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pairing: loki x reader

warning: reader faints? idk if that’s a warning but im putting it as one incase

word count: 1.8k

a/n: this has been sitting in my revised for a while and since we’re quarantined, i said fuck it and finished it. anyway, hope you like it and tell me if y’all want a part 2!


The elevator chimed and opened the elevator doors revealing Thor and Loki. Steve gets up from the couch to greet them.

“JARVIS, tell Y/N that Thor is here,” Steve tells JARVIS then walks to the kitchen to get some breakfast with Natasha.


You were changing since you had gotten out of the shower when JARVIS told you that Thor had arrived. “Thank you JARVIS!” You exclaimed. You finished getting dressed then rushed downstairs to see your close friend, Thor.

Once you finally reached the living room area and made eye contact with Thor. You sprinted to him and gave him a giant hug causing him to engulf you.

“I’ve missed you!” You exclaimed into his shoulder.

“I have missed you too little one.” Thor chuckles while hugging you harder, restricting your breathing.

“Thor… need to… breathe..” You say between breaths finally getting him to put you down.

“Sorry about that.” Thor winced while gesturing your attention towards Loki.

When Loki’s eyes met yours, he gently took your hand in his and kissed the back of your hand, your face growing hot from his actions. “Loki. It’s my pleasure to meet you, love.”

The moment he greets you, you start to get dizzy and your body goes limp. When he started to stand upright, you started to lose balance provoking Loki to intercept you before your body clashed with the floor.

“Brother, what did you do to Lady Y/n?” Thor’s voice boomed, causing Nat and Steve to shoot up from the table.

“What happened?” Natasha queried while dashing out of the kitchen with Steve right behind her.

“JARVIS. Get Tony up here. Now.” Steve ordered going into captain mode.

“Yes, Captain.”

“Loki. What happened?” Steve questions while trying to keep a level head, throwing daggers with his eyes at the god.

“What did you need Capsicle?” Tony asks while coming up the stairs nonchalantly until he sees you in Loki’s arms.

Loki shook his head slightly looking up to Thor and the others with worry in his eyes, “I didn’t do anything, I was merely introducing myself.”

“This is no time for one of your tricks, Reindeer Games. Thor get Y/N from Loki, let’s get her/him to the med bay. JARVIS, call Dr. Banner and tell him that it’s urgent.” Tony demanded.

“Calling Dr. Banner,” JARVIS replied while Thor picked you up bridal style bringing you to the med bay with Tony.

Tony and Thor got to the med bay laying you on one of the medical beds while waiting for Banner to get there.

“I got your call. I came as fast as I could,” Dr. Banner stated lightly panting. “What happened with Y/N?” He questioned, furrowing his eyebrows while walking over towards you, starting to examine you.

“Loki told Y/N that it was nice to meet her/him and then she/he… collapsed,” Tony explained to Bruce, observing his facial expression while he studied you, trying to find out what was wrong.

“That’s unusual. Has Y/N been getting lightheaded lately? Has she/he been drinking enough water?” Bruce questioned Tony and Thor while walking them to the door.

“Uhh, I don’t recall Y/N getting lightheaded anytime recently,” Tony responded with uncertainty, hoping it was nothing too serious.

“I’m going to run a few more tests to make sure it’s nothing serious,” Bruce informed them then went back inside the room, shutting the door and the blinds behind him. Bruce went to work, trying every test that linked with symptoms of fainting.

While waiting for Bruce to be done with the testing, Tony and Thor waited outside the room.


Nat and Steve came down to the med bay around noon to see if you had woken up yet. When they got to the medical bay, they see Tony and Thor both hunched over sitting on the benches outside where Y/n was. Nat turns her head to glance at Steve then back at the boys, giving them a sympathetic smile. She walks over to where Tony is sitting and sits next to him. She lays her hand on his shoulder, rubbing his shoulder and back a bit.

“Where is my brother?” Thor asked, looking up at Steve and Nat.

“We thought it would be best to keep him in a cell until we sort this out,” Steve informs him on their decision.

All four of them turned to the door when they heard the door creak open. "I ran every test I could and everything came back negative, I honestly have no idea what’s wrong.” Bruce started to explain but a coughing sound brought everyone’s attention inside the room.

“Wait here,” Bruce told them, walking back inside leaving the door open this time.

“What happened? Why am I in the medical bay?” You questioned scanning the room and sitting up in bed.

“You fainted and we brought you here,” Tony states ignoring what Bruce had told him and walked into the room, going to the left side of your bed opposite Bruce.

“Do you know why you collapsed like that?” Bruce inquired while the others decided to follow Tony into the room.

You begin to rake through your brain to find out any reason that had caused you to collapse. “Shit!“ You realize what happened, making your eyes grow wider then swinging your legs over the side of the bed to leave.

“Woah, Woah, Woah. Where do you think you’re going?” Tony questions standing in front of you, blocking your way off the bed.

“To see Loki. I have to be certain about what this is.” You say trying to get off the bed but once your feet touch the ground, your knees gave in and you clutch onto the nearest thing to you, that being Tony.

“Y/N, you should sit down and rest. You just woke up from passing out.” Bruce informs you while Tony helps you back on the bed, giving you a stern look to not try to get up again.

“Wait. Did you just say you know what happened and why you collapsed?” Natasha announces seeming to be the only one to catch unto that part.

You shake your head slightly from side to side, giving a so-so expression on your face. “I have a theory but you won’t like it.” You say knowingly getting a look from them to continue. “Like a siren, we can lure men and women with our singing but if we hear our soulmates voice, we essentially pass out upon hearing it for the first time.” You explain while glancing at all them, watching their facial expressions change.

“So you’re telling us that Loki, is your ‘soulmate’?” Steve vocalized looking at you in confusion and disbelief, as if not hearing you correctly.

“Basically, yeah.” You say sheepishly. “Also, where is he?” You ask getting up off the bed and making sure you can walk without falling this time then starts toward the door.

“I can take you to him,” Natasha commented, giving you a helping hand and helped you out of the med bay with Thor trailing a little behind.

“I shall accompany you as well,” Thor claims, catching up to you and Nat in a few long strides.


Natasha led you and Thor to where Loki was being kept. Before arriving you ask Nat if Loki could leave the cell and live in one of the rooms Stark has available.

“I’ll have to ask Stark on that one,” Nat informed you, approaching the opening to where Loki was staying for the time being. “I’m going to go talk to Stark about getting him and Thor a room. Thor watches over them, please.” She insisted, leaving you with the two gods.

Once you made your way into Loki’s line of sight, you could already see that he was standing toward the middle of the cell. You could feel his intense gaze on you the entire time you walked into the room with Thor.

“May I have the pleasure of knowing what I’m here for exactly?” Loki inquired, finally speaking up after a bit, tilting his head slightly to the right watching you like a hawk.

You glanced up towards him to meet his intense stare but before you could think of something to say, Thor had beat you to it.

“Brother, do you know what a Siren is?” Thor questions Loki.

"Yes. Their mythical creatures said to be beautiful and have the power to put anyone in a trance by singing.” He said as if he was reading off a script.

“You’re a siren.” He disclosed scanning your face, taking a few steps back to sit on one of the chairs in the little cell. “I’m your soulmate.” He observes you once he sat down. You nod your head slightly, giving him your answer.

You were about to say something when you heard Tony talking to Thor, telling him he could go if he wanted. You looked behind you to see Thor leaving and Tony and Clint coming further into the room, coming up on either side of you.

“This isn’t a good idea. Thor, I’m fine with but Loki? Really?” Clint whispers bitterly, keeping his eyes on Loki.

“We don’t have much choice. I hope you know that.” You tell them turning your head toward Hawkeye then back to Loki.

“What do you mean, ‘We don’t have much of a choice?’, we have plenty of choices and the best one is to send his ass back to Asgard.” Clint practically starts to seethe with anger.

“I’m right here.” Loki remarks throwing daggers at Clint. “Besides, you need me.” He states knowingly slinking back into the chair and continuing to examine your every move allowing him to take in your beauty once more.

Tony rolls his eyes at Loki’s response while Clint scoffed at him, “We don’t need anything from you.” Barton remarked.

“We do. Well, I do.” You correct yourself sheepishly removing your eyes from the god.

“Awe, come on Love. Don’t say that like it’s a bad thing.” Loki sneered, getting up from the chair and striding over to the glass edge.

“Y/N, what do you mean?” Tony asks, turning his head toward you and Clint, locking eyes with you, completely ignoring Loki all together.

“She needs me. If we were to get split up, she would die.” Loki explains for you, making you lose eye contact from Stark.

“Tell me that’s not true,” Clint pleads for reassurance having you turn your head to give him a weak smile.

“I wish I could but he speaks the truth this time.” You inform Stark and Clint, drooping your head lightly looking at the ground.

“Well now that’s out of the way, could I get out of this cage?” Loki questions gesturing around himself.

Tony walks over the power grid grumpily and unlocks Loki’s door. He grabs the god’s left forearm arm once he walks out of the cage. “If you ever dare hurt her in any way possible; emotionally, physically, or mentally, I will kill you.” He fumed, his eyes never wavering from Loki’s, making sure the god understood.

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Mary Jane Variant Cover by JEN BARTEL
Loki’s death has been foretold by THE CHILDREN OF ETERNITY, the Fear Lord NIGHTMARE has come for vengeance, and among the FROST GIANTS, rebellion is brewing. Is even Loki clever enough to stay one step ahead this time? Perhaps now that he’s cursed with a brand new power that will forever transform The Marvel Universe’s most dashing scoundrel as he begins a new journey into the biggest mystery of all!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

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The Devil Wears Prada || SAMBUCKY AU!

Summary: Where Sam Wilson needs a new job and his best friend connected some dots and talked to his boyfriend to get him a job at the magazine Runway as an assistant of the editor-in-chief, James Barnes.


Loki 🛫🛬 Bucky

Steve 🛫🛬 Sam

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What are the avengers favorite ice cream flavors? Whichever avengers you want to answer with.

Let’s roll with the OG6 first!

Steve: Cap likes mint chocolate chip. There’s something refreshing about it that he just thinks is swell.

Tony: likes Vanilla, to everyone’s surprise. However, it has to be the kind of rich creamy vanilla with REAL vanilla bean in it.

Bruce: doesn’t really like ice cream. Hulk, however? HULK LIKE CHOCOLATE. the darker and richer the chocolate, the BETTER.

Natasha: Nat actually likes the fruit flavors: strawberry, peach, etc. Raspberry swirl with dark chocolate chunks is her absolute favorite.

Clint: Clint wants cookies and cream and he wants it all messy-like, with big honking pieces of Oreos right up in there. The only alternate that is acceptable is cookie dough ice cream, again with the biggest chonks of dough possible.

Thor: Thor has not tried every single flavor of ice cream in Midgard yet and thus is unwilling to choose an absolute favorite! But his current favorite is Ben and Jerry’s Caramel Chocolate Cheescake. Thor is also determined to sample every flavor of this delicious treat that Earth has to offer in order to complete his repertoire of Midgardian desserts!

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The universe is dying, and All-Father Thor is its only hope. But to save all life, the greatest god in history must defeat the one person who has always managed to escape his wrath — and that was before he got his hands on the weapon that almost killed three generations of Thor and stripped the God of Thunder of his legendary hammer. Loki, God of Lies, wielder of All-Black the Necrosword, finally faces his brother at the end of all time!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

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Thor: Son of Asgard #5

  • Writer - Akira Yoshida
  • Penciler - Greg Tocchini
  • Cover - Adi Granov

Loki comes to Thor and his friends with news that Karnilla, Queen of the Norns, is about to launch an attack on Asgard. Thor sends Sif and Balder back to Asgard with Loki, while he will attempt to get the final element for their quest. Thor will try to get the water from the Lake of Lilitha and return to Asgard before Karnilla’s forces will attack!

Yoshida diverges from his formula only slightly for this issue.  While the issue starts with the character interactions again, this time we mostly get exposition from and distrust for Loki.  Loki hasn’t really had a lot to do in the series so far, but the pranks he’s pulled and the other characters’ dialogue gives readers the notion to distrust him as well.  Thor’s attitudes towards Loki are noble, he wants to protect him, but also seeks to have him pay for his actions in following them and hindering their quest. 

The final battle is actually pretty exciting.  Karnilla’s forces include many different creatures like goblins, lizard men and dragons, and this looks to be a massive attack.  The Asgardian defenders fight in every section of the city and against all the various creatures to stave off defeat.  Again, this is where Tocchini’s art shines with all of the various monsters and fight panels.

I found this to be the most entertaining issue so far.

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Thorbruce cuddling fic?

(A.N: wow this one has been waiting a long time! I’m sorry it took me forever, but I hope you enjoy the fic and anyone else I do take requests!)

Bruce knew he shouldn’t have agreed to watch horror movies with Tony. It had been late, the long night at the lab stretching into an early morning, and he knew he should’ve been getting to bed. 

But, the billionaire didn’t seem to want to settle down quite yet. And so, who was Bruce to say no, really? 

Not a lot of people could say no to Tony Stark - not when he turned those big brown eyes on you and claimed he didn’t want to be alone for the night. 

Bruce didn’t want to be alone either. And so, he’d said yes. Obviously. 

And then Tony had put on some cheesy horror flick from the 80s, and Bruce had said, ‘yes, of course’. He’d seen aliens invade New York, he transformed into a giant green monster sometimes on the daily. Suffice it to say, he’d seen enough to not get jumpy at horror movies anymore. 

The weather didn’t help much. Cracks of lightning forked against the sky, wind howled, and rain pattered almost horizontally across the large windows as he made his way back to his room. The storm stretched out the shadows, made monsters out of coat hooks, and had Bruce significantly more on edge when he was imagining some knife-fingered murderer lurking behind every door. 

He was so caught up in meticulously imagining the theoretical ways that he could kick some monster butt that when he entered his room, he almost didn’t register the other presence there. 

But, the large shape moved, and Bruce dealt with it as any strong and powerful superhero would. 

He yelped and tripped over a kitchen table. 

Groaning, he stumbled to his feet, different scenarios flying through his head when another fork of lightning illuminated the familiar face in front of him. 

Thor was sat on his sofa, hair dripping from the rain, blue eyes wide with something that shoved Bruce’s imaginary foes to the side in exchange for something a touch more real. A touch more worrying. 


Bruce let out a careful sigh of relief, shrugging his cardigan from his shoulders in a fruitless effort to seem more casual after his…dramatic entrance. 

"I uh…didn’t mean to frighten you, so. Are you well?" 

Thor leant forward, frowning with concern at where Bruce’s knee had made great battle with the table leg. 

"No, no - I’m fine. Just wasn’t expecting you, is all.” He perched on the arm of the sofa, one arm extending towards the hanging cord of a lamp. 

“Thought you weren’t due back from Asgard except for emergencies?" 

"Strictly speaking, I’m not back.”

Thor’s voice wavered somewhat, and the Demigod shied away from the light, scooting further back on the sofa - large, broad shoulders hunching over in an effort to look small. 

Not that Thor ever really could look small. But the action alone was somewhat concerning. 

Blonde hair fell over blue eyes as Thor jerked his head up towards the door, with a flash of recognition like he’d just remembered something important. 

“Please don’t tell Stark I’m here. Or anyone. Asgard doesn’t know I’m gone, and I just -”

“Hey, hey. It’s fine, everyone’s asleep now, anyway. No one’s gotta know." 

Ok, Bruce was moving from concerned into outright fearful. Thor’s voice was shaking harder than his shoulders, and he restlessly shifted from position to position - hands gripping the soft material of the sofa with so tight a grip that it was a miracle the wood wasn’t splintering. 

"Just out of curiosity, why are you here? Is something wrong?" 

"Yes. Well, no. Well…” Thor trailed off, shaking his head as his frown deepened. 

“It’s personal." 


Cautiously, Bruce extended a hand out to rest against Thor’s shoulder. 

In moments like these, however far and wide they may have been, it was better to approach Thor slowly rather than rush in. Mostly out of self preservation - when the Demigod got upset, things tended to get…sparky. The kind of sparky that may entice a certain green individual out to see what all the fuss is about, and Bruce was really trying to keep the tower intact. 

Bruce’s hand made contact, and mercifully, his nerves remained thoroughly un-electrocuted. 

"You uh…wanna talk about it?" 

"It is… difficult to explain," 

Thor glanced up, his face forming a bitter ghost of his usual 1000 volt grin. 

"You’ll think me mad." 

"Try me.”

Thor nodded, more to himself than anything else, and the ice cold fear in Bruce’s lungs began to thaw. 

Thor, thankfully, was not as shut off as others would like to believe. Or, maybe he was, and Bruce was one of the rare few privy to the Asgardians feelings. Whatever the case, it never took too much prying from Bruce to get to the route of Thor’s troubles. 

The two told each other things. That’s just how it was. It was a warm feeling - comforting. Like a cozy blanket settled across the shoulders, or a mug of hot tea clasped between two cold hands. 

For so long, it seemed the both of them were encouraged to lock down feelings. To freeze emotion where it stood. 

For some reason, Bruce felt capable of thawing in the warmth of Thor’s sun. And he was all too happy to return the favour. 

“I have not been resting well, as of late. Being on Asgard, knowing Loki is below me somewhere in a dungeon, it just feels…wrong. Like I shouldn’t be sleeping - like I am undeserving, " 

Thor shrugged his shoulders, some of the tension beginning to seep out. 

"But I’m so tired, Bruce." 

The demigod’s head fell into his hands, the rain outside hammering against the windowpane. Bruce tried not to flinch at the sound of thunder - a tremendously difficult task when you know for a fact that the storm is brewing right above your head, and that the source of it is curled next to you, currently having a crisis of guilt.

Bruce let a few beats of silence pass by, rubbing comforting circles into the demigods shoulder as he mulled over the words. 

"Thor, could you look at me for a sec?" 

Thor, albeit a little reluctantly, met Bruce’s eyeline - suddenly seeming so much younger peeking out from behind stray strands of hair.

Younger, and so much more afraid. 

"You know what happened in New York wasn’t your fault, right?" 

The scientist moved a little closer, until his knee brushed against the cold metal of the top of Thor’s boot. 

"If I had not expressed an interest in Midgard, then-”

“Then Loki would’ve come through the tesseracts portal regardless. This one isn’t on you. It’s…I don’t know, I don’t think it’s on anyone.”

Tony’s frantic eyes momentarily flashed before him, and Bruce’s face fell somewhat as he muttered. 

“Anyone we know of, at least." 

"The damage is still done, Bruce. Regardless of where or who by." 

A shuddering sigh escaped the demigod, his voice suddenly sounding that much tighter. 

"It is my burden to bear, my penance to pay, and I am not even sure I can do that for much longer." 

Bruce smiled softly, bringing one calloused hand up to rest against the side of Thor’s neck. The gesture seemed to bring a sense of familiarity, and for a moment, the rain outside didn’t hammer so loudly. Thor’s skin was warm under his hand, and in the silence of the living room, Bruce could’ve sworn he could feel the storm move and shift under Thor’s skin. 

"Y'know, we’ve got a saying here on Midgard. 'A problem shared is a problem halved’ - you know that one?”

“No,” Thor frowned, turning to face him a little more. 

“What does it mean?”

“It means that you don’t have to bear this burden alone, Thor. I’ve got you." 

He unclenched his other hand from the sofa, linking his fingers between Thor’s. 

"You can rest here." 

Watching scary movies with Tony had been a bad idea. It made sleeping alone that much more unbearable, when you’d imagine monsters of every calibre creeping up behind you. 

But, it seemed that Bruce had stumbled across a cure for that particular ailment. One in the form of a large and thunderous Demigod, sprawled across his sofa, head laying in Bruce’s lap - snoring loud enough to put the wakened dead back in their coffins. 

He was glad Thor didn’t take much coaxing with these sorts of things. The Demigod didn’t seem to indulge in comforts of the emotional kind too often - the large armour and the old English seemed to speak of a childhood where comfort like this was pushed away. 

But, Bruce was happy to be an exception. Happy to lend Thor a t-shirt and sweatpants that were comically small on him, happy to endure shoulder cramp if that meant the demigod would get a good night’s sleep for once. 

Thor would return the favour, someday. But for now, Bruce could provide a sanctuary of his own. 

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She knows how to be sweet and beautiful!
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Solidarity and unity make the difference in these difficult times! Congratulations on supporting such a noble cause @jaimiealexander … we are with you!
Reposted from @jaimiealexander Help restaurants in your area by visiting National Restaurant Association (@werrestaurants) 💕
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#jaimiealexander #blindspot #pontocego #janedoe #remibriggs #alicekruger #taylorshaw #ladysif #thor #thor4 #sullivanstapleton #audreysparza #robbrown #ashleyjohnson #zapata #tasha #ennisesmer #kurtweller #jane #patterson #reade #rich #intersections #kylexy #jessi #jessyxx #solidarity #unity #noblecause (em New York, New York)

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