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mostly-marvel-musings · 23 minutes ago
We were on a break - Chapter 5
Tumblr media
A/N: Okay here we are. Some feels in this one, doesn’t end well really. 
Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader
Warnings: Strong language, angst, injuries.
Word count: 1200ish
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That’s how you felt. Frozen still in one place with no option but to stare at the man standing before you whom you hadn’t seen and weeks. 
He looked tired, handsome as ever and impeccably dressed, but tired. The weight of his disastrous invention visible in his demeanour. Sporting a nasty bruise on his left eye and a healing cut right next to his lip. 
Neither of you spoke for a while, just the silence echoing loudly with unsaid ‘i missed yous.’ 
You were the first one to move to close the door behind you and walk closer to the chairs facing the windows before gesturing to Tony to join you. 
“How’ve you been?” Tony’s voice was quiet, very unlike him before he cleared his throat and shuffled in his seat, not really meeting your eyes. But his heart soared a little after noticing the pretty necklace you had on - a gift from him for your last birthday. 
“Can’t complain.” 
You both knew that was a lie, but thankfully it earned a chuckle from the man as he gazed at the calm ocean right outside your window. 
“I—uh, we found Ultron. He’s in Sokovia. And the team’s headed there tomorrow.” 
“But why’re you here Tony? Are you here to say goodbye?” 
“No! I—I had to see you (Y/N). Before I left. You know in case we—”
“In case you what?” 
He feared completing the sentence as much as you feared hearing it. You stood up and turned your back to him, not wanting to reveal the tears that were rapidly gathering in your eyes. 
“Honey I know I have a list of things to apologize for, I’m sure you’re keeping one too. I’m so sorry for everything—”
“Promise me you will come back.” 
Tears of anger and fear spilled over as you spun around. 
“I promise.” 
It felt like an invisible force pushing you towards him to wrap him in a hug. Before you could let the rational side of your brain intervene, you were surrounded by Tony’s familiar scent, his arms gripping you tightly to his chest, face buried in your hair. 
It was like no time had gone by, like the break up hadn’t occurred - which at this point you were wishing you could take back. 
Well almost. You still had a lot to talk about. 
“Thank you for the cake. It was burnt though.” 
“Sorry. I thought of giving it another go after our last kitchen disaster.” 
Tony’s words brought a smile to your face, the memory replayed in your head. 
“I know it’s really not my place anymore or, may it is, but why is this tool sending you presents?” 
Tony pointed to the bottle of champagne that sat chilling in a bucket of ice by your bed with the note strewn on the bed, clearly read by Tony before you arrived. 
“I can’t believe Ward was right. All this Level 8 promotion and all I had to do was show up in a sundress.” 
“You be careful now, Leeds is fucking dick when it comes to women.” 
“The flirt with all the parties he’s famous for? I think I know that type rather well.” 
Tony’s hurt puppy look was hard to pass on at your come back. 
He didn’t have much time and whatever little you got with him sadly came to an end. 
Though brown eyes almost pleaded with you to make him stay before he blinked it away and replaced it with determination to right the wrongs. 
“Happy Birthday (Y/N).” 
“Thank you.” 
A lingering kiss on your forehead and he was gone, almost making you wonder if you’d dreamt the entire thing. But the ping you got from him seconds later confirmed it really happened. 
Don’t forget your gift, it’s in the drawer by your bed. - T.S 
Evening rolled by quicker than usual. Getting dressed for the big party was a task but you managed to get it done, now looking at yourself in the mirror to complete your makeup. 
Grant wasn’t answering any of your calls today which was adding to your irritation along with trying to perfect the eye-liner. 
The air-conditioned indoor space where the party was seemed like a huge contrast to the warm oceany weather you were getting used to. 
It was dark minus the bar counter that was heavily lit, providing the only source of light in the room as you descended down the stairs, trying to locate your colleagues. Loud music that blasted through the speakers diminished the purpose of having an earpiece for communication. 
“(Y/N) I see you. Ten o’clock.” Grant Ward’s voice came through with some amount of static as you located him skimming his eyes through the crowd before giving you a nod. 
“Where the fuck have you been Ward? Why didn’t you answer my calls?” 
“I—I lost my phone. Sorry.” The answer seemed a little dodgy. 
“Do you see him?” 
“Not yet. Go get yourself a drink.” 
It looked like you had some time to kill before Andrew Leeds showed up at his own party so your only option was to head towards the bar for a quick drink, something that looked convincing enough to blend in. 
You were stirring your cocktail mindlessly when there was a cheer that roared through the crowd, indicating that the man of the hour had arrived. 
“Eyes up everybody.” 
“Looks like he’s headed your way (Y/L/N).” 
Right as you turned in your seat, the man appeared in front of you. 
Dressed in a fancy suit that was definitely too young for his age, a piece of gold chain gleaming under the fluorescent lights, a rapidly balding head and a smile that immediately creeped you out, Andrew Leeds. 
“You must be the famous (Y/N). Nice to meet you gorgeous.” He offered his hand, leaning forward to kiss the back of your hand. 
“Very nice to meet you Mr Leeds. Great party.”
“Isn’t it? May I buy you a drink?” 
Signaling the bartender, he ordered some drinks for the two of you while you pretended to enjoy the ambience, spotting three rather tall men with heavy-built carrying guns, at the periphery. 
You made small talk with him, lying effortlessly about your job as he did the same before the flutes of expensive champagne arrived. 
Excusing yourself to go to the bathroom, you locked yourself in a cubicle & tried to contact Ward through a secure line once more, knowing he’d get the others ready since you only had access to him to avoid getting caught. 
“Where are you Ward…” you muttered, placing your phone back in your purse and heading out, plastering on a fake smile. 
“You’re back!” Leeds handed you the drink, waiting to clink the glasses. 
“You didn’t drug this, did you?” You joked, watching Leeds down his drink in one go. 
“Oh no I’m not one of those.”
Taking a small sip, you chuckled sweetly, slightly relieved it was just champagne. 
That relief short-lived as Leeds nodded at someone right behind you and you felt a sharp blow to the side of your head before everything went black. 
Tumblr media
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mcu-incorrect · 24 minutes ago
peter: i'm hungry
tony: hi hungry, i'm dad
peter, tearing up: did you just make a dad joke?
tony, tearing up: did you just call me dad?
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silverloke · 24 minutes ago
Tumblr media
(loki no 😧)
⋆☆ Totally Accurate  Loki Quotes ☆⋆ #24
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loveanthonyperkins · 31 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Anthony Perkins, This Angry Age, 1957
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princenasim · 38 minutes ago
Tony antis talk more about Tony than Tony stans do 🥴
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pairadx · 50 minutes ago
So Tony...
Tumblr media
Has his successor...
Tumblr media
And Steve...
Tumblr media
Has his...
Tumblr media
So will Natasha...
Tumblr media
Also have a successor?
Tumblr media
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brassbounded · 50 minutes ago
@born-to-be-mischievous​ continued from here x
Tumblr media
“I’m hurt of course I have a plan, it’s called: I’m going to call Pepper to bail us.” He pushed himself to sit up, wincing a little at the dull pain at his side. What happened?... “Well...seeing it’s still early, can I get a recap of what happen last night?”
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itsagentromanoff · 57 minutes ago
Bucky: Can we be friends, Tony?
[Bucky goes in to hug Tony]
Tony: Buckaroo, friends don’t usually cop each others butt during emotional moments.
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the-facets-of-a-face · an hour ago
I made a blog for myself, over at tony-the-alter, if anyone wants to check that out. It’s mainly so I can post whatever I want, and also because I might try out interacting with some parts of the “marvel fandom.” It’ll probably also have a fair amount of just, encouraging stuff? No clue if this whole thing a terrible idea or not (Bruce thinks it is, but he always worries) but we’ll see how it goes!
— Tony
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tony-andonuts · an hour ago
Randys here, yall want anything?
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pillowprincesspeter · an hour ago
Okay so pregnant Peter isn't coming yet but we do have more manipulative Tony though and he playing May.
"I'm sure you'll find him." Is a quote from his evil ass.
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kikwibird · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Listen, I hate that he's dead too. The Russo bros suck (in my opinion) and they could've ended Endgame in way better ways than killing him.
But now that he's dead, it's better that he stays that way. It's already bad and stupid enough that he died, but bringing him back will just make everything worse.
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headcanonthings · an hour ago
Tony, a tired dad, trying to teach the next generation: Okay, let’s try this one last time. Collapsing building, fire everywhere, villain attack. What do you do?
Peter: …. Call the heroes-
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dangerdaysyuki · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Black Sabbath - Fairies Wear Boots W/ Rob Halford on Vocals - Live 2004
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