#This shit is so fucking annoying and disheartening
bisexual-horror-fan · 4 months ago
Okay so, I do so much to keep this blog a happy, positive and inclusive space and strive to show and cultivate that on the daily.
But today?
I’m fucking pissed.
My good writing friend/mutual @knifewh0re got an ask last night alerting them to the fact that one of their fics was put on wattpad without their permission or knowledge and that SAME person did the same with my fic. They took my fic Sleepover and put it on their page and they also had a whole collection of stolen work, looks like it has been taken down now, thank GOD, but I am still pretty angry about this.
Whoever you are, I assume you are a fan of mine, right? I dunno who you are but I hope you are reading this and are aware of the fact that this shit sucks. It is fucking gross and not okay.
That you are aware of the fact that I am angry and genuinely upset with you.
I work hard as fuck on all of my stories, I pour so much time and effort and thought into them, put pieces of MYSELF in them and for someone to turn around and repost my shit without a single thought or care to me or the work I do is honestly disgusting.
Did you ever think maybe there are specific reasons that I haven’t put my shit on wattpad? No. Of course not.
Like if you ARE a fan of mine there are so many better ways to get more eyes on my stuff. Tumblr hates me and has me blacklisted so finding my blog is a challenge, my shit does not show up in the tags, so the ONLY WAY new eyes get on my stuff is via reblogs. You could recc, talk about or reblog my writing if you want to support me! And I heavily encourage this and would love that.
Not from you however, whoever you are who stole my shit, you aren’t welcome here anymore, I don’t know you and as a result can’t block you but yeah this shit I am doing here? It is not for you and I don’t want you here because I write for adults and clearly you aren’t because I thought we all learned why plagiarism is wrong in the FOURTH FUCKING GRADE.
In closing. This is a massive fucking reminder that I do NOT consent or want anyone else posting my shit on other sites.
And to my lovely supportive followers, fans and moots, if you ever see my writing somewhere that isn’t here on my tumblr blog or my Ao3 account here, that I didn’t post it there and I would be endlessly thankful if you could bring it to my attention/report it.
Thank you so much for your time and listening to me vent about all of this.
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starship-ranger-bug · 7 months ago
well it's. one of those nights.
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dracomoray · a year ago
I log onto Tumblr.com
I see pan vs bi discourse
I log out of Tumblr.com
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captainshadowshifter · 8 months ago
Hhahaaahahahaha depression go brrrrr
#yikes man#tag venting ahead ig so like#just keep scrolling if you dont wanna deal with my screaming into the tumblr void#bc screaming into the void is fun :)#anyway-#im really just a burden huh.#like. i feel like everyone gets annoyed at me because so many customer complaints go through me#like i know its just because im diligent and im full time and im always on floor bc im shit at behing behind the bar rn#but its very taxing that im the one who hears prolly about 85% of them#and like today it was just complaint after complaint after complaint and one set of customers were really aggressive with it#to the point that it started to feel kinda personal#anyway so i had a breakdown at work and ended up crying in front of everyone which was very not fun#not in front of the mean people though thank fuck#but like thats just the tip of the iceberg#like i know this is only a small thing but like. i dont have much motivation for art these days#so its always kinda disheartening when i manage to spend a good 3-4 hours on a drawing for it to only get like. less than 20 notes?#like idk im used to it but then theres some of my shitposts that have like 50-60 notes and its like. why?#kinda makes me want to just. not try anymore.#doesnt help that im really paranoid about sharing my au stuff#like ive been pushing past that a lot recently and it just gets kinda. ignored.#along with everything else i do#idk it feels petty but i feel like people dont want me in the server anymore and i should just.. leave. again.#anyway im probably running out of tags and i could be here for hours typing shit in here#but i should just try to get some sleep. maybe itll help.#or at least itll cut at least a couple of hours out of all this.#so um. sorry ig. if you got this far then maybe im not as alone as i feel rn (even despite not being alone at all...)
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dangerliesbeforeyou · a year ago
i’m comPLAING again do NOT read this
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aearyn · 2 years ago
men be like “sorry i can’t be in a relationship” when you’re in love with them but as soon as you aren’t they’re all “when can i see you”; grow tf up
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settingtrends · 3 years ago
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d1anna · 4 months ago
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emospacekid · 4 years ago
#bababsb not to be like that but i really have the urge to s*** h*** again by ******* myself again#but ive been clean for so long :/ so it’d be such a huge step back sbsbsbs#even tho i’ve been ******** lately and thats technically **** ****????#idk man im really not doing well rn like my mind is in a really bad place rn shshhss#im going back to formulating ******* plans and whether or not to actually go through with them this time sbsbsbsb#like @me: binch youre gonna end up doing it sooner or later!!! just get it out of the way!!!!#and it’s so fucking disheartening cause ive been doing so good these past few months god i really have#i feel like maybe i should start taking my meds again but i’m afraid of that too bc my meds made me feel really weird#amd also made me have super graphic and gorey dreams that had me waking up in a sweat and that shit wasnt fun i dont want 2 go back to that#and so instead of actyally doing smthg proactive im just lying in bed all the time and crying dhsbbqbaba#and venting online and distancing myself from everyone bc i don’t want to annoy them with my problems#like @me; get the fuck over it already there’s people with actual problems out there#these tags are so long and annoying lmao im sorry i just??? god i just really wanna die lmaoooooooo#like fr fr im srsly debating this cause like!!! it doesnt matter anymore ya know??? its just me dnsnns so it wont matter 🤔🤔🤔#anyway ima shut up now lmao and try to sleep before i do smthg stupid
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idy-ll-ique · a year ago
His Lovely Girl.
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x F!Reader
Genre: Angst, Fluff
Requested: nope
Warnings: insecurity
Summary: Sebastian spoils her all the time. What has she ever done for him? When someone leaves a rude comment under her Instagram post, she can't help but rethink her entire relationship with the handsome actor.
Author's Note: Hiya peeps! We're back to Marvel lol, enjoy!
"I'll see you later, dove, have fun!" Y/N grinned when her boyfriend leaned over, pressing his lips to her forehead. "Bye, Seb, I'll miss you," she whispered and he looked down at her, his heart swelling in his chest, full of appreciation for her. He loved her so much. "I'll miss you too, Y/N, but I'll only be gone for around 6 hours." Y/N pouted and he couldn't help it.
He leaned over and pressed his lips to hers in a chaste kiss. "I know. Go now, I don't want to be the reason you're late." He laughed heartily when she pushed him away with a smile. "Oh, doll, everyone knows about us, they'll know anyway." With that, he waved at her and left the apartment they shared. Y/N had moved in with him 2 years into dating.
Sebastian Stan; let's just say, he was a busy man. Y/N sighed and got up from the bed, feeling hungry. They had started dating 4 years ago, and what years those were; the most blissful ones in both their lives. They loved each other to death, and they knew that. Y/N waddled into the kitchen and looked around the various cabinets, finding a box of Mac and Cheese.
It was a funny story, actually, how they met. Y/N, at the time, was working as a barista at Starbucks. One day, Sebastian had walked into the Starbucks where she worked, and she was the one who took his order. He was extremely polite, funny and a bit awkward and just like that, she fell in love with him all over again. Y/N was a Marvel geek and Sebastian had noticed.
"I really like your hoodie, doll, where'd you get it?" he had asked her after telling her his order. And she had looked down, seeing the custom-made hoodie she wore. It was black in colour, but one of the sleeves was silver and had a red star on the bicep, just like his arm from the movie Captain America: Winter Soldier.
Bucky's trigger words were printed on the front of the hoodie. She had blushed furiously, simultaneously cursing and thanking her fate and coincidence. "I had it custom made," she had told him at the time and he had grinned so wide he thought his mouth would tear open. That was the moment where he, too, realized that he was getting a crush on the pretty barista.
And he hadn't hesitated to ask her for her number. He had taken a tissue paper, scribbled his number down and had written what's yours? ;) underneath. When he went to pay for his coffee, he purposely made sure that he wasn't giving her any change. With his notes, he slid her the tissue and she took it, giving him a confused look.
When she read it, her breath hitched. While pulling out his change, she had discreetly written her number down on the tissue, saved his on her phone and had given the tissue back to him with the coins. Both of them had grinned widely at each other when he left. While walking home, he had taken out the tissue and had seen her number written neatly under his. And his heart raced, Y/N is worth it.
*@yn_yln posted a photo*
yn_yln Mac and Cheese, anyone? :D
Y/N smiled and logged out of her Instagram account after posting the photo. She just couldn't resist; she looked good that day, one of those days where she felt confident enough to post a picture. She kept her phone away and sauntered into the sitting room to watch something on the television. An hour passed before she yawned, feeling tired.
2:05 pm, her watch displayed. Well, there's no harm in an afternoon nap, am I right? Sebastian wasn't home anyway, and it's not like she had anything to do. Grabbing her phone off the dining table, she walked into hers and Sebastian's shared bedroom, plopping down on the bed. She decided to check her Instagram before falling asleep and opened the said app.
She went through the page that displayed all the likes and comments, pausing at one comment. Her heart dropped as she clicked on the comment, her entire being filling with an uneasy feeling. You're only dating him for the money, admit it. Until then, she had never even thought… about that. Throwing her phone to the side she sat up, breathing heavily.
Y/N was currently jobless. After they started going out, she continued working at Starbucks until last year; Sebastian had suggested that she leave the job and work somewhere better, earn a higher salary. Y/N had discarded the idea at first, since the job paid enough for her to go about her daily things and where would she even find another job?
Starbucks was okay. But Sebastian wouldn't hear it. So she left the job, now jobless. She had applied to a few places but hadn't received any news as of yet. They're right. I'm living off of him. I don't even have a job. What does it look like? A broke woman dating a rich, handsome guy? Oh my God, am I leeching off his hard work? All those thoughts rushed through her head in a span of a few seconds.
The more she thought about it, the more she teared up. Blinking the tears away, she lay back down and curled up under the comfortable blankets. His blankets. She closed her eyes, trying her hardest to fall asleep but the tears were proving it to be difficult. Fortunately, she drifted off into an uneasy slumber 15 minutes later.
"Baby, I'm home!"
Silence. Sebastian frowned, carefully walking into the house. "Y/N?" he called out but there was no answer. Keeping the bag he was holding away, he walked further into the apartment, stopping at the doorway of their bedroom. "Aw," he whispered under his breath, smiling, stepping into the bedroom. He gently sat next to his sleeping girlfriend.
His knuckles traced her cheeks but he froze. Why is she so cold? His soft touch was enough to wake her up, because she stirred and blinked up at him. "Seb, hi, welcome back." Her voice was hoarse. "Y/N? Did you fall sick?" he asked worriedly as she sat up, distancing herself from him. "I'm not sick," she muttered but Sebastian wouldn't buy it.
He reached out to cup her cheek, feeling like he had been stabbed multiple times when she leaned away from his touch. "Y/N?" She shook her head and looked out of the window, bringing her knees to her chest. "Just wanna be alone right now." She didn't want to send him away. She wanted to sit in his lap, listen to him rambling about his day…
But she also didn't want to be near him. Do I even deserve him? "What happened?" he insisted, his eyes going wide when she glared at him. "Go. Away." He scrambled off the bed without another word, softly closing the door behind him as he walked into the sitting room, running a hand through his hair. He sat down on the couch and looked around.
What happened in those 6 hours that he was away? Sebastian knew she wasn't on her cycle, it still had another week to come. So it wasn't mood swings. His eyes landed on the empty bowl of Mac and Cheese sitting on the dining table but they skimmed right past it, not knowing that that bowl was the reason for Y/N's sadness. Then he stared at the designer handbag on the opposite couch.
Picking up the bag, he strode back to their room, knocking on the door. Maybe seeing a pretty purse would lighten her mood? "What?" Y/N called out from inside and he opened the door, holding the purse up. "I brought you a gift." Y/N's heart started thudding in her chest and tears glistened in her eyes anew as she stared at the bag with utmost resentment.
"I don't want it."
Sebastian went rigid. She never rejects my gifts. "Y/N—" She started shaking her head. "No. Return it. I'm not taking it. I don't want it," she repeated, her glare now directed at him. "But doll…" he tried, freezing when her jaw clenched. "Get out." Disheartened, he walked out once more, more confused than anything. Now I have to know what happened.
Inside the room, Y/N sobbed silently. The bag was so pretty, her favorite color, the sleek design… she wanted to keep it so bad, but she knew she wasn't worthy of it. Sebastian brought her gifts all the time. Most of them expensive as shit; he had the money to blow off. What had she done for him? Nothing, really. He spoiled her heartily, never once allowing her to do the same.
"You're mine, baby girl, mine to love, mine to cherish, mine to spoil."
She was definitely leeching off him. Outside the room, Sebastian took out his phone and texted Y/F/N, who was Y/N's closest friend. They rarely spoke, but Y/N told Y/F/N everything and he knew she'd have answers.
hey, do you know what's up with y/n
why what happened
she's in a really bad mood
she's angry at me and I brought her a gift but she won't take it
she usually loves them but today…
I know what happened
she texted me in the afternoon
something about a comment on Instagram or something
ig that's why she's in a bad mood
I'll check it out
He ended the conversation and opened Instagram, seeing a new post from his dear girlfriend. Sebastian couldn't help but smile as he liked the photo, commenting a heart emoji. There were only around 22 comments on the post, so he decided to go through them. Which comment had triggered her? He found it instantly and his nostrils flared.
Replying to the fairly rude comment, he typed, how about you fuck off and mind your own damn business? If you don't like her, unfollow and leave. There's literally nothing else you need to do. After hitting send, he kept his phone away and, determination shining in his eyes, ran back to the bedroom.
He threw open the door and a sob escaped the lips of the startled woman. He started taking off the annoying clothes he was wearing until he was just in his boxers, sliding into the bed next to her. She attempted to push him away but the strong man didn't budge, holding her on his lap as she thrashed. Soon, she gave up the fight and melted against him, crying her eyes out.
"I'm sorry," she apologized again and again, her breath hitching. "Hush, baby, it's okay, I'm not mad," he whispered, rubbing her back, helping her calm down. She rested her head on his shoulder, her arms tight around him. "Tell me the truth. What happened?" he asked even though he knew the answer. Tiredly, Y/N narrated everything; from the comment to all her insecurities.
Sebastian gently cupped her cheeks, wiping her tears off. "Y/N, you're mine. I love taking care of you, I love spoiling you, and I don't do it because I expect something in return, I do it because I love you. Don't listen to strangers on the internet, what better work do they have? Nothing but lowlifes. You don't have to do anything for me. I don't want you to do anything for me."
"But Seb…"
"No. No, you're my girlfriend and only the best for my girl. I love all the gifts you get me. I cherish them wholeheartedly. Just you being my girl is a gift better than anything else in the world, to be honest. But I'm going to continue looking after you whether you like it or not. You don't even have to go to work, I'm here for you. I love you." Y/N teared up again.
They were happy tears.
"I love you so much," she cried weakly and Sebastian pulled her to him, cradling her head, breathing her in. "I love you too, doll. Now will you take my gift, please?" She nodded against him and he gently lowered her on the bed, going outside to get the bag. Once back in their room he handed the bag to her, smiling at the way her eager hands reached up to accept the gift.
As he watched her admiring the bag, he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, till death do them part.
His girl, his lovely girl.
A/N: Leave a like if you enjoyed, thanks for reading!
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slyfoxann544 · 3 months ago
𝑨𝒕𝒍𝒆𝒂𝒔𝒕 𝒀𝒐𝒖’𝒓𝒆 𝑯𝒂𝒑𝒑𝒚 (𝑺𝒉𝒐𝒖𝒕𝒐 𝑻𝒐𝒅𝒐𝒓𝒐𝒌𝒊𝒙𝑹𝒆𝒂𝒅𝒆𝒓)
𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: You finally decide to confess to your long time crush Shouto Todoroki, but what happens that turns your world upside down 𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭:1427 𝐆𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞: Angst 𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: none
A/n: I do accept requests
Tumblr media
Today was 'the day'.
I had finally gathered up the guts to go and ask him out. I mean sure Mina had threatened to tell everyone  about my little crush if I didn't but let's not get into the details. But I mean if you want to...
The teasing was always there, but recently it had gotten worse. Everytime something that was even slightly related to the hetrochromatic boy was mentioned the pink haired girl would start the teasing and it wouldn't stop.
Thankfully Shouto was really clueless when it came to this stuff so I was safe for a while. But after a few weeks it had gotten so bad that Bakugou said if I didn't confess he'd do it for me to finally be able to eat lunch without the 'icy-hot bastard' being brought up.
Of course a few more pushes and I made up my mind. I was simply going to drop out of UA, change cities, adopt a new identity and enroll in Shiketsu. Now you might think this was a bit extreme but trust me anything was better than facing the embarrassment I would have to if I confessed and he didn't feel the same way.
Of course the rest of the Bakusquad didn't let me go through with it, telling me that if he didn't like me back it wasn't the end of the world. Even Bakugou said something along those lines in his own agressive way adding a few swear words. It was almost sweet had he not threatened to kill me if I mentioned this to anyone else.
So I forced myself to fo through with it and here I was pacing around my room with the rest of the Bakusquad gathered in my room.
"Can you stop moving around and just fucking sit?", Bakugou barked looking up from his phone. "It's fucking annoying" I halt and look at the ash blonde.
"Is it now?", I ask and smirk lightly. "Good.", I say and continue moving as the explosive blonde growled being held back by Kirishima.
"Relax girl, maybe he just hasn't seen his phone yet.", Mina reassured.
"You know what. You're right.", I say sitting down. "He's probably just busy"
"Yeah, he's most likely just busy with studies.", I comfort myself. I had only sent the text 30 minutes ago and it's normal for him to not check his messages during training or studies.
"Or he's busy with Momo.", Kaminari says earning a smack from Sero. "Ow what was that for?"
I furrow my eyebrows lookig at him confused. "What do you mean?"
"I mean those two are pretty close always laughing together and doing work together. Plus I heard Momo say something about meeting up with Todoroki.", the blonde says this time earning a smack from the red eyed boy next to him.
"Dunce face doesn't kow what he's talking about. I'm sure it's just school shit.", Katsuki tries to reassure.
"Bakubro's right.", Kirishima says slinging an arm over my shoulder.
Yeah. They're probably right. It's just school stuff.  Theyre just friends. Even of they were together at this very moment it doesn't mean they're together, together.
Putting those doubtfull thoughts away I continued to wait. And wait. And wait. And wait.
Every minute that passed by, took some of my confidence with it.
I waited for 4 hours and still no response. It had already gotten pretty late and to add to that we had school tomorrow. So it was decided that the others would head back to their rooms because if Mr. Aizawa saw us together this late he'd flip.
"Hey, I'm sure it's nothing.", Mina says looking at me with half a smile.
"She's right. It would be so unmanly if you get disheartened now.", Kirishima said carrying Kaminari over his shoulder who had fallen asleep. I just force a small smile.
"Don't worry. I'm sure he just went to train and was so tired he decided to go straight to sleep.", Sero says putting a hand on my shoulder.
"You're probably right. I can just tell him tomorrow.", the part of me that was still hopefull says but the other part knew that wasn't the case.
The last one to walk out was Bakugou. He held his usual 'I don't give a fuck' look on his face but his eyes said something else.
He was pissed.
Greeting everyone goodnight I head to sleep myself hoping tomorrow would be better. But the feeling in my gut said it was going to be so much worse.
»»————- 💔 ————-««
I wake upto the annoying sound of my alarm.
"Get up or your gonna be late to school dipshit!"
The thing made my ears bleed. If Katsuki yelling at us about other school stuff wasn't enough he was also now saved as an alarm in each of our phones.
"Remind me whose idea it was to keep him as our alarm?", I ask myself as I open my messages to see the new texts I had recived. Seeing the notifications a part of me hopefull that maybe he had replied but nope.
꒰ ͜͡➸
Angry Pom
Did the icy-hot bastard reply yet?
1:00 am
Pinkie pie
Any response?
4:30 am
Manliest Man
Any luck?
5:00 am
Captain office supplies
So did he respond?
5:54 am
Human Pikachu
7:00 am
Hate to disappoint but no
7:15 am
Pinkie pie
Don't worry you'll be able to tell him today
7:16 am
See you all at school
7:16 am
꒰ ͜͡➸
Sighing I run a hand through my hair only then realizing how much it neede to be brushed. Getting up I get ready and head to class spotting Midoriya in the common area and decide to head upto him.
"Morning brocoli boy.", I greet and he looks up from his phone smiling.
"Oh good morning L/n.", he greets.
"So do you have any idea what Todoroki was doing last night?", I ask hoping to put the recurring thoughts of all the possibilities to rest.
"Oh I think he was with Yaoyorozu.", I could feel my heart shatter as those words leave his mouth.
"O-ohk thanx", I say . Out of the corner of my eye I could see the half and half boy enter the room, with......her.
"Morning Midoriya and L/n", the raven haired girl greets smiling sweetly.
"Good Morning.", Todoroki greets us
"Morning", I say looking away.
"I'm sorry I was unable to return your message last night.", the heterochromatic boy said looking at me. "Momo and I were studying uptill late."
As soon as that last sentence reaches my ears the smallest amount of hope gathers in me. Hope that they were just friends.
"Oh, no problem. I only wanted to talk about something.", I say with a small smile.
"Oh well in that case we can talk during lunch if that alright?", he asks and my eyes light up.
"Sounds great.", I say.
Maybe things will go as planned.
After waiting a while the others finally arrive and we head to class. Telling them what happened this morning was enough to get them all to smile.
The rest of the classes basically flew-by and we all headed to lunch.
"Have you guys seen Todoroki?", I ask Uraraka unable to find him myself.
"Oh yeah he went into the classroom", she says and I thank her and head back to class.
I was nervous, very nervous. With each step I tightened my grip around the letter I had written. When it came to feelings I was never really good with words. So in order to make sure I didn't mess this up I decided to write him a letter instead.
Standing infront of the door gripping the handle I take a deep breath. Gathering up all my courage I open the door only to realize I shouldn't have.
My eyes widen at the sight before me.
It was Todoroki.....kissing Her.
If my heart wasn't shattered before, it was now. Tears well up in the corners of my eyes as I clutch the letter tight.
Of course it's her. How could I even think I could compete with someone like her? Why would he want me when he could have someone like her?
So much for things going to plan, but when have they ever.
"L/n.", Todoroki says pulling away for dark haired girl. "You go ahead.", he says placing a kiss on Momo's forhead.
I continue to stare ahead with my mouth agape as she passes me stopping to ask if I was okay concerned.
"I'm fine.", frowning she leaves the room.
"So what did you want to talk about?", the boy in front of me asks.
'Funny you should ask'
"Oh-it's nothing. It doesn't matter anymore", I say biting back the tears.
"Oh alright then. We should probably go get lunch", he says.
"You go ahead, I'll be there.", I choke out and he nods closing the door as he left.
Crumpling the peice of paper in my hands the water works start flowing.
Atleast you're happy
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arcadejohn127-9 · a year ago
What if Mc was a person who don't take shit from anyone, demon human or Angel, and just was this small sassy piece of dynamite? How’d everyone react?
MC who takes no shit - brothers + undateables
Satans pact and chapter 16 spoilers
So you've chosen death
This man can't even handle the smallest sign of defiance
an actual bitch boy
"You are here because you were picked to attend, you were listed to be under my care, this is MY house! You follow MY rules-"
"hold that for a second, I'm calling Dia."
He's so easy to rile up
You feed off his quick temper, he makes it too easy
But he deserves it
Too many times he thinks he can just control you and his brothers
You've cut Mammon down from the ceiling, when faced to Lucifer you just handed him the rope
"If you want someone to hang so much, do it yourself, old man, it is your fault after all - if you didn't leave your cursed valuables lying around Mammon would of never tried to steal them and get himself cursed."
He both scared of you and in awe of you
He's surprise you're still alive at this point
Of course you're alive, the great Mammon is looking after you
You have definitely called him out for being a tsundere
"So, you wanna make out or do you wanna keep yammering on?"
"I- You can't just be saying that to demons!! Why would I wanna kiss some human-"
"Kay, I'm going to go see if Levi wants to-"
Whenever he steals something from you or the others, you go on a man hunt
"Sell your own stuff! You always have something new in there! or are you that scummy and bad with money you need to steal off others ?"
Please have some mercy with him
In general, finds your sassy attitude interesting, always wonders what the new comment or roast will be
Scared and in awe but times it by 10
Is mostly terrified because you make him upset
Didn't expect to be called a guilt tripping bitch
"You're busy? I get it, I mean - why would you ever want to spend time with someone like me? I'm just some nobody, a yucky otaku who no one wants to be around-"
"I get having a low self esteem but shitting on yourself at EVERY given chance and then go on to be about how yucky and worthless you are when I just wanna spend time with someone else?! You can fuck right off!"
He thinks you're a delinquent, has gotten you a cool jacket so you can put it over your shoulders
You can pat him on the back for at least being able to stand up for himself, he's always ready to brawl and never shys away from calling his brothers out
Always lets you wear his headset and just watches as you cuss and sass any petty player
It seems you keep choosing death
You wanna get sassy and back talk the literal embodiment of wrath????!
So - do you want be buried or cremated?
You take none of his shit
He respects it just as much as he hates It
We all know he has good control over his anger but there's a limit on how much of your attitude he can stand
"You're so petty, do you have to be a smart-ass about everything?"
"that's rich coming from the guy who threatened to cut off my limbs because I wouldn't make a pact wth him."
When he doesn't respond you just nod to yourself, checking your nails
"Yeah that's what I thought."
If he needs to come up with a good come back he always asks you
Sits back and watches you argue with Lucifer
He loves it until you call him out
Didn't expect to get psychologically profiled
"At first I thought you were just a narcissist but now I see you're just a Insecure man who placed his value on his looks and how people perceive him-"
" You can't seem to handle any type of bad press about you-"
"Oh? Did you make yourself look bad then blame it on someone else because they just wanted to do what they please? Oh boo hoo!"
You could end this man's career with a single word
But, if you're 'no shit' attitude is targeted to someone else? He's all over it
Will sigh dreamily and watch you chew Someone out
Unless you get super roasty and rude - he encourages you to talk to him with an attitude
"You're so hot when you talk like that~"
Knows you aren't all sass, he definitely enjoys your more softer side
Will invite you to a sleep over so you two can gossip and rant over a bottle of wine and do a mini spar
What prompted you to be this sassy? He's baby!
I mean, he did throw a fit when you ate his custard and destroyed your room
Sure, constant hunger is painful but he can survive without one custard
Yeah- he can be up for roasting and being chased out
"You've told me you literally want to eat me! How is that comforting?! You're hunger tantrums are already bad enough but now I know I could be on the menu?"
"No thanks! Do the hokey pokey and turn your goofy ass around!"
Has a habit of being your stool, he doesn't mind really, finds it pretty adorable actually
You're so small compared to demons so when a gym jock is being rude about you or Beel
You just snap your fingers and he'll sit down, hunch over and put his hands over his head
You'll just step on his palms (you take off your shoes angrily whilst telling the jock demon to not move an inch) and just go off
He understands where alot of your cusses come from, he agrees with you and feels guilty on his behaviour
Really likes it when you stand up for him; normally no one does that because he's such a big guy
Belphie does it but things can be abit disheartening when your twin Is the only one rushing to help you
You know what? Understandable, please, fire away
Just keep making jokes and references to all the bad things he's done
He needs to be put in his place
The dude has literally killed you! If you weren't going to give him an earful when you recovered then what was the point?!
This man is one of many bastards in this school
Either watches you go off on people or sleeps mid arguement to stop hearing you call him out
"I'm innocent, I haven't done a single thing wrong in my life."
He will always respect you for looking out for his twin, when he can't do anything he always looks to you to step in
Has held things out of your reach just to watch you get mad
You've chosen a fate worse than death at the cost of sassing a pure man
He gets upset but is very understanding, it's his companions who will handle your fate
I honestly, CANNOT, think of a reason you'd want to be sassy or rude to him
If it's just in general and not meant to offend him; he thinks it's very attractive
You've got a silver tongue and able to make a comment without much thought
Very impressive
His type is Lucifer very simple
You'd call him out for letting dangerous behaviour happen at the school and putting loads of faith into Lucifer
Perhaps point out how reckless inviting humans to a demon realm - who could easily be killed if they don't have an escort with them at all times
But other than that? He's safe
He is your executioner
He can handle a jab
But he will remind you he was the one who saved you if you get too out spoken with him
that only gets him more cussed out though
"So you're aware of pretty much every event that happens, Right?"
"You could say that."
"Then shouldn't you use those abilities to then help anyone and stop all sorts of tragedies?"
"My Lord has stopped me from using my powers freely."
In general, you just make comments about how vague he is
He's too mysterious that it's just ridiculous
You want to get to know him but he just gives you that smug look and amused laughter
Can you really be blamed for being Sus of him?
He's so suspicious, for what?! For what reason?!
He doesn't like being called old? Depending how disrepectful you wanna be, you like to use the nickname "Grandpa Solo"
"I'm surprised you aren't actually some evil Wizard trying to get the brothers pacts so you can be the most powerful human alive and take over the Devildom."
"Who says I'm not?"
He's witty and smug
You're sassy and explosive
You're a duo that should be feared
The two powerful humans banding together? I'm sure there's a website on the two of you with theories of your evil plans
Finds your attitude delightful!
Didn't want his kindness to annoy you but it did, sometimes it is a crime to be Too nice
His favoured company are all sassy bastards so it only makes sense he likes you very much
"You gave them bangles that made them into SAINTS! that's fucking weird! And you had them turn into angels despite the fact they have truama from heaven!"
as mischievous as Simeon can be
His angelic nature really does pop out alot
"aren't you tired of being nice? Don't you want to go ape-shit?"
"Of course not, there's no need but thank you for worrying about me, I know I can seem force and strange to you but I really do enjoy being kind to others."
Almost fought him during the TSL event; you didn't expect him to do a 360 and become super strict
Despite your hard shell you care alot about the people you're close with and can't stand to see them upset
It appears you're trying to throw hands with a 10 year old
He does seem demonphobic
Why are you always denying your true feeling??!! Just admit you like demons!
You try not to swear and be outwardly rude Infront of him
But sometimes this little boy really tests your patience
"Okay species-ist."
Is your main response when he's being a tsundere
He's the one who's the safest from your attitude
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hallownightsblog · 27 days ago
Attention fic readers…
If you are going to read fics that were completed before season 2 started… Kate is going to be called Katherine.
In some fics after she may still be called Katherine…
You can’t expect someone to go through a fic and change a name which is IN THE BOOK because the show changed it.
She is still KATE.
It is fan fiction,
Commenting on work going “erm she’s Kathani not Katherine” is disheartening and annoying.
Especially when it’s in a multi chapter fic.
You cannot be a reasonable person to expect this especially when a fic is tagged by BOOK and SHOW and is a fucking AU!
Don’t be disrespectful. It’s the prerogative of the authors to do that. If I want Kate to be short for Katarma or Katmandu I’ll do it… you know why…
It’s my fucking STORY!
Yes going forward any new stories I write where I refer to Kate by her full name I may use Kathani I may not. She’s still Katherine in the books and that won’t ever change.
Don’t be so fucking entitled when we do this shit for free or Us fanfic writers will just stop.
Simple as.
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batkids and their relationships with their siblings headcanons. under read more because this got fucking LONGGG
dick is the eldest so he doesnt want to bog down his younger siblings with his problems, but if he DOES, he tends to talk to jason about it
dick and cass start to really begin to bond when Cass shows up to dicks gymnastics class for 3rd-6th graders and then cass shows up all the sixth graders and they get frozen yogurt after lmao
dick and tim are Very much thick as thieves. tim is very much like bruce on the Emotional Suppression scale, so dick just really wants to make sure his little brother is safe and happy ALL the time
Duke and Damian are the only two really permanently at the manor anymore, so when dick drops by he tries to do something with both of them. duke frantically zoom calls dick every other week to help him with his his trig homework. dick shows up to dukes high school graduation with literally the BIGGEST SIGN
everyone insists damian is dicks favorite but he does actually genuinely love all his siblings equally, his relationship with damian is just Very different from the others because of the age gap and being dami's primary caretaker for a year. dick babies dami every chance he gets
would sell Dick to satan for One corn chip
him and cass don't have the greatest start to their relationship because cass is very much Against Killing so it takes a while for jason to warm up to her and earn her trust. now, though, jason is competing with steph by showing cass all the classic American Teenager things she missed out on. steph is currently winning but jason is like 98% positive a crunch wrap from taco bell is going to push him over the edge
tim and jason are currently competing over who can solve the most cases in a month. tim is winning. that won't last long.
jason Loves to Big Brother duke its so embarrassing. duke will get out of school and go to his car and jason is SITTING IN THE FRONT SEAT FRANTICALLY WAVING TO GET DUKES ATTENTION. JASON THAT IS MY CAR. signal has one (1) mission with arsenal and arsenal goes hey did you ask that girl to homecoming yet and duke is like I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU.
Damian is proof that Actually, Little Brothers are Pests. Jason fully believes that he was brought back from the dead PURELY to torment damian and he will fulfill this mission at any cost
it actually really upset her when Dick didn't accept her at first. she knows her other siblings really adore dick so his lack of trust was really disheartening. it takes dick a while but once he Actually Accepts that cass is going to be a permanent part of their life and oh, wow, dick you really hurt her feelings he really hyperfocuses on bonding with cass for a couple of months which definitely improves their relationship
she really likes jason!! their relationship doesn't start well but because he's close with steph and tim who are cass's top two favorite people to exist ever, cass is like well i GUESS ill hang out with him more. jason is fun to talk to because he always tries his best to explain jokes and give context to what people are talking about (also tim took her to taco bell already but she didn't tell jason she just wanted to hang out)
cass LOVES tim. they just click okay. tim always seems to know when to give her space and when to push and come closer. Tim's "guest room" is just her room lets be real. tim and cass occasionally get mistaken for twins and Cass Loves it.
duke makes cass listen to metal once and cass loses. her. damn. mind. they bond over music a lot because they both Love Music to a degree the others in their family don't.
damian!! damian is her little brother!!! dami isn't As Hostile to cass at first because he is 100% aware cass has the edge in fighting and respects her. cass likes all of his instagram posts and they have a snapchat streak going
tim Loves dick, dick was his first sibling!! he had Very strong hero worship when he first met dick but it mellowed out when tim got older because wow 17 is really not that cool and mature lol. tim has an open invitation to dick's apartment which he does occasionally take advantage of. tim has more than once scared the shit out of wally when wally comes over and wally is convinced they're being robbed (HA) for half a second. i mean. he's not wrong.
listen. tim understands that forgiving the guy who tried to kill you would be a Struggle for some people and it was! definitely! but also at least he can trust jason to, uh, be open about if he doesn't like tim. which is not an assurance he has with other people. so if the guy who tried to kill him tells him tim is cool now then like. maybe tim isn't that bad or annoying a person? also jason arrested a whole gang and won the cases competition but then it created a power vacuum that the whole batfam had to clean up the rest of the month. thanks, jason.
tim LOVES cass. you know how most of the time theres this empty feeling inside you and you just kind of ignore it because you don't know what will fix it or if you do, you know you can't fix it? cass makes that empty feeling feel a little less empty. they just click. tim always tries to travel with cass whenever she leaves gotham.
tim and duke. Tim is actually the sibling who duke goes to whenever he has questions he doesn't want to ask bruce or alfred about, like, life or vigilante-ing or school or college or whatever and Tim is always like yes!! i love Giving Advice and Solving Problems!! tim and duke and jason fill out their college applications together.
tim and damian. LMAO. ROUGH START THAT'S ALL ILL SAY. at some point alfred goes like fuck it. family therapy. and tim and dami are PISSED. tim and damian get along best when they have a common enemy to work against. their relationship gets much better when damian is older and they actually talk about their feelings like emotionally stunted bats. despite how bad their relationship was, tim will ALWAYS protect damian
very much intimidated by dick at first. dick is so much older and has his own job and friends and life and is very much AN ADULT. dick likes to take duke out to do lots of cool stuff (paintball, lasertag, tech exhibitions, concerts, etc). also, dick PERSONALLY introduced duke to superman and is dating THE FLASH. 10/10 awesome big brother.
was intimidated by jason for 0.5 seconds before jason actually opened his mouth and started speaking. jason is literally. So Embarrassing. which is weird because nobody else really seems to feel that way about jason but duke knows he's 100% in the right here. like yeah jason is also An Adult and does Adult Stuff but he's also at the manor like every other weekend???? and he always complains about bruce but always seems to be in the same room bruce is in????? like okay jason. they bond over literature!! jason and duke and alfred will spend literal hours talking about books and duke loves it. duke is the only one who doesn't think jason is funny and jason gets so upset about it lmao.
cass has this one week where she gets really into photography and by virtue of being nearby (and also not nocturnal), duke becomes her victim subject. duke prints out all the pictures and hangs them up in his room (his favorite is one he took when he stole the camera and took a really bad selfie of them together).
tim is closest in age to duke so duke tends to hang around with him a lot. tim introduced duke to his young justice friends and duke is like yes!!! meta-friends!!!! tim really helps duke out with his powers because tim is always like wow i wonder if your powers would work if we did This? can you see farther than other people? is your visible spectrum of light different than other humans? Bruce does the same thing but bruce is boring about it lol.
damian and duke live in the same house and will be in the same room and just send each other social media posts back and forth. they follow each other on instagram and will, OCCASIONALLY, make tik toks together because they're tik tok fiends. each of his siblings have visited his parents once or twice but damian routinely comes with him.
damian gets a special bullet point to say that it took him. forever to come around to the idea of having siblings. he very much believed that he was Bruce's Blood Son and everyone else were just tagalongs or allies. it took him ages to acknowledge that dick, jason, tim, and cass were his siblings, so when duke came and like a week later damian was like Ah, Yes, this is my brother Thomas everyone else was like dude wtf
listen. LISTEN. Obviously. Richard is very highly skilled. and also Father values him highly. and also Richard will listen to Damian complain about his schoolmates. and also Richard is much more patient with Damian than other members of his family. listen....,,, (all this to say damian kind of fucking adores dick lmaooooo this kid).
Todd is kind of unbearable but damian has been informed this is both a normal feeling when it comes to Todd and also big brothers. damian was an only child for ten years so yes, Father, if Todd attempts to tickle me I WILL break his fucking nose. yes i WILL put money in the swear jar but I want you to know i don't regret it. they always try to sneak up on each other but mostly fail.
DRAKE!!! but no lol once damian grows up and is like I Apologize for attempting to murder you it was wrong and you are just as much a son to Father as I am tim is like UGH i guess its cool since ur being so emotionally mature and all. also im 2 for 5 on siblings trying to murder me so im definitely going to win trauma bingo and damian is like i take it back you are insufferable. When Will My Older Siblings Stop Joking About Their Trauma.
CASS!!! listen. cass is cool. Cass Gets It. They have a special Bond. also damian really likes it whenever cass is home because 1) he gets to hang out and do something cool with cass and 2) he feels significantly safer with cass in the house because Nobody will be able to hurt any of their family if Cass is there. ALSO he tries to call her cain but everyone is like DONT DO THAT and he doesn't want to call her wayne bcus theyre ALL wayne (dick adds it on as a middle name but also Richard John Wayne West-Grayson is just. the lamest name ever so dick needs to reconsider it before his upcoming nuptials)((dick will not reconsider it except maybe whether grayson-west would work better)) and so he tries cassandra but cass is like :) call me cass and damian is like cassandra is more formal and respectful and cass is like :) and finally damian just has to give in.
Duke! him and duke actually live together so they get the Most Bonding Time and have a bunch of inside jokes as a result. (is it bad i wanted to laugh because inside jokes... joker... i'll see myself out). they're eating breakfast together (and also alfred sits with them IM NOT A MONSTER ALFIE'S LIKE 70 NOW OKAY) and duke laughs and bruce is like what are you laughing at, son? and duke is like oh damian just showed me this funny meme and then he shows the phone to bruce and bruce grabs it (both the boys groan) and after WAY TOO LONG is like "i don't get it" and so now duke and damian have to try and explain the comedic intricacy of bob's burgers
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saintobio · 4 months ago
I just feel that no matter what happens to yn and no matter what she does to fix things (her mistakes and even the ones she doesn’t have complete control over), some people in the story and some readers will never change their opinion of her after what she did in the end of SN, and that’s what disheartening to me bc it’s like they forget that she’s a victim of abuse. And when a victim of abuse finally decides to stop being a doormat and decides to do the one thing to protect herself (and sachi), everyone shits on her for it. I’m not saying I agree with what she did, BUT I UNDERSTAND WHY SHE DID IT. Same thing with Satoru. I understand why he did the stuff he did in the chap 5, BUT I DO NOT AGREE WITH IT. I see both sides. But some people need to stop fully siding with Gojo just bc they’re attached to his canon persona. Things should be looked at a more objective way as readers bc we’re omniscient.
oh this reminds me of this one person who said that early sn!yn is annoying and how she doesn’t even love gojo if she can’t let him be with sera lmao that was so odd for me to read. and like, you guys do know that handling that much pain all by herself actually makes her a strong character? she’s emotionally resilient when others would have given up so easily. but she pulled through. she kept gojo’s treatment of her a secret from her own family and dealt with him all by herself. you can dislike sy!yn for her wrong decisions but i will defend early sn!yn. you coming after her simply means you can’t be as emotionally mature as her.
love how you mentioned the last part too!! i do think readers forget that we’re omniscient but the main characters aren’t. yn spent this whole chapter trying to figure out what gojo was thinking about and vice versa. we hear gojo’s thoughts, and we hear how the nightmare was fucking with his head, and we know how the text was driving him insane — but through it all, yn had no idea he was even having all those thoughts. she had no idea what gojo asked sachi in the carousel. that’s why misunderstandings and lack of communication make the whole syverse so complicated.
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wordsfromthesol · 10 months ago
The Interview: The Sequel
Author: @wordsfromthesol Taglist: @togasbetch @malfoys-demigod  @pricetagofficial Pairing: Dick Grayson x Reader Requested: @the-house-of-auditore-frye Word Count: 1,378
Part One
The reality of the situation slowly began to set in. Everything seemed to hit you at once, just as you slung your leg over his motorcycle. Your entire body went stiff as you sat in silence for the entire ride. You didn't even question where you were going. The haze cleared from your eyes just as Dick pulled into the familiar building. You let out a sigh of relief when you noticed where you were.
Dick could tell the kidnapping jolted you more than you wanted to admit. He didn't bother going to your apartment, and you didn't say a word as he led you inside his. Almost an hour had gone by, the two of you sat on the couch watching some mindless tv show. Dick was beginning to worry.
"Y/N, are you sure you're okay? They didn't hurt you?" His eyes desperately searched yours.
"I just…I don't want to be alone tonight." You mumbled as you buried your head into his shoulder.
Dick acknowledged your request by pulling you further into his arms. It was there you fell asleep.
This nonsense had been going on for three months. Every time you met up with Dick, there seemed to be swarms of paparazzi. Why did they even care about some Gotham playboy? Wasn't there a better celebrity to stalk? You let out a frustrated sigh as you saw someone photographing you walking into your office building. As if on cue, your phone began to ring.
"Dick, what a surprise…"
"Uh…did I do something?" Dick was clearly not expecting to hear the agitation in your voice so early in the morning.
"Yeah, an interview." You couldn't hold back the sarcasm.
"Right, about that. Bruce is having a charity gala this weekend. Can you make it?"
A smirk spread across your face, "One condition. You gotta tell your family about this little ruse."
"What? Why?" Dick seemed almost disheartened at your request.
"I may have made a bet. With Tim. And this situation is going to make it seem like I've lost. When I totally have not." You tried not to get into the specifics of the bet. It didn’t matter.
"You made a bet that you wouldn't date me?!" Dick figured it out anyways. Guess it shouldn't come as a surprise.
"Do we have a deal or not?" This was not a conversation you wanted to have right now.
"Fine…" Dick huffed out, clearly annoyed.
Everything appeared to be going smoothly, you were making your rounds and talking to everyone of importance. Yet something was gnawing at you. All these girls, they just threw themselves at Dick. You were pretty sure you even saw one of them trip another just so they would get there first. Watching the show, you lost track of just exactly how many glasses of wine you had drunk.
"Shit" you mumbled to yourself. Stumbling over to a table, you sat in the corner brooding over the whole ordeal. Thankfully, Tim soon joined you.
Tim opened his mouth to speak, but before he could you blurted out, "I didn't lose! Dick told you, right?!"
Tim burst into a fit of laughter, "Don't worry, he told me. But may I remind you, there's still 6 months left before that 3-year mark." He looked you up and down before turning his gaze towards his older brother, "I'm not worried."
Your mouth hung open. "What's that supposed to mean?!"
"Oh nothing…" Tim hummed to himself. Before he could tease you further Dick walked up and enveloped your hand with his.  
"Let's get out of here." His eyes were locked onto yours, not even acknowledging Tim's presence. All you could do was nod. As you rose from your seat, Dick wrapped his arm around you.
"Thanks," you whispered in his ear as he led the two of you to safety.
Only two months left, you thought as you walked into the office. You didn't understand why, but you knew this fake dating thing needed to end. After all, how were you actually supposed to date someone? Dick had to understand, right? It’s not like he actually wanted to date you after all.
However, all your thoughts of ending this fake relationship were gone by the end of the day. The office drama was absolutely abhorrent and to top it off you were reprimanded for not meeting a project deadline.  Needless to say, it had been a long day and you needed your best friend. So once the clock struck 5, you headed out towards Dick's apartment. A huge grin was plastered across his face as he swung the door open to greet you.
"You aren't allowed to be this happy if I'm in a shitty mood." You retorted as you pushed past him and sat on the couch. "Wine please," you pleaded with a huff.
"Aw, and why are you so grumpy my little sunshine?" Dick questioned as he sauntered into the kitchen to oblige your request. Dick listened patiently as you ranted about your day until it was time for him to go on patrol. "Alright, I'm headed out. Don't leave too late and don't forget to lock the doors."
"Okay dad…" The sarcasm dripped from your words as you rolled your eyes.
Dick’s eyes narrowed as he turned back towards you, "Don't act like I didn't see you leave here at 3 am last week." You simply stuck your tongue out in response.
It was just past 4 when Dick crawled in through the window. Beaten and battered, his face lit up when he saw you asleep on the couch. He carefully scooped you up and placed you in the bed before he hopped in the shower.
You awoke to the sound of the water turning off. Shit. I fell asleep. Quietly, you pulled the covers back and slung your legs over the side of the bed.
"Don't you fucking dare." The stern words had come from the bathroom. "It's 4:30 in the morning. You can sleep here, I'll take the couch."
You knew protesting would get you nowhere and frankly you were too tired to go home. "Fine. But don't be ridiculous, there's plenty of room." You curled up in the comfort of the blankets. "Besides," a yawn interrupted the thought, "you're exhausted and probably bruised."  
"Tim, I don't think I can keep doing this…" Dick thought about you fast asleep in the next room.
"I told you it was a stupid idea to begin with." Tim scoffed at his brother's easily avoidable dilemma.
"It just slipped out, what was I supposed to do?!"
"How many alternatives you want?"
"Okay well I couldn't think of any at the time." Dick unsuccessfully tried to validate the decision once again.
"That's because you want it to be true. I saw how you looked at her at the gala last month."
"You just want to win your bet." Even Dick knew that wasn't true, but he continued grasping at straws.
"If that's what you think. Either way, you can't keep this up forever you need to tell --" Dick quickly hung up the phone as he saw you standing in the doorway.
"Was that Tim?" You tried to remember the bits of the conversation you had just overheard.
"Uh…yeah. Just talking about…a case."
"You know, given your alter ego, I feel like you should be better at lying. First the interview, now this."
"Wha--lying?" Dick was clamming up. It was as if you had some imaginary hold on him.
"Dick?" You raised your eyebrows and waited for the truth to grace his lips.
"Fine. I can't. I can't do this anymore. This fake shit." Dick ran his hand through his hair as he collapsed on the couch. "I don't want it to be fake." The sentence knocked the wind from your lungs. You never thought that was an option.
"How long?" Those were the only words you could get your mouth to form.
"Since the day I met you." Dick tried to bury his head in his hands, but you forced his gaze to meet yours. You searched his eyes for any kind of deception. It felt like time had stopped. Finally, the world sped up again as your lips crashed into his. 
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atsukashii · a year ago
part four | ❝the one where it cracks❞
Tumblr media Tumblr media
➛ in your defence, when you had come across an advert for a roommate from someone named tooru oikawa, you thought it was a girl. but you decide that living with oikawa won’t be a problem, his super hot roommate though? yeah, that’s definitely going to fuck your life up.
Tumblr media
» paring : hajime iwaizumi x f! reader
» genre : college au, fluff
» word count : 6 k
» warning : angsty, its a long one today with a lotta dialogue
Tumblr media
« previous| m.list | next »
Tumblr media
It was insufferably annoying when he came back through the door a few hours later on that Saturday night, cheeks pink from the cold or was it from something else? It was insufferably frustrating when he shrugged off his coat, thinking as Oikawa asked how the date went. It was insufferably disheartening when he raised a single shoulder, giving a nonchalant response of “It was okay,”. But it was insufferably devastating when he moved soundlessly back down the hall to his room, with a small knowing smile pulled across his lips.
You had quickly and quietly excused yourself from the living room, feigning exhaustion before retreating to your own room.
So it's not like you were trying to fixate on whatever the hell that smile meant. The main possibility has your heart hurting more than you would like to admit, so you try your best to ignore it. You also try to ignore the bubbling frustration that builds every now and again when you’re out doing something with Iwaizumi and his phone pings with an incoming message stealing his attention. It’s not like he’s bubbling with excitement or anything, in fact it’s because he’s so stoic with his emotions a lot of the time that you’re not quite sure how he feels about the whole date. But you’re too chicken shit to ask.
But that’s why Tooru Oikawa was born; to light things on fire and walk away laughing as they burn. 
You were studying in your room, operation ‘temporarily avoid the roommate’s’ was in motion due to the fact that you simply weren’t sure what to say to Iwaizumi at the moment. There was a high possibility you would embarrass the shit out of yourself if you were to talk, so for the past three days you both had endured tortuously weird small talk - which wasn’t completely your fault, you physically could no longer control what the hell came out of your mouth around him. But the lack of conversion you knew was beginning to piss your roommate off, so obviously avoidance was the best tactic. 
The door was closed, and you had headphones in but no music actually sounded through the bulky headphones. The noise of the constant pacing outside your door was far too distracting, but you could admit you weren’t brave enough to open the door and start that conversation. 
“Is there a reason you're prowling in front of Y/n’s door like a creeper?” Oikawa’s voice has you flinching in your seat, and the pacing finally stops. 
“I wasn’t fucking prowling Shitty-Kawa.” The other voice grumbles and you can almost see the frustration on his face, and the action of him yanking on his hair - a small trait you noticed somewhere along the way of your friendship. 
“Well you sure weren’t fucking skipping. If you want to talk to her, just knock.”
“She’s busy studying - oi you bastard-” Three loud knocks practically echo through your room, and immediately go back to the laptop and immediately press play on the spotify playlist you had been making prior to hearing Iwaizumi’s pacing.  The second the door opens, you’re trying to manifest your concentration face as you switch the tab to your assignment. With pinched brows, you make a motion of slipping your headphones off your head and around your neck, the sound of some random lo-fi song blaring loudly from your shoulders as you look over the two guys in your doorway. 
“Uh, hey?” You manage to get out, internally giving yourself a clap on the back.
“Oikawa wanted to know if you wanted to come to a house party with us.” Iwaizumi suddenly blurts out, causing you to frown even more. There is no way that’s what he wanted to say. Judging by the way he changes his weight from foot to foot, you can tell it’s not. But you can tell that he’s struggling to talk about whatever it was he wanted to, so you just go with it. 
“A chance to procrastinate? Yes please and thank you.” You say with a smile, earning you a terse nod from Iwaizumi before he slips from the doorway. You also pointedly ignore the other guy in the hall, rubbing his temples like he just witnessed the most stupid interaction known to mankind. “When are we leaving?” The question being thrown over your shoulder as you immediately make your way towards your cupboard. 
“Can you be ready in thirty minutes? I know it’s a bit last minute but Shitty-kawa is dragging me to it and I know it’s not your thing anyways but-” You turn back around, facing a flushed and rambling Iwaizumi and you can’t help but smile. The minute he see’s the small grin plastered across your face, his brows furrow and that nervous arm scratches the back of his head. “Don’t fucking start.” He grunts before turning out of your room, shutting the door loudly behind him. 
“I wasn’t going to say anything!” You call out, but the laughter in your voice contradicts that whole sentence. And you know Iwaizumi heard it, because there's an exaggerated groan from outside your door, followed by a command.
“Thirty minutes, y/n, or we’re leaving your ass here.” Walking back to your closet and pulling out a pair of jeans because it's starting to get cold and wearing a skirt right now is a no-go. 
“Tooru would never.”
“Twenty nine!” It’s only when you sit on your chair, looking into the mirror resting atop of it and reaching for your makeup do you realise you’ve been grinning the entire time. 
Tumblr media
“So who’s party exactly is this?” You ask, sandwiching yourself between your two roommates as you walk, hoping to create some warmth due to the fact you left your jacket at home. Again. 
“I thought you would know whenever your friends threw a party?” Oikawa gasps dramatically. “What kind of friend is Bokuto if he doesn’t invite you to his party?” You roll your eyes at the brunet and don’t hesitate to shove him in the arm. 
“The kind of friend that knows I despise parties.”
“Then pray-tell y/n, why are you here?” Oikawa retorts, and you fix a glare at him. Don’t fucking start, you mentally scream at him. But the smirk you receive in response is pure Tooru, and implies that he is stirring shit to get you to admit that you’re here because Hajime’s here. 
“Because someone’s got to babysit your drunk ass Shitty-Kawa.” There’s an added weight over your shoulder, and you know by the smell that Iwaizumi’s shed his coat and put it across your shoulders. This was not the reason you forwent a jacket, your main point being that inside parties, the heat would have you taking it off and having to carry it around was not worth it. 
“But that’s your responsibility Iwa,” Oikawa drawls mockingly and you grin, turning to Iwaizumi for his response. Honestly, watching the two of them bicker back and forth was more entertaining to you than any sport or show you had ever watched. 
“Yes, why was I placed as resident babysitter? Because out of all of us, I am the one more likely to get lost or injured so this really seems like a massive lack of judgment here.” You say, gazing between the two of them.
Iwaizumi huffs and breathes into his hands. “Oh please cut the cutesy shit y/n. If I'm going down I'm dragging you with me.” He grins devilishly and a swarm of butterflies explode inside your stomach as his eyes meet yours, the flecks of light brown shining gold as you stand under the yellow streetlight. 
“You two have fun on that sinking ship then.” Sings Tooru, breaking the moment and leaving the warm huddle and breaking away to walk towards the familiar share-house in front of you. The brown brick building with a large porch has you smiling and stifling a laugh as you remember the trouble you and your friends had trying to get the couch Bokuto had found somewhere questionable online in the living room. 
“I know that parties aren’t your thing,” Iwaizumi says suddenly, and you immediately look from the building to his face, but his eyes are locked on the front door which muffles the loud music from within. “But I'm glad you came along. If you get sick of it though, let me know and we’ll go.”
“What about ‘Kawa?” You ask, the sentiment of his words sitting heavily in your chest. 
“If he decides to get blackout drunk two days before a major volleyball, then he fucking deserves to find his own way home.” Iwaizumi grunts and you smother a smile, knowing full well that if Oikawa needed to be picked up, Iwaizumi would do it with no hesitation at all. 
“I’ll keep that in mind,” Walking forwards towards the building, you turn around and grin at your friend. “But I'll be okay. A little party is nothing compared to what those guys put me through in high-school.” Your cheeks are hurting, smiling from not only the good memories that flash through you head at the thought, but also at the small smile twitching at the corner of Iwaizumi’s lips. 
“I’ll keep that in mind.” He says, throwing your words right back at you and catching up to your side in only a few long strides. You slip off his jacket as you walk through the door, and have to yell over the loud music as you hold it back out to him. 
“Thank you!”
“Don’t mention it.” He yells back and you begin pushing through the crowd, looking back every now and again to make sure that Iwaizumi is still following, as you head to where you know your friends will be. The minute that you finally emerge from the crowd you spot Oikawa sitting on the couch in a deep discussion with someone you recognise from their volleyball team, already with a cup of who knows what in his hands. How does he move so fast?
“Y/n!” A very loud voice booms in the room, and the next second you’re being picked up off the floor. 
“Hi Bo,” You smile, looking at the golden eyed bow holding you up. 
“I didn’t know you were coming!” He laughs ecstatically at your sudden appearance and hugs you a bit tighter.
“Oikawa and Iwaizumi dragged me along.” You explain as he begins to put you down. 
“Of course, why else would you be here?” Comes another voice, and you look over Bokuto’s shoulder to see Kuroo standing there with the smug look on his face that one would think was permanently etched there. 
“Well if I knew you would be here, then I would have stayed home.” Your bite lacks any harshness, and Kuroo just smirks before handing you the cup in his hand as he always did. A tradition you began in high school so that he’d remember not to drink too much. You watch as his hazel eyes drift from you to the figure next to you and for a second you're almost concerned that he knows. But there’s no way he does, he may be exceptionally intelligent, but he’s no Oikawa in observation. The guys greet each other with the regular head nods and you turn to Iwaizumi who is looking at the cup in your hand. 
“I’m going to get a drink. I’m assuming you don’t need one short-stack?” Iwaizumi steps back just out of range as you extend your leg to kick his foot. 
“No I don’t, asshole.” You reply, glaring at him.
“I’ll be back. Try not to get lost short-stack.” He calls over his shoulder, and you flip him your middle finger which only earns you a laugh in response. Once he’s out of eyesight, you turn back to Kuroo who is watching Iwaizumi’s retreating form with furrowed brows. 
“What?” You ask, and Kuroo blinks as if you’ve brought him out of deep thought and shoots you an easy going smile.
“To be honest by now, I thought you would have committed a double homicide by now.” Gently shoving his arm, you both move over to the somewhat vacant couch and settle on the seat opposite Oikawa. 
“There have been many moments, but they make up for it.” You laugh, taking a sip of the drink. The bitter taste of bourbon mixed with a soda hitting your tongue and you raise an eyebrow at Kuroo. He simply shrugs in response. 
“The beer Bo’s teammates bought tastes like cat-piss.”
“You know what cat piss taste’s like Tetsu?” You retort.
“You’re so fucking eloquent Y/n.” Iwaizumi says, and every single witty comeback that you have on standby whenever you talk to your best friend evaporates like water in the middle of summer as he sits beside you on the couch. You an feel the warmth of his shoulder against your own as he leans back, taking a sip from the plastic cup in his hand. His eyebrow is raised as he looks over the rim of the cup, his brown eyes looking straight into your own and mother of god, the lump in your throat needs to fuck off right now. 
“Says the guy who fronted the word eloquent with ‘fuck’”. You manage to snip back, but there’s barely a teasing tone in your voice, and Iwaizumi grins at you with a victorious smirk. “Fuck off.” You say, sipping your own drink to try and hide the blush on your cheeks.
“Keep digging that hole y/n.” He simply laughs at your demise and you turn to Kuroo who is watching you both carefully, and you can almost see the pieces being put together in his head. Yeah that is not happening. 
“Where’s Kenma?” You ask and the raised eyebrows of disbelief you get in response from your best friend only cements the fact that you’re an idiot. 
“At home, like fucking always.”
“Y/n! Come be my beer pong partner!” Thank you god for Bokuto, you mentally whisper as you turn to your friend, leaning against the glass doors that are open to the outdoor patio. “I actually need to win, and Kuroo made me lose last round.” You can’t help but grin as you look to your friend in question, who is glaring at Bokuto. 
“You try to fucking win with a Neanderthal singing fucking lady gaga in your ear whilst you’re trying to toss.” Kuroo bites back and you laugh loudly. 
“Don’t diss the Gaga.” 
“Using Kuroo was your mistake Bo.” You reply, getting up and polishing your drink off with a last sip and leaving it on the coffee table in front of you. Bokuto lets out a howl of excitement as he see’s you getting up to join and leaves dust in his wake as he returns outside. Spinning on your feet, you face the two guys on the couch and give them your best firm look, that is no doubt being ruined by the smile on your face.
“Play nice boys.” You assert, trying to sound strict but the eyeroll and full on snort you get from them has you breaking character faster than you would like to. 
“Yes mother.”
“Has she always been like this?” Iwaizumi asks, looking over his cup to Kuroo.
“Since she was practically born.” he replies, and you shoot them both the middle finger before moving across the lounge. Right before you’re about to walk through the doors again, someone calling your name has you spinning back around. The moment you do though, your face is met with dark fabric holding a very familiar scent. You rip the jacket from your face and try to glare at Iwaizumi in hopes of hiding your actual feelings of the gesture. So instead, you just slip it on, waving at them before joining Bo at the table. 
You’re not sure how many rounds you’ve played, but due to the fact that you’ve got brilliant hand eye coordination due to how many fucking times you were dragged into playing this game by your friends, you’re not even tipsy as you swap out with one of Bokuto’s other friends and watch the next round much later on, having beat Oikawa twice.
“You’ve been holding out on us Y/n,” Oikawa grumbles, hanging his arm across your shoulder to lean down to your level. 
“Just because I don’t like parties doesn’t mean I’m not good at beer pong.” You point out, taking a sip of the water your friend hands you. Thanking him quietly, you can’t help but let your eyes scan the backyard for your other roommate. It aggravates you that you do it, but you can’t help it, as if your mind is on a constant search of Iwaizumi’s location. Trying not to focus on how that sounds creepy, you look back to Oikawa’s smug face and raise a brow.
“Iwa went to the bathroom Y/n, but don’t worry, he’ll be back soon.” You gape at Tooru like a fish out of water, not quite knowing how to respond to that without sounding like a lovesick fool.
Wait, a lovesick-
“Iwaizumi, please protect my honour and take part in this game.” Oikawa speaks up again, and your head moves faster than you can stop it until you're looking at Iwaizumi, your eyes trailing over his black shirt and the way his biceps look in them. God alcohol and you are not a good mix for rationality. 
“You get your ass kicked Shitty-Kawa?” He asks, grinning between you both. The alcohol obviously loosening his limbs up a little bit as he approaches you both more relaxed. 
“Twice.” You reply, taking a pointed sip from your water. Once Iwaizumi is close enough, he cautiously peers into your cup and you roll your eyes. “It’s water mother, is that allowed at this fine establishment?” Rolling his eyes, Iwaizumi has the audacity to flick your forehead and leans down to your level.
“Shut up short-stack.” This time he doesn’t move fast enough to avoid the kick, but he’s like a stoic fucking statue and doesn’t even flinch. Letting out a sigh of defeat you look back over to the table which is now wrapping up another game and instantly make your decision. 
“Time for me to kick your ass then Iwaizumi,” You grin as you step back up to the table. “One on one.” 
“Fine, but we’re using water. Someone’s gotta get your drunken asses home safely.” You shrug at the rules and immediately use the hose to fill up the cups a third of the way. A couple people stand around the two of you, all drawn into the competitive atmosphere that has exploded around the table. And the crowd grows with each turn, one for you, and one for Iwaizumi. It’s not until you’re on your last cup to Iwaizumi’s two that you give him a confident grin, knowing that you’ve got this. 
“Any last words Iwa?” You ask, emphasising the nickname causing some of the girls around the table to giggle. There’s a flash of light blonde hair in the corner of your eye, but amongst the shuffle of people, you barely notice. 
“Don’t fucking choke short-stack.” His words receive howls of approval and you glare at Oikawa who traitorously laughs alongside them. With a final glare you toss the ball, which like you had expected, goes straight into the cup. The world around you explodes like a neon bomb as people cheer and go crazy in their drunken state, and you can’t help but laugh as Bo shakes you like a ragdoll in his excitement. 
Iwaizumi is grinning as well and once you wrangle yourself free from your over-hyper friends grasp, you finally meet him halfway down the table. “Enjoying this?” he asks and you nod your head.
“Immensely.” Amongst all the noise, it’s almost as if you've created a bubble that surrounds you both, keeping you away from it all and yet still there in the same moment. His brown eyes trail over your flushed cheeks, which aren’t completely a result of just the cold, before searching your gaze once more. You would give all the money in the world just to know what's going on inside his head, and so you simply decide to ask. 
“Iwaizumi!” There’s another flash of blonde hair and suddenly you’re looking at the side profile of a very beautiful woman. 
“Alisa,” Iwaizumi looks surprised, but not more than yourself. “What are you doing here?”
“My brother invited me, he’s around here somewhere but I think he just wanted me to be his babysitter. I thought I saw you earlier but then I heard about someone kicking ass in beer pong and I knew it was you.” She grins, her teeth perfectly straight and practically fucking blinding. Something ugly rears up inside you as you look at her, and make a conscious decision to keep your mouth shut as you realise this is her. This is the girl Iwaizumi went on the blind date with. 
“I wasn’t the ass kicker,” he tells her honestly, nodding to you over her shoulder. The blonde whips around so fast you’re not sure how she didn’t get whiplash, and as her emerald green eyes meet yours you begin to think that life is really fucking unfair. 
“You kicked his ass?” Alisa asks, her eyes glowing with excitement as you nod your head. She lets out a soft laugh as she turns her head between you both. “How sad for you Iwaizumi.” She laughs and the brunette in question just shrugs. “How do you two know each other?”
“I’m his roommate,” you force a small smile across your face, trying to sound as relaxed and unbothered as possible, whilst also looking around to try and catch Oikawa’s gaze to get him to save you. 
“I thought Oikawa was your roommate?” You hear her ask, and you lean back slightly, finally finding the tall setter. Oikawa turns around as if feeling your gaze on the back of his head and wags his eyebrows at you jokingly. 
“He is, Y/n is as well.” Tuning partially out of their conversation, you send Oikawa a pleading look, and he feigns confusion until he notice the third person and puts his hand over the top of his drink so it doesn’t spill as he jogs over towards you. 
The moment he breaches the triangle he takes a sip of his drink before handing it to you with a look. With no hesitation, you take a sip of the cheap beer. 
“So she’s dating Oikawa?” You choke. Cheap beer spits from your mouth over Tooru’s sleeve and he erupts into shocked laughter. Alisa looks at you in obvious surprise, whilst Iwaizumi mentions something about getting water.
“No,” You manage to choke out, waving off Iwaizumi’s offer and coughing into your elbow. “Never. Not in a million years.” 
Oikawa gasps, placing a hand over his heart and looks at you as if he’s actually offended. “Why must you break my heart like this mi amour?” You roll your eyes at him, but are also eternally grateful for his dramatic ass taking their gazes off you. 
“I’m just a roommate.” You turn to Alisa, stuffing your hands into the pockets of the jacket. Iwaizumi’s jacket you realise. Some part of you deep down revels in the fact that you’re wearing his jacket, in front of her - and that part of you also makes you want to vomit. 
Her eyes drift over the jacket, but whether or not she knows if it's his, you’re not sure. “Speaking of roommates, I think it’s time we headed home.” 
Both you and Iwaizumi look at Oikawa with raised eyebrows, as if this was unheard of. But Tooru simply waves you off before reminding you both that he’s got training tomorrow and quote “doesn’t want to be thrown around like a ragdoll by the coach if he shows up hungover.” 
The smile slips off Alisa’s face as she hears the words and she turns to Iwaizumi with hopeful eyes. “You’re going too?” There’s a slight pout to her gloss covered lips and Iwaizumi looks at her and gives her a small smile. 
“I need to get them home safely, they’ve had a lot more than me.”
You’re not sure what has you opening your mouth, whether it’s the look of hope in Alisa’s green eyes, or the fact that she’s gently holding Iwaizumi’s arm and he’s not shrugging her off. Maybe you’ve had too much, because if you were sober, maybe you wouldn’t have said it. 
“I can get Oikawa home. You can stay for longer if you want, it's no biggie.” 
Oikawa is looking at you if you’re manically insane, a polar opposite to the happiness flooding from Alisa at your words. Grinning, she turns to Iwaizumi who looks between the both of you. 
“I-” he hesitates, looking torn as to what to do. 
“It’s all good. I promise I’ll get him home in one piece.” You joke, ignoring Oikawa who is full of gaping at you. Giving him a side-eye, he wisely shuts his mouth, but pouts about it. Good. “Seriously, you can stay longer.”
“Yes! Please, just a while longer?” Alisa must squeeze his arm, because Iwaizumi’s eyes move from yours and briefly stay on hers, and you have no idea what he’s thinking. 
“We’ll see you later Iwaizumi.” You say curtly, not leaving any room for him to change his mind before you grab Oikawa’s hand and drag him through the crowd towards the door. 
“Y/n, wait up!” For a moment, your heart leaps inside your chest, hope filling a little fissure that you’d never noticed before. But as you look over your shoulder, it’s not the brunet you want to see. 
“You’re leaving?” Kuroo asks, finally pushing past drunk college students. 
“Yeah, I’m taking Oikawa home too. I’ll see you later, okay?” Your words are rushed as the pounding of the music seems to be echoing right between your ears. Glancing around the room sceptically, he frowns at you. 
“Is Iwaizumi not going with you?” He asks, and there must be some sort of devastation on your face because his scowl drops to a completely emotionless mask that normally means you’re in deep shit. 
“No he’s staying for longer. I’ve gotta go Tetsu,” 
“Y/n!” you simply wave over your shoulder as you pull Oikawa out of the building and into the cold air. Finally, as if breaching the surface, you feel yourself inhaling deeply for what feels like the first time in years.
Deciding it’s too late to walk, even with a six foot tall volleyball player who you know can throw a mean right hook, you organise an uber to pick you both up and deliver you both home in one piece. Just like you had said to Iwaizumi. Your heart sinks with every second that you wait, your traitorous gaze jumping back and forth from the sidewalk to the front door of the house behind you, as if you can simply manifest the guy by pure will alone. But in the whole ten minutes it takes for your uber driver to get to the address, he doesn’t make an appearance. And you can’t blame him, because you had all but cemented his feet to the fucking patio - to her. 
Why exactly? Because you knew that Iwaizumi had enjoyed her company, you knew that she looked at him like he hung the moon and the stars in her sky and does she not deserve a chance? Does she not stand a better chance than you? Almost six foot of leggy model with platinum blonde hair and green eyes that look like sea glass. How could you compete with that? And Iwaizumi, doesn’t he deserve that?
It’s not until you’re almost back to your apartment that Oikawa finally speaks. “Why did you tell him to stay?” He asks, genuinely lost and confused. His brown eyes are full of concern and confusion for you and it has you nervously swallowing. Not wanting to voice every insecurity that ran through your head in the past forty minutes, you let out a sigh and look out the window.
“He looked happy in her company, why should I tear him from that?” Oikawa doesn’t make a noise, and it hurts more than you thought it would - because it means that you were right. “That’s why.”
Tumblr media
A dull vibrating against your face is what rises you from sleep, only noticing you fell asleep with your phone on your bed and that your group chat with your friends is going fucking manic. Muting the conversation, you pull yourself out of bed and blinking at your reflection in the mirror. Your hair is an utter mess, and you were only dressed in one of Oikawa’s old shirts you had stolen when you first moved in and some sweat pants, the otter themed socks on your feet bring a small smile to your lips as you remember Iwaizumi bringing them back one day for you, out of the blue. 
Iwaizumi. You wonder how he got home last night… Did he stay long, or did he leave soon after you? 
There’s a clatter of dishes in the kitchen, and you slip on your fluffy headband with the whales to keep your hair out of your face, grab your phone and finally leave your room. The smell of bacon assaults your senses and your stomach immediately grumbles in approval. Bacon was rare in this household and the fact that it was being cooked should have been the first sign. 
Moving quietly along the wooden floors, you remember that you had moved where the instant coffee was because you’d found moths in one of the cupboards and hadn’t told him. Breaching the doorway to the kitchen you rub your eyes and begin to explain.
“Hey I moved the instant coff-” You move the hands from your face and have to take a few seconds to fully comprehend what is happening in front of you. Iwaizumi stands in front of the stove, in his signature black sweats and a tight singlet, one hand on the skillet and the other holding his mug to his lips. One that's already full of coffee. 
And something inside your chest just… cracks.
Your eyes shift to the figure on the left. Sitting atop the island in nothing but a large faded Godzilla t-shirt that swamps her figure, looking like she belongs there, is Alisa. A mug rests in her perfectly manicured hands, the smell of instant coffee wafting through the room along with bacon has your heart stopping inside your chest, and for a moment you wonder if you’re about to go into cardiac arrest. Because the mug she’s holding, white with a horribly painted dolphin that looks more like a worm than anything, is the artwork of Tooru Oikawa, one that was gifted to you for your ‘one month of survival’ anniversary. 
That was your mug.
There are two plates resting next to the stove, and you can’t tear your eyes off it. What. The. Fuck.
“Good morning,” Alisa’s voice is like a blast through the kitchen, and you actually flinch at the noise. You want to say something, but you just can’t. Your chest physically hurts with every breath, and the only thing stopping your hands from shaking is the fact that you’ve got the bottom hem of your shirt in a white-knuckled death grip. There’s more noise, but you can’t make out what it is because the pounding noise in your head is so loud it feels as if it leaves tremors around your entire body with every beat. It takes you a second to realise that it’s your heartbeat. 
“Y/n?” Brown eyes are so close to yours that you actually jump, your back hitting the wall and knocking off the broom and dustpan that rest there. Shit. You quickly bend down to clean it up, fumbling as you do so. Frustrated tears prick in your eyes but you bite down on your bottom lip to hold them in. This is not what you wanted.
As you clip the broom back to it’s place on the hanger, you hesitate before turning around, wanting to believe that it’s just a nightmare for a moment longer. But Alisa calling out to you breaks that. “Are you alright Y/n?” Her eyes are kind, and full of genuine concern as you turn around once again, and you realise it. The problem is that you like Alisa, because she’s nice, bubbly, beautiful and good. And she’s good for him. 
“Uh yeah…” Your voice is still gravelly from just waking up. 
“We were about to have breakfast, would you like to join us?” God she’s so fucking polite it’s infuriating. Not looking back at her, instead you glance back at your mug resting on the counter next to her. It was just a coincidence that it was yours. There was a fifty percent chance to get your mug, considering Oikawa’s was the only other one in there. 
Realising they’ve been waiting a while for a response, you unclench your hands and shake your head. “No thank you, I’m actually about to go out and meet my friend for breakfast.” And you leave. You run straight to the front door, slipping on the first pair of shoes and jumper you see before leaping through the door and slamming it shut behind you. You don’t stop walking as you text, and even though it's only eight am, there’s a response straight away. 
You hold yourself together, ignoring all the looks you get as you walk down the sidewalk to your favourite café. You ignore the fact that you grabbed one of the boys hoodies, that you’re wearing sweats, brightly coloured otter themed socks with black oversized slides that belong to Oikawa that almost has you tripping over your own feet. You ignore the fact that you look like a fucking nutcase, until you walk into the café and your eyes lock onto the raven haired boy with deep blue eyes that widen when they see you. 
You hold yourself together until you sit down across from him, ignoring the fact that he was studying already, and that you should be too. 
And then you let it go. A pathetic noise breaks from your mouth and you immediately pinch your eyes, quickly seeing Akaashi’s panicked look as he hands you a napkin. There’s only the usual noise of the store before you hear footsteps followed by a concerned voice. 
“I’m going to need a serving of pancakes and coffee please,” His voice rumbles and you look at your best friend again and finally say it.
“I like him. A lot. Too much.” His hand reaches across the table and gives your own a comforting squeeze as he offers you a sad smile. 
“I know.” Is all he says, but the pain in his deep blue eyes has you explaining everything, from the night before where you convinced him to stay longer with her because you thought he was happy with her, how you found her in the kitchen sitting in your spot, drinking out of your mug, sharing that time, that moment with Iwaizumi. Not you. 
All because you noticed the way that Alisa looked at Iwaizumi. As if he were her sun, the star that was at the centre of her very existence. As if he were the very power source of her being, the thing that created her happiness.
As if she viewed him for everything good that he was, that she saw the bad and looked at him like he hung the stars anyways. 
As if she loved him inside and out.
As if she viewed Iwaizumi the same way that you did. 
Tumblr media
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applejackofalltrades · 4 months ago
Unpopular Opinion about Encanto (Coming from a Colombian)
And I am going to get so much shit for this I just know it.
But here is what I have to say (and warning for strong language usage mostly in the first half):
Stop fucking forcing your queer/neurodivergent headcanons on this movie! Like okay cool you think Mirabel is bi? Sure. You think Camilo is genderfluid? Okay, fine I guess?
But holy shit it's almost as if every single motherfucking post I see about this movie is about everyone's headcanons (that are pretty much the same overall) and not about what the actual movie was about! You are missing the point, this movie is about trauma that is passed on from on generation to the next, about overcoming that and about... well lmfao Colombian culture!
Look, I love these headcanons just like the next person, especially the one about... *checks notes* Camilo being genderfluid because he's a shapeshifter? Oh come on guys! Just because he is a shapeshifter doesn't mean he's genderfluid. Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against headcanoning characters (I mean duh, have you seen my posts and art?) but it's come to a point where it almost feels like people are completely missing what the movie is about. The other one I've heard a lot is that Dolores's little "hm"s are stims. Dolores doesn't stim, that isn't stimming. It's a Colombian thing to make that little noise she does, as well as to make various facial expressions and other bodily gestures as they do in the movies (like pointing with the lips, and the hand gestures. It's a fucking historical thing that has always been deeply engrained into Colombian culture. Hell, I do these things too because I am Colombian myself and it's just part of my culture.
The accuracy of the representation isn't just about the arepas and the buñuelos and the sombreros and the ruanas. It goes further than that. These little things that people are reading as things they aren't is kind of annoying to me because they're erasing the actual representation. Bruno's little rituals are because he is superstitious (all those little things like knocking on wood, throwing salt, holding breath are all things believed to ward off bad luck, which is what he believes Mirabel is).
I'm not saying don't have headcanons, but have some tact. It really just is annoying and kind of demoralizing how this beautiful story about familial intergenerational trauma and self acceptance got turned into... "Hey! Look! It's gay! Nobody is neurotypical!" and trust me i love queer media and I love representation, but this... wasn't the point of the movie... at all, and by dumbing it down and forcing headcanons onto it, it kind of diminishes the real impact of the movie.
I loved Encanto as a Colombian person, I loved it as a bi person, I loved it as a trans person, and I loved it as a (self-diagnosed but with lots of research and thought put into it) neurodivergent person, but it kind of... disheartens me when the actual movie is forgotten and pushed aside to make way for this (forced) representation. Headcanons don't hurt anyone, until you're making them seem more important than what the movie is actually about. It's almost like I'm looking at a bunch of popular OCs rather than real Colombian characters I can relate to. I love all the Encanto art and I love the attention the movie is getting (because i fucking hope that this will finally end people asking me "Oh you're Colombian? Have you seen Narcos? Do you know about Pablo Escobar?") but I fear sometimes that it's not the right kind of attention. I just... I wish people would relax with the headcanons that erase the entire point of the movie and dumb it down to "hey tumblr! what headcanons are we giving these characters today?"
I hope that makes sense. Again, I'm not saying you can't have these headcanons, but... come on, the movie has so much more to it than this. If you don't want to focus on the darker theme of trauma, fine! The movie offers so many glimpses into the rich cultural life of Colombia! Do some research and showcase that! Show that you love the characters not for your headcanons, but for who they are! I was born in Colombia, but I was raised in Canada because my parents wanted me to have a better opportunity. I grew up repressing my culture because of racist people who would keep throwing drug jokes at me. This movie meant a lot to me in that way, in the hopes that people would come to love my country and my culture more and I hope to embrace it more now that there is something else to represent me that is more than just stereotypes. But all this, again, makes it difficult because I don't see love for the characters and the culture. I don't see love for Colombia, I see love for headcanons that I see in every piece of media I consume. I haven't even made fanart for the movie because I don't think it will really be received well since it wouldn't follow that formula. Silly, I know. I should just draw some anyway.
Honestly, if you loved the songs in the movie (and I mean the ones made by Colombians that sound like Colombian songs, which is a different issue I had with the movie but I'll save it for another time), then I recommend you check out more of our music! The movie severely lacked other types of music we have like cumbia, vallenato, and merengue—and some more I'm sure—and if you enjoyed the culturally accurate songs in the show, then show how much you love the movie and the culture and lift Colombian and other Latino people, and don't erase the identities of the characters and the world they live in. These characters and this movie are more than something to throw headcanons at. Just remember that.
Colombia, te quiero tanto. Y espero que ellos tambien.
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imaginefictionals · 8 months ago
Just a Dare | Nathan Prescott x Reader
@trueloveknifefight asked, Also can I request Nathan asking you out?
here u are! i love writing convos w nathan UGH i adore his character.
as always, replies and reblogs are greatly appreciated1 i check all tags and comments <3
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Tumblr media
The lights were bright, vivid. Almost blinding. They dance LED accents into the reflection of your drink- a dull plastic cup filled to the brim with one part whiskey, zero parts mixer. The taste could bring a tear to your eye but you would be damned to water down such fine alcohol, provided by none other than Nathan Prescott himself.
Music reverberated along the pool rooms walls, laughter and hollers distantly rising with the tempos. Your foot absently tapped to the beat- you were never one for dancing. Never one for parties, either, actually, favoring drinking in the solitude of a small friend group.
If not for Nathan you wouldn't be here at all. Some would say it's a privilege to slip past those heavy doors, entering the dully lit world of the Vortex Club. You mostly just felt like it was all for show. Somehow securing a place among Nathan's friend group, and a good friend at that, it was almost duty to show up. He insisted on it.
So, here you were. Leaning against a wall in a suffocatingly warm, cramped pool room surrounded by a sea of faces you hardly recognized.
That was, until you saw Nathan's face peer through the small break in shifting bodies. You knew him all too well.
Strikingly handsome, equally strikingly pompous. Funny, crude, an absent minded party goer just as much as he was a fireball with racing, incoherent thoughts. A drinker, a druggie. Takes the edge off, he says, but you think he does it to take away his thoughts completely. You felt like his entire life was all edges, never sacred ground.
The poor bastard.
He lures your attention in as he saunters over with squared shoulders, narrowly avoiding spilling his drink when a random student cuts it a little too close. Normally Nathan would make a bigger deal, give him what for, but this time he just shoots the poor kid a menacing glare and grumbles, 'fucking watch it'. He's walking with purpose and intent, you can see it on his face. You must have a target on your forehead as he darts straight over.
When he comes to your side, his own alcohol dripping down the sides of his cup onto his wiry fingers, you raise a brow.
"Something wrong?" You ask, as he takes a spot leaning against the hard wall right next to you.
"Just wondering why you're being so fucking lame over here," He shouts over the music, taking a sip of his drink, grimacing at the taste. "We're all having a good time over at the lounge and you're over here acting like all the other wallflower nobodies."
You roll your eyes with upturning lips. "Maybe I like being a wallflower. I like people watching. I see things no one else does."
"Yeah, okay, fucking weirdo."
"I mean it," You push off the wall and grin. "Look-" You point to a student obviously wasted, drink held high over head while he lets the music take him away. "That guy is clearly trashed- he's having the time of his life. He's gotta be seeing double."
Nathan whistles at his state, taking in the guys goofy smile, half lidded eyes. "I'll bet it's the triplets. I could breathe on him too hard and he'd fall over."
"You should go try it." You tease. He shakes his head and takes another drink.
"Nah, he'll get it himself. Guarantee we'll be dragging him out by his feet by the end of the night." He shrugs. "Or, at least someone will. I sure as fuck ain't staying that long."
You snicker. "What, got a hot date?" Nathan glares at you. "Oh don't tell me," you cup your hands to whisper, a secretive gesture, "homework?"
"Fuck no," He scoffs, and you can just barely see that he's a little more than tipsy now. His pale cheeks dusted with red, the tip of his nose ruby under the harsh lighting. It's also then that you realize he's a little more tense than usual, even despite the drinking. He's standing straight upright, his right hand gripping his cup like a crutch and his left now shoved hastily into his pocket.
He hasn't looked at you dead in the eyes yet.
"So what is it then?" You ask curiously. He shrugs and stares into his cup. You frown. "Bro, are you like, good right now? Do you wanna leave?"
For the first time since he'd wandered over, Nathan looks up at you. His eyes are unreadable, but his composure seems stressed. He shrugs again. Before you can even open your mouth to ask him about his state, he sighs and downs an entire mouthful of burning whiskey. It makes you cringe just watching him.
"Fuck it," He huffs. "Look I got some stupid ass dare to come over here and put the moves on you, okay." He sounds almost annoyed, like it's a hassle for him, or maybe embarrassing. You cross your arms. "I was dared to come over here and try to get you like, to fucking, you know, leave with me, but now that I'm over here I'm starting to think maybe that was a dumbass idea."
"Leave with you?" You say incredulously, a brow already lifting. "You were dared to come over here and try to sleep with me? By our friends?"
"No, no, fuck," Nathan seems agitated now, rushing. "Like a date sorta bullshit. Ask you out." He manages to get it out in almost the worst delivery possible, meanwhile you're just trying to pick out who would put him up to this. Hayden? Victoria?
A laugh forces its way out of you. "Aren't we a little too old for that game?"
Nathan shrugs. "That's what I said but they insisted. Fucking babies. At least make the dare a little more fun than just asking some bitch out. That's like elementary level shit."
Your eyes widen, you scoff. "Excuse me?"
Nathan sputters. "You're not some bitch, I didn't mean to-... Fucks sake, I'm clearly a little drunk right now okay, if you could cut me some fucking slack that'd be awesome."
"Hey man I didn't ask to be a victim of bullying," You tease, and he can't help but laugh. You soften. "Never expected it from you, though of all people. As ironic as that sounds."
"I'm not even bullying you, come on. Don't be a bitch. I even admitted it and everything."
You grin. "Yeah. Gotta say though, I'm a little disappointed."
"Oh what, you wanted to see my moves?" Nathan hums. "You wanted some Prescott action?"
"Shut the hell up." You shove his shoulder, an action that would be a mistake to so many others, but for you, it was welcomed. "I'm disappointed that it was just a dare. I'd probably have said yes if it wasn't. But, oh well."
Nathan doesn't answer for a long moment. First, he stares into his drink, processing. Almost like he hadn't heard that right, or like you were messing with him. It's rare to see Nathan Prescott stunned into a momentary silence. He's thinking, wondering what he should say next. Suspicious that you're just playing with him, hopeful that maybe you aren't.
And, you hadn't been. Truth be told if given the chance you would allow him to take you out for the evening. Show you fancy things, try out something a little more intimate than just laughter and poking fun at classmates together. You enjoyed his presence, looked forward to it at times.
A small part of you had hoped that he felt the same, maybe. Somehow. While grateful that he respected you enough to cut the crap before it even began, you couldn't help but feel a little... Disheartened at the prank. You'd saved your pride by denying him beforehand, but, if it had been genuine...
"So if it wasn't a dare," He began, quietly, barely audible over the booming music overhead. Eyes barely visible in the sea of vibrant lights crashing like waves. "You'd have said yes."
You shrug, trying to play it casual to save your own feelings, just in case. "Probably. I mean, we're already friends. We have fun so it couldn't have been that bad." He nods along to almost every word.
"Well what if we did it anyways." He blurts.
"Did what?"
"Go out tonight. Like, you know ditch this lame ass party and have some real fun."
"You love this lame ass party, and plus," You shake your head in feigned annoyance. "I'm not sleeping with you, Nathan."
He glares at you. "Fucking duh. I'm just saying we can go and hang out somewhere else. This party happens all the fucking time so it's not like we're missing anything."
"But, wouldn't that make me the butt of our friends joke?"
He shrugs. "Fuck em. It was a dumb dare anyways."
"Now it seems like you're trying extra hard to convince me to say yes." You state, and he's frazzled, running lines through his brain to try and save the absolute failure of asking you out. You decide to spare him, take a little leap of faith for yourself. "But, alright. I'm in."
Nathan gapes at you. "You're in?"
"Yeah, why not. I'm not busy right now and if you're not either than," You smile. "Why not. You better wow me though, Prescott. I'm talking a night to remember. Fireworks, dinner by candle light, a serenade. The whole package."
Nathan's eyes light up, but he tries to hide it, rolls those beautiful blues. "Well considering I've had like no fucking time to prepare how about we instead go to the roof and chill out."
You toss the idea around in your head for show. You already knew the answer the moment he asked if you were being serious.
"I mean I guess that would work," You say. "I was looking for fireworks but I suppose that will suffice. Feel free to go tell our buddies their joke may have backfired on them."
Nathan shakes his head. "Nah, don't even bother. They're all drunk and probably don't even remember daring me in the first place."
"Alright then," You push yourself off the wall, feeling your cheeks warm. A flutter takes wing in the base of your chest, your heart picking up just a little faster. You can't stop the smile that graces you as you say, "Lead the way, Prescott."
Nathan does lead the way. He takes your hand into his own, your fingers tracing over his boney knuckles as he drags you through the sea of bodies, out to the school hall and up winding stairs.
You giggle like a child when he struggles to find the correct key on the janitors ring he'd snatched weeks ago just in case, tease him when he almost spills his drink all over himself. Nathan's hands are almost shaking, but you chalk it up to the alcohol. You chalk everything up to the alcohol- his trembling fingers, his red face, a shy, albeit goofy smile resting upon his lovely, angular face.
The night was cool and crisp, a stark contrast to the smoldering heat of the Vortex Party.
He looks amazing out under the stars, and underneath the scope of the vast, black sky dotted with trillions of perfect, twinkling lights, you feel at peace.
Looking at him, you feel like this may be the start of something you'd denied yourself the chance of ever even imagining.
Out there, alone but together, hearing the echoes of music mixed with the livelihood of crickets in the darkness...
it truly was a night to remember.
Days later, you sit atop your desk, feet tapping rhythmically on your chair, typing away at your phone.
"Love the top," A familiar voice pipes, and you glace up to find Victoria standing before you, books pressed to her chest. She takes in your shirt, a nicely fitted long sleeve with a rather low cut v-neck. "Why haven't I see that one before?"
You shrug and set your phone down. "Never got around to wearing it I guess. Not a big fan of V-necks."
"It fits you," She sets her books down at the table beside you and brushes a hand through her hair, making sure every strand is in line. "I'll have to get one myself."
"You know what, you can have it after today," You say, and she perks up in disbelief. "As a thank you for what happened at the party."
That disbelief soon turned to confusion. "...Meaning?"
"Y'know, making Nathan ask me out. He made a whole huge deal about it- said you guys were drinking and playing Truth or Dare of all things. Gotta say, I was a little surprised."
Victoria's brows knit. "We hardly drank at that party, and I wouldn't be caught dead playing Truth or Dare. That game is for kids."
It almost knocks the wind out of you.
They hadn't even been playing in the first place.
As the teacher walks into the room, the first period bell blaring annoyingly over the speakers, you climb off your desk and prepare for the day, hardly able to contain yourself. It hadn't been a dare, after all.
And, you and Nathan's official second date was merely a day away.
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isa-ghost · 8 months ago
How do you hold onto hope that anything will be done with Anti or any of Sean's Egos? I fell out of love for JSE and his content about three years ago due to.. I guess just growing up? But I used to check back in from time to time because he used to promise that "Big Thing's" we're coming for his Egos. (Mind you this was before the pandemic took full effect so there wasn't that as an excuse.) I just recently checked his channel and saw he has taken a step back (Good for him and his mental health if he needs that!) from making content. Did he burn out? Is he ever going to do anything with the Ego's? I don't even know why I care at this point? I guess I just want logical answers and you are the smartest JSE fan I know? Anywho. Sorry for the rant. I'll get out of your asks. 🌶
Oookay unpacking this ask time.
Anon thanks in advance for sending this because as feisty as I felt at first, it helped me get out a lot of things I've wanted to say in this regard for a Long Long Time so, yeah. Thank you.
1. Personally I don't like the term "grew up" in reference to CCs or much of anything tbh, because you're rarely too old to enjoy the things you love. But I get what you mean regardless. Just wanted to plop out my take on that topic in general. Never think you're too old to enjoy something harmless though. :)
2. I've been shaky on hope lately, to be honest. He's not been doing a ton of videos in general lately, minus some strays and the Deltarune Chapter 2 series (I genuinely didnt expect him to play it bc he hadnt played another recently released big game I wanted to see him play but he did, and I'm super grateful bc it was killing me lowkey). Which obviously the decision not to make a ton of content at the moment is okay. He's very burnt out, he's been having severe health issues both physically and on/off mentally. The lack of content and low energy he's had lately is just disheartening if that's the right word idk. BUT!! We DO have a MASSIVE Thankmas stream coming in December to look forward to!
I miss him and some days I get kinda,, idk, bitter? About the radio silence. But unlike a lot of people that have been in and out of the JSE Community between 2018 to now, I respect his health and the fact that he's a whole ass human being and has a life and other things he is more than free to do instead whenever the fuck he wants. TLDR I think have better critical thinking skills than some people on here and Twitter lmao. And the last few years have been shit, both in the world and- at least on here -in the community (dare I mention the t*ablogs). Though lately the community is quiet and very very peaceful and enjoyable again. At least in my corner here.
The thing is, I'm not and was never here ONLY for egos. I love Sean and everything about him to bits. He made one of the worst few years I had in the 2010s infinitely more bearable and gave me an explosive amount of inspiration for creativity that I'd not really experienced before. And friends I'll never let go of.
I miss ego content. I want it to keep going. I'm extremely sad it might not continue. But as an artist, I know why he was promising big things once upon a time. When you're a creator and you have a story like this, you want to flesh it out. The motivation and muse is high. People are excited and you want to deliver. The difference with Sean is that he wanted it to be as high in quality as he could push for after all our excitement and incessant thirst for more. And his plans involved a budget and more than just himself and none of it was his main focus. It was a fun side project.
HOWEVER, big projects like this get interrupted by life, smaller projects, distractions and other things. Sean got SLAMMED by all of the above non-stop these last few years and then hit a bad burnout. I think that through it all, he hit that dreaded wall some artists with big, long term plans like the egos story hit and lost motivation. It got overhyped. Pressure got too crushing. Any plans he made to FINALLY continue the ego storyline got murdered by Covid more than once (which.. personally the term "excuse" sounds kinda shitty in reference to that imo but I digress). Making promises only to have outside variables beyond his control break them was killing him, so he just stopped promising. And people who have no respect or patience got annoying and some got straight up inexcusably vulgar, immature and hateful before dramatically fleeing the community in a tantrum like he'd personally come to their house and betrayed them. It was infuriating to watch go down.
But no matter how much it might hurt or be disappointing to see it die out, I'm here for Sean and his journey no matter where it takes him. I'm not sitting here being a stubborn beacon of anything. And I also recognize and (no matter how reluctantly) respect that we aren't OWED ego content. Never were. It was not an obligation no matter how many promises he made or how much hype he stirred up. And to be fair? We drove the hype a million miles further than he EVER did and we can't blame him for that. I hate the people who do. I'm grateful for the ego content we got and I'll cry if we ever get more. But if it's done, it's done and we just have to accept it. I, as sad as I am to, accept it. And we can always make our own.
And finally- thanks for the compliment. Idk if I'd say I'm the SMARTEST but that means a lot either way. :')
I hope this gave some answers even though it came out more of a vent/rant and PSA??
Obviously any JSE followers and mutuals please feel free to reblog this. But don't start any fights, not that I really expect there to be any?
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