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latinposeidon · 3 minutes ago
my contribution to the christmas present convo:
family gifts stay under the tree for about 2 weeks (or really whenever we rap them up and put them there) these are gift for grandparents etc
gifts for family in our household get put there during christmas eve and into christmas day at which point grandparents and cos gifts are removed and placed in bags to go to their house over the next few days as we see them over christmas
did have a cat and we still did it this way, she mostly avoided the room with the tree so it was never much of a problem to have gifts out for a while
wondered if it was going to be a brit verse american debate and spawn another round of britcourse and im both glad and disappointed it didn't
Yeah I feel like Luke's one of those people who didn't really have an extended family, and if he did, they probably lived far away (Canadian!Luke eyy). So to me, it's a thing of his extended family sending gifts to each other earlier on in December and they set out the presents on Christmas Eve. Also if so like,,,, it does kinda imply something about Mitch and Emily's relationship since she was the only one at home during the fight. So if that was the day they put out presents,,,,,,,, there are Implications there beestea
But yeah the idea of a Christmas britcourse debate in the middle of June is so funny
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bigcryptiddies · 4 minutes ago
Weird shit happens in the woods and the first thing people do is point to aliens like do you know how old woods are ?!!?! Trees and grass and flora and fauna and shit ??!?!?! Weird shit happens in the woods because the woods are weird !!!! They’ve been around longer than any of us conceptually and when they cluster together for miles like that weird shit is gonna happen, especially if you go alone !!!!
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gappy64 · 7 minutes ago
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vinnieslut · 12 minutes ago
Tumblr media
how come i ain’t seen this photo before
pls he is so F I N E
whenever ends up with this man better initial one of his fitteds bcuz that would be cute asf
happy bday to momma hacker <3
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prosouthmind · 19 minutes ago
Ricardo Preuten - Keep Moving (Southmind Edit) @nuonmusic #techhouse #deephouselovers #deephouse #clubremix #southmind #festival #tiktok #soundcloud #housemusiclovers #housemusic #clubcharts #spotifyplaylist #djmagofficial #traxsource #mixmag #beatport #ibizaglobalradio #fritzfm #radioenergy #sunshinelive #radiojamfm #radiortl #1live
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sabrosobaboso · 20 minutes ago
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quinces-limbo · 25 minutes ago
I am Ozwald and I'm just saying you could die if you do that for too long. It's concern, not aggression.
Plus it's generally not good for you. So Yknow.
oh SJDHGSJHD and yeah dw i didn't think it was agression
but yeah it was a only last night thing
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theladymummy · 26 minutes ago
*frantically presses elevator button*😱
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navybrat817 · 29 minutes ago
This just screams Y/N after Steve leaves in Not Your Forever🥲
Tumblr media
Okay, lovely anon. I see how it is. I take a break from work to answer some asks and you make me cry at my desk. 💔
Tumblr media
What did I do to you?! WHAT DID I DO?! Oh, wait...
Tumblr media
Oh, yeah. I'm writing the story. So...damn it. 😂
Seriously though, it rings true in a heartbreakingly beautiful way. Thank you for sharing. Update for them is coming soon. Thanks, love and "happy" reading. 💖💖💖
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wild-at-heart-kept-in-cage · 35 minutes ago
I don't feel mentally able to start doing adult shit today, so if y'all need me I will be learning some tiktok moves until my aura is restored.
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celestialchickensoup · 38 minutes ago
Tumblr media
me and my best friend after watching 2 seconds of straight tiktok
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anorexicbitchhh · 41 minutes ago
Piece of advice: if ur period hurts like a mf when u get it, I beg of u DO NOT fast under any conditions. I just took multivitamins and said that I’ll be fine. I was in fact not fine at all💀 40 minutes after getting my period I was getting this huge cramp. I couldn’t even walk to make tea and had to go back to my room halfway. I was shaking and my hands were shaking and vibrating it was almost like I had a fucking seizure. I almost passed out but luckily my dad came and brought me seven up, tea and biscuits. He also gave me medicine which I threw up right away cuz I had an extremely empty stomach. I was 20 hours in my fast and the day before I had laxatives. All I’m trying to say is be safe and pleaseee just rest on that day. Or u will have to break ur fast anyway just like I did.
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