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#Tony stark
marvelsemma14 minutes ago
Spider Like Me
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Warning: fluff, slight angst, fighting, making out (kinda, not really, but still)
Summary: Spiderwoman (Y/N) has a huge crush on her partner Spiderman (Peter). Peter has a crush on the most popular girl in school Y/N Drew. Neither of them know the others identity.
A/N: Sup Shawty. This is definitely inspired by Miraculous Ladybug. This is also inspired by Women Like Me by Little Mix. This is pretty fluffy but there is some angst so yeah. Enjoy!
Y/N Drew was always honest. She always tended to say what she was feeling. She was also pretty complicated. She always had to have her coffee with two sugars and had to have fun in her purse at all time. Being Tony Stark's niece she had people serving and waiting on her, but she didn't let that make her a spoiled brat like some girls with rich relatives. She was pretty popular in her school, Midtown School of Science and Technology, mainly because she was related to the Tony Stark. Another perk of having Tony Stark as your Uncle is you get to work with him. Well I don't know if you can consider what she does a job, but it sure feels like it. She has a pretty big secret. She is the friendly neighborhood Spiderwoman. Tony is the one who gave her the suit, missions, and other Superhero duties. Her life was pretty crazy.
Peter Parker is such a cute but akward kid. He only has one close friend, Ned. Him and Ned love Star Wars and Legos. They are always building new things out of Legos. But lately Peter hasn't had the time for that stuff because of his Stark Internship. What's really going on during his "Stark Internship" is actually way cooler than sorting papers and getting Me. Stark's coffee. Peter is actually the friendly neighborhood Spiderman. Tony gave him his suit and Introduced him to his partner Spiderwoman. They have never seen each others try identities because Tony didn't want any trouble outside of saving queens, just in case we didn't get along. In reality Spiderman and Spiderwoman got along perfect. In fact Spiderwoman started developing feelings for Spiderman but she can't tell him. Peter however has a crush on the most popular girl in school, Y/N Drew. He thinks she is perfect. He loves how her Y/H/C hair frames her face perfectly and how her beautiful Y/S/C glows naturally, she doesn't even wear much makeup. She is his dream girl.
It's now P.E time at Midtown. The students had just finished watching a video by Captain America. They were told to split into pairs and do sit ups. Y/N and some of her friends finished early so they decided to sit and talk in the bleachers. Peter was partnered with Ned still doing his sit ups. Ned was trying to convince him to ask Y/N out but Peter wouldn't do it.
"Come on Peter I'm sure she likes you" Ned claimed
"No Ned she won't"
You were still on the bleachers with your friends playing f, marry, kill.
"I'd f Thor, marry Iron Man, and kill Hulk. What about you Liz" Betty asks looking at your dark haired friends.
"Same but what about Spiderman?" She asks.
"Oh Spiderman..... he's cool I guess..." You say while your friends stare at you.
"Oh my gosh you totally like him" Betty squeals out. You cover your face and giggle.
"Maybe but he probably doesn't like me"
Peter and Ned overhear your conversation and just sit there in shock.
"Dude they're talking about you" Ned explains. Peter just sits there frozen. He couldn't believe it. You. Y/N Drew. Has a crush on Him, Peter Parker.
As you continue talking Ned gets an idea.
"Peter knows Spiderman!" Ned yells drawing the attention of the whole class including Y/N and her friends.
"Uh no, no I don't" Peter says getting up from the mat and walking towards you.
"They're friends" Ned says
"Yeah just like coach Wilson and captain America are friends" flash days jumping down from a rope.
"yeah I've met him a couple times......through the Stark Internship.......yeah well I'm not really supposed to talk about it" Peter says that last part turning around and glaring at Ned.
"Yeah well maybe you should invite him to Liz's party right?" Flash days motioning towards Liz.
"Yeah Peter you should Y/N would like that" Liz says laughing. You smack her lightly on the arm.
"Chill out guys give him a's fine Peter you don't have to. I've already met him a few times because of my Uncle anyways so I'm good" you explain smiling at Peter. It was true you have met Spiderman before. Technically you ran into him on the way upstairs to see your Uncle but you still met him.
"Oh come on he'll be there right Parker" flash says as the bell rings.
"Dude do you have the suit" Ned asks Peter as they walk towards the entrance of Liz's house.
Peter rolls up his sleeve a little to show his red and blue suit underneath.
"This is gonna change our lives" Ned says as they enter the house.
Once they get in they see colored lights and hear loud music. Peter looks over to see flash working as the Dj. They see red cups and paper plates everywhere.
"Hey guys, cool hat Ned" says Y/N walking towards them with a red cup in her hand.
"Hey Y/N" Peter says in a shaky voice.
"Cool party right. Liz throws the best parties" you say taking a sip from your drink.
"Yeah she....she does" Peter says smiling at you.
"P3N!S PARKER WHAT IS UP!" Flash says into the microphone.
"Where's your friend Spiderman. Probably in Canada with your imaginary girlfriend. That's not Spiderman, that's just Ned in a red shirt." Just as he stops talking you storm over to the Dj booth. You snatch the microphone from flash and glare at him.
"Leave him alone, your just jealous that he might have actually met Spiderman" you say shoving flash backwards.
"Whatever" he says grabbing the mic an placing it back on the booth.
Just as you were about to check on Peter, you turn around to see him gone. You were gonna look for him but then you see a weird light glowing in the distance, out of the window. You then run upstairs, pit your suit on, and swing towards the light. Once you get there you see Spiderman sitting on a wall.
"Sup Spidey" you say standing next to him
"Hey ghousty" Spiderman says. Ghosty is your nickname from him, one because your suit is white, two because some people call you Ghost Spider, but your official superhero name is Spiderwoman.
"So what's going on down there" you ask resting your arm in his shoulder as you both squat down.
"Don't know they're using a weird looking weapon" he says still looking at the bad guys.
"That doesn't look like something from earth" you say this because you've learned things from Tony. One being what alien weapons and machinery look like. That blaster they were using looked farmiliar but you couldn't put your finger on it.
"We need to stop them" Peter says. You nod and jump down at the same time he does.
"Sup fellas watcha doing?" You ask causing them to turn around.
Just then one of the men pull out a gun, but Spidey shoots a web and grabs it. You then run up and start to fight them. You got one on the ground and the other two are fighting Spidey. You jump on one of the men's shoulders and backflip off causing him to fall to the ground. Spidey got the other man on the ground. You guys then walk towards the van to see what they have. They have all sorts of weapons. Some look weirdly farmiliar to you.
"Let's take these somewhere safe" Spidey says. You nod and get into the front of the van. You guys drive off and take them to Stark Tower. Once you drop the weapons off you swing to a nearby building.
Once you get there you sit on the edge and sigh.
"What's the matter ghosty?" Spidey asks plopping down next to you.
"Nothing it's just.....I like this guy"
"Really well who's the lucky fella?" He asks scooting closer to you.
"I don't think I can tell you" you say scooting away from him.
"How about I tell you who I like first" he says causing your head to shoot up towards him.
"O-ok" you say.
"Ok so she goes to my school, she's pretty popular actually, I just wish she felt the same way." He says looking down at his hands.
"Well that's nice....can I know her name?" You ask
"Ok....Y/N Drew" he says whispering the name but you still heard it.
The eyes on your mask go wide and you suck in a breath. He likes you? All of the sudden you feel more nervous than when he asked the question.
"Oh" you say looking down at the city below you.
"Now you tell me who you like" he says voice a little shaky. You can tell he's shy, but he is still so sweet.
"Well now I can't tell you" you say getting up
"Wait, what, why?" He says getting up with you.
"Well....." You start to rock back and forth on your heels.
"Come on tell me please" he is so cute you can't say no to him.
"" You whisper
"Huh?" He says
"YOU! There you happy now?" You say. You have no clue why you didn't want to tell him. He literally just told you he liked you, kinda.
"Wait why am I so scared to tell you. I'm literally her?" You say. That was meant to just be in your head but it accidentally came out.
"Wait hold up what" oops he heard. You figured your in too deep now, screw it.
"Ugh.....Uncle Tony is gonna kill me" you say pulling your hood down.
"Uncle To-" just as he was about to ask you take your mask off. The eyes on his suit go wide. You stand there nervous.
"Y/N?" He ask in shock.
"Yeah..." He then walk towards you. He pulls his mask up just above his nose. You place your gloves hand on his cheek. You run your thumb over his lips. You were trying to recognize him but you couldn't.
You were gonna pull his mask up but he pulls you into a kiss. It is passionate and you can feel the spark. His hands rest on your waist and yours are on his neck. He pulls away and takes the rest of his mask off.
"PETER?" You say in shock.
"Yeah" he says smiling shyly
"Your Spiderman?" You ask again. Duh he was Spiderman.
"Yeah.....sorry for kissing you I should have-" you cut him off by smashing your lips into his once again. You pull away to look into his eyes.
"I like you" you say smiling.
"I like you too" he says rubbing circles on your waist with his thumb.
"What does this make us?" You ask
"Do you want to be my girlfriend?" He asks
"I don't know" you say
"Wait, why?" He ask. He is adorable
"I was just messing with you silly of course I want to be your girlfriend" you say. He calms down and pulls you into a hug.
You guys spend the rest of the night on the roof of a random building talking, holding hands, and stealing a few kisses. It still shocks you how could he fall for a girl- no a spider like you?
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sirmagicstein15 minutes ago
Wanda, in a high voice, holding barbie: hey ken! I was thinking about going back to school and starting a career!
Vision, in a deep voice, holding ken: nonsense, barbie. you鈥檙e staying home and having my kids
Tony: what in the world are you guys doing?
Wanda: playing systemic oppression
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simpfornatasharomanoff30 minutes ago
The New Avenger - A Natasha Romanoff x Female Reader Story
Summary: You have worked as a S.H.I.E.L.D for as long as you can remember, you eat, breathe, and sleep your job - you love it. One day, Nick Fury came to the S.H.I.E.L.D Agent compound and recruited you as the newest Avenger. Most of the Avengers don鈥檛 approve of getting a new Avenger, especially you. But Natasha Romanoff is on your side.
TLDR: You鈥檙e a new Avenger and Natasha is one of the few who are supportive.
Basically, just a Natasha Romanoff x Reader multi-chapter imagine.
Word Count: 2,038
Chapter Six: Mission Impossible Style
You're in the weight room at the S.H.I.E.L.D compound. This was your safe place, well other than your room. When you aren鈥檛 training with the S.H.I.E.L.D training, you鈥檙e always training on your own.
You鈥檝e been here for six months now, and you still don鈥檛 have any friends. Your training agent is nice, and she helps you, but you never hang out. She鈥檚 older than you and has own set of friends. You鈥檙e used to it, it鈥檚 nothing new. You were never close with your parents and you didn鈥檛 have friends growing up. But you thought that maybe, just maybe things would change for you and you鈥檇 make friends.
鈥淐adet Y/L/N, please report to the dorm office.鈥 The voice comes on over a PA system.
You quickly clean up all the equipment you were using before you make your way out of the training room. You make your way through the hallways quickly, keeping your head up and your eyes forward.
You push the door to the dorm office open and step in. It鈥檚 fairly quiet in here, it always is.
鈥淐adet Y/L/N.鈥
Your head turns to the left, and you see one of the dorm office assistants, Agent Trul. 鈥淕ood afternoon,鈥 You say, talking a few steps over towards her.
She gives you an acknowledging nod. 鈥淪o, you鈥檙e finally getting a roommate!鈥
鈥淲hat?鈥 You ask. You were fine on your own. You don鈥檛 need a roommate. Plus, your cadet group is six months into training.
The Agent Tru turns and looks into the room behind them, gesturing at someone. She turns back to you.
From the room behind her, a boy emerges. He鈥檚 got a goofy look on his face, and he smiles at you. 鈥淗ey, I鈥檓 Crawford. Alexander Crawford.鈥 He sticks his hand out, waiting for you to shake it.
You look at his hand, deciding if you want to shake it. But, if the two of you are going to room together, you should probably start off on a good note. You meet his hand with yours, 鈥淵/L/N, Y/N.鈥
鈥淎gent Y/L/N, do you think you can show Agent Crawford to your room?鈥
鈥淵es,鈥 You nod.
鈥淕ood. I鈥檓 glad you finally have a roommate.鈥
You and Alexander start heading towards your dorm, the two of you walking side by side.
鈥淪o, why are you joining us six months into the training program?鈥 You decide to ask.
Alexander looks over at you. 鈥淥h, It鈥檚 a long story, but long story short. I鈥檓 actually in my second year of training. But I sustained an injury that put me far back in my training, I was so close to becoming an Agent.鈥 He shakes his head. 鈥淏asically, S.H.I.E.L.D put me through a PT program to get me back to how I used to be, or close enough. They decided to put me back into my first year of training.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry to hear about that,鈥 You truly mean it, and you feel bad for asking.
鈥淚鈥檓 not,鈥 Alexander says. 鈥淚 was pretty reckless on mission and getting the injury out on the field made me realize that anything can happen just like,鈥 He snaps his fingers, 鈥淭hat. So I think starting kind of fresh will be good.鈥
You use your key and open your dorm room. Alexander walks in after you and shuts the door behind him. You look at the dorm room. You only used half of it, not needing a lot of space - you don鈥檛 have a lot of belongings .
He sets his backpack down on the open bed. He turns to you and sits on his bed. 鈥淚 heard you鈥檙e pretty lonely around here.鈥
You sit on your bed and face him. You cross your arms over your chest. 鈥淚 am not.鈥
Alexander shrugs. 鈥淚 mean, I鈥檝e been there. I鈥檓 still there. That鈥檚 why we鈥檙e going to be best friends!鈥 Alexander smiles at you.
You smile back.
He stands up and holds his hand out to you again, 鈥淏est friends, no matter what?鈥
You stand up and your hand meets his for the second time today. 鈥淏est friends, no matter what.鈥
Life seemed to be the same everywhere you went. Lonely. You sigh, making the music that鈥檚 playing in your ears louder to quiet the thoughts in your head. You want to avoid Wanda at all costs, so you鈥檝e been in your room since training ended.
You should鈥檝e stayed with Natasha to get some more training in. You shake your head. Wanda was just reading into your thoughts too much. You don鈥檛 have a crush on Natasha, you just find her attractive. There鈥檚 a difference, right?
An alarm starts blaring, playing louder than the music flowing through your headphones. You immediately take your headphones off. You stand up and run to your door. You quickly unlock it and pull it open. Except it doesn鈥檛 budge. You pull on it harder.
You press the button on your bracelet. Your suit quickly appears on you. 鈥淛ARVIS, why won鈥檛 my door open?鈥
You watch as JARVIS scans your door, one of the parts within the locking mechanism highlighting red. 鈥淚t seems as if this particular mechanism has gotten stuck, not allowing the door to unlock all the way.鈥
鈥淲ell, can you tell me what鈥檚 going on? What does this alarm mean?鈥
鈥淭here鈥檚 an emergency and all the Avengers are meeting in the conference room,鈥 JARVIS informs you.
There鈥檚 no other way out of your room, you're trapped. You look around your room, your eyes locking on one of the two windows. 鈥淒amnit,鈥 You curse under your breath and make your way to one of the windows.
You quickly unlock the window and lift it to open it. You stick your head out of the window, feeling a slight breeze. You look down. You鈥檙e very high up. And heights are not your thing.
You feel a sinking feeling in your stomach. 鈥淛ARVIS, how many floors up am I?鈥
鈥淵ou are currently twenty floors up, Miss Y/L/N.鈥
You gulp. 鈥淎nd do I have a grappling gun by chance?鈥
鈥淎 grappling gun has been placed in your holster.鈥
You grab the gun from your holster and smile. 鈥淛ARVIS, what floor is the conference room on?鈥
鈥淭he conference room is on floor thirty-four.鈥
鈥淔uck.鈥 That means you would have to shoot the grappling gun high enough for you to climb fourteen floors. You aim your gun up at the building, and shoot. You watch as the grapple lands on the side of the Avengers tower. 鈥淛ARVIS, can you tell which floor that is at?鈥
You watch as he scans it. While JARVIS scans, you can see on the thirty-fourth floor that all of the Avengers are in the conference room.
鈥淭hat has reached the top of thirty-four.鈥
鈥淵es!鈥 You celebrate your own victory. But then you remember you actually have to use that to climb the Avengers tower.
You climb out of the window and stand on the windowsill. 鈥淗ere we go, you got this. This is nothing. No big deal. It鈥檚 not like you can fall to your death or anything.鈥 You look down and immediately avert your eyes from the ground.
You turn yourself around so you鈥檒l be able to climb the Avengers tower. You grab the rope that鈥檚 attached to the grapple. You lean back and connect your feet to the tower - which feels illegal - so you鈥檙e perpendicular with the tower. You slowly start to climb.
鈥淛ARVIS, can you tell me what they鈥檙e talking about? I don鈥檛 want to miss anything about what鈥檚 going on.鈥
鈥淩ight away, Miss Y/L/N.鈥
鈥淗as anyone seen Y/N?鈥 Steve asks.
鈥淭he last I saw her, she was running from Wanda after training,鈥 Bruce says.
鈥淲hy would Lady Y/N run from Wanda?鈥 Thor asks.
鈥淲anda?鈥 Natasha asks.
Wanda sighs, 鈥淚 read her mind.鈥
鈥淪o, where did she go?鈥 Steve asks.
鈥淪he went to her room,鈥 Wanda says. 鈥淪lammed her door right in my face.鈥
鈥淭hor, would you mind gathering Y/N from her room?鈥
鈥淚鈥檒l go retrieve Lady Y/N,鈥 Thor agrees.
The higher you get as you climb the Avengers tower, the breezier it gets, making it hard for you to steady yourself.
鈥淵es, Miss Y/N?鈥
鈥淵ou can just call me Y/N,鈥 You tell the AI.
鈥淥kay, Y/N.鈥
鈥淲hat would happen if I were to fall from this height?鈥 You ask, peeking over your shoulder to look at the ground again.
鈥淪eeming as you鈥檙e now thirty floors up, you would die on impact.鈥
You look back up, 鈥淕reat, I don鈥檛 know why I asked.鈥
鈥淟ady Y/N was not in her room,鈥 Thor informs the group as he returns to the conference room.
鈥淛ARVIS?鈥 Tony asks.
鈥淵es, Mr. Stark?鈥
鈥淒o you have a location on Y/N?鈥 Tony asks.
It's at this moment where you bang your fist on the glass outside the conference room.
鈥淪he鈥檚 right outside of the conference room,鈥 JARVIS says.
All of the Avengers look out of the window, except for Thor.
Thor opens the door to the conference room, 鈥淪he鈥檚 not out here.鈥
鈥淪he鈥檚 outside of the tower,鈥 Steve informs Thor.
Thor turns around and looks through the glass. 鈥淭here鈥檚 a threat outside on the tower!鈥
鈥淭hor! That鈥檚 Y/N!鈥 Tony says.
鈥淥h,鈥 Thor says.
鈥淎s much as I would love to sit out here all day and chat, can you help me?鈥 You yell so they can hear you through the window. The breeze is strong and makes you falter for a moment.
鈥淐over your face!鈥 Tony says.
You hesitantly and carefully remove one of your hands from the rope and use your arm to cover your face.
You hear the glass shatter. And before you can remove your arm from your face, you feel yourself start to fall. Oh right, the grapple landed at the top of this floor, which is the window that just shattered. You shut your eyes tightly. But you don鈥檛 continue to fall and you feel a hand gripping yours tightly.
You open your eyes and look up. 鈥淚 got you,鈥 Natasha says, her emerald eyes looking at you.
She pulls you into the tower and you lay on your back for a second, your breaths coming heavy.
鈥淲here were you?鈥 Tony asks.
You press the button on your bracelet and your suit disappears. 鈥淚n my room.鈥 You stand up and move away from the now open window.
鈥淎nd you didn鈥檛 want to join us in a normal way because?鈥 Natasha asks, an eyebrow raised.
鈥淢y door wouldn鈥檛 budge, the window was the only other way out.鈥
鈥淲e can talk about this later,鈥 Steve says. 鈥淲e got a tip about bomb threats in the city. Which we need to go to now! So suit up and get on the quinjet!鈥
You quickly follow Tony and Bruce to the quinjet. You and Tony have your suits in the palm of your hands and Bruce doesn鈥檛 have one.
The other Avengers join you quickly, all of them suited up. Clint goes to the front to fly the quinjet. Natasha sits next to you.
鈥淪o, we got a tip that there鈥檚 three bombs,鈥 Steve says. 鈥淥ur job is to get the people out of buildings and get rid of or disarm the bombs. The people always come first.鈥
Your leg shakes up and down as Steve goes over the mission. You aren鈥檛 nervous, you鈥檝e been on plenty of missions before. It鈥檚 just the fact that this is your first mission as an Avenger.
Natasha puts a hand on your thigh, stopping you from shaking it up and down. She gives you a small smile. 鈥淚t鈥檚 going to be fine.鈥
You nod, 鈥淚 know. We got this.鈥
Clint lands the quinjet. You press the button on your bracelet and your suit covers your body. You watch as Tony鈥檚 suit covers him too.
鈥淩emember, people first!鈥 Steve says as you all run off of the quinjet.
You leave the quinjet and see the city in distress. There鈥檚 gunfire coming from every direction. People are running and screaming.
鈥淛ARVIS, scan for the bombs.鈥
鈥淩ight away, Y/N.鈥
Taglist:聽@peggycarter-steverogers @womenlovingwomen-imagines @b-5by5 @natasha-danvers @crispykidcookiebasketball @kaitlynroseb @millennial-teenybopper @diaryoflife @haughtlikehell @feescher @marvelwomen-simp @d14n4ol @lilclownx @ymzki-haruki @feescher @hi-i-1 @tbpandtswiftfan @claudiaatje @midnight-lestrange聽@kozumeeekoi聽
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ediwdac45 minutes ago
Bruce/hulk: *talking about science*
Tony: don't talk dirty to me when everyone is around
Bruce: I wasn't
Tony: yes you were talking about nuclear fusion you know how that makes me
Rhodey: one time I talk about cars from the 30s and Tony started moaning it makes no sense
Tony: why are my friends trying to get me hot and bothered
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stark-strange-love258 minutes ago
Harley: hey if you boil a clown will you get a laughing stock
Tony: Hey! I don鈥檛 like this question!
Peter: oh god PENNYWISE
Stephen: if I had wandas powers I鈥檇 invade everyone鈥檚 minds to let me have one fucking NORMAL dinner EVEN IF I HAVE TO TORTURE THEM WITH MIND CONTROL TO GET IT
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fearlesstarkeran hour ago
hey guys can you advise me your fav starker fics with fake relationships? 馃ズ馃憠馃徎馃憟馃徎
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natasharomanoffismywifean hour ago
Captain America Civil War Movie Reaction | Road To Black Widow
Continuing on our road to Black Widow we have arrived at Captain America Civil War!!聽
What team are you on? Team Cap or Team Iron Man!!聽
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funkylittlebidiotan hour ago
Ben Platt covered Lady Gaga鈥檚 You and I and made it gay 馃槶 i鈥檝e never felt more vindicated聽
This scene suddenly became cute and beautiful instead of ridiculous thank you very much聽馃挅
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nomouthtospeakofan hour ago
Tumblr media
god i keep forgetting my optimum gender is rogues until i draw rogues huh. this is some of the most fun i鈥檝e had drawing in a while, which is wild bc usually i HATE drawing full bodies or doing clothing design (okay i don鈥檛 hate design at all i just don鈥檛 feel good at it). anyways it is 5:28 am and origins has FINALLY finished downloading and now im gonna go feed the cats and myself breakfast and sleep lmao
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littlemissagrafina3 hours ago
Marvel post-endgame is just marvel with and iron deficiency
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funnyincorrectmcu4 hours ago
Peter: We all have a head, a body, a neck, and a sound hole, so technically, we are all ukuleles. Tony: 鈥 Tony: Peter please go to bed.
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funkylittlebidiot4 hours ago
Villain!Stephen: and what do I get for going against my sorcerers?
Tony: a lesser sentence
Villain!Stephen: I鈥檝e got a counterproposal - suck my dick
Tony: *getting up* alright, enjoy prison -
Villain!Stephen: no I鈥檓 serious. I鈥檒l do it for a bj
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the-second-tonks5 hours ago
May I have a ship request for Marvel and Stranger Things please?
I鈥檓 5鈥5 I have thick black curly short hair. I have dark brown sometimes mistaken for black eyes.
I鈥檓 a Libra Rising, Leo Sun, and Capricorn Moon. I鈥檓 also a Venus Leo, a Mercury Scorpio, and a Pluto Saggitarius.
I鈥檓 a Ravenclaw.
I love reading, singing, dancing, writing, drawing, coming up with new ideas, and researching.
I have a hard time communicating how I feel in words and physical touch, so I usually do it in gestures like taking the time to listen to you and all the things you like. Doing research on the things you like to have a better understanding. I鈥檓 not prone to physically communicating my emotions for people.
I鈥檓 sassy, sarcastic, and witty. I鈥檝e been told I鈥檓 very intelligent. I鈥檓 shy and very helpful. I am very curious. I am very creative, hardworking, and loyal. I鈥檓 silly and talkative once I get comfortable, I鈥檓 also an introvert. I tend to view things as something big and everything having a deeper meaning.
Some of my flaws are I tend to crave drama whether in real life drama or fictional drama it鈥檚 still a crave. I鈥檓 arrogant sometimes. I can get overly possessive and protective over the people I care about. I can get jealous easily and I tend to lie for no reason sometimes unintentionally. I have trouble admitting my faults, being vulnerable, and being wrong. I am quick to anger and sometimes I鈥檓 a little apathetic. When I get into a really important task to me I tend to forget everything else around me and anything else that I should or have to do. I can get very clingy to people I like. I can get emotionally attached very quickly. I have bad coping mechanisms, and I have trust issues. I can be mean sometimes. (That鈥檚 a lot of flaws. Sorry.)
I鈥檝e been told I have a way with words when either speaking or writing. I鈥檓 usually not what people鈥檚 first impressions of me really are. I have interests in psychology, biology, philosophy, and law. I鈥檓 very indecisive.
Thank you so much and have a nice day or night and a nice week! :)
Sure !
So, you sent an ask about your sun and moon sign mistakes ... I hope I correct when I saw that you're Leo Moon and Capricorn Sun and Rising ..
Also to add , it's really alright about the confusion thing and I hope you have a nice week too !
So , let's get to your ship !
From Marvel
I ship you with -
Tony Stark a.k.a Iron man :)
Tumblr media
Clearly , I see him a perfect fit for you !
Two Capricorns means strong Capricorn traits . It shows how ambitious and determined you are ! Tony's gonna love that , honestly !
Your intelligence , smartness , curiousity and sarcasm is going to be his ego feeder , because you are his girlfriend . I can literally imagine him proudly talking about you in front of others (I hope you got that!)
So , I think I got that line . It meant that you are not good with sharing your emotions . Don't worry , Tony too , hides a lot sometimes . He would definitely understand !
Leo Moon makes you want to be the centre of attention ? So , Tony wouldn't mind giving you attention and also wouldn't mind you being clingy . But I'm pretty sure that while working , you would not be like this
Your hardworking and Tony is smartworking , so that's fitting here too !
This thing that you're introverted is not going to attract him , but when he sees you)overhears you being talkative with someone and being silly , he's gonna be intrigued !
A mercury Scorpio , as you mentioned , makes sarcasm as the way you speak but Tony would smirk everytime you sass anyone out (even him!)
You might have a hard time communicating through physical touch but not Tony . He'll always have his hands around you while he vents out and you listen to him .
Venus leo makes you want to spoil your future spouse , so I guess over here , you'll spoil Tony and vice versa but your Capricorn will ensure that money is under control !
You'll be patient with Tony , always ! You'll also be his lab partner !
Tony will help you embrace your flaws and you'll help him to embrace his . You will know when Tony's being really , like really arrogant (bcz you know , you can be arrogant too so ..) and you'll warn him , help him .
Okay , his ego feeder two would be you getting jealous , possesive and protective over him !
It's ok , I mean Tony is kinda playboy so , ya know , when you get attached to him , he's gonna break your heart , but only once . Never again !
Tony's really smart , so I don't think it's going to be trouble to make you confess/accept your flaws . He might trick you into it ! Being indecisive is also not a problem because Tony can take the lead !
Overall , a perfect and understanding relationship !
Your bestfriend would be -
Natasha Romanoff a.k.a Black widow
Tumblr media
You can't change my mind on this !
Sarcasm alert ! You and she are unbeatable ! Also to add , it's literally a good friendship because she might understand you hiding your emotions !
Overall , a very loyal and deep friendship !
From Stranger things
I ship you with -
Johnathan Byers :)
Tumblr media
He's a good fit for you ! He's a bit nerdy , more of unsocial .
Also , trust issues fit here ! I mean , he'll understand !
He's really protective and so are you ! So maybe even though you both are busy , you'll make sure he is fine and vice versa
Also , he's really caring and won't let you get jealous or won't mind if you're clingy !
When he's being timid , you could reassure him (Capricorn trait !)
He's really afraid to make the first move so maybe , you'll get comfortable with him first and then it would be his turn
You both are quite independent !
You're introverted so yes , you both would spend time together !
Also to add that you both would be quite the inteligent couple !
Overall a deep relationship !
Your bestfriend would be -
Nancy Wheeler
Tumblr media
Nancy is really kind and extroverted , so you'd explore different parts of life that you're deprived of due to being an introvert
But being an introvert as its own advantages , you noticed things like no other !
Overall , a really fun friendship !
Gifs and photos not mine !
I hope you liked it !
Thank you for the ask 馃槉
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Send me all your 馃敟thoughts馃挦 of your favourite fictional characters I'm missing them 馃挆
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