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lvlcurrent10 minutes ago
I can't wait for a Diavolo' s YouTuber apology
diavolo has made a severe and continuous lapse in his judgment 馃ぃ
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myelocin42 minutes ago
For just comfort characters and songs I have this :)
Tendou - Love you madly by cake
Kyotani - I love you I love you it鈥檚 disgusting by broadside
Tsukishima - in your heart by the Franklin electric
Bokuto - I got you honey by ocie elliot
Asahi- grow into love by half moon run
Kuroo - something tells me by bailen
Daichi - black coffee (unplugged) by Ryan Warnick
!!! i hope u don't mind i added it into a compiled playlist bc i rlly like the songs TwT (esp asahi's!!!) it's so fitting TwT
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Day #10: Remembering Orlando
In honour of the victims, I will be signing off social media until tomorrow morning
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astridthevalkyriean hour ago
i agree with the other anon. give us our rich!erwin x reader x rich!levi threesome 馃榿
okay okay fine, I鈥檒l do it. i鈥檒l write the rich eruri threesome 馃檮 are you happy now??
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adminnewstrustan hour ago
French Open: Barbora Krejcikova beat Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova to win French Open title
French Open: Barbora Krejcikova beat Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova to win French Open聽title
Czech Republic鈥檚 Barbora Krejcikova defeated Russia鈥檚 Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova 2-1 to win the women鈥檚 singles title of the French Open tennis tournament. He has won the match 6-1, 2-6, 6-4. Along with this, he has also got success in winning the first Grand Slam title. After 40 years, a woman from the Czech Republic has won this title. Earlier, Krejcikova had defeated Greece鈥檚 Maria Sakari 7-5,鈥
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wzard101an hour ago
he sent a recording of Big world - alex g last night bc he finally listened to Winner all the way thru and said i should give him somgs from the album i want to hear and i love when he talks in voice memos wjen hes sending guitar stuff in this one he started tbe song and then he was like "wait um" and started over and it was so cute...
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10thgrlan hour ago
bing bing & hit that drum by red velvet both sound like they could blend into a bollywood soundtrack . . . like just replace the lyrics of w/ hindi lyrics and you鈥檝e got yourself a bollywood song baby
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resurrectionpact2 hours ago
what to expect when you鈥檙e eggspecting
learning the joys of parenthood with @disgracedvessel
It's... warm. When Lyon returns to his seat, egg carefully cradled in his palms, he hopes that some kind of parental instinct would just... kick in, somehow. Isn't that how it works? Not that he would know. Lyon never fancied himself as a fatherly figure.
Well... actually, that's not entirely true... but, but even so! Lyon would have vastly preferred wide teal eyes and long, silky hair, as well as a smile that belonged to him and him alone... yes, Lyon's heart beats faster at the thought of partnering with her through this egg-caring project. But no, naturally his luck would never allow such a sweet thing to happen. Instead it's the troublemaker, or rather the boy who just seems like trouble incarnate, mischief made flesh. No... he鈥揓ulius, the teacher calls him鈥揾asn't done anything terrible yet in the short time Lyon has been here. But there is something off about him, as though it's only a matter of time...
Lyon keeps their greeting courteously short. Perhaps Eirika would frown at judging someone without knowing truly knowing them, but this Julius guy is exactly the kind of trouble he was hoping to avoid...
The last minutes of their class is dedicated to decorating their eggs, "to get those bonds started right away!" Lyon (hesitantly, begrudgingly) allows Julius take over this one. There isn't a single creative bone in own his body... perhaps this could unearth Julius' secret artistic talent? But every stroke of Julius' brush stabs into Lyon's heart. Horror builds with every minute, until the professor claps her hands and announces the end of today's lesson.
As the rest of their class dismisses, Lyon stares down at their egg, unsure of what to say. Given that they're partners... it's best to be polite. "I've never seen anything so, erm, unique... What is that?"
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midnightweeds2 hours ago
alcohol free
jjk ; toji ; w2409 ; s4w
summary : absentee boyfriend tells you he 鈥 needs more time 鈥 after you text him during a moment of self-pity ( it鈥檚 fluff !!! )
prompt : it's a surprise bc i don't want to ruin it lol - i'll make it purple in the text
an : his texts are bolded / what's in parenthesis is unread ; if you only want to read toji's parts, skip 'french ex-pat bar' ( but i'd at least read the last few lines of that entry ) ; i held on to this for a few days thinking it was too sweet but :) pt 5 :) won鈥檛 be :)
warning : swearing ; alcohol ; drunk reader ; ( 1 ) suggestive statement ; kissing ; indirect nanami slander
Tumblr media
It's days like this -awful and neverending- that you wish you had a normal life. A normal relationship. Anything to hold onto when things go fuck-all wrong.
Not that anything had even really gone wrong, per se. Just annoying as hell, and as you flop onto your couch like dead weight, the urge to quit and book a one way ticket to [country] all but burns your fingers and wells tears in your eyes.
"Idiots," you say, voice falling flat in the lonely silence of your apartment as you remember your day at work.
Sighing, you kick your legs onto the edge of the couch, eyes fixing blankly on the ceiling.
"Uh- Toji," you say, laughing at yourself as you press your palms into your eyes.
And as though he's heard you, your phone chimes with his text tone, a 'haha' in response to whatever meme you'd sent him a few days earlier.
You stare at it, watching the text bubble show and disappear for a few minutes, and imagine where he is or what he may be doing. Probably sitting in some grimy bar, eating a bowl of curry while shitty music plays in the background.
Fed up with the wandering text bubble, you decide to just message him.
Hey bub
What are you doing?
[picture of curry bowl]
Planning my next move
You should come home
馃ゲ I guess I miss you or whatever 馃お
Had a shit day at work so I'm just
sitting at home
Realizing things
He's quiet long enough for you to switch to LINE and see what Mei Mei and Ieiri are up to before deciding you'd rather not have to listen to either of them shit on your boyfriend.
Realizing what
I'm gonna go get shitfaced and wallow in self pity
Have fun w your planning
(Don't go alone)
(You're going to drive me to drink ffs)
French Ex-Pat Bar
"鈥檔 I don鈥檈ven know what I'm supposed to do with that, ya鈥檏now?"
Your best friend nods along, eyes focused on her computer screen as she works.
"I dunno," you sigh, asking the bartender for another apple Martini before looking back at your phone. "Sometimes I just wanna come home. I don't really need to be here to do my job any" -you hiccup- "more."
"What about el boyfriend?"
Your nose wrinkles. "Wow. Bitches get a week-long streak in Duolingo and thin" -you hiccup again, frowning at your new drink- "think they're Camila Cabello, huh?"
"First of all - ew," she says, but she's laughing as she looks back at her phone.
Through your drunken daze, you feel your heart aching at how long it's been since you last saw her in person. "Her boyfriend's hot," you shrug.
"Are they still dating?"
"Dunno. Doesn'matter."
"You're right! Because I asked about your boyfriend."
You resist the urge to down your drink. "Toji? probably wouldn't matter to him whether I stay or go."
A look of disbelief flickers across her face before she says, "Riiiight. That definitely adds up."
"I'm a cun-convenience," you say, getting hung up on the word.
"Oh? Did he say that?"
"Well, no," you frown. "You're supposed to be helpin鈥 me, bestie."
"From where I'm standing -sitting" -she laughs at her own joke- "he's gotten his shit together for you, y/N. I'm sure he could have a far easier time with literally any other person-"
"Wha-what does that mean?"
"You're difficult," she picks her phone up, the call pausing as she clicks away. "You don鈥檛 really want a boyfriend who is constantly there, y/n/N. You鈥檇 lose your mind. But you still want that closeness. And you're sitting, crying in some weird luxury Swiss bar-"
"It's French," you counter. "We literally came here. Above the candy store."
"Oh. Right. That place - god, are you really so miserable you felt the need to buy overpriced liquor?"
"Ok, ru-ude."
"Between you and I, you idiots are in love. However complicated that is. And, anyway, I gotta go. Conference call. Looks like you're in capable hands-"
"You think French ex-pats constitute 'capable hands?' Really?"
She laughs. "Not at all. But I do think the man behind you is wholly able to deal with your shit."
"See ya, y/N. Don't quit your job, okay? Stay and have really hot, mysterious babies."
"You want me to have hot babies?"
She snorts out a laugh before saying, "K, bye!"
"Uh- how lame," you pout, taking your earbuds from your ears and putting them in their case.
A scowl forms on your lips when someone sits next to you, but before you can give them a dirty look you get a lungful of Toji, your whole mind restarting at the realization.
"You're a menace, you know that?" He asks, the slightest hint of humor in his voice.
You all but throw yourself into him, your face pressing into his shoulder. "Am I difficult?"
"No. You're a pain in my ass, though. How much have you had to drink?"
"Not much- we should- yeah. We should have a drink together, Toji."
"Can I have her check?" He asks the bartender as he passes. "And take this," he says, pushing your half-drunken martini away.
"No," he tells you, green eyes pinning you in place.
You frown, propping your elbows on the bar top and squishing your cheeks between your hands. "You do think 'm difficult. "
"Good, you ate something," he says, mostly to himself as he looks over your bill. He makes to hand you your card before grabbing your card holder from it's spot next to your phone and slipping it in himself before pocketing it.
"Let's go," he tells you, handing you your phone before dropping some cash in your billfold.
"You can't just show up and boss me around."
"Can't I?" He asks as you get up. "They really oughta be ashamed of themselves for serving you," he grumbles as his arm slips around your waist to support you.
"I'm a grown woman- "
Somewhere in Tokyo
You blink a few times, taking a sip of your too hot coffee as you kick your legs out in front of you. The night gets clearer as you sober up, and the realization that your boyfriend and best friend conspired across continents causes your already hot face to burn.
"I don鈥檛 find you difficult," Toji says, breaking the silence that had built since he鈥檇 bought you a coffee.
"I know. [Best friend鈥檚 name] is just a dick sometimes鈥ow did you find me?"
"She has your location. We have a deal."
"You鈥ou have a deal?"
He turns his coffee cup in his hand, pointedly not looking at you from where he sits slumped lazily against the park bench. "Yes."
"What? Why?"
"You don't go drinking, y/N. Alone-"
"There's plenty I do alone, Toji," you roll your eyes.
He laughs dryly before saying, "I don't know how you constantly manage to fuck me up with just a few words." He sighs before sipping his coffee. "It should count as a weakness."
His brows raise in thought, and then he finally looks at you. He鈥檚 all sleepy-eyed and pale with exhaustion, his hair pushed back with a headband he鈥檚 very obviously stolen from you at some point. "Mine," he admits. "I came home because you asked me to, for the record."
Your eyes widen in surprise, and you take another sip of your coffee to distract yourself from the weight of his confession. "Has it always been that easy?"
He laughs again, this time with humor, and stretches his long arm out over the back of the bench. "For the majority of our relationship, yes."
You laugh, too, before teasing, "No one man should have all that power."
"Tell me about it," he sighs, turning toward you. His kneecap presses into your hip when he lifts his leg to rest on the seat. "Why are you upset?"
"It鈥檚鈥ot important."
"You just spent twenty-thousand yen on alcohol-"
"And a big salad-"
"And a big salad," he adds, clearly unimpressed. "And you got me here, y/N. So, what鈥檚 wrong?"
"Where were you?"
"Nowhere," he shrugs.
"It鈥檚 not important, I just鈥︹ You suck in a deep breath before saying, "I had a long day at work and wanted to feel something normal."
"Getting drunk on a Thursday isn鈥檛 normal. Not for you."
"Fine. I realized nothing about my life here is quite normal, not since I met you, and I didn鈥檛 feel like meeting up with my" -you look in his direction but don鈥檛 quite meet his gaze- "friends because they鈥檇 just tell me to break up with you. To date someone normal, like that dude in the suit-
"Who, for the record, is very clearly not normal. Who makes a tan suit their everyday look, anyway? It鈥檚 insane.
"But. I didn鈥檛 want to hear that and I couldn鈥檛 sit in that apartment so terribly alone, either. So鈥 was happy when you texted me.
"Really happy," you half laugh, disbelief flooding you. Taking a sip of coffee, you steel yourself and ask the question that鈥檚 been burning in your mind for too long: "Which鈥hat are we doing, Toji?"
He seems surprised for a moment, eyes searching yours, and you don鈥檛 know what to make of it. It leaves you feeling naked, vulnerable, and you can鈥檛 help but wish you were still drunk.
"I need more time."
Your brow creases in confusion. "What?"
His fingers are warm when they brush your cheek, his thumb grazing your bottom lip as an afterthought. "I need more time to answer that, y/N."
"Am I鈥ill I be upset with your answer?"
He leans in for a kiss, the most innocent of touches, and it causes butterflies in your stomach. "I didn鈥檛 expect to feel this way again鈥nd I didn鈥檛 want to," he tells you, brushing another kiss to your lips. "But it鈥檚 been years, y/N. I need more time to make it right."
"I don鈥檛 understand," you admit, turning out of his hold. "But, ok."
He reaches over to take your hand, thumb brushing slowly over your knuckles before he brings them to his lips. "I appreciate it."
"Whatever," you say, sighing before you finish off your coffee. "It's only because I like you," you admit, nose wrinkling. "How embarrassing."
He gets up, pulling you with him. "No one has to know," he tells you, hand coming up to cradle your jaw before he kisses you. "And if your friends don鈥檛 support you, you need new friends."
"No offense, Mr. Sociable, but you鈥檙e the last person I鈥檇 take relationship advice from." You smile as he kisses you again, this time harder, and you can taste the bitter flavor of his black-coffee on his lips.
"Come," he tells you, letting you go and bending at the knee.
You press a kiss to his scar and watch surprise blossom across his face.
"I鈥檒l carry you home."
"Who are you and what have you don鈥檛 with my Toji?"
"You have three more seconds."
You climb onto his back, heart pounding in your chest as you wrap your arms around his neck and breathe in the scent that's so clearly him you want to get lost in it. "Will you be there when I wake up?"
He takes a few steps toward a trash can and you both throw your cups out. "You鈥檙e going to have to put me out."
You smile, face buried in the crook of his neck. "So that鈥檚 what, three days?"
"I thought you were planning something."
"Whether to come home or pick up another job."
"I鈥檓 happy you came home," you murmur, pressing kisses to his neck and shoulder. "I was really starting to miss you."
"Princess, if you wanna get laid you just have to tell me."
You laugh, the leftover alcohol in your system loving the intimacy of the moment and causing you to continue kissing at him. "Not like that," you admit. "You鈥檝e been staying home for longer. I鈥檓 like鈥ren鈥檛 you an angel or something? The awe is addicting."
It鈥檚 his turn to laugh, the sound warming your chest as you feel it through your bodies. "An angel?"
"Yeah you have some sort of divinity thing, don鈥檛 you?"
"That鈥檚鈥hat鈥檚 not how that works."
The hesitancy in his voice causes you to smile, eyes closed as you lay on his shoulder. "Fine. I鈥檝e been conditioned into kissing you- missing you," you correct with a laugh.
"You鈥檙e an idiot."
"I鈥檓 just kidding," you say with a sigh.
"I miss you because I love you."
He stops walking, looking over his shoulder at you. His green eyes are wide, simultaneously hungry and sated, and you tilt your chin to kiss his jawline in response to his awe. For a moment you wonder how long it鈥檚 been since he鈥檚 heard those words- if he ever has- and it makes you wish you said it sooner.
So, you say it again and again, punctuating the declarations with kisses until you reach his lips. And when you do, your eyes meet his, a smile tugging at your lips as you press a kiss to the plush of his and follow up with one to his scar. It sends a shiver through his body that you feel echoing in yours.
"I love you," you say one more time, arms and legs tightening around him reassuringly.
"You鈥檙e still drunk, huh?"
"Alcohol free."
"More coffee, then."
"No, Toji. Fushiguro-"
"I鈥檓 not drunk," you tell him, fingers ghosting up the other side of his face before slipping into his hair. "I love you."
He squeezes your thighs, nose brushing your cheek as he tilts his head back to kiss the corner of your mouth with a soft hum. "Tell me that when you鈥檙e sober."
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count-woe-laf2 hours ago
what is 'i know that ruin is what honey does' from? is it from anything? i am obsessed with this
it's from this poem that makes me stare at the ceiling every time I read it-
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korimi42 hours ago
Top 5 current favorite songs/bands?馃檪
Oh god I really don鈥檛 listen to anything new right now except one songs so this is gonna be old songs ckbdjxbdjd
Songs :
1.I know I love you - TXT 馃グ
2.The killing kind - Marianas Trench
3.Moon - The Cab
4.So bad - Stayc
5.ASAP - Stayc
Band : this is based on what I listen the most right now not necessarily my fave band you Know who my ults are stayc & Twice are semis kfbdjfbdjdb the order 3 are all time fave tho
1.Marianas Trench
2.The Cab
3.Monsta x
5. Twice
Top 5 anything !
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haverwood2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bridge of Spies Steven Spielberg USA/Germany/India, 2015 鈽呪槄鈽呪槄
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normallyxstrange2 hours ago
Tumblr media
@corxunum鈥嬄爏ent: 鈥 i鈥檓 sorry, i didn鈥檛 meant to 鈥 [ Izzie to Mason ]
Tumblr media
聽聽聽聽聽Clumsiness was nothing new. For as long as he鈥檇 been around, he鈥檇 witnessed it thousands of times over. A slip here, a fall, an accidental bump--even he, two-centuries old, both comfortable and graceful in his body--had stumbled a time or two.聽
聽聽聽聽聽So when the woman began her apology, he waved her off. 鈥淚t is quite all right.鈥 His eyes were the brightest blue when he looked to her, words rounding faintly with a French accent. She had spilled her drink quite closely to him it was true, but it just so happened to miss entirely. A quick redirection via magic had helped with that, of course. The smallest gestures could do wonders.
聽 聽 聽鈥淭here is no harm done, save for your beverage.鈥 And it hadn鈥檛 appeared as if she meant to do it so, truly, it had not bothered him in the slightest.
聽聽聽聽聽Swiftly Mason plucked a few paper napkins from the nearby dispenser to aid in the clean-up. 鈥淎llow me.鈥
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iansfreckles2 hours ago
ok now consider this: cardigan by taylor swift
鈥渁nd when i felt like i was an old cardigan under someone鈥檚 bed: you put me on and said i was your favorite.鈥
鈥測ou drew stars around my scars but now i鈥檓 bleeding / cause i knew you, stepping on the last train marked me like a blood stain / i knew you tried to change the ending, peter losing wendy / i knew you leaving like a father, running like water / when you are young they assume you know nothing, but i knew you鈥檇 linger like a tattoo kiss / i knew you鈥檇 haunt all of my what if鈥檚 / the smell of smoke would hang around this long / cause i knew everything when i was young.鈥
ok i鈥檓 done 馃槶馃槶馃槶
caitlin 馃槶馃槶 this song..... yes indeed uh huh uh huh everything you included is just. yes. thanks for making me think about this I will now be thinking about it for the rest of forever 馃槶
"i knew you tried to change the ending..... running like water.... i knew you'd linger like a tattoo kiss"
like........ the feelings that evokes alskdjalskdjlaksdj
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clown-manifestation3 hours ago
Tumblr media
I was going to Add That I鈥檝e just discovered the Joy of Watching Whatever E3 is, because Live Game Announcement are a fun Event to watch! I don鈥檛 remember or Understood what anyone was saying asides From One Man that said聽鈥業s that the Tree from Avatar? I can鈥檛 wait to just... Climb Inside鈥 and this Picture from a Commercial where I couldn鈥檛 Comprehend what they Were saying! So much Fun, I wish we could do a Watch Party!
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haverwood3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dunkirk Christopher Nolan UK/Netherlands/France/USA, 2017 鈽呪槄鈽呪槄鈽
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