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okay, so i’m watching 13 reasons why season 4 (don’t ask me why, i don’t even know) and i know it’s just a show (and not exactly a good one, no offense), but please i need to know, as someone who lives as far away from the US as possible: do school shooting drills like the one in episode 6 of s4 actually happen??!!! because if they do, it’s very fked up.

i watch a lot of american tv and movies, and although i know they’re just a mild representation of what actually goes on in the US, i have never before seen such a school shooting drill before… and i just can’t believe that this is actually a thing. 

please tell me this is not a thing. please.

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Shoutout to that #queen @breezedrilest for pulling up on me at the movie shoot with @richlyfe_manman @dareal_babyd @bigkp404 we lit what u doing????? We in here #thursday #media #djs  #defjamrecords #studio #rappers #freestyle #femaleartist #femalemodel #femalerapper #giveaways #platform #branding #fashion #awards
#supporttheartist #atlanta #state2state #mastermind #queen #knowdat #blackice211_ent #newgame

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Thank you so much for your help in thanking our amazing Partner Bloggers!! These folks really do not get the attention or accolades that they deserve. We hope that you were able to find some new blogger buddies today and it’s our sincere wish that our Bloggers felt the love from SLP, our Partners, and from all of you!! We treasure our PBloggers and are so thankful to have them as part of the SLP Universe. THANK YOU to them, and to ALL of the bloggers out there that tirelessly support the people of this community.

If YOU have a blog and are interested in getting more information about becoming an SLP Partner Blogger, please, PM the SLP Facebook page, DM us on Instagram or Twitter, or email us at We’d love to have you on board!!

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