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Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring 😘

GlamRUs style is the only style for you 🤩

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Okay, so update!

I know haven’t been very active as of late.

Don’t worry I’m not dead just lazy. So I apologize to my newer followers who haven’t been getting anything.

The thing is, so much has been going on.

My mom works in a nursing home that has been crawling with COVID. Thursday, we found out she tested positive. It was inevitable but it still had us shook because she doesn’t have any symptoms.

Yesterday, me and my aunt (because we both live with my mom) had to get tested. Thankfully, we came up negative but we had to come live with my grandma for two weeks & quarantine.

It’s been rough. I miss my mom and I can’t go to work.

So bear with me. I’m stressed, worried, and everything else. I’ll try to post new memes if I get any ideas.


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When your son spends the morning in his room looking at cosmetics and ordering them on the Internet and who does not hesitate to use the money from his father’s account. (( why am I making this stupid joke that makes no sense lmao ?? ))

Garland: Are You Winning Son?

Kuja: * Keyboard triggered *

Garland: Kuja may I know, what are you doing to my money account ?

Kuja: Oh nothing dad I was just checking if your account hadn’t been hacked by motherfuckers wanting your money from a distance hahahaha.

Garland: Are you sure what you are saying Kuja?

Kuja: Hmph absolutely.

Mikoto: Absolutely not, you are using Garland’s money to buy beauty products to be even more fabulous.

Garland: Ah I see he was taking my money without my permission it’s madness.

Zidane: I was wondering where he got all this money?

Kuja: You say anything, I did not take any money, it was Zidane who did that!

Zidane: I prefer to steal fresh gold bruh.

Kuja: (( If only I hadn’t had a little brother and a little sister, I would be so unique but it’s too late because they are breaking my head.))

Garland: You will be deprived of pocket money, this is the warning I am giving you.

Kuja: Grrr father, I do whatever I want with the money so let me live for once !!

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