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3:10 to Yuma (Delmer Daves, 1957)
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The enjoyment of the story, besides the tension and action, is the philosophical conflict between Ben and Dan. The dynamic between them and William reminds me of A Bronx Tale. MUST WATCH!
3:10 to Yuma is a 2007 American Western film directed by James Mangold and produced by Cathy Konrad, and starring Russell Crowe and Christian Bale in the lead roles, with Peter Fonda, Gretchen Mol, Ben Foster, Dallas Roberts, Alan Tudyk, Vinessa Shaw, and Logan Lerman. It is the second adaptation of Elmore Leonard's 1953 short story "Three-Ten to Yuma", after the 1957 film of the same name.
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GLENN FORD and FELICIA FARR in 3:10 TO YUMA (1957) dir. Delmer Daves
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Elmore Leonard books + film adaptations
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— random diabolik lovers headcanons i had at one in the morning
trigger warning : mentions of manic episodes, bipolar depression, gambling, some cussing, alcoholism, trauma.
word count : 887
Tumblr media
➵ azusa's favourite cuddling position is when he can have his head either between your thighs or your chest.
➵ yuma does push ups while you sit on his back, scrolling through your phone or reading a book. sometimes he lets you lay on his back so you can cling to him.
➵ kou carries you everywhere.
➵ this is already kind of canon but, subaru is clingy and cuddly, and his favourite pass time is sleeping in with you.
➵ on that note, subaru really likes cold weather because it's just another excuse for you to stay next to him a little longer in the morning.
➵ reiji would hugely benefit from having a partner who is an anarchist, and he really wants one to piss off his mother ; however he won't get one (even though he is insanely attracted to them) because he doesn't want to disappoint his father.
➵ if you're in a relationship with shin you'll probably have to sleep with like ten familiars, as well as shin.
➵ if you're in a relationship with carla you'll probably have to sleep with ten familiars, and carla - but also expect shin to squeeze into the bed at like three in the morning.
➵ if you were to live in the sakamaki household, you wake up with the triplets in your bed often. to be honest, 'your' room may as well be 'our' room.
➵ kino is super into spirituality, and really wants a witchy girlfriend.
➵ kanato is a demiboy and is probably pansexual and omniromantic ( with a preference for feminine representing people ).
➵ laito is greyromantic and also a pansexual; and I can not stress this enough but laito would greatly benefit from having an asexual partner, whether that be a romantic partner or a life long bond.
➵ ayato is the definition of a heterosexual cis male.
➵ subaru is the bisexual golden retriever boy, while kino is the heterosexual golden retriever boy that everyone thinks is gay because he dresses nicely.
➵ shu is the token feral asexual, with a splash of panromantic. though he could be on the aromantic spectrum as well.
➵ reiji identifies with being a cis male but he goes by the pronouns he/they to spite his mother.
➵ yuma likes taking children's medicine because it's really sweet.
➵ shu, reiji, ruki and yuma smoke herbal cigarettes. specifically lavender, jasmine and passion flower.
➵ ayato probably vapes with kou on the school roof to skip class, and they always use the bubble gum flavouring.
➵ talking about gum, kanato has a stash of bubble gum and cherry flavoured lollipops under his bed.
➵ shin is super clumsy, like, he will trip over anything and everything. carla always laughs at him.
➵ ruki and kino have a huge caffeine addiction.
➵ ayato and laito are both lactose intolerant, yet both of them can't seem to shut up about mommy milkers —
➵ kanato doesn't like drinking water.
➵ laito goes to churches to genuinely admire the architecture.
➵ yuma likes making cheese from scratch, and he takes the phrase 'eat the rich' very seriously.
➵ ruki eats dark chocolate after every single meal.
➵ kou tries to fall asleep using comfort plushies, but their not the cutesy ones. they're the horror sfx type teddy bears.
➵ laito is a history geek.
➵ carla is a light skin with vitiligo.
➵ yuma, kou and ayato have to take medication to control their manic episodes.
➵ kou has bipolar depression and insomnia. his manic episodes usually consist of over spending and getting violent.
➵ yuma's manic episodes also consists of violence, but may also involve a need to gamble because he likes the rush.
➵ ayato's manic episodes consist of hysterical laughter and inflated ego.
➵ yuma has severe burn marks on his upper arm and stomach, and that is why he keeps them hidden.
➵ kou probably needs glasses, but refuses to wear them. he also refuses to wear contacts because he doesn't like sticking things in his eyes.
➵ he navigate by using a mental map, so whenever anything changes place you can probably hear him cussing from the opposite side of the mansion because he stubbed his toe on something.
➵ azusa probably has hearing loss due to head trauma ( getting beat up as a kid ). this may explain why he talks so slowly - because he is checking for reactions as he talks ( to check if he is saying things correctly).
➵ all of the mukami brothers are illiterate, except for ruki.
➵ ayato is a raging alcoholic, but refuses to admit it or get help. it's because he could never admit to a flaw or, consequently, that he needs help to correct it.
➵ both drinking, and not wanting help are results of years of trauma.
➵ ruki, azusa and ayato probably have constant headaches and ringing in their ears.
➵ a list of azusa's coping mechanisms : he has fidget rings to stop frequent anxiety attacks, talking to himself, throwing mini tea parties, hugging his pillows when he falls asleep, etcetera.
➵ kou detests mirrors, and will not hesitate in smashing or destroying one if he sees one in his room. consequently, he has his own bathroom.
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Ten reasons why you love Ruki
10 Reasons to Love Ruki
Tumblr media
1. His personality
Ruki is smart and strict, yet very loving. He is an introvert who needs his time alone but when he spends time with you, there is a chance for an interesting conversation.
While Ruki can be annoyingly arrogant at times his sweet and seductive side makes this up. He holds high expectations for you and failing to meet those might stir up an annoyed reaction (or/and punishment) from him. But he has soft spot for you in his heart and when you are in his priorities he will take good care of you.
Ruki can be harsh and cold but deep down he is tender and loving. It just takes time to break through his shell. He isn't good at sharing his worries and might push you away when he actually needs you more than ever (and this habit of his might be a nerve wreck) but he is also capable to come around after a lot of a little sulking, and it is really heartwarming, if not heart-melting, when he finally leans on you for mental support.
2. His love for his family
Family is important for Ruki. He has a family-related trauma from the past and that affects him even to this day. He holds extremely dear of his founded family including his three brothers and Karlheinz. Ruki looks up at Karl and sees him as his father. He wants to be the perfect son, yet he calls himself Karl's loyal servant. While I can't agree with Karl's deeds and I truly don't like him, I can't help but respect Ruki's feelings.
Tumblr media
Ruki also loves deeply Kou, Yuma, and Azusa and is willing to do almost anything for them. He is a strict and relatable big brother but actually takes too much responsibility on his shoulders while he should share his worries with his family and solve problems together. Ruki's love can be seen in his actions when he takes care of his brothers and domestic matters.
And who wouldn't want that kind of husband(o)?
3. His love for literature
Ruki enjoys reading and is widely read. He appreciates classics too (i.e. The Catcher in the Rye), and I would assume that he can discuss literature without struggle for hours if he finds your conversation skills and views interesting enough. He is interested in poetry too.
It's very likely that Ruki's taste in literature doesn't overlap with yours on all points but that only makes the discussion more intriguing, right?
Other than talking about books, you can spend time with Ruki while you both are reading your books or together the same one. That sounds pleasurable, don't you think? Quiet time together without needing to say anything and enjoying each other's closeness. True charging time for introverts, I think.
4. His cooking skills
This man can cook. He knows various dishes and uses cookbooks to learn more. He will figure out your favorites and spoil you with those, but he also makes sure that you will eat healthy and varied way.
Ruki enjoys his time in the kitchen and is willing to take the main responsibility of cooking. He doesn't waste food, though he might make large amounts of it. On special days you can expect homemade dinner so good that you don't even miss going to the restaurant.
5. His appearance
While we all know that person's looks aren't the most important thing there is no denying that Ruki looks so damn good. His dark hair is sexy kind of messy and a lighter gradient gives it a nice touch. His piercings are hot too. And I must mention his fangs; they just are the sexiest fangs I’ve ever seen.
Tumblr media
And have you ever looked Ruki in the eyes? That steel-blue just captivates you and makes your heart race a bit faster. His loving gaze soothes your mind and his bedroom eyes turn you on in a mere second, don't you think? When he worries, you can see that in his eyes too, and that gaze makes you want to hug him really tightly.
Then there is his smug smirk. He knows what he wants but he also knows what you want and he will use this information the way he finds the most interesting. That is what his smirk tells you. He is your master and you know that things are getting good when he gives you that smirk.
Tumblr media
6. His voice
Ruki's voice is soft and low, it kind of soothes your ears. You can also tell a lot about his current state of mind from how he uses his voice. You will know when he is annoyed with you by his tone alone (though there will be other signs too, trust me). And then his voice goes to the sweeter side when he wants to spoil his good girl.
And... well, he can be really seductive too. When he whispers into your ear he uses his most enticing voice. That voice you can feel in the very inner parts of you. This man doesn't need to touch you to make you feel really hot and bothered and he doesn't need to say anything indecent either. His voice will make your imagination go wild and turn you on before you know it.
7. His kisses
When Ruki kisses you, he does it damn well. The kiss can be chaste and sweet, even just a quick peck on your lips but that's not all. He can shower you with kisses all over your body until you are practically melting right then and there.
Sometimes Ruki's kisses turn rather passionate. He will use his tongue and he will dominate yours with it. He will leave you breathless after conquering your mouth so perfectly that you can't help you yearn for more right after you have recovered the latest one.
8. His bites
Ruki's bites can be rough and harsh when he is punishing you but mostly he wants you to feel pleasure through his fangs. So, he turns the pain into satisfaction, and sooner than you know it you will crave his bites.
His favorite spot to bite you is your shoulder, so you get a lot of closeness when he bites you. But he won't miss other good spots either. Your neck will be covered with bite marks... and well, he might enjoy marking your inner thighs too.
9. His way of make love
Ruki can be really sweet and loving in the bedroom, very much vanilla as you could say it. He will pamper you with kisses, tender words, and gentle touches with a considerable amount of foreplay. If it's your first time he will take this into account and makes sure you feel good. He also takes mental notes of your reactions and uses this information in the future.
Note that even in the case of vanilla sex Ruki is dominant and wants his livestock to be a good girl for him. This leads us to the last point...
10. His other way of make love
Ruki is dominant and expects you to be obedient. Fail in that and he will punish and tame you. But even if you are submissive he might want to stimulate you in his own special ways. He might restrict your movements by holding your wrists against the mattress or tying them, he might put a collar on you or order you around as he pleases. And he is the top and always in control, not the other way around.
You can trust yourself in your master's care. He is the only one who is allowed to cause you pain but he makes sure that you also enjoy it... and he is the king of aftercare too.
Tumblr media
While these are my headcanons they are based on what I've learned about Ruki so far. Also, I want to mention that @ask-ruki-mukami's blog (and his awesome Admin too!) has been a huge influence and inspiration for me, especially this amazing post.
(And I know! I used the same pose of his in this post so many times! xD But it’s my favorite!! Sorry not sorry!)
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overobsessedfanboy13 · 4 months ago
Top Ten Zexal Characters
Figured I’d also do a list like this for Zexal since I recently finished this show. I’ll do one for the original show someday. Maybe. But for now, it’s Zexal time.
10 Cathy Katherine
Tumblr media
…yeah this is a weird pick. Honestly, for most of the show, I did not give a rat’s ass about Cathy and honestly found it annoying how her only character trait was simping for Yuma. She’s honestly just at the number ten spot because I’m not very attached to anyone who didn’t make this list while Cathy, I actually am attached to. I think her friendship (that’s what it canonically is) with Kotori and the way she silently started to tolerate and eventually care for her and respect her relationship with Yuma was cute and honestly she’s just kind of funny.
9 Four
Tumblr media
The Arclights are good. The only reason Five isn’t on this list with his brothers is because I feel he’s a bit bland compared to them and never latched onto them. Four though? Four isn’t bland. As a villain, he was the most sadistic of the three and hides that behind a flamboyant showman personality which was really entertaining. I also like his interactions with Shark.
8 Yuma Tsukumo
Tumblr media
Yuma got way better as the show went on, not just as a duelist but as a character. He was really irritating and stupid at first, always acting first thinking later and being annoyingly proud, stubborn, and selfish when it came to the lives of his friends. So seeing him mature into a more caring and humble person was really nice. And his main flaw as the series went on was less so stupidity and more so naivety and blind devotion to others which is a lot more palatable and fleshed out. He’s not my favourite protagonist but I recognize that he’s well done and even appreciate his strengths at times.
7 Alito
Tumblr media
No, I don’t like him falling in love with Kotori in less than ten seconds. It’s not funny, it’s just stupid. Honestly, his introduction episode set me up to hate him. But overtime I started to find him more amusing. And then we learn his backstory. First learning that he was executed for a crime he didn’t commit with no one he cared for believing him was brutal. Then learning that that memory driving him to evil wasn’t even real, that he was being controlled by false memories really sealed the deal. I love stuff like that. I know that happened with all the Barians but Alito was the first one they talked about this with and it was the one explored in the most depth (besides Vector). Anyways, Alito is fun.
6 Kaito
Tumblr media
I do like Kaito but the weird thing is I feel like I should like him more than I do. Like, he’s the gruff loner rival character with a soft spot for his little brother, the combination practically screams “favourite character” for me. He even reminds me a bit of Ryuga. Yet for some reason, I was never super into Kaito. I was starting to get to that point in season one as I enjoyed him being protective of his brother and his plight in the final two episodes is really nice but he wasn’t in season two enough? I suppose? He was just kinda there occasionally. In season one he was great. In season two he was just good. I still really like him overall but he’s kind of a missed potential in my book.
5 Three
Tumblr media
This is my son. Three is wholesome. He is a good pure cinnamon roll that just wanted his family to be happy. The way his redemption starts is that he snuck into Yuma’s house and when they found him, he proceeded to go on a nerd ramble about Duel Monsters and his favourite card. He. Is. Sweet.
4 Rio Kamishiro
Tumblr media
Hehe. Rio is cool. *gets shot*
Okay but seriously, that is the best word to describe her. She’s sassy and not afraid to speak her mind and that leads to a lot of really funny lines from her. She also kicks ass and the backstory with her and Shark was really cool. Also, it’s just nice having a female character in one of these shows that can kick ass in a duel. Please have more of those in the coming shows.
3 Shark
Tumblr media
For a best friend character, Shark has a lot of conflict with Yuma. There’s the obvious season two where they’re literally on opposite sides of a galactic war but even before that, they were enemies at the very beginning of the show and fought a lot between those two points. That’s a really interesting dynamic for a best friend character and again, I like the gruff loner characters with a secret soft side. I like Shark more than Kaito however as Shark stays relevant for the whole show and ends up with more character development. I also like his relationships with Yuma, Rio, Four, and the Barians.
2 Astral
Tumblr media
Had you asked me even as little as a few days ago who my favourite Zexal character was, I would’ve said “Astral” with no hesitation. While I still really love him, there is one character I like more now and his characterization in the final duel did bother me a little. Aside from that though, Astral was the most enjoyable part of this show during season one. His sassiness was entertaining and I loved seeing the way his relationship with Yuma evolved, going through highs and lows and slowly changing both of them for the better overtime. I also liked his early naivety and curiosity towards life on earth. I don’t know why, I just find stuff like that charming.
1 Vector
Tumblr media
Vector is actual garbage. He’s horrible. He is constantly manipulating Yuma and laughing in his face every time he fools him and doing other downright horrific things all while smiling and laughing with glee. And that is fucking hilarious. The guy who plays him in the Japanese sub sounds like he’s having the time of his life every single time he talks and it makes his already silly dialogue even more hilarious to me. And the way he’s animated adds to this as well. His expressions are so over the top and it matches the voice perfectly. I have… mixed thoughts on him being… “redeemed.” I think the story they tell with Don Thousand needing to twist Vector’s memories and personality even more intensely than the others because he was an intensely good person makes logical sense. However, him instantly repenting? Yes he turned out to be tricking them, well, seemingly. Honestly, it’s impossible to tell what the hell was going on in Vector’s mind during this scene. He claims he knew Don Thousand messed with his memories, which honestly sounds like a load of horseshit to me but those initial memories that made Vector sympathetic are real. That is what really happened to him and we know that some level of remorse he showed was real as he does genuinely sacrifice himself for Yuma later on and again. That human personality Vector had all that time ago isn’t completely gone. It’s possible that his reaction to Don Thousand twisting his memories was legitimate and he just used that trick to try and cover it up, to cling to his sadistic personality because it’s all he knows. Because that’s easier than being vulnerable and/or feeling that much pain. I don’t know, it’s all speculation but it’s fun to think about. I wish the show had actually addressed this topic and yeah, Vector does get off the hook too easily at the end. However, I like that in the little bit we see of him at the end, that he retains some of his mischief. Vector wouldn’t be Vector without his goblin tendencies.
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The Regular: Part 1 - Geto Suguru x Fem!Reader
synopsis: you’re a dancer at a club, but that doesn’t mean you have to put on a show for everyone. Especially not if Geto’s paying. 
word count: 2.6K
tw: nudity, small nsfw thoughts
Lipstick? Check. 
Eyeshadow? Check.
Eyelashes? Check. 
The eyes that stare back at you are your own, but for a minute, you’re lost in your own brown, doe-eyed gaze. Transfixed, you wish you could see what they saw when they looked at you. You wish someone would fix every mirror in your vicinity to display the person people thought you were. Maybe then you’d understand. 
“Y/n!” The manager of the club - Mrs. Lampton - bursts through the dressing room door eagerly, pushing against the weighted frame with ease. “We have a lot of new faces out there. Are you ready to go on in ten?” The look in Mrs. Lampton’s eyes had never been brighter, and you blink at her twice, wondering if the woman had forgotten that you walked into the strip club without coercion, and you would do your job just the same. 
“I’m here, aren’t I?” The rhetorical question makes Mrs. Lampton laugh, her amusement ringing out in the mostly empty dressing room. 
“You’re funny, girl. I’ll make sure they play your favorite songs.” Without another word, she leaves, and you’re alone again, placing a single pastie on each nipple. New faces… 
You hadn’t seen very many new people in the club since you’d been hired three months ago. It was always the same four men that came to see you during your weekday four o’clock shift, and a mix of the same faces during your ten o’clock dance on Friday evenings, when the club was full of men looking for an escape between the valley of your B-cups. 
There was Aiko, the man who had completely given up on love and decided to get his affection from you when he got paid every two weeks with a simple lap dance. Then you helped Kohi with his fantasies: he had admitted to you that he could only fuck his girlfriend with his eyes closed and couldn’t think of anyone else except the girls in the club, you especially. Takeru was no different, just a little more handsy than you had originally expected when allowing him into the VIP room. And finally, you had the pleasure of meeting a new regular named Yuma just last month. Yuma was young, bright-eyed, and had a carefree attitude that also affected his wallet. Out of the four, he was the best tipper and admittedly, the sweetest… but those were your only four regulars. 
The rest of the dancers at the club had at least enough regulars to count on both hands, but you were stuck with the smallest group. As such, you were given the shittiest shift, but you didn’t mind. The pay was enough to make up for rent and some extra expenses, but during the day, you were dedicated to working with your aunt in her flower shop. 
You saw an array of men there, too, and the regulars there were almost as frequent as the ones here. Thankfully, this club was on the other side of town - the richer side - and you would go unnoticed in your ink black wig and heavy makeup in the dim lights. 
You adjust your garters in the mirror, and slide the matching black lace bra over your pasty covered breasts. Tonight, there are new customers, and one of the new faces might potentially become a regular. Your regular. 
You swing the door open and walk through the blue-lighted hallway to the carpeted space before the stage steps, watching the girl before you - a tall, thin blonde named Hannah - slide down the pole upside down, earning a few cheers from the gathered crowd. You don’t get to see her finish due to the obstructed view as you gather your towel and spray it with rubbing alcohol, but you do hear the DJ call her name as she exits. Hannah brushes past you without speaking, shaking her head at the wad of cash and solid red bra in her hands. 
“Slow night?” you ask, and she turns around to face you, her blonde braid swinging over her shoulder. She raises a brow and then - in a rare show of kindness - mumbles: 
“There’s a real spender in that crowd, but he wants nothing to do with me. Watch out for those blue eyes; they’re really distracting.” You whip your head back to look at the pole, your fingers tightening around the damp terry cloth. When you look back, Hannah is disappearing into the dressing room, too far gone to ask about the blue eyes comment. 
Barefoot, you step up the stairs, and the DJ croons, “Next up is our loveliest newbie, y/n…” A slow song begins as you work your way around the pole with your towel, cleaning off any and all dirt and grime left behind from the previous girls with seduction. It was simple, really: twirling your hips and dancing around the pole was enough to make even the most stoic man soften. You were every man’s fantasy in that moment: a cleaning whore. When you finish your work, you find the cold, slick surface of the spin pole, and work your way up, feeling the pressure against the tops of your bare feet. It wasn’t unusual for you to leave with slightly bruised ankles or a “pole kiss” at your thigh. But it was all worth the extra money. Bruises faded away. Bills did not.
When you invert and grab the pole behind you, there is a sense of calm as you spin around like a siren, looking for the infamous blue eyes. It isn’t until you’re back on the floor that you see them - he’s across the room, eyes staring directly at you with white furrowed brows perched precariously above them. 
As you keep track of the single dollar bills being deposited on the stage in front of you, you notice another new face beside him, leaning in to whisper something while his eyes flick away. When you fan kick around the pole twice, you see the face - black eyes and black hair in a half-bun - turn towards you with a smile. The smile isn’t innocent, but when were smiles in the club anything less? You return the smile with sincerity, finding the two men completely captivating. 
But you have other customers to attend to; most notably, Yuma. His cherub face and tender green eyes are watching you from the bottom of the stage, his face in an entranced smile. 
“Y/n!” he yells over the music, holding up a one-hundred dollar bill. You dismount from the pole and crawl on your hands and knees toward the youth, whose lips quirk up in a playful smirk. 
“It’s good to see you here,” you breathe, dropping your voice an octave to seem more alluring. Yuma buys it hook, line, and sinker - as he always did - and slides the dollar bill between the garter and your see-through stockings. “See any good movies lately?” you wonder, letting him pet your leg tenderly. 
“You’ll really like the newest addition to the Hanged Man trilogy,” he begins, eyes roving over your figure salaciously. Yuma hooks a finger around your garter and gives it a gentle snap;  you huff out a laugh before rolling your neck around. “I’ll take you to see it, if you want.” 
“That would be so nice,” you purr back, arching your hips until he can practically feel your ass pushing into his hand. “I would love nothing more than that.” 
“I’ll buy a dance tonight and give you the details.” Yuma knows his time is short and waves a hand over your spine before retreating, his eyes staying with you as you unfurl from the floor. You have no intention of meeting Yuma outside of the club, but you have to admit that if you hadn’t met him in here, you probably would have attempted to pursue him. 
A fast song means that you’re coming to the second part of your three-part dance, and your fingers make quick work of your pointless bra. When it drops to the ground, you can feel eyes drawn to your unclothed upper body grinding on the pole. Your eyes flick back to the blue-eyes man in the corner, and you find he’s alone staring at his phone in the darkness. 
Why is he even here? you wonder, hooking a leg around the metal before swinging your back leg up. As you swing around with your head leaned back, you catch his handsome companion at the bottom of the stage, arm muscles rippling under his white button down. He’s counting his money, you realize, and take that as a sign that he might be beholden to making a generous donation. It isn’t until he holds out two hundred dollar bills that you stop, and he places it on the stage, patting it twice. You make your way back over to the stranger, eyeing him carefully under your heavy eyelashes as he leans in to speak. 
“Very generous,” you note, and he gives a sheepish smile as he tucks the bills into the side of your g-string. “To whom do I owe the pleasure?” 
“You can call me Geto.” His voice, calm and strong, washes over you like a burst of fresh air, and you notice he doesn’t seem nervous at all, despite appearing shy. 
“You can touch me,” you offer, but he places both hands back on the stage, staring into your eyes. 
“I’d rather do that privately. How much for a VIP room with you for the evening?” Your eyes flick to Yuma, who is happily downing a drink at the bar and settling his tab. 
“I… have one dance I have to --” 
“He hasn’t paid yet.” Another one-hundred dollar bill slides across the stage. “I’ll make it worth your while.” Another bill. “All of this,” Two more bills. “for one night.
Six hundred dollars. That was three times as much as you made on a regular night.
“And take this off.” You think he’s going to tug at your lingerie, but instead, he tugs a strand of your wig, and you frown. 
“Your real hair is brown.” He offers, raising his brows as if to challenge the denial working its way up your throat. You are a brunette. 
“P-pay the red-haired lady at the bar. Tell her you’re requesting the VIP room with me,” you stammer.
“I’d rather make sure all the money makes it into your pocket.” Your mouth dries up, but you have to finish your last song. The man notices your nerves, and jerks his chin at you slightly, a soft smile pulling at his lips. “No worries. I’ll see you in there.” 
As you’re wiping down, you feel your chest constrict slightly. Takeru and Yuma were the only ones who had actually been in the VIP room with you, but that had only been twice in your three months there. They had paid the bare minimum - two hundred dollars - to see you fully naked, touching yourself in front of them and allowing them to spread you bare for observation. There were no holds barred in there except fucking, but if this man could afford to drop three times the amount it cost to reserve the room for himself… Mrs. Lampton would most likely let him do as he pleased. For a moment, you consider Yuma being disappointed and downtrodden that you couldn’t give him at least one lap dance before the end of the night, but you had to go with this new stranger, if just for tonight. 
“Hey, y/n…” Mrs. Lampton pokes her head into the dressing room again. “The VIP room is ready for you. Your client is in there; you’ll be alone, as requested.” Not even a fucking security guard.
The stairs up to the absolutely private area are steep, but you somehow wobble your way up there in your red, satin teddy and black robe. When you open the door to the room, the wall maps give a soft golden glow to the space, illuminating the couches and mirror on the back wall. One-way glass separates you from view of the other patrons down below, now enjoying another show from another girl. Usually, a security guard would post himself on this side of the wall, observing the free show with the stoicism of a statue. 
But tonight, it’s you and Geto. He lazes on a couch, both arms splayed across the light brown fabric as you enter the room. His black eyes follow you as you pad toward him, watching his every move. You stop in front of the man, locking eyes with him as you undo the tie at your waist and let the silk robe fall to the ground. His lips part and he spreads his legs, beckoning you forward with his right forefinger and middle finger. 
Silently, you make your way to him, planting yourself between his long legs and looking down. “Kneel.” Your breath hitches in your throat, but you sink to your knees anyways, keeping your eyes on him. As he leans over you, you think the worst is about to happen and squeeze your eyes and mouth shut. When his fingers find the nape of your neck, you flinch, but feel your hair tie slide off of the braid in your hair. He smells like sandalwood - you note - much unlike the other men you encountered in the club. They often reeked of booze and smoke, or something much grimer. 
His fingers work their way through your locks, separating the strands with ease before retracting. Your hair cascades around your face like a curtain, and he leans back, resuming his previous position. “You can dance if you’d like.” Instantly, you rise from the wooden floor and begin running your hands up your waist and to your chest, swirling your hips around to the sensual music playing through the speakers. Geto observes you with a tilted head, squinting his eyes when you play with the feathered hem of your teddy. You don’t lift it over your head, opting to tease him to his limit instead of giving him exactly what he wanted right away. 
His black eyes roam over your figure repeatedly, watching your hips sway and fingers wind into your hair without changing. He leans forward when you take a step back, lacing his fingers together in front of him calmly. You step back into his reach, and he shifts suddenly, startling you so bad that you stop moving entirely. 
“Sorry,” he hisses, adjusting his seating. “It’s a little uncomfortable to sit like that right now.” You let out a nervous chuckle and resume your movements, unsure if you’re ready to remove your lingerie or not. “I’m not going to ask you to take it off.” The admission makes you pause, but you continue to dance anyways. 
“Why would I?” He tosses back, shrugging.
“You get to see everything in here. That’s what you paid for, right?” 
“I paid for you to dance for me alone. I want a private show; not something anyone can watch for free.” 
“Do you want to touch me?” 
“Not yet.” 
And he didn’t for the rest of the time he spent there that night. Before he left the room, he pressed a couple of hundreds into your palm then opened the door and walked out. You had never experienced anything quite like it, but with the extra cash in your hand as you walked out of the club, you prayed to the stars that you would see this unicorn just one more time.
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johnnycranes · a month ago
Tumblr media
gift for @closecry 🥰
for the fc5 anniversary gift exchange by @quentinbecks 💞
The (Almost) Perfect Day feat. everyone's favorite King of Kyrat
warning/s: just language
It was weird to not hear screaming, gunshots or even the occasional dynamite exploding in the background. For the first time in, what was it? Well it was Thursday so…
For the first time in an astounding six and a half hours, it was quiet. One could even hear the birds without having to shush or shoot people in the vicinity, whichever got them to keep it the fuck down first.
Pagan sat at the head of the dining table, expecting to see fire rain down or what other poetic visual you could compare the backdrop of a raging civil war to, yet there was absolutely nothing.
Nada. Zip.
He might as well had been in, I don’t know, Hawaii or something. Even Yuma reported a whopping figure of only three prisoners captured that morning, and that was only because they fucking tried to sneak into the prison to rescue their friends.
And with Eric making all of his public appearances and touring around the different forts in Kyrat, Pagan was actually free to relax, not having to manage anything behind the scenes.
Because there was nothing to manage. It was just so damn… He laughed. He couldn’t even say it.
Ha, there!
Peaceful and Kyrat? Two things that shouldn’t even be in the same essay, let alone in the same fucking sentence. 
Pagan glanced at the television in front of him, seeing his body double wave at the Royal Army and shake hands with the superior officers. Hmm, it seemed the camera did add ten pounds.
Note to self, have Eric lose ten pounds.
Maybe twelve to be safe.
The chef arrived with the delicious-smelling Crab Rangoon and Pagan’s first instinct was to glare at him. He tapped on his wrist impatiently, obviously not actually on his watch. That thing cost a fucking fortune.
“There you are!” he yelled. “Where have you been? You’re already five minutes lat- wait hang on.”
Either he had to fire his watchmaker and go through the trouble (AKA ask Yuma to do it) of finding a new one, or, and this one clearly couldn’t be the right answer…
The chef was actually on fucking time.
The chef - JR or something or other - smiled all weasel-y at Pagan as he carted the Crab Rangoon to the head of the table and placed it in front of the self-proclaimed King. “It’s still fresh,” he said quite nervously and honestly, what was there to be so nervous about?
Hesitantly, Pagan reached out to the still steaming and delicious smelling Crab Rangoon like how one would approach a dinosaur they wanted to pet.
At least, that's what he thought approaching a dinosaur would be like. Elephants he could pet without worry. But a fucking t-rex? 
Hmmm note to self: find a Jurassic Park scientist.
Anyway where was he? Ah yes! Crab Rangoon!
He took a small piece - and wow it was still hot! - and popped it into his mouth.
He chewed.
And chewed.
And oh heavens, yep. Yeah, that was good Crab Rangoon.
He didn't even realize he'd scooped up some more on his plate and was already reaching for the rice.
Yeah, Eric was definitely going to have to make more appearances for him, at least until the real Pagan got some exercise in.
Which reminded him to hire a trainer. 
He loved Yuma, she was an angel, but he wasn't going to ask her to do it after the last time he brought her along as his, quote unquote gym buddy. They would not have a remake of the treadmill incident. He still shivered just thinking about it.
He gobbled up his meal quickly and topped it off with some fresh orange juice. Ha, see! He could be healthy.
He used the napkin to carefully wipe his mouth and only then did he realize that the chef was still in the room with him!? 
Pagan blinked at the man who looked like he wanted to be anywhere but around him. Oh the silly man, he was basically invited to the cool kids table. He should be honored!
Pagan gave a boisterous laugh. "This was an excellent meal, my good sir! Give my compliments to the chef, which, you know, in this case is you!"
The man gave this little hesitant squeaky laugh that reminded Pagan of a mouse and oh my God he still needed to talk to Gary about setting up mouse traps around his room.
"T-thank you, sir," the man squeaked out.
Pagan waved his hand. "Well go on, you're dismissed. No dessert for today." Look at him, on a diet already!
The chef bowed before taking the plates and carting them off quicker than the Golden Path retreated during raids.
Alone once more, he pondered on how much of a damn relaxing day he had. One in a million really. Not one of those "I'm taking a day off but I still need to work" days, it was just… quiet.
Pagan hummed thoughtfully before deciding to stand from his seat. He did hear standing after a heavy meal helped stop bloating for the day. Hopefully not another lie he read on some fitspo's Instagram post.
He breathed in the air of Kyrat. Quiet, unpolluted with the sounds of gunfire Kyrat. 
And he smiled, a genuine one this time.
For all the days Kyrat chose to leave him in peace, it had to be that day, huh?
Taking a deep breath, Pagan took one last look at the clear blue sky of his kingdom before walking. He had a date to keep, after all.
So with no one around to bother him, he stopped by his little angel's shrine, bringing a fresh bouquet of flowers with him, pink and purple in color.
He placed it on the altar, pausing to stare at Lakshmana's portrait.
He had several others with him but this one… She looked exactly like the royal princess she was always meant to be.
"The only thing that would make this day perfect was if you and your mother were here to celebrate it with me." Pagan whispered. "Happy birthday, my darling."
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catboy-von-seckendorff · 2 months ago
Nagisa and Yuma playing
Nagisa: Do you want a cookie with your hot cocoa
Yuma: Yes please!
*waterboarding Mr. Squishy with elephant watering can
Yuma: Gluing Thumbtacks on chair
Nagisa: Pull the lever!
Yuma: Drops Mr Squishy with jump rope around neck You will pay for your sins in hell! Don’t keep the devil waiting!
Mami: WTF
Sayaka: This is concerning
Kyoko: This is entertaining.
Anon I want you to know that when I first got this ask I laughed about it for like three minutes straight, absolutely amazing
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forhope · 2 months ago
OOC: EY, PREACHING TO THE CHOIR HERE, Poly ships are the bomb💥
Am I allowed to inquire of your's~? >W>
     |    Oh you know-   |
Tumblr media
   |  I have a weakness for two smart people and Their Idiottm  but beyond that, Tori was the only other person Yuma activly trusted with astral’s care and wellbeing, a sentiment that was shared by Astral in terms of trusting her with Yuma’s safety. While she didnt get as much love as i desperately wish she did, Tori clearly cared about both of them in kind, even before she could see Astral she always took a moment to try to make him feel included in their conversations by talking to where she thought he might be, something we see Astral genuinely appreciates.  |
   [FUN FACT: Duel links confirmed Astral is sad when he’s left out of conversations, so that makes the fact that she does this extra soft to me.]
   |  There’s a lot of potential here and it makes me sad that Tori just kinda ended up spending 90% of her screen time staring with a worried face and saying Yuma’s name. I wont get into it here as id be going for ten paragraphs but if I can say ‘screw canon’ and make Eliphas more interesting I can do the same for Tori which is why I have MANY THOUGHTS about these three.  |
   |  TL;DR  :  Keyshipping and Skyshipping are both valid but have you considered Both?  |
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365filmsbyauroranocte · 11 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
3:10 to Yuma (Delmer Daves, 1957)  
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deforest · 2 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I don't go around just shooting people down. That isn't nice, you know. I work quiet. GLENN FORD in 3:10 TO YUMA (1957) dir. Delmer Daves
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everyhowlmarksthedead · a year ago
with Angel Reyes.
Chapter Two. Index.
Request #1: Hola! Angel asking for Felipe to have Marisol's ring cause he went to propose to his girlfriend. But Felipe says No cause he thinks EZ deserve its more. ( And cause WE know he love EZ more ) So Angel is like " Fuck this shit" And either is breaks in Felipe house to steal this ring Or Either he go brought the biggest and perfect ring ! 🤩
Request #2: Hey! Angel do something very impressive for his girlfriend ( like big and impressive asking for marriage or Travel 5 states just for see her) and this ending by Felipe being very impressive by his Sons and take conscience he is a bad dad for Angel. 🙏❤️🤟🤟
Tumblr media
Warnings: none.
Word count: about 1.2k
Aurora says: this writing hasn't been edited, you may find some grammar mistakes, I'm sorry about that!
Gif credits: @angels-reyes
Tumblr media
Usually, you spend more than ten minutes in front of the building just saying goodbye and kissing Angel, but this time he looks anxious for you to leave, assuming that maybe he has too much work to deal with.
“Call me when you're in LA, okay?” He says, kissing you one last time, before turning to the car with your friends waiting for you. “Take care of her, ah?”
“Yes, daddy Angel!” They yell laughing.
“I love you, mi angelito”.
“I love you too, mi dulce. But hurry, or you're gonna be late”.
Watching you smirking at him, before walking towards the car to sit on the passenger seat, you send him a kiss on air. He waits until you disappear from his visual field, to put on his helmet and turn on his motorbike to drive to the clubhouse. Coco was asking for too long for some days off to find a new home with Leti, so Taza decided to give him a week, compensating the hours Angel needs to earn the money. And for the next week, he will be traveling with Yuma charter to Chihuahua with a simple shipment. Enough for him, even if it means that he's not going to sleep many hours.
Tumblr media
As he asked you, as soon as you are in the rented house by your hospital, you lie down on the bed to type Angel's number by heart. But he doesn't answer. Trying it for another three times, you give up, guessing that maybe he's occupied with some business. Deciding to kill time having a shower, to get ready for dinner outside with other doctors, you step into the shower. It's the first time you're out of Santo Padre for this long, hoping that Angel doesn't do any crazy thing or end up losing his mind. He was acting too weird this morning, and you can't stop thinking about it. The ring tone of your phone pushes you to reality, closing the water tap to get out from the bath and wrap your body in a towel, as you walk to the bed.
“Baby!” You say excited, sitting over the mattress. “Were you busy?”
“Yeah, something like”. He snorts while you put on the speaker. “We had a lot of work in the scrapping”.
“Yeah, it's been crazy. Just calling you to make sure you're okay before going to sleep”.
“Going to sleep? This soon?”
“I start tomorrow at six”.
Frowning while you choose the clothes to wear from the suitcase close to you.
“Do you want me to call you, to wake you up”.
“Nah, don' worry, mi dulce. You have a busy day tomorrow too”.
“Okay, so… I will let you sleep”.
“Yeah, I'm already in bed”. He sighs. “Call you tomorrow, okay?”
“I love you so much, don' forget it”.
“I will not, baby. Sweet dreams”.
Tumblr media
The next days are the same history, receiving more random text than calls, not doing even a single video call teasing him about that you could forget how his face is, if you didn't have him like the background in your phone. But he just laughs at it with a tired tone, excusing himself with the fact that he has a lot of work to do, taking the advantage that you are far away. But you're not stupid. You know that he's hiding something that he doesn't want to talk about. And the last thought that roams your head is the possibility that he's cheating on you. You can fake love, and he would never lie to you in any way.
But when he has been a whole day declining your calls and not answering your text messages, you start to be totally pissed off by his attitude. Adding the plus that the seminaries are too long, you're sleeping very little and your mind is about to explode for too much information. Falling into your bed, you grab your phone to call EZ. At least, he answers after the second tone.
“What's up, doctor?”
“Hey, boy scout. You busy?”
“Nah, tell me”.
“Did you see Angel today?”
“Yeah, at the scrapping. Working. Why?”
“I think he's ignoring me”.
“Maybe. But not in a bad mood. I mean, he asked Taza for extra hours and Coco is on holidays. So he's also sleeping at the clubhouse”.
“Is he into trouble…?”
“Not that I know, (Y/N). But I'll keep an eye on him, don't worry”.
“Great, ah… Don't tell him I called you, okay?”.
“Okay, doctor, no problem”.
Hanging on the call, EZ looks at his phone confused, walking through the alley before going upstairs to the office. Angel is there with his forehead resting over the desk, cursing in spanish because he wants to sleep. His young brother palms the door, scaring the sit out of him. Sitting up about having a heart attack, the older gives him an evil look like he is trying to kill him.
“Your girl called me, but she told me to not tell you”.
“So, why do you tell me, genius?”
“I thought you would like to know. She thinks you're ignoring her”.
“I'm working like mad”. He says opening his hand to point all the papers over the desk.
“I told her, but, why?”
Rolling his eyes, Angel lights up a cig in his lips, having a deep smoke.
“I need money”.
“Why the fuck everybody thinks I'm in fucking trouble?”
“Then, what?”
“I'm gonna ask her to marry me and I need a ring, obviously”.
“How much? I will give it to you”.
Angel laughs bittersweet, shaking his head.
“No, thanks, little brother. You have done too much already”.
“What does it mean?”
“I asked pops for mom's ring. Wanna know what he said? ‘No, it's for your brother’. But guess what, you can't marry a bitch already married, EZ”. Leaning over the desk, with both arms against the edge, he raises both eyebrows. “So, no. Thank you. I'm gonna earn every fucking buck to buy the perfect ring for ma' future wife. I don't need anyone to cover my shit, nor my ass”.
“I didn't know about what po—”.
“Yeah, finally you're discovering that you're not Wikipedia and that you don't have to know what's going on the whole time, golden boy”.
“It isn't my fault, Angel”.
“Nah, it's mine for thinking about that maybe my father could stop being a bitch. Just for one damn time. Now, if you don't mind, I'm trying to work”.
Ezekiel doesn't say another word, nodding with his hands grabbing the folds of his kutte, before leaving his brother alone. The oldest Reyes snort rubbing his face, noticing through the window that it's almost night time. And you're right. He has been ignoring you unconsciously, and even if he misses you the whole time, he must continue working.
Tumblr media
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figureskatingandrainbows · a year ago
This was so much better than the ladies’ free skate! Everyone in the last two groups did so well, and this event was honestly so much fun to watch! Anyway, here are my thoughts on the top ten.
Nathan Chen
Honestly, I’m not the biggest fan of his programs this year, but his free was way better than at Nationals. His jumps were excellent, his spins were good, and he seemed way more confident than in the short. His program was a little lackluster until after he landed his 3A, and then we got to see the best of Nathan. He literally exploded off of that landing into his choreo sequence. If he gave all of his program that much energy and fire, he would set a new world record. He’s made loads of improvements in his spins and skating skills, and while he’s still not the best at either, his improvements are all super positive.
Yuzuru Hanyu
After the event, Yuzuru commented on how he felt “off balance” and that’s why his jumps were so mediocre. There are theories that he was late to the rink, had an asthma attack, was working too hard on the 4A, bombarded by ISU-hired hitmen, threatened, and/or had a nightmare about giant Winnie the Poohs, but in reality, he just had a bad day. Everyone has a day where their jump axes are off and they just don’t feel nearly as confident. And Yuzuru is hindered by these new programs. His free has loads of potential, but programs like Seimei are incredible in part because Yuzuru has perfected the choreography. His Heaven and Earth program needs more practice to be incredible. His performance here was also not nearly as good as in the short. Again, bad day, new program, bad jumps, no audience. I’m not worried for him, and I would love to see his free skate again with even better choreography.
Yuma Kagiyama
I’ve been on the Yuma train since October, and he really didn’t disappoint here. His skating was really good. His quads were beautiful, his programs well-executed, his spins and step sequences all level-4. He has such good speed and flow across the ice, a beautiful knee bend, and excellent edges and basic skating skills. I think the only thing I can say his how impressed I am. Yuma had a really difficult program with three quads and two 3A, as well as a tricky 3Lz-3Lo combination. He made two errors at the end of his program, but they weren’t detracting at all. It was his Worlds debut, and he posted all personal bests.  He went into the free after Nathan Chen, who just skated a clean, incredible free skate, and had no nerves in his skating at all. And he attributes that to Yuzuru’s pep talk after Japanese Nationals. (: 
I know many people say Yuma is the future, but I will second what Nathan Chen said. He is the future and the now. He’s consistent, confident, and a tiny little ray of sunshine. 
Shoma Uno
I don’t care about the mistakes in the short or the free. He got all his quads off and skated beautifully. He made his return at the international scene and placed fourth. He’s bounced back so much, and it makes me so happy. There’s so much joy about him now, and I love watching him skate now. Shoma really needs a bit more fixing in his sloppiness, and he’s right back as an Olympic medal threat. As long as he keeps fighting for the triple toes, I think we’ll keep on seeing improvement. 
Mikhail Kolyada
Again, another brilliant comeback. He also got all of his quads off. His free skate is a masterpiece, and he skated really pretty well. It wasn’t as amazing as some of his other performances, but Mikhail has proved he can hold up under pressure. His bounce back from obscurity to another potential Olympic medal contender is fantastic. 
Keegan Messing
So proud of Keegan! He was under the most pressure here. He had to secure two spots for the men of Canada, and he did. He put out two clean skates, both of which were emotional and enjoyable. His quads were gorgeous, and his skating skills are always something to behold.
Jason Brown
Jason wasn’t at his 100% best here, but he’s still show-stopping no matter what. His jumps were a little bit rough, but he got the quad salchow landed only on the quarter. That’s a huge improvement for him. His short program is a masterpiece, and his free is really good as well. Watching him skate is a pleasure and he was as amazing as always. He should be sent to the Olympics. A fan favorite who usually finishes in the top ten? Where can you go wrong?  
Kevin Aymoz and Junhwan Cha
Kevin had several mistakes on his jumps, but he refused to fall. His choreography was as wonderful as always, and even though he had some problems, he was still a pleasure to watch.
Junhwan just needs a little more power in his jumps. Borser has instilled him with good technique at the expense of rotation, and once he fixes his UR problem, he’ll shoot up higher in the men’s ranks. He’s always very relaxing to watch, and another well-rounded skater with so much potential. 
Evgeni Semenenko
He didn’t fall apart! He wasn’t a bad choice at all from FSR. His skating isn’t that impressive to me, but his quads are solid. He needs a lot more time to develop as an individual skater and work on his PCS, but going to Worlds and doing so well will do wonders for his confidence and I think we will be seeing a lot more of him. 
Yikes, Boyang and Vincent
22 and 25, two of the most unexpected placements of the event. These were some seriously rough skates. Vincent didn’t make the free and Boyang cost his country two Olympic spots. As always, in figure skating, you will have the one person who splats, but no one expected a favorite for the bronze and a favorite for the top ten to both finish so near the bottom. 
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skyfire85 · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
-An Israel Aircraft Industries Kfir C2 at the Muzeyon Heyl ha-Avir (Israeli Air Force Museum), Hatzerim Air Base, Israel, in 2006. | Photo: Bukvoed
Developed from the IAI Nesher, itself an unlicensed copy of the Dassault Mirage 5, the Kfir served with the IAF as well as several export countries.
In the early 1960 the Israeli Air Force purchased a force of nearly four dozen Dassault Mirage IIIC aircraft, mainly fighter variants, along with a few configured for recon and four two-place trainers. The Mirage was the first Mach-2 aircraft in the IAF, and served throughout the Sixties as the backbone of the force. The Israelis were disappointed in the range of the IIIC however, which reduced the usefulness of the plane in the ground-attack role. Dassault responded by developing the Mirage 5, a fair-weather nuclear-capable version which had a longer range. By the time Dassault completed the IAF's order however, changing political winds in France saw an embargo placed on Israel, and the 50 Mirage Vs ordered wound up in the French Air Force instead.
Undeterred, a copy of the Mirage 5 was produced by Israeli Aircraft Industries as the IAI Nesher using plans and specifications acquired from other Mirage users as well as plans for the 5 acquired by espionage. The Nesher wasn't quite the plane the IAF needed, however, and IAI set about developing a better version. In addition to improving the aerodynamics of the design, a more powerful engine was sought, and two were selected for trials: the GE J79 turbojet and the Rolls-Royce Spey turbofan. Despite the Spey being more powerful, the J79 was chosen and a license agreement signed by Beit Shemesh Engines Ltd. to produce the engine in Israel. The design was altered to accommodate the larger jet, with the aft fuselage shortened and widened, with larger intakes fitted to the front, and an auxiliary intake was added to the tail fin to admit extra air to cool the afterburner. A titanium heatshield was added as well. The prototype, codenamed the Ra'am B ("Thunder B") took it's maiden flight in June 1973. The Ra'am had a redesigned cockpit as well as strengthened landing gear, reconfigured fuel tanks which increased capacity to 713gal total, and small canard foreplanes added above and behind the intakes. The Ra'am B also had a large percentage of domestic avionics.
Tumblr media
-A Kfir C.1 at the IDF/AF Museum. | Photo: Eranb
The Ra'am B was approved for production and was now called the Kfir ("lion cub") C.1. The Kfir, like the Ra'am B and Mirage 5 before it, had a delta wing with a wingspan of 8.22m, while the aircraft was 15.65m long and 4.55m tall. Empty weight was 7,285kg, while the max TO weight was 16,200kg. The J79-J1E turbojet, which produced 11,900lb thrust (17,900lb with afterburner) pushed the Kfir to a maximum speed of Mach 2.3, a service ceiling of 17,680m, and a combat range of 768km (carrying seven bombs, two missiles and two drop tanks). Armament consisted of two 30mm DEFA cannon with 140 rounds per gun, while stores could be up to 5,775kg of unguided SNEB or Matra JL-100 rocket pods, AIM-9 or locally produced Shafrir or Python AAMs, Shrike anti-radiation missiles, AGM-65 guided missiles, or a variety of unguided or guided bombs, including specialty weapons like the TAL series of cluster bombs and the Matra Durandal anti-runway munition. The Kfir could also be fitted with reconnaissance pods.
Tumblr media
-Orthograph of the Kfir. | Illustration: Marcin Zieliński
The first C.1 were delivered to the 101st "First Fighter" Squadron in 1975, and served as the IAF's primary air superiority plane, flying alongside the McDonnnell F-4, which had by then been acquired from the US. The C.1 was swiftly followed by the improved C.2 variant, which had dogtoothed leading edges, small strakes under the nose and more highly swept canards. The C.2 was the first version to see combat, participating in an airstrike against a training camp near Tel Azia, Lebanon on 9 November 1977. Two years later, another C.2 gained the Kfir's only air-to-air kill, shooting down a Syrian MiG-21. During the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon the Kfirs had ceded the air superiority role to the F-15 and F-16, and so they were mainly used for strike missions, often flying unescorted. Beginning the following year, the Kfir C.2 were updated to C.7 standards, which included an uprated J79 engine, two additional pylons under the wings, a new Elta El/M-2021B radar, an updated cockpit featuring hands-on-throttle-and-stick (HOTAS) controls, an inflight refueling probe and larger canards. A trainer version, the two-seat TC.7, was also developed. Despite the Kfir's abilities, the availability of the superior F-15I Ra'am and F-16I Sufa led to the type's retirement in the mid-1990s.
Tumblr media
-An Israeli C.7 in flight. | Photo: Israeli Air Force
Despite being manufactured in Israel (under license), the Kfir's use of the J79 means that sales of the fighter are subject to approval by the US State Department. Despite this, the Kfir has been exported to several countries. The first client was Ecuador, which purchased twelve ex-IAF Kfir, ten C.2 and two TC.2 trainers, in 1981, which were delivered to the FAE in 1982-83. The Kfir saw action in the 1995 conflict between Ecuador and Peru, where they acted as escorts for the Ecuadorian A-37s. On 10 February 1995, an Ecuadorian C.2 shot down a Peruvian A-37, scoring the FAE's only kill with the type to date. In 1996 three more C.2 and a third TC.2 were acquired. A third purchase of eight of the newly developed C.10 model was blocked by the US, but a second option to purchase two C.10 and upgrade some or all of the existing fleet of C.2 to the same standard was approved. The C.10 is broadly similar to the C.7 in capacity, but is tailored for export, and has both helmet-mounted display and two multi-function displays in the cockpit. The C.10, also known as the CE by the FAE, also has the ability to fire upgraded Python 3 and 4 IR missiles. As of 2005, four of Ecuador's Kfir are known to have been lost in accidents, three fighters and one of the TC.2s.
Tumblr media
-Three FAE aircraft, a C.2, Mirage F.1 and Jaguar (l-r), during the BLUE HORIZON exercise in 1986. | Photo: USAF
The US Navy and USMC leased a force of 25 C.1 between 1985 and 1989, these aircraft were officially designated the F-21A Lion and were used by Navy Fighter Squadron 43 (VF-43) at NAS Oceana, Virginia and Marine Fighter Training Squadron 401 (VMFT-40) at MCAS Yuma, Arizona for dissimilar air combat training. The F-21A were painted in schemes commonly worn by Warsaw Pact aircraft, specifically the MiG-23, which was then seeing widescale introduction, and whos performance the Kfir/Lion largely matched. The USN and USMC Lions were modified with the addition of narrow-chord canards and two strakes on either side of their noses, both of which improved low-speed maneuverability and handling. The US Navy F-21A were returned to Israel in 1988 and were replaced by the F-16N, while the USMC F-21 were returned in 1989 and were replaced by F-5E Tiger IIs, although these were not as capable as the Lions.
Tumblr media
-One of VF-43's F-21A in flight over the desert in 1985. | Photo: US Navy
Tumblr media
-Three Marine F-21 of VMFT-401, showing the variety of paint schemes worn during DACT. | Photo: USMC
In addition to the USN/USMC F-21s, six ex-IAF Kfir were purchased by Airborne Tactical Advantage Company of Newport News, VA to serve as aggressor aircraft in training by US Navy, USAF and Air National Guard units. ATAC also flies Mirage F.1s, Hawker Hunters, A-4 Skyhawks and L-39 Albatroses. One of ATAC's Kfir crashed at NAS Fallon on 6 March 2012, killing the pilot.
Tumblr media
-An ATAC Kfir at the NAS Oceana air show in 2008. This aircraft, registration N404AX, crashed in 2012. | Photo: Justin Gibb
The Colombian Air Force (FAC) acquired 12 ex-IAF Kfir C.2 and one TC.2 in 1989, which were upgraded to C.7 standards and which saw use in counter-insurgency missions in the late 80's and 90's. A deal for twenty-four more aircraft was signed in 2008. These ex-IAF C.7 were upgraded to C.10 or C.12 standards (the C.12 is largely similar to the C.10, but lack radar) before deliveries began in 2009. FAC's existing C.2s were also upgraded under the same deal. On 1 November 2013 two Russian Air Force Tu-160 Blackjack bombers took off from Simon Bolivar Airport in Venezuela and crossed into Colombian air space, where they were intercepted and escorted out by FAC Kfirs. In 2017 FAC's C.10s were upgraded to EL/M 2052 AESA radar, which allows the planes to fire the I-Derby-ER, an extended range variant of its Derby FAF (fire-and-forget) active-radar missile as well as the advanced Python-5 beyond-visual-range (BVR) IR missile. As of 2019 23 of FAC's Kfir remain in service.
Tumblr media
-Three FAC Kfir in flight. The aircraft are carrying a mixed load of Python and Derby missiles as well as a LGB and desginator as well as a drop-tank. | Photo: FAC
Between 1995 and 2005 the Sri Lankan Air Force acquired ten C.2, one TC.2 and four C.7, all ex-IAF aircraft. The SLAF Kfir saw action against LTTE rebels during the long-running Sri Lankan civil war, during which time two C.7 were destroyed by rebels on the ground in 2001, and three more to training accidents. In 2011, two Kfir collided in midair during a practice session for an airshow. In June 2021 the SLAF finalized a contract to upgrade five of their Kfir and return them to service.
Tumblr media
-A Kfir C.2 of the No.10 Squadron on display during an airshow/open house in 2011. | Photo: Chamal Pathirana
Even today, IAI continues to develop and offer upgrades of the Kfir. The Block 60 are existing aircraft which have undergone extensive refurbishment, essentially returning them to zero airframe and powerplant hours. The Block 60 also incorporate the EL/M-2032 AESA radar, which gives look-down/shoot-down capability as well as tracking of up to 64 targets. Finally, Block 60 aircraft feature an open-source architecture, allowing clients to tailor the avionics to their needs and sources. Colombia has expressed interest in upgrading their aircraft, and other Block 60s have been offered to Bulgaria and Argentina.
Colombia, Ecuador and Sri Lanka have also been offered the Kfir NG (Next Generation), which can be either refitted older Kfir or new-build aircraft, powered by a GE-414 which is lighter, smaller and more fuel-efficient but more powerful than the J79 it replaces, allowing the Kfir NG to carry an additional kiloliter of fuel. The wing is also upgraded with new slats and fly-by-wire technology. Upgrades to the radar include the same EL/M-2052 AESA as the C.10, as well as the open system architecture and cockpit of the C.10 and Block 60.
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locallysourcedfriend · 7 months ago
roadtrip p2
She may or may not have mentioned the idea of planting a few other trees from the desert nearby so "Neg", as Tamilyn chose to call it, wouldn't feel as lonely in the day cycles in what was essentially just a hot dirt and rock room to Tobias. He wasn't directly in charge of how containment was set up but the promise of behavioral testing and the chance it could reveal how it hid so well up until this point and possibly find others like it should get him talking to people eventually. She'd made a hat similar to it's own in the meantime for when the the installments finally happened, and they did!
The very first day cycle after she had Cacti, (she knows it's factually incorrect to call anything in the yucca genus a cacti, but she does not care.) pick her up to tie down the top leaves and slapped a replica of it's headwear before making it back to her three dollar rental and making sure the tarp and straps are secure- she didn't need a 4 ton abomination falling out on the freeway and killing someone. It started to rattle again and that caught the attention of an onlooker causing her to slap the truck bed hard enough for it to move and seemingly rattle the cactus mimic. They just squinted at the scene momentarily before going back to talking on the phone.
Holding the abused hand and almost crying, a short "You owe me-" is hissed but it falls onto deaf ears. Getting to I-15 and into Yuma, Arizona was going to be a trip that she honestly wasn't too excited about the more she thought about the what might happen when she gets back-...
pulled off the highway in the middle of the Mojave to rest for the night. Not safe to drive more than 10 consecutive hours. Driver seat reclined, back window popped open, and Cacti tasked with "protecting" her for the night even though she doubts anything else was ever around these areas aside from them and a couple of moths. Did... They have any correlation to the flowers it was growing from its head recently? She'll keep note of that.
"Night, Cacti." A hum of acknowledgment and she was out.
Loud rattles and sporadic barking woke her up just before something nicked the top of the truck and left a dent in the roof
"COLLY-" a hold tighter than she was comfortable with had ripped her out of the car and two different growls were heard, one from Cacti and the other- Christ what the fuck is it looking at that it has to crane its neck? Oh. Big, glowing eyes stare down from a silhouette covering the moon. Cacti had stopped growling and the rattles grew faint when the figure swayed, it swayed back in response but hid Dr. Collymore further into its side leaves. It took a step back when the giant attempted to crouch and reach to touch them. Nodding, the giant stood back up and took a few steps away from the road but didn't go any further than that. It stared for a little while longer at the other cryptid and faintly whined before remembering that smaller creatures don't like being held tight.
"Sorry..." It felt bad for disrupting and taking her out of the truck even if it was important.
"You're fine. I'm not hurt, just a little scared." Cacti put her back in the front seat and readjusted her blanket to cover her up to the best of their ability.
"Better to drive a few minutes further and get out of his migration path. He's old. He can't tell the difference between the road and rivers anymore. He... Never means to hurt anyone but it happens sometimes. Avoid it." When it finally sat itself in the back it let to a wail, not unlike a distorted woman screaming and rattled while waving at the elder. He waved back and turned to continue on his path. She was... So tired but ten more minutes driving isn't gonna hurt after a half hour nap.
when im done writing these im probably gonna take more time to fix a few things before posting it all together if that's ok? almost got got stepped on by a saguaro but it's ok, dude's just old as fuck n looking for a creek to sit and listen to. feed some bats.
Awesome I love it! @itsflowers second part of collymore fic just dropped!
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dialovers-translations · a year ago
Diabolik Lovers GRAND EDITION for Switch ;; More, Blood ー Yuma Maniac [Prologue]
Tumblr media
ーー I could not get the concept of a livestock’s pride,
out of my head.
Since I became one of them, some time had passed.
Compared to the other kids my age, I had a large frame,
and my battle skills weren’t all too shabby either,
so whenever a fight broke out, 
I more often than not found myself by Boss’ side.
That day, I ended up finding out
about Boss’ secret.
Opposite to the fear I experienced at that time,
afraid of getting kicked out of the group,
Boss actually began to pay even more attention to me.
No, it was something slightly different.
Unlike before, it seemed as if Boss,
was seeking support from me.
While chowing down on the food he acquired through his secret activities,
we would talk about the most trivial things.
It was such a simple thing,
yet I came to realize that only during those times,
a pressure seemed to be lifted off Boss’ heart.
That is when I first found out.
That even Boss had a hard time,
burdening everything by himself.
It is so obvious when you think about it.
No matter how reliant or amazing of a guy he may have been,
in the end, he was still a young boy.
Boss was not much older than me,
he was still just a child after all.
However, even when I thought of him that way,
my respect for him did not falter.
If anything, knowing he still lived strong despite that,
I admired him.
ー The scene starts with a flashback in the city
Gang member A: Ugah...!
Bear: Ahーahー ...Can you guys not even read a calendar? Ah? I thought we decided we’d settle the score in three days?
See? As you can tell, this message was delivered from you guys’ boss to ours. He was even kind enough to attach a knife with it.
So why are you two here to try and strike while I least expect it? (1) What’s the meaning behind that, huh? You wanted to meet me that badly?
Gang member B: ...Because we have a bone to pick with you! We wanted to at least get one good hit off on you before you all get wiped out!
Bear: Wiped out, you say!?
Gang member B: Uguh!
Bear: You really think our whole squad would get wiped out by you little punks? Just how highly do you think of yourself?
Gang member B: ...Heh, hahaha!
Bear: Disgusting. Whatcha laughing for?
Gang member B: Nobody expects it. And that’s exactly why we aimed for those three days.
Bear: Ah...?
Gang member A: Oi, don’t say any more! Let’s go!
Gang member B: Che, guess we’ve got no other choice...!
Bear: ...Hold it!
ー The other gang members run away
Bear: ...What do they mean...?
Lucks: ーー The day has finally come.
Once the morning dawns, we’ll go settle the score with those guys. Anyone under the age of ten remains here. You’ll be in charge of protecting the hideout until we return.
Everyone coming with me is all ready to go, right?
Comrade A: Yeah!
Comrade B: More than ever, Boss! We’ve set everything up perfectly for today.
Lucks: Don’t overdo it. Lately the military has been patrolling the city as well. They’re not the kind of guys you want to get involved with.
Bear: ...
Lucks: Oi, Bear? Are you listening?
Bear: Eh? Ah, yeah. What?
Lucks: What’s wrong with you? You look so gloomy. With you looking like that, it’ll affect the spirit of our team!
Bear: My bad...Say, Boss. Shouldn’t we think this over one more time?
Lucks: You’re still saying that? Are you that worried about what they said?
They all talk big like that, no? It’s basically a greeting at this point.
Bear: That’s true but...I have a bad feeling about this. For some reason, I feel restless...
Lucks: Hehe...Bear, you might excel in terms of your built and physique, but you’re more of a coward than I thought.
Bear: Boss! I am seriouslyーー!
Lucks: Don’t worry. Nothing bad will happen.
We’ve been in plenty of fights up till now, right? However, we always came out victorious.
And if we defeat those guys today, we will finally stand at the very top of this city.
In short, we’ll have conquered the very bottom layer of this country. Do you understand what that means? It’s the first step towards our ‘dream’.
We’re not out to kill each other or anything. Well, I’m sure some blood will be spilt regardless. 
We might call each other the enemy, but we’re actually also comrades living in the same place. The real threat are the rich, not them.
Despite everything, I like the kids living here. They’re headstrong, genuine and strong.
Which is why I won’t let them fight ever again once I reach the top. I’ll start by changing my own surroundings like that.
Bear: ...
Lucks: Besides, I’m here for you guys. And so are you all for me. How could we possibly lose?
Bear: ...Yeah, you’re right.
( He’s right. I’m sure this is all just my imagination. ...But you know, Boss. )
( I still have a bad feeling about this. I know that there’s just no possible way we lose, but there’s this uneasy feeling in my chest... )
( ...Please let it just be my imagination. )
...Back then,
if only I had stopped Boss even by force,
would he have...would everyone have,
possibly survived?
In those filthy quarters, wearing dirty clothes,
but eating the same food,
as we all became adults together...
...I wonder if Boss,
would have been able to fulfill his dreams...?
ー The scene shifts to another flashback in the city
Comrade A: ...What...on earth is that...?
Comrade B: A tank...!? From the army...!?
Bear: ( ...Those bastards! They really planned to set us up after allーー!! )
Military member: An armed gang has been spotted. We can assume they are a rebellious group as stated in the information we received. Commence suppression!
Lucks: ! You guys, ruーー...!!
ーー We were children.
Despite calling this a fight,
somewhere inside our hearts,
we believed it to be impossible to lose our lives in just a kids’ quarrel.
I’m sure that the thought of their comrades dying, their Boss dying,
or even themselves dying,
did not even cross their minds.
Before the overwhelming force in front of us,
we were utterly powerless.
Bear: ...
...Boss...Hey...Open your eyes...
Aren’t you the one who said...I’d have to watch you till the bitter end...?
But you never told me it would be like this...! ...Damnit...!
Military member: ーー A survivor has been spotted. Kill him.
ー The flashback ends as the scene shifts to the kitchen
*Rustle rustle*
Yui: Ah, Yuma-kun! Geez, you’re searching the fridge again...Dinner will be served soon, you know?
Yuma: I’m hungry right now. Actin’ all high and mighty tryin’ to lecture me, huh, Sow?
Besides, it’s ‘cause ya always take forever makin’ our meals.
Yui: ( I started on it as soon as I got back from school, so rushing me any more would be... )
*Rustle rustle*
Yui: ( Ahーah... Today he’s going for a whole package of sausages... )
Yuma: ...
Yui: Yes?
Yuma: Who’s that dude from the other day?
Yui: Eh?
Yuma: That NEET on the staircase.
Yui: Staircase...Aah, you mean Shuu-san? He’s the eldest son of the Sakamaki family. Sakamaki Shuu-san.
Yuma: ...Do ya think I’m dumb? (2) I obviously know that much!
Yui: T-Then why did you ask?
Yuma: This prey really doesn’t get a hint...Is yer head completely empty or somethin’, aahn!?
I’m askin’ what kinda dude the eldest son of those Sakamaki bastards is!
Yui: What kind...?
( He basically wants to know Shuu-san’s personality? Hm... )
A listless...person, I guess? To put it simply.
Yuma: Haah? That isn’t ‘simple’ at all.
Yui: But if I had to put it some other way...He always seems exhausted, for example...?
I’m pretty sure his only interests are music and sucking blood. Also napping.
Yuma: Haah...He’s an actual NEET. (3) Anyway, and that guy’s the eldest son? It pisses me off how those on top are always too lazy to do anythin’.
...No, I guess that’s exactly why he’s like that. He can get his ass on the throne just by sleepin’ after all. Whatever. What else?
Yui: There’s also...Don’t ask me about the details, but I heard he went through quite a lot in the past...
Yuma: ...The fuck? Did he almost get himself killed or somethin’?
Yui: Like I said, I’m not quite sure eithーー
Yui: Kyah...!
Yuma: You do know, don’t you? Ya had them wrapped ‘round yer lil’ finger with that body of yers, didn’t ya? Ah?
So don’t tell me ya don’t know their secrets.
Yui: I’ve told you before, I never...
Yui: ...!
Yuma: Oi...I don’t think you’re that stupid but, you’re not tryin’ to cover for those bastards, are ya?
Yui: Cover...?
Yuma: Aren’t ya hidin’ all and any information which could put them at a disadvantage from us? Aahn?
Okay...Listen up!
Right now, you are our livestock and my toy. In short, we are yer owners.
If ya dare betray us ーー I will kill ya. I’d mess ya up real good, we could actually feed ya to the pigs and cows once I’m done with ya. (4)
Yui: ...Uu...
Yuma: ...Heh. You’re just gonna stand there quietly, shiverin’ in fear again? Ya really are so borin’.
Just don’t betray us then? As long as ya can do that, I can look past minor slip-ups.
‘Course, I have a limit. If ya make too much of a fuss...
ー Yuma grabs hold of her
Yui: ...! What are you doing...!?
Yuma: I’ll teach ya while I’m at it. What kind of punishment would be waitin’ you, that is.
Well? I’m pretty sure yer body is already used to this, whether ya like it or not. 
ー He bites her
Yui: ...!
Yuma: Nn...Phew...
Yui: ...Nn...!
Yui: ( Ah...! )
Yuma-kun...! The pot! The stove is still on...
Yuma: Aahn? Who cares ‘bout that crap? Just keep still!
Yui: No! If it boils for too long, the noodles will become overcooked and it won’t be good...
Yuma: ...Che, pasta out of all things? I can think of at least one person who will throw a tantrum if that happens.
Yui: If you understand, let me go...!
Yuma: Won’t do. If ya want me to stop that badly, then try and stop me yerself.
Yui: No way...!
( How should I do that when he’s holding onto me with his full strength...!? )
Yuma: Hehe...Do ya really think ya can slip free like that? You’re basically just shiverin’.
Don’t overestimate yerself too much, ‘kay?
‘Cause you’re the one who will end up regrettin’ it in the end...
Yui: ...!
ー The scene shifts to the dining room
Kou: ...What’s this...? I don’t want to eat this mushy mess!
Yui: I-I’m sorry, Kou-kun. I was going to boil a new batch, but we ran out of pasta...
( I got yelled at as to be expected... )
Kou: Then please give me a reward instead.
Let’s see...Fufu, I’ll forgive you if you let me suck your blood, okay? Say, what do you think?
Yui: W-What I think...?
Yuma: If ya continue spoutin’ that bullshit, you’ll be takin’ one hefty blow ‘gainst that face you’re so damn proud of!
Ruki: Yuma. We’re in the middle of our meal.
Azusa: Don’t worry, the pasta is safe...Hey, Yuma...You can hit me instead if you’d like?
Yuma: Ya stupid!?
Kou: Geez~ What are you getting so upset for? I was just messing around a little. Joking is what we idols do! (6)
Yuma: Do you see me laughin’!? As her caretaker, I’m obviously the one who has to blame her whenever she messes up! Don’t try and take my job!
Yui: ( Actually, it’s Yuma-kun’s fault the pasta overcooked in the first place... )
( Speaking of which, I wonder why Yuma-kun asked about Shuu-san earlier? )
Translation notes
(1) Yuma uses the word 寝込み or ‘nekomi’ which literally implies that they tried to attack him ‘in his sleep’. However, I think this is meant to be taken less literal in this case, but refers to the fact that they were expecting an attack in 3 days, so they could have been caught off guard. 
(2) Literally he says ‘are you looking down on me/are you underestimating me?’ but ‘do you think I’m dumb’ sounded better in this context.
(3) A NEET stands for a person who isn’t in education or training, implying that they don’t work but aren’t currently in school either. They have a very bad reputation for being ‘lazy’, simply wasting their life away at home, sitting at the computer, watching TV, etc.
(4) Yuma says he would mess her up so badly, she could actually become ‘food for livestock’ by the end of it.
(5) In Japanese, the expression for overcooking noodles in Japanese is ‘麺が伸びる’ or ‘men ga nobiru’ which literally means ‘the noodles will stretch’, referring to them being too plump/soft because they cooked for too long.
(6) Kou calls it an アイドルジョーク or ‘Idol joke’ which isn’t a term I’m actually familiar with. I do know that idols in Japan appear on TV quite often and a lot of those programs are geared towards comedy, so I assume having a decent sense of humor is a must if you want to be a Japanese idol. xD
<- [ Dark Epilogue ] [ Maniac 01 ] ->
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seeds-and-sins · a year ago
That One Woman
Tumblr media
Pairing: Pagan Min / Reader
Rating: T (Strong language, violence, sexual undertones)
Description: Pagan Min saves you from the resistance, and you end up becoming his assistant, among other things...
    Day one was like a roller coaster for you. You distinctly remember sipping from a cup of coffee, calmly meditating to yourself, thankful to be alive; when Pagan barged into the dining room and started making demands. The first demands had almost everything to do with what you were wearing...
"Oh Darling, you need to get out of those rags immediately. I don't need my assistant looking like trash. Have you ever heard of perfume? Yes? You need it." He insisted you soak in the bath for a bit, get your hair done, nails painted, you had never felt so feminine before in your life. Of course he arranged everything, had his best designer working on your wardrobe in the meantime. Your king's kindness had no limits it seemed. All the while, he paraded you around and lectured you on taking better care of yourself, "treating yourself" as he worded it. While before you never really had the money to do so, he made every effort to ensure that you knew that whatever you wanted was given to you immediately. After the work was done and you had left your quarters feeling ever so nourished and tender, he put you to work immediately. 
"I need you to schedule a meeting with Paul for three this afternoon..." You followed closely behind him in stride, scribbling his words onto a tiny notepad he had procured for you earlier. "Make sure the kitchen cooks his favorite; steak and mushrooms, grilled onions, that special sauce-I don't fucking know what-with a side of mashed potatoes, broccoli, and biscuits..." You were already out of breath, he was a fast walker. As he spoke it was almost like he had taken you around the entirety of the mansion that was his home, before finally entering his bedroom, where his designer waited patiently for his daily fitting. "Oh, and try everything before it leaves, last time they overcooked the broccoli, and I was not pleased." You gulped, never having ever tasted for someone before, never having ever done anything like this before. In fact, you probably were the most under qualified person for this job and yet he picked you. Why?
"Yes, Sir." He made a noise of acknowledgement as his designer tugged on the sleeves of a bright yellow suit jacket over Pagan's outstretched arms.
"Also, I almost forgot, do check in with Yuma about the security issue we've been having in the west. She promised me a direct report by noon and its already ten, I do not see what's taking her so long."
"Yes, Sir." You waited another moment as he critiqued his appearance in the long sided mirror, posing, cocking his head from side to side, testing the look. You were wondering if he was going to say anything else, and when he didn't, you took that as your sign to leave and complete the tasks he had assigned to you.
"Oh, and dear?" You glanced over your shoulder curiously, he snorted. "Could you also find me a new designer..." His eyes then focused harshly down onto the poor man who had created the suit jacket. Pagan angrily started to rip the thing off, the mustard fabric floating down to the ground as the stitches were yanked out. "I am trying to look like a king, not a fucking banana!"
"Y-Yes, Sir." You stuttered out, exiting the room as swiftly as you could to avoid Pagan's wrath. 
You wondered if the same wrath would ever be afforded to you. However, as time went on, as you soon became accustomed to his temper, his demands, the routines of his nation, he never quite yelled at you. Ever. One time you had made a mistake, the whole time wondering if he would at least make your death quick. At the very most, he sent you off with a light tap on the wrist and a warning, knowing you wouldn't be stupid enough to make the same mistake twice. Granted the mistake had everything to do with something as simple as how he liked his coffee, but he had killed people for far less. 
   In fact, what was once a stressful job at first, became plain fun. In the beginning, you didn't really have much of a choice but to become Pagan's assistant, but now you sat across from him, handling all of his important agenda, of your own free will. Not to mention, the gifts, he would surprise you with them almost every other day. You were practically spoiled under his supervision, sometimes even being allowed to sleep in if you had done your job well enough the day before. You didn't know why people hated your king, he was perfect in every way, you would worship the ground he walked upon if he allowed you to. Perhaps you were biased in the sense that if it hadn't been for him, your rags to riches fantasy never would have come true. 
   You had your own room, all brand new clothes, new shoes, all the food you could ever ask for, an entire library that he had dedicated to your hobby of reading, and an office that was the same size as your old shanty. Of course, with all the pearl earrings, luxurious bed spreads, the wonderful view, room service, security at every corner, why would you ever want to bite the hand that fed you? Of course, you would die for Pagan Min, because surely he had given you such a great life in comparison to your previous one, you'd gladly give your life for him. 
   And sometimes you wondered, if that was your only purpose, to make sure his affairs were in order and to make sure his food wasn't poisoned. It made sense, your undying loyalty didn't come cheap it seemed and you hadn't even realized it. These thoughts, these wonders, stemmed from the confusion that began this whole mess. Why did he pick you? A young nobody, he could have easily let you die that day. You were always too afraid to ask him the question though. You didn't want to sound ungrateful in your curiosity. You would sit across the expanse of mahogany wood as he shuffled through important papers and made signatures. Every so often sliding them across the table so you could organize them into the appropriate file.
  It was hard no to stare at him, admire everything that was Min. That fluffy blonde patch of hair that sat on his head, how the strands flickered out in front of his reading glasses. The curve of the collar on his button up, how it lead down to reveal those few undone buttons at the top of his long sleeved shirt. His sleeves rolled up, taut to the crease of his arm, slender fingers sliding between slabs of thin white paper. Every now and again, those fingers would reach up to catch the tip of his tongue, and she would find herself licking her lips with desire, imagining that tongue on her own fingers. 
"Yes, Sir?"
"Do you have that paperwork on that shipment from Rook Islands by any chance?" You steadily weeded through the files, carefully removing the proper papers. You stood to step around the table and carry them to him. He didn't lift his head as he held his hand out, accepting the papers in his grasp. You moved to go back to your seat before he stopped you with the continuation of his words. "Volker sent me a letter again, the annoying twat, something about a mistake with the merchandise. You know anything about this?" He finally met your gaze, those glasses sliding down to the tip of his nose as he considered you. You searched your mind for an answer, truly wondering if you had made a mistake, or perhaps you had missed one of Volker's mistakes. You shook your head, twiddling with your thumbs out in front of you. 
"Not that I know of, Sir." 
"Hmmm," He crowned his fingers against his lips, sitting back in his seat, elbows on the armrest. "Well, you might as well have a look for yourself, might jog your memory."
"Of course, Sir." He gestured for you to come to him, sliding his chair back to give you room. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion as he waved for you keep going.
"You can take a seat, if you will." You felt your breath hitch as you lowered your bottom down onto Pagan's lap. Your whole body engulfed in his warmth as he scooted forward and his arms snaked around your waist to bring forth the paper work again. His chin rested on your shoulder, the embrace extremely close, his strong cologne floating into your nostrils. His finger pointed at the discussed shipment receipts and the letter from Volker. You tried to focus on the words as you skimmed over them in your mind, but Pagan's close proximity to you and the very noticeable lump pressing against your backside was all the more distracting. 
"U-Um..." You cleared your throat, finding yourself leaning back into his chest. He shifted his legs further apart and you couldn't hide the gasp as the hard lump was a lot more accentuated against the curve of your ass in this suddenly all too short pencil skirt.
"Yes, darling?" He whispered huskily into your ear, your entire body feeling overwhelmed by everything Pagan.
"I think everything is in order, Sir." You finally were able to form a coherent sentence surprised at yourself for being capable of doing so. 
"I agree..." You inhaled sharply, his lips barely grazed the spot below your ear drum, along your throat. "I believe you deserve a reward for your hard work, right, my dear?" Yes, a reward, please. You wanted to beg on your knees, beg him for it all. The one thing he never gave you, never gifted you, praised you with. He chuckled, hands suddenly came to your waist and he scooted the chair back again. He forced you to stand with him and then he was gently turning you to face him. "I am sure you must be confused..." And you were, being Pagan's assistant meant that you knew almost everything about his life. One of those things was his overactive sexual exploits, people, men and women alike, were constantly going in and out of his room. "I swing for both teams, Darling, and I have been swinging for you for quite some time." While one hand resided on your waist still, caressing up and down over the fabric of your clothes, the other was now propped on the edge of the table and he came closer. "You must understand, this doesn't have to define our relationship if we don't want it to, but the tension is suffocating. I would like to just finally have my cake and eat it too..." His eyes centered expectantly on you, for a response, when he added. "All of it."
"B-But, S-Sir, I just don't understand." 
"Ask your questions, but my patience is thinning, and..." He almost growled the words that followed, eyes scanning you from head to toe as he pressed his crotch to yours and you gasped. "I might not be able to contain myself much longer."
"Why, me?" You didn't think you could do it, but you did. And this whole journey with Pagan has been a game of figuring out what you could do. Your confidence had surpassed the highest summit in the world, you felt like you could jump into a volcano and still come to tell the tale, like you could fly into space and catch the nearest star. It was all because of Pagan, you owed so much to the man, and all he ever did was give to you.
"You must be joking?" He giggled deeply, like there was some inside joke that you couldn't ever know, but he was going to tell you the joke anyways. "Darling, few know there was only ever one woman for me..." He cupped your cheek, and the other came to sink into the strands of your hair. "Until I met you that is."
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astral’s observations (#1-10) (#11-16) (#17-22)
i’ve seen compilations of astral’s observations in the dub, but never the original! so, i thought i’d share. here are the first 10 (encompassing episodes 1 through 8). transcript under the cut~
observation number one: your dueling tactics are nowhere near as good as mine.
observation number two... “you are weird.”
observation number three... “humans must eat and release in an endless combination. however, they will die the moment anyone sees them doing this.”
observation number four... “this is not something of this world.”
observation number 5... “humans feel pain in their hearts.”
observation number 6... “humans work their hardest when they are praised.”
observation number 7... “my memory pieces, the numbers cards... they grow the desire and darkness that dwells inside those they come into contact with.”
observation number 8... yuma is forbidden from dueling.
observation number nine. even yuma thinks of things on the flipside...
observation number ten. “i have come to comprehend human maternal love.”
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