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Meet Lyra the octopus and Darcy the fox

Lyra is Yuno’s girlfriend that enjoys eating and is a power type sumo wrestler, she lives in a hut at the beach and works at a bar

Darcy is Yuno’s childhood friend who’s born with two tails. She’s a sneaky ninja who’s on a mission to find her little sister who went missing.

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Mahalo for all the endorsements! More coming this week #Vote4Augie #AugieforCityCouncilD9 #Augie2020 #InItToWinIt #Community #People1st #notapolitician #Vision #bornandraised #patriotic #committed #local #grassroots #commonsense #determined #trailblazer #newideas #confident #passionate #hardworking #fighter #RoyalKunia #MililaniTown #EwaVillages #VillagePark #EastEwaBeach #WestLoch #Waikele #WestWaipahu #EwaByGentry (at Ewa Beach, Hawaii)

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Everyone, meet Yuno the chinchilla. She’s cowardly speed type who has a bitter rival to the president

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name: jaiden masters

alias: trailblazer

age: 28

sexuality: asexual biromantic

hair color: brown with red streak

eye color: brown

color palette: red, gold

power: superspeed

personality: sarcastic, comes off as brutally honest, pessimistic, geeky

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Redesigning the New Warriors pt. 2

Part 1: Snowflake and Safespace

In this next post I’ll be showing my redesigns for the characters Trailblazer and Screentime. Originally I was going to do B-Negative as well but as of this time I honestly don’t know what do do with him so I’m just going to save him for a third part.

But anyway here are the originals:


And my redesigns Scout and Screen Saver


Again I am an amateur so feel free to leave any constructive criticism or questions. Thanks.

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So here’s my redesign for Trailblazer along with some casual clothes and alternate color scheme.

Here is the original and her description


I changed her color scheme a bit, the bright neons were a bit much for me. I also made an alternative color scheme because I thought it looked nice. I changed her outfit from a hoodie to something I thought would look a bit more like a superhero costume. 

I kinda think the magic backpack is kind of dumb, and think she should have her own power and not something that comes from an object. So she basically has the same power, it just doesn’t come from a backpack. She has access to a pocket dimension and can bring forth useful or random objects. I guess we can keep the part about her power being gifted to her from a god. She still doesn’t have the hang of it yet. And at first has trouble bringing out the right objects. She gets a lot of random stuff first before she gets something that is useful to whatever situation she is in. But she does eventually get a lot better with it.

She uses the backpack she has on to conceal the portal when she gets an object. Like if she’s in public and wants to be discreet, she just makes it seem like she’s pulling it from the backpack. 

Her backstory is still the same, since I like it. The casual outfit with the purple shirt is what she wears when working at the senior center. 

She’s very unsure of herself and her abilities. Since she’s new to this and isn’t used to being a hero, she’s afraid she’s just getting in the way sometimes. She wants to be helpful and cares a lot about other people, but she always feels like she isn’t doing enough. She doesn’t feel as skilled as the rest of the team, and is afraid she will mess up and cause problems. I like to think that over time she becomes more confident and sure of herself and eventually becomes sort of a leader to the team. 

Along with volunteering at senior centers she sometimes volunteers at animal shelters. She loves to take care of animals and help find them homes. She also has some other hobbies. She loves crafts. She’s really into jewelry making at the moment, mostly earrings and bracelets. She has a few plants she grows, mostly flowers.    


I plan on redesigning the rest of the characters too just for fun

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I know I have said I will stay out of the discussion of the new New Warriors and Snowflake in particular but this concerns another character from that team.

Listen, I understand that many of you are disappointed in these new characters and see them as a failed attempt at proper positive representation. I understand some of you who are artistically talented try to take a knack at fixing them.


If you take Trailblazer, a character some pointed out may have issues regarding her powers and possible ethnicity, yes. But if you take a look at this character


And your idea how to “fix” her, how to make her a “better representation” is to make her skinny

And when people call you out on it, folk defending you give them the “Fatphobic Rhetorics: Greatest Hits” and even outright go on rants how “sjws” and “political correctness” are ruining everything and ruining “their” comics.

Then how the fuck are you any better?

- Admin

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