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Peter: Ya know, we have aliens and alternate universes and spirit realms. Do you think we have angels and demons?
Peter: Like, do you think we might meet Michael or Beezlebub or Metatron?
Tony: Of course not.
Tony: Megatron is a Decepticon and those clearly don't exist.
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Steve: *watches Sam and Bucky talking* They’re so adorable. I’d put them in a boat

Tony: What?!

Steve: Isn’t that what it’s called? When you like two people together? Don’t you put them on a boat?

Tony: You mean you ship them?

Steve: Ah yes..I knew it had something to do with boats.

Steve: I ship them.

Bucky: You know we can hear you right?

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Hagen had seen the man on and off, resting a bit from his duties as ‘scary chainsaw murderer.’  The psychic hadn’t actually been through it, horror related things didn’t scare him necessarily, but he didn’t want to run the risk of something happening to freak him out. A freaked out Hagen was not good for anyone. A freaked out Hagen could be fatal. 

“Hey” he said approaching the man as he was taking a rest “I umm I brought you some stuff” he said, starting to go through his bag “Umm there’s some water, and these like pumpkin granola bar things that one of the stalls had” he said as he started to pull the items out, “and I didn’t get them here, but I have some beef jerky and rolls, though carbs might make you tired, so probably not those.”



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More rain, rain, rain, rain. Earlier, my wife and I dragged the various bits of an old double bed out onto the driveway for the local council to collect, part of their ‘Bulk Collection’ service. Apparently they wont remove it if its wet and soggy, so I used the plastic casing of the new bed to cover it over. Make sure its on the drive by 7am said the e-mail. - it is so lets see how quick they’re are.

The COVID infections in my part of the globe (East Midlands, UK), are rising, but slightly less than any other region. Its obvious to me that a ‘full’ UK lockdown is imminent. But there is so much opposition for that to happen, particularly from the Government’s own back benches and the business community at large.

Something has to be done, for what we have now isn’t working.

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