.”
“No it’s not, I fucked up our friendship Nat!” You cry out, still refusing to show your face.
“No baby you didn’t.” She tells you, the endearment accidentally slipping off her tongue in her attempts to comfort you. “Please just give me a minute to explain some things.”
“Okay.” You sniffle, both confused and curious. You hate that you’re even a tiny bit hopeful at her words and you attempt to squash those thoughts down to spare as much of your heart that hasn’t already been hurt. 
“I would love to see your pretty face when I talk to you.” She prompts, gently lifting the edge of the covers. You slowly peek out of them like a turtle, well aware and slightly embarrassed of the fact that you look like you’ve been crying (which you have but it’s still embarrassing).
“There we go, that’s much better.” She tells you smiling. Even though you’re upset you can’t help but crack a wobbly smile back at her, her happiness really is infectious. She stares at your shirt as you pull more of yourself out from under the covers and you flush when you realize that you had never bothered to change and are still wearing her shirt. 
“It looks nice on you.” She says softly, reaching out to touch the hem before clearing her throat and switching into business mode. “I think you got the wrong impression.”
“I know I never should have-” You start to apologize, scared of her shift in mood. 
“That’s exactly what I mean.” She interrupts. “You seem to think that you’ve ruined our friendship by telling out how you feel but I can assure you that’s not the case at all and we are actually both extremely happy about your feelings.”
“Why isn’t Wanda here then.” You ask skeptically. 
“Because she’s in the living room where I’m supposed to bring you.” Natasha replies. “Will you come?”
“I don’t know,” you say nervously, “are you sure that…” you trail off, unsure of what else to say. 
“Y/n,” Natasha says and suddenly you’re all too aware of how close she is to you, “it will be good I promise.” 
As soon as she finishes speaking she leans in and her lips are on yours. It’s better than any of the times you’ve dreamed and it’s the perfect mix between hard and passionate but also soft and sweet.
“Wow.” You breathe when she pulls away after a few seconds, unable to think of anything else. 
She laughs. “Wanda’s going to be jealous that I got to do that before her and as much as I’d love to kiss you again we shouldn’t keep her waiting for too long.”
You nod silently and take Wanda’s hand when she offers it as she stands up and starts to walk out of the room.
“Wait,” you say just before you leave, “maybe I should change first.”
She looks over your (well technically their) clothes. “You are not changing, I like you wearing our stuff.”
You’re surprised to hear the slight possessive growl in her voice but it makes you incredibly happy. The start to this day had to be one of the worst in your life but it’s quickly becoming the best. Feeling as though you’re floating you allow her to pull you through the halls into one of the living rooms, the one you usually use for watching movies.
Wanda is sitting on the couch looking at the door when you come in but what catches your eye is the sheer amount of stuff around her. There are heaps of all your favourite candies and chips all around her and there’s a cute stuffed bear.
“Do you like it?” She asks and instead of answering you let go of Natasha’s hand and throw yourself at her, wrapping your arms around her waist tightly.
“I think that means yes.” Natasha says, laughing at your enthusiastic reaction.
“I love it,” you tell them, “I love-” You stop yourself before you tell them you love them again because even after all this you’re still not sure if that’s what they want to hear. 
“We love you too Y/n.” Wanda says and you sigh in both happiness and relief at her words. “Nat do you want to give her the thing now?”
You pull away from Wanda to look over at Natasha, curious as to what the thing is. Natasha picks up a small red jewelry box from the table that you hadn’t noticed earlier in your excitement and hands it to you. They both watch as you open it, suddenly nervous that you won’t like it.
You open it up to see a necklace with two charms on it and two charms that are identical lying beside it. Upon closer inspection you gasp, recognizing the the letter charms n and w as the same ones Natasha and Wanda wore on their necklaces, reminding them of each other. The charms lying beside it are the first letter of your name, presumably for them to add to their necklace. You feel yourself tear up at how sweet and thoughtful this gesture is. 
Wanda breaks the silence first. “This is what we were doing yesterday and it took all day because they were custom made so we wanted it done by the same person so it would look the same. We thought it would be nice for us to give you this when we officially asked you out so you don’t feel like an outsider or anything because we really like you and want things to go well.”
“What she’s trying to say is will you go out with us.” Natasha says, halting Wanda’s rambling. 
Wanda smiles sheepishly. “What she said.”
You slowly look up, careful not to let any tears fall and launch yourself into their arms, pulling whatever part of them you are holding towards you. 
“I think you already know the answer by now but I would love to.” You say, still trying to get as close to them as possible. They wrap their arms around you tightly and moving together they lift you a few steps to the couch and plop you down, sitting and cuddling on either side of you.
“Today’s movie day and we’ll take you on a proper date tomorrow.” Natasha promises and you hum happily in reply. You don’t care at all about what type of dates you go on or even if you go on them at all because you’re dating the two most amazing women in the world and that’s a high you’re going to be riding for a long time, possibly forever.
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As warm as the sun
Synopsis: You lived on a cottage on your own in the lovely village of Cornwall. Everything was peaceful in your life but suddenly it is made a bit brighter when a charming young man bumps into you one afternoon.
Word count: 5.4k
Warnings: Mostly Andrea fluff, like one sad moment
Author's note: Oh boy do I love Andrea, he is so adorable and lovely and just everything about him is so amazing that I had to write about him. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did making it. I had to use google translate for the Polish and German parts and I know that isn't always great so I'm sorry if those parts don't translate quite right
Tumblr media
The smell of newly cut grass swarms your senses, making you pause for a moment to inhale the spring that has arrived. In the background, you can hear sea waves gently roll up on the beach and the sound of the local men bargaining for fish. The warmth of the sun washes over you, wrapping you in its comforting heat, and you breathe out a contented sigh.
Moving to Cornwall was one of the best choices you made. You felt like nothing could beat the genuine beauty that England brought. You lived just outside the fishing village where it felt like everyone knew each other. You had left your house early this morning to buy some pilchards for supper, so finally picking up you walked down the beach.
The men greeted you warmly, offering you lower prices on the fish. You buy more than you were planning, as you wanted to support the men in their business. You knew going out to sea every day is dangerous; you had experienced the treachery of sea first hand.
A person walks by you, and their shoulder accidentally bumps into yours. You quickly turn to apologise for getting in their way, but they beat you to it.
“Sorry, sorry, sorry,” they apologise, their warm eyes full of worry looking at you.
To turn to admire the boy before you. You had never seen him before, yet you knew everyone in the village. You had heard the two ladies who like to keep to themselves had someone who had been shipwrecked staying with them, and so you wondered if that was him. He was young, probably around the same age as you, but his face seemed like the epitome of childhood wonder. His eyes reminded you of a puppy while his lips seemed to turn in how a cat would. He had light brunette hair, messy and sticking out in places, but the unkept nature of it suited him. He had warm, brown eyes that stared into you, the sun shining on them made them gleam.
“It’s okay! No harm done,” you say, beaming at him. His smile falters and his eyes dart from you to the ground in thought, then back to yours awkwardly.
“Sorry,” he whispers again, giving you an awkward smile.
Your lips twitch into a confused smile as your eyebrows furrowed, not sure why he was repeating himself. Still, you wanted to talk to him more; you were interested in his handsome newcomer.
“My names, y/n, y/n y/l” you stated, extending a hand out to him
He seizes it, shaking it firmly, “Andrea” he replies, “Andrea Marowski,”
His accent was unusual, though beautiful. It sounded how you might imagine a robin would sound if it could talk. It was soft, gentle, unlike the usual harshness English men spoke with. It was also musical. Just hearing it could bring a smile to your face.
“Your name, it isn’t like any Tom, Dick or Harry. Where are you from?”
He hesitates for a moment, not knowing if he was answering the correct question, “P-Polskie”
“Polish!” you exclaim, you didn’t know any polish, but you had heard of Poland and had always wondered if you should visit one day.
“Ja,” he says, an excited smile appearing on his lips as you realise where he is from
“You also speak German?”
“Ja, Ich spreche Deutsch,” he nods fastly, “Machst du?”
You open your mouth to speak, but another voice cuts over you.
“Andrea? Andrea?”
You both look up to see one of the old women who live nearby you, Ursula. You think her name is beckoning Andrea over to her.
“I go,” he says, looking over at you. He gently takes your hand and raises it to his lips, placing a kiss on your knuckles, “Auf Wiedersehen y/n”
───✱*.。:。✱*.:。✧*.。✰*.:。✧*.。:。*.。✱ ───
“Y/n! Y/n!”
You hear your name being called out and look to where it sprung from. From the house where those two ladies lived, Andrea ran out, a violin in hand.
“Andrea!” you cheered happily, feeling warmth flood your body as you watch him carefully run over to you.
“Hallo!” he exclaims, reaching up to you. He tilts his head, kissing your cheeks in greeting. The closeness of it all felt so intimate to you. You turn beetroot red as you glance to the floor, making him chuckle.
“It’s good to see you again,” you chimed, a smile etched on your face.
“You too!”
You nod to the violin in his hand, “You play?”
“Yes,” he leans his head towards you, “Can I play for you?”
A glowing smile appears on your face as your heart flutters. He seemed so excited to show you, could you say no?
“I would love to hear you play! But let's go back to my cottage so I can sit down and listen,”
You beckon him with your hand and he follows you, his teeth flashing in his smile. You two walk beside each other in comfortable silence as the sun shone down on you. Every once in a while you would turn to look at him and his eyes would graze yours as he gave you an innocent smile. It was as if he never stopped smiling. It amazed you how innocent he seemed. Never had you quite come across a person like him. He fascinated you like how gold fascinated a greedy man. Finally, you reach your cottage and open the door to let him in. He walks around the main room, his eyes full of wonder as he takes in all of your belongings. To the side of the room was an open kitchen that was cluttered in the dinner you had been preparing. In front of that by a window facing out towards the sea was the dinner table, always set for multiple people, though it was usually just you. On the other side of the room were seats and sofas, surrounded by bookshelf and next to them a fireplace, positioned to warm you on frosty nights.
Being a delightful host, you go to make some tea for him and pull out some biscuits you had. You take out a tray and put everything on, but you hesitate for a moment. Smiling to yourself, you pick a flower out of a vase, a forget-me knot flower, and put it on the tray, taking it over to Andrea. He smiles as you place it down before him and he picks up the flower, twirling it in his hand.
“Dziękuję Ci,” he says
“English, Tank you, Polskie, Dziękuję Ci,”
“D-Dziękuję Ci” you attempt to say, checking to Andrea to see if you said it right and by the giddy smile on his face you assume you did. “Ja!”
After finishing tea, Andrea stands up and plays the violin while you sit back in your seat and watch him. You’d never heard something so beautiful before. Right away you knew Andrea was gifted. He worked those strings with such precision, such delicacy. His face was a flood of emotions as if he was pouring out his whole soul into these notes. You were half sure he was. The music sounded like it was speaking to you, telling you stories of love, desire, compassion, and beauty. A tear comes to your eyes as you marvel at it.
You felt you could listen for hours, but eventually, he came to a stop. Instantly you shot up, clapping loudly in admiration as Andrea jokingly bowed to you.
“That was amazing, Andrea! I’ve never heard something so beautiful”
“Tank you, tank you. I’m glad you like,” he rejoiced as his cheeks gush pink and he looks to the floor as if embarrassed by the attention,
“How are you not famous for it?” you exclaim
Andrea goes to sit back down on his seat, glancing down sadly at the violin, “I go to America to play but…” he trails off.
You nod your head understanding, “Shipwreck,”
“Ja” he sighed, looking over to you, his eyes swell with sadness and his lips curved down slightly making your heartache for him.
You felt bad for him for what he went through. How excited he must have been to go to America, only to get caught in a storm and have that plan dashed. Another part of you though was worried. You had only just met him, yet you didn’t want to see him go to America. You wanted to keep him here.
The atmosphere of the room had become heavy, weighing down on both of you so you tried to lighten it, “Well I need to make dinner tonight and I could do with a bit of help”
Andrea didn’t understand but quickly gathered what you meant as you walked over to the kitchen, beckoning him to you and handing him a bowl and spoon to mix as you went to cut up the vegetables.
The next few hours were spent with you two messing around in the kitchen. You were trying to make dinner, but as you found out Andrea had quite the cheeky side to him, purposely getting the mixture on your face.
“Andrea!” you exclaim and grab a spoon yourself, determined to get him back, but he ducked and ran across the room trying to avoid you. That’s how you two ended up running around your garden in the evening.
Eventually, you tired out and collapsed on the sofa. Andrea came over and knelt beside you. He slowly lifted his hand to your face, hesitant at first but breathing in to reassure himself he wipes the mixture he put on there off with his thumb. You could feel your cheeks burn at such an intimate gesture from him, and even he seemed bashful.
“jesteś piękna” he tells you
“What does that mean?” you ask, but he just smirks, “Noting, y/n”
───✱*.。:。✱*.:。✧*.。✰*.:。✧*.。:。*.。✱ ───
You were walking towards the hall as night swept over the small village. Tonight was the harvest festival and everyone turned up to it. You all celebrated another good year of crops being grown with alcohol and dancing. You hoped you might see a certain someone tonight to get a dance in, maybe a few. You stop and stand to the side as you hear the roar of a motorbike pull up beside you. On it, Luke and Andrea. Just the person you wanted to see. You hung back, wanting to talk to Andrea as you went in. Over the last few weeks, he and you had met up every day, though it was usually at your cottage rather than where he was staying. Whenever you went over there, you felt Andrea only welcomed you. The other three ladies seemed more suspicious.
“Y/n!” he exclaimed, smiling and hurrying over to you. He greets you as he usually does, kissing your cheeks and as he pulls back, he chuckles seeing the red tinge to your cheeks which he loved to cause.
“You lovely tonight,” He says, admiring you.
“But look at you! So handsome” you giggled, ruffling his hair. You both laugh and walk into the hall together. You had wanted to spend more time with him but as you both entered you both got split up with the men dragging him off to their table.
You take a seat next to a few other women you were fairly friendly within the village. They talk to you about their day, about things they like, men, but your mind keeps drifting off as your eyes float over to where Andrea sits. As you look over at him, you notice his eyes already on you. As your eyes meet, both your cheeks burn brighter. He smiles at you, his teeth showing as he gets caught up in the excitable energy of the room. Throughout the evening your eyes keep meeting as if you two were drawn in and couldn’t keep away till eventually, Andrea plucked up the nerves to walk over to you.
“Would you like dance?” he asks, holding out his hand to you
“Yes!” you rejoiced and take his. His hand was soft in yours and as you held each other, it’s like they were molded together, meant to hold each other.
He guides you to the floor where others had partnered up and danced. His arm wraps around your waist as you two are pulled closer together than you had been before. Your free hand rests on his upper arm while his hand clutches your other one tightly as you two move around the dance floor. Warmth floods your body at the feeling of his hand on your waist, holding you securely. You wanted nothing more than for him to hold you this way forever. To always be wrapped up in his embrace. Looking up to his face, you could feel his breath gently flowing over you as he stared back down, his lips slightly parted as he looked at you with wonder. His eyes flicking from yours to your lips.
You enjoy the moment as much as you can before the song slowly ends and you step apart to clap the band, already missing the comfort of his arms. You two smile at each other, then both look away, blushing.
He excuses himself to go outside for a moment and you go to sit back down just to find all the girls now asking you about who this strange, new, good-looking boy was.
After a few minutes they calm down and that’s when Andrea walks back in and goes straight for the Violin. He picks it up and plays an energetic tune. The talking in the crowd slowly stills as everyone turns to hear his brilliant playing. Standing up from your seat, you join the crowd and clap in time to his playing, making him even more excited. Some men started dancing around and people started cheering and oohing in enjoyment. Andrea pulled out many tricks on the violin to entertain the village folk, and they lapped it up.
When he finished, they greeted him with a loud applause. You tried to push your way through the crowd to congratulate him, but that’s when you saw another woman pull him aside. They were chatting, their heads close together.
You had seen her about, usually painting some scenery. You tried to talk to her once, but she didn’t seem fond of company while painting. She was extremely pretty though, you could admit that.
Feeling a pit in your stomach sink in, you move away from the crowd, slinking out the back of the hall unnoticed. It was early, but you had a long walk to get back home, anyway. You didn’t feel like dancing anymore.
───✱*.。:。✱*.:。✧*.。✰*.:。✧*.。:。*.。✱ ───
Andrea had invited you around to the house he was staying at. He was sad he didn’t get to spend as much time as he wanted to with you at the harvest festival, so he was trying to spend even more time with you now. You felt uncomfortable sitting in the garden with the three other women. They were polite, but you could sense the tension in the air like you weren’t welcomed. Andrea, bless him, was the only one who didn’t notice. His innocence in thinking everyone he liked would get along fooled him, and for his sake, you all played along.
He was performing the violin to you again. You felt honored being able to listen to him play so exquisitely. You knew many people would pay a lot of money to hear him play, and here you were listening to him for free. He was so lovely, genuine, nice that you don’t know what you had done to deserve to meet such a person like him.
As he finishes playing the last notes, you all break out into a round of applause. He takes the violin away from his chin, smiling at you.
“Wunderbar!” a voice calls out over the clapping, instantly all your heads snap to the voice and you see the painter from before has now strolled into the garden, uninvited. Andrea gets off from the platform he was standing on and walks over to where she was as the rest of you stand up from your seats and walk over as well.
“My name is Olga,” she says, handing out her hand to you.
“Y/n” you meekly reply
She shakes the rest of their hands, wishing them a pleasant afternoon. Her focus then switches back to Andrea, and she speaks to him in German.
“We met the other evening at the village hall,” she explains as Andrea shakes his head in confirmation. You feel another pang in your heart as you remember that night. The happiness mixed in with sadness leaves you a bundle of confusion echoing in your heart.
None of you say anything in return so she tries to talk again, “Forgive me, but I had to stop to listen to that music”
Andrea smiles, tilting his head, letting out a slight noise, and looks to the ground embarrassed.
“You have such a beautiful garden,”
“Thank you,” Jane replies sharply, demonstrating that Olga wasn’t welcome.
“Well, I should go,” Olga says, accepting that she should leave.
Andrea glances over to you, Jane and Ursula as if expecting one of you to ask her to stay, but none of you speak up.
She picks up a biscuit you had brought over from Ursula’s plate and eats it, making you frown.
“That is delicious,”
She opens her arms to Andrea, saying goodbye to Andrea in german and kissing his cheeks like he so often did to you. He does it back and once again you feel that twist in your heart as you watch them. Andrea watches her leave, then turns to you.
You feel jealousy prickle inside of you and look away, hoping Andrea couldn’t see it in your eyes. You were sure that eyes were the window to the soul, and you didn’t want to upset him with your feelings.
“I’m going to leave as well,” you mutter, grabbing your basket and swiftly making your way to the exit.
“Y/n!” you hear Andrea call out but you don’t stop to speak, it takes all your effort to walk forward, not to look back at his beautiful face. You could feel a tear slip out of your eye as you kept striding forward, out onto the road, back to your lonely cottage.
───✱*.。:。✱*.:。✧*.。✰*.:。✧*.。:。*.。✱ ───
Later that evening you were sitting by the window, a glass of hot coco in your hand as you watched the rain pour against it. Even after all this time, you were still amazed how quickly the English weather could change from sunny to chucking it down.
The rain was so loud you almost missed the sound of a knock on your front door. Eyebrows furrowing, you place your mug down and walk to the door. Wondering who would be crazy enough to go out in this weather.
Of course, one person was.
Andrea stood out in the rain, his white shirt clinging to him tightly, completely drenched, his hair flattened down his face, his cheeks ruddy red as his body tried to warm him up.
“Andrea!” you exclaimed, shocked that he was out in this weather, your heart instantly filling with worry.
He holds up a bundle of flowers he had collected and tried his best to save from the rain, “Y/n, I know not what upset you but I am sorry,”
“You have nothing to apologise for Andrea! Now come in before you catch a cold,”
You beckon him in, but he doesn’t move.
“Y/n,” he says, his eyes searching yours, he opens his mouth to talk but no words come out. His lips move wordlessly as he tries his best to wrack his brain for English words to describe how he felt.
You step out of the cottage, shivering as you feel the rain hit your back. His eyes flicker up and down your face, his hands instantly wrapping around your body as if trying to protect you from the rain.
Realising what he had done without thinking he was about to pull his arms away, knowing that was a far too intimate action but you stop him, holding them in place. His eyes finally meet yours and they stay, stepping forward he continues to look at you as if asking what he wanted was okay.
You nod and feel your eyes flutter shut as he leans down and gently kisses your lips, his arms around your body pulling you closer as the rain pours over you too heavily. His lips tasted of sweetness. How you might imagine a rainbow to taste. They were tender, soft. He kissed you as if you were the most precious thing in the world and he was afraid you might break in his arms. The rain that was pouring on you made your skin shiver, but the warmth of his body holding yours made it worth it. As he pulls away, you lift your head, trying to feel the presence of his lips as long as possible.
When his lips finally leave yours you ache for their presence again, feeling as if they were what you had been missing all your life.
You two stare at each other, emotions flooding through your eyes. No need to speak. The rain hitting your face was enough to bring you back to your senses. Grabbing his hand, you pull him into the cottage. In the house, you could feel yourself warm-up, but you knew you needed to grab towels for you two. You try to walk away but Andrea holds onto your hand, smiling, trying to pull you back into another kiss.
“I need to get towels for us,” you complain but his eyes half close as he pulls you to him whispering ‘more’
After another endearing kiss, he finally lets you go to grab what you need. Rushing to the bathroom you come back to the main room finding Andrea standing in the room not sure what he should do.
“You can sit,” you tell him, pointing to the chair at the dinner table, but he looks over his soaked clothes. “I no want to wet chair,” he tells you, but you shake his head. “It’s fine,”
Finally, sitting down, you throw a towel onto his head, laughing at his startled expression. You wrap your hair in a towel, then take Andrea’s towel and dry his hair for him. After a few minutes you pull the towel back and he looks up at you, his face pink. Holding onto your wrist, he pulls you in closer, seeming not to be able to get enough of your lips.
You thankfully had some spare men’s clothes from when a relative had visited you, so you gave them to Andrea, then disappeared upstairs to change yourself. When you came back down the stairs to arrive just in time to see Andrea doing up the buttons, seeing a bit of his chest.
You blush, looking down at the ground as you warm up. Noticing you, he walks over holding out his arms, a smile dancing on his lips. He wraps them around you, not hesitating this time, and pulls you close, burying his face in your hair as he grips you. Not wanting to let go.
───✱*.。:。✱*.:。✧*.。✰*.:。✧*.。:。*.。✱ ───
The sun warms your skin as you feel the gentle breeze brush through your hair; the corn grazing your legs as you run out in the field, hand in hand with Andrea. You weren’t sure who was pulling who, but you were running together, happy to spend this time together with each other. You pull him to the ground, his arms instantly wrapping around your protectively. His body laid on top of yours. Such a scandalous position your grandma would blush at but you two reveled in the closeness of it, the intimacy of it was an addiction.
He collapses beside you, his arm wraps around your side, pulling you into his side. His lips graze your cheek then move down to your jawline then to your neck, determined to cover you in many kisses to show his undying love. The sensation of it sending shock waves of pleasure through you.
You smile in contentment and wrap your arms around his back, pushing him over until you were on top. He laughs, looking up at you blissfully then instantly he rolls over again, so once again you were on your back and he was hovering over you and capturing your lips. You melt into his embrace, feeling the love you fill for him swarm in your veins, taking you under till you would do anything for him.
He pulls back to admire you and you can’t help but stare at him as the sun shines on you. His eyes were so comforting to you, they reminded you of coco, always going to warm you up on a chilly night. His angelic smile, which you could never get enough of. Everything about him made you giddy, excited, happy. He was as if God had captured a sunray and turned it into a person, designed to spread happiness and love wherever he had gone.
And he had settled for you.
Every day you woke up to see him by your window or by your door, wanting to spend time with you, it made you the happiest person in the world. You never want to let him go.
“kocham Cię” he purrs, placing a kiss on your forehead, breathing you in as you two hold each other. “kocham Cię”
───✱*.。:。✱*.:。✧*.。✰*.:。✧*.。:。*.。✱ ───
You pick up your picnic basket and leave the house, walking over to where Andrea was staying. Recently he hadn’t been turning up as often as he used to, and you were worried. Ursula made you worried. Andrea liked her, she saved his life of course he did, but she seems almost obsessive over him. You hoped she hadn’t stopped him from coming to see you.
Knocking on the door, Janet quickly opened it.
“Hello! I was wondering if Andrea had some free time today?” you ask, but she shakes her head, her face becoming crestfallen.
“Y/n...I’m afraid yesterday Andrea left. He was seen getting on a train with that Olga woman,”
You felt your heart drop to the floor at those words. The basket slipped from your fingers and hit the floor, the food and drinks slipping out of them. You apologise profusely as you kneel down to pick them up. Janet helps, putting them in your basket, and wishes you a nice journey as you walk away, sympathy clouding her eyes as she watches you go.
As you swiftly leave you rub your eyes as you try to prevent the tears from falling. You had to hold on at least till you got home before you could let it all go. You had to be strong. How could he leave you suddenly saying nothing? And with that woman nonetheless. You never thought someone as kind as him could ever do something like that. Stepping into the house you put the basket on the table and settle down on the sofa, pulling your legs to your chest and letting all the tears finally come out, your heart finally shattering as the broken sobs echo through the room. The cold coco on the table beside you and the forget-me knot flowers a bitter reminder. You shut your eyes to cast all the memories out as your heart aches for your sunshine.
───✱*.。:。✱*.:。✧*.。✰*.:。✧*.。:。*.。✱ ───
Dear y/n
Though my English has improved thanks to you, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fully express just how much I love you.
I am sorry I left without goodbye. Please do not think bad about me. I never wanted to cause you any pain. I had to take this opportunity to meet Dani Loft. So much has happened since I’ve met him. I often think back to our times together, in the fields. I miss you.
I want to see you again, though I do not know when I can. I am so busy. But I will see you again and on that day I wish to tell you something very important. On Friday, November 10th, I am on wireless. Please do listen. Know that as I play, I will be thinking of you.
Yours always,
───✱*.。:。✱*.:。✧*.。✰*.:。✧*.。:。*.。✱ ───
Water swells in your eyes as you hear the beautiful music, what you had longed to hear again for so long. Reaching over, Janet takes your hand and squeezes it in comfort, handing you a tissue to wipe your eyes, which you gladly accepted. In his absence you had grown quite close to Janet and Ursula, all of you connecting with the loss of Andrea. And there he was in front of you, playing to thousands of people.
Emotions were cast on his face as he played, putting everything he had into it. Every ounce of pain, love, passion, admiration went into the music and was felt by everyone in the audience. They all hung onto every note, desperate for more.
You felt yourself swell with pride as you watched him. He’s come so far from the young boy who accidentally bumped into your shoulder, who hardly spoke English to now a musical maestro, about to take the world by storm. How could you prevent the tears that fell as you felt pure happiness swarm your soul.
The music reached its end, and you shot up, clapping as loudly as you could so he could know how adored he was, how appreciated he was. You hoped he might see you in the crowd; you were desperate for just one glimpse of eye contact. Anything. But there were too many people, too many amazed faces. His gaze passed you by.
Later your heart hammered in your chest as you approached him from his back. You joined the many people in the after-party, all were hoping to meet his young prodigy. You did not know how he would react to seeing you, how you would cope with getting to talk to him again. It felt so long ago since you last had spoken. Had it been that long ago? The days felt like years without him with you. Jane and Ursula were with you as you stepped up to him. Gently, Ursula placed a hand on his back and he turned around.
His eyes widen at the sight of you three, “No,” he whispers, his body moving from facing the people he was talking to you three, his eyes moving them till they reach you. Coco eyes. Oh, how you had missed their warmth.
“I don’t believe,” he says, opening his arms as he leans forward to kiss Ursula and Janes cheeks, then finally he reaches you. His hands are gently placed on your shoulders as he leans in and kisses your cheeks, the kisses lingering slightly longer than they had with Jane and Ursula.
“Is it you?” he asks, pulling back, doubting his dream of seeing you could ever be real.
“How could I miss this,” you whisper to him, holding your hand up to his cheek, rubbing your thumb alongside it as he leans into your hand in comfort, his lips fluttering into a smile.
“You were wonderful,” Ursula says as you pull your hand away. Both you and Jane murmur in agreement as Andrea thanks you.
“I was so nervous, did it show?” he asks as he expressively moves his hands, his eyes moving constantly to all of you but always going back to yours.
“Not at all”
“How did you get here?” he asks, wanting to hear every detail from you. “Why you not say you were coming?”
Ursula explains, Andrea listening intently when another young man comes up asking to steal Andrea away. You feel your heart sink, but you knew it was for the best.
“No,” he whispers, looking back desperately to you three, but you all nod your head to him. “Go, just go,” Ursula whispers, finally letting him go.
The three of you turn to leave but you feel your hand being grasped, “Wait!”
You swivel back to face his desperate face, “Y/n, please, stay”
Your eyes flicker back to Jane and Ursula and they nod at you, letting you know it’s okay to stay.
“If you want me, of course, I will,” you tell him, smiling to stop the tear that was threatening to full out of your eyes.
His hands go back to your shoulders, holding them tentatively. “I always will,” he beamed as he pulls you in again, capturing those lips which only belonged to him, and always will do. Hand in hand, you two walk into the crowd, starting your new life together.
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letterfromvienna · 7 months ago
Eavesdropping ♥ (Frankie Morales/gn!Reader)
Tumblr media
“Am I in love with him?” You scoff and stand up from the lounger. Stretching your free arm above your head, you start to pace around. Your bare feet are quiet on the wood planks as you walk across the deck, holding your phone to your ear. “That’s a hell of a question to start out with.”
Frankie ducks behind the cabinet next to the window where you can’t see him. He really should make his presence known, he really should, but he’s frozen where he stands. Am I in love with him?
Your words ring in his ears.
or: Frankie accidentally eavesdrops on your phone call with your best friend. It's all fine and good until the conversation turns to him.
Rating: G/PG
Tags/warnings: gender-neutral reader; established relationship (dating); mention of marriage; mention of PTSD; angst with a happy ending; fluff & domesticity
A/N: this fic is just me talking through the reader about how much I adore Francisco Catfish Morales and I can only hope y'all relate
WC: 3.1k words
Taglist (message to be added): @14mcmd1122 @arduadastra @keeper0fthestars @leonieb @spideysimpossiblegirl @theamuz @thirstworldproblemss
Other fics: ao3 | masterlist
The last job of the day takes far less time than expected, which is a relief. Frankie decides to close the shop early, sending his employees home before their shifts end and earning grateful smiles all around. After they leave, he tidies up his workspace alone, humming an old rock and roll song in the echoey space of the garage. He has every reason to be in a good mood: it was an easy day at work and he knows that you’ll be waiting for him when he gets home.
Funny, how his definition of home now includes you. He thinks about that as he cleans his tools and wipes the grease off his hands. You’ve only been dating for a year and some change, and he hasn’t mustered the courage to ask you to move in yet, but when Frankie thinks of home he thinks of you. He thinks of sitting with you on the sofa he’s had since he bought the house, sharing it with someone like he's always imagined; sitting by your side around the fire pit in the backyard, laughing at stories told by Will, Benny, and Santiago; waking up to your soft warmth beside him, all tangled up in his sheets. The first night you stayed over, you commented on the size of his bed—it’s a king, after all—and he bit his tongue to keep himself from admitting that he spent every night since he met you imagining you in it. He’s spent years thinking it was too big and too empty for him alone, but now he knows it’s just the right size for the both of you.
Saying that would’ve probably been too much, though. Instead, he just pulled back the comforter and let you choose your side of the bed. You picked the left and you’ve slowly been wearing an indent into your side of the mattress ever since.
Frankie finds himself in an easy, carefree mood on the way home. It’s warm enough to drive with the windows down and the local rock station is in the middle of their golden oldies hour. He has time to stop at the local grocery store to pick up food for dinner, too. Your plans for the evening are pretty vague: you had the day off and he said you were more than welcome to hang out at his house to avoid bothering your roommate and you promised you’d help cook dinner as a thank you. He said you didn’t need to thank him—after all, he considers his home your home—but you kissed his cheek and said he deserves to have someone to take care of him at the end of the day. Plus, you said with a smile, it’s supposed to be perfect outside tonight. We can get the grill out.
Pulling into the driveway, he decides not to park in the garage. The weather is wonderful, spring cusping on summer, and he has half a mind to ask if you want to get ice cream and drive around after dinner. He knows for a fact you won’t say no; he’s never once seen you decline ice cream, even in the dead of winter. And you've never said no to going for a drive with him, either,
Frankie kicks his boots on the doormat outside and opens the door. “I’m home,” he calls out, as he hangs his keys by the door and bends down to untie his dirty work boots. There’s no sense in tracking grime from the shop into the house.
He listens for sounds of you puttering around as he unties the laces. You didn’t say you’d be going out today, but, then again, you might’ve popped out to the store for groceries. Frankie meanders from the foyer to the living room, taking a peek inside. Your book is on the ottoman and there’s a throw blanket on the arm like you’d been curling up there reading not long ago, but you’re nowhere to be seen. He doesn’t hear anyone as he passes his bedroom or the bathroom either. It’s only when he wanders into the kitchen that he hears any signs of anyone around.
As he enters the kitchen, he catches a snippet of your voice floating in through the open window. That’s where you are, he realizes. Of course. It’s late afternoon but still sunny and warm, so you’re on the back deck on one of the loungers. He grabs two glasses from the cabinet and fills them with water from the tap, planning to step out and join you, but he realizes at the last minute you weren’t talking to him when he heard you say hello. You’re on the phone.
Tilting his head, he catches you say the name of your best friend. She lives a few states away and he’s never met her in person, but you’ve introduced the two of you over video calls. Frankie thinks she likes him, which is very important; the approval of one’s partner’s best friend is key to the future of any relationship. He very much wants her to continue approving of him, so he decides to stay inside and avoid interrupting your conversation.
Given the distance between you and your best friend and your opposite schedules, it’s rare that you get the chance to talk to her. Frankie busies himself with putting the groceries away and starting preparations for dinner. Just the sound of your voice coming through the window makes him smile. He doesn’t even really listen to what you’re saying, but you sound happy to be chatting with her. The abstract cadence of your voice has a soothing quality. It’s familiar and comforting, like an old favorite song.
Frankie is doing a good job not eavesdropping, sorting through the groceries and finding what you need for dinner in the fridge, until he hears his name. He looks up through the window, but you aren’t calling to him. No, your back is still to the house.
Oh, Frankie realizes, vaguely embarrassed. You’re talking about him.
“Frankie?” You nod and tap your fingers on your armrest. “Yeah, he’s good. I think he’s still at work, but he should be back soon.”
You pause as your friend responds. Frankie tries to go back to what he was doing, but he can’t help but listen now that the conversation has turned to him.
“Leave me alone,” you say, though you sound amused. A long pause follows, followed by your shocked exclamation. “What?”
Another pause as your friend poses a question that Frankie can’t hear.
“Am I in love with him?” You scoff and stand up from the lounger. Stretching your free arm above your head, you start to pace around. Your bare feet are quiet on the wood planks as you walk across the deck, holding your phone to your ear. “That’s a hell of a question to start out with.”
Frankie ducks behind the cabinet next to the window where you can’t see him. He really should make his presence known, he really should, but he’s frozen where he stands. Am I in love with him? You sounded so—so dismissive. Standing there, hiding behind a cabinet like a coward, Frankie feels his good mood start to deflate. He shakes his head. Don’t be ridiculous, he tells himself. There’s no way you meant it to sound like that.
“God.” Your tone is wry when you speak next. “Don’t make me say it.”
Frankie’s heart starts to pound a little faster in his chest. It’s not the good kind of butterflies he gets because of you sometimes; no, this is starting to feel a lot like when he’s on the edge of a panic attack. Taking a deep breath, he tells himself to get it together. He’s a grown man. And, furthermore, he can’t even hear what your friend is saying. He has no idea what you’re actually talking about. There’s no need to overreact.
“Because it’s embarrassing,” he hears you say.
Embarrassing? The word slides like ice down his spine. At the same time, he feels heat creep up his cheeks in shame. Embarrassing. Of all the cruel things he’s been called in his life—unstable, neurotic, dumb, broken—he’s never been called embarrassing. Hearing that word said in your voice, a voice he usually associates with kindness and goofy jokes and flirting, feels wrong. His blood rushes in his ears so loud he almost misses what you say next.
“Come on,” you say, and Frankie can tell you’re rolling your eyes. Another stab to the chest. “Give me a break,” you complain.
Frankie puts a hand on the counter to steady himself and then promptly gives up. He sinks down onto the floor, back against the cabinet, knees to his chest. Sitting on the floor is good. Sitting on the floor is safe. Sitting on the cold kitchen tile gives him something else to focus on. Five things you can see, four things you can touch… He hears his therapist’s advice in his head and almost laughs. He’s using PTSD coping mechanisms to deal with his girlfriend calling him embarrassing. He’s past forty years old and on the verge of hyperventilating on the floor of his kitchen because of a few passing comments. Maybe he is embarrassing.
Every insecurity he’s ever had comes raining down on him. It’s not pretty. You’re fucked in the head, that evil little voice says. You’re too neurotic to be loved. Who would want someone like you? It reminds him of all the ways he’s pushed people away. It brings back the memory of everyone who left him behind when he came back from the service a different man. It summons the sad looks on the faces of the people who used to love him when they realized the Frankie they knew was left behind somewhere far away. This new Frankie is just that, embarrassing: unstable, broken, unlovable. Forty-something years old, spiraling on the floor of his kitchen.
“Of course it’s embarrassing,” Frankie hears you exclaim, and he wishes he didn’t. “It is incredibly embarrassing to admit you fell in love with someone on your fourth date.”
Wait, what? Frankie lifts his chin off his chest. What did you say?
There’s a moment’s pause as your friend says something unintelligible. Then your voice floats through the screen in the window.
“I did! Don’t make fun of me,” you say. “Before Frankie, I didn’t know what love felt like. Oh my god,” you groan, cutting yourself off as your friend tries to interrupt you. “Yes, I know it’s corny, but let me at least explain myself.”
You laugh, that wind chime sound that Frankie loves so much, and keep talking. The turn in the conversation has put Frankie’s panic on hold.
“Our third date was at this local park, okay? We were walking around and at some point I mentioned that wisteria is my favorite flower,” you explain. “I told him about playing with you under that tree covered in wisteria in your grandmother’s backyard. I said it’s been my favorite flower since I was a kid. Do you remember that?”
The question is meant for your friend, but Frankie answers it anyway. Yes, he thinks to himself, yes, I remember. When you had texted and said you wanted to see him again after your second date, he’d been absolutely baffled. How was it that you—lovely, witty, stunning you—kept responding to his messages and saying you wanted to hang out with him again? He was a fumbling mess around you. At the end of your second date, you’d given him a chaste kiss in the parking lot of the movie theatre after he walked you to your car, and he’d stood there for a full thirty seconds after you drove away, his lips tingling. As he drove up to the park for your third date, he was so jittery that he made a split-second wardrobe change and ditched his flannel in his truck. He was so nervous that he was sure he'd sweat right through his outer layer and you would notice and think he was gross. You hadn’t noticed, though, and just smiled as he walked up and told him he looked nice. He tried to reply to the compliment but didn’t manage anything near sufficient: there weren’t words to say how lovely you looked that day, your hair worn loose and the noon sun making your eyes light up.
“Anyway, for our fourth date, he came to my house to pick me up,” you continue. “He showed up on my doorstep holding a bouquet of wisteria. A bouquet of wisteria. I said, ‘I didn’t know you could get bouquets of wisteria.’ And you know what he said? He said, ‘You can’t. I had to ask my neighbor to cut some off his tree.’”
Your friend shrieks so loud that Frankie hears it clear through your phone.
“I know!” you exclaim.
Frankie sticks his head around the cabinet, looking through the glass door leading from the kitchen to the deck. He catches a glimpse of you, your back turned as you settle back into your lounger.
“He asked his neighbor for flowers from his tree because he remembered that I like them. Can you imagine? I was like, actually speechless. And—god, this sounds so corny—that’s what I knew I was in love.”
You pause for your friend’s response and groan.
“Four dates in. I know. I know! It sounds ridiculous, but—I don’t know. Like I said,” you say, and Frankie is surprised to hear your voice thick with emotion. “I didn’t know what love felt like before. I always wondered what other people felt like when they looked at people they’re in love with. It didn’t make sense. I didn’t understand how you could look at somebody else and see them being so—so—I don’t know, so special. I thought I’d just never feel that way about anyone. I accepted that I just wasn’t meant for it. But…”
Your voice cracks and Frankie’s heart breaks a little. He’s still reeling from the turn in your conversation, but that crack in your voice takes precedence over all his own concerns. When you sound like that, sadness in every note of your voice, he just wants to hold your face in his hands and kiss your forehead until you smile again.
“...but when I looked at him standing on my doorstep, holding a handmade bouquet for me, looking at the ground like he was shy about it—yeah. I knew what love felt like.”
Another pause as your friend offers a comment.
“Shut up,” you command, but you sound more chagrined than genuinely annoyed. “How many times have I listened to you wax poetic about your most recent one-date matches on Hinge? I didn’t make fun of you for any of them. Now I’ve met the guy of my dreams and you’re making fun of me.”
Your friend cuts you off and you interrupt her right back.
“Yes, I did just say ‘guy of my dreams.’ I am aware that I sound like I walked out of a Hallmark movie and I simply do not care. It’s accurate.”
Another pause, longer this time.
Your voice is incredulous when you respond. “Say that again?”
Your friend repeats the question but Frankie misses it.
“It’s only been a year! Have you lost your mind?” You exclaim with a laugh. It’s the kind of genuine laughter that spills from your mouth when you’re happy and content, like when Frankie kisses your neck while you’re trying to watch a movie or when you find funny things online and text them to him so he can laugh too. Your tone is surprisingly sober when you’re done laughing.
“In all seriousness, yeah. Yeah,” you repeat, sounding more thoughtful the second time. You sound sweet as honey now, a note of wistfulness at the end of your sentences. “It’s only been a year, so I’ll give it time, but yeah. If he doesn’t ask me to marry him, I’m gonna ask him. Fuck traditions. I’m not letting him go.”
Frankie feels a little dizzy. He forces himself to stand up, hauling himself up on two feet with his hands on the counter. Your conversation continues, the topic ranging away from Frankie, but he’s stuck on everything you just said. Of course you’ve already exchanged "I love you"s—so often that it’s practically your go-to hello and goodbye to each other—but it’s entirely different to hear you tell that to someone else. The way your voice cracked when you said you didn’t believe you’d ever be in love, and then the quiet happiness in your voice when you said that you were in love with him—it broke his heart and mended it back together all at once. When he returns to the last thing you said, if he doesn’t ask me to marry him, I’m gonna ask him, he feels like he needs to collapse right back down on the floor.
In that moment, he knows he’s going to ask you first. You should never have to doubt how he feels about you. When he was younger, commitment was a scary thing, and he might've run the other way from the prospect of marriage. But standing here, listening to you laugh on the phone with your best friend, knowing you’ll spend the rest of the evening here and probably tomorrow too, he can imagine your future together clear as day. He sees himself down on one knee, ring box in hand; he sees you crying as you say yes; he sees you in white, smiling at him in front of your family and friends.
Nothing has ever felt more right.
He takes a deep breath and finds himself feeling a little weak on his feet. It’s not his fault, but then again, it is. He eavesdropped, collapsed on the floor of his kitchen, and then realized he wants to marry you all in the span of ten minutes. It was a lot. He shakes his head and takes off his hat, running his hand through his hair. Just as he feels like he’s got it together, he hears you say goodbye to your friend.
Sliding the glass door open, he catches sight of you on the lounger. The low afternoon sun glows golden on your skin and you smile up at him with your hand shading your eyes.
“Hey, baby. I didn’t realize you were there.”
He smiles back and his chest feels tight. Fuck, being in love is a rollercoaster. “I haven’t been home long," he lies.
“Well,” you announce, standing up and crossing the deck to pull him into a hug, “I’m glad you’re back.”
You prop your chin up on his chest and smile up at him, looking in the endless warmth of his deep brown eyes. “I love you,” you say, and you sound completely genuine.
If Frankie hadn’t heard your conversation before, he’d wonder why you sound so serious all of a sudden. But he knows. He understands.
“I love you too,” he replies. That’s never felt more right either.
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sinner-as-saint · 10 months ago
‘Till We Bleed Out - 4.
Vampire!bucky x reader.
Part 4 of this series. 
Run-through: Your car breaks down on a deserted road on a rainy night. You have no other option but to seek shelter from the nearest house you could find; the mansion, which happened to be the talk of the town for its mysteriousness along with its equally mysterious owner, Mr. Barnes. The universe can be tricky sometimes but the fact that you found yourself at that mansion’s doorstep at that time was no simple coincidence. That one night changes everything forever - quite literally. True love, past lives and creatures from folklore; turns out it’s all real. 
Themes throughout the series: vampire!bucky, fluff, smut, angst 
Tumblr media
You had tears streaming down your face when Bucky stepped into the bedroom.
He was all you needed. You sobbed and extended both your arms out in front of you, asking him to come closer because you just needed him to anchor you back to sanity. Bucky rushed to you immediately, wrapping his arms around. He knew what happened, and he knew it was a lot for you to handle. 
“Shh, it’s okay baby. I’m here.” He whispered in your ear as he effortlessly pulled you onto his lap. He leaned back into the headboard with your clinging to him like a little bear. “It’s alright, sweetheart. You’re okay now, you’re home.” 
Somehow that made you cry even harder. His grip around you tightened. His eyes watered too as a smile formed on his face. He had you back now, everything was alright. 
He held you for God knows how long. Minutes, maybe hours. He had turned the bedside lamp on and with the help of the soft glow he could see that your tears had stopped and your face was no longer damp. You sniffled here and there, shifting on his lap whenever your legs felt uncomfortable but you cling to him still, refusing to let go. And he was more than happy to hold you for however long you needed him too. Good thing he could physically never get tired. 
“Sweetheart?” he called out gently, hoping you’d talk to him. 
“Hmm?” you answered. 
He smiled and kissed the top of your head. “Are you okay?” 
You nodded. “Yes. But my head hurts.” 
He hugged you a little tighter, “You’re gonna be okay, baby. You should get some rest.” 
That made you scoff. You pulled away a little, straightening your back and faced him with a weird look. “Stop trying to get me to sleep all the time.” You mumbled, your voice hoarse with how much you cried earlier. 
He chuckled, wiping the tear stains from your face. “Well I don’t know, from what I’ve seen humans are very sleepy creatures.” 
You rolled your eyes at him and he laughed and pulled you closer. “I missed you. So much.” He mumbled, looking deep into your eyes. 
You began tearing up again. “I didn’t- I didn’t mean to leave you here, all alone I-,” you choked on a sob and he hugged you again, you pushed your face into the crook of his neck, wetting his skin with your tears. “I couldn’t fight them off that night, they were-,”
“Shh,” he whispered in your ear. “I know, baby. I know. It’s not your fault, I should’ve protected you better. I should’ve been more careful.” He could feel your heartbeats against his chest. “But you’re back now. Everything is fine.” 
When you stopped crying again you pulled away to face him; a thousand questions on your mind. 
“Where is everyone? Steve? Nat? Tony? Are they…” you trailed off, unable to speak because just saying their names out loud made your heart hurt. 
“Everyone is still here. We even have a few new members.” His answer brought back so many memories. 
You remembered them; your large group of friends who quickly became family. You could spend decades not seeing each other but when you did, you all picked up right where you left off. You remember how extravagant your reunions used to be, each of you knowing you’re much more stronger because you’ve got each other. You were a solid team, despite all of you being different in your own way. You created a secret, solid team of nocturnal creatures, ancient gods and beings from other galaxies; not all of you were vampires. But you were a family nonetheless. 
“Where are they now?” You asked, smiling at the memories which came flooding back in. 
Bucky smiled. “One call away. They’re gonna lose their minds when I tell them you’re finally back.” 
Your smile faded into a slight frown. “But I’m human now.” Suddenly you didn’t want to be. “You’re gonna have to turn me at some point.” 
He nodded. “At some point, yes. But not right now. You’ve been through enough already.” You recognized that tone of his. His voice was firm which meant that he wasn’t going to change his mind anytime soon. 
You almost whined. “But Bucky-,”
He was quick to cut you off. “No. I found you after more than a century. I think I can wait a little longer.” He leaned in to kiss your cheek. “Besides,” his lips trailed down your neck and your heart raced, he chuckled, “I love hearing your heartbeats.” 
You smiled, leaning more into his touch. “I forgot you could hear them.” 
He playfully nipped at your neck. “Keeps me up at night sometimes.” 
You giggled. “I apologize. I’ll tell my human heart to be quiet from now on.” You ran your fingers through his hair. 
“Don’t.” he mumbled against your skin. “I never knew you when you were human before. This is new, I like it.” He kissed along your jaw, making you shiver - not just because of his body temperature. “Besides, it constantly reminds me that I have you back now.” 
You smiled and gently caressed his cheek. “Speaking of me being back, you knew about me way before I showed up at the front door that day, didn’t you?” you had, while having a meltdown earlier, pieced it together. 
Bucky tensed up. Then chuckled, pulling away from you and stared into your eyes. He nodded, a little nervous about how you’d react. “Yeah.” 
You smirked. “And the thunderstorm? Thor?” There was no way a storm could be so constantly violent for so many days, you figured he must've gotten help from the god. He nodded yet again. “How did you find me?” you smiled playfully, feeling all proud because you discovered his little game. 
“Wanda was out running errands a couple of months ago, and she ran all the way home crying and a complete mess. Vis calmed her down, and then she broke the news to me. She said she saw you.” Bucky reached out and cupped your face. “Then I had to see you for myself.” 
You knew him too well. “And?” you smirked, knowing there was still some part of that story left. 
“I went for a stroll around town. And I saw you, you were at the café where you went each Saturday morning for some light reading. I knew then that I had to get you to come home, but I couldn’t do it alone. So I reached out to Thor… and Loki.” 
“Buck!” you were pleasantly surprised. “Let me guess, it’s Loki’s fault that my car broke down so conveniently close to our home?” You didn’t need an answer to that, you knew. He nodded, fighting a smile. “And then naturally, Thor did his bit.” He nodded yet again. You shook your head, chuckling. “So you stalk me, then lure me in and then keep me confined in here?” you meant it as a joke, of course. 
Bucky groaned and pushed his face into your neck, hiding his embarrassment. “Don’t say it like that.” His voice came out muffled. “I have the right to do all that, I’m your husband.” 
You giggled. “Not in this lifetime. Not yet.” 
You earned yourself a glare from Bucky. He quickly leaned in to kiss you. Taking you by surprise as he nibbled on your lower lip, making your body tingle. “I love you.” He mumbled against your lips, pulling away before it got too heated. 
“I love you too.” you murmured, knowing that he was still being cautious and maybe a little hesitant. 
He fake gasped, “Already? But you’ve only known me for a couple of days, human.” 
You giggled and pulled away, and ended up laughing. “Shut up. I love you so much.” 
He smiled at you. “I know.” 
As you looked at him you realized that the room had gotten lighter. You kissed him one last time then got up to use the shower. You needed a nice, long shower to clear your head for a while, and he knew it so he let you be. 
While showering you thought about the changes which would follow now. You smiled at how much had changed already. A couple of days back, you had no recollection about your life with Bucky. But now, you had all the memories of the past lifetime spent with him. And you couldn’t wait for more. 
Bucky found you standing at the sink, wiping your face dry with a towel. You hadn’t noticed he had made his way into the bathroom yet. You placed the towel down on the counter and almost jumped when you saw his reflection in the mirror. 
“Bucky,” you smiled as he walked over and wrapped his arms around you from behind. 
“Hi.” he whispered and kissed down your neck. 
“You could knock. What if I wasn’t decent?” you asked, knowing it would get a reaction out of him. 
He rolled his eyes at you, pushing his face back into the crook of your neck. “Nothing I haven’t seen.” he mumbled, kissing your skin. “You always smell so good.” He kissed along your throat as his hand discreetly, slowly undid the knot at the front of your robe. You accidentally let out a moan. And he smirked against your skin, “I’ve missed you. So much.” 
“I’m here baby. I’ll take care of you.” He whispered in your ear; his voice deep and hot and smooth. He managed to undo your robe completely, slipping his hand past the slit and in between your legs. You moaned again, your body remembering his touch as well. “Do you know how hard it’s been holding back from you?” he mumbled in your ear as his fingers lightly grazed your folds. “Hmm? Do you?” he teased you by trailing his fingers up your body, gently cupping your breast with his cold fingers before moaning in your ear. “You’re so warm. I can imagine how warm your little cunt will be, wrapped around my cock.”  
He chuckled when you visibly shivered in his arms. 
“I want you.” 
And that was all he needed to hear. He grabbed you by the waist and turned you around, kissing you feverishly while walking backwards out of the bathroom. He discarded your robe on your way to the bed. You shivered again, at the feel of his cold fingers against your bare body. 
You giggled when he pushed you down on the bed, his hungry eyes watching you with nothing but raw desire and hunger. “You’re so beautiful.” He whispered. And despite you being the one whose heart was racing, he was the one who sounded breathless. 
He lowered himself on the bed, spreading your legs apart and settling in between them. He couldn’t believe you were finally back. And now that he had you, he wasn’t letting you go. Ever. He reached out and ran his knuckles along your wet folds, making you shudder at his mere touch. “You’re so warm.” He commented. 
Bucky placed a kiss on your inner thigh and you gasped. Your body reacted to his touch like no other. He reached out with two fingers and gently circled your clit, gathering your wetness from your folds and smearing it around. He watched how your body writhed on the bed, so responsive to his touch. 
He placed his hands on your thighs and spread your legs further apart and attached his lips to your core without a second thought; the lower half of his face completely submerged into your dripping core. You moaned out loud as you felt his warm mouth on top of your dripping core. His tongue slipped past your folds and teased your entrance; occasionally flicking your clit mercilessly. Your hands immediately gripped his hair and tugged gently at his roots. His tongue slowly circled your throbbing clit, parting your wet folds with ease. You were a moaning mess on the bed; squirming with tears in your eyes at just how good his mouth felt. 
“So fucking sweet…” he whispered and got back to assault your sensitive spot with his warm and wet tongue; relishing your taste, “as always.” You whimpered under his touch and at his words, feeling his stubble rubbing against your soft skin; it burned a little, but you enjoyed each and every second of it and craved for more.
He looked up at you, staring into your eyes while he ate you out, making your legs tremble around his head. You watched how his eyes drew darker and darker. He had a slight smirk on as he watched you in awe and how you lost control under his touch; legs shaking as he teased your entrance with the tip of his tongue. 
Your arousal drenched the lower half of his face as he ate you out relentlessly until you were nothing but a moaning mess. His hands wrapped around your thighs, securing you in his grip as he pushed his face further into you, making you cry out loud. You came violently all over Bucky’s tongue, body shuddering and shaking while you moaned his name out loud.
“So perfect…” he mumbled and kissed your inner thighs, licking you clean before kissing his way up your body and finding your lips again. He kissed you with ardor; eager to just be inside you already and make you squirm and shake under him, but he also wanted to cherish each moment and worship your body. He couldn’t make up his mind, but he knew that he wanted you. Bad. 
You felt his tongue stroke the top of your mouth, and his hands touched you wherever he could; your breasts, your waist – leaving trails of goosebumps wherever his fingers touched your skin. He quickly pulled away and undid his pants, then grabbed both your wrists and pinned them above your head. “Keep your hands there for me, sweetheart.” He mumbled under his breath and lifted his hips to align his erected cock to your entrance. You instinctively spread your legs apart to give him more room.
His hand reached down and he pumped his cock, rubbing it all over your dripping core in the process. You squirmed and moaned when he did so; the tip of his cock rubbing up and down your wet lips, parting them as he circled your clit gently. You shuddered under him; whining in need. Your body begging him to just take you already and make you his own.
His eyes looked darker than usual, and his face looked dangerously handsome. His voice was deep – which caused the butterflies in your stomach to go crazy. “I missed you so much.” With a slow, steady push, he inserted his length into you. You shuddered as you felt all of him, his beard tickled your skin as he kissed your lips repeatedly and told you how good you were. You heard his ragged breaths as he removed himself out and pushed himself back into you again. 
You moaned out loud; your cries wanton and desperate because you wanted more. You needed him. Bad. 
“You’re mine.” he whispered in your ear in between grunts and moans as he sped up into you, making you feel all of him while he stroked your walls perfectly. He reached out and grabbed your face with one hand, the other holding him up. He stared into your eyes, speeding up into you. “I’ve been dying to make love to you since you got here. I was dying to remind you that no matter what happens, you’re always gonna be mine.” He leaned in to kiss you, shamelessly shoving his tongue past your parted lips and stroking the inside of your open mouth. 
You could only moan in response. 
He kissed down your face. You let out a moan as he found your sweet spot, and felt him smirk against your skin. You moaned again as he bit and licked the skin beneath your jaw, all while slamming into you relentlessly; stretching you out and pounding into you like his life depended on it. When he pulled away to look at him again, you gasped at the sight of his dark eyes and sharp fangs. 
Your hands instinctively reached out to brush against his parted lips. They were soft, and cool. He smirked, leaning in to rest his forehead against yours. “Like what you see?” he teased. You meant to say yes but moaned out loud instead as you felt your walls clench around him, and tighten around his thick member; making him swear out loud too. “Fuck!” he cursed. 
“Bucky… please…” you were right on the edge. 
Bucky bit down on your shoulder with his sharp teeth as he pounded into you mercilessly. Not hard enough to injure you but just enough to make you scream loudly, in both pleasure and pain; begging him for more. Your body tingled as you felt the sharp pain. He placed one of his hands gently around your neck while he sped up even more into you; he leaned in to whisper in your ear again. “I love you.” he simply said, feeling your walls beginning to clench harder around him. 
“I love you…” you said it back, moaning as he made you come undone violently around him. 
Bucky pushed his face into your neck as he growled and grunted, coming right after you. You gasped for air, basking in his body heat as you held him close to you; sliding your hands into his hair and kissing his shoulder. “I love you, Buck. More than anything.” You spoke into his hair and he chuckled and pulled the two of you under the covers again.
“I love you more.” He pulled your worn out body into his and kept you safe by his side. He had you back now. Everything was going to be alright. 
“Hey, look.” You kept your head on his chest as you pointed towards the bedroom window. The storm had passed. You both saw the sunrise again, after so many gloomy days. “Good morning.” You mumbled and kissed his chest. 
He caressed your face lovingly, the light from the sun making you glow even more than earlier. “Good morning, sweetheart.” 
The storm had passed yes, but you weren’t leaving this house anytime soon.
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sunlightwoo · 6 months ago
Run With Hell | Ride Along Prequel
Tumblr media
☀︎ pairing: bad boy!sunwoo x fem!reader
☀︎ genre: summer fling au, angst, squints of fluff, bad boy au, lovers to exes au warning: suggestive/sexual language and content, mentions of alcohol and partying
☀︎ wc: 4.1k
☀︎ plot: summer hues may bring in the summer blues, but this one person you spend your summer with just so happens to be the one person that you needed in that moment. instead of the place that he needed to end up being in, he lets you take him back to your place and see where it goes from there, thinking that maybe it might just be a summer bet and nothing more than that. 
☀︎ a/n: this was originally a scrapped idea back from like 2018 and i never brought it back up to surface until recently these last few months actually from when i started planning ride along and then sunwoo’s verse in hate came out, which sparked more ideas!! so i hope you guys enjoy the prequel to it, in which you learn more about the history between Sunflower and Sunwoo’s relationship, even though this is not one of my best oneshots im sorry :( it can be read as a standalone, but it’d be cool if you read this and then ride along if you haven’t read it yet!!
read ride along here!
Tumblr media
track one: moonlight | i never knew, you could hold moonlight in your hands
The soft breeze of the summer winds blew past your hair, your arms wrapped around yourself as your eyes were trained on the scenery in front of you. Comforts of the beach seem to have always made you calmer than you have been, and you think that these last two years of your life had been a fever dream considering the roller coaster of events that you have been through. 
You remember waking up in a hospital the night that your brother, Jacob, had an important race to compete in, and because of that, you didn’t want to break his winning streak by being bad luck. The moments prior to that were unable to be recalled for as the only reliable information you can get was from the doctor, explaining that you had consumed something before you had blacked out that had made you almost comatose, if it weren’t for someone that had saved you that night. 
There were often times where you thought about what had happened at that exact moment, but it didn’t distract you from where your mind had been leading you the following day when you were discharged already because of Jacob. You weren’t sure where he had gone that moment, but all you could remember was reading a note with his scribbles that mentioned where he had left it.
A final decision that he had to decide on with a gig that he had gotten for his music career was what he had been working on, and you couldn’t be happier for him. That following morning, you found yourself at the cafe that was across from where you were staying temporarily, eyes darting across the beautiful cursive chalk that was written on a board for the menu, and you couldn’t help but feel like there were a pair of eyes that were stuck onto you. 
With a quick glance around the shop, even if there wasn’t a line behind you, you noticed a guy that sat by the window with his eyes trained onto yours. An accidental eye contact, you might’ve thought to yourself as the handsome stranger had given you a small smirk across his lips, but you have already turned back around to quickly place an order for a tea that was taken to go. 
You had known who he was, considering his name was already spread among the city that you lived despite it being your summer before your first year of college. How it had easily slipped from your own tongue if anybody were to ask you, who is the biggest playboy that is known in your graduating class, and it had to be him. If it weren’t for the fact that he had an overpowering aura that radiated from him, then maybe you would’ve gotten to know him more.
But you didn’t want to, because you knew what guys like him were like.
It was guys like him that made you want to hide away into the comforts of your personal safety net because you knew he was too beautiful and confident to be good. A chaotic driven force that you think was meant to be encountered with was what he had seemed like, ready to clash into your lawful good that the more that you thought about it, you wondered what more of him was like if you were to say hello. 
Now it was a little over a year later in the summer before your junior year of college and you think that it’s comical that somehow the same stranger had caught your heart. After a semester and a half of trying to win you over as a friend throughout your first year, he was able to convince you that maybe hanging out one spring night at the beach wouldn’t be too bad, right?
“Sorry I’m late, Sunflower. Got stuck trying to find a way to park the car without dealing with some asshole again.” 
Your eyes look up to meet the same warm ones that welcomed you as the red hair he had coated this time around seemed to have blended in with the night sky. He takes a seat next to you and wraps his arms around his knees that were being hugged close to his chest, until he takes a look over to you once more with a soft smile on his face. 
“It’s okay, Sunwoo. I haven’t been here that long anyways.” You reply quietly, giving him a smile back as you bit back everything that was on your tongue. 
You had already been there for almost two hours waiting for him, collecting your thoughts as you wondered what the two of you were in that exact timing. There were times where you wanted to just kiss him as a way to shut him up whenever he rambled or said something dumb, but there were also the mixed signs that made you wonder if he had ever thought about you the same way that you did in the past two years.
One too many shared secrets and kisses were often exchanged, but the two of you had always remained friends with too many benefits as you found your way back to the other. It was almost as if you were magnets, opposites that attracted to another and now you were trying to find a way for it to make sense under the moonlight that was brightly shining tonight above you.
“Can you sing me a song, bubs?”
His eyes turn to look at you, who had been staring at him after breaking away from your own thoughts, as he nods in response and opens his arms for you to find your place in them. He wraps his arms around you securely, holding you close to his chest as the soft voice that came from his throat produced a sweet song that you easily recognized as one that he had told you about for a while. 
It felt like you were being put under a sleeping spell as you looked at him, wondering how even under the moonlight, he was almost the most ethereal being in the world. It was as though he was carrying that luminescence in his hands and placed it above his head at all times, making sure that whenever you needed to just be held, he was there to do so for you; another reason why you were so conflicted with what you both had.
However, maybe it was after a confession or two after that soft lullaby that it ended up being enough for you. Maybe being with him was enough for you, and for that you had also regretted it at the same time, because you knew that you were in for a ride with hell’s spawn.
Tumblr media
track two: sometimes | cause we’re collecting moments, tattoos on my mind
“Are you ready for our getaway?” You hear someone say behind you and turn to look at Sunwoo, who had been standing at your front door for a moment now. 
It was the hot morning of July first after a long night being with him, and it was a spontaneous decision to head out on a little road trip away from the city. You wanted to go to the seaside, you had told him just hours prior, and he had told you about a little place that he used to stay whenever he was in a mood to go on vacation and escape the realities of the world.
So you packed your bags and were ready to go as you walked up to him with a big smile on your face, one that mirrored his own as he pulled you close. By placing his hand against your lower back, the space between you both becomes almost invisible as he pecked your lips in just a quick second, and you couldn’t help but giggle at the sudden action that came from him.
Even after a month or so of dating, it still felt like you were floating on cloud nine despite the fact that you had been doing this for two years or so already. Being with him felt like you were able to conquer on the world, and you knew that might not stay long despite the shared whispers of the cursed eight letters that were often said when you spent nights together.
You wanted to tattoo every moment that you were with him into your mind, because from then until now it had only felt like you were living in a daydream. He had given you nothing but love and made you happier than you would’ve imagined making yourself, but you were okay with also accepting the fact that it might not last long considering there were often times where you might clash thoughts and argue.
By the time that you both made it to where you were staying, you were amazed with how elegant it looked on the inside, despite the fact that it seemed smaller on the outside. You think that maybe you were in a movie as you looked around, but it wasn’t until you turned around to see Sunwoo being busy on his phone that you wondered if this mini getaway was going to be worth it.
“Everything okay, bubs?” You ask while putting down your stuff, sitting on top of your bag as he gives you a small smile before nodding in response. 
To him, he thinks that you are one of the most beautiful things as the sun was practically shining on your face as it seeped through the large glass windows of the house. It’s almost amazing that he found himself falling for you quickly, but he wonders how much of that smile will last on your face before he does something to mess it all up. 
He wants to tattoo the moments where he’s able to make those smiles on your face with his sincerity, the him that he wants to be with you rather than the person that he decides to be to everyone else. Yet somehow, there was something about your innocence to him that made him want more than just what you had then and now, but he was scared of what he might become if had actually gotten it all for himself.
“Yeah, everything’s okay. Let’s go sleep for a bit before we spend the night having fun, hmm?”
Tumblr media
track three: bad decisions | You've become my favorite sin so let 'em keep on talking
He knows that he isn’t good for you.
His reputation of being the residential bad boy was no match for your heart, and you both knew that. After spending the first two weeks getting to know the ins and outs of the bay, you made some quick friends even though you spent a majority of your time back at where you were staying with Sunwoo. The way that his hands had always felt like fire on your skin was exhilarating as every kiss you shared was more intoxicating than the last. 
You could tell that he was getting tired of it already, because you’ve noticed that the fire that was once in his eyes was dying out, and you were scared of it. Even his words of reassurance of loving you and for not leaving your side by then was made, but you couldn’t find it within yourself to trust his words every time that he spoke of them. 
“Are you sure that you’re in love with me?” You whisper after the highs and frustrations that were spent into what you had done earlier had been let out. 
The two of you had argued about how he never seemed to have paid more attention to what you were doing when the two of you were out at the street markets today, his phone seeming more important than exploring the depths of shops that were opened by small businesses. You confronted him about it, thinking that maybe he was involved with someone else and that you were just wasting your time putting your love into a relationship that was one sided. 
However that wasn’t the case, as he told you that one of his friends was updating him on a situation that involved their family.
“Why wouldn’t I love you?”
Those toxic eight letters felt so foreign at the tip of his tongue as he looked at you, who laid your head on top of his chest. He didn’t know what love was, and he felt like the biggest jerk for also leading you on knowing that in the end, he was going to leave. He wasn’t sure when he was going to do it, but he knew that you were slowly catching onto his plan, and he hated himself for making you feel as though you weren’t enough for him to stay. 
He wants to give you the pain that he had felt once in the past, and ruin the sweet innocence that you held in your eyes. He’s heard stories about you as well, the same way that you had heard stories about him, and he knew then that there was something about the way you talked and expressed your beliefs that made him want to be indulged into you more. 
“We don’t feel the same anymore.” You whisper, eyes meeting him as the moonlight that used to capture his eyes so perfectly seemed as though it was dying out. 
Your heart was pounding in your chest as you watched him stay silent for a moment, his eyes still looking into yours but he still held you close to his heart. He doesn’t know what to say at all and he regrets it a little more for dragging you into this game that he started playing with his own heart on his sleeve, but he doesn’t know when he should stop, because to him, it feels like this game that he made was still not done yet. 
But he can’t find the heart to tell you to run, before he can do it.
“I promise I’ll love you more than I should be loving you. You’re my sunflower, the same way that I’m your sunshine, and it’ll stay that way.” 
Tumblr media
track four: leave me lonely | you’re a dangerous love, maybe you’re no good for me
It was a little over a month into your getaway, and it feels emptier than it was when you first started the entire trip.
The nights that you shared together were less filled with meaningful words and actions, but more filled with moments that were there to make the empty void that was present full with whatever you two had wanted to do. You could tell that he was on the verge of just walking out the front door and leaving you because of how the increasing arguments that were made continued to be more present, and you could’ve sworn that if he wasn’t going to be the first to leave, then you would. 
It was another occurrence tonight where you had gone out to eat as a date, since you wanted to fix what might’ve been missing these last few weeks of summer that you might’ve not done. However, it didn’t happen to work as you noticed how Sunwoo was already preoccupied on his phone almost the entire time, and you were fed up by the end of the night as he was driving you both back home and he had taken the time to text back whoever it was that seemed more important than you, who had been nothing but patient the entire night.
“Am I seriously not fun anymore, that you’ve spent the entire date texting whoever it is on the other end?” You half jokingly asked while turning to him, watching as he had given you a confused look on his face while the two of you were waiting for the traffic light to turn green to go. 
“I haven’t been texting someone the entire time-”
“Then what did we do today, besides eat at the restaurant because we sure as hell didn’t talk the entire time that we were there.” You retort, the joking tone that was previously in your tone no longer there as he looks at you for a split second before putting his phone into the cup holder that was between you both in silence. 
The green light finally switches and he drives again as you could tell that he knew you were right, the silence overbearing you both as neither of you spoke afterwards. You wanted him to bite back, but you couldn’t help but be impatient this time around with what he had to say, because he always seemed to brush it off these days about what he has been doing when he wasn’t with you, or when he leaves mid-argument and comes back the next morning making it up.
“You’re just overreacting, don’t worry about it, Y/N.” 
He hasn’t called you by your name in a while considering he had only been calling you by Sunflower for a long time now. It was almost like whiplash as you stared at him, who was now driving back to your place with the night sky behind him and you wondered what you had even done wrong when you were just wondering who he would keep texting. 
Maybe he was cheating on you and he didn’t want to admit it, you think to yourself as you curled up into a ball in your seat and looked outside your window to hide the pain that was present in your heart. Was there could’ve been something that you might’ve done wrong that could just made him bored throughout the last two years that you’ve known each other, where it was you that might’ve been in the mess up stance?
That night, you couldn’t even remember whether or not you have slept properly considering he didn’t sleep with you, but rather slept on the couch in the living room. 
Was this what the start of heartbreak was like?
Tumblr media
track five: touch it | Why do you say you want me, then tell me you're not coming in?
“How long have you been lying to me about everything?” 
Tears were pricking the corners of your eyes as you stared at the individual in front of you with your heart on your sleeve, wondering what his next move was. Your throat was raspy from how much you were yelling out of anger and frustration earlier, and you wanted to know how long you had been playing his game.
“Two years.” He replies, his facial expression never faltering as his hands were in his pockets and eyes boring into your own. 
His phone was placed on the couch beside you as you had found his texts with his best friend about how being with you was all for a bet of money; and he had won. All he had to do was to make you play his game and purposely break your heart, only to win some sort of prize that he would win at the end, but at what cost.
“I didn’t mean anything to you, did I?” You whisper as you cross your arms in front of your chest, waiting to hear whatever else he had to say, but you couldn’t help but wipe away the stray tears that were already falling down the apples of your cheeks. 
Yes, you meant everything to me, he wants to say as he looks into your heartbroken eyes, and he was willing to give up everything to walk over to where you were to wipe your tears for you. But there was also the thrill in his blood that made him feel a bit prideful that he succeeded in being the asshole that he made himself out to be to everyone but you. 
He had won the game, he acknowledged and it was over for him but he also knew that there was just a little bit of guilt that still lied inside of him. He doesn’t know what to say as he watches you start to crumble in front of him internally, and he knows you’re tired of all the lies that he had been feeding you since the first day. 
So he had decided on running away after he said his last words, because like you had predicted, he was hell’s spawn that loved creating a chaotic masterpiece. As much as you hated him in the moment, he knew that you wouldn’t be able to let go for a bit, and maybe this was his chance to leave so that he doesn’t have to think about you anymore. 
And he does as he walks away with the wind as he closes the door on you both, leaving with the sounds of his car already leaving and you know that he wasn’t coming back. 
You think that it’s your fault anyways for wanting to believe in what you had was genuine, with every time that he had said it was true. But like you thought in the first place, where guys like him wouldn’t last, was true, because now you were in the place that held everything that reminded you of him. You wanted to trash the beautiful pain that was in front of you, but you also felt numb at the same time, not wanting to do anything but to just mourn the stained heart that was on the sleeve of your arm. 
It was there for the world to see; tainted with toxic love that only you had for him, and it was now spilling out with his last words echoing in your head.
“I never loved you in the first place, because you were only just a game to win.”
Tumblr media
bonus track: lovesick girls
The loud silence of the crackling fire resonates in your ears as you stare at the burning car that was less than 50 feet in front of you. Your knees were tucked into your chest as you stared at it, wondering where it all began to go wrong as the numbness of your heart continued to stay there. He had been gone for weeks, as you had expected him to run away for that long, and you hated yourself for falling for a guy like him in the first place. 
He was intoxicating, addicting; the one person that you had given your entity to, only to have it crumble up in the palm of his hands. 
You hated him and knew that this would be the last time you’d ever want to see him, since you were going to start going back on track with your goals and dreams. Starting next week you were set to start the fall semester into your junior year of college as it was now almost mid September and ready to run for the life that you wanted to have from the start of the summer before you had met him. 
You think to yourself that maybe it was him that had ruined it all, or maybe a piece of you didn’t want to admit that it was also your own for not being cautious enough. The entire summer felt like you were running with the devil himself, and that the air you were breathing in now, the very one that you can finally collect your thoughts in, were your moments of freedom as you blinked back the tears of the memories that had played in your mind of last night that ended it all. 
“All you ever did was run away from us in the first place, Sunwoo-”
“And I was wrong for doing it, that day that I walked out and left,” He says and you could see his eyes glimmer with what seemed like sincerity in the form of tears, just as the sun that was setting around you both began to make your skies darker than they were before. 
“But that doesn’t mean that I regretted walking out, because I knew that we would’ve only hurt each other more if I had stayed.”
The silence that was overtaking you both was faster than that as your eyes continued to lock onto one another’s. You weren’t sure what you wanted to do in this situation, because you very much so loved him and all his imperfect beauties. However it felt like he was the constant fire that was burning your skin with every touch that he was able to make, and you didn’t want to be a part of that cycle that would continue with him, especially after finding out about his bet with his best friend at the most. 
So in retaliation, you did what you should’ve done in the first place, resent and ignore him, as you knew that this should be the last time that you see him again in this life. 
“Then I think you should just leave for good then, Sunwoo. Don’t ever try to find me again, and if you do... we will never do us again.”
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cas-kingdom · 8 months ago
Name Game
A/N: In an attempt to tick off some boxes in the ‘fic ideas’ department, I wrote this little thing. Set after the last episode. I also used Akela’s version instead of reader due to the need for her & Ciri to have similar features. :)
Also based on a suggestion by an anon (which I can’t find!) so thank you!
Tumblr media
Title: Name Game
Summary: Geralt accidentally calls Ciri something he shouldn’t have.
Words: 1367
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Geralt was quite surprised at the fact they’d made it almost twenty-four hours without any major incident befalling him or the girls. Sure, they hadn’t said a single word to each other, and he’d caught Akela sending accusing glares Ciri’s way more than once, but at least she hadn’t tried to bury her outside while he wasn’t looking.
As for the princess, she was clearly quiet for reasons beside the obvious ones. Perhaps she could sense Akela’s energy. He certainly could. He doubted the old couple whose farm they were still staying at were immune to the coldness radiating from her either. If anyone were to tell him a few weeks ago that she would be this bad, he wouldn’t have believed them.
He and Akela had set up camp outside, close to the edge of the woods, a pitiful attempt on his part to show her their life would still be as it had been before Ciri. Ciri slept inside, likely on a warm bed, and he’d wondered a couple times how she’d fare outside. She’d had to get used to sleeping and living in the wild for at least the past week since Cintra’s fall. Hopefully she didn’t think that was going to change and they’d be resting at inns for the rest of their lives. 
Rest of their lives. That sounded way too ominous.
They ate dinner together, though. That was the least they could do to repay the old man and his wife. If it was just him and Akela, they’d have been out and on the road the moment he felt any type of ‘better’ again, but the princess had been through a lot, and he figured some rest was deserved before she left the comfort of four walls and a roof. She seemed to like the old man’s wife. Maybe she reminded her of someone from Cintra. He wouldn’t know. He found himself thinking about her a lot, wondering if he should ask her questions, but no words ever seemed to move further than his lips.
“Tell us, Mr. Witcher.” Geralt lifted his eyes from his bowl of soup to look at the old man. “Are the stories true? You found your daughter in the woods?”
He rolled his shoulders a little. Damn stories. Damn bard. “Yes,” he said, “in a basket.” He glanced at Akela, sat by the fire, her empty bowl beside her.
The woman’s eyes lit up a little. “And you decided to keep her?”
“Not at first.”
“What changed?”
Geralt, unsurprisingly, wasn’t one for conversations like this, and he would have said exactly that had he not seen the intrigued look on Ciri’s face. Sighing, he absently twirled his spoon in the soup. “I don’t know,” he said honestly. “Suppose the idea of a little maid appealed to me.” They both laughed and Ciri smiled. He looked to Akela, hoping she’d be the same. She hadn’t changed position. He barely refrained from rolling his eyes as he leant over and picked up her bowl, putting it under his.
“I’ll wash these,” he said monotonously as he stood to his feet, ignoring the thanks as he took the other bowls. He let his shoulders slacken once he’d moved to another room, dropping the bowls into a basin of water. The sooner they could get out of here, the better. The old couple were nice, yes, whatever that meant, but seemingly unable to fully process that he was a Witcher, and Witchers didn’t stick around for conversations around a fire and a warm bowl of soup. And they definitely didn’t wash up after people, either. He’d simply felt the need to find a moment’s peace for himself. Akela was probably cursing him for leaving her alone in there.
He spent a minute in silence, staring at the water. His whole body still ached. He needed to get back below the forest trees.
Sucking in a deep breath, he flexed his fingers and turned to walk back into the main room. Akela was standing by the fire. “Akela,” he said, “let’s head out.”
The moment the blonde turned around, regret hit him like a sack of rocks.
He moved his head and saw Akela just walking in from outside. She stopped and leant against the doorframe, arms crossed, eyebrow raised.
He gritted his teeth. Ciri, who was stood by the fire, stared at him a little confusedly.
There was a moment’s silence that felt like an absolute age. Even the elderly couple seemed to be frozen.
“I’m Akela,” Akela said finally, unamused, and Geralt nodded slowly. “That’s Ciri.” She pointed at Ciri, who was wringing her hands now, walking tentatively back to sit beside the woman. Wisely, she seemed to have decided on the title of innocent bystander. He wished he could do the same.
He heaved a sigh and threw his hands up in surrender. “So strike me down.” He turned to the couple. “Thank you for dinner.” He nodded at Ciri. “Good night.”
“Good night.”
Geralt headed for the door and followed Akela out. It was completely dark now, stars dotting the midnight sky, a light breeze flitting around his face.
“Does she fucking look like me?”
“She had her back to me. You both have blonde hair. It was a mistake. Don’t be a bitch.”
“I’m not a bitch!” He was walking faster now, destination in sight, Akela hurrying after him. “She’s shorter than me, wearing completely different clothes! She looks nothing like me!”
He shut his eyes against the oncoming headache. “And I am tired, in a shit ton of pain, and fed up. All I saw was the blonde hair. We’re not doing this, Akela.”
There was a moment of silence, and he thought she’d finally understood, but apparently not.
“Are you going to call me ‘Ciri’ next?”
The Witcher stopped so suddenly a puff of smoke could have emanated from his heels. He turned and glared so hard at Akela she almost froze. “I said we are not doing this,” he ground out, amber eyes flashing. “Yes, I thought the princess was you, no, I did not do it on purpose. Do I care? Fucking simply, Akela, no, I don’t. We have far more things to be worried about. Get your head on straight before I regretfully cut it off.” He stormed off then, leaving the girl standing a little stunned. He felt a pounding in his chest, hands balled into fists by his sides. And then he stopped, blinked a little, and dropped his eyes to the ground. Damn, damn, damn.
He turned. Akela was still in the same position, staring dejectedly at nothing. Today seemed to be a day for regret.
He walked back towards her and she was in his arms within ten seconds. “You have to stop this,” he said quietly. “It was an accident. It meant nothing.”
Akela, still slightly startled, nodded against him. She felt his hand go to the back of her head and shut her eyes, relaxing in his hold. “I’m sorry,” she whispered. “I know you didn’t mean to, I... I just can’t stop thinking the worst.”
“You never can.” He felt a twinge in his back and winced, shifting uncomfortably.
Akela drew back. “Should I make you more of that medicine? The one Yennefer made for me that one time?”
The mention of Yennefer caused a twinge somewhere else, but he didn’t comment on it. “Alright.” She went to walk away but he grasped her arm before she could. “I didn’t mean to-”
Akela stopped him before he could continue, noticing the shame on his face that perfectly mirrored her own. “No, don’t be stupid. I was being a bitch.” She knew he was still in pain – he’d almost died the other day – and she knew he was exhausted. She hated herself for making it worse. “Though I hope you weren’t serious about cutting my head off.”
Geralt chuckled. “We’ll have to see, won’t we?”
She smiled. “I’ll make the medicine,” she said, walking towards the camp. That was as far as they’d get on the Ciri situation today. Perhaps tomorrow. “Go and sit down… Jaskier.”
The Witcher rolled his eyes. Touché.
Witcher Masterpost
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hardcore-realms · 11 months ago
New Year Kiss | Techno x Reader
Requested? No
Pronouns? They / Them ( though not mentioned )
Summary - To celebrate the End of this Year and the Start of a whole new one, you and Techno spent the last Hours together. Little do you know, he‘s got a little surprise for you~
It was soon happening.
Just a few Hours from now on, a new Year would start and really, you were quite excited and yet a bit unsure of what it held for you.
You traveled all the Way to Techno‘s House and were staying with him for around a Month, which was 2 Weeks before and 2 Weeks after New Year‘s Eve. It still felt like Time has been going by too fast and you only had a bit left before you were traveling back to your Home. Even if you only had around 2 Weeks left, the whole other Weeks before you definitely have enjoyed so far and there was no denying it.
Techno was still the same to you even after meeting for technically the first Time, but nothing changed between you two- in fact, him and you grew more open with each other, though of course still had separate Rooms. Otherwise, whenever he was streaming ( without ever telling his Fans about you being here, the same with your Fans ), you‘d be waiting for him with Floof and just cuddle together meanwhile...Sometimes, you‘d accidentally fall asleep on the Couch with his adorable Floof.
„Y/N?“, hearing him call your Name had you snap back into reality, not realizing you were utterly daydreaming again.
Giving Techno an little embarrassed smile, you hummed a ‚Mhm?‘ before waiting for him to continue. Yet, he was just looking at you, not any kind of motion of him that he was going to continue talking..but then, you suddenly noticed a slight red tint on his Cheeks and him sighing.
This made you get up from the Couch like you were usually sitting while waiting, taking a few Steps towards him and once more, did you realize the height difference between him and you. It kinda got to you no matter what, you weren’t gonna lie- always wishing that he would just hug you tightly and cuddle with you, yet asking that would probably overstep a line.
Dammit, you weren‘t even was just a silly dream of yours.
„Are you alright?“, you softly asked, reaching out for a Moment to at first grab his Hand to comfort him, but quickly pulled away again and it didn‘t go unnoticed. Techno wished he could just pull you in, hold you close and never let you go, but his nerves would never allow him to do so. He could barely handle having you around him in the first Place, how could he ever confess how much you meant to him?
How much he wanted to be yours? How much he wanted you to be his?
Techno had a love-hate Relationship towards his Feelings for you at this Point.
With a little nod, he turned away from you and walked towards the Door, Floof quickly following him before he actually answered you: „Yeah..I want to show you something. Can you..come?“
And of course, you smiled brightly before walking after him. „Of course! I don‘t mind at all!“
It melted his Heart everytime you flashed him such a smile, but he wouldn‘t say it out loud.
...It was cold.
Floof was walking mostly besides you, which you appreciated, as meanwhile Techno was pretty much leading you two somewhere. On occasion, between your comfortable Silence, you would glance at him a little too many Times, but really you were grateful that he didn‘t seem to notice it.
If he would‘ve caught you looking at him, you weren‘t sure how you‘d excuse yourself about it. But also, it would mean you could finally get yourself over with confessing- but then again, if he didn‘t feel the same, it would be extremely awkward maybe on his Side, as you wouldn‘t really be too affected by it.
„We‘re here.“, your Gaze moved upwards, looking around a little and taking in the Scene before you. You were standing on a little Hill, near a railing, which was there for most likely some safety. It was near Night, the Stars were already out and surpsignly, you could see quite a lot of them tonight.
As Techno watched you closely, he noticed how much the Nightsky reflected itself in your e/c Eyes, sparkling with the Stars and it just contrasted so well. And once the Fireworks of all the other People started, he couldn‘t take his Eyes off of you at all- to him, you were too beautiful, handsome, adorable, dazzling..just breathtaking.
„Techno!! Look at how amazing this looks!! So many different colors!!“, you exclaimed, leaning against the Railing in excitement as you kept looking at all the colorful explosions and glowing Stars. You‘ve always loved anything bright and cheerful- or as beautiful as this. You could watch this for Hours with no End, if it wasn‘t for how cold it still was. You tried to ignore it, since you weren’t ready to just go back yet. The two of you haven‘t even been out here long at all, so it‘d be a shame.
What you didn‘t expect though was that with a little hum, all of a sudden you could feel Techno‘s Arms wrap around from behind you, pulling you into his warm Embrace- of course he was prepared with warmer clothes on than yours, no wonder he wasn‘t freezing as much as you did. You could still feel him shaking a little bit though, but not because of the coldness- he was nervous and unsure.
Letting out a sigh and relaxing a bit, you leaned back into him, which had his breath hitch out of surprise but after a few Moment, he rested his Head a bit on your Shoulder.
„Hey..Tech?“, you nicknamed him, having him let you a little bit go so you could turn around to face him- but he didn‘t meet your Eyes, rather looking down. The only response you got was an almost too quiet ‚Mh?‘, but with how close you were to him, you could hear it better than usual. „Look at me..please?“
And suddenly, your Eyes met each other, colors and lights playing with each other as the sounds and explosions drowned out in the background as the only Thing you could concentrate on was how little distance was left between you and him. What if you..just moved a little more towards him?
No- no, that was stupid.
Too stupid.
But you never actually spoke again, instead placing your Hands carefully on his Shoulders and looking towards one of your own Hands instead of at him, you were worried about whether he was even alright with it in the first Place- maybe he was just forcing himself to do this, maybe he didn‘t even want this and-
„Happy New Year..“, Techno suddenly mumbled and pressed a quick but sweet Kiss on your Lips, before pulling you back close to him. You giggled, snuggling up and hugging tightly back as you both relaxed into each other‘s Arms.
„Happy New Year, Tech..~“
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buckysgoldenheart · a year ago
The Ways We Meet
Henry Cavill x Reader
Summary: While trying to avoid another man at an A-list event, you accidentally bump into Henry who has no interest in letting you go despite not even knowing your name.
Notes: idk, I thought it was kinda cute. Pov changes back and forth between Y/N and Henry A LOT. Implied smut (because I’m so damn bad at writing full smut).
Words: 2211
Tumblr media
These events pissed you off, they really did. Despite being only a director’s assistant, you were forced to attend. And it wasn’t the tight, sparkly dresses you had to wear that made you miserable, nor the heavy makeup or the overcrowding in rooms that far surpassed fire department code. It was more that you felt out of place and always managed to have one creepy man sense that from a mile away with the intent to pray on what looked like your innocence. You weren’t innocent, by far, but you supposed the impression you gave off by the way you stood away from others, sipping the same drink for a half hour, made sense.
Usually, drinking in a dark corner at an A-list event by the time midnight came around kept you safe. Those creepy men surrendered to your disinterest in them, and ventured to find an easier, more desperate woman. But not tonight. Tonight, this one was persistent.
You didn’t know his name; never let him get close enough to tell you, but he followed you around, not so subtly watching you with a look in his eyes that had you nauseous. Every step he neared you was a step you took in the opposite direction hoping to evade his creepiness.
It had been a long night, too long, and Henry wished he could just go back to the hotel and watch a stupid movie until the early hours of the Sunday morning, since there was no way he would get a good nights sleep with the jetlag still wracking his body from the morning before.
He was saying goodbye to a couple coworkers, patting them on their backs in a friendly gesture when his shoulder roughly shoved forward. He stumbled a step, and before he could turn to see why, a woman passed him.
Her body was wrapped a snug, shiny red gown, and she had curls pinned back into an elegant bun, and when she turned to apologize, she lightly touched his bicep, smiling politely before continuing on her path. His breath hitched but she didn’t notice as she was gone a half-second later, buried somewhere in the mass of bodies.
His lips were still parted, stunned, until a friend tapped his shoulder.
“Hey, are you ok?” The friend asked, to which Henry only nodded, then walked away in the direction the woman went.
It took time to find her, but when he did, something in his chest seemed to both tighten and lighten in sync. He watched her from a distance as she took a gulp of the drink in her hand then placed it back on the counter and ducked. Henry chuckled, but then spotted him: A smallish man slowly making his way toward where she was unsuccessfully hiding.
Henry quickly shuffled his way through the crowd, and just moments before the other man could’ve spotted her, Henry snatched her by the arm and pulled her into a corner. With his back to the wall, he faced the crowd, his arms holding her snuggly, chest to chest, until the man passed them by.
“You’re safe now,” A man said, drawing your attention upward, and your eyes couldn’t help but widen. Henry Cavill was looking at you with a playful smirk on his handsome face that you never in a million years would have imagined be directed toward you. “Remember me?”
“Shit,” You cursed yourself. “It was you I bumped into earlier.” What a way to make a first impression. How was it that you always managed to look like an idiot in front of the hottest actors at these parties? This certainly wasn’t the first time. Chris Evans could confirm that, and probably wouldn’t hesitate to.
“It was.”
“Oh God, I’m so sorry. I’m not normally so rude. I can explain.”
Henry’s shoulders shook as he laughed, and it reminded you that he still held you tight, with an odd protectiveness. “I think I’ve caught on to the situation,” He said. “Do you know that guy?”
You shook your head.
Henry casually nodded at your confirmation, that smile still on his face, but it slipped a moment later and you didn’t have to guess why. He looked back at you. “Do you think you could trust a stranger for a brief minute?”
“Yes or no?” He quickly asked.
You blinked. “Yea, I guess.”
“Good,” He said, then slammed his lips to yours.
It shocked you but the feeling of having every part of your body pressed against his made you dizzy, and what was meant to force the creeper away, lasted much longer than the minute Henry promised. Many minutes longer. Enough minutes to give you the time to slide your hands up his chest until they settled on the back of his neck. Enough minutes to have him groaning when you softly nibbled on his bottom lip. Enough minutes to have your heart pounding.
You pulled back first when the embarrassment began to flood your body. Chuckling awkwardly, you stepped out of his arms, and said, “Um, thanks for the help…stranger,” then tried to disappear as fast as you could, for the first time thankful of the enormous crowd.
She stiffened as his hand clasped around her wrist before she could get away, and when she turned to look at his face, she became no less tense. It made Henry feel uneasy. He liked her a little too much for how long he’d known her—which was nearly no time at all--and when he kissed her with everything he had, he thought it might’ve been enough to get her to stick around, at least for an extra minute or two.
He wasn’t arrogant. Yes, he’d had women tell him he was a good kisser, but he didn’t assume one kiss from him would have her falling on her knees, begging him to take her home. Henry just thought she felt something too. Perhaps more than one should from a stranger’s kiss, but enough of something to make her pause and question why it felt so damn good, just as he had for the millisecond before she bolted. It had him unwilling to give up so soon.
“Now where are you going?” Henry said, trying to hide the twinge of desperation in his voice.
“Sorry, I—”
“What’s your name?” He asked.
She blinked with her big, butterfly-wing-like lashes as if she hadn’t expected him to care. “…Y/N.”
“Ok, well, Y/N, I think that guy got the hint. You don’t have to keep running.”
“You never know.” She shrugged and anxiously bit the inside of her cheek.
“Right then, how about we leave?”
“Do you like coffee?”
“…Sometimes,” One corner of her lips hesitantly turned upward. “Not usually at twelve thirty in the morning.”
Henry grinned as his thumb ran back and forth along the inside of her wrist. “Well, decaf is a thing, and I happen to know a place not far from here that’s open for another hour.”
You didn’t know how you managed to be pinned against one of his hotel room walls, but you were. You weren’t drunk from the little alcohol you’d had at the party, and the coffee certainly wasn’t spiked, but you still couldn’t explain how you were now moaning from the feel of Henry’s lips attached to your neck. Not that you were complaining.
“Goddamn,” He groaned against the skin of your collarbone as his fingers bunched the glittery fabric of your gown up until his hand could slip underneath. As it glided up your thigh, his palm left burns from its trail, and your skin grew hotter with each inch he made closer to your core. “You’re like an angel.”
You let out a throaty chuckle. “Hardly.”
Henry lifted his head and his hazy blue eyes met yours. “Hardly, huh?” He said as his index finger ran along the edge of your panties. He could’ve easily tucked a finger under that useless barrier and felt how wet you were.
“Yes,” You smirked, reaching your hand forward and undoing the buckle of his belt. “Hardly.”
Then you lowered to your knees.
Henry didn’t even have to open his eyes to know that she was gone. He’d woken up a few times throughout the night, only to fall right back into peaceful sleep when he felt her warm body tucked into him. Each time, he tightened his arm firmly around her waist as she emitted little soft snores. But now, without the weight of her body next to his, Henry felt cold. Only the empty dip in the mattress where she’d laid for hours remained.
Her warmth was gone. She was gone.
And it stung a lot more than it should. He didn’t even know her last name or her age or, hell, anything about her. He knew he shouldn’t be as upset as he was, but he wanted to learn those things. To get to know her. Coffee the night before gave little insight to who she really was. That time was spent throwing flirtatious jokes back and forth, and if he’d have known she wouldn’t have given him the next morning to ask the important things, he’d have slowed himself down.
Fisting his fingers into his hair, Henry groaned at more than just the glaring sunlight streaming through the windows giving him a ripe headache. He shouldn’t be hung up on someone he barely knew. It wasn’t healthy.
God, you hoped you weren’t overstepping your bounds, or worse, being that girl who hangs around after a one-night stand long after the guy wants you to. You just…didn’t want to leave. He surprised you with his sincerity. He seemed to like you, though you didn’t know why, but you liked him, and, for once, you were willing to take the risk of sticking around for the morning after. It could be awkward. It could crash and burn. But if you weren’t going to be brave enough to see how the rest of the day could unfold, you knew you would regret it.
But, staying or not, it didn’t mean you weren’t going to hop down to the hotel lobby as soon as you woke to get your coffee fill. And based on what you saw last night, Henry liked his coffee rich and black.
Who was he trying to fool? This was absolutely going to ruin his day. They’d had a rare chemistry that made him feel like he’d known her forever, and the sex certainly didn’t suck. Not even close.
Throwing his legs over the side of the bed, Henry sat up and rubbed his face with both hands. If she wasn’t going to be there, he might as well get dressed and go about his day. At least, that’s what he thought, until he heard the door lock click and the handle turn.
His head shot to the sound, and he was almost stunned when he saw her walk in, shakily balancing two cups of coffee, a danish, and a muffin in her arms. She jumped when she saw him looking at her, still impressively holding on to the breakfast.
“H-Hi,” She said. And, damn, Henry liked that voice.
“Hi,” He smiled back, and at the gesture he could see her shoulders relax.
He stood and walked towards her, neglecting his boxers entirely, just thrilled she hadn’t disappeared forever. She looked down and blushed, then averted her eyes as he began to unload the food from her arms, and one-by-one placed the items on the table. When she still hadn’t looked back at him, he chuckled and tucked a finger under her chin, tilting it up until she was forced to meet his eyes.
“Don’t be shy on me now.”
He ran his hands down her arms and grabbed both of her hands in his when she sighed and said “Sorry, I’m not…” She took a breath,” I don’t usually do this.”
“Hook up with strangers?”
“No, stick around the morning after. I kind of assume I’m not wanted, so—”
“You’re wanted here. Believe me,” Henry said fast, because those thoughts were the last he wanted on her mind.
She gaped, but then grinned wide and bright. “Really?”
“Definitely,” He said. “I want to know you.”
He wants to know you. Those words made your stomach flip. Though you took the risk to not sneak out at the break of dawn, you figured the odds of him not shuffling you out the door were unlikely to be in your favor. But you weren’t complaining about being wrong.
You grew embarrassed when you realized that dopey smile was still on your face, so you quickly wiped it off then grabbed the muffin and offered it to him. One corner of his lips quirked in unison with an eyebrow, and he gently took the offering from your hand.
“Thank you,” he said, pulling the paper down to take a bite.
“So, um…if we want to get to know one another, what do you want to do?”
Henry only smirked and said “Well…I’ve got some ideas.” He took another bite then licked the remaining crumbs off his lips, which was somehow more distracting than the fact that he was completely naked. “Half of them don’t involve clothes, though.”
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𝓓𝓪𝔂 18:
иα נαємιи
23 days of NCT masterlist.
taglist: @notbeforelong @whathamelon @curieouscapt @silent-potato @gjheaaa @ajhdr @mrcarbonatedmilk @unknown5tar
warnings: Jaemin not knowing what an erection is 😭, fluff, fluff, fluff and angst, not proofread forgive me 😞
Tumblr media
“There she is.” Doyoung pointed out, looking directly at you, gracefully walking down the hall. “Her name is y/n, she’s 12.”
“How long will I have to stay with her?” Jaemin stared at you with curiosity.
“If everything goes right, until her soul is ready to abandon her body.”
“What do you mean if everything goes right?”
“There have been some angels who have given into this world’s temptations.” He shut his eyelids, his frown growing deeper as he spoke. “You shall never give into them, Jaemin. I heard loosing your wings causes a great pain, physical and mental.”
“Is there anything else I should know?”
“Never reveal your true identity to her.” His hand gripped Jaemin’s shoulder. “You’ll be able to observe her in your real form, but she’ll never be able to see you, unless you allow her to.” Jaemin nodded, mentally taking notes of all the rules he had to follow. “If you wish to communicate something directly to her, you can disguise yourself as one of her relatives.”
“I have one more question.” Doyoung patiently waited for him to keep talking. “Aren’t guardian angels assigned to humans when they’re born?”
Doyoung remained silent, deciding wether to tell him or not the truth.
“Her former guardian angel fell in love with her.” Jaemin’s eyes went wide, how could an angel fall for a human? “He tried to show himself before her, but we stopped him on time.” Doyoung sighed, a glint of sadness in his voice as he resumed the story. “Unfortunately, he was vanished from heaven. The pain of losing his wings was greater than his love for y/n, greater than his will to live apparently.”
“Well that’s sad.” He pursed his lips. “I promise to do a good job protecting her.”
“I’m sure you will, Jaemin. You’re a good angel.”
“Jaemin, watch out!” His string of thoughts was cut off by your hand around his wrist, tugging on it aggressively to stop him from running into a bike. “Pay attention while walking, you could’ve gotten hurt.”
“Worried about me?” He smiled at your concerned features.
“Shut up before I kick your ass.” Despite your sometimes aggressive behavior, Jaemin knew you were a softie. How could he not know when he literally spent every moment with you, even if you were not aware of his presence sometimes. “Will you come help me unpack after classes?” Your fingers suddenly laced with his, a habit he’d discovered a few months into your friendship and never failed to make his heart race.
You didn’t expect him to appear at your front door with a bunch of house supplies.
“What’s all this?” You helped him get everything inside your messy apartment. “This is really too much, but thank you.” You pulled him into a hug, your palms stroking his back tenderly.
Jaemin wanted to push you away, he wanted to stop his heartbeat from increasing, but you were intoxicating. It was useless to deny he felt something for you, but as long as nor you or another angel knew, everything would be fine.
“Are you wearing something under your shirt?” You frowned, feeling something shift below your palms.
Jaemin pulled away, internally scolding his wings for trying to show themselves.
“Let’s unpack.” You didn’t mention the topic again, but he knew you weren’t gonna forget about it.
He helped you move some furniture, hang up a few posters and fold your clothes to fit them inside your new closet.
“Wait!” You tried snatching the box of your underwear out of his hands, but it was already too late. He held your red, lacy thong right in front of his face, examining it before realizing what it was.
“Sorry.” His face was flushed as he put the piece of clothing back into the box, a bulge growing inside his jeans. He didn’t seem to notice, or maybe he didn’t care. Truth to be told, he’d never experienced pleasure, therefore, he wasn’t aware of the reaction your thong had provoked in his weak human body.
You didn’t make a comment on it, deciding not to humiliate him. After an hour of folding clothes, you decided to take a break, ordering some takeout food and letting Jaemin pick a movie to watch.
“It’s getting late, you should stay over.” You picked up the remains of your food and saved them in the fridge for later. “You can take the bed, I’ll take the couch.”
“Why don’t we sleep together?” The words slipped past his lips before his brain could register. “I-I mean-”
“It’s okay, as long as you don’t kick me I think we’ll be fine.” You smiled so naturally at him, as if your heart wasn’t rapidly drumming against your rib cage. “I have a few of my brother’s shirts, you can grab one of those.”
He tried calming himself down inside the bathroom. It was the first time he’d sleep with you in flesh and bone, not like he usually did, in his true form with his wings around your body, keeping you warm.
He was expecting for you to crawl into his arms like you usually did in your sleep, but you didn’t even bother to spare him a glance, too concentrated on your phone. A burning feeling started growing inside his chest, definitely not something an angel should feel. He snatched your phone away.
“Hey!” You tried getting it back, accidentally hugging him on the process. “Give it back.” Your nose was almost touching his.
His deep, brown orbs stared into yours, his pupils growing slightly bigger at the sight of your.
“Jaemin...” You whispered, his erratic breath fanning against your cheeks.
None of you moved, afraid to do something you’d later regret. But his lips looked so tempting, so kissable, you couldn’t resist leaning in, your lips almost brushing before you spoke.
“Is this okay?” You were so painfully close. He knew the right thing was to push you away, but how could he when you were looking at him with pleading eyes? Those eyes that made him want to lay the entire word at your feet.
“Yes.” He was the one to pull your face closer to his, bringing his hand to the back of your head to hold you in place, just like the main characters of the corny movies you loved did.
He wanted to cry right there, the thing he’d been fantasizing about all those years was finally happening. For a moment, he stopped thinking about his wings, stopped worrying about the fact that he’d probably be punished for his sinful actions.
“Your lips are so soft.” He whispered, cupping your cheeks with delicacy pulling away only to leave random pecks on your lips, enjoying the warmth of them. “Like small, pink clouds.”
You giggled at the comparison.
“I like you, Jaemin.”
“I like you too, y/n. So much.” He wanted to say ‘I love you’ but he figured out it might be a bit to early for you.
He continued savoring your lips, pecking them as if he was trying to memorize every little texture of your plump skin. Your hands went to his sensitive back, unknowingly caressing the spot were his wings were hidden.
It all happened too fast, his large wings ripping through the borrowed shirts and showing themselves to you. The look on your face was of pure shock, your arms falling limp to your sides as Jaemin’s stomach stirred with fear.
“Y/n...” He called you at least five times, your eyes fixated on the silky, white feathers.
It was all too much to process. Was he pranking you? No, fake wings wouldn’t move the way his did.
“Say something, please.” You noticed how his wings fell slightly, as if mimicking his emotions.
Drops of salty tears falling into your cheeks awakened you from your trance, your best friend crying on top of you as his hands held your face dearly.
“How?” Was the only thing you could pronounce, your mind still trying to work through the situation.
“I know this looks bad, but I swear, I never meant to deceive you. I wanted to protect you from afar, but I couldn’t resist meeting you. You’re the brightest human I’ve ever seen, and I don’t deserve to be with you. I am a liar, a cheater who used his powers to get into your life.” He began rambling, your mind slowly connecting the dots until you finally had an idea of what he was.
“An angel?” You asked, voicing your inner doubts.
“I don’t deserve to be your guardian...” He ignored your previous question, tucking his face in your neck.
His wings timidly pressed against his back, moving the slightest as your fingers danced over them, mesmerized at the soft texture.
“I feel like I’m dreaming.” Your voice didn’t sound angry, in fact, he could almost see your smile as you spoke. “Aren’t you going to get in trouble for this?” Your hands forced his face up, making him face You. “I don’t want you to get in trouble, Nana.”
“They might’ve found by now, but it doesn’t matter anymore. I am willing to lose my wings as a punishment for those amazing moments I’ve spent by your side.”
He was about to incorporate, about to leave you and never come back, but the sudden crash of your lips against his had him frozen at the spot.
“I don’t want you to get in trouble...” You whispered against his lips. “But neither do I want you to leave me. I'm a selfish human that wants her angel to give up everything for her, I'm sorry.”
He smiled, euphoric at the words he'd only heard in his wildest dreams.
“Then I guess I'll have to oblige.”
Jaemin spent the night curled up with his loved human, wings protecting her from any danger while Doyoung watched everything with confusion. He knew it was the right thing to punish the young angel for his sinful actions, but there was nothing sinful at the unfolding scene. If anything, it was the purest thing he'd seen from his vast years on earth.
“Good luck, Jaemin.” The black-haired left unnoticed, letting his friend fulfill his duties as your guardian angel until the last breath of life left your body.
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kerie-prince · 9 months ago
Hermione Granger x fem Slytherin!reader (fluff)
requested: (@chokemepansy) im terrible at requesting because i blank on ideas BUT anything for hermione please <3 take your time ily 💓
warnings: a single curse word, but mainly just soft hours
summary: Hermione has her very first date with you at Hogsmeade (song inspo from Fergie's Clumsy) (pardon my lame ass summary)
a/n: ty for requesting, luv 🥺 hope you like it! i made the reader slytherin just bc of you <3 and yes, i put in an outfit inspo but it's not like the cringy ones from wattpad
(gif not mine, cred to owner)
Tumblr media
You came to love the smell of parchment and books. The sound of pages being turned, the feeling of a new book in your hands. You loved them because it made you think of Hermione.
Merlin, you were infatuated with everything about her. The excitement in her voice when she talked about her favorite books, the small paper cuts on her fingers from turning the pages – she didn't mind them as it was normal for her – and the look on her face when she received praise from professors.
She was all you thought about and you wanted to go to the top of the Astronomy Tower and yell out "I LOVE HERMIONE JEAN GRANGER" for the whole school to hear. And you were positive she felt the same. Hermione would refuse to let go of your hands when you walked together from class and on some occasions, you'd catch her staring at you during study sessions. Just like she was doing now.
"Miss Granger, for the last time, I am asking you what are the contents of polyjuice potion?" Snape was hovered over her desk. Hermione jumped in her seat and turned to face the brooding professor. Your Slytherin housemates who sat at the back of class laughed at her startled state as she named the contents. You looked back and glared at them all. When Snape left your table and continued his lecture, you leaned closer to Hermione and whispered as low as you could, “Are you okay? You seem kind of distracted,” you noticed.
“Y-yes, I'm fine,” Hermione stuttered. Snape excused the class and Hermione waited for you to be done packing your things just so she could hold your hand to the Great Hall. “Are we still going to Hogsmeade on Saturday?” you asked.
“Harry’s got detention with McGonagall for ‘ accidentally’ turning Crabbe into a water goblet in class,” Hermione used her free hand to make air quotations, “and Ron’s busy with Lavender that day.” She had a sad look on her face, thinking that they wouldn't be able to go to Hogsmeade after all. You picked up on it and had an idea. “So, just the two of us then?”
Hermione’s chest became warm, “Okay. It's a date.” Your eyes slightly bulged out and to Hermione, you had an indistinguishable smile, “I mean, not like a date date, but a girls date.” You weren't sure if she meant it like that, but you laughed at her stumbling her words. The always composed girl becoming a cute, blubbering mess for you. Not that you knew for sure it was because for you but you’d given it a lot of thought.
She never held Harry’s hand like she did yours unless he was upset about something and she was comforting him. And she certainly never held Ron’s hand. Nor does she ever hug him knowing Lavender would go ballistic. Not that she’d ever want to. He was her best friend, yeah but she had never gotten used to it. They both had an unspoken thing to not hug.
“Sounds fun,” you chirped, “can’t wait for it.” You gave her a lingering hug before going to your table. You sat in between your best friends Pansy and Daphne. Pansy had a smirk on her lips once you were in her line of sight, “Did you finally tell Granger?” You knew what she was talking about and nudged her arm with your elbow, “Shut it.” The two girls chuckled and gave each other knowing looks. “I might tell her on Saturday,” you disclosed.
They had matching shocked faces; for nearly a year, they’ve watched you pace around their shared dorm debate with yourself whether or not to tell her about how you feel. You’d have a sparkle in your eyes every time you talked about her and nearly spent every day with her. They weren't upset about it. In fact, they couldn't wait to see you two together. But you were unexpectedly insecure by thinking of the worst case scenario in which she’d reject you.
“That’s great, Y/N/N. I’m so happy for you. I know everything will turn out well,” Daphne supported. Pansy nodded and pointed to Daphne as to say ‘Me too’. You grabbed the hands of both girls and held them tightly, “Thanks, girls. I love you guys.” You wrapped an arm around both of them and brought them in for a hug. Daphne returned it while Pansy made a fake coughing sound. “I can’t b-breathe,” she exaggerates. You held on for a couple seconds more before letting go and started eating. “Okay, so how is this happening?” Pansy asked.
“We’re going to Hogsmeade together on Saturday,” you inquired. “So the whole lot is going as well?” Pansy was talking about Harry and Ron of course.
“No, just the two of us alone,” you replied, taking a bite of the chicken on your plate.
“You mean, this is a date?” Daphne exclaimed. “We’re going to help pick an outfit, no questions asked.” She had a stern look that dared you to talk back. As sweet as Daphne is, once her mind is set to something, she doesn't budge. You accepted it and was met with her usual warm smile. Inside, you were ecstatic and couldn't wait for Saturday. Your crush has gone on for too long, and you were tired of waiting.
Your dorm mates got you up at the crack of dawn. And by crack of dawn, it was actually 10 am at most. They made you change into every outfit they picked out which totaled in 8. You appreciated everything they were doing, but some of the outfits were too much for a day in Hogsmeade. Daphne picked out tennis skirts with cropped argyle sweaters. Pansy picked short dresses that stopped at your mid-thigh and black wool turtlenecks to go over them. They had completely different aesthetics which is what probably made them perfect friends.
You settled on something casual; a thick striped long sleeve polo with light blue jeans and white trainers. It was going to be a nice spring day and you didn't want to wear something that would be too short and you get cold later. Daphne did your hair in two French plaits and Pansy did your makeup modestly. Once you were done, it was noon and you rushed to meet Hermione for your ‘girl date’.
She took the air straight from your lungs. She looked more breathtaking than the night of the Yule Ball. You distinctly remember being incredibly jealous of Viktor Krum and beat yourself up for not asking her before he did. But now, if he was here, you were sure that the famous Quidditch athlete would be jealous of you.
Hermione’s usually wild hair was tamed into smooth wavy curls that framed her delicate face. She wore a floral print button up that was definitely new as you’ve never seen it before. Or did she save it just for you? Her navy jeans hugged her ankles and she donned light pink flats. And probably for the first time since the Yule Ball, she had mascara and lipgloss on. Casual, but perfect.
Your face was flushed, and you weren't sure if she was also blushing or if maybe she was just wearing blush. “Shall we?” You reached out to grab her hands – her soft hands – and waited for her response. She didn't say anything when she laced her fingers with yours and started walking on the path to Hogsmeade. Hermione was about to say that you looked pretty when she tripped over a small rock on the pathway. “Are you okay?” you expressed concern. She was still holding onto your hand as she steadied herself up, “Yeah, I’m fine.”
You snorted and had to hold the butterbeer in your mouth, “Ron did what?” Hermione laughed as she told you how Lavender exploded on Ron for forgetting their anniversary and when he tried to make it up by giving her chocolates that he got from his older brothers, Lavender instantly grew a huge chin that drooped over her neck. Ron had gotten so mad at them and in unison, they told him ‘Why’d you think we’d ever give you real ones?’
“So that’s why no one has seen her for a couple days!” you noted. She was nodding as she laughed. You could only imagine what it was like to see it in person. Poor Lav. You went back and forth talking about whatever went on since the last time you were together.
Hermione went on talking about a new book she read about over the winter holiday. The way she expressed her emotions and passion for it made you fall for the Gryffindor girl more. When you hadn't said anything, she stopped and lowered her head, “I’m boring you, aren't I?”
You sat straight in your chair and fumbled your words before reaching out to grab her hand from across the table, “No, no, no, of course not. I could never be bored of you, I love you.” Your eyes widened. You didn't exactly expect to let it slip out like that, but you studied her reaction to see if you could leave it at that or otherwise. She sat still with a poker face. “Y-you’re my best friend, Mione–”
“I love you, too,” she confessed. “Huh?” Please, please, please tell me I heard her right. You didn't get to fully process what she said because after a few seconds, she gathered all her courage and reached over the table to give you a quick peck on your lips. It would've been a sweet moment hadn't she accidentally knocked her glass over in the process. Everyone in the Three Broomsticks had their eyes on you, Hermione’s face beet red and lowered out of embarrassment. You tried cleaning the mess and out of nowhere, Hermione ran out. Fuck this you thought as you ran after her.
“Mione, wait!” She hadn't gone far and luckily for you, she listened. Her cheeks were rosy and her eyes averted from yours. “Where are you going? Aren’t we on a date?” Confidence had finally kicked in when you asked her. Hermione’s breath hitched. She couldn't see anything in your face that showed you were joking. Because you weren't. “Yes,” she grabbed your hands and started walking towards the other shops in the small village. Until once again, she nearly fell back when she nearly slipped over another rock on the ground. You supported her back up and giggled, “You’re so clumsy.”
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sunalma · 10 months ago
Heya. I know this is very angsty of a request, but I saw the fic of characters reacting to their s/o who [tw] relapsed into self harm and was wondering if you would do some for asahi, ushijima, and oikawa?
Tumblr media
hi ! ofc you can honey <3 i hope these will bring you as much comfort as you need, and plz don’t hesitate to dm me if you need to talk to someone, or to reach out for help in any way. here’s a hug for you bcs you deserve it, love you 💗 
also im sorry but i really couldn’t imagine asahi ever arguing with his s/o so i didn’t include this in his fic (he really is too precious)
warnings : mentions of self harm, one mention of blood, some self-depreciating thoughts. please do not read if any of these might trigger something, stay safe everyone <3
Tumblr media
➾ 𝐚𝐬𝐚𝐡𝐢
asahi trusted you blindly. and everyday, he had to make an effort to persuade himself that you trusted him in return. you did of course, how could you not trust the one that had helped you through so much ?
but this wasn’t about trust ; it was about shame. because the last thing you wanted was to find in his eyes the anguish and fear as they were a few months ago. you couldn’t do that to him, yet you kept doing that to yourself.
however, you had the misfortune - which was more of a blessing really - to have a very observant boyfriend who cared about you. and he cared enough to gather the courage to finally ask you about what he had hoped you’d come to him for. sat next to you on the couch, he took the plunge. 
« do you… do you remember when you promised to always come to me if you needed help ? ». there, he had said it. and from the way that his arm tightened encouragingly around your waist, you understood what he meant by this innocent question. he kept speaking : « you know i trust you, right ? i really do. but something tells me that maybe you forgot about this promise recently ».
each of his words was carefully chosen, more than usual. because even if he didn’t show you, he was terrified of messing up. the fact that you were reluctant to answer was enough for him to understand that he had guessed right. but what confirmed it was the single tear that slowly streamed down your cheek.
« oh angel, no, come here. come, you’re ok now… » he spoke in a tone that was more comforting that anything you had ever heard. his arms were wide open for you to snuggle in, and when they wrapped around you, his words replayed once again in your head. i’m ok now, i’m ok now… you repeated internally. and you were, asahi was a man of his words after all.
« i’m sorry for being weak » you finally said after a few seconds of silence, voice half-muffled by his embrace. his warm fingers traced the outline of your face, encouraging you to look up to him. not because he needed to see your face, he already knew it by heart, but because you needed to see his. « weak ? y-you’re the furthest thing from weak. how can i even put it..? you are one of the strongest person i know, and i wouldn’t be half the man i am today if it weren’t for you. 
you wanted to thank him, but exhaustion took hold of your body before any word could leave your tight throat. and when you woke up - two hours later according to the clock - asahi was still there, holding you tight against his heart like a promise to never let go of you anymore.
➾ 𝐮𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐣𝐢𝐦𝐚
ushijima hated to waste time and energy on ‘petty fights’, as he liked to call them. but it was really frustrating to always feel like he avoided confrontation ; arguments were necessary in a relationship, and he didn’t seem to understand that.
whenever you got into fights, you were always the only one to get angry, which never failed to make you feel guilty afterwards. and eventually, this feeling of guilt started to become permanent, taking so much place in your brain that you had to sacrifice a part of the self-confidence you had built up the past months. but you didn’t know how much longer you could conceal it.
tonight was the first time you were sleeping together since your most recent fight, the one that had damaged you so badly. and you couldn’t lie, feeling his warmth next to you after about three days spent ignoring him almost felt like a reward. but a reward for what ? you were certainly not proud of what you had done, and you were terrified at the thought that he’d ever notice it. but unfortunately, your efforts to pretend like everything was ok were put to an end in the middle of the night, at about 3 am. something silly, really : ushijima had just turned around in his sleep, and his shoulder accidentally weighed on your wrist, making you hiss in pain. he immediately opened his eyes at the sound, his hand immediately finding its way to your side - he was always a light sleeper with you.
« are you ok ? » he asked, propping himself on an elbow, barely distinguishing your silhouette in the dark. « yeah, just my wrist. come on, let’s go back to sl- ». oh… that wasn’t supposed to be said out loud. it was hard to gauge his reaction since you could not properly see his face, but since he sat on the bed as soon as you interrupted yourself, you understood that it had not fallen on deaf ears. « are you comfortable with me turning on the lights ? » he asked, obvious concern in his voice. saying yes was tempting, because you knew this was a serious matter, but you couldn’t bring yourself to let him see you like this, vulnerable and ashamed.
ushijima accepted it of course, he knew he was not the best with words, so the least he could do was to make sure you were comfortable with whatever he decided to do. « is it ok if i hold you ? » he asked once again, his tone a bit more hesitant. the muscles in your jaw tensed at his words, it was more than ok, or at least you wanted to give it a try, but the worry you had caused him was bringing you back to the familiar feeling of guilt.
however, when he carefully made you rest on top of him like he had always done, something inside you felt healed to know that whatever you were going through did not impact every aspect of your life. his embrace felt the same, so did his heaving chest that rocked your body to sleep every night. surprisingly enough, you did not shed a tear. because the comfort finally felt stronger than the pain, you refused to let anything trouble this moment.
« are you ready to talk about it ? » he questioned, his voice rumbling like a soothing storm in his chest « or do you prefer to wait until tomorrow ? ».
ushijima might have avoided many discussions with you, but this one ? he simply refused to. and if he was more than ready to help you overcome your pain, he also knew not to pressure you into talking. words would come, eventually. but actions were always first.
➾ 𝐨𝐢𝐤𝐚𝐰𝐚
despite his usually confident behavior, oikawa knew he had a tendency to second-guess each and every one of his actions, and to beat himself up quite often.
he could not remember the last time he had felt so utterly disgusted by himself, he was usually more careful with his words. but all it took was one angry outburst from him for you to withdraw into yourself - and he had to fix this as soon as possible.
luckily for him, your relationship was strong enough not to be too affected by this argument - which had not been your first, but definitely the biggest one. however, you had been affected. a lot actually. but you knew better than to talk to him about this, knowing that he would obviously take the blame for your relapse.
but oikawa was attentive, and, clever as he was, it did not take long for him to guess what you were going through when he saw the red-stained tissues in the bathroom trash. it had been two weeks since your fight, and just the thought that he had left you alone with your struggles for so long made him want to throw up.
without wasting any more second, he burst out of the bathroom and made his way to the living room where you were absent-mindedly watching a movie. he would have preferred to have a discussion with you with a clear head, but the sight of the tissues kept spiraling in his head and he was incapable of doing anything else but to pull you in for a hug whose suddenness made you gasp.
oikawa’s hugs were usually soft, with little kisses here and there and a few compliments chuckled in your ear. but today had nothing to do with those. his arms were engulfing your figure in a desperate need to feel you against him, like he was trying to make up for all the time he had left you alone. « i’m so sorry, so sorry baby… can you forgive me ? » he breathed out, his voice cracking with emotion. obviously you knew what he was referring to, how could you not know ? and just like him, the thousand words on your mind only transcribed in your arms wrapping around him, closing the last few millimeters that separated you as you frantically nodded your head yes. 
you did not think he had anything to be forgiven for, and sadly, you also knew that he would continue to blame himself no matter what your answer had been. that was actually your biggest motivation to begin your recovery journey. oikawa needed to know that, from now on, you’d turn to him instead of your old habits. and you wanted nothing more than to make him happy, so, since his happiness seemed to depend on yours, it could be considered a package deal towards a better future, together.
Tumblr media
before you leave, here are links to two mental health support apps that i hope will help you deal what you are going through right now. i know it’s not much but i’ll be the happiest girl if this helped someone in the tiniest way. take care of yourselves ❤️
Calm Harm - Play Store | App Store
Wysa - Play Store | App Store
Tumblr media
@toworuu @catwithangerissues
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nicolodigenovas · 11 months ago
(I might have just sent you an ask that says 'promp', my phone fell and I think I accidentally pressed 'Ask' haha) (Monday morning mood innit) (anyways) prompt: Joe&Nicky were high school friends (and both had a crush on the other) but fell out of touch, only saw each other once a year or so. Years later, a chance meeting, both are single now, then they start talking again and old feelings come back (orrr they never really left). Bonus points if this happens around the holidays <3
Don’t worry I only got this ask! This is a quite specific prompt so it gave me anxiety to no end (I was worried I couldn’t deliver) but!! Lucky for you I love this trope. So here it is. 💕 high school friends reunion! Holiday season! (Also uh the beginning is the worst part I guess.)
The thing about breakups that people never consider is that you can also break up with a friend. The separation can be abrupt and angry, happening through loud voices and recriminations and vicious attacks. This was the case with Booker, when he took the Merrick job knowing fully well what kind of person the man was; Joe hadn’t started the conversation with the idea of losing a friend, but when the fight happened they both realised it was inevitable. Joe hasn’t heard from Booker in two years. Booker’s traces are old packets of cigarettes found in random places of his flat, a beautiful scarf in his wardrobe, a tacky football t-shirt he only wears during his morning runs —which are extremely rare. Booker’s presence lingers, like Joe’s affection for him despite two years of silence.
Another kind of friend breakup can be, according to Joe, even sadder. It is a slow erosion of familiarity and comfort. It is like turning off the tap in an old flat: the water stops, but there are still a few drops left, slowly making their fall on the white ceramic. You don’t realise the water has actually stopped until it’s too late.
You see, Yusuf never meant to lose Nicky. It had happened slowly, until the memories tasted bittersweet like an old betrayal. 
Yusuf had started high school fervently hoping to find good friends, real friends, people who genuinely liked him for his interests and personality. He had met Nicky during his second year and soon he didn’t want to go back to life before him. Nicky was lazy afternoons spent playing videogames, study sessions with more laughter than actual studying, endless Saturdays spent playing football —it’s calcetto, Joe. When he thinks of Nicky, Joe remembers lying on the bed listening to Nicky playing the guitar, his own eyes closed because he couldn’t handle how beautiful Nicky looked when he was solely focused on the music.
Nicky was his best friend in a way he never thought existed outside books. He had missed the experience of a childhood best friend, the ‘We grew up together’ kind of bond. Nicky seemed to understand his need for companionship, probably because his own friends —sharp Andy and loyal Quỳnh—were already out of high school. They became best friends, joined to the hip, the kind of friends you expect to see together waiting for the school to open in the morning, the kind of friends you talk about like a couple, JoeandNicky, ‘We should invite JoeandNicky’. ‘Have you seen Joe?’ ‘Just ask Nicky.’
Looking back, falling in love with Nicky had been inevitable. 
Yusuf remembers loving Nicky as a painful experience. He had never thought he could be anything but straight, for a start. Loving Nicky was inevitable but also confusing and terrifying. He spent a year trying to deny everything, telling himself it was just friendship, that it didn’t mean anything if he found himself writing Nicky’s name on his notes, surrounded by stars. 
He wonders now, if things could have been different if he had more time. If he’d had time to look at Nicky bathed in sunlight during their last summer together, enough to realise that it was possible to kiss him, to taste his skin under his lips, to see if Nicky could kiss him back and gasp under Joe’s hands and mouth. 
Most times he just wonders if Nicky ever liked him back. 
He never meant to lose Nicky, but it happened easily, frustratingly so. First it was Nicky every two weeks, then Joe moved to another city and Nicky did the same, and there were late phone calls and inside jokes that didn’t work anymore. Then all of Nicky’s stories were about other people, like ghosts that existed only in the periphery of Joe’s vision, in relation to Nicky and their late phone calls. Then Joe came out to his parents and the first person he called afterwards wasn’t Nicky, but Seb and Lykon. Then Andy reminded him he’d forgotten to tell Nicky and a gaping void revealed itself in Joe’s chest were all the love he had for Nicky, his first love, was once stored.
Then Joe called Nicky and told him and Nicky said he was happy for him, but it felt already too late, like a cord had been cut and Joe and Nicky were suddenly farther than a moment before. Then Joe got a boyfriend and broke up with him and fell in love again and again, while Nicky was always away, now a voice heard at night during short bittersweet phonecalls that couldn’t last long because of the time difference. Then Joe realised they had missed each other’s birthdays and that he didn’t know if Nicky ever got that internship they talked about.
Then Joe thought of calling Nicky but didn’t.
Joe still knows so much of Nicky. It’s a friend breakup. It means that Joe wakes up on the 21st of March and his first thought is that it’s Nicky’s birthday. It means that Joe still knows so much of Nicky, but he doesn’t really know what to do with that knowledge. He knows that Nicky prefers pistachio croissants over anything with chocolate, and that Nicky takes his coffee with one sugar and a splash of milk. He knows that Nicky runs every morning, that he still does even if years have passed since high school because Nicky is made of absolutes.
He doesn’t know what to do when he sees chocolate and thinks of Nicky saying: “Orange and dark chocolate is my favourite” years before. Those memories of Nicky are a testament of love, the kind of love Joe isn’t sure he will ever want to leave behind completely. The kind of love that lingers.
It is a friend breakup. It is about first love.
Joe doesn’t hate Christmas, but he hates that every year Christmas is everywhere until he feels like he can’t breathe anymore. Every December he misses Booker and his campaign against ‘Christmas egemony’. Nowadays he can count on Andy, who is as atheist as it gets, until Andy leaves to spend the holidays with Quỳnh and her family. Quỳnh’s family is hilariously different than Andy, but they love her and respect her boundaries, especially when Andy misses her own sisters and all the other people she has lost.
Yusuf lost people too. He still has his mother, but this year he hasn’t visited her in a while, he won’t risk her getting sick. Christmas doesn’t mean anything to him, but now that he’s sad, his mood is a brusque contrast with the forced cheernes of the holiday decorations all around him.
Yusuf meets Nicky again during a period of dull sadness, where days blur together in a smudge of ash gray paint. Yusuf’s sadness is the underlying stream in his own heart, the secret foundation of the way he acts around people. Yusuf is kind, funny, warm; he tries to live surrounded by people he loves to make the stream quieter.
He’s waiting in line in a small supermarket perennially populated by a scarce pack of old Italian ladies when he sees a man walking, a white mask covering half of his face and a black hat to hide ears, hair and forehead. What’s left to see is a pair of eyes, even the hands are gloved. If it wasn’t Nicky, Yusuf would never be able to recognise the man. But it’s Nicky, and his Nicky-ness is unmistakable: he walks with his hands in the pockets of a green jacket that looks a bit too short and too light for the weather. A striped scarf circles his neck and it’s so Nicky –Nicky loves scarves and knitting– that Joe’s heart screams again: it can’t be anyone else. 
The man’s walk is the same as years ago, not too fast but not slow either, without pauses, eyes fixed in front of him as if he’s following a distant light. It’s Nicky in the broad shoulders and the nice built, in the way he doesn’t cross the street because the light has just turned yellow. It’s Nicky in the way he looks up to the dark blue sky and the streetlights that make everyone look a sick yellow. It’s Nicky with an ugly brown bag that looks heavy and old, the leather frayed by use. 
It’s Nicky. 
Joe doesn’t panic. He is elated, his heart is on the verge of exploding because it’s trying to hold inside too many feelings and memories. He feels as much as he remembers how happy he was in the morning when they were in high school together, when Joe turned around the corner and could see Nicky waiting for him by a lamppost in front of the school. He remembers and feels again the thrill of seeing Nicky while the other didn’t know he was already there. The moment when all Joe could think about was the day awaiting them, the hours they could spend together. The moment before Joe ran to Nicky and hugged him from behind, laughter shaking him even before hearing Nicky’s scream of surprise, Nicky’s feeble attempts at avoiding Yusuf’s grip. 
This is what will make him panic in a moment, this surge of feelings. Joe remembers everything. His love for Nicky is stored in a secret place that sadness can’t change. 
Joe pays quickly, almost giving the poor woman behind the counter dollars instead of euros, but he still loses precious seconds helping the frail lady after him packing her food in a trolley. The lady rewards him with a suspicious look and a spark of mirth in her eyes, like she’s thinking she didn’t need any help and Joe is being charmingly ridiculous. Still, Joe hopes she’s smiling under the blue mask. 
He runs, careful not to break the eggs and the bottles of tomato sauce and olive oil, but soon he realises he doesn’t really care much about the eggs, so he runs faster. Does he really want eggs tonight? (Nicky likes only the white of hard-boiled eggs because he’s secretly a flavourless freak.)
He can’t miss Nicky. Joe prays like he hasn’t done in a really long time.
Joe turns the corner and Nicky is looking at him, waiting. At first he doesn’t realise that Nicky has stopped walking and is looking right at him, but then Nicky takes a step in his direction and Joe stops abruptly, plastic bags swinging slightly. He ran after Nicky like a madman, but he doesn’t have the strength to take the final steps and fill the distance between them. Distance which is approximately two meters, three exes, two years. A thousand moments spent missing him but never calling.
“Yusuf,” Nicky says, and his smile is visible despite the mask. He sounds so happy, the right kind of surprised. 
“Nicky, it’s you. I recognised you–”
“I saw you running–”
They stop at the same time, smiles frozen in place. Then Nicky shakes his head: “It really sucks that I can’t hug you. Doesn’t feel fair.”
“I know. But I am so happy to see you.”
“Me too,” Nicky answers immediately, voice charged with emotions. This is who Nicky is, small words for big feelings. Joe misses him again in a pang of past emotions. 
“What are you doing back here?” Nicky asks, “Let me help you with the bags, I can walk you home.”
“Stay for dinner.”
Joe is a bit drunk off Nicky’s presence, Nicky tangible and alive beside him. Quarantine reduced his social life to video calls, leaving loneliness as the main guest sitting with him in front of the tv. Now Nicky is there and Joe’s heart stops beating when he takes one plastic bag from Joe’s hand.
“I can’t, I have errands to do. I would love to, though.”
Of course Nicky can’t stay. He has a life —a boyfriend, Joe wonders—, but then Nicky clears his throat and adds: “I actually have to buy presents for my nephews and I am terribly late.”
“Oh,” Joe remembers Nicky’s nieces as small babies crying in Nicky’s arms and then in a photo Nicky sent him a few months before. “How old is Matteo again?”
“Matte is 7, Giacomo is 5. Matte draws, he is very good,” Nicky looks at Joe with softness. “Do you still draw?”
“Yes. I do it for a living, actually.”
“I want to see your work then.”
They’ve started walking towards Joe’s rented flat, Nicky always a little behind on the narrow sidewalk. They both act with genuine enthusiasm but struggle with the awkwardness of the mundanity of their meeting, there is no moving soundtrack to fill the silence, only the sound of their shoes jumping over the puddles in the concrete. Joe thinks that they both want to go back to old times, so they could. No one is stopping them from acting like it’s been three months and not two years since they last saw each other, but it’s not that simple.
Nicky looks at him every time Joe looks away. At least this old dance that hasn’t changed.
“I could help you find something for Matte?”
Nicky bumps shoulders with him, and Yusuf doesn’t have to see his face to know Nicky’s smiling.
Memory is fickle. It fails under the weight of the memories and the feeling stitched to them. Yet Joe remembers everything. And it seems that Nicky does the same.
“For dinner nothing with bell peppers, right?”
Yusuf blinks. Nicky’s cheeks redden.
“I thought—”
“You’re right. No bell peppers.”
Nicky cooks in Joe’s flat. He insists he has to be the one doing the cooking because Joe helped him with the gifts for the kids, and it’s true. Nicky is terrible with gifts, Joe stopped him from buying a stuffed horse that looked possessed by a the ghost of a Victorian widow —Joe’s words. Nicky put the horse back on its shelf, looked at it, then whispered: “Oh, God, I can see her.”
“Don’t disturb Miss Havisham any longer. Buy these pencils for Matte instead.”
“Joe, these are perfect!”
Joe is shaken by each smile Nicky gives him. He holds them close to his heart when he goes to sleep, replaying Nicky’s words in his head over and over until they lose meaning.
Nicky, looking at him over a plate of pasta, eyes bright. I really missed you.
Nicky remembering there are few things Joe hates more than doing the dishes, so they split the work. I am sorry I stopped calling.
Nicky hugging him right before leaving. We should do this again. Call me.
Nicky calls again the next day. And the next. And the one after that. Joe answers every time.
It’s weird, existing during a pandemic. Joe has never walked this much in his everyday life, he usually had to drive, but now he has nowhere to go –he works from home– and Nicky joins him in his wandering strolls, agreeing with him that they can’t become one with their sofas and turn into netflix amoeba. 
They visit all the parks around Joe’s neighbourhood, which are not many, then move to the area around the city centre, where Nicky lives in a small flat with a window facing the Asinelli tower. Joe visits the flat and takes too many pictures of the red roofs and the two towers, but his favourite shot of the day turns out to be one of Nicky, leaning on the wall holding a cup of tea with two hands, head turned to look outside the window. Winter light is perfectly white that day as if it’s snowing: it paints Nicky in little strokes of muted colour, and Joe’s heart aches and feels... not colder. Just a bit lonely. Wanting. 
Joe realises he’s living more than he’s remembering. He goes back to knowing every little detail of Nicky’s face, every lilt of his accent. He feels sad only when he reminds himself that Nicky’s smiles don’t mean anything, just like the thrill he feels when their hands brush and Nicky’s hand lingers.
Days become weeks and it’s Christmas Eve when Nicky has to say goodbye for a few days, he’ll stay with his parents for the festivities. There’s a broken moment when Nicky takes one step more than usual and words get stuck behind his teeth as he says goodbye.
 “Joe, do you remember...” he looks at Joe searching for answers, for clues. Joe fears Nicky can read him too well, he isn’t good with secrets. “...never mind.”
Joe chases those missing words in the air, but Nicky’s mask is already back on his face, green eyes unreadable.
“Just wanted to ask you if you were free the 26th.”
Nicky is shit at gifts. Joe’s birthday is the 27th, at the edge of the new year. They both act like they don’t know it is a few hours away, which makes their meeting after Christmas more awkward than usual.
Nicky keeps looking at him, eyes unblinking. 
“You really look like an owl right now,” Joe laughs. Nicky is sitting on a bench in their favourite park, but the wood is frozen and damp so he is actually perched on the bench, hugging his knees to gain balance on his heels. He’s wearing the black hat with flaps Andy got him from Russia, and his nose is red from the cold. He is weirdly adorable.
“Don’t make fun of me, I am freezing.”
Nicky waited for him for half an hour because he is always early or late, never on time, and Joe wants to take Nicky’s hands in his to warm them. Even if they held hands briefly a week before, when Joe wanted to show Nicky a shop window and the other wasn’t fast enough to follow his directions, Nicky wore gloves at the time. Joe thinks quarantine is making all of them a bit crazy. He could die from hand holding. 
He doesn’t take Nicky’s hand, but they start walking aimlessly as usual —they have a usual again, what a wonderful thing— and Nicky says: “I missed you,” like it’s a terrible truth, because Nicky is made of absolutes.
Joe feels a what if waking in his ribcage, its eyes blinking open again after too many years. A what if with Nicky would be shaped like a cat, Joe thinks, not like a bird ready to fly away, not scary, not smouldering, not insincere.
When it comes to Nicky, Joe still thinks in poetry.
“I wrote poetry for you when we were in high school,” Joe confesses, he has always been brave. Nicky rewards him with a stunning blush on his cheeks that has nothing to do with the cold. They choose the path that leads to the open gates, where a busy street separates the park from one of the doors left from the medieval walls of the city, and the city centre. 
“You never told me,” Nicky sounds hurt.
“It was private,” Joe defends.
“Not if it was for me.”
“I wasn’t out. You were my only friend.”
“Everyone liked you,” Nicky corrects him, but his words lack their usual drive. Maybe ‘Everyone liked you’ isn’t what he really wanted to say. 
“You were the only friend that mattered.”
“I wouldn’t have been ready, you know that, right?” Nicky waits until Joe is looking at him, eyes worried. “Even if I loved you and couldn’t bear the thought of living without you. Even if you are my best friend. It wasn’t the right time.”
“I knew you didn’t reciprocate my feelings,” Joe exhales. Joe is sure that if he turned around quickly, he would see seventeen year old Joe, curls wild and heart in pieces hearing Nicky’s worde. He would see the Joe who kept his eyes open while Nicky played, because Nicky never looked back, too lost in the music. Even if it hurt, Joe always ended up opening his eyes to look at Nicky.
He wishes he could turn around quick enough to tell himself he was enough, no buts. Even if his love was silent, even if he wrote letters but never sent them.
“That’s not what I said. I said I wasn’t ready, it’s different. I don’t think we would have been good together at the time, but I loved you.”
Nicky stuffs his hands in the pockets of the green jacket and walks faster, eyes downcast. 
This is the moment when Joe should make up an excuse to go back home alone to nurse wounds that have actually healed years ago, their what if warm on his shoulders. But Nicky turns around to watch Joe stuck on his feet, tilts his head to the side, are you coming? and Joe thinks he is close to snapping in two. 
“You liked me back?”
Nicky looks up, down, eyes looking for something to grab on to. “Of course, but please, Joe, I don’t want to do this now.”
Joe blinks incredulous, anger curling around his heart: “Nicky, this conversation is seven years late. I think we waited enough,” he snaps “or is too embarrassing to talk about you having feelings for me in high school?”
“What, no! Joe, I am just trying to do this properly,” Nicky pleads, but Joe is not having it. He feels like his heartbreak is a word away from bleeding again. 
“Do what? Turn me down? You don’t have to, it’s been years. It was a long time ago. It’s in the past,” he doesn’t know if his words are meant to hurt Nicky or himself. Nicky freezes as if he’s been slapped.
He turns to him, eyes bright. 
“It’s not in the past,” he says, with a look that makes Joe’s heart beat faster and louder. “That’s the point, Joe. It doesn’t matter if it was seven years ago. It took me five years to stop thinking of you every time I ate peppers and a week to realise I loved you again. I was trying to do things properly, because I owe it to you now and I owe it to us seven years ago.”
“You broke my heart,” Joe whispers when he feels Nicky’s hands on his.
“I know. You did the same.” Nicky’s eyes say Sorry. Joe laces his fingers with Nicky’s, feeling weightless and strangely balanced by the cold wind and Nicky’s touch.
“What did you mean with doing this properly?”
Nicky blushes, but he doesn’t look away.
“I asked a friend of mine if I could have the keys to his private garden, right in the middle of the city centre, the houses are built around it. From the outside you can’t even imagine that it exists, but it was quite common to have one and anyway,” he clears his throat. “It’s beautiful. You once said you wanted your first kiss to be after a picnic date.”
“I was fifteen, Nicky.”
“You don’t like flowers anymore?” Nicky is hiding a smile in the corner of his mouth, small and private. “I already know it’s too late to ask for your first kiss, don’t worry.”
“I mean, how can you remember that?” Joe vaguely remembers that spring afternoon of their first year as friends, Nicky and him reading under the shade of a tree. There were couples scattered all over the park, kissing on the grass wity lazy smiles on their faces. At the time, Joe didn’t even like Nicky, not yet, he was just thinking out loud, imagining a future where he had someone kissing him surrounded by flowers. Joe talked about the future so he could try it on, see if the idea felt right. Nicky listened to him with eyes closed, book forgotten. I can see the appeal, Nicky had said. You deserve flowers.
“I always listened to what you had to say. I’ve always liked you.”
Joe knows that this is happening, but he also understands that they need time. They are on the verge of something, something good and right and meant to last, but they just met again after a long time, and it seems that even if they remember everything, they also never said so many things out loud.
“We need to do this properly,” Joe agrees, and Nicky nods. They’re both smiling and trying not to, which results in Joe huffing a laugh and Nicky’s ears becoming a lovely shade of red.
“I was just going to ask you on a date. I know a friend with a cool garden.”
“I ruined your plans, didn’t I?” Joe laughs, relishing on the way Nicky doesn’t look away even if he’s clearly embarrassed. “My Nicky,” he tests the words on his tongue, how right they feel.
“I had everything ready, everything!” Nicky says, his accent so dear to Joe. “I even found a horrible frame to give you for your birthday, you used to say you always forgot to frame your favourite photos and then you lost them all. I have an old photo of us, too—”
“Shh, don’t spoil our date.” Joe leaves his fingers on Nicky’s mouth for a moment longer.
Joe inclines his head, knowing Nicky will remember and fill the distance until their forehead touch.
“Head bonk,” Nicky smiles. They’re whispering in the middle of a park. How wonderfully ridiculous.
“A classic.”
“After my surprise date, please surprise me with one of your poems.”
“I’ll consider it. But I have more to write.”
Joe looks at Nicky and Nicky is looking back.
Joe promises: “I’ll write you my love. Something new for every night.”
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tsukishumai · a year ago
First Kiss - Tsukishima, Kageyama, Hinata, Yamaguchi (Karasuno First Year edition!)
Aoba Johsai Edition
It’s a little long, I have zero self control
Can you tell I love Tsukishima  (。◕‿◕。)
Tumblr media
Before, you used to spend your days in school with your cousin, Yamaguchi, and his less-than-pleasant-but-ridiculously-good-looking best friend, Tsukishima.  
He was a jerk, to put it lightly, but hey, you can be a jerk too.
“Your hair looks like a damn bird’s nest, and your bow’s all crooked. Did anyone even teach you how to be a girl?” “Did anyone teach you not to be such an insufferable asshole?” “Do you even know what ‘insufferable’ means?” “Uh, yeah, it means Tsukishima Kei.”
Yamaguchi regrets ever introducing you two.
Things may have started like that, but it wasn’t long before the biting tone in Tsukishima’s words was replaced by something more playful, each remark followed by a smile. He started walking you to your classes, saving you a seat next to him during lunch, even going so far as to share music with you. (He’ll never show you the playlist he’s made of all the songs you’ve recommended.)
But that was before. Now, you were doing your best not to melt under Tsukishima’s heated gaze, paying no attention to the golden brown eyes that have followed you around for days.
The bell rang to signal the end of class, and you quickly gathered all your things, throwing them haphazardly into your bag, and running out before Tsukishima could get to your desk.
You got to your locker in record time, quickly changing out of your school shoes so you could start your trek home. Usually, you would wait for Yamaguchi and Tsukki to get out of practice but… this was better for you. 
“You’re avoiding me.”
You jumped at the voice that was suddenly right behind you, knowing exactly who would be there if you turned around, so you didn’t.
“Don’t you have volleyball practice?” “That’s beside the point.” “Avoiding you? I haven’t been –“ “I’m not a dumbass, so don’t play games with me. You’re avoiding me. Why?”
You gulped, gripping the school bag that hung off your shoulder until your knuckles turned white. You wanted to lie, but there’s no point. Tsukishima was always able to see right through you.
“I heard you tell Tadashi that you liked someone…” “… So?”
You tried to pretend that your heart didn’t just crumple up like a piece of paper. “SO! I didn’t want to ruin your chances; she might get the wrong idea if she sees us together all the time.”
He scoffed. “That is the single most idiotic thing I’ve seriously ever heard. Did you hit your head as a kid?”
You could feel your face turn red, anger beginning to bubble in your throat. You finally turn around to face Tsukishima, ready to give him a snarky comment. “No, YOU’RE the single most idiotic thing –“
The words died on your tongue, muffled by Tsukishima leaning down and pressing his own lips onto yours. 
He pulled back, and couldn’t help but smirk at your flushed appearance.
“I was talking about you. Stupid.”
Tumblr media
You had always found it extremely fun to mess with Kageyama Tobio
The boy was a genius when it came to volleyball; but maybe that’s where his genius ends.
It didn’t escape your attention that he would get flustered every time you smiled at him, or that his friends would tease him whenever you walked by, or that it was him dropping off a juice box and melon bread on your desk every morning with a note that says “have a good day.”
You enjoyed it; the way you could make him short circuit just by giving him a hug, the crimson on his face when he catches your eye from the court, and the deer-in-headlights look he gave you when you confessed your feelings.
You were never one to make the first move, sometimes wondering why you did it for Karasuno’s genius setter, but you’re reminded when you feel the shiver in his body as you slide your hand into his, and you see the sweet look in his eyes when you ask him to walk you to class.
You didn’t mind that you had to initiate most of the affection if it meant you got to see the blush that Kageyama always tried to hide.
Today, you found yourself in the perfect position to mess with him. The two of you were having a movie night, and even though you shared the same blanket, Kageyama was sitting on the other end of the couch like a perfect gentleman.
“Tobio,” you whined, “I want to cuddle.”
You didn’t even give the poor guy a chance to reply before crawling from your side of the couch, and situating yourself on his lap, arms reaching up around him as you buried your face into his neck.
You could feel Kageyama’s entire body stiffen, steam practically beginning to come out of his ears. 
Laughter threatened to spill from your lips, so you decided you’ve done enough to the guy, and started to make your way off until you felt two strong arms snake around your waist.
You lifted your head to face Kageyama in surprise, but your breath was caught in your throat when you noticed the look he was giving you. 
It was like slow motion – Kageyama’s head lowered and your eyes fluttered close before you felt the velvety soft pressure of his lips against yours.
Omg d-did he just kiss you?!
Now it was your turn to be flustered. The corner of Kageyama’s mouth turned upwards ever so slightly, and his hold around you tightened, causing the pink tint of your cheeks to deepen into crimson. 
“Let’s stay like this for a while.”
Tumblr media
Everything. Was. Going. Wrong.
This was not how Hinata imagined your first date together would go!
Do you have any idea how long Hinata has been waiting to ask you out? Ever since he met you at National’s last year, he’s been planning this day. 
You were beautiful, funny, and you could teach him (more than) a thing or two about volleyball? *Chef’s Kiss*
When you finally agreed to go on a date with him, he thought he was dreaming. He knew he had to make it the best date ever.
He definitely didn’t go to the bathroom six times the morning of.
There was a summer festival that weekend, and he figured it would be the perfect place to take you on your first date.
Ten minutes in, Hinata had spilled Kakigori all over his Yukata. He had been in the middle of beating himself up about it when you reached over and dabbed at the stain with a napkin, laughing at his clumsiness.
An hour in, Hinata had spent nearly all his money trying to win you a stuffed animal to no avail. (You got it yourself in one try.)
Two hours in, Hinata had accidentally stepped on your obi, ripping the delicate material. He wanted to die right then and there, but you insisted it was old, and you were planning to get a new one anyway.
Just as Hinata thought he would redeem himself by taking you on the Ferris wheel, he found out that he got motion sickness, and you ended up having to rub his back, while he fought the urge to hurl the whole time.
“I’m so sorry,” he apologized once the two of you exited the metal death trap, sitting him on a bench, “I swear I had planned for this day to be much better.”
“What do you mean? I had a great time,” you said, and Hinata gave you a look that clearly said he didn’t believe you. You just laughed. “Hinata, when we first met, you threw up on my shoes. Today was a big improvement.”
He laughed. “Still – I wanted you to have a cooler memory of me.”  
“You don’t have to try so hard,” you giggled, “I came here because I like you.” 
Just then, the sky lit up with different colors of reds, greens, and blues; dancing together to create a pattern that illuminated your face in a way that made Hinata’s heart race.
You smiled then, sitting beside him on the bench and laying your head on his shoulder. “At least we have these fireworks.”
It was there, on a random bench under the glow of summer time, that you shared your first sweet kiss with Hinata Shoyo.
Tumblr media
 Enter Yamaguchi Tadashi; Captain of Karasuno Volleyball Club, Pinch Server, and all-around good guy.
He’d like to think he was a completely different person now; no longer the shy, timid first year that was stuck on the bench while his classmates shone on the court.
Now, he was in charge, and one needed to have all the confidence in the world if they had to keep his demon classmates in line.
But all that confidence just went down the drain whenever you were around.
“Good morning, Yamaguchi-kun!” “Oh, hey! Hi, yeah, it’s a good morning right? Aha, the homework last night was pretty hard, right? Haha..ha.”
“I watched your game last night, Yamaguchi-kun! You were amazing, I couldn’t take my eyes off you!” “Wha - Ah - Haha, that was nothing, just -  it was, uhm, the team they helped ahaha, I – Thank you?”
“Dude…” Tsukki would say, “What the hell just happened to you?”
Naturally, his friends got sick and tired of seeing him turn into a dumbass around you, so they decided to take matters into their own hands. 
Yamaguchi should have known what the boys were up to when they decided they wanted to throw a party after the game. As captain, he probably should have spoken against it, but he was also feeling pretty high from the win, and wanted to let loose. 
How they managed to trap him in this closet with you was beyond him. He thinks he heard the words “7 minutes in heaven” but the beers were making everything move too fast, and your proximity was more intoxicating than anything he drank that night.
You looked at him with glossy eyes, and he felt like he was drowning. More than a few minutes passed, neither of you moving. The tension was rising, and Yamaguchi didn’t want to make you feel like you had to do anything you didn’t want to.
“Y/N-san, you don’t have to –“ “Yamaguchi-kun, I like you.”
He froze, mouth hanging open. He watched as your gaze lowered, fiddling with your thumbs as you took a step back, and he instantly missed the closeness.
“I’m sorry, this was stupid. Tsukishima-san told me this would be a good idea, but I can see that I’m making you uncomfortable, I’m just going to –“
You felt Yamagachi’s warm hands on either side of your face, catching you off guard before he pulled you in and locked his lips onto yours. Your hands instantly moved up to wrap around his middle, and you lost yourself in the softness of his movements.
He pulled away, making a mental note to thank his idiot friends when you beamed up at him with a smile that blew him away. “I… I like you, too.”
A/N - This one is for @valiantrevolt​ !
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