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Tom King Absolute Comics interview
So I shot Nightwing and I said don’t worry he’s gonna be alive next issue, he’s not dead, but of course, like Alfred, they said NO! WE LOVE HIM BEING SHOT IN THE HEAD! Let’s write this out! …Well, okay, so I pitched this idea, where he’s recovering, how about if Tim help his brother recover and in the mean time Tim become Nightwing… That was my second pitch, the first one is Zatanna helping him, but they’re like Nonononono!  We got this! You’ll love this! …In the end my job is to write Batman not Nightwing, and if they got this… okay that’s up to you
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Tom King Absolute Comics interview

The detail on the process of Ric is in another post

We’re talking with the Titans writer about characters death and they said you guys always kill our characters! That’s the thing, you can’t kill the main Justice League guys, you can’t kill other characters who has a book, so it ends up always being the middle guys, and they're  Titans. Roy, Wally, Hotshot… except Nightwing. I already shot him.
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Tom King Absolute Comics interview
Originally Alfred’s death is supposed to be Scarecrow’s gas, you can see gas building up in the background, but I got a call from Editor in Chief Dan Didio, he said Tom, I read the comic, I love the story, I want Alfred dead. I called my editor, I was walking my dog, we finally come up with a way to make his death meaningful, because originally he’s supposed to say something, and I can’t make Batman look incompetent… but then of course later I got feedback from fans and they like that Alfred’s dead because it gives the story stakes so in the end it’s a good decision by Dan
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Tom King, Absolute comics interview

Bane is naked all the time because he spent the first 17 years of his life naked, trying to survive the flooded cell, so that’s how he is… no but for real, it was because the first Mikel Janin drawing of Bane is him sitting naked on top of a throne of skulls, so now that’s his thing
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