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#Trevante Rhodes

Summary: Gossip and rumors aren’t the only interesting thing going on at the office.

Trevante Rhodes x Black! Reader

A/N: Okay bbys, I said I had it, so here it is. This fic is based on Fantasia-When I See You. This song was on repeat when I was writing this, I couldn’t help but to imagine Trevante’s fine assssss. Tell me what y’all think. I’m getting to the requests soon, everything is in my drafts waiting to be posted. 


Originally posted by weloveyoubabygirl

“You’re always on my mind.”

   Working in an office environment, gossip and rumors were the only interesting and appealing thing around. That and Trevante Rhodes, one of the four supervisors in the call center. If you had eyes, you were attracted to him. body carved by the Universe’s hand. He was beauty. 

“Good work Alyssa.”, Trevante high fives a tempt agent. The poor girl looked as if she were going to melt into her seat, “Thank you.”, she smiles. Trevante walks back to his desk, two cubicles down from yours. You were typing up calling lists for the agents, a request from the manager, sales had to be up by the end of this month. “(Y/n)?”, Trevante is leaning back in his chair to get your attention. “Yes?”, you lean back also. 

“I need some help really quick.”, he tries to whisper, he isn’t good at it. “Trevante Rhodes doesn’t know how to do something?”, you tease. “I’m human.”, he shrugs. “Here I come.”, you get up and walk over, “What’s the problem sir?”, you lean down. Trevante studies you, a smile on his face, “Well, Miss (Y/L/N), I’ve made a mistakes making one of the lists.” You loom at the computer screen, “Trevante…”, you shake your head, trying not to laugh, “We’re on the same list. You’re supposed to be working on the other one. This one.”, you point, “The one with your name on it.”, you glance at him. Trevante looks closer, “Seems like I accidentally clicked yours.”, he looks up at you and smiles.

“Accidentally? Sure Mr. Rhodes.”, you laugh, “I have to tend to my agents. Let me excuse myself from your awful attempt at flirting.”, you joke.

“Me? Flirting?”, Trevante grabs his chest as if he’s hurt. “Yes. You.”, laugh and walk back to your desk. You start typing up again. An email.


     when are you free?

You lean back to get a glimpse at him, he’s already looking at you, he;s smiling, showing all of his gleaming white teeth. You lean back foward. 


     this is what you use your work email for?


      only for you.


    saturday, 8pm, and i like red tulips



You smile to yourself and start typing and checking previous lists. The lunch break had began, and half of the agents were gone. You see Trevante rolling his chair over. “What do you like?”, he strokes his beard. You look at him, “What do you mean?”

   “What’s you favorite food?”, he picks up your sticky notes and begins writing something down. “Surprise me.”

Trevante looks up at you, a slow smirk spreading on his face, “Also noted.”, he puts the sticky notes down, “So we don’t have to communicate through email.”, he winks and starts rolling backwards to his desk, the wheel gets stuck and he has to wiggle his way out, “This is awkward…”, he nervously chuckles. 

     “It is. I’ll let it slide.”, you tease. 

“thank you.”, he smiles, you never got tired of seeing it. You roll your eyes and turn your attention back to your computer. An email.


when i see u

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Training - Part 5

Masterlist for Parts 1-4

A/N: Watch the messy show of Jealous!Trevante as another guy tries to step up on his girl or who he wishes was his girl!




For the beginning:

For the ending:

Trevante didn’t know what it was about seeing her in the arms of another man that spurred an onslaught of emotion. Jealousy, anger, regret, and heartache being the majority of them. Searching for a parking space, his mind travels to the mistake that fucked it all up.

Three years ago, when seeing Deaysha again in the middle of the dining hall, his heart fluttered. Unsure of how to fix things after she saw him with Shay, he made an asinine mistake of saying the word ”friends“ in an effort to be close to her in some capacity, and there, the friend zone was born.

His relationship with Deaysha was hands down one of the best things that ever happened to him. Being able to talk for hours and hours about anything and everything. Having the capacity to be vulnerable and bring up the tumultuous relationship with his father and worry for being the man of the house and role model for his younger brother and sister, Deaysha was the only one he could bare his entire soul to, free of judgement. From his deepest fears to his best accolades, she was always there.

In the past between the many torturous dips back into the Shay pool to De being wrapped up in the shitstorm of Ellison, they never really had the opportunity to explore anything else. But now things were different.

He’d finally felt he had grown and matured into someone worthy of her attention and it was time to switch gears. He thought training her would be his way in and finally out of the friend zone but that shit was taking too long and he had to make a move now.

Finally finding a parking spot, he hops out, making light work of the distance to the diner. Trying to be inconspicuous, he takes a seat at the counter, a distance away from her booth but still technically within long range earshot, able to hear a few words.

“So, how have you been?” Amir smiles eagerly as they hug one another. Deaysha doing the hug and rock thing as Amir seems to be gripping too tightly for Trevante’s liking, taking advantage of her friendly bear hug nature. Trevante grimaces as the waitress approaches to take his order, trying to bring a smile back to his face, he politely tells her he isn’t ready yet.

“You look really really beautiful shawty,” Amir says, looking her up and down as they walk back to their booth, only making Trevante’s stomach churn. Tf this nigga think he is, Plies? Trevante thinks to himself.

“Thank you,” Deaysha blushes as she takes a seat.

Since they’ve been seated, Trevante hasn’t been able to hear what they’re saying but he can definitely see what’s going on. She giggles almost nonstop at whatever this nigga is talking about. In the last five minutes, he’s touched her hand, rubbed her wrist, and has gotten much closer, much to Trevante’s chagrin. But when he touches her chin, like he wanted to make a move on her, Trevante had had enough and abruptly leaves the counter in the direction of their table.

“Deaysha, can I see you for a second,” Trevante interjects, his heart racing in his chest as he blatantly interrupts whatever little moment they thought they were about to have.

“What…What are you doing here? Is everything okay?” Deaysha asks with panic filling her eyes, quickly diverting all of her attention to him.

“No…I mean it’s fine, I just need to talk to you” Trevante insists, completely ignoring homie’s entire presence.

“Ayo Bruh, she’s kind of busy right now, can it wait?” Amir interjects, polite yet forceful, sitting up in his seat.

“And I wasn’t really talking to you at all. Bruh” Trevante emphasizes, sizing him up, ready to step to him and handle it if need be. Without hesitation, Amir stands ready for the occasion as they both stick their chests out, eye to eye.

“Stop it! Amir this is my best friend Trevante, let me see what’s going on and I will be right back,” she says before grabbing Trevante’s hand and dragging him to the back of the restaurant.

“What The FUCK Was That?” She yells in a quiet whisper, hitting his chest to further emphasize her point.

“I need you to come home with me. We have to talk,” He answers with a straight face.

“Is everyone okay? Is someone hurt? Are you alright?” She asks a barrage of questions, pulling his head down, turning his face from side to side inspecting if he was okay, needing to know the urgency of the situation for herself.

“Everyone is safe and fine, but I need you to come home, now Deaysha,” he assures, looking down into her eyes, trying to appease her worry and still get her to leave.

“What’s wrong Trevante? Why can’t it wait until after, like he said?” She searches for the answer in his eyes before he closes them and shakes his head. He releases a breath before speaking again.

“I Need You Deaysha, please,” he says, holding her hands in his, running his thumbs slowly across the back of her hands as his eyes bore straight into her, piercing and unrelenting.

“Okay…I’ll go. Give me something to say, to tell him,” she says, knowing whatever it was she couldn’t be at peace here, if she didn’t go see if things were truly alright.

“I don’t know and I really don’t care honestly. If little homie is anything he will understand. Say it’s a family emergency,” He concludes with a light shrug of his shoulders.

“I’m going to get my things but when we go over there, you better poke that damn chest of yours right back in! Coming in all hostile and shit!” She says poking him in the nips making him cover his chest and inadvertently put it back in like she said.

“Owww” he says rubbing his sore chest.

“You heard what I said?” She asks, her finger ready to get to poking again.

“Yes, I hear you mama, I’m listening,” he says, lightly running his hand down her arm with sincerity in his eyes, the action making her take a bit of a double take.

Walking back to the table, she quickly grabs her things as Trevante walks ahead of her, looking back at her.

“I’m so so sorry. We have a family emergency and I have to go. We can reschedule this and I had fun so far. I will text you later, bye,” she rattles off quickly before giving Amir a quick peck on the cheek.

“I can cashapp you for my order,” she says about to take her phone out, before he stops her.

“No need shawty. Handle ya business and I look forward to doing this again,” Amir says pulling her face near and kissing her cheek as he looked straight at Trevante.

“Come on Deaysha!” Trevante says adding some bass into his voice, making her jump a little before she scurries over. He takes her hand and walks her to the car, opening the passenger side door first, for her to get in. He follows suit, getting in, turning the car on and driving off. Measured by the calmness in which he drove, she was really confused and needed some concrete answers.

“Trevante?” she calls, garnering his attention.

“Yes?” He says looking over to her, his face looking normal like he didn’t just straight up commandeer her from her date.

“Trevante Nemour Rhodes, what the hell was that?” She asks, fussing to high heaven, her voice going up at least an octave just for the confusing behavior alone.

“I will tell you everything when we get home, I promise. You trust me?” he asks, trying to reassure her.

“Of course I do. That’s why I left. But my question is, since you said everybody is good, what is the pressing matter? Like I kinda was having fun with this one. Then you kinda popped up like all bout it bout it aggressive, and I’m like what is going on” she says.

“You never act like that! I’ve only seen you that mad in reference to fuck niggas tryna holler and my ex but, why so testy?” She asks, part amusement and part curiosity. She couldn’t tell if jealousy spurred the aggression or not, but she could not lie, that getting pulled off to the side and out the restaurant and all that dominance displayed was sexy as hell.

“I already don’t like lil nigga and he was talking out of turn,” he simply states with a mild shoulder shrug as she cracks up laughing, so much it made him laugh too.

“Why don’t you like him?” She asks.

“He is a fuck nigga who don’t deserve you. I heard you with that cashapp shit. I taught you better than to pay for the first date or any for that matter. Fuck what anybody else do, you are fucking royalty and you will only be treated as such. I won’t have it any other way,” he says as she smiles.

“You wont have it, huh? Why you still so hostile Vante?” She says in a smooth soothing tone, taking his hand in hers, and interlocking their fingers, it immediately having a calming effect as he visibly relaxes his shoulders.

“I don’t know what’s going on in that big head of yours, but whatever it is, we will fix it, okay?” She assures, hugging him as much as her seatbelt would allow, and kissing his cheek.

“Give me another one, I didn’t quite feel that one,” he says with a sly smile as he cuts his eyes at her. She looks back at him, cutting her eyes as well before she reaches over and obliges with a loud ‘muah’ sound.

“Another one,” he commands, his eyes locked into hers. She looks for a second and obliges again, holding his face in her hand and smooching his cheek.

“Another one, I’m not feeling like you love me the way you say you do,” he smiles showing his pearly whites. She squints her eyes before sliding over, taking his face in her soft gentle hands.

“I love you Trevante. A whole super duper duper duper duper lot!” She says planting kisses between each word, and planting a couple extra light kisses on his ear.

“Well take that seatbelt off and come let me hold you. You hella far away,” he says wrapping his arm around her lower back and pulling her close, his strength making her feel so small and secure.

“‘Let me hold you?’ Oh man, who done did what to get my Boo in his cuddly boy bag? Do I have to beat somebody’s ass? Cause you know I will,” she says unfastening her seatbelt and scooting over to him, his arm enveloping her further, wrapping around her waist. His hand landing on a somewhat area of insecurity took a second to get used to, but the way he held her pudge, with such authority, made her not care as much as he didn’t. Completely wrapped up in his embrace and the scent of his cologne, she falls asleep in his arms. He shakes her a little as they pull into the drive thru of their favorite burger joint, Tootsie’s.

“Babe, we at Tootsie’s, you want the usual?” He asks, happy as hell she was as snuggled up to him as she was.

“Mhm,” She nods her head, opening her eyes for a second and closing them back, before snuggling into him even more, her hips slightly on his, making him want to wrap his other arm around her and lazily kiss on her neck. His little muffin.

“Hello! Welcome to Tootsie’s. How may I help you?” A girl asks through the intercom.

“Hey, can I have a large strawberry shake with extra whipped cream and maraschino cherries, a large chocolate shake with cherries, a Bacon Blue burger, hold the tomato, a Big Burger with everything, XL fries and a large sweet potato fry, with ketchup. That will be all,” he says before being instructed to pull around. Deaysha’s eyes opening with her infamous smile cry pout face.

“What is it mama?” He asks with a smile, rubbing her back.

“You remembered my favorites! Asking for all the stuff that I like, but am too chicken to ask! You such a real one Trevante,” she says hugging him super tight, as he leans down and kisses her forehead.

“Are you good?” She asks, looking up at him with concern in her eyes.

“Yes Deaysha, I’m good,” he says returning his gaze to the front as he pulls around.

“Why you choose today of all days to flip whatever angry aggressive turned sweet cuddly lovey dovey switch, I truly don’t know. You have this super important thing to talk to me about but you sitting here looking happy as a clam, like zero percent distress. The full “I Need You Deaysha” like something from a movie and you up here cheesing and super close. You haven’t been this much in my lap since that hoe crip walked out your life. And your ass better not have been fucking with her again cause I told you last time I will supply a quick and hefty swift kick in the balls since you lack all common sense when it comes to her,” she says, sitting back in her chair and folding her arms.

“Come on now, sweetheart. I haven’t been around nobody but you,” he says, grabbing her hand again, cool as a cucumber.

“Sweetheart??? Trevante what is going on?“ She asks, pulling her hand back, her jaw dropping as she looks back with disbelief.

“What you mean?” He chuckles as he gives the lady his card before receiving the food and passing it to her to check the bags.

“What YOU mean, what you mean?? Babe, sweetheart, what is happening?” She says clearing the bags, placing one in the back as she places the straws in the shakes and keeps the bag of fries in the front.

“Nothing is happening. We’re chilling in here, having a good time, we finna have some good ass food and some good ass conversation, probably a drink or a few and chop it up, no biggie,” he says like there is absolutely nothing off with him at all.

“You making me scared lowkey,” she says shaking her head.

“Its no reason to be, babygirl. Now bring that ass back over here, I’m cold without you,” he says grabbing her hand again.

“Trevante?!” She shrieks grabbing her hand back, feeling her palms start to sweat.

“What?” He laughs, trying to grab at her again.

“What is up with all this flirting? What is the problem?” She says her voice rising as she shrinks back from his hand.

“Does there have to be a problem? You don’t want me to flirt with you, call you my baby, hold you? There has to be a problem for that to just be?” He says, his even tone and the look he had in his eyes, reaching way past her soul, shaking her to her core.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” She mutters, watching his every move, maybe giving a clue to what the hell is in the air tonight, in his air specifically.

“Like what Deaysha?” He says, the way he uttered her name adding palpitations to her ongoing sweaty palms and blushing almost since this car ride began. Shaking her head she returns her gaze to the front.

“I refuse to let you use your charm and good looks against me! You know you fine and you’re taking advantage of me,” she protests, shaking her hand when he tries to catch it again.

“And you not using your charm and good looks on me in that outfit, Miss? Had me salivating since I picked you up earlier. And you know you sexy as shit when you get to blushing,” he smiles, running the back of his hand along the side of her face.

“You are overwhelming Trevante! Please stop playing with me,” she asks, shaking her head as she looks back and forth out the window and to her phone.

“Who said I was playing?” He says wrapping his arm around her again, leaning over to pepper her cheek and neck with little kisses during the red light.

“Stop It!” She squeals, full on laughing and blushing before pointing back to the now green light.

“You lucky the light changed,” he warns as he cracks up at her jaw dropping yet again.

“Trevante pleaseeee! Let me live! There is an invisible boundary right here between our seats. You stay on your side and me on mine and we will be good,” she reasons, making an imaginary line with her arm between them.

“But what if I only want to be on your side?” He says with those eyes drawing her in as he wraps his arm around her again, his hand landing on her hip, tugging it firmly, effectively pulling her right to the middle.

“Trevante!” She gasps hitting his leg and dropping her jaw to the floor yet again, him returning the same expression before cracking up laughing.

“Aight, Imma leave you alone if you give me one more kiss,” he says, biting his bottom lip as he looks forward.

“No, cause you gone try some shit! I can already tell!” She says shaking her head and scooting back to the edge of the seat by the window.

“I would never,” he gasps in fake shock with his hand over his chest, before laughing at his own lies. “I’m serious. I want that kiss Deaysha,” he continues.

“We almost home. Maybe if you behave, you can get one when we get there,” she insists.

“Hold my hand and it’s a deal,” he counters, extending his hand out to her.

“My hand is all sweaty. You want my sweaty hand?” She says wiping her hand on her pants as he nods with the cheesiest smile. So silly. She smiles as she takes his hand and returns her gaze out of the window, the whole interaction making her smile and giggle to herself repeatedly as the car ride continues.


Arriving back at the house, he holds the bags and drinks as she unlocks the door. She can feel his eyes on her which only makes her blush yet again. Turning on the light, he sets his keys and things down.

“Okay now that we’re in the house, do you care to tell me what on Earth had you going completely insane?” She asks, locking the door and turning around to him not even an inch away from her as he holds both sides of her face and passionately kisses her lips, seemingly sucking all the oxygen from her lungs.

Fumbling with what to do with her hands, she drops the keys to the ground as their lips wrap around one another. They were softer and fuller than expected, this moment she’d dreamed of quite a few times, more than she would like to admit. Feeling his body heat as he pins her to the door, gliding his tongue along her lips seeking permission to explore the caverns of her mouth. Panting, baited harsh breath, let out in spurts as his large hands held her still. Opening her mouth, they seem to ascend to another plane. Just them. Floating in the air. Wrapped in each other. Their tongues dancing in sweet discovery of the new plains. Eternally slow. The prickly sensation of his beard and the way his tongue fluttered against the roof of her mouth, tickling her, making her smile against his lips.

Oh his lips. The most perfect form, better than clouds. His hands glide down her curves ever so gently, just the sensation of touching her being enough for him. The sound of his moan as she pulls and sucks on his bottom lip, her hand traversing from his face to the back of his head. The kneading of his hands with his arms wrapped tightly around her plush frame making her let out barely audible whimpers. Holding his neck and he hers, the concentration of his lips making her melt into the swallowing of her lips. Pulling away, kisses alternating between her bottom and top lips with a final lick up to the tip of her nose, sealing it with a kiss. Breathless himself, he takes a step back, watching her beautiful visage, waiting in anticipation for his next move, barely holding herself up, her hands relaxed by her sides.

“I love you babygirl” he whispers as he kisses her lips one last time before taking the food to the kitchen and unpacking it. She peaks one eye open, enormously confused as to what is going on.

“You need ketchup?” He asks, before grabbing it from the fridge and taking the food in the living room, getting a little set up going.

“W..wha…what?! Do I need ketchup? Nigga, what the fuck? “ she whines, blinking her way back down to Earth as he winks back at her with his classic Colgate smile.


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Pairing: Trevante x Reader

Word Count: 2.4K

SUMMARY: Anon requested one with Trevante and the Reader based on the Jay-Z and Pharrell Excuse Me Miss video. So, I decided to have some fun with it.


“I GOT IT!!!!” Chelsea screams leading you to turn the volume down on your Touch Bar MacBook Pro cringing at the feedback from the other girls on the group call.

“Chels!” Robin snaps, looking up you can see she’s in her car. Chelsea’s in her concierge uniform.

“Bella?” Chelsea calls and Bella emerges putting in EarPods leaving the salon.

“Here” she responds.

“Bells I need you to call in!” Chelsea says excited, she’s only ever this excited when she has a life changing idea.

“We’re already barely making payments for HQ” Bella reminds.

“Cause we’ve finally hit the jackpot,”

“Oh really?” Robin asks skeptically, you decide not to comment knowing you’re not going to like her idea anyways.

“Some real high rollers are coming into town this weekend to purchase some properties and do business. Like really long money, like billionaires, money ain’t a thing. They’re young too and fine as hell ladies it’ll be easy between the four of us we can have HQ paid for the rest of the year”

“I’d rather the migraines from overworking myself then to suck dick for rent money” You respond honestly.

“Well you’re alone there sweetheart” Chelsea. “Besides it doesn’t have to go that far, don’t act like were not the best at this, and we need all hands on deck - every bitch in the city will be there trying to get on” Chels continues.

“I’ll get you ladies looking up to par” Bella speaks heading back to the salon.

“Waxes, lashes, nails, hair everything” Chels specifies.

“I can help with the hair, and get us in VIP in every club in town” Robin adds.

“I’ll get us outfits, accessories, shoes, the whole nine yards - I’ll try to swipe itineraries so we know how much time we have to work with”

“I guess I’m on research as usual” You swallow unenthused with the entire idea.

“Don’t sound so excited Y/N, think of it this way after this we have a year off” Chels comments and you hang up the call rolling onto your back and covering your face with a pillow out of frustration.

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Originally posted by savvy-ivvory




Not every Princess gets a knight in shining armour. Some get tyrants who care about few things more than warring and whoreing. Husband and Wife are only titles that don’t quell affairs and love and hate are two sides of the same coin.


Fey had enjoyed her first truly fun day in as long as she could remember since being in the dale. She seldom stopped laughing. It had been her and four at first — he’d been in the great library looking over a book three times his size.

“Erik needs help and since you’re being a bad wife, I’m looking for extra strategies” the insolent overgrown child says without looking up from the papers.

“Because you know everything” Fey comments sitting beside her youngest brother.

“I know more than you”

Yeah?” Fey smiles and he hands her a scroll written in a foreign scribe.

“It says” He says proudly. “That is we divert the stream from the violet springs, soak the ashes and then wet the gardens for the net three days the plants will take root again” Fey stands placing the scroll down to make sense of the drawings before looking at her brother in shock.

“Erik doesn’t need war plans, he’s fought them for longer than you’ve drawn breath” Fey comments picking him up with ease despite his protest. “And what do you know of a bad wife?” She asks tickling him.

“I said you’re a bad wife, not that you don’t love him” Fey sits back stunned at the Childs eyes — he missed nothing and had a knowingness to his innocence. “Come on let me bring this to the council then lets get my nephews so we can start on the garden.” He smiled running towards the council only to have some of men frustrated at Erik forcing them to stomach the presence of a child among them.

“My King” Fey and Four had bowed before fining Cassius and three with Eriks sons and heading to the gardens. Its an hour before they were all laughing and slipping and falling in the mud like swine planting seeds and digging holes to enable germination. The guards stood at attention perplexed at first before the infectiousness of their happiness enlisted their help.

Fey could feel peace again, balance and what it is like to live again while having a loving family.

Fey swallows getting stares as she and her army of mud men and boys trail into the castle. The whispers wait till she’s passed until the boys laughter resumes spreading smiles throughout the palace. They are given to their attendants who wash them, fey is cleaned herself by bess who is unamused with the places she’s gotten mud in as she brushes out her hair.

“You’re a Queen not an animal” she chastises. “Good god, look at those fingernails. Fey!” She shouts starting a manicure.

“Bess” Fey giggles and its been so long Bess freezes looking at the woman she’d raised from birth and loved as much as she would have loved her own children.

“That smile could change the world” she says.

“I’ll make sure to use it net time you start fussing” Fey winks as her body is dried and clean garments fit for a queen are placed onto her.

“Where are you off to now”

“My bed”

“The king has been in council since sunrise, his queen may be able to relieve him of his duties as she was frolicking”

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bold of westworld to put shirtless cowboy trevante rhodes smoking a cigar in epsiode 1 like it will never top that yet theyre still making seasons

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Grown - Part 3

Masterlist for the rest

A/N: More of the cuties with the slick mouths! We love to see it!

Luh Y’all!




“Ughhhhh” Deaysha groans, frustration rising as she moves her couch for the third time, still not sure if its current location is the best location. Trying to decorate this apartment has been a few months long journey and it didn’t seem to be getting any better. Still with hella unopened boxes staring back at her, she decides a break, maybe a little Matcha and curating a bomb playlist will give the inspiration to finish this once and for all. At least unpack it all without looking like unorganized clutter. She shakes her head as she grabs her keys and heads out of the door.

Sitting in her car, parked at the corner, choosing between a Starbucks Matcha Latte and Winterberry Honey Milk Bubble Tea, the bubble tea wins by a landslide. Plus the comfy little seating arrangements give the best vibes for playlist curation and a little mind wandering. Opening the door and approaching the counter, she gives the meanest lash fluttering eye roll.

“You gotta be shitting me! Do you ever not stalk me? This is the third time, you should be ashamed of yourself,” she shakes her head, taking a place in line behind Mr. Asshole himself.

“Is that so? Stemming from the fact that I occupied all these spaces before you did, I think that would actually make you the stalker, Miss Thing,” he says with a hearty laugh, his white teeth accenting his cocoa complexion to a tee.

“Miss Thing?” She questions with a raise brow.

“You don’t want me saying your name, so it is what it is, I guess,” he says returning his gaze forward after licking his lips.

“You don’t deserve …” she begins before getting cut off.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever,” he says brushing her off, making her jaw drop. A minute passes before he turns to the side, looking at the menu on the wall.

“You a little quiet back there, cat got your tongue?” he says trying to contain his smile.

“Just focus on the line in front of you, stop being a stalker, and mind your business! I don’t know why I even speak to you, you’re such an asshole,” she rolls her eyes, returning her attention back to her phone.

“Oh Little Miss Thing don’t like when you do her how she does you? Duly noted,” he says tucking his bottom lip between his teeth.

“Can you do whatever it was that you were doing before I came in here? I mean I’m sure you do live when I am not around, right?” she rolls her eyes, tucking a hair behind her ear, rolling her tongue along her teeth before smiling.

They manage to leave each other alone for a little bit and he orders a large Brown Sugar Milk Tea with extra bubbles. She grins at his sweet selection and she decides to try something new with Rosehip Lemonade with Bubbles. As she is waiting for her receipt, the cashier get a funny look on her face.

“Umm, excuse me ma’am but it didn’t work,” she says in almost a whisper.

“What? That’s not possible. It’s money on there, could you try it again please? If not I have cash in my car that I can go get,” Deaysha says quickly pulling up her bank balance to check and make sure. Picking up his tea, Trevante returns beside her.

“You can put it on here,” he says nonchalantly passing the cashier his card.

“No, thank you, but you don’t have to do that. It should work. I just used it yesterday,” she says panicking and feeling a little embarrassed as she tries not to look around to the eyes.

“I trust you, I know you good. Don’t sweat it,” he says handing her her card and receiving his own back as well.

“I really do have money on there. They cut it off randomly when I spend a lot of money, my bank’s fraud department can be a nuisance,” Deaysha says, waiting for her tea, watching him slurp down his.

“You sure you wanna be telling all that info to a guy you can’t stand? Won’t let me say your name but telling me your financial habits. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. You gotta do better than that, Doc” he says shaking his head before enveloping the straw back into his mouth.

“You remembered?” She asks a bit shocked, and flattered at the same time.

“I never forgot, it’s not often that a physician tackles you in broad daylight over an album that was rightfully yours. I even remember this infamous name of yours,” he says with a cheeky grin and an eyeroll, habitually licking his lips as his smile deepens.

“You do not! Don’t lie,” she says, grabbing her tea once her order was called.

“It’s Deaysha. That’s all you gave me at Kadillac. It must have been a slip up. However, I’m over 90% certain that you’ve been trying to forget my name, but in your mind it keeps saying in whispers, ‘Trevante’, ‘Trevante’, ‘Trevante’,” he says smiling wide, his perfect white teeth on display. If he had been anyone else, now would be the moment to tell him that amongst other compliments. But Mr. Asshole was not normal people. And the way he said her name, how it slipped off his tongue like buttery velvet, definitely did not go unnoticed.

“Trevante, nobody is thinking about you! How do you live life so self inflated? You would think you would’ve floated away in the sky by now. And I’m still shook it was room in that head of yours to even remember a thing about me,” she smiles, both her and Trevante having to move over as other patrons had to receive their orders.

“Partly if I’m being honest, I remembered the De part and your card helped me out with the rest. Besides, I have to know who to point the finger at when the police ask who has been stalking me. Imma be like that little one right there,” he says, leaning with his back against the wall.

“I already told you, it’s you that goes everywhere I go, not the other way around and I am NOT little, like not at all,” she protests.

“Says the person who tried to grow a whole 12 inches to reach the top shelf, I would say that qualifies as little. You wanna sit down?” He laughs at his own jokes, pointing to one of the cozy booths. That was the plan before coming here but already the motivation to organize her apartment was draining. Better to not delay too much, she thought to herself.

“I am not little! I’m 5’6.5! I will have you know I’m one of the tallest women in my family and so many people are shorter than me!” She says poking him in the chest as he cracks up, acting like all she said had no relevance.

“And I’m currently trying to organize my apartment. I moved a few months ago but my place is still full of boxes. I figured I wouldn’t stay away from it too long before it becomes me just giving up and watching Netflix,” she says, being forced a little closer to him, due to the crowd growing.

“In response to you as the “tallest”, you sure about that? I can barely see you if I wasn’t looking down! And I know dunking on you would be hilarious! And in regards to the apartment, I feel that. I hung out and made breakfast for the guys this morning, thinking I had plans this afternoon, but I might just sleep honestly. And I’m still throwed that your short stack self had nerve to say you’re tall” he says truly cackling, full belly laughing as her jaw drops.

“You know what? I’m leaving! The disrespect is way too high! Nope!” She says turning around to dramatically leave and comes to a complete halt as his hand wraps around her waist, his fingertips touching her bare midriff by pure happenstance. He might be a nuisance but make no mistake, he is all man, chiseled out and fine as hell, a total dream, and that right there was a heavy reminder. She snaps herself out of it before it seems she’s been gone too long. As she turns around, she can see in his eyes he also felt that bolt of electricity between them.

“You can’t leave, we not done talking,” he says, returning his hand by his side, slurping the last little bit of tea from the bottom before tossing the cup.

“I should leave! The disrespect is outta pocket! And you could never dunk on me in your life!” She says adamantly, being forced into closer proximity as she leans on the wall next to him.

“You got game, little mama?” He asks with a raised brow, and intrigue playing across the smirk on his lips.

“First of all, don’t call me little again! Completely dissociate the two thoughts in your mind! Second of all, I have no clue how to play the real game of basketball, I’m sure I’m trash, but I will be damned if I let you dunk of me! I will kick you in the back of your kneecaps and tackle you before I let that happen,” she says as he cracks up laughing at the imagery, even shedding a tear as his laughter erupts.

“I’m leaving, you asshole!” She says, laughing herself as she goes to leave again before he brings her right back, gently grabbing her waist again. She wasn’t gonna lie, she knew what she was doing with that one and that little slice of physical contact was much worth it.

“Put some respek on my name or I’m outta here,” she demands, trying to pose a serious face as she pokes him hard in the chest, his chest hair poking out a little from the top of his tank, as she notices a ring hanging from his golden chain.

“Oww! Okay, okay! Whatever you want, mini me, just stop attacking me,” he says raising his hands in surrender as she gives him a death glare, trying so hard not to giggle at his cute annoying face.

“You sure, you don’t want to sit?” he asks again, taking her empty cup and tossing it for her.

“Yeah, I would but I’m like 100% sure if I do I will go back later and do basically no work, like I have for the past few months,” she says with a light smile.

“If you gonna wind up chilling anyway, what’s the difference? Might as well, stay here as I keep bussing on you. You make it so funny, it’s hard not to. Plus who knows? I might even challenge you to a pick up game, one on a half,” he cracks up laughing at that last one.

“I will punch you in your shit Trevante! Tell the truth and say I’m not short! Right now! I’m average height and you know it!” She says balling up her fist and stomping her foot.

“Why you so violent, Little One? Alright, alright, Imma act right,” he concedes as she rears her fist back.

“Say I’m not short!” She insists.

“You’re not short,” he says, beginning to walk back to the front of the store as she follows close behind.

“Where you headed?” She asks, abruptly stopping as he does in front of her, causing her to bump into him a little.

“Back to this line, I want another one,” he says re-entering the line.

“You just had a sugar city looking one! And you probably the type to spend a million hours in the gym too,” she says as she shakes her head at him.

“First of all, I’m only in there half a million hours, cause you know, balance. Second of all, don’t be minding my sugar! I like the taste. Don’t judge me!” He protests, rolling his eyes.

“I’m not judging! I have a big sweet tooth too, but the brown sugar milk tea sounds extreme, even for me,” she adds with a little side eye.

“Should I get another one? I’m trying to be good out here in these skreets but you messing me up,” she continues, now looking at the menu.

“Yes get another one! Its your day off, you gotta enjoy yourself. You should try the brown sugar one, even from an objective point of view, its not as overly sweet as you would think it would be. Its pretty balanced,” he says, approaching the counter and asking if that’s what she wanted to order or something else before paying.

“I can pay you back when I go to my car. I have cash in there. I don’t know what the hell is going on with my card, Imma call them when I get back,” she says grabbing napkins and straws, handing some to him as they wait for their new drinks.

“I told you it’s no need. My treat. Maybe it will make you less mad about the album,” he laughs. “It plays smooth as hell, by the way, someday you gotta hear it,” he says smiling before she steps on his toe.

“Nothing will make me less mad about that album. If I see you with it, I’m breaking it on site! If I suffer, you suffer, ” She declares as she grabs her drink.

“Wow! Such a violent little one! You would do Luther like that? We can have shared custody if you want,” he says, following her as she walks back to the front and out of the door. The beautiful brilliant sun shining down, illuminating her beautiful brown skin.

“I don’t want shared custody, I want one of my own! And you have one more time to call me short,” she says slowing down to walk next to him, her fist balled up again.

“Okay, okay okay! Spare my kneecaps, I won’t do it,” he raises his hand in surrender as they reach her car. They smile as they look at one another. She wanted to hug him just because it felt right in the moment, but that seemed like it would be too much. Just as she is resigned to saying a verbal goodbye, he extends his arms wide.

Walking into them, she is enveloped by all of him. His bulging muscles wrapping around the planes of her body, she just wanted to melt. Being touch deprived for a while now, this hug was a well needed release. Letting go, they look back into each other’s eyes.

“I have to admit, this was pretty fun,” she says, as he looks shocked.

“You? Having fun? I’m stunned, no but this was nice. We should do it again sometime,” he smiles, habitually licking his lips yet again.

“Maybe“ she smiles, leaning against her car.

“You gonna give me your number or is there parameters to that too?” He questions, his directness making her smile.

“You stalk me enough, I’m sure you will see me again. Maybe, we can discuss it then,” she smiles as he shakes his head.

“Bye short stack!” He says as he walks backwards.

“Fuck you, you asshole!” She says, flipping him the bird before getting into her car. She honks as she drives past him and he smiles and waves. That damn smile.


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Pairing: Erik Killmonger X OC (Fey) X Trevante

Status: In Progress


Not every Princess gets a knight in shining armour. Some get tyrants who care about few things more than warring and whoreing. Husband and Wife are only titles that don’t quell affairs and love and hate are two sides of the same coin.












Author’s Note:

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Pairing: Trevante Rhodes X OC (Elle)

Status: In Progress


Tre and Elle have been friends forever - until life took them down certain paths and away from each other. Attraction builds between the two and Elle learns theres a different side to the sweet, kind and considerate Tre she’s always know. He’s a dom.












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I Want You


Summary: Let’s just say … counting has never been so much fun.

Author’s Note: Hey guysssss! Here is a little one-shot I wrote for my good sis @l-auteuse ! Let’s get smutty, shall we? Please leave a comment for ya girl! I love you guys! And just know, I’m terrified right now! 

You’re watching him as he’s watching you. His nostrils slightly flaring every so often. His fingers are interlocked as he steadily twiddles his thumbs. Sitting roughly two feet away from him felt as if it were miles. The distance is killing you. Killing him. You let your hands graze dark wooden dining table while cocking your head to the side. You sighed deeply as a small smirk crept across your lips. 

“Don’t do that. Trust me, you don’t want to do that,” he says before licking his lips leaning forward. 

“What have I done?” you say while blinking your lashes flirtatiously.

“I’m curious Trevante.” you continued while twirling a random curl around your finger.

“I will break you, wreck you, and put you back together again. I’m not touching you until you beg. And you will beg.” he says oozing complete dominance. 

“All of that? Just for smiling?” you replied sarcastically.

You admired his rich, beautiful midnight skin that shimmered under the dim lighting. His broad, muscular shoulders - you were convinced there wasn’t a part of him that wasn’t precisely chiseled. Every inch of him was appealing to your eyes. His disposition was somewhere between cocky and confident and his aura was heavy. His eyes held a detrimental amount of darkness and mystery. Those dark brown eyes lingered on you. Adoring your soft features - plush full pink lips, perfect round breasts, and those eyes. God, he loved your eyes. He loved how you were looking at him with them. They held curiosity with a mix of innocence. 

“I’m not one to beg,” you said while slowly crossing your legs.

“You will be.” he quickly interjected.

Tre leaned back in his seat nonchalantly. He rose his right hand and held it at eye level. He looked at his hand and then back at you.

 “I’m going to start counting now. I’ll let you choose your fate.” he reasoned.

“I’m listening,” you said now leaning forward. 

“All I’m saying is, If I were you, I wouldn’t let me get to one.” he chuckled.

“I’m intrigued, dare I say enticed?” you replied.

“Hmm, is that so? Five,” he said while standing and undoing his light blue tie.

“Shit,” you muttered.

“Four,” he said while removing his grey suit jacket with a knowing smirk.

Standing now, you grabbed the candle that was in the middle of the dining table. You walked towards him slowly watching him teasingly unbutton his white collard shirt.

You’re now standing right in front of him. Your breathing slows as your heartbeat quickens. You run your fingers over his abs while biting your lip.

“I want you,” you whispered.

“Then beg for me,” he said while caressing your cheek.

“Three.” he continued while kissing your forehead.

“Please?” you begged.

“Please?” he repeated as if he was in shock.

“Say it again,” he demanded as he takes the candle out of your hand.

“I said, please,” you repeated while wrapping your hands over Trevante’s as he continued to hold the candle. You blew out the flame sensually and smiled at him.

Tre slipped his hand under your black pencil skirt letting his fingertips tickle your skin. He explored your inner thighs creating small circles on them teasing you with no remorse. You closed your eyes the moment you felt his finger press against your clit. You gasped before releasing a whimper. Eyes still closed, you felt his lips press against yours passionately. Tongues both fighting for dominance of the ever-deepening kiss.

“Take all that shit off. Except them heels. I love you in those heels.” he directed.

You nodded. After a brief moment, your clothes melted off of your body revealing your brown sugar melanin. The more Tre stared the more he wanted to taste you. This body was something that he wanted to frame amongst other things.

He placed sweet kisses on your shoulder that trailed up to your neck. Soon those kisses turned into lustful licks. Reluctantly, he pulled his mouth away from you. Now, he slowly pours the warm candle wax over your erect nipples. You hissed at the feeling and arched into him carelessly. Before you knew it, Tre’s fingers found their way into your slick entrance. 

“Make it sloppy. Make her talk to me,” he demanded.

You felt his fingers begin to move faster. 

“S-Shit. Shit.” you grabbed his arm trying to steady yourself so you wouldn’t buckle in your heels.

Trevante slowly removed his fingers from your wetness and sucked on them in front of you. 

“I would offer you a taste. But I’m selfish like that,” he said. 

Before you could answer, he sat you gently on the table. Your eyes were dazed, glossy with potent lust. His needing lips pressed against your collarbone lightly grazing it with wet kisses and with each kiss, he moaned into your skin. 

“You love to fuck with me don’t you? Got me feening for you in the worst ways,” he said staring you in the eye. He laughed and pulled out his manhood stroking it slowly, sensually.

“Look how you got me,” he said. 

Your eyes trailed down from his eyes to his length. The needing. The wanting. You feel the desire grow in your center now turning into a pulsating throb.
The throb now imitating your heartbeat. This tortuous ache causing you to squirm and to wiggle. You looked at him as if he was your savior. Here to deliver you from the torment. Your hunger. With those innocent eyes that he loves dearly, you stare at him boldly while you carelessly, thoughtlessly rubbing your clit in slow steady motions trying to mimic his fingers from earlier. Suddenly, he moves your hand and slaps his dick on your clit earning a high pitch whimper from you.

“Count,” he demands.

“One,” you whisper breathlessly.

Another slap.

“T-Two.” you stutter.

“I didn’t hear that. Louder,” he demands

Two slaps now given.

“Two! Three!” you yell.

“Good girl,” he responds with much delight.

“Now get up and bend that ass over. I’m trying to see those red bottoms from another angle.” he continues.

Biting your lip, you stand upright. You sway from left to right seductively and turn away from him. You bend over slowly touching your toes while exhibiting the perfect arch.

“Damn.” Tre whispers.


You wake up immediately hearing your phone ring incessantly. You look around your bedroom confused. Looking to your right, you glance at the clock.

“It’s 2 motherfucking 30 in the morning. Who the fuck is calling me?” you yell out loud.

Completely annoyed, you reach for your phone and snatch it off of the charger. 

“This shit better be good. This nigga was just about to pound my shit,” you say while unlocking your phone. You noticed that you had 2 missed calls from Trevante, your coworker of two years, and one unread text from him.

Tre: I can’t stop thinking about you, De.

De: What are you saying?

Tre: I want you.

You smiled at your phone and thought to yourself.

“I guess dreams do come true.”


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Night Owl 🦉 - Part 13

A/N: I’m in love with these two! Imma need me a real life him because yes!! Thanks for reading and all the support!!

Luh Y’all!



Part 1 Masterlist for the rest


Walking back to her room to get ready for the party, Deaysha smiles to herself as she reminisces on the antics Trevante somehow always has her embarking on. Nothing crazily steamy occurred in their little shower session, thank God. A lil scrub a dub dub between kisses and remarkably, only by the grace of God, she managed to keep her hair dry. Turning the corner, approaching the main door of her apartment, she gets a phone call.

“Hello Stalker,” she answers with a smile.

“You never did tell me what you’re wearing later,” Trevante says, hearing a smirk spread across his face.

“That’s because it’s a surprise, silly,” she says tucking her phone on the side of her neck as she unlocks her door.

“All I know is you better not be showing too much skin cause I don’t want to have to murk nobody but I most certainly will if need be,” he asserts, lying on the bed, looking at the ceiling, his phone on his chest and his arms spanned out to the rest of his empty bed.

“Hmm, should I be afraid?” She asks testing him, tempting him more than she fully knew.

“Fuck with me again Tommie and it won’t be your pants you have to worry about. I will bend you like a pretzel, break my dick off in you so bad your voice will go hoarse from you begging me to stop. I’m no longer in a playing mood,” he responds, evening out his tone. Clear, crisp, and precise. He means absolute business. If not known before it was definitely known now.

“Okay, okay! Calm down Mr. Crabby Pants! You will like and approve of my costume so hush please,” she says actually getting scurred with that last statement of his.

“Did you know this will be our first event as a couple? I’m excited and a little nervous,” she admits, putting her things down and sitting at her desk.

“What you nervous about Baby?” His Louisiana accent popped out with that last bit.

“I don’t know, everything and nothing at the same time, I guess. People gonna be looking at me…” she says plopping on her bed and stretching out.

“And if people wanna stare, they can get that heat too! Fuck outta here! Ain’t NOBODY fucking with you and thats facts,” he smiles, his heart softening at hearing her giggle on the other line.

“Why you gotta be such a popular hoe? You couldn’t have just been lowkey like me?” She says rolling onto her back, placing her phone on her chest as she looks to the ceiling.

“I had to search high and low till I found my treasure, you” he says, tucking his bottom lip between his teeth.

“You such a smooth talker. You trying to charm my panties off or something?” She says, licking her lips before biting them.

“That, amongst a hell of a lot other things. But what I said was true, I happily gave up the life for you. My lil bad ass Tommie. Always bringing out the best and worst in me, but I wouldn’t have it any other way,” he admits.

“Awwww! You so sweet! I may work your nerves but you loveeee me!” She says, doing a little celebratory dance.

“I don’t know if this is the right time or whatever to say this, but I think I actually do love you,” he says pensively, somewhat shocked the words came out of his mouth, but sure without a doubt of his words. His heart stops a little at the silence on the other end.

“I had to make you wait a little just to fuck with you, but I kinda love you too,” she says, her heart and stomach filling with butterflies.

“Did we really that?” she asks in disbelief.

“I know right, its wild,” he admits.

“Well, since were making commitments, hold my hand and promise that we’ll be forever,” she says, her insistence making him smile and shake his head.

“Okay. Right now, were both laying flat on the bed, I turn my head and look into your pretty brown eyes, holding your hand, and promising to be forever and ever with you,” he says looking at the empty space next to him.

“Omg, that was amazing, I cry,” she squeals with fake tears, looking at the space beside her as well.

“I want to kiss your face forever and ever, just sit on your lap and never get up,” she says wishing he was nibbling on her ear right about now.

“I have no qualms with that. I told your hard headed ass not to go in the first place,” he fusses with a smile.

“You were right, like do we have to go to this party? Can’t we just cuddle? Maybe even a movie too? Most times we so busy doing other stuff we can’t even watch a movie,” she giggles, making his cheeks hurt from smiling so much.

“That’s a given but we can multitask this time, it could work,” he says, secretly hoping she would say yes.

“Okay, since I have the outfit and everything, lets go to the party and if we not feeling it, come home early, how about that?” She asks, biting her lip waiting for a response.

“Okay, only so I can show you off a bit, you know brag to the homies a little, show them the life,” he laughs.

“Moi? You showing me off Big Daddy?! See this why I love you. You a nut but you treat me right,” She says proudly.

“Whatever, don’t be showing up dumb late. And I will see you there,” he says.

“Okay bye babyyy,” she says blowing kisses through the phone.

“Byeee,” he says before blowing kisses back and hanging up, his face and his heart not able to stop smiling.


Five minutes to midnight, Deaysha and her friends walk into the party, dressed to the nines. Her costume, a Marie Antoinette meets Paris Chic Street Walker, with a pink long sleeved bustier showing off her DDs to perfection, this skirt contraption, just barely covering her cheeks, thank God for shorts, and pink shiny patten leather platform combat boots. The perfect combo.

Upon immediate look over, she couldn’t find Trevante in the crowd, although she did get hella whistles on the way in, boosting that ego hella high. They head straight to the kitchen to get some of that good good punch, Deaysha drinking 2 cups of it before they even leave the kitchen, grabbing another refill before dipping back into the party.

Finding a nice little corner with her friends, she gets down to shaking and throwing that ass. Just as she starts feeling the liquor, “Bruk Off Yuh Back” comes on and the whining commences. A pair of thick firm hands wrap around her hips and by just looking at them, she knows exactly who it is. Sliding her hands on her cocoa buttered shimmering thighs, dat ass starts ticking to the beat, backing it up and dropping it on the man behind her. Tightening her waist as she leans forward, arching her back as she licks her tongue out, thoroughly enjoying herself.

“So you just not gone look at the nigga you gifting all this to? What if I was a random nigga? You give all this to randoms?” Trevante says pulling her back on him and following her rhythm.

“I’m giving it to you, ain’t I?” She says looking back at him with a wink, bending over further and giving him a little extra umph with her throw back, making him have to catch himself a little. Back on track and in sync, their bodies bumpin’ heavy to the beat, garnering attention of some onlookers. A few of his frat brothers try to give him dap and hold him up but he waves them off, never missing a beat.

“Back Dat Ass Up” comes on and she gets to working on a whole new level. Grinding and backing it on him like there was no tomorrow. Towards the middle of the song after one particular instance of ass throwing, he grips her hips some kind of way, maying her come to a stand still.

“Do that again, and I’m fucking you, right now,” he says, licking his lips, running his tongue along his gold grills, grabbing her neck all in the public, to which her eyes widen and slap them away, checking to see if anyone saw.

“Stop that! We outside, people can see us” she whispers, turning around and fussing before placing her head on his shoulder as she lifts her leg onto his and grinds against him.

“They gonna see a hell of a lot more if you keep tempting me,” he says, snuggling into her shoulder blade, pulling her closer and holding that leg up, showing true restraint with not picking up the other.

“Why don’t you behave for a change?” She asks, kissing his cheek and placing her leg back down.

“Only if you make me Tommie, only if you make me,” he promises, leaning down and kissing her lips, with a sly grin and hands full of ass, making his claim and making it proudly. Just as he was about to start sucking on that bottom lip of hers, Drew, one of his line brothers, approaches.

“Ayo Tre, sorry to interrupt but we need you right quick,” he informs.

“Nigga, I don’t look busy to you?” Trevante gruffs in irritation, literally not moving an inch, hands still full of ass. His aggressive demeanor making Deaysha take a double take, licking her lips and trying to hide her smile.

“I know, but it shouldn’t be long man,” Drew insists with a smile as he looks back and forth between the two, before walking back in the opposite direction.

“Go on and handle ya business pimpin. I will be fine,” Deaysha says, lightly kissing his frustrated lips until they turn to a smile.

“Aight. But save me some of that energy,” he says smacking her ass hard before walking away, making her smile spread like wildfire.

Now dancing back in a circle with her friends, someone coming past bumps her shoulder hella hard. Subconsciously she whips her head around in that direction, only to be eye to eye with the girl from the hallway. The one on her knees when she first laid eyes on Trevante. A member of the former harem. Between those two events, that hard ass shove and who it was, she was a hair away cracking her knuckles.

“Someone seems a bit upset” Deaysha says with a smile.

“Actually I’m not. Just curious. Curious as to how someone can fuck with a bad bitch like me and then turn around and …oh never mind,” Hallway Hoe says, having nerve to crack a smile.

“I find it pretty hard to consider it fucking with someone when he had you in the basement corner of the creaky old stacks in a broke down dorm. That’s what I find funny. And I hope and pray you wasn’t that girl that was on the phone when we,” Deaysha begins, the sarcastic tone and look in her eye really sticking it to her.

“Shut The Fuck Up!” Hallway Hoe interrupts, getting in her face.

“Make Me Bitch!” Deaysha responds, cocking her head to the side, ready for whatever.

Just as the face off was about to escalate, a red solo cup appears in front of her face as she feels a firm hand wrapping around her waist. She takes the cup with a smile, already knowing who it is, before he lifts her chin and attacks that bottom lip like he wanted to. Fast, greedy, and sensual. All the best things. And all in front of this heffa! Amazing! Hallway Hoe’s jaw is locked tight as hell before she finally gets even more mad and leaves.

The girl long gone but the fervent needy kissing had not ceased, merely intensified, to the point of feeling herself being backed into a wall. Trying to take a break to down this drink, she eases her lips away a little and he gets distracted by kissing along her neck.

“Did somebody tell you to come and get me?” She asks, drinking the strong ass punch. Maybe Trevante done had a few too many of these and that’s why he’s so frisky, she laughs to herself.

“No, I could just feel it was some shit, so I came and handled it. I love the energy but I don’t want you out here fighting and I mean that,” he says backing away and getting serious, gently holding her face in his hands.

“I know, I wasn’t going to, then she wanted to get buck and mainly I just wanted to go for the jugular just to piss her off with the truth and I did, then she got all fake rah rah. I minds my business and usually I’m peaceable,” she says, finishing up the cup before Trevante tosses it somewhere, freeing up her hand. Taking a hand to the base of her neck, adding a nice squeeze, as he twirls his tongue over the hickie he has been forming on the right side of her neck.

“You heard what I said, Deaysha. If I find you out here beating down nothing ass bitches, then you gone have me to answer to,” his words, his hand and that pressure on her neck only making her wet. This little virginity she still got hanging around gonna have to get knocked off pretty soon cause how much sexy fine man attention can she take without succumbing to it.

“Stop choking me in public. That’s a private thing. People can’t be thinking I’m a weak bitch, then they gonna wanna try me and you already told me not to fight them therefore, you’re the problem,” she whispers into his ear before licking his ear lobe, feeling his hard dick pressing hard against her thigh. Feeling a little bold from the liquor, a hand slowly travels down over the bulge in his pants, hearing his groan in her ear and his thigh pressing on her clit making her want to cum right then and there.

“You getting this excited for me baby?” she questions, bringing his neck closer, determined to form her own passion mark and mark her territory too.

“I jerked my shit three times already fucking with you,” he says, moving her hand up and down along his shaft, through the fabric of his jeans.

“Forreal?!” Her eyes light up as she leans back to look at his face. “From me?” She asks.

“Hell yeah from you! You walk in basically naked, your titties sittin and ready to be in my mouth, these peek a boo thighs teasing me and that barely covered pussy is begging for me to raw it and one day imma listen so yes, you keep getting me fucked up, and now you wanna laugh about it. This shit is not funny Tommie,” he hisses as she grips his dick hard, his grip tightening on her arm and waist, his eyes trying to guess what she will do next.

His eyes widen and his jaw goes slack as she unzips his pants and snakes her hand into his boxers. Feeling the blood pulsing to the soft warmth of her hand made them both moan simultaneously. Lifting her leg and wrapping it around his hip helped to shield them a bit, the other side of them being a wall, which can tell no secrets. Slowly, she pulls, gripping and releasing as she curves around the head, then dragging back up from the base, as she sucks on his shoulder blade. She pulls the clothing back a little and spits on it, as his eyes bug out of his head.

“Mmm, that’s much much better,” she mewls in his ear as she milks his dick. He stands there wondering how it is that she continues to shock him the way she does but is knocked out of it from the pressure she is applying to the head.

“Shittt Tommie,” he hisses as he grips her leg and her waist tighter, burying his head in her neck.

“Oooh this dick is getting slick, heavy and slick, just like I like it. You gonna cum for me Daddy? Bust that fat nut in my hand?” She purrs, sucking the flesh of his neck in like a vacuum as she grips hard at the base. Dragging her hand up, she looks into his focused eyes, willing him under her command. Feeling his dick begin to jerk, a smirk creeps along her face.

Holding her arm tight around his back and shoulders, pulling him in close, she focuses back on the spot on his neck as she masterfully pulls and jerks his dick into completion. Hearing his moans and swearing in her ear, gave her such joy. The feeling of this kind of power so new yet so comfortable.

“Cum for me Daddy. Give me that nut,” she instructs as she holds him tighter, feeling his body still and shudder for a few seconds as she had him nut on her bare thigh, and part of the wall. She peppers kisses along his collarbone as she tucks his manhood back into his pants before using her hand to clear up and lick the cum clean.

“You taste so good Daddy” she says placing her leg back down and wrapping both arms tight around him, returning to that sensitive spot on his neck before he grabs her chin and moves her head.

“Who are you becoming, Little Miss? Cause this…I would never think this…” he trails off by her capturing his lips, her now dominating his mouth, sucking on his bottom lip like a lollipop. She bites his lip, pulling it taut from his mouth before slowly releasing it. Craning her head up, she looks at him and smiles.

“I’m Tommie. Nice to meet you.”


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