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Available now! The Doepfer A-110-6 Trapezoid Thru Zero Quadrature VCO⠀

The Doepfer A-110-6 is a Trapezoid Thru Zero Quadrature VCO. The module is based on an idea by Donald Tillman from 2003 but has been revised for the use of modern electronic circuits (no OTAs / 3280). Because of its unique trapezoid core it’s totally different compared to the other VCOs. But the trapezoid core is not the only speciality: it is also a quadrature VCO and features linear thru zero Frequency Modulation.⠀

The term ‘Quadrature’ means in this connection that the oscillator outputs two trapezoid waves with 90 degrees phase shift. ⠀

The term ‘Thru-Zero’ means that even ‘negative’ frequencies are generated. But this is a bit of a misleading term as negative frequencies do not really exist. ‘Negative’ means in this connection simply that the TRANSIN and TRACOS waves will stop when the linear control voltage reaches 0V and continue with the opposite directions as the linear control voltage becomes negative and vice versa.⠀

(Feel free to drop us an enquiry via direct message until the website is up and running)⠀

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#Drawing #melodrama #beautifulbizarre #Blackandwhite #lifeformdrawingclub #inkfeature #brutsubmission #lowbrowart #illustrationhowl #comedyart #lowbrow #teddanderson #penandink #darkartist #illustration #newcontemporary #design #Sketchbook #fineart #artforthesick #blackink #linework #Artonpaper #outsiderart #dirtyconsumer (at Newport, Mayo, Ireland)

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To better understand the technique of exercises on-line, you should understand their function, what makes sense to examine in detail the function of these muscles. Located in the upper back, they put together 3 groups of powerful muscles: deltoid, wide dorsal muscles and neck, forming a flat triangle. The trapezius muscles work in three directions: the upper part of the trapezoid raises the shoulder blade and the whole shoulder girdle, lower - opposite, down, and the middle part moves the shoulder blade to the spine. The development of the trapezoid defines the normal functioning of the shoulder girdle and neck under load and protects against damage of the clavicle and the cervical vertebrae.
Anatomy of the trapezius muscle is its best form it is necessary to work the muscle in three totally opposite directions. This means that the simple training on-line no. You will have to perform a set of at least three exercises: one for each part of the trapezoid. The height of the trapezoid has the natural power, and therefore to the development of the muscles should be applied to serious weight gain.

So, what exercises on the trapeze:
- srage with the rod;
- sragi with dumbbells;
- sragi in the crossover;
- srage with a barbell behind my back;
- thrust rod to the chin;
- rotate shoulders backward/forward with dumbbells.

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