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#Tom Hiddleston

i’m sorry but THE perfect romantic movie is indeed crimson peak. it’s a period drama… the gothic horror… 

tom hiddleston as mr. sexy brooding Victorian hotman

the beautiful set designs, colors, and costumes… the main character is a female author… the mystery surrounding the house and the Sharpe siblings

the HEARTBREAK @  “You lied to me! - I did.” “You poisoned me! - I did.” “You said you love me! - I do." 

chef’s kiss ugh, perfection

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Your guess is as good as mine. Last we heard about productions is that it’s due to start filming in March 2021 (which was set after many other push backs). I read that Claire Foy was offered a role in it but I think she’s busy with another project now. We’ll see what happens, I hope they find a way to still make it work with Tom as the lead.

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No mmn, otra vez… Tuve un sueño con Chris Evans, Tom Hiddleston…

Resulta que estábamos grabando Avengers age of ultron… Y había un nuevo personaje (Como Jean Grey, Fénix) pues esa era yo… El caso que grabamos la peli, y en la película ayudaba a Hulk a regresar antes que comience la pelea con el Iroman… Una vez terminada la grabación nos toca ver la película, obvio éramos los actores… Pues en el sueño me decía el Samuel Jackson que aunque no tuviera invitación podría entrar, y ya digo estoy invitada y me dejan entrar, pero entro en chinga para sentarme a lado de Evans, pero en el acto Scarlett Johanson me gana y se sienta a su lado… Alado de mi estaba Kaya Scodelario y le decía : WEY DIME DE QUÉ Hablan.. Yo quería sentarme con él y ella me ganó… El caso que la sala de cine estaba muy oscura y después mi sueño cambia y veo a Tom Hiddleston en una tienda, pero el usaba una bufanda mía para limpiar su mesa de cirtal, bien emputada le digo sus cosas y el todo sexy me dice que le daba igual que nadie podía meterse con él… Alch ya ni me acuerdo bien que dijo JAJAJAJA

I think have Issues lol

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I believe tom was the only cast member announced/ confirmed. He was on it before and since been removed. There are so many reasons why stuff doesn’t work out and COVID isn’t helping. That being said it might just be a glitch, we’ll have to wait and see I guess.

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Yeah it did, I hope they can still make it work but if not I’m sure something else will come around. 

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Tom is no longer listed on the IMDB page for white stork, we don’t know why. Its not been announced that he’s no longer part of it so its just speculation. 

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Notes: I’d like to thank (anonymous) for the request!! I hope you enjoy it.

Reader is 18 y/o for this…

I don’t own any of the gifs/pictures used.

Warnings: An attempt at writing thirst tweets, possible inappropriate language/tweets, reader is kind of awkward, spelling/grammatical errors, bad ending?? yeah

Masterlist: Click Here

Word Count: 813 (give or take)


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Originally posted by chaoticdean

  • Sitting in between your two Marvel costars, you feel your stomach knotting up nervously
  • This is something that you’ve looked forward to and dreaded the most
  • What exactly has you feeling this way?
  • Thirst tweets
  • You’re not entirely sure what tweets have been selected, and you’re not sure you’re ready for that just yet
  • At only eighteen years old, you’re not sure how ready you are to read people’s… thoughts on you
  • You don’t use social media, more-so for your mental health than anything else
  • People can be cruel sometimes and you don’t need that in your life
  • But here you are
  • Sandwiched between Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston
  • Hemsworth seems relatively excited, Tom seems more outwardly calm as he makes small chat with some of the crew

“Alright guys, we are about to get started!” the director calls. “Do you guys have any questions before we start filming?”

You shake your head, before looking at the big bowl placed in front of you and the guys. There are pieces of crumpled up paper inside, not a whole lot but enough to make a decent video. You can only hope that the tweets gathered aren’t too raunchy and/or inappropriate. But you never know.

A gentle nudge on your shoulder snaps you out of your thoughts. Tom’s looking at you, a hint of worry in his eyes while his face remains neutral. You smile, hoping to convey you’re fine. It seems to ease Tom for now.

“Okay, we’re starting,” the director announces, “now!”

The three of you began with the introduction –

“Hi I’m Chris Hemsworth…”

“…and I’m Y/N Y/L/N…”

“…and I’m Tom Hiddleston…”

Before finishing it in unison –

“…and today we will be reading thirst tweets.”

“I’ll go first,” Chris states, leaning over and taking a crumpled paper out of the bowl. “‘Say the first word that comes to mind Daddy I mean Tom Hiddleston’.”

Before you could stop yourself, you let out an airy giggle. You could see the smile on Tom’s face, and Chris was letting out a booming laugh as he placed the paper on the table.

It took you a good second to realize it’s your turn. You prayed you didn’t get anything too weird, but as you reached in for the crumpled paper, you couldn’t help but smile as you read it.

“‘Y/N Y/L/N could be in a movie where she does nothing for 2 hrs and I’d see it bitch got me whipped’.” Placing the paper down, you shrug your shoulders. “Thank you, I guess,” you giggle. “That’s very kind of you?”

Tom smiles at you before reaching over and grabbing a crumpled paper. He let out a soft chuckle. “‘Chris Hemsworth could like stick his tongue down my throat I guess’.”

The three of you laugh, Chris leaning back in his seat and running a hand through his hair. “Thank you for the permission,” he chuckles. After taking a second to regain his composure, he leans forward and takes another paper out. He immediately breaks out into giggles. “Oh this is in all caps. ‘Y/N Y/L/N I love you with your glowing skin and your perfect face and your beautiful smile I just want to hug you bc you are the love of my life’.”

“That’s very sweet,” you laugh. “I gotta say though, these tweets aren’t super thirsty.” You take another piece and snort out a laugh. “‘Tom Hiddleston’s smile is brighter than my future’.”

“Oh, love.” Tom looks at the camera, humor mixing with the seriousness he wanted to convey. “I’ve no doubt you’re doing fine. Your future will be beautiful.” He reached for another, a chuckle escaping his lips. “‘Y/N Y/L/N could literally destroy my life and all I’d say is so does tomorrow work for you too?’.”

You bark out a laugh, your hands clapping together in front of you. “Oh that’s amazing,” you exclaim. “Thank you for that, that’s… I appreciate that.”

Chris reached for his. “‘I would let Chris Hemsworth split me in half’,” he read, a smirk on his face, “‘I’m just gonna say it’.”

“Thank you for saying it,” you giggle.

“Yeah, thanks for saying it,” Chris adds. “Some people have a lot of free time I guess.”

“They’re full of surprises,” Tom chuckles.

“This is the last one,” you state, grabbing the paper. You quickly read it over, your eyes widening as you did. “Jesus, okay,” you state. “‘I would let Tom Hiddleston AND Chris Hemsworth break my back like a glow stick k bye’.”

“That’s a lot of thirst,” Chris points out.

“Quite,” Tom adds, a glint of mischievousness in his eyes. “I just… Don’t hurt yourself, darling. Take it easy.”

“Be careful out there,” Chris states. “Don’t overdo it.”

You nod in response, too busy laughing to find the right words.

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I’d love to see him play a lawyer, but that’s mostly due to my love of British political/ crime/ law shows. I was looking forward to White Stork cause that would have ticked that box genre-wise. We will just have to wait and see what happens. Hopefully, we’ll get a surprise role announcement in the near future.

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Yeah, that makes sense! Marvel won’t announce anything till after the show airs cause that could be spoilers. But I love the fact that over the decade Loki has been the connective tissue in the MCU. Bringing the avengers together, mentions of his sceptre, introducing Thanos/infinity stones etc throughout all phases of the MCU. Loki is a good character to springboard plotlines of and marvel know that! It will be interesting to see the shows impact on Phase 4.

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send me marvel asks!

ask me anything about marvel! opinions, favorites, fun questions.

if it’s about wandavision (i have seen all 3 episodes) i will include a spoiler warning before the post

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I’d love to sit with Loki in a library and read all day together

That’s the one thing I ask for…

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It’s a good sign for the show, I’m looking forward to the series/ hoping it lives up to its potential. Would also love to see some non-loki content in between season 1 and 2, but I’ll take any new content at this point😅

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