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#Tony Stark

Day 21- Adult Halloween Buckets

“Hey Steve, have you started filling those bowls yet? The crew will be here in a little bit.” Natasha finished cleaning the kitchen, readjusting some of the decorations hung around the house. It was their turn to host the Halloween movie marathon. Most of the Avengers were coming, including their kids. Scott, Hope, and Scott’s daughter Cassie, Thor’s daughter Torunn, Morgan Stark and Francis Barton were bound to show up as well.

Steve called from the foyer, “Just about done, now.” He dumped a large bag of candy into an orange bowl and pushed it back away from the edge. As he walked away, he snagged a lollipop from the pile, ripped off the wrapper, and popped the candy into his mouth. Natasha appeared in front of him and walked over to the candy and picked out a Tootsie Roll for herself. “These kids are so lucky.”

“Because they get candy?” Natasha asked.

“Yeah. They get to look forward to a sugar high.”

“You know, no one’s stopping you from giving yourself a sugar high, too. You’re an adult.” She held up a Reese’s peanut butter cup in front of his face, offering it to him.

“I do enjoy a good piece of candy,” Steve took a bite and continued, “But i was thinking something a little stronger.”

Natasha raised an eyebrow. “Well that gives me an idea. Who says the kids are the only ones allowed to indulge tonight?”

“I like the sound of that.”

Their plan was set. Steve went to the store for supplies, and Natasha stayed to finish some of the setup.

Steve came back fifteen minutes later, arms filled with bags. He placed them on the counter, and then dashed out the door. When he came back, his arms were full again, but this time he was carrying six plastic neon jack o lantern buckets. Two bright green, two yellow, and two electric blue. He lined them up on the counter and began placing items in each of them. A bottle of vodka, white chocolate covered pretzels decorated like mummies, and gummy worms soaked in vodka. Steve also bought the stuff to make Butterbeer.

Once all of the buckets were assembled, Steve stood back and admired his work. He nodded approvingly. Natasha strolled in the kitchen. She strutted around like a model. “You like my Halloween pajamas?” She stood with her arms out and she turned in a full circle. She was wearing the black skeleton pajamas she, Steve, and James got a few weeks prior.

Steve smiled at her. “Very nice, Nat.” I guess I should go get dressed, too.” He passed by her and kissed her cheek. “I’ll get James ready, too.” And he did. The pair returned shortly, and joined Natasha on the couch, who was setting up the movie. “ Everyone should be getting here soo-“ Before he could finish his thought, the doorbell rang.

Without waiting to be let in, Tony, Pepper, and Morgan came in carrying a bag. “Uncle America, Auntie Nat, we brought the popcorn!” Morgan called out.

“We also brought a pie.” Pepper chimed in.

Thor, Scott, and Clint arrived shortly afterwards. Before they knew it, the house was full of chatter and laughter. Kids were running around, showing off their pajamas, grabbing snacks, and claiming their spots on the couch. Several popcorn bowls were placed on the table, and kids and parents alike were munching on the crunchy snack.

“Steve, you wanna grab the buckets?” Natasha called over her shoulder, as she and Pepper chatted.

“Yes, ma’am.” Steve slipped the baskets through his arms and gave one to each of the adults.

“This is my kind of treat. Thanks guys.” Tony pulled out the gummy worms.

“Careful man, they pack a punch.” Steve sat next to Natasha.

“Oh I’m fully aware, Cap. I could smell ‘em when we walked in.” Tony popped one in his mouth and chewed. “Mmm that’s damn good.”

Morgan piped up. “Can I have one, dad?”

“Sorry, honey. These are special gummy worms.”

Natasha went to the kitchen and grabbed a bag of non-boozey worms for Morgan. “Here sweetheart, you can these.” She threw a bag to the rest of the kids as well.

Steve turned off the lights and grabbed the remote. “Alright, alright ladies and gents. Let’s get this party started.”

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Okay this fic I’m writing which I’ve told y’all about right ?? I’ve offically gotten to the part that I get stuck

Why this always gotta happen

Like I know what’s gonna happen I just ugh ,, getting there

Maybe I’ll write a short lil one shot real quick and get back there

But like ugh this story hurts so much I don’t wanna take a break from it, but at least I have reading week next week so maybe then I’ll get it finish ???

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Whumtober Challenge

Note: It was a crazy day, so I went with an easy alternate prompt today! Hope you still enjoy!

Day 17
Alternate Prompt #12

“Clint’s in the water! He was knocked off the bridge, he’s in the water and he’s not resurfacing!”

“Stark, Thor, one of you needs to get to Barton!” Steve commanded as he started running toward the bridge. 

“Point Break, you take care of the rest of the baddies, I’ve got Barton!” Tony announced. 

Steve made it to the bridge, sprinting to where Natasha was leaning over the railing – zig zagging around the corpses of the hostiles that she and Clint had been battling – and looking down at the river below. Far below. Too far below. Was that fall even survivable for Clint?

There was a flash of red as Iron Man flew in and immediately dove into the water. The moments ticked by agnozingingly slowly. 

“Banner,” Steve said into the comm. “We’re going to need medical support in the field. We’re at the bridge over the river in the northeast quadrant of the compound. Get here as fast as you can.”

Because there was no way that Clint wasn’t going to need medical attention. 

“On my way,” Bruce confirmed. 

“What’s taking so long?” Natasha said anxiously as her eyes desperately searched the water below.

“Tony will find him,” Steve said, hoping he sounded more confident than he felt. 

“Has Barton been found?” 

They both turned as Thor landed on the bridge. 

“Not yet,” Natasha said quietly. 

“Maybe you should –” Steve started, but his suggestion that Thor should join the search was rendered moot as just then Iron-Man came exploding out of the water a good forty feet downriver. 

Steve felt a wave of relief wash over him, before the reality of the situation kicked back in. They weren’t out of the woods yet. Tony flew over to the bridge and landed just behind them, Clint’s soaking form cradled in his arms. 

A form that didn’t move as Tony carefully laid him out on the ground. 

Keep reading

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Do you love giving to charity?

Do you like @jellybeanforest-a-go-go‘s fics?

Do you love Stony?

Do you love identity porn and A/B/O dynamics?

Well, then, you’ll love this new summary of hers:

Everyone had always assumed Tony Stark, notorious playboy and arms dealer, was an alpha, but in the aftermath of his escape from the Ten Rings terrorist organization, his true omega presentation is revealed to the world. The illegal suppressants, his promiscuity and captivity, as well as his unbonded status would have been scandalous and torpedoed SI’s stock had his burly alpha savior-cum-bodyguard, codename Iron Man, not made an honest man out of him. Really, their romance is sweet in its own way, a love story for the ages… But all that and his burgeoning friendship with Iron Man don’t stop newly-defrosted Steve Rogers from wanting Tony. Luckily, Iron Man doesn’t seem particularly possessive over his omega. 

Maybe they could share? 

“Hey Shellhead, if it’s alright with both of you, you think I could take Tony out for a spin some time?” 

Yeah, that conversation was going to go over like a lead balloon.“

If you do, and this year hasn’t been totally shit to you, and you have some money to spare that you can send to charity, please DM me, because we’re setting up a podbid to win jellybeanforest’s auction. 

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who has a twitter and doesnt really know what theyre doing but wants to have friends and find a community w other fandom nerds?

because id deff be down for that…

if someone was interested….

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‘Sun and Moon’ characters

main characters with aesthetics and basic info (name, code name, strengths/abilities)

*updated to include hometown and languages :)

James “Bucky” Barnes//Winter Soldier


strengths: highly trained with blades/firearms, super strength, bionic aem

specialty: guns

hometown: Brooklyn, New York, USA

languages: English, Russian, German, French, Romanian, Spanish, Portugese Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese



strengths: energy manipulation, force fields, heat/light generation

specialty: energy blasts

hometown: Strasbourg, France

languages: French, English, German, Russian, Latin, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Hebrew, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, ASL

Steve Rogers//Captain America


strengths: hand to hand combat, super agility, super strength

specialty: vibranium shield

hometown: Brooklyn, New York, USA

languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese

Tony Stark//Iron Man


strengths: intelligence, flight, super suit

specialty: repulsor blasts

hometown: Manhattan, New York, USA

languages: English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese

Natasha Romanoff//Black Widow


strengths: spy, assassin, martial artist

specialty: widow bites

hometown: Stalingrad, Russia

languages: Russian, English, French, German, Romanian, Czech, Dutch, Latin, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Urdu, ASL

Wanda Maximoff//Scarlet Witch


strengths: mind reading, mind control, levitation

specialty: telekenesis

hometown: Sokovia, Czech Republic

languages: Czech, Ukranian, Russian, German, French, English

Sam Wilson//Falcon


strengths: hand to hand combat, firearms, flying suit

specialty: flight

hometown: Harlem, New York, USA

languages: English, Spanish, Pashto


Clint, Thor, and Bruce will be in this story too but they won’t be main characters

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Peter Parker: Is really good at it due to spidey senses, however, he gets distracted, almost misses and panics when the ball is flying for him. The ball ends up webbed to the ceiling.

Steve: Everyone expects him to be bad at it but he turns out to be decent. Like, casually good at it, nothing special, just good.

Tony: He gets Dum-E to play and it goes well at first. Then, the incident happens..

Clint: Everyone expects him to be really good at it but hes actually horrible at it. Constantly getting hit with the ball and manages to hit himself with the paddle a couple of times. “This is different than shooting arrows, very different!”`

Bruce:Refuses to play but eventually Tony talks him into it. Once he gets the hang of it he finds it very relaxing, just listening to the ball bounce back and forth.

Natasha: No one expects her to play but when she finally does shes REALLY good at it. Her and Bucky end up playing together because they are evenly matched. However..

Bucky: He and Natasha end up playing but because they are both so good at it they get REALLY competitive. The ball gets faster and faster until everyone is worried its gonna hurt someone. Finally one of them misses a shot and the ball shoots past, burying itself in the wall. They have two walls just covered in ping pong balls.

Loki: He refuses to play at first, opting to just watch their “silly Earth games” However, Thor convinces him to play, he doesn’t particularly enjoy it but he doesn’t hate it either. But, don’t tell anyone else but he uses his magic to cheat slightly, causing the other person to miss more shots, unless its Peter.

Thor: He was very excited to play for the first time, he’s okay art it. But he gets over-enthusiastic and accidentally hits them too hard, he frequently contributes to the wall.

If you have anyone else you want me to do just say so, I also do requests for other headcanons and fandoms!

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Here’s something that’s different, and different as in “This isn’t about Ducktales or some show” not different as in “oh wow an original post.” This is gonna be about politics (woah).

I’d like to say that while I cannot vote and if you’re for Trump, please don’t scroll away just because I’m for Biden. Anyways, after Obama’s speech, my mom turned the channel to Fox News to se what they thought because she likes to hear the nonsense that comes from them. Again, those of you who are against me, please don’t scroll away. I really want you to read this.

Fox is obviously for Trump, no doubt about that. Today, they were in front of Biden’s house because they wanted to ask him questions in which Biden would not because I mean guys, privacy. They continued with the usual “Sleepy Joe probably napping jokes.” So here is my attempt at a non bias analogy.

This is going to have spoilers to Avengers: Endgame btw.

Now you may be wondering, what in the world does Avengers have to do with Biden and Trump? Well, let’s look at Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. Just to note, i’m basing these off of their experiences with fighting, you know, bad guys not their intellect or anything.

Tong Stark had rarely any fighting experience when he became Iron Man. He lived a life of peace with parties and riches and tech. He was just a guy that created weapons for armies. Tony never passed up the opportunity to sacrifice himself because, in my opinion, was because he already lived a mostly full life. He has already experienced peace.

Steve Rodgers was a war veteran. He had fighting experience and knew what he was doing. He always seemed to be fighting, even when he wasn’t in the army or Captain America. It was only until Endgame did he get his peaceful life he always wanted.

These two characters are like Biden and Trump compared to their experience with politics.

Biden was in law for a long time. He has experience and hasn’t really settled from it.

Trump was an actor that got to live peacefully. Of course, he did have the stress of remembering lines and keeping track of hotels, but those are things that don’t depend on an entire huge population of people.

Trump has gotten his peace, that’s why he’s out there doing rallies and stuff.

Biden hasn’t. You may say “Well he shouldn’t of ran then!”, but even if you don’t think it, bad things were happening under Trump. That’s why he’s running.

Give Biden a little peace. Democrats and The Radical Left or whatever aren’t hiding him, he just wants some peace. Not to mention, how bad all of this has gotten. No matter what, there will be protests after the election. They could turn into riots. Something big will happen.

I don’t want to wish death upon anyone, and because things are so heated, it IS better for the candidates to stay inside. Not because of COVID, but because of the risk of getting hurt or possibly killed, and if they’re injured in the slightes way, things will get worse and the US will fall down.

So respect their privacy at least and don’t judge them if one side chooses to stay inside or not.

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by Anonymous

It’s not that Tony’s upset that he’s the last one Peter asks. He’s just confused.

After all, it would make sense, wouldn’t it? He knows Peter better than almost anyone. They have a connection. They work together like clockwork cogs, always get each other’s jokes. People make assumptions about them when they’re out in public together. Which is annoying, if a bit flattering for Tony.

So why does the kid seem so reluctant to ask Tony to be his boyfriend?

His fake boyfriend. That’s what Tony meant. Obviously.

Words: 10614, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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