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#Tony stark

Thank you, sweetheart♥

Well, I think you’re 100% right.

When Christopher Markus was asked if Steve was worthy in Age of Ultron, he answered: 

I’d say he’s not completely worthy yet.  He still has the secret of Tony’s parents’ death to resolve.

Sometimes we can’t take the writers/directors logic about the hammer because they change them all the time. Sometimes for Thor’s narrative, sometimes they change the narrative to fit Cap’s idealism and can’t even keep up with the logic that was established before in the franchise.

There was certainly a debate at one point because particularly in Ragnarok, it establishes that Thor can summon the lightning without the hammer. I think Odin even says, ‘It was never the hammer.’ And yet Cap summons the lightning with the hammer. You get to those things and you’re like, ‘It’s too awesome not to do it! We’ll talk about it later.- Christopher Markus. 

In this part, you can see that Christopher didn’t even know that what he said was accurate:

Odin in Thor 1:

Whosoever holds this hammer if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.

Man, I’m sorry but this Russo is my least favorite one lmao:

Joe Russo, stated that Cap was always worthy of lifting the hammer, but chose not to in Age of Ultron in order to preserve Thor’s ego.

(I love how for them, anyone who is more powerful than Cap or has done different than Cap is just simply arrogant or has a big ego lmaooo)

Here, again, writers and directors contradicting themselves. So, we’re not going to pay attention to their logic.


So, Peter was able to hold the hammer with his webbing in Endgame. Take into consideration the word ‘hold’, not ‘lift’. They said Cap couldn’t do it because he felt guilty about keeping Tony’s parents’ death. Peter, in his case, holds Ben’s death over his head all the time. Now, this is something that happens with most of the spider-man versions. But MCU Peter Parker can be an exception since, you know, they made Cap an exception too. 

We’re going to follow the first Thor movie for real reference and we’re going to mix what’s happened in the recent movies.

In the first movie, Thor only regains his worthiness when he sacrifices himself selflessly and at the same time this is what frees him of what made him unworthy in the first place. So, in this case, even if Thor still felt like he did wrong, he could regain that worthiness by showing true compassion and selflessness. In a headspace where he felt like he could truly find redemption. MCU Peter has altruism down to a science. His first reaction to everything is to help people. For example, IW: being on a fieldtrip and deciding to help even if the space war was out of his league. Staying on the ship for his people and Tony. Homecoming: sacrificing human activities and normal experiences to do the right thing. FFH: being the first one to help everyone out (you can see that for him, it doesn’t matter if he’s helping civilians or friends, he puts them on the same ground) instead of running and hiding. And more. 

Loki:  What is this newfound love for the Frost Giants? You, who could’ve killed them all with your bare hands. 

Thor: I’ve changed.

Then Thor asks Loki that if the throne is really worth what he’s done and become. You can see the change in Thor’s personality. He really had a change of heart. This means the hammer determines who is worthy regardless of physical strength. In this case, not only Peter can be worthy of Mjolnir but Tony is also worthy. Why? He was always willing to make the sacrifice. For everyone. For the greater good. And regardless of the guilt he’s always carried around, going by the MCU logic, the hammer would’ve seen past through that if he had a real change of heart about said guilt (one of the things that prevented him from separating himself from Iron Man but Tony’s unwillingness to change that guilt is because he doesn’t see himself worthy ‘I wanted you to be better’ his valueless comes with a price for him, therefore he can’t find himself in the same headspace). Because the hammer did the same with Thor and Steve. 

Now, why do I make the Tony and Peter parallel?

Because we can argue that Peter Parker carries the same amount or practically some of the same guilt as Tony Stark; (when you can do the things that I can but you don’t and then the bad things happen, they happen because of you) and because of that, he can never bear to clear his conscience of what he considers his past mistakes (Uncle Ben, Beck hit a nerve in FFH by telling Peter that if he was stronger Tony would be alive, and more), therefore, Mjolnir would not find him worthy. But as said before, MCU Peter is different. I’m sure that if they broke some rules for Cap, they can do it for Peter. 

So, in conclusion, I think you’re right. Maybe next movie Peter finds his true way to redemption. Not for the public’s eye, but for his own heart and principle.

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Tony and Steve dealing with the fallout of Winter Soldier (chp. 2)

Strange Turns by ladyshadowdrake (AO3)
Avengers (Marvel Movies) – Explicit –Steve Rogers/OC, Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, Multiple Pairings
#Alternate Universe #Humor #Angst #Dubious Consentacles #Weirdness #Friendly Alien #Tentacles #Sex #Plot Propelling Smut #Multiple Partners

“You know how this works,” Tony interrupted, “Bucky is Steve colony. Colony keeps Steve warm. Colony keeps Bucky warm. He’s one of yours, so he’s one of ours. End of story.“

Sequel to Happy Lights (AO3)

You found out that the organization you’ve been working for is actually an organization that you sacrificed your life to defeat almost a century ago, and that your best friend has been tortured and mind controlled for the last seventy years. And on top of all that, you had some good old fashioned fisticuffs with said best friend on a burning helicarrier that then dropped you, unconscious, into the sea. Did I miss anything?”
Steve rested his head against Tony’s and summoned a tired smile. “I took a shower with Natasha.”
“You brave, brave man. No wonder you can’t handle the shower.
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Tony: How many fucking knives do you even have in there?!

Loki: [shrugs as he’s pulling out knives of his clothes] Now that I think about it, I don’t know actually. I have two in each boot, and one in a hidden pocket you know… just in case.

Tony: [horrified] In case of what?!?

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Christine, impressed: oh damn, babe, you really are that bitch

Pepper, smirking: I know but don’t let Tony hear you say that. There was an ‘incident’ in 2007 and now whenever anyone says the word ‘bitch’ around me, FRIDAY gets an alert

Pepper: I’ve had to convince him on multiple occasions to reinstate people’s internet access

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hey hey hey it’s been a while. Tine for the next square on my bad things happen bingo card- cry into chest. I think i got this prompt from @svn-f1ower​ but if anyone knows if it wasn’t them please tell me! this is unedited so i’m sorry for any mistakes.

Admittedly, this is pure fluff- well, maybe just a smidge of angst

read it here on ao3

Warnings: mentions of abuse/non-con. main character is drunk.


Tony had only adopted Peter a few months ago.

He’d strutted into the orphanage, walking into that hell-hole like he owned the place. His eyes were set on Peter immediately, sat in the corner reading a torn up book about astrophysics. 

Of course, the workers immediately tried to steer the billionaire away from the teenager, talking on about how hes a troublemaker, too old to follow rules at this point. Yes, you’d like a baby much more, mr stark, one of your own-

Tony had always been a stubborn man, constantly - politely- telling the workers he can choose who he wants.

Peter had been scared- he’d been terrified.

He’d been terrified since they’d moved him to that orphanage, moving throughout foster homes didn’t help his anxiety, especially when they hadn’t been… the best.

It can’t be that bad. Taking in a kid is a lot for a family, they’re under a lot of stress, you can’t blame them-

He was nice- mr stark- he’d asked Peter about what he was reading, he’d asked about how long he’d been in the orphanage, about his old homes. He’s respected it when peter said he didn’t want to talk about it.

Well, the kid didn’t really talk much anyway but still.

The billionaire had left after an hour, immediately pulling one of the workers aside and asking about how to adopt the child.

Peter was happy.

He’d settled into the tower rather quickly, finally having a room to call his own.

Rhodey and the team had been welcoming- even though they’d sent Peter into a panic attack when he first saw them.

Peter froze when he walked into the living room, breath catching in his throat when he saw the half empty bottle on the table, his adoptive father half sitting- half lying down on the couch.

The man lifted his head and his eyes immediately locked onto Peter’s, his mouth morphed into a sickly grin.

Peter stepped back slightly, he’d planned to run, to leave, to do anything. He couldn’t let this home end up like all the others, crying himself to sleep as he nursed new bruises, new burns, new cuts. He couldn’t take that again.

“C’mere, Pete” The older man ground out, Peter was moving before his brain could catch up, knowing it wouldn’t be wise to ignore the command.

Mister Stark pulled him onto the seat next to him, wrapping an arm around his shoulders. Peter’s breath sped up.

He let his eyes fill with tears as he processed what was happening, Mister Stark was going to end up like skip. He couldn’t- couldn’t let himself go through that. He opened his mouth, the words already on his tongue to call out for help, to run to a phone-

“Pete… M-My Peter… My kid,” The man rested his head on the teen’s shoulder as he stiffened.

“Y’know i l’ve you, righ’?” 

Peter paused his thoughts, still tensed and shaking, waiting for the next words to come out of his father’s mouth.

“Y’r- y’re the best- the best kid i coulda asked for”


“I- Wh’n i saw- saw y’u in tha’ orphan’ge- i- i kn’w y’u w’re special”

Peter relaxed slightly at the tone of the man’s voice. He felt- safe- or something close to it.

“Ev’ryone kn’ws. The-the wh’le team kn’ws y’re special. Th’y all l’ve y’u so- so-” He trailed off and Peter suddenly felt his shoulder getting wet.

Was he crying?

“I- i l’ve y’u so- so much, kid. What the oth’r homes- what th’y did- i could n’ver- n’ver-”

Quickly, emotions overcoming him, Peter turned around, to his side, and wrapped his arms around the older man, letting his tears fall. 

They held each other a while before they fell asleep, rhodey ending up waking them in the morning.

Of course, when Tony remembers what he did, he’d apologise for scaring the teenager, he’d beg for forgiveness. But he’d only be met with teary eyes and endless hugs, the teenager finally opening up after months.

The rest of the night had been fuzzy but Tony could trust himself never to hurt his kid.

He’d never hurt his family.


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@baloobird​​ @dreamingformuses​​ @romeoandjulietyouwish​​ @keep-a-bucket-full-of-stars​​ @just-the-daydreamer@verdonafrost@imalivebecauseirondad@fallenstar07 @bestofirondadfics@iron-loyalty@asthmaticpansexual@whatschooldoesntteachyou u @serious-problems @sheabeeprime

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We’ll Meet Again, Soldier Boy

Winteriron Fic! You can also find it on my Ao3! got prompt from @writing-prompt-s !

Bucky and Natasha waited for Steve in the middle of the park. Begrudgingly taking pictures of hyper tourist that want to hold hands with the statue. Said statue has been there since this city has been around. No one knows where it came from, some even call it a bluff, since the story behind it is ridiculous.

Said story? Well, long story short, it’s said that the statue was actually a person once, Greek by the clothing. The statue was of a man, young by the legend, holding out a hand with a sad sort of smile on his face. People often wonder if the statue was crying. But it’s hard to tell because, statue.

Anyways, the story says that the statue has a soulmate, one that will wake him up when they hold hands.

Crazy, right?

Exactly, Natasha sat on a bench, eating her deli sandwich looking at the statue. “Y’know, the story behind the statue is actually sad.”

Bucky hummed, not really paying attention, swiping through his phone. Natasha looked at him, tilted her head, and continued. “Made a statue so that you and your love could meet again? I wonder if it’s real.”

Bucky scoffed, looking up at the statue. The stone perfectly smooth, as if it were carved yesterday. There was no denying the man was handsome, with small vines wrapping up his arm and leg, face clean shaven, a rarity for men from his time. Especially at his estimated age.

A breeze blew through the park, ruffling trees and carrying the sounds of birds. The statue stood the same, looking at him. “Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.” Bucky said shrugging, looking up to spot Steve running towards them.


Until We Meet Again

The inscription under the statue read, plated in black metal with the gray stone peaking out underneath.


The name rung familiar to Bucky, like an old family member you hear of in passing, one you can’t put a face too but distantly know.

Bucky looked up, the sad smile of the man looking at the bench behind him. Steve came up beside him, pecking Natasha on the lips, greeting his girlfriend. Bucky looked at the statue of Antony.

For some odd reason, he has flashes of brown eyes and pink lips. Wide grins and warm smiles.

“C’mon Jamie,” a voice called out. Laughing, “What is so embarrassing about a simple braid?” It said warmly.

“Hey, you guys wanna hold hands with the statue?” Bucky asked on a whim, Jamie ringing out in his mind on repeat. He doesn’t remember the memory, the flashes of tan skin and golden flecked eyes. Lean muscles and silk sheet.

Natasha looked at him strangely, gauging his mood.

Maybe she was wondering if he’d gone crazy.

Steve smiled, laughing. “You never wanted to hold hands with the statue. Always called horse shit.” Bucky shrugged, stepping back and gesturing for Natasha to go first.

Bright red hair with green eyes and blue eyes with blonde hair flashed in his mind, both pale. Laughter and booze in a room with a wooden table, sitting at least six people.

Natasha posed with Antony, holding his hand and winking as Steve took a picture, grabbing the phone to take a picture of Steve.

Bucky laughed at the awkwardness that Steve’s picture had, going up him self and gently grabbing the held out hand.

Not even a blink later there was a shout, and a warm body crashing into him.

It seemed as if time froze, flashes of a life came to him.

“You better come home.” Tony said, breaking the silence.

James looked up, smiling. “Yeah, and you better be here, waiting for me.”

Tony smirked, contradicting the tears slowly rolling down his cheeks. “Sure, and I will be your housewife.” James snorted, bringing Tony into his arms.

”Darling, you’re no one’s housewife.”

”Damn right.” Tony muttered. Relishing the warmth.

It’d be the last hug he’d have for centuries.

Couple feet away, Natasha and Steve were in the sam sort of trance, a life flashing and going. Shaking out of it, Steve rushed forward, ignoring the cameras and the group of people already forming around them.

Antony groaned, eyes squeezed shut as he rubbed at them, dirt digging into his palm as he pushed him self up.


Dirt digging into his palm?

Tony looked down, eyes widening as he realized what happened.

“Bucky! Tony!” A voice called, Tony looked up. Infront of him came Steve, Natasha not far behind him. Tears blurred his vision as he looked down, James Buchanan Barnes staring up at him in shock.

Tony’s lip quirked up into a smile, a tear rolling down his cheek.

“Hey there, soldier boy.”

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