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Texts From Superheroes
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Thor: I’m watching Ellen.
Carol: You do know just because I’m a lesbian doesn’t mean you need to notify me every time you watch Ellen DeGeneres, right?
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Happily ever after from this :P
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Took me a while to finish due to me having mix feelings about my art so yeah...hope ya enjoy 😅
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'It was said that Thor could only wield Mjolnir by wearing a special pair of iron gauntlets. The gauntlet I discovered in Niflheim could very well be the source of this myth. Most of the gauntlet itself crumbled to the touch, but the carved knot of stone and metal in its center was undamaged by age. It extended metal tendrils and conformed to the dimensions of my hand perfectly. Clearly this is the ancient source of power of the artifact and the rest of the gauntlet was added separately later.'
'The myth held that only with the additional strenght bestowed upon Thor by the enchanted belt, Megingjord, could he wield the weapon Mjolnir. Now I see that the belt - also ornately augmented by later users - is the source of power for the gauntlets. They channel the belt's power to those large special objects too large to move unless so equipped. Each of the two gauntlets I found must have contained a small amount of residual power in them that quickly drained without the belt to replenish them. I believe I have a good idea of how Thor's hammer might work when I find it.'
Lara Croft + Thor’s belt and gauntlets
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Thor: You know Loki, not every problem can be solved with a knife.
Loki: That’s why I carry many.
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do you write dom!reader? if so, can we get #10 with sub!thor?? xx
Please Don't Stop (Sub!Thor x Dom!Reader)
Warnings: Sub!Male, Dom!Reader, Smut, Oral (F receiving), Pet names, difficulty reaching orgasm
Notes: Yes I do write Dom!Reader 😊 It's the first time I've ever written for Thor (outside of Loki fics) so I gave it a good go my dear anon ❤
Immediate smut under the cut
Tumblr media
For some reason you were struggling to reach your peak tonight, maybe your mind was distracted or your body just wasn’t having any of it but it was making you frustrated.
Your thighs trembled beside Thor’s head as he lay his large body beneath you, his hands gripped your thighs – with permission - and you rolled your hips again and again across his obedient tongue.
The huffs and impatient sighs from you grew louder, you could almost feel him falter in his ministrations in worry but he continued, ever present in his need to please you.
“Thor…” you sighed, lifting your hips away from his face. His lips and tongue followed the taste of your cunt as far as his neck could reach before plopping back down to the bed.
“Please don’t stop” Thor pleaded, he looked up at you eyes wide, “Did I do something wrong Goddess?”
You shook your head, dropping to sit in the gap left between his side and his outstretched arm. You stroked his blonde hair and shook your head, “No sweet boy, it’s not that. I’m just… struggling”
He sat up abruptly, his tone was eager, “Let me keep trying. I want to help”
You closed your eyes, rubbing the heels of your palms into them in frustration, “It’s alright, I wouldn’t want to push you too much. You’ve done enough for tonight”
“My Goddess can do to me what she pleases” he whimpered, hands reaching out for you but waiting for permission to touch. You nodded simply and his hands cradled your face, stroking his thumbs across your cheeks and tucking your hair behind your ears.
Leaning forward he tentatively pressed his lips to yours and you invited the action by kissing back, slipping your hand up to loosely grip around his jaw to hold him in place.
“You shouldn’t hurt yourself” you murmured into the kiss, fingertips stroking what was probably a very painful jaw. For one that inhabited such a large and overly strong body he always melted into your touch, you marvelled at the way he almost moulded into you. Drawing himself to your fingers as they stroked across his skin; a powerful God that made himself mild and meagre at your feet. The strongest act of them all.
Without a word Thor pushed himself back, laying back down in the same position and tugged like a needy child at your thighs, “Please Goddess, I don’t want you to stop”
Hesitantly you swung your legs back over his broad chest and settled yourself above his waiting tongue. He stretched it out of his mouth, eyebrows furrowed pleadingly.
“You’re going to do everything you can to make your Goddess cum aren’t you?” you gripped his face as he nodded frantically, tongue still lolled out of his mouth.
Letting go of his face you lowered yourself down, his hands grabbed for you but you took hold of his wrists and pinned them beside his head. Using the new position of you arched over him you rolled your hips across his soft tongue, groaning at the way your numb clit still tingled slightly under the warmth of it.
“I didn’t say you could touch” you growled under your breath, his eyes widening, “I think that’s something you have to ear again”
He hummed in agreement sending tingles shooting up your spine, “Oooh fuck!” you groaned, rolling your hips harder, “Make this aching cunt cum and I’ll consider letting you do that again, understood?”
He nodded, “I bon’t det do down” he mumbled into your cunt, tongue still languidly stroking at your throbbing clit.
You chuckled and, releasing one of his wrists, stroked his hair, “Good boy”
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by @tohuinfire
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Spider-Man/Venom FCBD 2022 (2022)
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Dirty Hippie!
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Another relic in Odin’s vault. An AU where Odin keeps Loki but instead of raising him as a son he is kept in the vault along his other treasures. Years later after a risky dare Thor sneaks into the vault to fetch an item to prove his bravery. While there he decides to explore and finds a little jotun behind magic restricted glass.  Thor constantly sneaks into the vault afterwards, curious to learn more about the little runt inside the glass. The two become close, everyday Thor comes to visit his new friend and tells him news about the outside which Loki looks forward to.  When Odin learns about Thor’s nightly escapades to the vault he forbids his son from going near Loki and immediately makes arrangements to have the little snake moved. Worried, Thor with the help of his friends decides to break Loki out from his prison. Having no choice and to further secure Loki’s freedom the two run away from the palace, even if it means denouncing his princeship.
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Thor: I’m wearing jupiter boots.
Natasha: Any reason?
Thor: So I can be bouncy!
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The Mighty Thor by Leonardo Romero
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Discord server about moon knight ✅
Not only moon knight but marvel to✅
100+ members to fan with ✅
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Non stop questioning why you joined our server ✅
Lots of fun and a new adventure every day✅
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When an actress has strong Black Moon Lilith, she often plays characters men helplessly fall in love with, but then lose her cause they weren't good enough for her literally or metaphorically
For example, Natalie Portman has Lilith on Ascendant
In "Black Swan" her teacher falls in love with her not seeing that she's too young for her and not ready to be loved yet since she has to deal with her mother's hate and jealousy. Then she literally stabs herself to death making him lose her. In the end of the movie she's saying that she was perfect in her role. That's Lilith woman taking back her own respect from a man who discredited her honour and untouchability
Tumblr media
In "Thor" she's dating a man who's like thousand years older than her. Then she's on the brink of death making him do everything to save her. Then they break up
Tumblr media
So, in my opinion Lilith women teach men to choose a partner wisely and stop trenching upon someone else's destiny
Planets or houses in Conjuction to Lilith might mean people you're destined to be with and strong planets in their own chart
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Little Thor : (hides face) Peeakaboo! (uncovers face)
Baby Loki : *giggles*
Little Thor : (is delighted by the response, hides face again) Peeakaboo! (uncovers face) I see you!
Baby Loki : *laughs*
Little Thor : (hides face again) Peekaboo! (uncovers face)
Baby Loki : *has disappeared*
Little Thor : !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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⛓💚Maiden of Mischief💚⛓Loki Fan Art.
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Stranger at the Door 20
Tumblr media
Warnings: this fic will include dark content including rape/noncon, predatory behaviour, just on the border of stepdad fic (this is a one time exception because this dynamic isn’t really for me but you know, brain makes no sense), mentions of mental health, bullying, isolation, bad parenting, age gap, allusions to self harm, violence. My warnings are not exhaustive, enter at your own risk.
This is a dark!fic and explicit. 18+ only. Your media consumption is your own responsibility. Warnings have been given. DO NOT PROCEED if these matters upset you.
Summary: You’re nineteen and life is standing still, that is until your mother meets her dream man, then everything changes. (innocent!reader)
Characters: Loki (silverfox)
Note: As per usual, I humbly request your thoughts! Reblogs are always appreciated and welcomed, not only do I see them easier but it lets other people see my work. Thanks to everyone who reads this one and thank you for all your energy.<3
Love you all like Donkey love Waffles. Take care. 💖
Tumblr media
You can't move. You don't want to. Moving means this is real. Moving means you have to open your eyes.
So you lay as Loki's left you, cold, hollow. You hear him in the front room of the suite, he's made several phone calls. A business trip for him but nothing of the like for you. 
You shiver and clamp your eyes tight. You can still feel him inside of you. The intense pain of his intrusion, the tingle still in your thighs, the ache in your pelvis. You smell like him. You can't stand it.
His pacing stops. The silence pricks your ears but you won't break your tableau. His footsteps come again, this time quickly into the room.
"I know you're awake," he snaps without pretense.
You don't react. If you do, he might want to do it again.
"Open your eyes," he stomps over to you. You refuse to obey and he shakes you by the shoulder, hard enough that you bite your tongue, "now."
You fall onto your back. Don't look. If you don't look, it's not real.
He clears his throat as his shadow retreats from over you, "'Hi princess, did you think about my offer? Here's some photos.'"
You frown as confusion furrows your brows. What is he talking about? He's quiet, waiting.
You open your eyes at last and look at him. He holds your phone, the beaten up case with only a few sparkles of glitter left, a terse expression across his sharp features. You push yourself to sit up, the chemise crumpled around your middle and the thong crooked on your hips. You hug your legs and rest your chin on your knee.
"Why do you have that?" You ask dumbly.
"Better yet, why are you messaging my brother?" He retorts, "hm?"
"Your brother? How–" you blink, "I haven't. I swear, I didn't give him my number. I don't know how–"
"And the other night he was in your room overly long," he scowls, "I'm most certain it amounted to nothing but you entertain his hopes."
"You know–"
"I know everything that goes on under my roof, should I say under my nose," he sneers, "so it is best you think before you lie to me."
"I didn't lie. I don't know why he's messaging me," you murmur, trying to think of how he could get your number 
"And this offer? What exactly was it?" Loki prompts, "he sends photos of his house, I can surmise you spoke of relocation. With him? You know he would throw you out like a used rag."
"I never said yes," you utter, "please, don't be mad."
He shoves the phone towards you and you cower. You cross your arms before your face and wince, waiting. Nothing happens. You peek at him through slitted lids.
"What are you doing?"
"Don't hit me, please." You beg, "I'll be good, promise. I've been good."
"I’m not going to hit you," he scoffs, "you want to be good, you take this and tell my brother you're not interested."
You stare at the phone and take it. Your hands tremble as you steady it and look at the conversation; several pictures of a beach house and the surrounding landscape. You sniffle and start to type.
"You know I wouldn't hit you, don't you, precious?" Loki asks.
You try to focus on what to say. No might do but you suspect Loki wants more than that. Your fingers sweat around the plastic case.
"My mom…" you say, "I thought–"
"Your mother gives it as good as she gets, never you worry," he hisses, "but she is good for appearances; she is what is acceptable, a woman of my… generation."
You nod, unsure how to answer. Your mother doesn't deserve any of that, even if he says she's just as bad. She can be mean but she's not violent.
You thumb in your meagre refusal and shrug. Loki takes the phone before you can hit send. He reads your words, ‘thank you, Thor, but I can't. I have to stay with my mum.’ He tisks and pushes his thumb down, "it'll do, I suppose. Very… you."
You pull up the straps of the chemise and wince at the pain deep inside. You breathe slowly and move carefully to the edge of the bed. Loki watches and you meet his eye, afraid of what glimmers in them.
"Loki," you quaver his name as his hand casually rests on the belt of the hotel robe.
"Precious?" He arches his brows.
"Can I take a bath, please?"
He considers as his cheek twitches. He almost looks amused.
"Ask me again," he smirks.
"Please, can I take a bath?" You appease him as you run your hand over your thigh and cringe at the tenderness.
"Say my name again, precious. Please." He demands.
"Loki, can I–"
"You may," he interrupts, "I will join you. The bath is big enough for two."
"Oh, uh," you hang your head, your hope of a respite lost. "Alright," you accept.
"Why don't you go get it all ready?" He purrs, "I shall be but a moment."
You stand and wobble on your feet as he moves closer. You tense as he frames your chin and turns you to him, bending to kiss you, soft but diligent. You let him, afraid to anger him with any sign of reluctance.
He lets you go and you stiffly walk away, peeking into the bathroom before stepping onto the white tile. You can't help but marvel at the immaculate porcelain and marble, a large window casting the evening hue across the space. You turn on the light and a vibrant white glow permeates the room.
You tiptoe to the large square tub and bend to turn on the faucet, testing the water with your fingers until you find the best temperature. You pull the slender lever for the stopper and stand straight. The water ripples into the basin as steam roils into the air. 
You look down at yourself and peel away the lace. You feel brittle, ripe to shatter, as you step unsteadily out of the satin thong. You groan as your thighs meet again, you can feel the bruises where his fingertips kneaded them, and along your hips, chest, shoulders; all over. 
You go to the counter as your eyes wander. There's a small case there marked with the hotel logo. You open it, a set of nail tools. You take out the small scissors and open them, holding them up to the light. You press your fingertip along the blade and your vision focuses on the reflection of yourself in the mirror. 
You close the scissors and slip them back into the kit. You push it away from you and exhale the dark urge. Anything you did, he would see. He'd already seen enough. How he had touched the scars himself…
You go back to the tub and climb in, easing down into the water as it rose around you. The heat is soothing but cannot reach all that aches. There are some things you know will never be as they were before.
Loki breaks through the thin serenity as he enters. You bend your legs and hug them as he swiftly unknots the belt of his robe. You look away as he opens it and drapes it from a hook on the door. His shadow looms before he steps into the tub.
He nears you and urges you away from the wall of the tub. He lowers himself behind you and draws you back against him. His length twitches along your back at the proximity. You sit rigidly as his touch scalds you.
"You must relax, precious," he coos as grips your shoulders, letting his long legs sprawl around you, "enjoy our getaway while it lasts."
The last of your strength evaporates, not that you had much to begin with. You think of your mother and her glass of wine. Maybe that was your fault too. She drank because you drove her to it, just like you drove your father to…
"Something the matter, precious?" Loki kneads your muscles. Despite your disgust with yourself and him, it feels wonderful. Just to be touched.
"What about…" you can't even say it.
"Marlena?" He uses her name, "I'll have to marry her now, to keep you close but she will be content with all that I give her. Precious, there is a side of her I think she has hidden from you for a long time and only now is she letting it through. You can see how toxic she is, can't you?"
Is she? Or is it him? She wasn't like this before him.
"Do you know about the other men? Before me?" He keeps your mind from reeling too far.
"Other men?" You lean back unthinkingly as he rubs your sides.
"Oh, yes, before me and even at the start of seeing each other she dated quite a number of suitors. One discovered us on a date and made certain to inform me of our shared interest. Well, I spoke wit Marlena and she swore that it was only me," he cups your chest and kisses the crown of your head, "I wish that had been true."
"What?" You heart beats, you're certain he can feel it.
"I could show you all the messages I've found, recount the calls I've overheard, but I couldn't expose you to that. She's done a poor enough job raising you as it is," he teases your nipples as he reclines and pushes his legs beneath you, laying below as he floats your body above his. "Can't you see, I want to take care of you? I would've never proposed if I hadn't seen the dire need you live in, precious. That you need someone like me."
You don't know if it's the heat making your head spin or him. His hand crawls down your stomach, exploring the soft flesh. 
"But… aren't you– we–" your eyes burn, "just as bad?"
"If I could have you at the altar, I would but in my profession, that wouldn't reflect well upon me, you are too young, rather I am too old. "
You swallow. He speaks as if he loves you, though your understanding of love is paltry. You know, or think, that you don't love him. You fear him. Right? 
"It only feels wrong because the world tells us it is," his hand slips along your pelvis and tickles the curly hair, "you feel it's wrong because you believe them but… doesn't it feel good?"
He rubs your bud firmly and you moan. You grasp his wrist as your toes curl. Your heart beats even louder in your ears. 
"It can't be wrong if we both get off, can it?"
You lay awake. Loki's beside you. You're not used to the idea of someone on the same bed. Worse, you can't sleep knowing your mother's fiance is right there.
It's been hours. For a while, you envied his sleep, his carelessness, better deemed callousness. Then despair haunted you again and left you in a puddle of self-pity.
You relent and get up, cautious not to disturb him. You tiptoe through the dark, the short cotton nightie brushing your thighs. You take the other robe from the hook on the door and creep out.
You go to the small kitchen off the left side of the hallway. You flip on the clear kettle and search among the colourful variety of tea bags in the drawer. You keep the water from whistling and brew a cup.
You take it into the front room and pull the chain on the tall floor lamp. You put the cup down and grab your backpack to unpack your computer. You sit at the desk, the chair uncomfortable and stiff, and slide out a textbook. You may as well catch up while you can.
It's hard to read through the glaze of tears that rises over and over. You make yourself swipe them away and jot down notes in your ragged notebook. This is your only way out now. There is no running away, no you have to wait, build yourself something to escape to.
Or maybe, like everything else, it will all pass you by and leave you wallowing. Trapped in your own misery and under the thumb of another.
You quaver out a breath as you sniff and take a sip of tea. You peer over at the balcony and the quiet dusk of the city. 
Maybe you could still message Thor and tell him yes. He might not be any different than Loki, not deep down, but you wouldn't be betraying your own mother. Not so deeply.
You haven't seen your phone since Loki took it. You frown. That beach house looked nice and now it doesn't matter as much. It wouldn't hurt that bad and Thor can be nice, nicer than Loki. He smiles and helps you. He doesn't expect you to help him.
You could do it. He's not that old. And you're an adult after all. He's kinda cute, his hair isn't as grey as Loki's. You could try to love him. You couldn't ever love Loki and he made it so your mother would never love you if she knew.
"Precious," Loki rasps through his dry throat, frightening you so your pen rolls from your fingers, "you are awake early."
"I'm working on an assignment," you say and open the laptop.
"Why are you doing that?" He comes up behind you and plays with your hair.
"Because… it's almost due," you answer dumbly.
"You can do that at home–"
"This is a work trip, that's what you said," you shrug and try to focus as his fingertips caress your scalp.
"You still believe that lie?" He chuckles, "even Marlena saw through that one."
"What? What do you mean?" You watch the screen as your account signs in.
"Like I said, she has all she ever wanted," he leans in and kisses your head, "and she is willing to pay the price."
You blink as the desktop loads. You grimace and scoff, "I don't understand–"
"You do," he insists, "do I really need to spell it out?"
"I don't…. She wouldn't," you click on the browser and shift forward in the chair, "I know her. She's my mom."
"She's human," he pulls you back roughly, "and greedy and selfish. What kind of mother lets her daughter travel alone with a man? A man she's known merely months?"
"No, no, you're lying," you try to shove his hands away. He grabs yours and twists them behind you.
"She only made me promise to wear the condom," he says.
You still and stare at the front page of your browser. You let your arms go limp and he drops them. You stand clumsily, grasping the back of the chair as you turn and stumble.
"Precious?" He watches you smugly.
"I…" you peek up at him and cover your mouth. 
You clamp your lips shut and across the room as your stomach revolts. You stagger into the half-bath attached to the front of the suite and fall to your knees as you retch.
You want to scream that he's a liar, but all you can do is hug the toilet. It all makes sense. All of it. There's no other explanation for your mom, her drinking, her denials. There's only the truth and the bile on your tongue.
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