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A new challenge you say? I am in. Believe it or not I have a half written fic on my laptop for IRRelief but I never got round to finishing it - whoops! Anyways, I work better with a deadline so managed to bash this one out today. It felt really good to be writing again, thanks so much for organising another challenge for us @gumnut-logic!

Gordon groaned into his pillow at the sound of the claxon but jumped out of bed nonetheless. Glancing at the clock he calculated that he’s barely gotten 3 hours of sleep and rubs his eyes tiredly. When he gets to the lounge Scott’s already there with John. Virgil and Alan are still out on their own rescue. Gordon was usually Virgil’s primary co-pilot but he’d been out on a solo rescue at an underwater research centre when the call had come in so Alan had taken his place.

Scott seemed to be arguing with John when he walked in. “-didn’t have to wake him, I can handle it.”

John glared. “You won’t be able to use the autopilot on One in those winds Scott, this is a two man job.”

John seemed to notice him then. “Sorry Gordon, I know you didn’t get much sleep. You feel up to it?”

Gordon stretched his arms above his head and grinned. “Totally. I am well rested and raring to go.”

He reckoned the statement was kind of ruined by the fact he was still in his pjs with bed-head but he tried his best.

Scott rolled his eyes at the statement as he made his way over to his chute. “Fine, suit-up Gordon but you are off duty for 12 hours minimum when we get back.”

“Aye-aye captain” he said with a salute while running towards his elevator.

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admittedly, not entirely? at least if we’re thinking of obsessive love meaning somebody being unhealthily co-dependent on or pursuing another nation to the point they’ll do anything for them or forget everything else. for me the concept of love is complicated between nations—it is always tempered to a degree by their self-interest. no nation will obsessively love another (romantically, at least)—to the point they lose sight of their own interests. also, i do have a hard time seeing nations being monogamous due to the inherently multi-faceted nature of their international relations, so such singularly-obsessive dynamics are also rarer, if that makes sense? they can be horny as hell but hmmm in that case it’s not quite a romantic obsession but more about physical gratification. even for my otp, fruk, who might come closest to this level of long-standing fixation…i wouldn’t say it’s obsessive love because even then arthur has cycled between despising francis and desiring his company. some nations do indeed form incredibly intense, long-standing attachments with each other, but the way i see it at the end of the day, their loyalty and sentiment is first and foremost steeped in their people. the very ones that make up their soul and give them life. 

though, the one thing i definitely see happening more often are obsessive and intense rivalries. that’s definitely an element in my developing headcanon for alfred and kiku from the mid-1800s to 1945. 

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im very angry about mental illness and idk shame and everything and i just… i feel bad and pressured to fit certain roles and shit. Living with my family has made things much worse. idk. yeah teenagers are judgy sometimes and my current friend group leans transphobic. But shit dude spending all day with other teenagers at school was so much better for my self perception and mental state. Do you know how much teenagers compliment eachother in the halls? Or just in general, being in hs all day was so positive. My house is so tiring and toxic and im tired of it.

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 ▌ @chaosbcund said  ▌

       lays himself on top of spin's head again, with noticeably
       less biting this time around. he's just vibin.

He’s going to try something new. You know, live and learn and all that, right? This time he’s gonna not jostle Fleetway in any way, doesn’t reach out and try and pull him off. He’s just going to ask, plainly. Can I help you with something?

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Look, I know it’s a CW show but none of these babies we’re seeing, nor Octavia in 1x06 or Hope now have effing birth cord and for the love of god they’re just born and placed in ppl’s hands I-

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“Oh my, are you tired? Fufu, there there~. Here, lay your head on my lap and take a rest; I’ll even pat your head and clean your ears if you wish~. Or if that is not what you are looking for, then I can give you a gentle embrace?”

Local mom-friend welcoming anyone and ya’ll to lay your heads on her lap or be hugged for comfort because everyone goddamn needs it right now 😤😤


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