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Hot beginning (The Heart - Marvel fanfiction)

This is the first chapter of the Marvel fanfiction titled The Heart

Pairing: Loki x OC

Warning: strong language

In this Story you can except:

  • massive character developement
  • an OC, who’s secretly Not an OC
  • a hate to love relationship, and love át first sight
  • Loki becoming stronger
  • Lots of fun and sassy remarks

Warning again: I have to admit English is not my first language, but I try to learn it. I think writing is a good way to do it, because I love books and stories, and of course, fanfictions. 🙂

So I really hope if you give my story a chance, you won’t regret it (and that I can write understandable 😅)

Well, enjoy the Story! ❤️


Chapter - Hot beginning

The armored troop-carrying SUV seemed to be moving at its greatest calm. Thanks to its serious equipment, the passengers could not feel it when the vehicle drove into a pothole, so starkly, keeping its speed, it broke towards their destination. The prestigious vehicle was perfectly suited for the transport of armed troops.

The nine people the monstrous SUV was carrying did not detect at all the wild pace dictated by their driver, middle-aged Dylan Johnson. The man was not a model of patience, it also appeared in his driving style: if he could not get around something on congested inner-city roads, he pushed it down with noble simplicity.

“Next time let’s take a helicopter, it’ll be faster.“ He had a slight annoyance between his teeth, though he could not deny that he enjoyed deep down that he was the greatest and that no one could stand in his way. Rather, the reason for his nervousness was that he was afraid of that, another unit was ahead of them. Dylan always wanted to be the first one who arrives to the crime scene, thanks to his competitive personality.

“Just take us there, Johnson. There will be plenty of other reasons for headaches.” replied the small team’s chief, Commander Miya Okamura, in a harsh tone. Her ominous words were noticed by all of them, knowing Okamura never exaggerated.

“Can you tell me what we’re afraid of?”

Juan José Navarro, the team’s sniper questioned in cold blood. His eyes and expression reflected his interest before his voice.

“Here’s what we know,” she began with the boss’s usual firm voice. “There’s been a report at 177/A Bleecker Street.

“Isn’t that the title of that weird Strange?”

Aidan Cole, a handsome man in his 30s, could not wait for the boss to report everything undisturbed, as expected. He had comments all the time. What’s more, he once again expressed his disinterest in magic.

“If you spit at Dr. Strange like that, you can scratch off the background of your phone, snitched,” grumbled she, the team’s med coach, Bria Hornback. “Scarlet Witch is not appropriate for you, who can’t respect magic at all.”

“When did you check my phone, Hornback?” he asked with shock.

“I guess I found it out.”

“Wait. So you didn’t know? Then how do you…?”

“Are you still asking? You always talk about her as the perfect woman.”

“Don’t discuss who’s looking at what now.” Okamura put an end to their light-hearted pecking. “Yes, that’s where we’re going. Wong came to us, Strange’s most loyal man, claiming that particular events had taken place there in recent times, but before they could shed light on the secret, someone created a dimension gate that opened with a spell.”

“Can you make that a little clearer, boss?” Ella Willis was shocked. Her face showed the woman’s lostness on the subject with undisgued sincerity, but she was not alone in doing so. Bria herself couldn’t suddenly imagine what a dimension gate that would open all the time might look like.

“These wielding fuckers have created again,” said Aidan, with mere despity. “Tell me, what’s our job, boss?”

“Aidan, I’d like to know more about the situation.”

“So am I,” said Bria, taking Ella’s side. The weapons expert waved off the tea, which she wouldn’t have left without a word. She felt the anger that was pouring in from her insides, but she exercised calm, for she knew it was not the best time to create a big-mouthed rival, even though in most cases she was happy to get involved.

“According to Wong, they don’t know who caused the complication, which is why they need our help. Since the summoner’s identity, and more importantly the spell itself, is not known, it is much more difficult for them to take them out,“ continued Miya, noting that the discussion had almost swerved in a different direction again. “What we know at the moment is that there’s a dimensional gate that opens the way to several other dimensions at the same time. It’s also feared to open up to a place where evil creatures sit on pins and needles waiting to be released to Earth.”

“That’s tough. Then what do we do?” One of Bria’s best companions, Takahashi Arashi, came out in the dismay of his eyes. He probably didn’t get any smarter with the explanation; at least he probably didn’t understand how the dimensional gate worked. Bria didn’t fully understood it either, she didn’t blame him, and she thought it was a sympathetic step to clarify what to do.

“According to what was discussed, Strange is trying to find the magic in the library, or a counter-spell to eliminate it. He noted that because he did not know how to eliminate it, at least traditional techniques do not work for the gate, it is feared to have been created by a force that is in the same way as Strange’s power.“ Hearing the commander’s remark, they all understood that the task would be more serious than expected, and Bria swallowed a great deal of concern, fearing that she would have to care for many of her comrades. “While the monks are protecting him, we, the S.H.I.E.L.D.’s units, are striving to catch the creatures pouring out of the gate, take them out and most of all, and not let them get away from the area. The lives of innocent civilians are at stake here.”

"That’s why I hate all these magicians,” shudded Aidan. “Their spells are like a bad experiment, only if it goes wrong, we could be in big shit.”

“Yes, because the gun is obviously completely harmless. Not to mention the nuclear bomb and its associates. And even these are old-fashioned compared to today’s new weapons.”

Bria was unable to stop responding to the man’s statement, which earned her inciforming gaze.

“The line-up is the usual,” continued Okamura, once again noting the little digression. “Saunders is on his way, Ella’s covering for him from above. Aidan and Takahashi will follow him with me. Alma, Hornback and Johnson stay in the back and cover Navarro until he can find the best shooting position.”

“I’ve been looking for some for you, Juan. Do you see them? “ the young technician in the passenger seat, Alma Mariano, turned back.

“Yes, I picked out what I thought.”

They all had digital display phones as work equipment. A fantasy image of the area to be secure has already appeared on it, beamed by S.H.I.E.L.D. satellites. The gate was located in the middle of the four-lane road, which was open in the north-east and southwest. But they weren’t aware if anything had come through.

They all saw the small front terrace that Juan had chosen. Okamura nodded, approve of the decision.

“All right, Alma, you cover Navarro and Johnson’s got Hornback.”

Bria was very feared for her associates during every operation. The boss always explained this by saying that they needed her, as a med schooler, to save lives, not to risk her own at the forefront. If she’s lost, maybe there won’t be anyone else to help. She appreciated the same, and it felt great to her that there was always someone to protect her even when she was in the danger zone, but she wasn’t completely satisfied. Even though they told her that she deserved it as a med coach, she somehow felt like a clog and longed to fight better on the battlefield. Unfortunately, she only received basic combat training, and the main education for her was physiology, biology, chemistry, all that science. She gained useful knowledge, but at times she felt like a bird locked in a cage.

The bends were felt from slight inclinations. Bria and the people on the same side as her were leaning forward on a left turn, holding them only with their straps in place, when Dylan said:

“That stinking fucking sky! It’s like it was in ‘12.”

If she could, Bria would have jumped up to see what might have been out there, but she knew what was late wouldn’t go away, so she waited, despite the immense curiosity that consumed her insides. Their driver compared this one to the incident in which the Asgardian gods appeared on Earth, and Loki unleashed an army of alien beings called Chitauri on them. Would that have meant that bloodthirsty race had re-found? There was a chance, the dimension gate gave them every opportunity.

She took it upon herself with a big sigh, and decided that she would do everything she could to make sure that no such great devastation could occur again. That old case did enough damage to her and her life, and she was just one of them. To this day, countless people have thought of that day with anger, grief, sadness, and they all had their rightful reasons.

Takahashi put his hand on her shoulder and stroked it a little to help her relax a little. Perhaps he did it a little more gently than he should have, but Bria appreciated that and his smile. That man knew her too well, he noticed her tension. She couldn’t have kept anything from him.

As soon as the vehicle stopped, they untied their seat belts and armed and prepared for the command.

“Johnson, what do you see?”

‘Well, there’s trouble’ murmured the man, then exchanged a meaningful look with Alma sitting next to him. ‘Conventional weapons won’t work here. Some creatures don’t even have a solid body that pops up.”

It didn’t prove a little reassuring to hear that. Although the arms industry also tried to keep up with magic and space technology, the most widespread weapon was still the one that threw up bullets. True, those who fired shots similar to those of the late Iron Man’s energy beams began to gain ground. Fortunately, S.H.I.E.L.D. circles did not prove to be a problem to obtain these types, yet Bria was less confident in grabbing her small pistol, which was handed to her after the gun cabinet was opened. She didn’t have one, only that and her combat knife.

“Let’s go, let’s go” Okamura commanded, and Saunders opened the back doors at that moment.

It couldn’t be put off any longer, so Bria swallowed all her tensions and went with her companions as discussed. Saunders cut forward with a huge gun, Ella pulled over his head with the help of a jet-pack. Just as Okamura and they discussed, everyone was grouped together to whom they were commanded. Bria waited for Johnson, and together they cleaned up the creatures that got close to them.

The view turned out to be astonishing. At first glance, they couldn’t figure out the tangle. Despite the fact that Bria thought it might be time for her to finally be in the lead, Bria was grateful that she could stay a little behind to map the field. If she had been in the front, she would suddenly not have known what to do, but the others shooted at their opponents almost without thinking, reflex, habit.

The sparkly dimension gate was located right in the middle of the road, as the digital map showed. When she looked into it, Bria saw that the place changed from second to second. She saw worlds she never dreamed of. There were some strangers from where they came from. Flaming skeletons or icy giants, splashing swamp creatures or space creatures floating in ghost form. From the horrible to the more beautiful, there were all sorts of things, but thank goodness not all the areas where the gate opened proved dangerous.

With a big leap, a strange, blue-bodied creature, looking like a half-grown frog, landed near her. It was ugly, especially I’s huge canine teeth, which it clapped towards Bria. The woman was startled by the unexpected incident, but she was neither a beginner nor a clumsy one, so she quickly put her gun on him and destroyed the ugly creature with an energy beam.

Dr. Stephen Strange was not present. He must have been wildly looking for a counter-spell. His disciples and members of the order, on the other hand, have been very aides in capturing the terrible creatures. They were mostly pushed into other dimensions, and the monks were very smart. If a creature came from underwater, it was sent to the desert, which came from the cold, thrown next to lava. The cruel but useful procedure has brought its results, and for the time being they have managed to control the various species, none have ever attacked anyone. It was a real relief for Bria to see that the situation was under control. So she aimed her targets with much more confidence. Unfortunately, sometimes she found someone who had just been sent through a dimension gate from under her nose, but it was better to try twice than not once.

“That’s going to be fine. Only the doc has to rush” said Dylan, and the medic nodded.

If everything had stayed that way, the situation would have been resolved over time, but no one said that more serious opponents would arrive. The gate made sure it opened in most of the places that exist. Some were given the moment it saw the gate that opened at their home, and some of them were unwittingly dragged in. And Bria was the first to see him.

It’s been more than ten years since Bria was attacked in Manhattan. The losses she suffered that day proved to be heavy for her. Although she always thought she could never make amends, and she had to learn to live with the thought that what she lost that day would never get her back, she was overwhelmed with feelings of anger and vengeance when that day came up or whatever hinted at it. That’s why she was so ready to act in the open-plan, but the moment she saw Loki unearthed from the gate, who could not be mistaken for anyone else, she was blinded by rage to the extent she had never before. At the same time, she felt a sudden desire to act. If she catches that cunning but dangerous god, they’ll finally, maybe for once in her life, appreciate her and realize that she’s dynamic, too.

Anger is not a good counselor. Bria, who always tried to act judiciously, even if it was difficult, proved unable to restrain herself this time. She wasn’t thinking, she was just doing what she wanted to do in those moments.

“Loki!“ She screamed, like a wild Amazon, and immediately threw herself toward him, not counting, not caring about the command, nor her team, nor the potential danger. She just wanted to get close to him before God knows what he would do. Bria’s only advantage was that she was on her way before Loki could even figure out what had happened to him. She could tell he didn’t intend to be here at all. His face was clear with surprise and anger.

Bria almost instinctively pushed aside those who got in her way, could have been her teammates, Strange’s men or monsters. It’s like Loki was in the crosshairs, and she waded through anything to get to him.

“Hornback, stop!” Okamura shouted at her, hearing it loudly over the radio, but not she heeded it. She wouldn’t let anyone stop her.

Loki seemed to be surrounded by a faint blue light. Although Bria had never seen anything like it before, she didn’t dilate, and she kicked off and caught the Asgardian before the light flash blinded her.

The next thing she knows, she’s feeling them fall and she’s burying Loki under herself. She didn’t even notice it was hot, and everything looks so red. She wanted it too much. She sat on Loki’s chest and held his hands down.

“I’ve got you!” she declared triumphantly. At that moment, their eyes met. She could see Loki’s confusion, and then his pupils dilated. Bria didn’t know where to put this. She thought maybe the god of mischief had seen something that scared him, and her vanity was fading at the thought that it might be her.

Then she noticed the change of environment. She looked carefully around, not yielding to her grip, and discovered they were near a volcano, on a protruding rock, plenty of hot air. And Loki didn’t look at all like he was having a good time. He was sweaty, his eyes fell in and his lip was dry.

A dimension gate opened, and they all caught their heads to see an overly muscular creature, resembling a minotaur of legends, fall straight into the hot magna. Their demonic cries, while burning, penetrated to the veal, Bria trembled for a moment, but she ruled.

"I didn’t want to come here,” murmured Loki under his nose, looking at Bria, as if he expected the answer to the big question of how they got here.

“They probably caught us with a dimension gate and sent us here.”

“And why are you here, pretty eyes?”

Bria didn’t show anything because of her equipment, just her eyes. They were just as blue as the sky on the most beautiful summer days. Loki looked at her with a peculiar smile, he seemed so confident, she wanted to shout at him, but now she finally ruled herself. She took the first step, caught him and got close to him. She quickly completed the final phase before Loki could escape, pulled a tiny circular object from one of her waistline bags and quickly pushed it to his neck.

“Auch” he hissed and Bria pressed the button in the middle of the device to activate itself. “What’s this?”

“It blocks magic” she smiled, smiling slyly, and even good enough to lean close to the face of the God, looking even closer into his eyes, emphasized what she had to say. “You’re my captive.”

“Hm” sighed Loki and rolled his eyes. Somehow, the threats never work, and he’s already reached out to rip the device out of his neck. Bria quickly pressed the button on the remote control for the device, and her prisoner shocked throughout his body and froze.

“If you do something I don’t like, count on me to torture you.”

“There’s has to be a time when you’re not watching” chuckled Loki. He was ready for the challenge, he wasn’t daunted, even when Bria was sure he wouldn’t get out of it. She leaned even closer to him. She herself behaved in a challenging way, feeling in the saddle.

“Test me.”

They stared into each other’s eyes for a long time. Loki didn’t move either. It seemed serious, as if he had studied his situation, but Bria’s attention was not abated. But she couldn’t deny her excitement. For all the things he did that day, Loki could now be penalized and she was happy to be so close to him. She’s heard the saying more than once, revenge isn’t worth anything, but it’s proved undeniable that it’s sweet.

“What do you intend to do to me now?”

If they were already in the crater of a volcano, there must have been a reason to be lured. Bria could have rolled Loki down into magna, he probably wouldn’t have survived, especially with a teaser blocking his strength around his neck. Her gaze suggested that she had thought for a moment about this possibility. Once and for all, ridding a villain of the world turned out to be truly graceful, but in the end she followed protocol by pushing his position indicator so that if they sought her out, they would find her.

“It’s an enjoyable position, the way you sit on top of me, but maybe we should move.”

He was sick of the heat, which is why the Asgardian was talking. Bria, on the other hand, wasn’t touched by that. Seeing him suffer was a pleasure for her.

“Commander Okamura!” She told his transceiver, but the static chatter revealed that they wouldn’t be receiving it. “The rocks are shielding the channel.”

“Should I take you somewhere else?”

“Listen, the easiest thing for me would be to push you into the lava, so you better not pull the plug.”

He smiled again. He’s never been scared of threats? Bria was a little amazed by this, but at the same time annoyed, but calmed herself with a quick sigh. She couldn’t let Loki mislead her. She knew exactly how emotional manipulation could achieve his goals, which is to escape at the moment. If she’s already captured him, she really didn’t want him to get out of hand.

She was hot, but not as hot as Loki. The Asgardian was tormented by the symptoms of heat, while Bria simply took the mask off her face and then the helmet off her head. She left her blond hair in a bun, and to torture his prisoner even more, she took out her canteen and pulled a big one out of it. Deliberately so that the fine water drips over her face, and then on her waterproof clothes, a few drops reach Loki. She looked at the man with a sarcastic smile, barely visibly licking her mouth, his eyes almost staring out, so he observed. This filled her with satisfaction, and she even made a small laugh.

“You’re an evil woman, you know that?” Loki said softly. Although him tone might have been surprising, Bria ignored it.

“I’m just enjoying the moment.”

“As do I.”

“What?” she tipped his head to the side. “I can tell you’re about to die of heat, and you can’t even get the teaser out of your neck, because if you reach for it, I’m going to push the button. What is it that you can enjoy now?”

He smiled again. Despite the circumstances that were really causing him suffering, Loki was very easy to use to confuse Bria. She was terrified to realize that he had already begun manipulating her, as he had piqued her curiosity.

“ Yes, even though you can see that I’m not a fan of heat, the energies that come out of you, the passion, the sexuality, the confidence, and how beautiful you are and how close you are to me…”

“Are you seriously complimenting me?!” Bria screamed, as did another being that they didn’t pay attention to, but in the meantime it got here and fell into the lava. Loki smiled like rabies. The Asgardian was crazy, if he really thought it would take her off his feet. The woman was sure that Loki had not taken a word seriously, if only because of his great egotistical reputation, which, because of his divinity, looked down on people so despised that he would have condemned them directly to servitude. When someone felt this way about humanity, the compliment could not have been real, but in Loki’s case, the issues should be treated with reservations.

“What’s so surprising?” The man’s half-smile would have been quite heartwarming with those sparkling eyes if it wasn’t for Loki who Bria hated so much because of the old attack. “Don’t they ever tell you how beautiful you are? Or are your fellow human beings so blind?”

“Don’t think I’m going to fall for the honey-glazed words. You’re a god, and I’m a human. You look down on us.”

“But I recognize beauty.”

“You’re just trying to embarrass me so you can manipulate me.”

“Yes, because I’m guessing you’re trying to lock me up somewhere. I can see the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo pinned to your chest.”

Bria almost screamed at Loki not to stare at her breasts, but she couldn’t let anger take control of her. The Asgardian tried hard to get out, obviously by all means. She was starting to feel uncomfortable alone with Loki. She was really hoping the beacon sent the notification. Even if the radio waves were blocked, the position indicator sent a signal to every satellite in existence, which could then be decoded in S.H.I.E.L.D’s central application.

“I am surprised by your sincerity,” she replied, more calmly than she had first planned.

“At the same time if I can’t escape, I’ll try to enjoy every moment with you at least.”

“I’m afraid I’m not enjoying anything with you.”

“You sat on my chest quite easily. Maybe you could do it to my lap too.”

“With these perverse innuendos, you’re not going to get anything from me,” chuckled Bria. “Even though I haven’t had a relationship yet, I’m not embarrassed by the subject of sexuality. ”

“What do you mean?”

“Do you know how many people make pig comments about me at work? I had to learn to handle these.”

“I guess other people recognize the beauty you have,” said Loki, raising his eyebrows with some anger, which gave Bria joy in the hope that these compliments would finally spare him. “But now that I’ve found out you’re a virgin, you seem interestingly more attractive to me.”

“Come on, don’t make a stand. I know you despise me for being human, so I can’t be attractive to you.”

“Why is Hornback written on your dress? Is that your name?”

“Yes, I’m Bria Hornback,” she nodded, it’s okay for Loki to remember her name.“ What’s wrong with it?”

“It’s such an interesting coincidence, don’t you think?” the Asgardian flashed that half-smile meant to be alluring again, and his eyes shone despite all his suffering. “Your name is Hornback, and I have a helmet with horns swerved back…”

“Don’t explain to me that we have anything in common.” Bria was still more restrained than she first wanted, while the sounds of death filled the space. “You’re a monster!”

“What did I do to you to hate me so much? Or are you like this because of New York?”

Bria kept quiet. Her ears were hurt by the bitter cry of another creature. Death proved to be shocking, no matter how it came.

But she didn’t stay quiet because she wanted to hear the cry so much. She just didn’t want to answer the question.

“You don’t know me, yet you judge me,” continued the Asgardian. “Tell me, do you really think you guys are so flawless? I mean, judging isn’t a very nice gesture.”

“I didn’t say we are, but you did enough damage to my life to make me hate you.”

“Yes, it was a big mistake, and yes, I’m guilty. Since then, however, there have been a lot of events that have made me change, so…”

“Oh, don’t you dare make yourself look as a good guy.” she snapped. “You’re evil, the god of mischief, unreliable, and…”

“Don’t be so stupid!”

Loki’s voice thundered with anger for the first time, which frightened her. The word was stuck in her throat.

“Are you seriously going to put a little tip on everyone? Good and evil? White and black? You should know by now that there’s no one in the universe who has only good or bad qualities. We all have our faults. Even you, Bria.”

It turned out to be an odd feeling when Loki called her by her name. Despite the fact that he intended his monologue to be a reproach, it was as if the man found her worthy calling by her name. That said, after he liked her last name, maybe she shouldn’t have been surprised.

“You’re not treating me like an equal. You judge me without knowing me. You’re being this erotic, and you’re putting me through this heat. These are bad qualities.”

“Merry Christmas! I hope you’re pleased with your discovery.”

“You’re as cynical as I am,” laughed Loki, but his throat was scratched. Maybe he was starting to dry out. “They say cynicism is a sign of intelligence.”

“Do you have anything else to study on me?”

“Interestingly, the more I learn about you, the more I care about you.”

'Wow, That’s good for me. “ Bria sighed not a little joyously.

Suddenly she saw a bright flash of light in the sky. A helicopter appeared over the crater, and the beam of light settled on them after some searching. Bria’s relieved to see this.

"This is Bria Hornback, med school of Commander Miya Okamura’s unit,” said she to her transceiver after setting up the general S.H.I.E.L.D. channel, holding one eye on Loki. “I have a captive I’m asking for urgent support for. I catched Loki!”

“All right, Agent Hornback.” received the answer via radio. “We’re taking Loki into custody immediately. We help you! Please don’t move.”

Bria smiled for the first time with a truly great exultation at the man who had been laid down. His face finally showed a slight sign of disappointment.

“So you succeeded,” he said resonantly.

“If there’s anyone you shouldn’t look down on, it’s me. ”

“I’d add, for now. Because I can’t guarantee I’ll stay with you for a long time.”

Bria looked deep in Loki’s eyes, and the feelings of victory were gone. It was perhaps the first sentence she believed without doubt and took as a warning. She did not want to tell the Asgardian that she was up to the challenge.

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This headcanon takes place in “Avengers: Infinity War”. In this headcanon you’ll see how you and your boyfriend will reaction to being Thanos’ snap. At first you will be erased, then him. I will also make the part with reaction to coming back. Enjoy! 💞


In this headcanon Loki dies by the snap. I just wanted to make it clear.


Peter Parker
Your death

You felt pain in your chest and fell on your knees. “P-Peter.” You called out quietly, while he turned to you and knelt next to you.

“What is going on?” He asked as he grabbed you gently by your waist. He felt how you were turning into dust “Oh no. No no no.” He hugged panicked. “You’re not leaving. I won’t let you.” He had tears in his eyes.

“Stay safe please.” That was the last thing you were able to say before you were completely gone. You looked at the place where you were a seconds ago. He cried silently.

“I am so sorry…”

His death

He was standing right next to you when he nearly fell on you. You luckily catch him, even that you almost fell, because of Peter’s weight. “Hey, is everything fine?” You asked calmly when you felt his arms around you.

“I-I am scared, (Y/N). I don’t know what is happening.” He hugged you tightly, just like he was hoping you can stop this. “I don’t wanna go. I don’t wanna leave you.” He cried out. You felt his hug was becoming weaker with every second. You hugged him, trying to keep him in one peace.

“It’s going to be okay, I-I promise.” It was the only thing that you were able to say when he turned to dust. You wrapped arm around yourself. “Please come back…”


Steve Rogers
Your death

Thanos snapped. It was okay for a second. People started disappearing. You were of them. You looked at your hand, it started turning into dust. You were terrified. “Steve!” He looked at you and ran to you. You arm was gone. You were breathing heavily.

“Don’t panic, (Y/N).” He murmured as he had put his hand on your cheek. You grabbed his hand. “You’ll be fine.”

“H-hold me.” Steve did as you said. You felt like you were about to pass away. “If I won’t be able to come back. Please, move on.” You cried into his shoulder and disappeared. Steve looked at his hand, hoping it’s just a bad dream and he will wake up in seconds.

“How am I supposed to move on…?”

His death

Steve immediately felt pain in his chest after a snap. He quickly realized what was going on. He turned to you. “Kiss for the last time.” He breathed out as he grabbed you by your shoulders and looked into your eyes.

“W-what? What is going on?” You we’re surprised by what he had told you. “It’s not a-”

“Just do it.” He screamed. He couldn’t wait any longer so he kissed you passionately. He ended a kiss quickly and looked at you face. “I love you so much.” He whispered. You opened your eyes to see nothing.

You felt tears coming to your eyes. “I love you too, Steve.”


Bucky Barnes
Your death

You grabbed his arm immediately when you felt that your legs refused to work. Bucky looked at you and noticed that your legs were turning into dust. “I got you doll.” He grabbed your waist and touched your forehead with his. “Don’t cry, it’s okay.”

You shook your head. “That’s a lie.” You grabbed his face and he looked into your eyes. “Take care of yourself.” You kissed his nose, Bycky was standing in place for a minute or so, silently. He was broken.

His death

You heard him dropping his weapon. You ran to him and saw him on his knees. “Come closer, please.” You came as close as you were able to. He hugged you tightly. “I love you so fucking much.” He whispered into your ear. It hit you like a trains when you realised what was going on.

“Promise to come back.”

“You have my word, (Y/N).” You never felt as lonely as at that moment.


Thor Odinson
Your death

Your vision immediately became blurry. You had no idea what was happening. “T-Thor! I-I can’t see!” You yelled panicked. Thor ran to your direction and cupped your cheeks. The looked into your terrified eyes.

“I’m here. I won’t leave you.”

“I don’t know if I am able to promise that.” You felt like your lost control over your body. Your almost fell. Second before you touched Thor’s chest, you completely turned to dust.

“My love…”

His death

He felt sharp pain in his chest and groaned from pain. You grabbed his hand, scared of what was going on with your man. “Thor, are you alright?” You whispered. He looked at you, he tried to stay on his legs and his axe was helping him with standing.

“Can you do something for me?” He choked out. Looking directly into your eyes.

“Yes. I would do anything for you.” You nodded quickly.

“Don’t cry after me.” It was all he was able to say before turning into dust. Axe fell on the ground on the ground and you landed on your knees. You took axe and hugged it. You never felt so bad before.


Loki Laufeyson
Your death

You were holding his hand, when you like your weren’t able to breath normally. You squeeze his hand tightly, giving him a sigh that you weren’t fine.

“What is it, my dear?” He grabbed your second hand and looked at you. He felt your hands disappearing from his, it started. “Darling? Talk to me.” He grabbed you by your shoulders.

“I have no idea. I think Thanos snapped.” That information had hit him like a train. He let information sink in for a second. He had no idea what he was supposed to do in this situation.

“(Y/N), dear. Please…” He wasn’t able to speak. Your and his forehead touched.

“Dont get in trouble while I’ll be gone.” You chuckled, it was the last thing he heard from you.

His death

He felt weaker, he quickly understood what was happening. He was ready for this. No faking death this time. It was real. He took off his helmet and look at it. He smiled and walked to you.

“Take this, (Y/N) and I’ll be forever with you.” His words made you shocked.

“What are talking about?” You looked at him up and down, looking for injuries. “ I don’t-” He kissed your forehead and cupped your cheek.

“I love so much. I was so lucky to be with a such a amazing person.” Your felt his hand turn into dust on your cheek. You blinked twice to see… nothing. You looked down at Loki’s helmet. He was gone, forever.

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how I wish I could hire some guy like him just so I can watch him standing there and flipping meat(with his apron god damn it).

Well I can definitely do this all day

[Avengers 2013# 24]

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HOR #11



Variant cover by NIC KLEIN


Headshot variant cover by TODD NAUCK

IT’S A SUNNY DAY IN HEL! But the God of Thunder is about to bring down a bloody rain! Trapped in a suburban horror show, THOR faces down an old foe. But something far worse than the Midgard Serpent is sinking its fangs into Thor’s world…for DONALD BLAKE now roams the TEN REALMS with naught but death on the brain!

32 pages, $3.99.

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Here is my Loki fluff Alphabet. I wanted to make one for him too since I already made one for Willy Wonka. I kinda changed some of the letters after seeing some other fluff alphabets, just as an inspirations and to enable me to talk more about Loki and Readers relationship. I hope you enjoy! <3


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When Darcy woke up a little bit, she was sitting in an empty office. She didn’t remember falling asleep or being set down on a patient bed with the weird little wax paper. She looked around the room. Thor wasn’t here. Weird. Well, not really, but she didn’t think it was exactly normal to be waking up in a room mostly used for check-ups.

“…did what you said, Strange,” a low voice said. It was tinted with anger. Thor. “I’m giving her a chance. What else do I have to do? What else can I do? Lead her on? Throw away what memories I have of my life? Right now, I can’t see what’s so important about her for the sake of an entire universe.”

“Didn’t you listen?” another man’s words came. “Maybe it was due to the rushed explanation, but she’s important. Extremely. She’s going to sound the horn on Earth, help the countries accept the existence of powers they can’t control. She’ll help us destroy the Tesseract and the Mind Stone. And maybe, if we’re lucky, she can take the power stone for us… somehow…”

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peter parker : i’m just over here having an allergic reaction to everyday life

thor odinson : are you alright spiderling?

peter parker : phtttt of not *eating cereal out of the box with chopsticks*

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