jasonsthunderthighs · 7 days ago
*Tim and Jason are tied up together*
Tim: You don't think they're actually goin to kill us!?
Jason: Hmm..
Jason: *Looking down* Ah. Rookie mistake, should've tied my legs.
Tim: Huh?
Jason: *Starts to easily get up with his legs, getting up to his feet* Ali oop!
Tim: Hey! Do I even weigh ANYTHIN to you?
Jason: No. It's like holdin a couple of grapes. *Starts running away with Tim still tied to him* Let's go!
*Finally finds Dick*
Jason: Dick!
Dick: Jason! *Looking around* Where's Tim?!
Jason: *Turns around to show Tim* He's right here.
Tim: Hey.
Dick: *Trying not to laugh, putting his hand on his leg with his other hand showing one finger* Pfft!
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theatre-is-a-cult · 5 months ago
Apology gone wrong
imagine if when jason ended up reconciling with the Batfamily, he goes up to tim and tries to apologize for the whole attempted murder thing and tim just goes ‘no worries dude, it would have been a gift i’m more disappointed that you failed lol’ and jason is just sitting there going. ‘Replacement. Tim. What the fuck.’ and then calls dick going ‘ come get you robin he's depressed.’
so to sum up
Jason: hey i just wanted to apologize for trying to murder you, i know i was crazy with pit rage but i still feel terrible and I-
Tim, very sleep deprived and without a filter: I wish you had succeeded
Jason: ........
Tim not fully realising what he said:
Jason: Replacement. Tim. Timbo. What the fuck.
Tim still not fully aware of what's happening:
Jason pulling out his phone and calling dick: So did you know Tim was depressed and Suicidal? Lets keep him away from sharp objects and high buildings for a while k?
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timbothechamp · a year ago
Tumblr media
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geminidamianwayne · 3 months ago
am I seriously seeing people getting upset with damian for issue 12???? are we seriously gonna hate on him for a fucking prank war???? come the fuck on guys
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melennui · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
timbo timbo timbo. his name, say it. timbo.
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daughterofthebat · 5 months ago
I love how as a Fandom, we view Tim Drake in 2 very different ways. (But at the same time)
#1. Dangerous birdy of raw destruction and detective skills that doesn't get enough love even though he proved himself (let's be honest here) to be the best Robin and defeated Ras when no one else could and will royally F up your day without even lifting a finger so be careful how you even blink around him.
#2. A smol bean that wears his big brothers clothes, has the most precious hair floff, needs a good night's sleep because hes to busy trying to prove to Bruce/Dick that he's not just some smol adorable bean and is hopelessly addicted to coffee. :3
There's no in between...tell me I'm wrong.
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mmnoire · 9 months ago
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storagespyturtle · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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batmanisaloser · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
timbo bcs we both need to sleep
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the-emerald-quill · 11 months ago
Okay I’m reading the 1993 Robin series—starring best boi Tim Drake—and I’m only 15 issues in but ITS SO GOOD I CAN’T CONTAIN MYSELF!!!!
There’s so many little things that, having the knowldge of the batfamily that I have now, just totally make me flip. I’m watching all these little bonds form and new characters be introduced. Example: Robin fought KGBeast in one of the last issues, and we all know that KGBeast is responsible for Dick’s pretty recent case of amnesia (at least I’m hoping we all knew that, because if not I just spoiled that for you).
Also, how come no one ever talks about Tim’s temper?? Jason is “the angry one”, sure, but I’ve seen Timmers reach for a gun like three times already?? Like KIDDO CHILL OUT (he never actually picks it up, but the number of times he’s thought about it is truly shocking).
And last but not least (for now), is my precious girl Stephanie Brown. Getting to see her start her career is such a gift I love her SO MUCH!!! I can’t tell you how long I have been waiting to read this dang series and it is surpassing all of my expectations!!
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butwhyduh · 9 months ago
I wanna write something about Duckie but idk what. Got any ideas?
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jasonsthunderthighs · 10 days ago
Dick, about Damian: Apparently, we’re getting someone new in the group.
Tim: Are we stealing them?
Jason: New or used?
Dick: Wonderful responses, both of you.
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blackairforce1activities · a year ago
Tumblr media
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timbothechamp · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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geminidamianwayne · a year ago
people chill I am 99% sure that gotham knights robin is tim especially seeing the gameplay footage (he's wearing a red robin costume)
which im cool with cause he's the next robin after jay but im still crossing my fingers that dami shows up eventually in the game 
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krispyweiss · 9 months ago
Song Review: Sierra Ferrell and Timbo - “The Last Thing on My Mind” (Live, April 18, 2021)
Lots of people sing Dolly Parton songs. Few sing ’em like Sierra Ferrell sings ’em.
With Timbo joining on acoustic guitar and playing Porter Wagoner to Ferrell’s Parton, the duo performed “The Last Thing on My Mind” during the latter’s first of three livestream concerts.
This was Honky Tonk Night - Calypso is May 2 and Jazz is May 16 - and Ferrell epitomized it. Much like Alison Krauss, she makes channeling aural angels look effortless as her singing overshadows both the music and her co-star.
It’s one of those voices that would make laptop instructions sound scintillating. So imagine what it does in Parton’s wake.
Grade card: Sierra Ferrell and Timbo - “The Last Thing on My Mind” (Live - 4/18/21) - B
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ccb500 · 10 months ago
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raladopiercer · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Coinslot que realizei há pouco mais de um mês na minha querida amiga @starlightescape , agora finalmente com as jóias de Titânio da @trinity.jewels_ anodizadas nesse tom lindo, após o a primeira fase da Cicatrização. . "Coin slot significa fenda para moedas, normalmente presentes em máquinas que vendem produtos como bebidas e comidas. E é também o nome de uma técnica de modificação corporal que acontece na região das orelhas e que tem se tornado cada vez mais popular ao redor do mundo, inclusive no Brasil. Assim como toda e qualquer outra modificação corporal tem sido feita pelas mais variadas motivações. Em nossa pesquisa sobre a história do procedimento, não encontramos quem foi que inventou o nome e quando foi a primeira vez que ele surgiu (se você souber, por favor, deixe-nos saber). A nossa hipótese é a de que algumas pessoas dilatavam suas perfurações nas orelhas em regiões como a concha e a hélix, com o tempo, essas pessoas deixaram de usar earplugs e passaram a usar um punhado de joias de piercing, criando assim uma outra estética na orelha. Possivelmente um outro grupo de pessoas viu, achou interessante essa configuração e assim se fez o procedimento, com a intenção primeira de se criar uma fenda na orelha e inserir dentro dela algumas argolas." (Site do @frrrkguys ). . Estou viajando pelo RS e Oeste Catarinense, tô atendendo em Porto Alegre, até dia 07/09 no @graunatatuaria e ainda passarei por Palmeira das Missões e Erechim no RS e tbm por Concórdia e Caibi em SC. Após o dia 27/09 estarei novamente em Timbó/SC, atendendo no @perfurandobarreiras . @piercerfreelancer . . #piercingseviagens #piercerfreelancer #piercings #coinslot #bodymodification #titaniumjewelry #titanium #estudandopiercing #piercerlife #raladopiercer #perfurandobarreiras #timbo #indaial #blumenau (em Perfurando Barreiras Arte Corporal) https://www.instagram.com/p/CTadPT1J3Nd/?utm_medium=tumblr
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storagespyturtle · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
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hxckle · 5 months ago
bisexual tim drake is canon im so happy 😭😭😭
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