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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.
#To be continued
spinach17 · an hour ago
things i need to do in order to get my life together:
- get a journal to carry around and write in
- start using my film camera
- eat healthier, with more care and thought
- exercise triweekly
- get used to doing homework ahead of time
- do stretches
- wash my face, and put more effort into my skincare routine
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macmanx · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
to be continued
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toomuchdickfort · 12 hours ago
[Corvid snaps awake, still feeling the echo of the pressure on his chest from his dream, and still feeling the panic of something just out of view.
He spends a few seconds staring at the wall before him before he turns the other way, scooting back until his shoulder bumps the baseboard. And... from this angle, the light from the window above him lands just right to watch a few of Laris’s marks dance in their sleep.
The healer has mostly curled up under their blanket, but they tend to keep something on the back of their right hand, which is laying palm-down beside their head.
There’s a couple dancing across the back of their hand, hair and skirt trailing out into stylized flowers behind them.
He can’t quiet see their face, with how they’re curled around a spare pillow, but... he would imagine they’re having a nice dream.
He’s glad someone is.
He’s glad Laris is.
They deserve some good dreams right about now.]
@highladysith @becnw @french-fry-0 @mauchi--mochi @bittersweet-and-verygay @king-bubble @softichill
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blmasterlist · 15 hours ago
Club Friday: The Series [2] — To Be Continued
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getsoundfx · 15 hours ago
To be Continued Sound Efffect #shorts
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ruubesz-draws · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What if Mothra was in Godzilla vs Kong... hhhhmmmmm~~
And finally... Ghidorah and MechaG meet... face to face... wonder how that’s gonna go, stay tuned!
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When you find a good fic that represents your favourite characters the same way you see it and it’s really well written and just everything you’ve ever wanted in a fic but it was last updated in January:
Tumblr media
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rampanttheories · a day ago
Expanding on this post. I imagine the split from canon to go a little something like this:
Harry Potter is left on the doorstep of Privet Drive 4 and the tabby cat turns the corner and disappears from Surrey. Minerva McGonagall apparates to the outskirts of Hogwarts’ wards and maybe stands still in the November night, still stiff from a day spent on a wall, and watches the lights flicker in the castle’s windows. And maybe that is when the news, the impossible news, the news she hadn’t wanted to believe set in.
Voldemort is dead. And so are the Potters her students James and Lily are dead.
Protective, kind, just Lily and bold, boisterous, caring James.
And maybe she turns her back to Hogwarts-classes aren’t taking place anyway and her absence has been dealt with for a day already-and blindly makes her way down to Hogsmeade. She passes by the lights of the Three Broomsticks, where the jubilant and noisy celebrations ring so wrong within her. Past the dark windows of stores still partially fortified from years of war until her shoulder pushes the door of the Hog’s Head open.
Aberforth Dumbledore is just closing up when she stumbles in and orders a firewhisky in a monotonous voice. He knows her as he knows every teacher, from going for a drink and chat away from impressionable students’ eyes. But he knows her with a proud posture and clear eyes-a far cry from the witch in front of him. So he cleans up around her and locks the door and windows with a spell as he tips off her glass and fills one of his own.
Halfway through her third glass (not firewhisky, but something harmless that burns just as badly he keeps under the counter for the odd student on a dare) Minerva starts talking. About Lily and her refusal to give up on friends. About James and his skill in Quidditch and Transfiguration and abysmal grasp on the theory behind it. About relief after eleven years of war and the number of years leading up to it and how can they celebrate when so many are gone? About James and Lily’s little son, just past one, left alone with muggles, with a letter, next to the milk-And Aberforth’s alarm bells start ringing.
He may never have had children of his own, but he once had a sister he loved dearly and whom he took care of for long, too short years. Who had been harmed irreparably by people who didn’t understand magic. Leaving a magical child with muggles is the worst idea since dementors. And leaving a magical child of over a year (don’t they walk by then?) alone, outside, IN NOVEMBER does decidedly not sound particularly bright either, how in Merlin’s name did the boy end up in that situation? Oh, his brother had decided that would be the best course of action for the child? On the grounds he “has to be kept from his fame”? And only that? Are you quite certain the lad has nobody else left in the world, Minerva? Sirius Black is his godfather? That sounds about right, he and James snuck in here a couple of times, dragging those other two along. Well there you have it, Black must be worried sick if he can’t find his godson. Give the Potter boy to him, who knows what could happen to him in a muggle neighbourhood.
Minerva and Aberforth keep talking for the rest of the night. And bit by bit his staunch refusal to take his brother’s word as gospel on anything resembling childcare and his willingness to listen to her rambling contemplations and worries enable Minerva McGonagall to allow her own judgement free development, unhindered by decisions imposed by one Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.
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the-tiniest-demigod · 2 days ago
A New Appearance
In a small town during the silent hours of the night, a crack forms between two houses. A tear in the thin line between our world and the mindless consciousness of another dimension. Shortly after, a being of pure unknown matter emerges fascinated by everything. Every star, every building, everything. Unfortunately, a being of such creativity and physique cannot survive in a world that must abide by the laws of nature. Being crushed by this news the fox like creature that was no smaller that a cat jumped back though the hole, patching it up the best they can and falling back into the little infinite void. Upon immediately missing the beauty of the real world, They use all of their will power to create a false yet picture perfect version of our reality.. or not. Their limited knowledge of our world equals a shifted, distorted version of what we know. The creature is still learning and visiting different parts of our earth, observing and adding to theirs to make it more believable...
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twotiime2 · 2 days ago
OV  :  "What is the meaning of life?"
"I don't know. People have been asking that question for as long as philosophy has existed as a concept. But... But, I want to say, the meaning of life is living itself. Experiencing it. Being. Maybe that's a corny answer." His face lowers to the floor, and he rubs at the tears coming from his eyes, just so damn tired.
BV  :  "What is love?"
"Baby don't hurt me. Heh." sniffle. "I... that's harder. That's a feeling. Love is... a bond. Your souls and your minds click in a way that's indescribable... lots'a people would answer with something like, a hormonal response to finding desirous attributes in another being that makes you want to stay with them. But it's definitely something more than that. When you love, you feel it with your whole damn self... your heart aches, you'd do anything to protect them... and if you lost them, you'd die, because a part of yourself would be missing. We love so much in our lives, so many things, and sometimes it fades and sometimes it breaks and when it does, you really do die a little. Even years later, it still hurts." They're doing a sentience test, he realizes in the back of his mind. Probably.
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maborama · 2 days ago
Oft wenn Lucy nachts nicht einschlafen kann, steht sie langsam auf und öffnet das Fenster ihres Zimmers. Sie stolpert die drei Schritte von ihrem Bett zum Fenster, welches über ihrem Schreibtisch liegt. So auch heute an diesem Donnerstagabend, Lucy öffnet das Fenster und die Abendluft fegt sofort durch den Raum und sie nimmt einen tiefen Atemzug. Langsam ein und ausatmen. Lucy kann sehr oft nicht richtig schlafen, entweder es dauert ewig bis sie einschlafen kann oder sie wird mehrmals in der Nacht wach und findet einfach keine Ruhe mehr. Heute schwirren so viele Gedanken und Gefühle in ihr herum das ihr Kopf dröhnt, ihr Magen drückt und ihr Körper doppelt so schwer anfühlt wie sonst. Wenn sie versucht nach vorne in die Zukunft zu blicken, wird sie aufgeregt, bekommt Angst und fühlt sich von allen möglichen Problemen und Situationen gestresst. Konzentriert sie sich auf die Vergangenheit, kann sie sich nur an schlechte Momente aus ihrem Leben erinnern. Momente in denen sie Angst hatte, etwas aus ihrer Sicht peinliches gemacht hat oder wo sie von anderen Menschen verletzt wurde. Lucy spürt dann immer so einen stechenden Schmerz. Manchmal zuckt sie dann sogar im Schlaf wenn sie davon träumt und tagsüber wird ihr dann immer unvorstellbar übel. Andererseits weiß Lucy auch nicht, was sie mit sich anfangen soll, konzentriert sich die achtzehnjährige auf das Hier und Jetzt. Zwar gelingt es ihr sich immer für einen kurzen Moment abzulenken, aber helfen tut das nie. Lucy steigt von ihrem einfachen Holzstuhl auf ihren Schreibtisch. Ganz vorsichtig, auf dem sind viele wichtige, große und teils recht teure Gegenstände angeordnet. Den ersten Fuß zwischen Tischkante und ihrer Tastatur platziert, befördert Lucy rechten Fuß an der dazugehörigen Maus vorbei, immer bedacht die rechteckige Holzkiste mit Stiften und Pinseln nicht umzustoßen.
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ghostieboos · 2 days ago
Hi. Our names are Wheezy and Zing, and we twins.
Once upon a time, we babies, but by the time
Tumblr media
, our creator abandons us in an empty and perilous wasteland.
We raise ourselves, and by the time
Tumblr media
, we super strong.
That’s when we meet Wing, the other creation abandoned on this island.
At first
Tumblr media
, but once Wing earns our trust,
Tumblr media
, and over the years we develop an inseparable bond.
When we 18, we make up our minds to go find our creator and take revenge.
We are the only sentient beings on the island, but there is still public transportation from centuries past, so we go to the subway.
We so excited and having so much fun together that we miss the train, so instead of waiting for the next one,
Tumblr media
It takes a long time, but then we remember we have supernatural abilities and stamina, so
Tumblr media
When we get to the ocean surrounding our decimated island, we make a boat out of scraps we find in the ruins.
We get in the boat and
Tumblr media
When we arrive on the shores of Mianland, we dance around and celebrate, but Zing accidentally steps on a body.
We gather around and worry about the body. We cannot tell if the body is alive, so
Tumblr media
The body rouses and coughs up sand and says their name is King.
King thanks us and asks us how we found them, but we cannot speak, so
Tumblr media
, telling them that we came across their body on our quest for revenge.
King is surprised and then squints as they ask us where we came from.
We mime, “that is confidential information.”
King nods understandingly and offers us a job on their estate as thanks for saving their life.
We think that is a stupid way to thank someone, but we want to investigate King because something about them is suspicious, so we accept the job.
While we work at King’s estate,
Tumblr media
King thing that they are more powerful than us, even when sometimes they are mean and we could totally beat them up.
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daydreaming-realist · 2 days ago
I'm finally picking up my latest project again.
This is my dear friend Anna Margolina, photographed by Victoria Byt, during the recording of her online jazz show Old Fashioned Sleepless Nights on YouTube.
They are looking for crowd founding to keep it going. So, if you like jazz, music, art and wonderful honest and fun talk, consider giving them a hand. The show is in German for now but that might change in the future (the songs are in English and Yiddish).
This will be "coloured" with gray scale Copics and gold paint and maybe a hint of silver.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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