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#Tony stark
God knows....
You: *looking at a sign on the common room door. Reading: No more than 3 people inside!*
Tony: *walking around the common room inside his Iron man suit, seeing you enter* Jarvis lock the door 3 people inside!
Loki: *helping himself to a cup of tea; trying to joke* Why don´t you spray everybody down with disinfectant?
Tony: *smug* What do you think the fog is you walk through before entering the tower?!
You: *waiting for your turn to make tea* I know that this is absolutely serious AND important but I HATE social distancing...
Loki: *looks at you with an irritated face* I thought you don´t like people very much...
You: *half grins* most people...
Loki: to elaborate?
Tony: *snorts laughingly*
You: ...I do like the people living in this particular building.
Loki: *hides a grin* Even this one walking around in full armour? *points to Tony*
You: *laughing* Yes, even this one... And I hate not being able to get closer than 2 meters...makes hugging very difficult. And god knows I could use a reassuring hug...
Tony: *outstretches arms* 2 meters!
Loki: *tugs you close into a tight embrace*
Loki: *rests his head on yours* She said GOD knows she needs a hug.. I am a god so I know...
You: *chuckling but hugging him back* Thank you...
Loki: *softly* You are quite welcome, pet
Tony: .... *swearing*
Loki: *holding you close, looking at Tony* You disinfect ALL of us before entering, I am a god and don´t have the tendency to catch this is as safe a hug as she will get!
Tony: ....
Loki: *grins*
Tony: *stretches out his right palm and blasts You and Loki with disinfectant* ...*grins inside his armour* Just to be sure....JARVIS... *walks out*
You: I am sorry...
Loki: *kisses your forehead* Don´t be. *whispers* You don´t have to keep your distance from me. We will beat this invisible foe. *hugs you tighter to his chest*
You: *breathing in deeply...feeling safe*
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Signor Antonio Carbonell

summary: In which Peter gets sick at school and has to get Tony to come and pick him up, except it’s not exactly Tony’s name on the emergency contact list.

word count: 1,439

rating: G

Peter should have known that he was ill the moment he woke up at five am with an aching headache. But despite how lousy he felt he somehow managed to convince May (and himself) that he was perfectly fine. His immune system didn’t seem to agree, however, because by third period his headache was now a hammer pounding into his skull and he was using all his concentration to keep his stomach contents within his body.  

He swallowed convulsively as his teacher droned on and on about the roaring twenties. Peter moaned and laid his head down on his desk, hoping that the coolness of it would somehow make him feel better. It didn’t. 

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Tony stark isn’t dead he’s just vibing at the lake house in secret so the press don’t find him and harass Morgan


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Harley: hey dad!

Tony: hey kid! Did my brilliant and talented son seriously just bring me dinner?

Harley: yeah, thought you’d want to stay in the lab all evening

Tony: you are the most thoughtful, caring, conniving little con-artist ever. You are not going out tonight.

Harley: dad!

Tony: you’re grounded. And I don’t fancy and early grave by letting you go behind Stephen’s back.

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Iron Fam- 14 “They’re so cute when they’re asleep.”

“They’re just so cute when they’re asleep,” Tony sighed as he looked in on his slumbering darlings. “Aren’t they cute, Pep?”

Pepper was in the kitchen preparing breakfast, but she didn’t need to be there to know what Tony was talking about. It was this sort of connection they had, Like mind-reading, but better. “They sure are, Tony.”

“Oh yeah, these guys are the best,” he boasted. “My favorite little creations!”

“Daddy, what are you doing?” Morgan, in her space pajamas with Rescue Rabbit in her arms, stood behind him with Peter, Harley, and Nebula. “Why are you talking to the robots?”

They were in Tony’s lab. The door had been unlocked and left open for once. It was his idea to spend a few weeks in Upstate New York with the ‘Iron Fam’ as they had been dubbed by the media, so really, he had no one to blame but himself for the invasion. It was fine, though. All the dangerous tools were well out of Morgan’s reach and while DUM-E Jr. and the other prototypes were currently offline, they loved the little girl more than the online fans did, and that was saying something.

“I was just saying how proud I am of them,” Tony said, folding his arms. “Why? Aren’t you proud?”

Morgan shrugged. “They’re okay.”

Tony gasped. The nerve of some people.

“He was like this when we first met,” Nebula muttered to Harley. “I used to think it was just a lack of food. Now I see he’s just born like that.”

“You say it like it’s a bad thing,” Tony said, turning away before Nebula could bluntly state that was exactly what she meant. “Okay, onto more important matters. Why are you guys up these early?”

“It’s eight o’clock,” said Peter.

“Exactly my point. Why are you up?”

The four ‘kids’ (how old was Nebula again?) looked at each other. 

“Breakfast,” said Peter.

“There was a spider in my room,” Nebula growled.

“Nebula wouldn’t stop punching the wall,” Harley muttered.

“I missed you last night!” Morgan cheered.

Ah, parenthood. The greatest task he’d ever undertaken.

“Okay, let’s get some bacon and eggs in us.” Tony clapped his hands and pointed them out the door. “I think we might still have some leftover gojis from yesterday. Speaking of which, remind me to feed Gerald before we go hiking later.” 

“Why did we bring the alpaca on vacation?” Harley asked.

“Why wouldn’t we bring the alpaca on vacation?” Tony took one last look at his new robots, making sure they were still hibernating. He’d been planning on waking them up to run maintenance, but it could wait. 

Much as he loved them, some things were more precious.

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Tony stark calling a press conference a after getting out of captivity just to publicly have an existential crisis so nobody can stop him from saying what he wants is just proof that he is the biggest fucking genius drama queen.

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