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vindrawins ยท a month ago
Stardust (Novel) by Neil Gaiman, review
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Recommended for: DREAMERS
Somewhere I read that reading stories before going to bed at night is always a good habit, maybe for nice sleep or to have a good dream. And here fantasy genre fits perfectly at sleepy time.
Somebody said that Fantasy and Adventure genes are match made in heaven, and here Neil Gaiman's Stardust comes true[[MORE]] when Tristran crosses wall for promise he made to Victoria. World-building, character arc and morals everything amazing.
The feeling of the climax was most important, actually I forgot that Dunstan had a lovely night with cat-like ear women and her conditions when she will be freed from that silver chain and why Daisy was watching little differently when Tristran decided to go beyond the wall. I thought that this story too is getting boring as reaching towards the end but when read the climax it was like seriously something terrible had happened here or I was reading in sleepy-mode. I was when that cat-eared faerie woman introduces herself to the evil witch that she is the only daughter of the lord of Stormland and as the only conditions which will free her from evil witch were about to happen, it was like that evil witch had doomed herself by kidnapping the unknown child of Lord a long years back. It was awesome.
Overall fairy story is about love. It shows that nothing is more important than love of forgiveness, as when Tristran tell Victoria to marry Robert as they both love each other and also when Lady Una says Tristan to take the throne of Stormland.
Finally, I had read a beautiful ending of fantasy before I went to my terrible dreams.
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