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#Tony Stark
mrsgingles · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
big spoon, little spoon
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murdermuffinloki · 22 hours ago
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Worlds away.
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sreppub · a day ago
let’s play a game~!
Tumblr media
Tony here is all dressed up with nowhere to go. Maybe we can help him get comfortable ❤️
100 notes and something comes off ~ can you guys undress Tony faster than twitter? 😏
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tati3001 · 3 days ago
*Y/n quietly sneaking out of Wanda's room. She turned around in time to see Maria sneaking our of Natasha's room*
Maria: So...
Y/n: So...
*They get interrupted by Valkyrie sneaking out of Carol's room. The three of them look at each other and Valkyrie lifts her finger to point at both girls*
Valkyrie: Not a word.
Y/n: You got it *Thumbs up*
*The three of them stood in front of the door's awkardly*
Maria: I guess... Goodnight?
Y/n: Sounds good to me.
*Nobody moves. Suddenly, the door of Bucky's room opened and Sam sneaked out*
Y/n, Valkyrie and Maria: *Whut*
Sam: O.O
*Tony door open's next and Steve sneakes out. He turns around and stays cold when everyone's eyes are on him*.
*Y/n openes her mouth but insteads openes the door and slowly walks back in Wanda's room*
Y/n: So Witchy, looks like I'll spend the night with ya :D
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Peter, a Professional Gen Z kid, after realizing that Vision is literally an Internet in a humanoid form: Hey, mr. Vision.
Vision: Yes, Peter?
Peter: And they were roommates.
Vision, without hesitation: Oh my god they were roommates.
Tony: Wha-
Peter, throwing an empty Dr. Pepper can into the trashcan: THIS BITCH EMPTY
Vision, without looking up from his paprikash: YEET
Tony: What.
Peter, pointing at a trashcan he set on fire: *John Mulaney impression* This is an on-fire garbage can...
Vision, also pointing at a trashcan: Could be a nursery.
Tony, running towards the trashcan with a fire extinguisher: WHAT.
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incorrectmarvelquote · 2 days ago
Tony: Whenever I look at Pepper my heart skips a beat
Peter: That’s called an arrhythmia
Tony: No like my chest feels all fluttery-
Peter: That’s really serious you should see a doctor
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latelierderiot · a day ago
Tumblr media
Sadly, I only managed to do this one for this year’s #SteveTonySeptember 😔💔
which is one more than last year, so yay for that
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lesbian-deadpool · 14 hours ago
Bruce: What would you say motivates Tony?
Y/N: Blowjobs.
Bruce: ... is there a second option?
Bruce: How would you know, anyway?
Y/N: It's Tony.
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nunnyboi457 · 2 days ago
Y/N: and now, the avengers team bake off. Let’s check in on our first duo, the father and son, Tony and Peter!
Peter: Mister Stark we can’t put coffee in the cake. And no alcohol either!
Y/N: Okay, now let’s look at the definitely not dating, Sam and Bucky!
Sam: Okay, now add the flour.
Bucky: What type of flour.
Sam: Just, flour. How many different types of flour are there?
Sam: WELL SORRY MISTER “I barely bake”!
Y/N: Moving on. Nat and Clint!
Clint: (folding in the dry ingredients)
Nat: Your doing it wrong
Clint: Wanna help then?
Nat: I can’t, I’m making tempered chocolate spiders for the decoration
Clint: No fair, I wanna do the decorating!
Nat: Fine, you can frost it
Clint: Yay!
Nat: If, you use red
Clint: (mumbling) I get no creative input. This is torture
Y/N: Okay, and now to Thor and Loki
Loki: I have finished
Thor: really let me look! Ooh! It’s shaped like a snake!
Thor: (leans into the cake to admire it)
Loki: (the cake shifts back to Loki) Blaagh! It’s me!
Thor: (looks down at stab wound) that’s not very nice Loki
Y/N: wow, that’s siblings for you. Last but not least, Bruce and Steve
Steve: Actually, it’s Steve and Hulk right now. He accidentally left the cake in slightly too long.
Hulk:(smashing the cake with his fists repeatedly) CAKE MEAN! HULK SMASH
Y/N: (wiping bits of cake of their face and whispering) Actually, this is very good.
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multifandomnonsense · a day ago
Stephen: You’re really cute sometimes, and that distracts me from the fact that your ego is the size of of a planet
Tony: you think I’m cute?
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funkylittlebidiot · 2 days ago
Stephen: honestly, Harley, I don’t know what the big deal is. You know your father and I don’t care about your grades! It’s your teachers’ commentary we care about
Harley: yes, that is the problem!
Harley: If you were like any other parent we’d be throwing a pizza party for my straight A’s!
Harley: but no! You guys have to be “different” and care about my authority issues, lack of attention, and that small “uncontrollable” fire I started in chem class.
Harley: I have an A+ in science! that fire was completely under control AND intentional!
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incorrectmarvelquote · 11 hours ago
Peter: [after making Tony drive 35 hours to see the Grand Canyon]
Peter: So like where’s the faces? Like of all the presidents?
Tony: [eyes twitch]
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white-wolf-buck · 13 hours ago
Pepper, about Peter: I still think he looks like someone's child, maybe we should put up posters
Tony: Yes, it should have a big picture of him and the words "Is this your child? Not anymore."
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