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#Things I think about an unhealthy amount
If Fox/911 really was bothered by or wanted to dismantle all of the chaos around Buddie being a couple, they totally could by simply having someone acknowledge them as a couple and have one or both of them dismiss the idea..
Except that *checks notes* oh wait, we already had this opportunity way back in season 2 with the Christmas Elf and Buck's response was THANKS.
In conclusion:
Tumblr media
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holographings · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i was scrolling my inspo blog and i stumbled on this amazing kingdom gifset by @candlewinds and the colours hit me over the head so im excusing this as “lighting/color practice” when it’s literally just me wanting to draw my comfort character existing and being pretty, in someone’s lap, shitty-ly and rushed-ly
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proditeur · a month ago
— wait wait guys ok. i’m obsessed with the concept of alternate reality crossovers. like... regulus, from a universe where he survives the cave, gets sucked into a universe in which he died at age 18, and starts interacting with people who are like “WAIT REGULUS ??? BUT YOU DIED???” and he’s like “i didn’t??” or like. sirius, from a universe where he went to azkaban, gets sucked into a universe in which he never went to azkaban and regulus meets the version of his brother who’s been locked up in a mental-torture prison for Years. i just think it’s fascinating like people MEETING ALTERNATE VERSIONS OF THE PEOPLE THEY KNOW WHO HAVE LIVED SUCH DIFFERENT LIVES THAN THEY DID IN THEIR OWN REALITY
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broth-y · a year ago
Peeling Apples - injury cw
“Ow, fuck!”
The exclamation and the clashing of items that followed, perked Gundham’s attention. He scrambled to find his bookmark; it certainly was not the ideal time for it to go missing. After feeling desperately around the sheets, he found it and tucked it away in his book. Sitting the book on the nightstand, he promptly scurried to the kitchen. He nudged the door open and failed to feel surprised by the scene in front of him.
Kazuichi hovered over the sink, gripping his hand. Gundham noticed the gash on his finger and how he held it away from the running water, hesitantly. 
“Kazuichi! What have you done?” Gundham questioned, concern washing over him. He shuffled over to get a better view. The nick didn’t appear to be too distressing, but Kazuichi’s expression would suggest otherwise
He turned, head hanging as he spoke, “I tried to peel an apple, but ended up peeling my finger.” Using the uninjured hand, he turned the sink off. “I know I need to wash it, but it’s gonna hurt! And it already hurts. I’m not tryin’ to make it worse!” 
Gundham shook his head and reached to turn the sink back on. “We are both aware that you must wash it.” 
“I’ll just throw a bandaid on it—” He shrugged as he stepped away from the water. He was far too stubborn for his own good, and Gundham’s liking. 
“You will do no such thing.” Kazuichi acted the same way every time he injured himself. Gundham began to think that perhaps he enjoyed being taken care of. He pulled a chair out from the table and motioned for Kazuichi to sit. 
Souda obliged, sitting and waiting while Gundham fumbled through the cupboards. He searched until he came back to the dining table with a small kit and a wet cloth. “I store these items in the kitchen for a reason.” He sat in a chair, put in front of the other. “Let me see your finger.” 
“Finee, but be gentle.”
Gundham nodded. He used the cloth to wipe the cut clean, continuing despite Kazuichi’s winces of protest. The cloth drug roughly across his skin. He laughed, “Your hands are exceptionally dry. I am not sure how you cut through your leather-like skin with a mere vegetable peeler.”
“Hey! Not nice Gundham.” Kazuichi pouted, “I do a lot with these hands.”
“Even more reason for you to take care of them.” He deadpanned and Kazuichi brushed him off; it was fair, considering Gundham spoke of how rough his hands were each time they touched.  After finishing with the cloth, Gundham found a tube of ointment and applied it liberally on the skin. He then unwrapped a bandage and smoothed it down on his finger. “I have finished. It was not so awful, now was it?”
“Nuh-uh.” Kazuichi grinned, much to Gundham’s dismay. He knew he had dressed the wound in its entirety. “You gotta kiss it better.”
Of course he had to; it was Souda’s only demand with most injuries. After bumping into coffee tables, or being bitten by the devas: Kazuichi always requested a simple kiss to make it better. It felt foolish, but he placed a kiss on top of the bandage. “How could I let something of such importance slip my mind?” 
Kazuichi smiled warmly at his action. Interlocking their finger together, he buzzed,  “Y’know, you’re good at this, Gundy.” 
“Thank you. However, it is truly an effortless task. One could compare it to, peeling apples, perhaps?”
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dnfshmeeneff · 2 months ago
“quite literally stalked” is such a weird phrase to use about friends lmao
coming for me now, huh? i am only going to answer this one ask so don't bother sending any more, i'll just delete them. (unless you want to have a genuine conversation, in which case i’m totally open to discussing more, but you’d have to come off anon.)
stalking is not only done by evil creepy people who mean harm. fans can stalk celebs. people in relationships can stalk their partner. friends can stalk friends. sometimes it's serious and dangerous and that’s when it is said with the legal definition in mind. and sometimes it's said in a less serious, joking/harmless or even affectionate way in casual conversation.
for example, you are fixated on this one user and you scroll through their account, and they have their other socials linked/mentioned so you go and look through/follow their other accounts. if you did this with malicious intent to gather info, or did it despite them blocking you, this is absolutely stalking (aka harassment). if you did it just because you really like them/their content, i would still call that stalking, bc it is in a way, albeit more jokingly since it's pretty harmless. if you’ve ever had a crush and searched for their social media and then looked through pictures they’ve posted or something: again, stalking. but again, usually pretty harmless.
obviously when i said dream stalked george and ponk i meant it in the latter harmless way, but i would still absolutely classify it as stalking. he spent hours looking through random footage to find his friends in the background. that's not something your average friends do. : )
#harmless does not equal healthy though#so while i would say what dream did was harmless i wouldn't necessarily call it healthy ahaha#it was definitely a weird thing to do#friends or not#but again no harm done#look anon#i love dream#i really really do (slash parasocial and all)#i'm not saying any of this with any kind of malice#but because i love dream i think it's important to view him critically sometimes bc he's not perfect#he's susceptible to doing weird/unhealthy/immature things just like you or me or literally any other human on this planet#but he obviously loves his friends very much and doesn't have bad intentions. if ponk or george were genuinely very uncomfortable with#what he did they would've talked to him about it in private so no harm no foul and i don't dwell on it bc idc and it's their business#i just find it funny tho#bc when it comes to george dream is a stalker (affectionate)#this stems from you (or on the chance you're not the same person: another anon) going at blair over people counting the amount of times#george said 'dream' in his stream yesterday#take a step back and ask yourself if this is really worth getting upset for dng over#i assure you they would not care#and if it's because You care then why are you stalking (lol) our blogs in the first place?#i mean this genuinely and absolutely /nm anon: get over it and move on#block people whose posts make you uncomfortable/upset or blacklist stuff you don't want to see on your dash#you are fully in control of curating your experience here. do yourself a favor and stop interacting with people whose opinions or content#frustrate you or you disagree with this strongly#enjoy the rest of your day and weekend!#anon#ask#answer
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dripping-moonlight · 4 months ago
when i read RW&RB, I didn't think it was amazing. I gave it 4/5 stars (i'm quite liberal with my 5 stars). It was good! It just didn't wow me like other books i had read around the same time. I didn't bother buying it
But I can't stop thinking about it. I can't stop thinking about Alex and his lists. I can't stop thinking about Henry's overly poetic emails. I can't forget the scene in the museum/church that felt so private I felt an intruder on them. I can't stop thinking about "history, huh?"
and now i wish i had bought it so i could reread those scenes
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lizzibennet · a year ago
me: the normalization of drug/alcohol usage among young teenagers is alarming. i know it's not impossible for people to have fun safely and responsibly, but the fact stands that it's a dangerous, delicate matter. as someone who's had to go to therapy for substance abuse, i don't know if i necessarily feel comfortable with the normalization of headcanons where young characters drink and/or use drugs. i know young people do these things, and i'm not saying it's inherently wrong or bad to have these headcanons, it's just something that makes me uncomfortable when it's too normalized in real life too, so when it trickles down into fandom matters it's bothersome as well.
also me: percy and annabeth smoke weed bc i'm projecting and would love to smoke weed w/ them
#drug ment /#alcohol ment /#this was in my drafts for a while and i felt like posting it cause i saw some of these again#this isn't coming for anyone btw i just saw posts in my dash from more than one person but i honestly don't remember who it was#as i said this is something that bothers me in real life. it's not anyone in here's fault so please don't feel as though im attacking u#me and bia and some anons were talking about percy drinking bad alcohol and dancing to funk recently so. it's not like i haven't done it!!#i never want to talk about this bc i don't want to sound like. hmm not sure how to say it in english#but as a boring old lady who thinks all drinking and drug usage is Reprehensible and Bad and Disgusting#im not judging people who do those things bc its me. im people lol#just. as someone who got into college at 17 and moved to a college town i see now how normalized it was to get absolutely fuckin shit faced#and people my age (im 20) talk SO much about drugs and alcohol abuse on twitter and like. i see it i still frequent the same social circle#even tho im not in college anymore so like i see the amount of honestlu unhealthy behavior that goes on in these circles#and no one says anything bc its cool and hip#and like i said i went to therapy for alcohol abuse and honest to god my view on all of it changed so much#that said again i dont think it's BAD that people do these things#i just don't think it's inherently cool and okay and everybody should accept it#it took someone sitting me down and being like look love you have a problem for me to see that yes i did have a problem#and the problem wasn't the drinking itself; it was the abuse of it#so much so i still drink... just now it's responsibly and i see this normalization of being high or drunk for days and it's just#it's odd it's what im saying#it's not bad it's just. weird#so im here to be the person u may find annoying or boring but just. maybe question the status quo on Recreation where u live#that was a tag rant i had things to say ok goodbye
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basilhalwrad · a year ago
people will genuinely say that if they don’t like the characters or if the characters are bad people a book doesn’t have a romance or a love story like my dude.. none of that makes sense. Also the idea that acknowledging that those characters would have considered themselves in love so really there is a relationship there and their fucked up form of love is what drives the novel is not fucking endorsing it it’s just recognising the most surface level facts of the goddamn book, how tf do you think both relationships and books work
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nicohischier · a year ago
// me being angry at myself for not knowing to emotionally distance myself
#not @ the way i (all on my fucking own!!) successfully turned something i loved into something that caused me actual distress#i can’t even describe the amount of disgust i feel towards my self right now#almost a whole year i successfully kept this one thing close to my heart and did my absolute best to keep it healthy for myself#and one fucking group. two fucking people have ruined it for me#it’s not even their fault like it’s not like they anything i just got too attached to an unhealthy degree#i don’t even know how it happened if i’m honest#just one day i watched this dude’s solo debut after 17 years. the next i kinda lowkey hate myself#i really love changmin and yunho and tvxq as a whole but somewhere along the line i gave too much of myself away#in a way that i have never done with kpop before and it’s damn unhealthy#i spent 11 months following groups at a comfortable distance for myself and had a blast with everything#but for some reason my chest physically aches every time i think about tvxq#i feel like i should be update to date about everything should learn their entire public past and know the guys as well as possible#the other day they apparently went live somewhere and idk where it is/if i can watch a reuploaded version#and no joke it’s been eating at me. i have NEVER cared about missing like... an unsaved ig live before#but it tears me up that i missed theirs#i turned this thing i desperately wanted to keep a safe space for myself into something i let break me up inside and i hate it#i just want to stop. stop caring about kpop. stop listening to music. stop knowing they exist.#i just miss early last year before i cared about kpop. back when it wasn’t even a thought in my head#tbd#i dont fucking know i just needed to let it out#not hockey
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talktoten-a · 2 years ago
#it's completely ridiculous that im worried about this honestly#like i know im good at what i do and it will be fine#but i worry somehow that im an imposter whose laziness will be uncovered at the last moment#and ill not flunk out - they wouldn't flunk me - but i'll get a grade which is not#the probably unrealistic one ive got stuck in my head as The Only Acceptable Outcome#it is so unhealthy that i do this to myself i hope you all know#it is ridiculous that i sit here and pressure & pressure & pressure & pressure#the problem is i know for sure 100% that i could get that grade if i wanted it badly enough. like if i just put in the work#because ive got it before#and so there's not a 'grade to beat' it's just a grade to match or else i was somehow more lazy or less motivated or im just not cut out#for research#all of these things are not true. I am very motivated#look at this sheer amount of pressure#the concern is that i will be this pressured and this motivated and it will still amount to Less Than#and still#i know that this time next year ill think how silly it was i was worried#bc it's not really in my control at this point what people will mark me. i am good and i am trying and that's the control ive got#so ill just keep on pushing on#honestly i just sort of have to try to not psych myself out#im getting worried because it's really easy to write these sections of my dissertation and i feel like it should be harder#and so im like ??? maybe im missing something??? maybe im an imposter ???? maybe this is terrible rubbish?????#we'll have to find out this time come november
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slutabedvents · 4 months ago
#mich vents#tw: eating disorders#the thing that sucks is like rn i can totally focus on food and eating healthy and staying within a reasonable calorie range#but it's bc im not working right now and i feel like it takes all my energy focused on food to get to a point that i'm losing weight#or even just maintaining#like rn it's not hard bc im not working so i have time for it but like#i have to be so smart and so strategic bc of the unhealthy habits ive picked up over the years#like. i dont know how people maintain their weight on intuitive eating#i have to be so diligent and so intentional with my eating throughout the day#tracking every calorie and being strategic about if i eat xyz at breakfast i have to do this and that for the rest of the day#maybe over time i build up the habits of eating like i am rn and it just becomes second nature#but idk i do this every time where i think im being normal about food just tracking my calories#and suddenly im down to like. a rice cake for breakfast and cucumbers for dinner bc everything else scares me#and then i binge and fall off the wagon and the cycle repeats itself until im [redacted] amount of pounds again#and rn im the heaviest ive ever been so it's taking so much longer just to get to like. areasonable weight let alone any of my goal weights#sometimes it really just drives me crazy like#i've wanted nothing more than to be skinny my entire life since i was 11 years old#and somehow my stupid fucking brain can't just be normal about food and make it happen#im trying rn and it's so slow and this time it seems possible#but that's how it seems every time until i eat one meal out with friends and gain all my weight back and lose all motivation and binge and#etc.#anyway uh#sorry for like. being a fat fucking failure who can't be normal about food
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thisisasupergoodidea · 3 years ago
i knew there was a likelihood one of these days, and it looks like today was it, when my body would utterly ignore the signals of tiredness to stay up and watch critical role for like 20 hours (not consecutively of course, i make sure to get up every once in a while for a chore and stuff otherwise my ass would permanently deflate)
i obviously am loving it, but, its uh. certainly re-reminding me that im complete shit at choosing my coping mechanisms. because the reason i love it is for all the things i experience vicariously through the players who have what i dont. a tight knit group of friends. time spent together to goof off and share little victories and failures and whatnot. incredible emotional connection. great hair. yknow. its very fun to sit here and watch all that happening, i dont regret it or anything. i just. become bleakly and soberly aware of how fucked my own life is for every day that i tuck into my laptop to absorb any amount of the joy of other peoples camaraderie. while spending no time founding sources of joy from within me
but if theres anything in that to feel positive about, its the fact that im well assured that i want those things now. friends, shared time, emotions, (hair care), these are all attainable goals. i can visualize and look forward to them. im running out of time for a lot of things but i have years and years to build a joy like the one that i currently can only glean from others
#im fully aware that this is a very losery-nobody thing to say. its true i know#my mom bought me a decent amount of uber credit for my birthday. called it the gift of freedom bc i still cant drive yet#ive been on groupon and whatnot trying to think of a safe inexpensive lil adventure i could go on to test the waters#no luck yet but tbh im thinkin about maybe like a class or activity or somethin where interaction is encouraged. it would be nice#the past month or two has been garbage. pure shit. almost a complete regression back to college levels of isolation#only im not even using tumblr as my outlet anymore im just binging unhealthy levels of critical role with a lame desperation#not one single step closer to finding a job. and totally stopped writing/brainstorming ages ago. its not been a good time#except of course for when im watching CR because thats mostly fantastic. and the times that i am watching it is most of the time#so really just all of the time that is my own life is shitty. unsurprising for sure for sure for sure for sure#its cool. its fine. guess im hoping for a divine fucking miracle or something at this point but its like yeah. yeah#and you know another cool thing about me doing this to myself is that i dont ever. EVER get enough of a rest#just binging from whenever i wake up to whenever my spine cannot physically hold my head upright anymore#its ridiculously radical to feel that shame and disappointment in the back of my brain even as im momentarily entertained#laughing and clapping and getting emotional with the people on my computer screen and feeling bitterness for myself as well#KNOWING that even though i love what im seeing its hardly even a bandaid on this deep emptiness. its like#trying to bridge a rift with 7 twigs and some ribbon. its something to give my attention to. and it will never fix whats wrong#but god damn it the ribbon is pretty and id rather die playing with sticks than flinging myself to the void in defeat#and uh to have this comparison make sense. i. uh. just might figure out how to fell trees one day like a competent person? sure#i talk about life n stuff
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