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I didn’t see the movie Joker for the first time until the beginning of February. Since then, I have (obviously) become infatuated with Arthur Fleck. At the same time, I have had some major emotional shit happening in the relationships in my own life, with this quarantine situation thrown in for good measure.

What I discovered, though, in these past months, is the absolutely amazing, diverse and accepting collection of people that make up the Joker fandom. Everyone connects to this character for different reasons, and the fact that we can all share and revel in the stories and pictures is astounding.

Thank you all for being you, Joker fans. You’ve made a difference in my life. 🤗

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JOKER (2019)
Grade: B+

You have to nitpick this film to really complain about anything. It’s fantastic  character development. I thought the ending was perfect. 

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Can we some headcanons for how pre-Joker Arthur act in regards to dating a woman that keeps their home clean, makes sure he has nice, hot meals, is always up for snuggling, and that genuinely loves him.

Word count: 911.


Originally posted by joaquins-phoenixs

  • From the first day you found out just how hard and almost unbearable Arthur’s life was, you did everything you could to help him out, to take care of him.
  • It took Arthur the longest time to accept that you weren’t doing it just so you could later use it against him to get him to do something for you, that it wasn’t a trick or a joke or yet another punchline to the joke that was his life…
  • It took him so long to accept your kindness and generosity for what it was, but when he did, it was always with the utmost grace.
  • The first time Arthur came home to you, he didn’t expect you to be there. 
  • He had confessed to you late one night, some weeks ago, that he had always loved the idea of having someone to come home to, and the idea had never left you.
  • So when the front door opened and closed, with the sound of the door being pulled across the latch, Arthur jumped to come around the corner and see you softly swaying in the kitchen to soft jazz while you finished up dinner.
  • Oh, hey, Arthur,”
  • “H-hey, Y/N?” He posed it like a question, his strong dark brows creased in confusion.
  • “Yeah,” You smiled at Arthur and it seemed to shake him out of his shock as he began to shed his mustard yellow hoodie, shoes and bag, “Sorry I just - wanted to surprise you.”
  • “It’s okay,” Arthur hummed, coming towards you for a much needed, much anticipated hug, “Are you making yourself dinner?”
  • You shook your head. “No, I - I hope you don’t mind but I made us both dinner.”
  • “Yo - you made us b-both - ?” Arthur cut himself off with a hum, clamping his thin lips together.
  • You nodded, stepping even closer into the hug so that you could pull Arthur completely into you, your hands rubbing up and down his back in firm, soothing motions while he fought off this laughing attack, your heart breaking for the fragile but strong man in your arms.
  • And so it became a routine that as often as you could would you get home before Arthur so that you could help him out in small ways; picking up his prescriptions, cleaning up around your home, setting up the radio to the soft jazz channel he loves so much… 
  • Arthur never made it feel like he was anything less than indebted to you for even the simplest of things.
  • Even when he’s bone tired, exhausted beyond measure and completely unable to even speak, his soft, sad smile and the tight way he clings to you says everything he can’t, his eyes stinging with every blink.
  • For every thing you do for Arthur, he does his best to return it 100000 x - for every meal you cook, for every prescription you pick up (telling him beforehand so that he doesn’t accidentally go to Helms himself and experience any panic because “your prescription isn’t here, sir”), for every hug you give him… Arthur is almost in tears.
  • He just can’t believe that someone loves him for who he is, but more than that, he can’t believe that someone like you, someone who knows him and understands him more than anyone else has even tried, is so willing to go out of their way to help him, to look after him.
  • Arthur has been the man of the house for as long as he can remember, and as such he’s always been the one to do everything.
  • Having you in his life just being your wonderful self doesn’t cure or heal Arthur, but your love is the glue which seeps into the cracks of his shattered psyche, of his torn heart, and helps to hold him together for even one more day.
  • Every night, when all is said and done and finally, finally, can you put reality away for the day, the two of you crawl into bed together.
  • You take Arthur into your arms and he sighs sleepily, clumsy lips pressing kisses to any part of you that he can reach as he gives himself over to his exhaustion, but more importantly, more potently, to you and to the love which you’ve always given him in abundance.
  • “I love you, Y/N. I love you so much.” Arthur’s voice cracks on your name and on the final word and you coo, hold him tighter, and allow his breathing to lull you to a state ready for sleep.
  • The words, “I love you too, Arthur.” chase you both into Morpheus’ arms, where there you stay, safe and whole, loved and protected.
  • Maybe you’re awake at 3 AM to soothe his nightmare or to coax him from the fridge because he just wants it all to stop, or maybe you’re awoken by a laughing attack at 5 AM while he’s getting ready for work or maybe… maybe you awaken to a cold, empty bed because he decided to sleep in the living room for a reason he won’t explain to you even if you ask him, but that’s okay.
  • Loving Arthur Fleck is not all sunshine and rainbows, try as you both might, and you have to work harder than you ever have before in a relationship, but it’s worth it. It’s more than worth it as again and again, in loving him, do both you finally receive what you both deserve.

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@i-wanna-give-arthur-fleck-a-hug: I was wondering if you could make it where like I’m acting really weird and Arthur catches on, and eventually he finds out that it’s the new medicine that I’ve been taking? Maybe Arthur making me promise to check to make sure it’s the right medicine because hes just really concerned about it? Idk I guess comfort would be really nice ;w; I’ve been having to take medicine and its been giving me severe stomach pains so..  yeah. I really hope this is the correct medicine lol. 

I hope this comforts you, love! I’m so sorry you’re not feeling very well, I hope your body adjusts to the new medication soon. I’m so proud of you. Thank you for requesting skskskskk <3333 Please go follow her, her stuff is amazing!

TW; mentions of nausea but no vomiting; mentions of prescribed medication for an unspecified reason.

‘Makenna’ is used but the name can be swapped out if needed.

Word count: 1, 002.


Originally posted by gracefuel

Oh, but your stomach was burning.

You had started taking some new medication a few day ago, and it was really causing you some discomfort. You had been left feeling sick, your stomach cramping. You felt nauseous but you hadn’t vomited at all, which was the only silver lining to the situation as far as you could see. You just hoped that you would adjust to this soon; it made everything so much harder being made to feel as you did by something that you needed, though you absolutely couldn’t control it.

Your eyes fell upon Arthur, who was stood in the small hallway which connected the bathroom to the living room. You smiled tenderly in realisation. You were wrong; there were two silver linings to this situation. One of them was a stronger, lighter silver lining than the other, and he was stood before you.

Arthur was frowning at you in concern, his strong, dark brows knitted in the middle, the wrinkles and lines around his face more prominent as he looked at you. “Are you - are you okay, Makenna?” His voice was quiet, his words hesitant; Arthur could see that you weren’t okay, and he was frustrated because there was nothing he could do to fix it until he found out what it was. And even then, if his suspicions were correct, so intelligent was he, he would still be rendered useless. He hated not being able to do anything for you, no matter how small the thing was.

You winced, resisting the urge to rub at your stomach. You were worried that perhaps this wasn’t the right medication for you, but then you had only started taking it a few days ago and you probably just hadn’t adjusted to it yet. You could only hope and endure it all in the meantime. “Ye-yeah, I’m okay.” You caught the spark of anger in Arthur’s green oceans, which was quickly schooled into obvious concern, and you decided to elaborate, “It’s just these meds are making my stomach hurt.”

“What?! Darling, why didn’t you say?” Arthur rushed over to you, knocking the corner of his knee on the edge of the coffee table. So concerned by your words was he that Arthur paid no attention to his own injury, you doubted if he even knew he had done it, instead coming to sit beside you on the sofa, his arm coming up and around your shoulders so that he could tug you into his side. His hand rubbed up and down your upper arm as though he were trying to chafe some warmth into you, and you sunk into his touch.

“I didn’t want to worry you.”

The look Arthur gave you only proved how misguided your good intentions would be.

You shifted your weight upon the worn sofa and closed your eyes as you finally gave into your urge to rub at your stomach, feeling nauseous. You knew you wouldn’t be sick and it was the only real comfort you had. 

Arthur’s eyes didn’t leave you for this entire time as he analysed you, cataloguing his own experiences of starting new medications against what you were suffering with. “I think you should get your medication checked, honey. Just to make sure it’s right. It shouldn’t - it shouldn’t hurt you like this.” 

You nodded, no longer wanting to focus on the pain and discomfort within your stomach; the more you focused on it, the more you became aware of how much it hurt. “I know. Thank you.” You smiled at Arthur, who caught the tension in your gaze and smiled knowingly, his expression weary and altogether tired.

“Come on, Makenna. Lay with me.” Arthur slid gracefully off the sofa and pulled you up to standing beside him. Upon seeing that you were balanced on your own two feet did Arthur sit back down, shuffling along the length of the sofa so that he was pressed against the back cushions, his arm stretched out and his hand dangling gracefully in mid air. “Come on.” He smiled at you, he smiled, and you did the same, moving slowly as you sat down in front of him, turning carefully until you were able to lay down on your side as well. You did feel somewhat better and you sighed in relief.

Arthur hummed and pressed a kiss to the back of your neck, snuggling tightly into you, resting his forehead in the space between your shoulder blades and doing his best to soothe you in the only way he could at this moment. He couldn’t reach within you and take your pain away, removing it for his own, he couldn’t fix the medication dosage or even change what had been prescribed for you. He couldn’t do anything other than to stay and to hold you, to press kisses to the back of your head, your neck, the side of your face, to whisper sweet nothings into your ear.

“I love you so much, Makenna. You’re so perfect.”

You gasped quietly and turned your body slowly so that you could face Arthur. Having realised your intentions did Arthur’s grip slacken until you were fully comfortable, and then he snuggled right in so that he could lean his forehead against yours, his eyes wide open as he took you in for all that you were and all that you ever would be; you were nothing short of angelic in his eyes. “I love you too. So much.”

Another quiet hum of sympathy and of love, so much love, and Arthur leaned forward so that he could kiss you, his lips initially cool before they were gradually warmed up by the heat of your own. That same heat brewed within, and it chased away the nausea left over by the medication. All you could do was to take everything a day at a time, one dosage at a time. But if you had Arthur by your side, well… You could and you would do it all.

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Just so everyone knows I’d be more than happy to do some imagines, headcannons, etc for Arthur and Joker.

leave me a message or ask! And please specify if you’d like it to be about Arthur, Joker or both.

I think I’m best at smut and angst for Joker specifically but will definitely challenge myself to fluff and other things with either!

Whatever you guys want! I’ll write it ;)

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Anybody else dream of having a “Joker” transformation? Minus the killings of course. I have severe social anxiety from having a verbally abuse mom I never realized it until she passed away and being bullied in school. It wrecked my self esteem. So when I saw Arthurs transformation I knew that’s what I wanted! I wanted to do and wear whatever I wanted without my inner voice ( my mother ) making me feel guilty. I wanted to unapologetically be me and just live! After I watched the movie I got myself in the gym for my health not so much looks, I try to walk straight and shoulders back, chin up. I try to maintain eye contact and voice what I want to say even if my voice cracks. I used to love dancing around the house but stopped because I felt stupid but now im dancing again and it feels amazing! Y’all when I say this movie impacted my life like no other I mean it! Thank you for my TED Talk! Lmaooo

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