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nonsenseplayercharacter · a month ago
So About Tumblr Blaze
As the new Tumblr feature has rolled out, everyone’s been having a lot of fun seeing ad pvp, gay hobbits, random people’s pets, and even the limited time weed discount. But uh. I’ve discovered something potentially really bad about Blaze.
Blaze does not filter blocked tags.
Luckily I don’t have any tags blocked for serious reasons--I block the furry tag because blocking nsfw wasn’t enough to keep sketch art off what the algorithm wanted for my dash, and I block homestuck because. Well I don’t even know why; I click every post with it but like. it’s there as a warning or something I don’t know.
ANYWAYS I’ve gotten ads for both of these tags, one a furry artist with open commissions (their art was great, good on them for advertising an actual product /gen) and the other an ad for the Homestuck Discord server. Neither of them were blocked on my dashboard.
This is an important issue because of the way Tumblr is filtering Blaze posts. While Blaze posts are put through a screening process, it’s not very vigorous. One post tagged ‘sex’ and another containing the entire Bee Movie script were allowed past the filters. As with the previous ads, these ads in particular are fine. However, Tumblr’s leniency with this can cause issues to people blocking tags for serious reasons. For example, a post tagged unreality and boosted using Blaze would still show up on somebody’s dash who needs it filtered.
So, what do we do? Let me be clear, I am escatic for Blaze to roll out for all users. I think it’s a fantastic idea. In addition, I don’t want the solution to be “better” screening for Blaze posts. Tumblr has always been the website that lets you say die. I want to keep it as such. However, I think it’s very important that @staff try to please implement a feature within Blaze that allows ads to be filtered by blocked tags. Either by checking if a user is blocking a tag before selecting them to see it, or by blocking it on their dash. Clearly the first is ideal but I’m not a web developer (I’m barely a developer at all), so whatever can be done to make sure this feature can be implemented safely is important to me.
Thanks for reading this if you did, I’m not sure how to get the word out but I want people to be informed before anything bad potentially happens.
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marril96 · 4 months ago
Are we supposed to say female presenting person now that they banned girl?
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allisas · a month ago
It seems tumblr has been terminating TS4 tumblrs (and others too) during the last couple of days without any explanation. Some have gotten their account back after filing a complaint to tumblr but some have still not heard back days later.
To make sure you don’t loose every post you’ve ever made you can export your blogs in settings. Follow the steps in the link above if you don’t know how. 
Doing this has helped making me a little less stressed out about potentially being terminated. Why does this have to be a thing on this site?! 😥
Also @support please help @rachelpedd get her account back! ❤
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revolvius · a month ago
The SagaVerse Blog vanished.
Our team has no idea what happened, but just a few minutes ago our Sagaverse blog vanished out of nowhere. We didn't do anything about it, nor did we have pressed any delete button.
We're currently contacting the Tumblr support team and hoping it could get restored... wish us luck.
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stitch-n-time · 5 months ago
What’s with the banned tags?
People are no longer allowed to tag stuff as their own? Things that are our own work, that we have put together?
People can’t tag triggers, or antisemitism, or domestic violence, or hate crimes?
We have been asking for YEARS that you remove white supremacists, remove their tags, remove the people who are perpetuating the hate speech, and instead this is what happens?
It’s time to push back against apple and the ios platform. Take a stand. Grow a pair (whether they be testicles or ovaries - both banned). This is where the “no nips” thing started that cost millions of dollars when the resulting mass exodus happened. Are you really going to do it again?
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save-malcom-bright · a month ago
Why can't I see the whole 'The Owl House' tag????
It started happening this morning but, when I search "The Owl House" and go to 'Latest' like normal, it only shows me 10 posts and then this pops up:
Tumblr media
And it won't let me scroll anymore.
Is this happening to anyone else? @staff @support
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weepingredwillow · 9 months ago
@staff @support
Tumblr media
I... I...Why me? I don't want this.. I never asked for this. I never searched for anything related to this... Why?
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legend-of-zelda-voices · 6 months ago
@staff @support
•My blog is no longer showing up in searches even though it was fine a few days ago
•My tagged posts have disappeared from the tags, even though they showed up under them before.
•My message bar is gone and I cannot see my chats.
•These problems are only occurring for this particular side blog. My other blogs are fine.
Tumblr media
I have already contacted support at Tumblr's help center and I'm waiting for a reply.
Is this a bug or was I somehow flagged/reported for some reason? Did I post too many things at once? I have no idea why this is happening. If there is anyone who knows how to fix this problem, please tell me.
I will have to stop posting for now until this is resolved... I hope I'll be able to start sharing content again soon!
It seems a lot of people have been having this problem, so...
Tumblr support responded in about four days saying it was a glitch on their end. When I received the email, my messages reappeared and my new posts appeared under the tags. It took a few more days for old posts to reappear.
So definitely contact support if you are having this problem! (Go to account settings, click help, and scroll down and you'll find it)
I chose "Report a Bug or Crash" as the category.
Under details I put "My message bar has disappeared along with my messages, my tagged posts no longer show up under their tags, and my Tumblr blog no longer shows up in searches. Please help. I've taken screenshots."
I attached the photo above, though I don't know if that was necessary.
I also told them which blog was having issues and put in my email address.
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lilnightwing · 4 months ago
Real talk
Has Tumblr just become unusable to anyone else because of pop up ads or is it just me?
Here's a screen recorder of my scrolling for a minute and how horrible the experience of using this app for more than 10 seconds is.
I've been on this app since 2012 and honestly this might be my breaking point.
Also I HATE crypto and there is no option to say 'Hey stop giving me these stupid ads because I hate everything they stand for'.
Am I the only one getting these ads, or is everyone just chill with it?
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chaoticforever · 3 months ago
Uh, @staff and @support, y'all want to give me my messages back? I can't see or access any messages, and my posts along with my blog isn't showing up either, nor can I comment.
I would like some help @staff @support
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obetrolncocktails · 4 months ago
Looks like I am shadow banned....
Hello all, unfortunately it looks like I am shadow banned on Tumblr right now--I can't send or receive DM's, my answered asks won't show up in your notifications, my tag list isn't working and I am pretty sure my tags aren't as well. To even find my blog, you have to search for the entire name in the search box. here's where you come in. If you can, please please please interact with my account--Reblog my material, like it, comment on it to show admins that there is activity on it.
It is very upsetting that I feel so cut off from you all. Please know that I am trying to get my account back to normal. I have sent three support requests already.
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cruetons · a month ago
Me: Yo Tumblr, why won't my posts show up in the tags?
Tumblr: Our bad. We fixed it.
Me: No you didn't.
Tumblr: Sucks to be u nerd. Algorithm, bruh.
Tumblr media
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lanyakea-universe · 6 months ago
I contacted Tumblr Assistance because my whole blog has been judged explicit (I already deleted the reported publication) and it's been more than a week no and still no answer from the staff... did it happen to one of you? Did Tumblr gave you back your blog?
@vaguekiwi @the-mad-starker @thegreenmetblue @carelessannie @snowstark ?? I'm so fucking worried for my tumblr... :( I don't have visibility anymore on my posts...
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cornmayor · 9 days ago
I thought it was just me, but nope...
Tumblr media
@staff​ @support​ my instant messages are all gone for a while and I can’t contact anyone. Please, help😩
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peachybun-bun · 6 months ago
Help please!
Can you see this post?
If you can see this please send us a message, a reply, like this message...anything. We think we have a problem.
@staff @support
We are not showing up in searches or on dashboards. We would love to get this fixed as soon as possible. We have almost no interaction on our blog at all. We've went from a very thriving blog to days with 0 interaction. We miss our peachy buns.
Please reblog this and help us reach out to the staff/support to get this problem fixed.
Tumblr media
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fish-cemetery · 7 days ago
This kitten made Tumblr sh!t its pants so bad they deleted my entire blog over it
Tumblr media
And brothers in Christ let me tell you, this is NOT a сlickbait.
So, what happened yesterday at 8.30 am GMT was that I posted this photo of my new kitten, Momo Cecilia Wonkypoopies Vu (don't ask), whom I found in the middle of a road a week ago and have been raising ever since.
Immediately after that I lost all access to my account and so far haven't been able to get it back.
28+ hours, a number of successfully disregarded messages to Tumblr support, @staff pings from my friends – nah. Nada. Post a kitten, get fuсked. Several months of art and community participation are under the risk of being gone because Tumblr burpеd and fartеd and decided that scrunkly animals are now bаnned on this platform.
The app is still sending me notifications about other people updating, so I guess my previous account is still alive somewhere out there in the Not Found limbo, but other than that I know virtually nothing about its fate. Because, you know, in a brilliant display of incompetence the support chose to busy themselves with picking their аnuses or something instead of engaging with their own users.
I'm keeping this page as a sort of a backup operation base for the time being. I haven't lost all hope of fighting off my original account yet and am ready to pester everyone all the way up to Matt Mullenweg. I won't be actively posting here until it becomes clear that Tumblr won't let me pry my own fuсking personal blog from its grabby clammy fingers, but you can always engage with me if you want to.
Peace. (nah bro i'm going to wаr)
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save-malcom-bright · 27 days ago
Just reported someone for attacking me because I use Twitter.
First of all, I have never posted on Twitter. Ever. I use it to see what's trending and what's going on in the world but I never post. Sue me.
Second of all, even if I did post, why the fuck is that a problem. Y'all are mad because Elon Musk bought Twitter? Okay. Here's an idea: be mad at the billionaire who could've used his money for literally anything else instead of being angry at someone who barely uses the damn thing.
I dont know who raised y'all but either grow up or shut the fuck up.
In good news, I graduate with a Bachelor's of Science in a week so, in case there are others who want to start something, let me be an example:
You get far in life when you're not worried about dumb shit and annoying random people.
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aidansplaguewind · 22 days ago
You can't zoom in on gifs on Tumblr mobile anymore and it just pisses me off.
When the hell are y'all gonna do an update that actually makes positive changes to the app? Useful changes?
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plainlo-inthemorning · 5 months ago
ALL my own comments and replies have disappeared over night, new and old!
The Reply function is not working at all on any posts.
Oh, and the Messages tab under Activity is gone.
And I’ve been removed from tags.
No idea what’s going on😢 Have contacted support.
Anyone else ever experienced this?
@support @staff
UPDATE: This was an accidental shadowban, as I quickly learned from searching the help tags. Contacted support and had it fixed within a few days.
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marril96 · 4 months ago
You: girl
Me, an intellectual: female presenting person
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