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Taylor really wrote the iconic lines, And baby for you I’d fall from grace/ Just to touch your face // If you walk away / I’d beg you on my knees to stay and we. we let her

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aight so here it goes…

I’m Pauline, I’m 14 years old and I’m from the Philippines. Specifically, I’m from the southern part of the Philippines, the tuna capital to be specific. I’m from General Santos City. (The city where Manny Pacquiao, the famous boxerAnd so we have this thing in GenSan where we compete with each other through jokes and funny clips. It’s called ONLINE CLUSTER TALBUGAN SA GENSAN, which basically means “ONLINE FIGHT CLUB IN GENSAN”. It’s all fun and games in there. Think of it as like The Hunger Games, only with less killing and more laughing. It’s our way of showing and spreading positivity despite our current situation, and also to remind everyone the rules in our country, like staying at home. Like The Hunger Games, we have “divisions”, but we call them “clusters”. And because us Generals are so competitive and creative and BORED, they made the page. It was originally for communication with other clusters, but creative Generals decided that it should be a platform that we should use to spread positivity, good vibes and hope in these dark times. I’m from Cluster 9 actually, and I wanted to ask you guys for your support.

I’ll be straightforward, I’m actually politely asking Taylor to please show her support for Cluster 9! My mother actually gave me the idea to do this, and since she that I am Taylor Swift’s biggest, most avid fan in GenSan, I should be the one to tell her this! I must sound crazy right now, but I actually think that with all of your help, we’ll be able to get Taylor to notice us! I’ve seen it before and I was hoping that it would happen to me too, just this once!

Well, what’s the point, you ask? Recently, a video went viral in our country, showing some people going out past the curfew time. Our country has some strict laws, and of course for everyone’s safety, we have to follow those rules. But there were still some who didn’t follow and therefore got punished. But other people still don’t get that with the rising number of cases and deaths in our country, the more they have to follow the rules to prevent it from rising. By then, the page I’ve mentioned above has already been created, and now, celebrities are using their influence and platform to let everyone know that we MUST STAY AT HOME. I kinda wanted to be the first one to have a foreign artist to do this for the Philippines, more so, in GenSan. It’s not only for fun and games actually,  So if y’all could help me that would be really great! I would owe you guys EVERYTHING if ever Taylor sees this and decides to do it!

And if Taylor does see this and is reading this part right now, I just wanted to say:

“Hi Taylor! I’ve been a fan since I was 5, and I wanted to tell you that I’ve always, ALWAYS looked up to you as my role model. I have never been to any of your shows or bought any of your albums or merchandise because there isn’t any Target store here in the Philippines and it’s really hard for me to purchase stuff online. It’s also because we don’t really have the financial background to buy things that aren’t for our food, clothes, shelter, water, etc. The only merchandise I have that’s Taylor Swift-themed is the two notebooks with the RED covers, and my mom bought it for me when I was in third grade. She bought them when she was in California, taking care of my aunt. (I was so proud that my mom was also born in 1989. She was 15 when she got pregnant with me, and now she’s also 30! WOW!) When I got them, I literally could NOT let go of them. BUT! I have been begging my aunt, who is currently living in California, to buy me the Lover album, and since I was doing great in school, she told me she would. I have also supported your music online, through streaming platforms (until that Big Machine issue). Right now, I’m not asking for much (hopefully), except for your time and a clip of yourself telling us, the Filipinos (Generals*, specifically) to stay at home and to always wash our hands. [Could you also maybe… I don’t know, give me a shout-out if you’d like that? Hahaha, just kidding… Unless?] ALSO, PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR CLUSTER 9? Hahaha. Stay safe, Tay! And to Meredith, Olivia, Benjamin and to everyone with you. Your family, your friends, everyone. I’m always praying for your safety, and so are my family. We are trying to make everyone stay positive during these times, I hope you are too! Stay safe and healthy!”

And to everyone else who is still reading at this point and is willing to help me with my agenda, stay safe! I’ll always be praying and hoping for your safety. Let’s all stay strong during these hard times, we’ll get through this! I love you all!

@taylorswift @taylornation

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