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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#Trans man

To all my ftm trans babes who’ve got scars from top surgery:

Firstly, you’re handsome and valid, and secondly, I’ve got a scar that runs down the center of my chest from heart surgery, so you ain’t alone, bro! We both went through life changing things that improved our quality of life somehow! Also scars are sexy and masculine imo soooooooo FEEL VALID!!! please? Y'all are great and deserve to :)

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Chucky from Childs Play has a non-binary spawn Tiffany takes some time to understand a little quicker but eventually they both accept their child for who they are.But me and my husband have talked about this and is Chucky now a trans man?At the end of Cult Of Chucky he transfers his soul into Nica Pierce’s body.He has the soul of a man but the body of someone who is a cis female.I mean damn were they just ahead of their time?😲🤭⚧

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I’ve seen a lot of ppl complaining about transmeds bullying non passing trans ppl so I wanted to make this post as a transmed to show yall my opinions on what’s the difference between a trans tender and a non passing trans person


Doesn’t feel dysphoria

Doesn’t try looking or acting like the gender they identify as

Believes being trans is choice


Feely dysphoria

Wants to look like the gender they feel like but isn’t able because not enough money or other reasons

Trys to act like the gender they identify as

Didn’t choose to be trans

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@ every trans boy struggling with dysphoria right now

You look so handsome and you’re going to look just as handsome in the future. It will get better. It got better for me. I love you all and stay safe and remember that your struggle is real. Your struggle is valid. It’s okay to have dysphoria. That does not mean you hate yourself. That means there is a disconnect from your mind and your body and you will be the same strong, handsome guy in the future. You just might be more hairy, or maybe you’ll have a flat chest. Or maybe you’ll smell really fuckin musty. Who knows?

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