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#Todoroki Shoto

Some of my personal favorite nicknames:

  • ❄️cutie🔥
  • ❄️bAaAaAaAaByYyYyYyYyYy🔥
  • ❄️snowflake🔥
  • ❄️my love🔥
  • 💥cutie💥
  • 💥babe💥
  • 🥦cutie🥦
  • 🥦doll🥦
  • 🇨🇦cutie🇨🇦
  • 🇨🇦pebble🇨🇦
  • 🐱kitty🐱

(if you understand these, you are a cultured being and have my respects)

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May I request yandere tenya or yandere shouto finding out someone else in the class has a crush on you/is going to ask you out?

Todoroki Shoto

  • When he first gains feelings for his darling, he’s really confused by them. He can’t understand why his emotions are getting so intense so for the majority of the time he outright ignores them. This situation snaps him right out of his denial, though, and it isn’t good. Shoto isn’t exactly nice, the only person he puts effort into being kind to is his darling. Finding out that someone else likes them puts him in an odd position. Shoto craves a normal and fulfilling relationship with his darling, but he really can’t help himself from having… thoughts. These thoughts contain him locking his darling up so no one can see them except for him. If he’s pushed far enough, he’ll make his thoughts a reality.

Originally posted by bishonenlover

Iida Tenya

  • He tries so hard to be normal because he’s painfully aware of how abnormal his feelings are. Tenya can be pretty good at hiding, or at least toning down, his possessive behavior, however, once he becomes aware that someone else likes his darling, it becomes mercilessly hard for him to keep himself under control like he usually does. He gets much more unhinged and god forbid if he ever went against that person during training. Tenya doesn’t mean to be aggressive, but he has that knowledge and it sticks in the back of his head like some sort of leech. His thought process won’t immediately go to kidnapping his darling, but his more possessive side becomes much more obvious.

Originally posted by kunikidaz

I love Tenya so much, you guys don’t understand.

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Tfw you’re too ticklish for anatomy homework.

Todoroki is trying to learn the muscles of the back, and Midoriya is only the most ticklish person in class he could have been paired to do this assignment with. Oh well. Might as well have some fun with it. Prompted by @cupcakedog2023 with #23 from the (more) tickle fics prompt list: “This is going to tickle. A lot.”

Gotta thank my partner for helping me write this one. She so smart, and so helpful to point out, “Touching this muscle would lead to a tickle fight.” Thanks, hun. You’re the best. You know me well.

SFW. Potential warnings: none. TodoDeku tickle fic.

Word count: 1,603


“Midoriya, if you keep squirming, we’ll never get this done.”

“I can’t help it!” Midoriya bemoaned, ducking his head to hide the embarrassed flush of his ears.

“Because you’re ticklish?” Todoroki’s tone was as even as ever, but the words sent a shiver down Deku’s spine. It sounded like Todoroki was just being as observant and reserved as ever, but, since he had his back to Todoroki, Midoriya couldn’t see Todoroki’s expression—thoughtful and indeed cool as usual, but with a rare playfulness gleaming in his bi-color eyes.

“I am not,” Midoriya huffed, crossing his arms to hug himself. “The pencil is cold,” was the best excuse he could offer, even though it was blatantly untrue. Todoroki had politely suggested that he use the eraser-end of a pencil to map out Midoriya’s back muscles—to locate and observe the origin, attachment, and action of his each one, as was their assignment—to avoid any awkward physical contact. Midoriya would have been fine with Todoroki touching him for the homework, but he was happy to oblige the other teen to make him more comfortable with the situation, as having a shirtless classmate on one’s bed was more often uncomfortable than not. He was a little relieved though; especially with all the scars he’d acquired from hero training and learning to use his Quirk, his back was particularly sensitive (though it always had been). Having someone poke at and draw on his back, he worried, would have prompted some pretty embarrassing ticklish sounds from him as well as prevented him from staying still enough to complete the homework. The pencil was, evidently, going to be no easier an inadvertent tickle tool to suffer under than a hand, though. Midoriya had hoped he would be able to keep his reactions to a minimum; of course, cruel fate would have it that Todoroki would not only notice but point it out. “And you surprise me when you touch me randomly,” Midoriya tried for a more believable answer. “A little warning would be appreciated.”

Todoroki hummed, unconvinced but not immediately pressing the matter further. He certainly didn’t want to embarrass Midoriya to death as well as accidentally tickle him to it. “Alright,” he said, marking on the assignment sheet what muscle he’d left off on and setting the pencil down. “But if you continue to squirm after I implement preventative measures, I’m going to have to hold you down for the rest of the assignment.”

Midoriya couldn’t tell if he was joking or not. But the mere thought of Todoroki pinning him down to softly and thoroughly tickle his back was giving him goosebumps. The green-haired shook the image from his mind and nodded resolutely, straightening his back and biting his lip. “Okay.”

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here are some things i can’t stop thinking about,,

Hawks and Todoroki will probably get along well since they had similar childhoods.

If Bakugo ever finds out what happened to Best Jeanist was Hawks fault he’ll most likely go batshit crazy on Hawks

if Tokoyami ever finds out what Hawks did he’ll most likely feel betrayed and might end his internship with him; OR he’ll allow Hawks to explain himself and then isolate himself from Hawks to think over the situation…

Hawks is one of the most morally gray characters i’ve ever seen and my gut from the beginning told me not to like him bc he couldn’t be trusted but i love him anyway

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Originally posted by sesukes

Here’s the fourth piece in my “If the heart could speak” series! The rest of the works in the series could be found here.

Relationships: Todoroki Shouto x Gender-neutral!Reader

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: none

Word Count: 1.2k

As soon as Todoroki’s eyes peeled open, he gathered himself and glanced at the bedside digital clock. The time reads 12:26, meaning he overslept way more than he used to before.

He runs his hand over his face and lightly taps the side of his cheek to further wake himself up, then gets on his feet to go freshen up in the bathroom. As soon as he’s standing right in front of the bathroom door, he notices a yellow post-it stuck on it. He plucks it off and reads,

“Good morning, Shou! If you’re reading this, I might have already left for that week-long conference thing I was talking about a few days ago. I didn’t want to wake you up because I know you’ve been up late for work again, but rest assured I did give you a little forehead kiss!

P.S. I made some of your favorites in the fridge, it should be enough to last a few days if you aren’t eating all of it today. If they run out, just order pizza hehe.

I love you! ❤”

He reads the note twice- maybe three, four times over and over again, and recognizes the few emoticons you’ve drawn all over the margins of the little slip, the hearts and stars you’ve oh-so-carefully drawn for him. Every re-read pulls at the corners of his lips until he’s smiling widely like a huge idiot in front of the door. He chuckles, then turns the knob on the door and steps inside the bathroom. He sticks the note right at the upper corner of the mirror, and it’s not because he wants to keep reading it while he’s washing up. Totally not.

He sees you two’s toothbrush cup and notices the lonely blue toothbrush–his–sitting inside. You must’ve brought yours with you, instead of a new one up in the cupboard. His eyes land on the other bath products lined on the bathroom counter and notices that you’ve arranged them by height, again. Last time, you color-coded them because you liked the aesthetic of it. Silly, silly you.

His entire routine consisted of brushing his teeth while reading your note three more times and washing his face and trying to arrange the products on the counter the same way you did. When he’s finished, he grabs his phone from the bedside table and makes his way to the kitchen.

Like what you said in your note, you did prepare his favorites. Not just some because by the number of reusable containers filled with broth and other foods inside the refrigerator, you might have cooked him too much food in fear of him starving to death. It’s not like he can’t cook, he just can’t do it without you.

He takes the pink-lidded container labeled “abalone rice porridge,” pours himself a serving into a bowl, and heats it up in the microwave. While waiting for the timer, he unlocks his phone and sees about seven messages from you. They were all along the lines of “Are you awake?” and a few were kissy emojis you slipped in between. The messages make him chuckle once more, and he sends you a little “Just about to have breakfast. Take care. x” before stuffing his phone in his pocket. Once his meal is done heating up, he takes it out and starts digging in.

The porridge tastes heavenly as always, but what caught his attention more were the carrots that you had cut like miniature flowers. He takes a particularly long glance at one piece of the carrot flowers and notes the little ridges and cuts you’ve made on it. It’s not perfect, but it doesn’t look bad either. He carefully scoops it onto his spoon and stares at it like it’s a rare treasure find because how can someone do that to a thin slice of carrot? He can’t even cut carrots evenly! The little carrot flower in his spoon seemed to be more delicate the longer he looks at it and he almost doesn’t want to eat it, but since you cooked this for him, he’ll gladly finish it all.

He sets the dishes in the sink and makes a mental note to do it later, then he trudges to the living room to plop onto the couch. His head rests on top of the backrest as he replays his entire morning–well, noontime–in his head.

Your little yellow note adorned with doodles that put a smile on his face, the ridiculously-arranged bath products on your bathroom sink counter, and the pretty carrot flowers you’ve mixed into his porridge– all of those are the smallest of the bare minimum things he encountered, but it’s just so… you. And he thinks it’s funny that your house is littered with you everywhere that even though you aren’t there, you are.

His hand falls to the spot beside him and he notices the dip in the cushion, must’ve been where you sat before you left for your conference. He lets his hand linger on the spot a while, then he sighs and closes his eyes.

In his head, he imagines you writing the note with a subtle crease in between your brow, you comparing your bath stuff one to another to see which is taller than the other, and you cooking him the best rice porridge while dressed in the cutest apron he’s ever laid eyes on. He also thinks of how you might have looked at him if he had woken up earlier and had caught you doing any one of those.

You’d look at him with your soft eyes and slowly smile at him after taking in his sleepy form. You’d giggle at how his hair’s been messed up from tossing and turning in bed, then drop all that you’ve been holding just to walk up to him and kiss him on the tip of his nose. Just that, because you know he would’ve been so excited to see you in the morning to even freshen up before coming out of the room.

If he hadn’t slept in too much he might have seen you off for the day; taking your cheeks into his palms as he looks lovingly into your eyes, advising you to take care, eat your meals every day, and send him texts about your whereabouts throughout the week. After that, he’d come to wait with you for your train ride, keeping your hand in his left hand the entire time because it’s always cold in the mornings. And then when it’s time for you to go, he’d brush your hair out of your face and place a kiss on your forehead, on the bridge of your nose, and a significantly longer one on your lips. He’d have one last look at you and your loving eyes, before waving you off with a small smile on each of your faces. And as your train moves, you’d mouth him an “I love you” and blow him a kiss, with him repeating your actions.

The scene in his head made him grumble and wish he’d woken up sooner, but the fatigue from yesterday’s patrol was not to be ignored. He sighs, opens his eyes, then takes his phone out of his pocket. He taps onto your message thread and sees that you haven’t replied to his text.

He’s typing… I miss you already. Sent.

He lets his phone drop onto the spot beside him and he sighs one more time.

This is going to be a long week.

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Click on the pics for my ugly ass in high definition cause tumblr sucks

So I did todoroki cosplay again

Used my pretty pallette


I’m vibing, texting my friend to show her


Fuck someone’s watching me


Eh, fuCK EM


There’s more of them


Eh, they can kiss my ass

Now prepare, as in this ride, you may get wet




My mum asked me to go to the shop, I’m dead

I’m in a room of old, white conservatives dressed at todoroki

All the cashier said is “so, you’ve seen Hamilton?” (Hoodie)


I got mikado, I’m good, I’m chill

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synopsis: mcgriddles level mushy fluff. thats it. like read the title.

words: 1.1k 

for @lovingshoto​ here you go baby ily!!


Your feet ache as you drag yourself back to the lift, towelling your wet hair. As usual, training was demanding and your normal shoes had been damaged, so you had to use a more uncomfortable pair. Needless to say, the moment Hatsume fixes your shoes you would be throwing the ones you used out and asking her for a spare set. 

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Some villainous teasing from someone who claims to want to be a hero, sir.

Teasy Todoroki and beyond flustered Midoriya; what more do we need? Gonna inundate your dashes with BNHA. Prompted by @i-am-definitely-not-straight with #11 from the (more) tickle fics prompt list: “Lie down, arms up.”

SFW. Potential warnings: none, but I cannot stress how teasy this is about to get. TodoDeku tickle fic.

Word count: 1,253


The hairs on the back of Midoriya’s neck were rising, and he wasn’t sure why. He wasn’t being hunted by villains or completing a stealth training exercise or even anticipating a meeting with Togata (which always began with the older teen jumping out from behind something to surprise him). He was just walking down the dorm hall to his room, hand-in-hand with Todoroki. Maybe it was his partner making him jumpy—the red-and-white-haired teen hadn’t been acting any different than usual that day, but he had been rather abrupt about leaving the bi-weekly ‘Class 1-A board games and bonding night’ early. To be fair, Todoroki usually left early because he was an early riser, but that evening, with Midoriya in tow, it had been an early and swift exeunt. Like he had somewhere else to be. Or like he was planning something.

Midoriya brushed the rising tide of hope back. He was jittery because he was in a lee mood, that was all; it wasn’t so mysterious. At lunch, he’d seen a group of second years tickling each other to solve some dispute about sharing a dessert, and, the rest of the day, he’d been craving some affection of a similar kind. Any other day, his mood would have been quickly taken care of. Most of his classmates had, early on, become endeared to his laugh and how absurdly ticklish he was, so Midoriya almost never went a day without someone giving him a fond squeeze to the side or pinch to the ribs or a scratch to the neck, etc., anything to make him stifle giggles during class or yelp as they ventured to the gyms. It was honestly really sweet, to all involved. Midoriya’s peers loved the silliness and cuteness a giggling, wiggling Deku could bring to any situation, and Midoriya liked the attention. And the getting tickled. Obviously.


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Hey, I absolutely love your writing! Can I possibly request HCs with Shoto Todoroki, Midoriya, and Bakugou and their (s/o)s’ having hydrokinesis as their quirk and being slightly insecure about it, since they think that the bois’ quirks are better?

asdffghdrwefvf omg tysm!! and yeahh here u go bby, hope you like them :)

// omfg it took twenty-eight hours to write these, god help me +.+ \


being insecure about your quirk [ headcanons ]

todoroki shouto:

  • tbvh todoroki doesn’t understands what you mean fully. that doesn’t mean he doesn’t try, though.
  • he definitely asks you why you feel like this, because he sees your quirk as something with potential for massive amounts of power, which it very much is.
  • when you explain that in comparison to his own quirk yours feels weak and silly, he is massively taken aback
  • watch him do le surprised pikachu face hEUEUEUUEUE
  • bby isn’t really the most tactful when it comes to expressing himself, so he just upfront tells you that it’s not a very good reason.
  • but he also goes on to give you a smol but very effective lecture on why your quirk is neither stronger nor weaker than his :)
  • if you still don’t feel better, he will cuddle you and whisper cutesy encouraging things into your ear until you feel better.

midoriya izuku

  • ok ok ok midoriya is hANDS DOWN the king of being insecure over quirks (or lack thereof).
  • he knows exactly what to say to make you feel better about your quirk ant its power.
  • if you still don’t trust it after his pep talk, he will throw the stats in your face.
  • knowing him, he’s long analyzed your quirk, along with its strengths and weaknesses and compared it to some others.
  • he’d show you the comparison chart he’d have made between yours and his.
  • if that doesn’t convince you, boy will literally hug the confidence into you.
  • it’s one thing for him to be insecure about his quirk - but you? he doesn’t want you to have to live thinking that your quirk isn’t good enough.

bakugou katsuki

  • definitely calls you a dumbass for thinking that.
  • very aggressively (in other words, he yells) tells you that since his quirk is more fire-based and yours is water based, they effectively cancel each other out.
  • will growl at you if you still say you’re not fully convinced
  • and then when he sees how deeply this affects you he would definitely sit you down and give you his full opinion on this (which is roughly equivalent to a 500-word essay c:)
  • at the end of it he would give you a smol, sappy pep talk to cheer u up if you’re still down about it.
  • “look, [name]. i love you and i want you to be happy, so i would never lie about something like this. okay? just trust me when i say that both you’re just as good as me- if anything, better.”
  • it takes a lot for him to say that someone’s better than him so please do appreciate it.


bnha taglist: @haikyuwudrabbles @monsieurpinata @mysterypotatoink@wh0-0rechata

ask to be added to the taglist <3

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