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Haven’t read all of it, but came across this telling passage from Obama’s recent memoir, about his relationship with his pastor, Jeremiah Wright:

“There were times when I found Reverend Wright’s sermons a little over the top. In the middle of a scholarly explication of the Book of Matthew or Luke, he might insert a scathing critique of America’s drug war, American militarism, capitalist greed, or the intractability of American racism, rants that were usually grounded in fact but bereft of context. Often, they sounded dated, as if he were channeling a college teach-in from 1968 rather than leading a prosperous congregation that included police commanders, celebrities, wealthy businesspeople, and the Chicago school superintendent…” (He goes on to make stronger charges and further distance himself.)

What strikes me most is the apparent thought that a sermon which offends the moral sensibilities of its wealthiest and most powerful members (even if factually correct) is thereby deficient as a sermon. It shows such a shallow understanding of religion’s role in society, goes against so much of the best of Christian history.

But as Osita Nwanevu points out, it also shows that we should draw the opposite conclusion from that conservatives drew from Obama’s relationship with Rev. Wright. It never showed that Obama was a hidden or unknowing radical. It showed that he was someone who was exposed to radical thought, and didn’t mind absorbing some of its credibility with certain groups, but who nevertheless explicitly rejected it.

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Day five thoughts:

-even though I didn’t get any of my goals done yesterday, I still feel okay. It was still a good day

-I feel like repeatedly putting it on here that I didn’t get certain goals done is helping me feel motivated to push myself to do them. So here’s hoping 🤞

-it’s a little harder make time for other things I want to put on my goals lists, like exercise, because it’s dark by the time I get home from work and dark when I wake up. And I want to go on walks because this is the only kind of weather I like to go outside in, but I don’t really like the idea of walking in the dark. I’m trying to think of some way around this…

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How unsurprising for the British media to not try show any support for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry after their miscarriage… and how clear it is that they are estranged from Harry’s side of the family when they refused to lay flowers down for them on memorial day, despite knowing that they’ve already been going through it. It’s crystal clear how the narrative is only to attack the two 

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Aún si hubiéramos aceptado nuestras culpas por separado,

Lo cierto era que no estábamos listos para cumplir las expectativas que falsamente le dimos al otro.

Mentimos en aquello que decíamos ofrecer y al final no estábamos preparados para la formalidad.

La vida siempre se ha encargado de evitar las vueltas cuando algo no es.

La soledad nos hizo apresurarnos, pues terminamos escogiendo del carajo a quién ocuparía el otro lado de la cama.

Afortunadamente hay errores, que aunque no tan bien justificados, nos han hecho terminar aquello que nunca debió comenzar.

  • For more laps you give when it is not, it is not.
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