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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Me puse a eliminar los blogs que no se actualizan hace 1 año o más

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I recently checked my Review Flagged Posts section of my blog. I found that Tumblr, the hosting service for this blog, had labeled dozens of my posts as possibly containing adult content. These posts included event recaps of book signings with Janet Mock and George Saunders, a quote from Middlemarch, a review of The Scarlet Pimpernel and There Are Things More Beautiful Than Beyoncé. 

Some of them I at least managed to find some reason for the possible flag (a word that an algorithm could have flagged not understanding its context), but others were, for example, a photo of a book in front of the lake with a positive message beneath it.

I appealed all of them, naturally, and was told they would be reviewed by an actual human, though I find that doubtful as all of the notifications proceeded to come instantly to my email, “0 minutes” later. 

Included in these appeals is that post of the lake. Someone reblogged it and said my photos are beautiful; I thanked them. That post is now flagged, but I can’t appeal it despite the fact that it’s merely a response to a now-restored post. There is no way to appeal anything that’s a reblog or share, but I also can’t remove them from my blog easily. 

This is immensely ridiculous as well as frustrating.

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Thích một người với yêu một người khác xa nhau lắm. Trong một khoảng thời điểm bất chợt của thanh xuân, mình có thể thích bất cứ người nào đó. Nhưng yêu thương là một chặng đường dài đằng đẵng mà đôi khi phải dành cả đời cho nó.

📷 K.D

Retouch: #Sa

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Dear heart,

Sometimes I couldn’t understand you… what you really want….there are so many want me to care about…I can’t do that..I can’t hold that things anymore I don’t have strength to face it… I’ve lost everything you want that right ? Then why you don’t want me to give up? You know very well this things will never fix never.. this is enough right here,I won’t lesson you anymore.

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